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  1. If you were to make a list of the greatest video games ever made, the original Super Mario Bros. made for the Nintendo System would have to be towards the top of that list. Thanks to original game mechanics and challenging level designs, Super Mario Bros. was an instant classic and remains popular today—30 years later. But retro-gaming enthusiasts aren’t the only ones still playing Super Mario Bros. As it turns out, the classic video game is a huge hit with artificial intelligence developers. That’s because they often use the video game to test the intelligence of their systems.

    How the test works

    Artificial intelligence researchers use Super Mario Bros. to test AI in a couple of different ways. The first is that they attempt to program an AI system to successfully beat the game from beginning to end. To do this, the AI system needs to learn the nuances of the game in order to time jumps perfectly, avoid enemies, and successfully reach the end of each level before time expires. From 2009 to 2012, AI researchers even held a Mario AI competition to where competitors tried to design AI that could complete the game in the fastest time.
    AI researchers are also programming artificial intelligence to design playable levels that will provide players with a challenge without being too difficult. Researchers believe that artificial intelligence may soon be used to assist humans with level design.

    Why Super Mario Bros.

    You may be wondering, out of all the ways to test an AI system, why use a video game. As it turns out, video games are an ideal way to test artificial intelligence because they require the use of logic, creativity, situational awareness, and decision-making skills to successfully beat the game. All of these skills are necessary in the quest for true artificial intelligence. But of the tens of thousands of video games to choose from, why Super Mario Bros.? AI researchers cite two primary reasons: first, they just love to play the game like the rest of us and second, the classic platformer game’s perfect mix of complexity and simplicity combined with finely-tuned mechanics make it an ideal game for artificial intelligence testing.

    While early AI systems used Atari games for testing, it’s too simplistic today thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence. But side-scrolling games like Super Mario Bros. present a bit more of a challenge because a good percentage of the level design can’t be observed by AI at any given time.


  2. Everade
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    By Everade,

    Remember my Development Diary#5 ?

    Well it's about time for a release!

    I haven't announced anything within our news as of yet.

    But at the current stage, you can play gRO RIGHT NOW, through your browser!

    - No need to download a Client

    - Want to play at work? no problem! ;P

    - Want to show your buddy what he's missing? Get at his place, and show it right away!

    It's really a good thing, especially so new players can test our server right away, rather than being forced to download 2GB.

    Please note that loading speed is based on your internet connection!

    You can play right away, but every single picture requires to be downloaded from our server, before it can be displayed, so it increases loading times a lot.

    But ones something has already been downloaded, it will be saved in your browsers cache, so if you want to read the item description again, it will show up much faster than the last time *for example*

    To execute roBrowser you will require a current Web Browser that supports WebGL and is OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU compatible. It has been successfully tested and is working on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It requires the Java plugin to be installed in your web browser.

    Just give it a try ;)

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    When it comes to those who do SEO, there are four basic categories:


    1.People who don't fully understand SEO and are just trying to learn as they go


    2.People who are misinformed about SEO and are going about it all wrong


    3.People who understand SEO but knowingly violate Google's webmaster guidelines


    4.People who understand SEO and try to abide by Google's webmaster guidelines


    Unfortunately, the people from group 1 are often getting their information from groups 2 and 3 and the vicious cycle of misinformation continues. This all leads to a lot of mistakes when it comes to running an SEO campaign. Here's a look at seven SEO mistakes. Chances are you're guilty of at least some of these.


    Failure to configure your CMS


    There are a lot of different content management systems (CMS) out there but all of them require at least some configuration. In addition to common settings that need to be configured there are many other settings that are overlooked. Failing to configure CMS settings will make your SEO campaign much less effective.


    Duplicate content


    Simply put, duplicate content is when you have the exact same content (or very similar content) that appears on two different URLs. Duplicate content can cause search engines to give your website a lower ranking and that means less web traffic to your website.


    Thin content


    Having different pages for different topics is a great way to get more web traffic. Unfortunately, it can also lead to thin content which will lower your website's ranking. If you have a lot of pages with very little in the way of text or a lot of pages that are similar (though not enough to be considered duplicate) they you're guilty of having thin content.


    Act on rumors


    Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there concerning SEO. It's important to make sure the sources where you're getting your information is credible. For example, if you read somewhere that Facebook “likes” can boost your ranking. You might invest a lot of time and money to center your SEO efforts on accumulating Facebook “likes.” It would be a misuse of time and money as it simply isn't true.


