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  1. I had done a topic about this long ago, which sorta "fixed" the problems for months, or so it seemed. I know Sorcerers are powerful, but IMO 1.5 = not even having crystallization. But what can I say.
  2. 1V1 Exclusive PvP implemented.

    *stretches fingers slowly*

    Now, I wanna know where are the 'Scared to go pvp lol noob' guys. Im just so tempted to fight them.

    Im waiting!

  3. Not sure why you asked that here, but it's in Germany/Austria if Im correct.
  4. Thank you Marc. But one thing, do not think my status update was meant towards the Staff, it was directed to the players, I would like to receive some feedback from them since, well you know, they're playing WoE and such.
  5. 52 views and no replies.

    This means you are all just standing aside and whistling as you pass through my topic because you have no sense of team work and sacrifice.

    It saddens me that 90% (if not 95%) of the server only cares about WoE for stupid frag leeching. (Which is ironical because they cheat at pvp and rarely BG.)

  6. The main event which moves players around GatheringRO is War of Emperium, the fragments were really a very bright idea, I love the fact that certain items can be bought with them when there's no interest (not my case.) in certain pieces of armor. Although not everyone is happy with how these are obtained. Unfortunately for my own guild (and perhaps others as well.) a recent wave of unnecessary Arch Bishops have appeared, it would be perfectly fine if they knew how to support and would actually want to! And even so, it wouldn't be that tolerable. We have had tons of Arch Bishops just playing to gather fragments, I personally played Bishop to fully support my team mates, I was told I was good at it, and I did so for less than a full month. (Using AB that is.) What we have in WoE nowadays (Not always, thank god!) is pretty much alot of people who are trying to do the least possible to aid. I have seen with my own eyes Bishops in the heat of the battle simply CASTING the two most standart AoE buffs: Cantocandidus and the other one. I am here to ask for a decrease in the amount of fragments which Heal gives, or in some way, for Arch Bishops to receive less fragments. I have rotated through many jobs and roles, and it is always fun. I have tried to call people on this, but some people are living either in hypocrisy, simply not caring, or just plain delusional. No naming though. And if someone comes here telling AB is too weak, you haven't seen one AB tank a whole guild for 2 minutes. We had an AB resisting us for more than 10. Kyrie Eleison which is spammable + some other things make it absolutely frustrating to kill these. (Not really being mad at this, just the frags insane desire to even Heal people who don't need it) For the sake of gRO, support me people.
  7. How? They can't do anything else aside than normal hitting.
  8. Well that's an exaggeration. I wanted to sell the one I have.
  9. Neutral towards this, Noah, don't you think you could just simply ignore the Sura? He is not a threat while under this skill.
  10. Found a bug on WoE, at least, I hope it's a bug.

    Not quite on WoE itself, but on the Guillotine Cross skill Dark Illusion, Dark Illusion makes you approach the enemy in a flash (very quick) and deal a very small portion of damage with a chance of an auto-cross impact, unfortunately, whenever I try to use it it says:

    This skill cannot be used here.

    As far as I knew, only some 2nd trans skills were disabled. @Everade ?

    1. Everade


      Maybe it was an official update, i will take a look at it.

      Please create a topic within the forums next time.

  11. -1 on anyone who wants to speed up the process of the ores. It's really not fun having over upped equipment in many characters. Be patient, or use your frags on the WoE Shop, which is what I do, and quite rewarding. 150 emp frags for one box is a very good deal.
  12. -1. You're supposed to work hard for any of the items rewarded in the GM Castle, plus, CI's are tradeable; Get money and buy some.
  13. Why is that?
  14. +1 my fellow comrade.
  15. I heard that the fact people were gone in 2.0 was because some people were banned, which cause the same person's guild to be gone during WoE, which I actually BELIEVE.