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  1. Thanks for the report. We are aware of the current situation regarding GoH and intend to balance it at some point. The reason this has not happened yet is twofold: 1. GoH is extremely difficult to balance and thus requires a lot of time and testing 2. Suras are currenty very strong and do not require this skill to compete with other classes. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal is to balance it and extend the variety of skills for Suras as soon as possible. There will possibly a balance update after the BG update that we are currently working on.
  2. Yes, Vellum Scale has indeed been nerfed. It was accidentally left out a couple of months ago when we nerfed all the SP draining items. No player reported that Vellum Scale still drains 10%, some even preferred to use it to their advantage. I found out about it recently when I became active in PVP again. Our server does not allow SP pots in pvp so we try our best to balance items that drain SP (these items are intended for servers where you can simply use pots to regain SP). I hope you don't mind as this contributes to a fair and balanced gameplay.
  3. Guys, the "note" was there for a reason. I specifically said that the cherries on the first scale are counted as 6, meaning the solution I was looking for is 14. However, Khai actually says "Scale 3 : 9+5= 14~ so ye 7 cherries" so the 14 is there, he simply reduces it to 7 afterwards, which is fine. Khaii wins
  4. A new riddle has been posted

  5. Thanks for the report. You are right, in PvE environments the skill behaves abnormally. The next update addresses this issue.
  6. You can still join the next riddle. For the additional riddle you need to be a "winner" of a difficult riddle. I don't know yet what the consolation prize will be.
  7. Yes, you have to sit out the next riddle. At the end of the event, I will post another riddle which is only open to players who solved a difficult riddle.
  8. Killer wing got it right. Well done. I am not the one who classifies the riddles, I take them from a specific source. This riddle is difficult because there are multiple distractions which lead away from the real solution (your answers clearly prove this point :P). Kawaii Potato has seen through all of them. I will therefore reward him as well but the one who "solved" it is Killer Wing.
  9. Today's riddle has been posted.

  10. Correct, well done.
  11. Today's riddle has been posted.

  12. That's because they were designed for PVP/WOE just like Vellum gear or Siege Gear. Outside of PVP/WOE they might be a bit too strong (e.g., the HP boost, the DMG vs Dem-Human monsters...). However, I am not entirely against the suggestion as we are a high rate server. Perhaps it is worth discussing.
  13. When the event is over or when he catches me ingame.
  14. That is correct. Killer Wing solved it!
  15. First Riddle has been posted!