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  1. Someone already got the Time Holder card LOL. Its just the Mysteltain and Tirfing part that are missing or removed.
  2. Oh yeah! No Mysteltain and Tirfing on that map, I think GM Everade already thought of this and removed those monsters from that map. And also, when you use the command @whereis mysteltain, gl_cas02_ is not on it.
  3. This is also what I thought of a minute ago but when I checked RMS, its really there. We just need to find a way to enter that dungeon.
  4. I don't seem to find this swarm of Tirfing and Mysteltain except for endless tower which is also limited. Also, there is no Tirfing and Mysteltain on Nightmare GH.
  5. It would be fun if this item can be equipped by a Novice class since this is a customize item so that they can have fun too.
  6. I think this skill should be boosted because the current damage cannot even match with official servers.
  7. This item is not recovering HP/SP when hit by a physical attack, but instead, it drains SP when attacking.
  8. I would like to suggest that this items will not downgrade a +10 item to +9 just like in iRO, wherein, it will stay to +10 when upgrade fails. source: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Refinement_System
  9. I agree to this.
  10. This map is currently bugged. Firstly, it debuffs your character, thus, stripping all including foods. Second, it has a lot of restriction etc.
  11. oh sheyts sorry I did not notice that! ahahahah!
  12. Removing one castle means we will be lacking supply of some specific God ingredient that is available only to that particular fort.
  13. If it has a Fixed cast time, it would have been useless if it is paired with a +9emp boots because Fixed cast time doesn't stack.
  14. We just need something new from it so that it will not seem to be boring.