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  2. My reset time is 4:30 pm Philippine Time, i notice it resets when on the time you obtain your 5 wins. its not like the adventure quest time.
  3. NO hahahahahahaha
  4. Yey +1 for more tweaks
  5. That would take you, 3 hrs tops because you are a pro?
  6. Rebellion skills will get more tweaks with the upcoming updates and I'll see what I can do about this skill.
  7. Thank you again, bookmarked! i wish this server had more players it deserve
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have tested and observed it today that the timer doesn't reset at midnight (server time), it doesn't behave like the Daily Adventure Quest which resets when it is past 12:00 am (server time). A player named Dont PaniC its OrganiC said that his BG reward didn't reset for 2 days now, his last reward was on February 20 3:00pm (Philippines time)
  10. Is there any chances to reduce its cast time? Since some skills like FA,SB,MA and others get buffed, maybe this one can get its cast time reduced also, since no way to reduce its casting time even with sacra or others cast reduction. It has like 3s cast time which is I think kinda much. Thanks for reading, hoping good feedback.
  11. There is a "warp agent" in every town. The one in Althea (main town, @go 0) is located right next to the kafra employee. The npc might be lacking some recent dungeons but you can always use @warp to get there. Missing dungeons can also be added to the NPC if desired.
  12. I went through all of the color palettes using the Stylist NPC, I was unable to find some of my previous palettes. The old "@dye 214" no longer exists. I did however, find that some colors did not change places (such as 156, 213, 380). Here are some that have a moved more than 1 number. @dye 693 is now a 690. A difference of 3. @dye 24X is now 697. A difference of 450+. (Cannot remember exact number) @raphaelluigi That would mean taking a screen shot 700 times and editing all of those in 1 picture. Imagine how long that would take.
  13. The colors should be the same, only moved by one number. I cannot repeat myself enough. Or not should. They are the same. Unless some smaller changes (699 and 700) might be new. During my tests on my test server (testing multiple jobs and a lot of colors) They've all just moved by 1 number. And no we don't have a 700 color sprite sheet. I don't think it's required, as we're offering way too much colors anyways. You have the stylist npc or the @commands to checkout the colors.
  14. About the VRING. You can follow its fix by yourself. As soon as this report gets solved by rAthena, i will be able to bring VRING back to gRO:
  15. Is there any warp npc for all the INSTANCES (OGH ,Faceworm , Ghost Palace , Jitterbug etc.).If no, i would like to suggest to provide NPC for it.I would accept any comments or suggestions since im still new to the server. More Power.
  16. Make a guide besh
  17. But couldn't these effects be scripted in? Back then the CD in Mouth had no scripted effect but then it's script of auto-casting skills was added in after it was pointed out. Flying Galapagos' script was edited before to nerf the Blitz Beat damage It would be nice, specially since it's a donates item
  18. Better put this on feedback and suggestion section.
  19. Just my opinion, since most of skills like falcon assault and soul breaker fix cast reduced, is there anyway to reduce tracking cast time? since it was so slow and no way to reduce its cast time.
  21. After more testing, it seems some colors are no longer where they used to be. I look forward to these future updates. On another note, I don't suppose there is a photo-guide (such as the example below) on the new colors?
  22. Flying Galapos effect has been reported to rathena back then. But the exact official effects are still unknown.
  23. This was placed on the Bug Tracker before but it's no longer around so I figured to just put this in here. These combos don't seem OP at all If equipped with Bow and refine value is +9 ASPD +1.If equipped with Cendrawasih Card, INT +1, Critical damage +5%. if equipped by archer class critical damage +15%
  24. Please increase the ATK Speed of Sura when wearing a Balmung[3] because it is just almost close to 0 atk speed.
  25. I think i made the server restart just during server-time midnight. Sry about that. I have manualy reset the daily bg quest now. Please report it again in case the same issue appears. But i don't think so, because i've playtested this on our test server and it was working just fine.
  26. Same. It now just did. But it's way past midnight servertime
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