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Gray Fullbuster

[#1000B] You Are Not Allowed To Visit This Community


everade.. when i try to log in to the forums using google chrome i get this error msg "[#1000B] You are not allowed to visit this community" and on the top right where i can see

username is named "akee"<--- this was the account i tried to sign up for but was not succesfull because before i could finish it the error msg appeared... but when i use IE7

everything goes well and i can view the forums using this forum account, this actually occured when.. i delink this account " gray full buster" which used to be "rudolf lowe

valencia bihag " from facebook. i decided to delink this account because it had my complete name as "rudolf lowe valencia bihag" as its username for privacy purpposes i

wanted to change the name but coulndnt since its connected to my FB so what i did is delink the acount ..after i delinked it. i signed up for a new one so that i can choose

on the username... but then before i could even finish my registration that error [#1000B] You are not allowed to visit this community. appeared.. zie told me that it was banned.. so

could u just pls delete that account with the "akee" username on it?.. and hope i can view the forums again using google chrome?.. incase your wondering this forum

account name actually is the one i linked to my FB this used to have "rudolf lowe valencia bihag" as username so i ask for help to change my username to gray fullbuster

as per zies advice, and so alexaa changed it to gray fullbuster.. all i wanted is to view the forums again using goggle chrome coz i find it more convenient using chrome

rather IE7.. here is a screenie of that error i get:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.