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  2. Ohmaygad... I think I remember this evil profile >:P


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  4. Yeah I'm expecting OP offers from players dis days, but we can talk about it and I assure them a good deal.. Thx btw. :-)
  5. Tao for symbol = SOP SOD SOS?
  6. Let me tell you right now.. whoever is going to sell you that, expect it to be insanely OP. Why? Because refine success rates for armor to even get it to +11 is insane enough. An insane amount of blessed ores.
  7. Bump. added thana on the list of my offers for tao.
  8. I want to get back to the old times were cards are so cheap and some items, Lol ! :D

    1. jsum90


      The cards and items are much more cheaper than the oldtimes. its just we have zenny currency wayback before it was mith coins. However, we have a few mvp farmers today and thats why some stuff are overpriced. 

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  10. Seems like the server became a graveyard once again, guess time for break again~

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    2. D e M o N

      D e M o N

      It's Hershey's fault.

    3. lancelot


      Break for now, play later again when update is up :D

    4. Hersheys
  11. if problem persist .... contact me . full format nten pc mo para d kna mahirapan .hehe
  12. +1 to this
  13. 3 people voted -1 on this topic Only one other guy said +1. If you include the topic starter too, then that makes 2
  14. Idle check will be reduced to 2 minutes, since the players themselfs are actually requesting it ^^
  15. PM Sent.
  16. 123as
  17. Filipinos will definitely do an effort on that. Trust me. Hehe I will agree on 2-3 mins of inactivity.
  18. Yea because 30 is downright insane. The amount of effort to even put into that.
  19. It is possible when you own or you're in a computer shop. Or you have pc and laptop in your home. Plus, RO brower in your mobile will do too. A friend of mine did this abuse but only just 10 accounts.
  20. Much better right? This would require players to actually play.
  21. +1 to 2-3 mins inactivity level
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