    Lose focus


    While SEO is crucial to success, it isn't everything. It's easy to get sucked into SEO and lose focus on other things that matter like your customer's satisfaction. It doesn't matter if your page is ranked highly on Google if your customer's aren't having positive experiences with your website.


    Under invest


    This is a mistake most commonly made by those who don't have a good understanding of SEO and why it's important. Even if you've got great web content and a lot of online traffic, a good SEO campaign can greatly improve your success. Some businesses never get off the ground and others fail to achieve their full potential because they ignore SEO.


    Invest “after the fact”


    Many business owners say they'll start with SEO once their website is completely finished. As a wise person once said, “You can do it right, or you can do it over.” Investing in SEO while creating a website will result in a better website. Waiting until the website is complete to start SEO will ultimately waste time as much of what has already been done will need to be redone.


    :) :) :)

  3. Requirements
    - Base level 60
    - 20 Jellopy

    - Laboratory Pass
    - Access to the Biolabs

    Side Notes
    - Rewards a coupon point

    Step 1
    To start off, head to the entrance of the slums in Lighthalzen. However the Guard (lighthalzen 266 200) won't let you go past. Keep interacting with him until he's not paying attention and you can get past. This can be immediate or take many attempts.

    It's optional, but if you've completed the Friendship Quest beforehand you should have a Pass which will let you get past the guard immediately.


    Step 2
    Once inside the slums head up the hill and right. In the corner you'll find a guy called Fishbone (lighthalzen 341 225). Keep bothering him and he'll eventually ask for 20 Jellopy in return for letting you into the laboratory via a secret route.


    Step 3
    Return to Fishbone with the Jellopy. After he's prepared some things speak to him again and he'll send you into a maze of some sort.

    Step 4
    Since this is gRO there are two methods of getting around the maze:

    a.) Warp to the room you're aiming for right away
    b.) Walk around the maze while checking coordinates

    For the warping method, just use @warp lhz_cube 248 184 and you'll find yourself in a room outside of the maze right away.

    As for the original method, type /where to check your current coordinates. Based on these you can use the map below to work out where to go.

    To give a basic explanation of the map, the central numbers indicate your current coordinates in the rooms which you can check with /where. The red arrows show which portal will lead to which room. ランダム means that you'll be warped to a random room. At the side of the map there are also three lists of possible routes you may take depending on your current coordinates.

    Source: ROクエスト案内所

    For further clarification, below it's shown which portal corresponds to which direction.

    [Place Holder]

    The aim is to get to coordinates 123, 18 and enter the left portal, as indicated by Goal on the map. You should end up in the same room as shown in the quick method.

    Step 5
    *Note that the order of the steps in the room are interchangeable to some extent.
    *Also notice how you don't receive physical items when it indicates that you found an object.

    Look below the Bed (lhz_cube 246 198) and you'll find a Short Stick.


    Step 6
    Next look under the Desk (lhz_cube 234 198) and you'll find another Short Stick which combines with the first one you found to make a Long Stick.


    Step 7
    Go back to the Bed (lhz_cube 246 198) and use the Long Stick under the bed. You'll get a Cube.


    Step 8
    Take a look at the Bundle of Files on the floor (lhz_cube 237 197) and you'll find a Red Key.


    Step 9
    Use the Red Key to open the Drawer (lhz_cube 242 200) and you'll receive a Jackknife.


    Step 10
    Next use the Jackknife to get behind the Picture on the wall above the Desk (lhz_cube 234 198). Make sure to take note of the numbers.


    Step 11
    In the bottom right corner of the room you should find a Chest (lhz_cube 247 179). Open it and take out the Axe.


    Step 11
    Go to the Barrel (lhz_cube 237 185) and smash it using the Axe.

    Take a second look at the Barrel and enter the numbers you found behind the picture one by one in the order that they were shown. If done correctly you'll receive a Yellow Key.


    Step 12
    Use the Yellow Key on the Power Generator (lhz_cube 226 192) to turn off the power.


    Step 13
    Above the Drawer you'll find the Status Light (lhz_cube 244 199). Smash it receive a Black Key.


    Step 14
    Head to the Experiment Tube (lhz_cube 226 197) and use the Black Key to get the Oval.


    Step 15
    Look inside the Goblet (lhz_cube 230 182) to find a Rusty Key.


    Step 16
    To the left on the wall with the Picture there is a shelf with Chemicals (lhz_cube 231 198). Put the Rusty Key into them and you'll get a Green Key.


