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  1. That would take you, 3 hrs tops because you are a pro?
  2. I have tested and observed it today that the timer doesn't reset at midnight (server time), it doesn't behave like the Daily Adventure Quest which resets when it is past 12:00 am (server time). A player named Dont PaniC its OrganiC said that his BG reward didn't reset for 2 days now, his last reward was on February 20 3:00pm (Philippines time)
  3. Make a guide besh
  4. Better put this on feedback and suggestion section.
  5. Please increase the ATK Speed of Sura when wearing a Balmung[3] because it is just almost close to 0 atk speed.
  6. The timer has gone back to normal now.
  7. Future updates...... NEW JOB SPRITES???
  8. Its over 24 hours since I received my daily 100 badge reward but the Retired Champion NPC is still saying that I should comeback tomorrow, I think that the quest did not reset.
  9. Maybe its going to evolved? bwahahaha!
  10. I just bought my long awaited beloved dragon pet from the woe shop and this is what has hatched from the egg A KING GOLD!!!
  11. I mean I can now attack even if stocked in a sorcs web BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!
  12. FINALLY!!! A long range attack for GX!!!!
  13. Ok, I can login again
  14. Making masquerade unblocked by GTB makes imbalance since there is no way of blocking it now. Breakers will definitely die upon arriving on the emperium because SC's can eat them alive, and also, will make them force to use their fist when breaking.
  15. I got the previous error again awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!