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  1. I went through all of the color palettes using the Stylist NPC, I was unable to find some of my previous palettes. The old "@dye 214" no longer exists. I did however, find that some colors did not change places (such as 156, 213, 380). Here are some that have a moved more than 1 number. @dye 693 is now a 690. A difference of 3. @dye 24X is now 697. A difference of 450+. (Cannot remember exact number) @raphaelluigi That would mean taking a screen shot 700 times and editing all of those in 1 picture. Imagine how long that would take.
  2. After more testing, it seems some colors are no longer where they used to be. I look forward to these future updates. On another note, I don't suppose there is a photo-guide (such as the example below) on the new colors?
  3. I have tried this on a few characters and even @Rayleigh witness that it is not just +1/-1 from the old @dye/hcolor numbers. I guess I will have to go through 700 or so @ccolor for each character..
  4. While I would like being able to use Masquerade on everyone, this also means that WoE, PvP, and BG becomes a game of who can cast Masquerade first.
  5. Just wondering if this topic has any updates..
  6. It seems like the issue has resolved itself? I'm no longer become invisible. It was strange, I couldn't see myself even though I was wearing Prism with Maya Purple effect.
  7. I received 2 awards in less than 24 hours. O_O
  8. @Everade Hello, is it possible to ask for a change-log of the clothes/hair color? For example, It would nice to know what the old "@dye 214" got changed to. @dye 214 is no longer red. it is now red+black. Most of the clothes number are completely different now. It is now much harder to find the correct clothes number.
  9. @Everade Is this an official update?
  10. @Everade How come Masquerade now affects players even while wearing GTB? Is this an official update? If so, an army of Shadow chasers will dominate WoE, PvP, and BG. WoE, PvP, and BG will now be a game of who can cast Masquerade first. @raphaelluigi +1 Sir!
  11. @Everade I am able to log in now. All of my character's hair colour has been changed. Also, when I log in to use my SC, it will say "Invisible: On". Similar to using the <GM> command, @hide? I attacked a Goldring, it teleported on the first hit. I am also able to use offensive skills without monsters seeing me. However, using Chase Walk 2 times will cancel the invisibility status.
  12. Data folder is empty, tried patching again, but still getting errors.
  13. @EveradeHere are the first and second errors.
  14. Help, I'm getting errors after letting the patcher finish updating.

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      Grrrrrr........ some people got into the game already? :(((((((((((

  15. I'm unable to start the game. I let the patcher run until it finished.