    Step 17
    Use the Green Key to open the Cabinet (lhz_cube 248 191). You'll get a Polygon.


    Step 18
    Next to the Cabinet you'll find a Box (lhz_cube 248 195). Each hole in the box corresponds with one of the 3D shapes you found in the room, so enter them correctly.

    Oval Hole: Oval
    Cube Hole: Cube
    Polygon Hole: Polygon

    Once they've all been inserted, open the box. You'll receive a Laboratory Permit.


    Step 19
    Go back to the Experiment Tube (lhz_cube 226 197), insert your Laboratory Permit and head down the stairs. Exit the sewage pipe that you'll find yourself in at the other end to complete the quest.


    The Sewer Pipe (lighthalzen 331 301) can now be used for direct access to the second floor of the Biolabs.


  4. Rahul
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    The road I chose is horribly wrong,

    it will never see the end of this song,

    Forever I'll try to pull myself through..

    Though nothing can get me closer to you.

    For ages to come, right here I will stay,

    With hope that you will pass this way and when you do,

    I'll hold you tight

    not caring whether wrong or right

    I'd die to feel your silken skin,

    I can't believe how long its been

    since that fateful day I held you last,

    A day soo distant in the past...

    The aging night with grey did fill,

    the icy breeze was numbing still,

    I felt a shiver up my spine,

    You were with me, yet were not mine.

    I peered upon your troubled guise,

    there was something you did despise,

    But what it was, I could not see,

    Yet you're eyes did try and talk to me.

    I held you close, to pacify,

    Yet there was no change as time went by...

    and then after an hour or two,

    You pushed me far away from you

    You said,"I love you more than life,

    But I cannot live to be your wife,

    Its not a choice that I do make,

    But my love from me they soon will take"

    My heart was ripped right out my chest,

    But for you I thought that this was best.

    I held you close as I did cry and kissed you once before I'd die....

    The pain from then I still endure

    With luck, someday I'll find a cure

    and till this day, right here I stay

    In hope that you might pass this way...

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    In our small village

    The Forgotten lives

    We Stand tall Like the Trees

    But now We Cease to exist

    For those who knows, We did exist

    We are Here, and still are here

    Majority Leave, a Handful Stays

    Others Stay, But with another Name

    We are the Equal Day and Night

    We are the Vacuum now

    We are nothing now

    We are the Forgotten

  5. heyo guys! it's me again :D

    just like what i promised i'll start a new project after an update and like what Kenzie ask me

    here goes the detail of the new project:


    [Waiting for the list from Kenzie]

    from what i know, the rewards will be equips from kafra shop


    - Soul of Service: from NPC Guardian Ilona at Althea Church

    • Chivalry Emblem
    • Heroic Emblem
    • 10 Witherless Rose
    • 60% Chance of Failling

    - Soul of Courage: from NPC Guardian Zyerre at Althea Dummy Field

    • Must take "Test of Bravery"
    • 100 Bravery Badge (each try)
    • Symbol of Brave Warrior (only once)

    - Soul of Proceeding: from NPC Guardian Quillam in Althea Library

    • Necklace of Wisdom [each try]
    • Memory Book [only once]
    • Pocket Watch (Acc) [only once]
    • 100 Gold [only once]
    • 50 3Carat Diamond [only once]
    • Must answers all of the questions correctly (if you answered it wrong. You'll need to bring Necklace of Wisdom again)

    - Soul of Unity: from NPC Guardian Roinsha at Althea Stage

    • Union of The Tribe
    • Bible
    • Hand of God
    • Celebrant's Mitten
    • Must chant translate the "Pledge of Union" correctly (if you have failed you can't take the test again for 10 minutes)

    - Pocket Watch (Etc)

    Ingredients may change

    NPCs in This Quest:

    -Strange Kid [Done]

    -Deceased Kafra [Waiting the list]

    -4 GatheringRO Corp Memory Cave Guardians:

    • Ilona [Learing how to adding chance]
    • Zyerre [Deciding what map i'm going to use]
    • Quillam [brainstorming for the questions]
    • Roinsha [brainstorming for the Pledge of Union]

    -4 Seasons Spirit

    -3 Time Spirit

    -Gossip Queen

    Map I'm Going to Use:

    ordeal_1-1 [STILL Waiting for GMs confirmation for me using it]



