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    We are looking for forum moderators for each of the language sections. If you would like to apply, you must meet the following criteria: You must be at least a "Normal Member" on the forums (look below your avatar for your ranking). You must be able to support players within your section, in the language you applied for. You must be able to read and write the language you applied for. You must be somewhat active in the section you applied for, don't just ask for a position because you know the language. You must translate the most important topics into your language support (Rules etc...) if you have been accepted as Moderator. We will not be accepting anyone who uses translators to write a particular language, as this doesn't help other players. Positions Avaliable: [2/2] - Currently 2 positions open [1/2] - Currently 1 position open [0/2] - Currently 0 positions open Brazilian Support - [2/2] Chinese Support - [2/2] Danish Support - [2/2] Dutch Support - [2/2] French Support - [2/2] German Support - [1/2] Indian Support - [2/2] Indonesian Support - [2/2] Italian Support - [2/2] Korean Support - [2/2] Malaysian Support - [2/2] Philippine Support - [2/2] Portuguese Support - [2/2] Russian Support - [2/2] Spanish Support - [2/2] Swedish Support - [2/2] Please apply if you're interested into any open position. Thank you.
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    Hello all! You can leave your opnion/feedback or any idea's is also welcome! I'll post mine first to show some idea's Gunslinger/Rebellion : 1. All emperium guns type should be considered (Rifle,Gatling gun,Shotgun and Grenade Launcher.) 2. Glorious guns need some balancing aswell, pistol should have been the weakest amongst all. Pistol < Gatling gun < Rifle < Shotgun < Grenade Launcher Goal : To see more interesting rebellion around which is not based on desperado alone. 3. Bullets might need some updates : Bullets Wanderer : 1. Glorious Lariat should be the same as Glorious guitar 2. There is quite many way to achieve the skill - Scream- of wanderer. example: Wounded Heart,Gentle Heart and so on... There is a snowman hat that actually required refine at +8 for the skill - Frost Joker - the real script should be enables to get that skill. Conclusion : Make the snowman hat only able to cast that skill - Frost Joker - by wearing a whip/guitar ( So people won't just pick minstrel based on that skill) And maybe add the headgear in part of daily quest so even newbies are able to work for it. Goal : To make a wanderer more a visible class to play. Ranger : Flying galapago lower headgear is know as limited from the cash shop from the past. But i suggest to place them in daily quest aswell + chance to slot it by our npc at althea - Marrybelle - Reason : So it wil stil have a fighting chance compare to warg strike. Also the fact that Rainbow sash is know as the mainstream lower headgear @Hersheys : Flying galapagos + Cendriwasih card and bow+9 effect stil need to be working Goal : Extra choice for falcon lovers and see more styles in this class. Shadow chaser/Ninja : A magic type emperium dagger for these classes could be interesting. Goal : To see more styles + extra choice That's all for now! (Stil tons in my mind though lol)
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    IMPROVED ACCESSORY GUIDE Success Rate: 90% Requirement: 50m zeny, 1 x Slotted Accessory,1 x Mitril Crystal[30 mithril,4 x Mithril Gathering Coin] Talk to Gerard - Item Enchanter @warp mid_camp 165 271 1. To Obtain Slotted Accesory: Ring [1] Item ID# 2621 [Dropped by Bapho,Atroce,etc. 100%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Earring [1] Item ID# 2622 [Dropped by Frus 3%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Brooch [1] Item ID# 2625 [Dropped by Anolian 1%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Glove [1] Item ID# 2624 [Dropped by Sting,Ancient Mummy 1%,OBB,OVB,JB] Rosary [1] Item ID# 2626 [Dropped by Mimic,Aliza,Nightmare Terror 1%,OBB,OVB,JB] Necklace [1] Item ID# 2623 [Old Blue Box,Old Violet Box,Jewelry Box] Bow Thimble [1] Item ID# 2671 [Generated by Socket Enchanting,JB] 2. To obtain Mithril: iPhython's Mining Guide 3. To Obtain Mithril Gathering Coins: Coin Exchanger @warp althea 171 212 4. To Obtain Mitril Crystal: Haphaestus [Mastersmith] @warp geffen 179 57 Special Thanks to Khai for lending me his Imp. accessories to make this guide. ~THE END~
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    tunart This post will just be a compilation crap post about the stuff I've made in the past. I don't usually make these things right now, since I've been busy and not enough insopiration to actually come up with something flashy! But nevertheless, here they are... my crap! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 - 2016 Aura Kingdom OS/PS If you've ever played the Aura Kingdom OS or PS; I've already been known as Tuna. I was guild leader of a guild called Noblesse on official and then Phobia on the private server. Not going to upload all of it, since the images are large and there are others I want to show more than these ones. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ragnarok Online Private Servers All the servers I've played in are dead af. They're not up anymore. Those that are still up, I'm not going to mention the names since that seems disrespectful. And those pictures related to them will also not be posted! Last but not the least, the best one! The art that sparked drama! --------------------------------------------------------- Like, comment and subcribe! ... wait, wrong website. Thanks for looking at me crap. *insert awkward laugh here*
