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  1. Just tested it and can confirm that it works as intended. Higher hard mdef reduces chance of getting frozen and grants immunity if high enough. Keep in mind that our server requires you to get 2x the amount you would need on official servers to get immune to statuses (e.g., 200 vit for stun immunity instead of 100).
  2. Technically you could open 5 clients to be able to enter the dungeon (thanatos 'farmers' do it this way). Originally, this dungeon was meant for a group of people so we would rather keep it that way. There is already a lot of kill stealing going on in the thanatos tower even with the current 5 player requirement in place. I can't imagine what will happen if everyone can warp there.
  3. Rebellion skills will get more tweaks with the upcoming updates and I'll see what I can do about this skill.
  4. There is a "warp agent" in every town. The one in Althea (main town, @go 0) is located right next to the kafra employee. The npc might be lacking some recent dungeons but you can always use @warp to get there. Missing dungeons can also be added to the NPC if desired.
  5. Aaaaaand it's gone. The change has just been reverted as promised. #closed
  6. You would reject this gift, oh mighty D e M o n? Just kidding, of course. The rAthena devs have fixed this issue as it indeed seems to be officially possible to masquerade players wearing GTB. I believe most players have noticed by now that this change pretty much upsets the balance in our BGs (and will do so in WoE, if left as it is). I don't have anything against SCs controling fights, for they were meant to do so, as long as it does not blow the scope of our framework for an enjoyable PVP experience. This, however, seems to be the case at the moment. Consequently, this change will be reverted as soon as possible (probably before WoE). I am glad that even Shadow Chasers agree with this.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds good to me. Although it will likely not contain blessed ores / certificates as we don't want to flood the server with those. I can imagine that we will add exclusive weapons, consumables and costumes to such a shop. However, this may take a while to implement so don't expect it too soon.
  8. Oh my, the mother that this egg belonged to did something horrible... I am sure Everade will check it out once he sees this =).
  9. @leaphar, As I said, luk does not provide any resistance (in terms of chance of being affected) but it reduces the amount of time you stay frozen. Hard MDEF is the only stat that reduces chance of being affected and grants immunity at some point.
  10. @Hurt Locker, it was not nerfed by 50%. It still deals very decent damage and RG has more than OB to deal damage (holy cross, shield chain, sacrifice, rage burst...). Use magnum break before you cast OB and you will get 20% more damage. @Leaphar, why? What's wrong with it? High luk should reduce the duration while hard MDEF provides resistance and even immunity if high enough @Hurt Locker, I believe since it was changed by rathena that White Imprison is blocked by GTB we have to add it to the GRB skill list that penetrate GTB.
  11. The Fallen Angel WIng enchanter has not been implemented yet but the enchanter for the Arcangel wings is ingame mal_in01 14 16 (thanks to Flying Dutchman). The gear you mentioned is account bound.
  12. Sadam didn't reply so I'll have to postpone it. I think I'll also give a costume as reward.
  13. Sadam, Khaii and Killer wing will have the opportunity to solve an additional riddle. I will post this riddle once we have agreed on a time as I need you to have access to the internet once I uploaded the riddle.
  14. You have to kill 'demi-Human' monsters with the headgear you get for the cake hat.
  15. Sadam got it!