    - You can get equip from (old) Kafra Shop

    - You can explore more about the world of Ragnarok in GRO

    - GMs can easily edit the reward if they want to add more reward (cuz, i'll put the reward section on the last part of the story and the last NPC)

    - The souls can be used for ingredients for other quest in the future

    - The Memory Cave can be developed more in the future


    - This is quite big project(and i still got classes in campus), so it may take a while

    - I'm still learning about scripting when doing this. So, after the script has finished it will need some extra time to be diagnosed, edited, and approved by the GM team (just like my old project) :D

    - The server hasn't been updated until lhz_dun04 so i have thought something else for "fighting yourself" which is much more devilish than them(lhz_dun04 MVPs) ./gg


    Deep inside Althea field there is a strange child that know the secret of the GatheringRO Corp. He knows the secret gate to a place called GatheringRO Corp Memory Cave. Where everything that is "outdated" thrown there. Gossips said that inside the cave lies a soul of deceased Kafra. That will grant stuffs from the past of GatheringRO Corp. to any adventurer that she and other spirits approved. Are you one of the adventurer that's worthy enough for her?

    Your Comments and Suggestion is welcomed for this project :D


    -Making Storyline-

    -STILL Waiting for Reward list-

    -Brainstorming for the Ingredients-

    -Scripting for the guardians-

    Thanks to:

    -Kenzie for the Rewards List she made

    -Everade for teaching me scripting

    -GM team for letting me doing this job

    - for the script command list

    - for the NPC sprite list

    - for the guide of basic scripting

    -Cherise for telling the mistakes I made

  6. So. I've been here for how long now? And I can't help but feel attached to this server haha. I found gRO by accident, well not really I saw the ad on RMS. and I thought to myself, it's been too long since I last played RO and I missed everything about it. True, I've been an avid role player in the past. I rarely touched normal server and god forbid PVP servers, I was just no good at it! But then I decided to join this one and waited 6 and a half hours to download the client (Indonesian Internet speed is hellish! I miss Singapore's speed lmao) and the minute I logged in, I was hooked.

    Maybe it was because I missed RO? I missed the.. Je ne sais quoi of RO. It was like being reintroduced to an old friend. Is that pathetic?

    I joined my first role play server in 2007, I don't think it's still around though, I met a lot of new friends that I still kept in touch with via Facebook until now, we had fun, we barely leveled since that wasn't the point of the server, although I did get to max level just because lol. But one day the GM and story tellers (that's like a Demi GM/event GM/wikieditors, they make the lore and history of their fictional world) went corrupt and won't include new characters to their plots, my friends and I were fortunately in it but still, it doesn't seem fair to us, so we kind of revolted, we tried to speak sense to them (we're actually on friendly basis with the GMs who happened to be neighbours IRL) and a few of our friends got harassed IRL because of it. We bailed and decided to make our own server, we spent months setting the server up and just spamming our IRC room with nonsense and chats and stuff, it was the time of my life! Lmao. I was appointed head ST and PR/HR GM, why do we need PR/HR GMs? Because the RP community is filled with drama that's why :( it's as if every day was filled with personal complaints fom our players but I didn't minded, it was, in a way, making the server feel real. We didn't minded that our max IG population was 5 to 25, and that included the players that dual booted the game because they need more than 1 character online :P. we'd make murder mystery events, Spawn MVPs outside of prontera just for the hell of it, we even had an event where we walked from Prontera to the beach near comodo for a "beach party" I guess it's the sense of togetherness that we seeked. But of course all good things come to an end, the head GMs (who happened to be my dearest friend, and also a married couple) just couldn't afford keeping the server up while maintaining their regular lives and their 2 year old daughter, and not to mention the drama a certain player made, oh and corrupt STs too.. Our server closed just after a year and a half. The other STs and I tried to rebuild it but it was just impossible, we got busy and drifted apart :( I still keep I touch with a couple of them though and we've been planning to meet in real life soon :) somewhere in the middle perhaps, I live in Indonesia (for a while longer, of my grades are good enough I might transfer to Paris, yay!) and the two others are polish and Norwegian.

    Back to gRO, I was fortunate enough to meet nice peoples here :) some from my own country, some from other countries. It's like going back in time, I even saw a familiar nickname here, but I guess it's been awhile since she last logged on. Here at gRO I don't feel like playing in a server of bots, people actually talk, and are well.. Real people! I don't know it might be too early to tell but that was my first impression, in the past I've been in servers where they won't even talk to newbies, they've forgotten that they were once newbies too, but I don't get that here. I haven't met any of the GMs yet but I think they're nice enough, I'd love to chat with one of them soon, I have a million things to ask them :)

    So far my stay here has been, enjoyable, I loved the community and even though I'm a newbie too, I'd love to help other newbies feel at home, the way my newfound friends has done to me :)

    So yeah, gRO rocks! And please say hi if you ever see me online :) I love a good chat!