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    Well! You know I've been playing here for 8-9 years, I met awesome people and I'm glad to have them as my friends, I hope our friendship can stay like this for many more years. But I think my time here has come, just for some new facts around that I think, as a player, we do not deserve, and just those closer people know that I hate unfair things, my decisions for many are "dramatic " but I just believe in what is fair. And I don't need more toxic facts, even in a game, yes. It's pretty hard for me to do this, this place made me happy, sad, angry... I cried and I laughed... because I loved gRO so much, but that's not enough. I love my friends too, but I will leave this game for the good. Khai, Sissney, Dany, Abril, Noah, Alel, Roland, Mahrze, Dothy, Ed Stampede, Mario, Mino, Violentia, Gelo, Sharkie... and many others (I'm sure), were part of my gRO life, even if we had some problems, they are in my heart Maybe one day ... I can visit the server just for the memories (and not again when Siss wanna make an event ... thank you <_<) So, I made this! Is a quick drawing, just like saying 'good bye'. Imma save my stuffs, because are too awesome for mortals haha! Jk! but yah imma keep them ._. Hope you guys can enjoy the game. I'm gonna miss you all! Bai bai
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    I've been chatting with some players in game, and we are agree that zeny is pretty useless. Newbies can't get good items to play because the sellers are not looking for zeny, instead they want another expensive items. Some players are too rich in zeny and they can't buy nothing because no one wants zeny. Maybe doing quests that need a certain amount of zeny, a machine with some -expensive- headgears/equips... (like the costume one) I don't know... ideas?
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    Hello Rune Knight Lovers I'm here to share what I know about Rune Knights. Rune Knights are a Versatile Class. Mostly They are the Power House of the Guild in WOE. They Tank, Nuke and dish out a party when he/she gets a free hit. This class rely much on STRENGTH/VITALITY/RESIST and they are the masters of survivability. Okay Lets get straight to the item build ups •SPEAR TYPE RUNE KNIGHTS(PVP /WOE TYPE)• For this class this has the advantage of dealing damage at long range and somewhat so deadly in close range combat. The spear types has some low after-cast delays of their skills. But this Bad ass Spammer is really gonna ripped you off out of pvp and woe. Weapons: +10-+20Glorious Spear (BG obtainable) (BEST WEAPON FOR RUNEKNIGHTS OVERALL) +10-+20 Glorious Lance (BG obtainable) +10-+20Tjungkuletti[4] (slot-able at mid_camp)(Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) +10-+20 Vellum Spear Headgears: • Dark Lord Helm/ Blessed Valkyrie Helm/ Prism Effect 2 and 3/Golden Dragon Helm: [Kiel ,Arch Ang] • Mid Headgears: Any Sloted midgears: [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Lower Headgears: Any Posible lower headgears with slot: [ Dark Ping. Card] Armor: • Bryndhildr[1]/SprintArmor/Lucius[1]/HellSpawn[1] :[ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Pasana] Shield: Any level upgrades of: •Valkyrie Shield [ Tirfing /GTB /Maya] • Orleans Shield [Tirfing /Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] Garment: Any level upgrades of: • Valkyrie Mantues , [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb ] • Asprika Boots: • Sprint Shoes [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Sliepnir • Variant • Shackle Accessories: • Megingjard • Improve Ring[BronzeRing] • Bradium Ring [BronzeRing] • Bloody Shackle Potions: • Ceromain Potion • Berserk Potion PROS: Better Spam, No need much Kiel cards for cast delay, Tank, Regen Freak, deadly in both long and close range. Cons: (mainly range damage) easily reduced damage by defender skill by Royal guards, or Anti range attack equips. •SWORD TYPE RUNE KNIGHTS( PVP/WOE TYPE)• To start with lets go with the item build up. Weapons: +10-+20 Red Naght Sieger Sword[3] [ Thana , Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca] +10-+20 Violet Fear [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] +10-+20 Tae Goo Lyeon [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] Headgears: • Dark Lord Helm/ Blessed Valkyrie Helm/ Prism Effect 2 and 3/Golden Dragon Helm: [Kiel ,Arch Ang] • Mid Headgears: Any Sloted midgears: [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Lower