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  2. I decided to delete it and re-download the game. I figured that was the issue, but I thought perhaps it was something else. I am able to play the game fine now. Thank you for your help guys!
  3. The files you're missing should already be included in the main installer package. So i guess your installation is either much much older, it has not been installed properly or some files are corrupted. I recommend reinstalling GatheringRO, then try to patch kRO again. kRO patcher shouldn't have any issues installing 2 years worth of patches. It offers multiple download locations (mirrors) and if it can't find any it should download from the official korean servers instead.
  4. You may need to redownload kRO if it doesn't work. The kRO patcher is probably unable to download 2 years worth of updates.
  5. I attempted to update and got this message:
  6. So I haven't played in about two years and recently patched the game. I logged on and everything was fine. Once I tele'd to a town I started receiving these errors. I'm not sure what I should do. If anyone has any helpful info please advice.
  7. Everade

    Quest Error

    Has been placed into your inventory
  8. Earlier
  9. majin02

    Quest Error

    so i was doing the ring of the wise king quest and im at the jewel digging quest, i was overweight when i clicked the digging quest to get the "Blue Jewel" when it sayz i am overweight and the quest was activated but the Blue Jewel is not in my inventory, i already have the Red Jewel but now im stuck with no Blue Jewel. need help on this, tnx in advance. ign: Vasili (Ranger 250/120)
  10. omg im at my limit in this kurapikas puzzle ign: Kikimo >>> tnx Gacha for helping in kurapikas puzzle, now the last and hard part is Netero. Patience is a Virtue they say... let me have it then.
  11. That skill does not seem to be implemented on gRO even though it is available. I tried on my own Maestro.
  12. i got problem with clown skill "special singer" which cannot be level up and crash my client whenever i open clown skill.. other job work fine..
  13. D e M o N

    February Updates

    Just following up on Camouflage skill.. When will the fix be implemented on gRO?
  14. That is up to the GM's to implement. Maybe someone should suggest it.
  15. Everade

    Easter Event

    The Hungry Wolf The Althea citizen James and his weird Wolf are lurking around on the north field of Althea. But beware of the wolf! He's extremely hungry and bites anything that gets just close enough for him to reach. James offers you a variety of easter themed rewards in exchange for some Easter Egg Yolk so he can feed his hungry wolf. You might find some well hidden Easter Eggs around all the fields of Althea. All cash shop costumes have a small chance to come out of these Easter Egg rewards you can exchange for Yolk. Higher rarity costumes will come out of the more expensive eggs. Cash Shop Update We've added brand new Easter Event exclusive costumes a long with some from last year! Each one of them can be obtained from "The Hungry Wolf" event, however only at a small chance. Carlos The Almighty A little kid called Carlos appeared in Althea, claiming to be able to get his hands on new godly gear. He likes to slide down from the first floor of a barrel factory. Find Carlos, earn his trust and you may become the most powerful player! Disclaimer: (becoming the most powerful player is not guaranteed) Rubber Ducks Challenge! Last year, with the release of our major Althea map update, we've been running a special easter egg event. In total, there are 21 yellow rubber ducks very well hidden all over Althea and last year 20 of them have been found! We challenge everyone who did not win last year, to find as much yellow rubber ducks as possible! This is your 2nd and last chance! These ducks are part of the map design, thus can not be interacted with. The Challenge: - Take as many screenshots as possible which show following at the same time: 1. At least one visible yellow rubber duck 2. Your character itself must be visible 3. Your character name must be visible in some way Here's an example of a valid screenshot entry. It shows my character, my name and one rubber duck. The red circles are not required. The Rules: - You can only win if you did not win last year, since last years winners already know all/most of the locations. - All submissions must be posted in the My Player Reports section of our forums. (This section is entirely private and can't be seen by other players) - If a screenshot shows multiple ducks at the same time, all visible ducks will count towards your total found ducks. - Maximum amount of screenshots allowed is 21. You can directly upload them all to your topic. - Showing the same duck multiple times in different screenshots won't count towards the total amount found. - Only 1 submission consisting of multiple screenshots per player is allowed. - Submission entry time window is valid until the 30th of April 2019 - 11:59 server time. Helping other players isn't forbidden, however it will highly decrease your own win chances. Also it should be more fun to have an additional private challenge between your friends. The Rewards: The 3 players which found the most rubber ducks in total will win great surprise rewards! Winners will be picked randomly from the winner pool if there are more than 3 players who found the most. Winners will be announced and rewarded during the month of May. Who's going to find them all? Easter Event Duration 31th March - 30th April server time.
  16. would be nice to get the kro update so that we can get dual dagger lvl 10 as thief skill (the build work properly with a "recent-1or2years ago?" update) and still use dd crit build
  17. It's there. Maybe just refresh page if it doesn't show up. Thanks.
  18. tbh where's the sc vs gx and sc vs sc? btw nice guide dude
  19. where's the picture of balmung and the crimson dagger Vio? ops i was blinded XD btw dude nice guide keep it up
  20. We all know that most people really play GRO for the sake of fighting and being able to feel the reward of our achievements, efforts, and hard work by winning battles. Yes we have WoE and BG for that but i don't think its so bad to add spice to the game pvp wise, so i would like to ask people in our community to post their ideas for events regarding pvp here so we could compile them and discuss about it here. Any idea or suggestion would be very helpful. One of my idea for this is to have an exclusive non-tradeable costume (preferably a new color of aura costume) that will be given as reward for those who got first place on such events, for the winner to have a little bragging right for his effort and practice in PvP to be enough as to stand at the top. Another is a 1v1 PvP event that will allow all items to be used except God Items or high-refined gears probably only +12 and below would be allowed. This way it will also motivate for the newbies to keep playing and farming for their gears to have a better chance in winning on the said event. Also a 2v2/3v3 PvP event might be good too, so the players will actually have to think of good combinations or synergy among their chars to win the event.
  21. Join our community on Discord and become part of the discussion! Create and search trade offers, or recruit a party to join into the deepest dungeons of GatheringRO. https://discord.gg/M3GJj2M We're also back with an official Facebook Page for GatheringRO. Like us today and get involved! https://www.facebook.com/officialgro/
  22. he is wearing #19538: Full Moon https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=19538
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