    Marlborobabe/June the new girl

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    In the current gathering's setting, mithril became the most near representation of money. In fact, it is more liquid in comparisson with zeny which is the official medium of exchange of Ragnarok. Players preferred to be paid in mithril than zeny; and most of the time, they will ignore business transactions with other players who are willing to pay in zenies.

    Now, let's have an overview towards the uses and a brief background of mithril

    1. In order to create a pure mithril, players need to gather 5 mithril ores in the crystal mine. When players will just sell the said thing in the NPC it will only cost 10 zenies. On the other hand, the fair market value of a single mithril or the price where players are willing to pay is around 40 to 42million zenies in the current setting.

    2. If we will have an analysis towards the main uses of mithril, we will absolutely arrive to the conclusion that this is only one of the main components in order to make a blessed valkyrie helm, dark lord helm, etc. Nothing follows.


    1. Mithril destroys the real value of zeny. Since most of the players are more willing to be pay in mithril, the tendency is that the value of a certain item will increase if one is willing to pay it in zeny. (e.g. The market value of kiel is 18 to 23 mithrils; however if a player will buy this in zeny, some players will sell it at 1 billion zenies. Converting the price of mithril, let say 23 mithril times 40 million that is 920 million zenies against the price of 1 billion. This is the most extreme price in mithril some players are willing to sell a kiel for only 20 mithrils.

    2. Mithril became the medium of exchange of several transaction more liquid than zeny. This should not be the case since zeny is the official money of Ragnarok. Thus, it should be more liquid or more acceptable than mithril.

    3. Most of the players are converting their zenies to mithrils. There are instances where players are willing to pay a price which is higher than the market value just to convert their resources. Thus, there are more outflow of resources resulting to a decrease in the economic benefits.

    4. In the absence of blessed valkyrie helm and dark lord helm, it is clear that mithril will lose its values.


    1. It is time to extend the limit of zeny for each character. People are converting their zeny to mithril because every player is only capable to hold 2 billion zenies every character. This should not be the case; since in reality, people can acquire resources more than this.

    2. It is time to allow transaction paying more than 1 billion zeny. One of the factors why players are converting their zenies to mithril is that every transaction is only limited to 999,999,999 zenies. I believe if the game master will allow players to pay beyond this amount, conversion of mithrils will be minimize

  7. We were delayed by a few days, because of private problems - we couldn't start at dec 2, so we chose to start today. On December 5th. We'll have a little reunion Party, talking, leveling Characters and stuff.

    Some old members came back, HalfDemon for example.

    and we started our Guild Discussion (Recruitment) in the GatheringRO Forums, i think, it looks pretty well.

    dont forget to look it up guys!

    the next goal we are aiming at is being more active then before and starting with Endless Tower Runs, Abra Events and funny events, since the heart of fenrirs is about funny stuff, not only serious stuff.

    so yeah, thats it. next time will be "Fenrirs Claw - Rise of a German Guild"

    so stay tuned folks, bye =)

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    Today's been a fun day!

    I've found lots of intresting creatures and obtained so many items! I made a good amount of money as well!

    I tried to upgrade some equipments, but I still need more training.

  8. XxBlackDahliaxX
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    Yesterday (the 22nd) was honestly one of the most amazing days i've ever had.

    My sweet 16.

    I'd actually been dreading it, because well, I haven't exactly had the best past experience with birthdays.

    Ohmygosh, my best friends.

    Leon, Karl, Sandy, Madhu & Katya.

    I can honestly say, I love them more than anything in this world.

    Well, LOL, they came to my house today! <3

    Aha, fun day. Movies, baking, cupcakes, taking pictures, aaaaaaaah. <3



    Honestly, this was the best birthday I've ever had.

    I bought myself a little present yesterday, it's a scrapbook!

    And I started it on my birthday, to just.. remember the little things in life.


    (That's the cover of it)


    (That's the first page!)