Headgears: Any Posible lower headgears with slot: [ Dark Ping. Card] Armor: • Bryndhildr[1]/SprintArmor/Lucius[1]/HellSpawn[1] :[ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Pasana] Shield: Any level upgrades of: •Valkyrie Shield [ Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Orleans Shield [Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] Garment: Any level upgrades of: • Valkyrie Mantues , [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb ] • Asprika Boots: • Sprint Shoes [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Sliepnir • Variant • Shackle Accessories: • Megingjard • Improve Ring[BronzeRing] • Bradium Ring [BronzeRing] • Bloody Shackle Potions: • Ceromain Potion • Berserk Potion Pros: Good Versus Physical Type enemies. Cons: easily killed by SC(if you use two hand swords/ cannot rely on parry skill vs magic type enemies. SKILL:Dispel will own you(if 2 hand weapons) can be squishy sometimes if you absorb all damage. Need to take a closer cell to spam skills at its best. Attack items is a MUST. Statistics: Strength: Primary damage Stat for Spear Types; Put a decent amount of strength on your strenght stats. Agility: This is somehow help your attack animations and some skills to over ride after cast delay effects( get ASPD 185-190) Vitality: Survivability, input a decent amount for your vitality and for Dragon Breath Damage Intelligence: For Kyrie and Burn Effect of Dragon Breath Dexterity: Hit and Cast time : input dexterity with a HIT rate of 710 or more(GO WILD LOL) Luck: gives less time in the status and Arch angel prerequisite SKILLS to USE: • Hundred Spear ( THIS IS YOUR CLOSE LONG RANGE BAD ASS [sPAMMABLE] OFFENSIVE SKILL) • Pierce ( NO KIEL? NO PROBLEM. YOU ONLY NEED AGI ON IT) • Spear Boomerang( Long Range Offensive Skill) ( Dont Run We are your Friends) (remove this from your skill rotation damage is low) • Brandish Spear( GOOD for WOE) (remove this from your skill rotation damage is low) • Bowling Bash ( GOOD for WOE) • Dragon Breath (One of the best skill in RK right now in this update) • Dragon Howling(FEAR MEEE) • Joint Beat • Head Crush( degeneration) • Tension Relax (Regeneration) • Concentration • Aura Blade • Endure • Enchant Blade • Death Bound • Magnum Break • Charge Attack • Sonic Wave ( Strongest Range attack up to 8 cells rage perhaps) •Wind Cutter • Ignition Break (ignition needs some fixes but will update soon) •Phantom Thrust •Dragon Howling •Spiral Pierce •Bash (Modified by BeastBoy) RUNES to USE: • Thurizas rune: "Giant Growth"( +30 Strength stat) • Wyrd/Pertz Rune: " Storm Blast Skill" (Offensive Skill Knock backing an enemy 7x7 Cell) STRONGEST MAGNUM BREAK EVER! (you cannot enjoy this since its not fix yet. haven't send any reports regarding on this skill but further more, 20k isnt viable for this. even if you have 200 int and str, damage is still low.) • Berkana Rune: " Millennium Shield " (Summons 4 shields that Absorb damage and heals you 1000 HP) • Hagalaz Rune: " Stone Hard Skin " ( Like Whitesmith card effect) but consume 25% OF YOUR HP when use • Othila Rune: " Fighting Spirit " ( Increase your attack and party members) • Nauthiz Rune: "Refesh" (Automatically Cure all debuffs and heals your HP by 25% and for the next 10 seconds you will gain immunity to all ailment statuses.) • Radio Rune: "CRUSH STRIKE" (an offensive skill when you use all the power of your weapon to strike a target with full force, when use it will break your weapon but dont fear, valkyrie randgris card is here) For Rune Guides Please Refer to this Site: http://ratemyserver....reation_db&op=6. • Mystic Rune at (Ayo_dun02) The Rest of the Ingredients of the runes is Found at the Rune Shop at Althea Mall. BATTLE GUIDES Schierouve Rovircher VS 2 hand sword type Rune Knights!! Well from my experience, the best thing to do in this type of opponent is to not engage in direct confrontation. Use Reduce items at all cost. since 2 hand types are somehow have the advantage because of Parry( damn its annoying+ Kyrie). But do not fear because you have all knock back skills so yea. U have the advantage of using regenerate items since some of spear skills don't require Kiels and after cast delay equips. Just do Pierce skill while on combat and use amon ra on boots + shield. it should help you by time to regenerate at fast rate since u can wear 2 AA + Spamming Pierce is your advantage. But be careful somehow, 2 hand types are extremely dangerous on 1 on 1. Well on the other hand you have the advantage of range attacks so yeah. just avoid direct confrontation. DRAGON BREATH + SPEAR BOOMERANG+ BRANDISH SPEAR+Hundred . Do not let them get close on you. Schierouve Rovircher VS Spear Type Rune Knights!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I've never been in a Battle with a SPEAR TYPE Rune knight. But ill Update soon.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're battling yourself Schierouve Rovircher VS Warlock!!! Warlock are squishy but have dangerous offensive skill. But Mostly Maya+DEVI+ dragon's breath+ Spear boomerang(Well if you cant get close). Use switching wisely. well its somehow easy to kill WL because of having a large HP and reduce. or if u want to. USE FARB+NEB = not painful anymore. Spam Hundred Spear , spear boomerang (use sonic wave) and Dragon's Breath. