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  1. Thanatos is still an "old" dungeon and with that not running on the instance system. Which means the maps are shared among all players, which allows players to access them at the same time. Opening it by directly warping to it would only cause more chaos as stated by Rayleigh
  2. There's an issue with the reset at midnight. We're investigating the issue and will fix it as fast as possible. In the meantime you will have to play BG without the daily rewards. Although, it looks like the reset is working while you're online at midnight. But fails if you're offline.
  3. The colors should be the same, only moved by one number. I cannot repeat myself enough. Or not should. They are the same. Unless some smaller changes (699 and 700) might be new. During my tests on my test server (testing multiple jobs and a lot of colors) They've all just moved by 1 number. And no we don't have a 700 color sprite sheet. I don't think it's required, as we're offering way too much colors anyways. You have the stylist npc or the @commands to checkout the colors.
  4. About the VRING. You can follow its fix by yourself. As soon as this report gets solved by rAthena, i will be able to bring VRING back to gRO: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/1370
  5. Flying Galapos effect has been reported to rathena back then. But the exact official effects are still unknown.
  6. I think i made the server restart just during server-time midnight. Sry about that. I have manualy reset the daily bg quest now. Please report it again in case the same issue appears. But i don't think so, because i've playtested this on our test server and it was working just fine.
  7. - Reverted GTB to be able to block Masquerade again- Fixed an issue with the daily Battleground reward limit and increased it to 600 per day
  8. It works fine for me. Also the script did not change at all. Are you still having issues?
  9. Fixed, and gave you a new egg which works now.
  10. From my tests during the implementation of the colors it really just moved 1 number. Although the higher numbers (699, 700) are entirely new colors. It's an entire new palette package, although based on the same colors. This package was required for our planned future updates.
  11. Yes official. Although we are aware about the consequences. We're looking into it.
  12. Should only be moved by 1 number. So if your old color was 100, it now should be 101 or 99. Can't remember if it moved one up or down.
  13. I've just uploaded a new Full Client (fully up to date) In case someone is still having issues, i would skip right to re-downloading gRO. https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=client And yes, the clothing and hair colors recieved a full update, with some additional colors. If you want your old color back, visit the stylist and go 1 color number down About your invisibility, could you please go a little further into detail? I can't reproduce your issue.
  14. Contacted you on discord. Awaiting your reply
  15. i've released another patch. is it fixed for you now?