    Katya, Karl and I! <3


    Thank you guys for honestly, everything. <3

  9. Key's Blog

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    Sigh. I really miss playing gRO. Really. :(

    Lately, I have been extremely busy and very stressed out. I can't find the same time to play as I used to, as my world has been turned upside down while trying to start anew. Going from playing RO all day long to being thrown into the epitome of social situations is really weird and awkward. Yeah, yeah. I never really cared about people telling me to 'get a life' etc, etc but my god. Two different lifestyles is bonkers. I know a few other people on here would definitely agree with me.

    This school semester, I've started up an internship in NYC. I work at a public-relations firm. It. Is. Crazy. I also attend university at the same time, studying studio art/graphic design until I grasp my bearings. When it comes to school, I'm a late bloomer. I still have no idea what I really want to study and I'm always going back and forth. Boo @ this. I'm not going to go into too much detail about this, but if you're curious, please check out my Tumblr.

    I have no time to play RO, which is very sad to me. I miss a lot of people on here, the competition, and the trolling after someone kills you in PVP. Hohohoho! But someone would say, this is for the better. At least for me. I've already been told quite a few times, "Aww, little Key is growing up". No worries, I will never grow up (for better or for worse). Hopefully, after this hectic semester and internship, I will be able to play again. In some fun news, I'm still able to attend NYCC this year (I think). I'm suuuuper excited for Felicia Day! Her character Codex, from The Guild, reminds me of myself.

    Reminds me! If you haven't watched The Guild, I'm sure you will enjoy it! It's hilarious!! :'D Aside from Codex, Clara is my favorite. 8D It's on season 5 now!

    Very random blog post from myself. O:

  10. So, this past weekend was RamenCon in Merrillville, IN. I was the Assistant Department Head of Security. I had so much fun this past weekend, but I am still tired. I barely slept for 4 days. But it was worth it :) I got to see friends I hadn't seen in months, and meet new friends. There's actually this guy I met, who's a close friend to one of my con family. He's super cute, tall, in shape, an athlete [wrestles and free-runs], and seriously good in bed. [i found out this past weekend :D!!!!!!!!!!] He lived back down in Illinois by my dad, but I'm sure we'll figure something out to hang out again.

    Then there's working. I have been at this McDonald's almost two weeks now, and I don't really like anyone there almost. Most of the girls are cool, but the guys are assholes and stupid for the most part. There are a few cool ones, but not many. And I usually get along better with the guys, but I end up being the only one in the grill at night. So I get to sit stand there and have to listen to them talk about women and make dumbass jokes. None of them understands that I'm bisexual and like women too, and it freaks them out a bit when I point out a nice set of breasts or a nice butt. =/ Hopefully I can find another job soon, or go up front to counter or drive thru, so I can get out of the grill and stop getting hurt all the time :(

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    Well im going on the plane home tomorrow and suddenly decided i need something in my life that would make it a bit more interesting. I had played Ragnarok long ago with my sister, so i decided maybe i should bring back some old memories and that is exactly what i did. I'm hoping that ragnarok could be once again a part of my life, meeting many people online and having a fun time!

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    I've never really been a big blogger, guess I just figured my life was never important enough to read about. So if you are reading this, don't get too excited, I just needed some space to vent.

    My name is Tailz, of course not really irl but I like to keep some stuff private. I'm 22 and currently living with my boyfriend. Normally, I love my life, and am generally a very happy person, but lately its been harder and harder to smile. Situation is: my mother married this truly evil jerkoff awhile ago, had a kid yada yada, ergo my stepbrother. Well a few years ago the sh*t hit the fan and we truly found out how horrible my stepdad really was. My mom left him, (thank god) but live has been hard ever since. I love my stepbrother very much, but I've been raising him since I was 12 since my mom works so much. Lets just say, I miss my life. I have become my brother fulltime babysitter this summer, and I don't even get paid for it. I wish I could just listen to my friends and boyfriend and tell my mom to stuff it and deal with her own son, but....her and my brother are the only family I have left here, and I can't just screw them over like that. This summer has been the worst I've had to deal with in awhile. My mom had to take my brother out of summer camp to be able to afford bills, and so I end up watching him more. And because Im watching him more, I miss out on so much; working extra shifts, taking certain college classes at times I want, being out with friends, even seeing my boyfriend. I know I might sound whiney and selfish, but I feel like I'm missing out on the best years of my life. I didn't have a kid yet I pay the consequences. My mom constantly appologizes and tries to get other people to watch him when she can, but I dunno. Lately I'm just starting to crack. I just miss spending time with my boyfriend and friends.


    Sorry for all who put up with reading this whole thing, I just needed to get it out.

