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  2. I notice that too, but I haven't included it in this topic.
  3. A bunch of SP draining weapons have been nerfed. Even the bows. It's been like that even before I disappeared in-game on September
  4. Has Vellum Scale (item#: 1294) been nerfed? Vellum Scale used to drain 10% SP per hit. Now, the item description in-game states that it reduces SP by 3% But looking at the following (Including gRO own database) it states that it drains 10% SP per hit. Sources: GatheringRO Item Database iRO Wiki Database RateMyServer Feedback is much appreciated.
  5. Someone already got the Time Holder card LOL. Its just the Mysteltain and Tirfing part that are missing or removed.
  6. 1. It seems after update I can't use area skill anymore in horror toy factory,I can't cast desperado or ground drift.. 2. Can't warp to pay_fild04 if u are 3rd class, u can warp there if u are on 2nd class. 3. Can't invite party from same account, as example account A has X and Y, I cant invite both of them into one party.. Hoping your feedback and response
  7. oh Well there goes that pipe dream XD
  8. Maybe everade removed the ogre and mysteltainn, other monster is fine
  9. Oh that's strange. Ratemyserver says the Tirfing and Mysteltainn do spawn there. Are there other monsters on that map? I thought the Nightmare GH and Clock Tower were already implemented. Darn, I guess this means no Time Holder spawn too on Nightmare Clock Tower?
  10. Oh yeah! No Mysteltain and Tirfing on that map, I think GM Everade already thought of this and removed those monsters from that map. And also, when you use the command @whereis mysteltain, gl_cas02_ is not on it.
  11. Already did, and I was going around the map, cant find single ogree or mystelatinn...
  12. This is also what I thought of a minute ago but when I checked RMS, its really there. We just need to find a way to enter that dungeon.
  13. I don't seem to find this swarm of Tirfing and Mysteltain except for endless tower which is also limited. Also, there is no Tirfing and Mysteltain on Nightmare GH.
  14. Seriously, everyone. We should'nt thinking for ourselves only. There are many newbies who cannot afford to buy such pricey materials to use for decarding. Plus, if they are new in playing ragnarok, they are still searching and experimenting builds to use. I hope you guys can understand. It only a matter of decarding of equipment. Why do we need to make it a hassle way for us player tho. I guess those who disagree have many stored biotite and muscovite. Lol
  15. Sorry but No for this... it's not about think critically but sometimes we need to research that will need to carding and decarding.. it's fine as it is, and if u try to check the gl_cas02_ there are no mysteltainn or ogreetooth there...
  16. If this is the case, I would suggest that decarding requirements be changed to 1 obsidian fragment + 1 gRO token. If you ask why, it will force players to really evaluate what the best cards are to put into a weapon or armor. When your resources are limited you are forced to think critically and make difficult decisions which either lead to favorable or disastrous results. Which in-turn, makes game-play more interesting.
  17. Why I can't warp to pay_fild04?

  18. Hi!, are those Godly items been back to old effect? I mean Beastboy done a little tweak on it right? Like the bonus stats boost? but i'm no worry about it as long as it's for the greater good. Hahaha
  19. No shoes can compare to sleipnir. What you mean is, emp set, beats using sleipnir. Sure, same point can be made for woe set. (and there's one of the reasons I deslike premade "sets" that are better than other options. I personaly prefer having a mescelanious of gears put togueter, feels much better and unique, compared to mass produced stuff, that everyone has. Not to mention that it also stimulates thinking and testing) I am not prone to it, on the contrary, I don't want slots on them at all; and I mentioned slotting because it was what had been adressed before. As for new effects I also desagree, I belive they're fine as is. Except Mjol yeah, since it's a pointless weapon considering our rates, and other weapons; but thing is, do we wanna tweak gods to fit our server, and leave everything else that could become usefull if it was tweaked behind(weapons, cards, equipment that gets thrown away because it's effect is bound to a low rate); or focus on the future items that might be better choices? This is my way of seeing it: If at any time, an item can replace a god item, and actualy overshadow it, then sure, considering buffing the god item makes a whole lot of sense. Now, buffing already powerfull items, just because they don't fit your personal playstyle, should not be considerd. Looking forward to your opinions on it~
  20. Yea but who knows what other cuter headgears may come about next month. I could have used the points for that
  21. In fact, Bio and Musco prices should go way down now. Since Nightmark GH has been implemented, just warp to gl_cas02_ I don't know if you can just @warp to it but if you can, Tirfing and Mysteltainn spawn at 3x per 5 seconds over there. There won't ever be a Bio and Musco shortage from vendors running out of stock from now on.
  22. Yes, people think carefully of what cards to put and test them if there are new options available. Otherwise they would not need to decard. Also, at times, the cards are being shared among the other characters of other classes. @topic -1 I agree with @Hersheys
  23. It would be fun if this item can be equipped by a Novice class since this is a customize item so that they can have fun too.
  24. Another suggestion, Is it possible to make disarm animation happen only if it success?
  25. I think this skill should be boosted because the current damage cannot even match with official servers.
  26. This item is not recovering HP/SP when hit by a physical attack, but instead, it drains SP when attacking.
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