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    You see, I've been playing Ragnarok for 7 months now and there are so maaaaaany things i need to know about it.

    I was wondering if you could give me the newest PRICE CHECK for some items..

    Like the MVP and MINI BOSS cards, The Upper, Mid and Lower head gears.

    Soooo.. Thanks for reading this :)

    I hope you could help me :D

  11. (APO HIKING SOCIETY -SAan nagaba ang barkada ngayon song)

    nag simula ang lahat sa althea~

    Isang Babaing naging bakla~

    Sa scamman at trashtalkan di maawat ang isat isa~

    madalas ang stambay sa bench sa althea~

    mga kwentuhang kay saya~

    LAging may hawak na guitara~

    KOnting udyok lang ay mang tatarot na~ (Jinbei)

    Oh kay simple lang ng buhay noon.~

    OKay na kay mabeshi kahit Baphomet Horn~

    kahit kulang ang datong dumudurog parin ako~

    San na nga ba? san na nga ba si Undong03 ngayon~


    Sana nga ba. sana mabanned na si undong~

    Sana nga ba. sana mabanned na si undong~

    Sa unang WOE magkasama, magkasabwat sa pambibira.

    sarap ng Crit ni SHana kaya kayoy mapapatago~,

    naging breaker pa ng KArma.

    Nagkawatakan mansa guild ni nior ,

    kaya kanya-kanya na ang birahan~.

    Kahit minsanan na lang si mongie mag online~,

    nakaka one hit parin naman ngayon~. :D

    At dumaan ang ilang buwan

    Si JInbei at DON MAHUNI ay naka BVH na

    Meron’ ngang naka PRISM na ngayon,


    Sana nga ba. sana mabanned na si undong~

    Sana nga ba. sana mabanned na si undong~ B)

    Ilang buwan din ang nakalipas, bawat isa sa IMBA na.

    Nagsusumikap upang yumaman, at Pero si mongie napa reflexro na .

    Palagi kami nag oonline, PAra mang bwisit at MANgbira!~~~.

    At gaya nung araw namin sa althea pag magkasama ay nagwawala. :D

    Napakahirap malimutan, ang mabanned ni GM zie.

    Kahit ma banned pa si monkeyboy, MERON namang the return~. :(

    Sana nga ba. sana mabanned na si undong~

    Sana nga ba. sana mabanned na si undong~

  12. Pyroxene x8

    Rose Quartz x6

    Agate x1

    Peridot x20

    Turquoise x1

    Citrin x11

    Biotite x11

    Phlogopite x16

    Muscovite x17

    Expedition Report Vol 1-4 (Used for the 'Report from the New World' quest)

    +10 Heartbreaker

    +10 Muscle Cutter

    Make an offer on here! Character to contact ingame is SinStar. Thanks!


    I am in the need for some Matchsticks, as I'm trying to make myself a Miner Hat. If anyone has some of thoses, I'll gladly trade for them. :)

    Source: S>Prism Making Items + Other Stuff

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    Eri Y Eri
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    I remember the day when i was new in gRO.I was just inspired by Ragnarok the Animation thats why i played RO.When i was new My 1st char was a sage and i didnt turn it into a Proffesor cause IDK.I was alone and i meet some High Priest Named Yofa.We Hunt Lux quest materials to have a Luxury Hat and again i was inspired by the Priestess Power.So in the other week we finished the Luxury Hat quest there yah go we got it(I was so happy cause i thought i cant have that cute hat :D)Then we heal players in PvP kill some newbies like us xP.Suddenly when i need to uninstall the game i didnt tell her i will be going to be out in 1 year.So when i came back at July 1,2010 we talk at skype that i will be back at GatheringRO.We install the game quickly And we enjoy the moment there

    Suddenly She was Gone Again~!!

    We Started gaming the gRo before the Wipe i think its 2008-2011 When were playing thr game :P

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    Announcement:All citizens are asked to take shelter. A Group of monsters are invading Prontera. We will disclose more information when we get confromation from the front line.

    The Speakers stopped. People ran into their houses and into nearby pubs. While others just sat around and waited. The people who were refeered to as "Warriors". These warriors had many different classes, powers, skills, and hobbies. But all had one thing in common, To become stronger.

    Kaze sighed as he laid back looking up at the blue sky listening to the sirens blare. He mumbled to himself. “Its no big deal they never make it into the city.” As he continued to just lay there. Something landed next to him. He looked over his eyes widening as he jumped up. It was a persons mangled body. He slowly took a few steps back taking out his bow looking around. The Speaker’s turned on again the announcer screaming. EVERYONE THE MONSTERS HAVE MADE IT INTO THE CITY PLEASE SEEK SHELTER IMIDIANTENLY! He turned running for the nearest building. But suddenly stopped dead in his tracks hearing a loud growl behind him. He slowly turned around to find him face to face with an Atroce. A Dog like monster that was Big and humanoid, kind of like a very large werewolf. Kaze readied his bow firing a couple arrows at the Atroce to find it had no affect. The large Beast swung a large Clever down at Kaze, Kaze dodging for his life getting his leg cut slightly. He closed his eyes wincing in pain slowly crawling trying to escape. Hoping that he wouldn’t die like this. As the beast raised its are to kill him. He heard the Atroce cry in pain with a loud THUD hitting the ground. Kaze opened his eyes to find a girl standing in front of him. Her hair was long, curly and blonde. She was holding a large sword. Kaze was speechless he had no idea what to think besides he was still alive. The girl yelled back at him “HEY KID YOU ALIVE?!” Kaze was still in a daze as the girl yelled again. “I SAID ARE YOU ALIVE BACK THERE?!?!?!??!” Kaze shook his head snapping out of his daze nodding at the girl. “Hurry up and get to safety before you cause me more trouble. Kaze hurried to his feet beginning to run away. Hearing the girl scream as she was pinned to the ground but the large beast. Kaze couldn’t just leave her there. He took a deep breath pulling a large dagger from his back holster. He ran without another thought jumping and stabbing the large beast in the head the beast falling limp and lifeless. The girl looked up at him with a pissed off look. “THANKS NOW IM COVERED IN DROOL AND BLOOD GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!” Kaze didn’t say anything just did as the girl said pulling the girl free as she stood up brushing herself off. Kaze looked at her trying to figure out what to say. “Um…” The girl threw a death glare at him punching him in the arm. “Thanks for the help my name is Zie, and you?.” Kaze smiled slightly at her. “My name is Kaze thank you for helping me.” Zie smirked as she started to walk away. “Nice name, don’t go getting yourself killed now.” She said as she waved back at him. Kaze stood and pondered before a thought appeared in his head as he thought to himself. “WAIT WHERE IS SHE GOING?!.”

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    The sun,

    The rain,


    That chilled spring air,

    Eggs rabbits and chickies..

    A fresh start?

    Take it with one hand, hold the eggs poised in the other.

    Look forwards.

    Don't look back, there’s nothing there for you now.

    Step out into the cold sun.

    Look toward each other, screw the differences you are all my friends.

    I see you there sitting on my wall, the cold light filters over you.

    So confused... I am sitting on the other wall.

    I see myself struggling.

    Always confused, I wonder if my head will ever be clear?

    Kiss me.

    I'm just one of "those" girls, and I'm happy to be so.

    Don't try to be me.

    Spring means the new you, I am the new me, but the same one too!

    Contradicting? I like to think so.

    I stand in the rain as it pours over my head, damp and dark blonde hair sits heavy on my shoulders. He offers me the umbrella, I simply smile, grin then snatch it as I run down the hill.

    Godalming, freedom or entrapment?

    I have yet to decide.

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    Four Fuhkz saykes. Why do I always never realize how much I love something till after the fact. I just got my heart stomped on again because I miss gRO so much but can't do anything about it. Growing up sucks and chocolate is bad for you if you're trying to go to sleep. I just miss and remember how much I loved gRO. I can't say I'll ever stop playing nor will I ever forget and stop thinking about the people I have met and use to know on here. Bleeh I wish everyone would come back.

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    Teresa Fidalgo (Ghost) Car Accident Video in Sintra, Portugal

    A Portuguese video of a ghost named Teresa Fidalgo has been the talk of the internet after it had been posted on Youtube. It features a woman and two young men taking a trip to the mountains in Portugal.

    Along the way, they spot a strange, silent & weird hitchhiker who introduced herself asTeresa Fidalgo.

    After a few minutes, Teresa started saying she wasn’t the same after her accident and pointed points out a spot on the road where she says she died. She suddenly turns to the camera and screams, showing her face, which is now apparently badly scarred and bloody and vanishes immediately.

    According to Police Investigation (based on the text at the end of the video), there was another girl named Teresa Fidalgo who died in a fatal car accident on the exact same spot in 1983.

    search in Google :