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sorceress!! This class is also squishy but its hard to battle because its skills are neutral and AOE. MAYA no counter to it. I do is. i use berkana rune + Nauthiz rune+ charge attack+ Dragon's breath + Spear boomerang + Hundred Spear. U NEED TO GET CLOSE TO HIM/HER. When you get close to him/her spam hundred spear on him/her. do not let them get away. stick to your strategy spam him to death. dishing 30k-50k at a fast rate + your regeneration is good. Don't forget to use nebula+GTB. it somehow negates some hits of its skills. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ranger!! Rangers are fast. Spear boomerang + Dragon's breath+ Cloak. Get near to him fast and try to avoid his/her traps. when get close spam hundred spear + brandish spear +Spear boomerang + Charge attack. Do it repeatedly until they die. LOLz. dont forget to use your switching GEARS that might aid you in battle. Your Can be Trap Free if your luk is higher. but yet again its only for special duels. Schierouve Rovircher VS Royal Guard You need to use your DEATHBOUND WISELY and also. Use a lot of reduce items to aid your self when facing this BIG COW. And again You need to Spam all of the skills as fast as you can. RG's have many skills also to dispose. i suggest you work on your reduce switching tactics and master rune usage. well Spearboomerang can be painful when RG is not on Defender. do not also confront this BIG COW in close Range. maintain your distance and if he uses banding spam spearboomerang on him/her. while he is closing towards on your position click on him and use deathbound when he tries to use sacrifice skill. If they use overbrand skill just stay away as much as possible use headcrush to them so that they cant regenerate. for me THIS IS THE HARDEST CLASS TO FACE ON. Other Royal Guards has Reflect damage. and its really painful use dragon breath on them. keep your distance to that class. overbrand are really painful. HIT and RUN. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sura!!! This class is the most MOBILE of all, The Sura, for Decent Geared Sura. just kill them with all skills at your disposal. Some Suras use Regen Items that has tremendous amount of regeneration, i require you to use HEADCRUSH to them so that they cant Regenerate at all. Also Maintain Proper use of DEATHBOUND. Since they have close range skills. BUT DO NOT LET THEM REGENERATE. Just Maintain Close range and spam spear boomerang , hundred spear, brandish spear , pierce on them till they die. Mostly Tiger Cannon Gate of Hell types use regen items. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ministrel and Wanderer!!! This Squishy class can be deadly also , they might destroy your items by TAROT CARD OF FAITH but GTB is the solution for that problem. Some of them are Arrow Vulcan spammers, it can be painful for Rune Knights also, but proper reduction items can aid you in battle since they have elemental attacks. Spam Hundred Spear, Brandish Spear, Dragon Breath, Pierce, etc. If they are somehow Flee TYPE, USE DRAGON HOWLING. or you Might use a noob SWORD AND USE WIND CUTTER. lolz. Flee gone , death for them. Schierouve Rovircher VS Genetics!! This Class is Extremely Dangerous Because of its Mandragora debuff. Note , please be aware of the switching of items. they might use elemental attacks or neutral attacks because of cart cannon and acid demonstration. The best way to counter this class depends on your luk stats. the higher luk the better. but maintain your balance of stats. I prefer use hundred spear and get close enough to the genetic and spam to it. Since they are fast you need also to be fast. If Genetics having Links, dispel them since u have Valkyrie randgris but if they cant just hundred spear them to death they are very fragile when wearing GTB. they are afraid to get displed! If they use traps just use magnum break skill. and i recommend to get a FCP when facing this class otherwise youre dead. Schierouve Rovircher VS Shadow Chaser. FCP+ GTB, DREAM ON NOOB. hahahahaah. but shadow form is kinda dangerous. Maintain Distance so that they cant do SHADOW FORM. SPAM RANGE SKILLS. Schierouve Rovircher VS Mechanic. Never encountered one. but they are somehow fast. but yeah, got the skills to kill them. they shouldn't be a problem. Schierouve Rovircher VS Guillotine Cross!! For some reason this class is also fast. They also rely on new poison. the greatest fear of every rune knight is getting leech. some GX are really FAST. I know some of them who is really go at playing GX. but seriously to defeat this class. You need again to master your Face Line Juk Directions of DeathBound. Normaly they Cloak CI Cloak. Some GX are easy to kill. But pro GX are harder to battle. If you want to have resist on GX poison. you need to have a large amount of vit stat and Luk stats. i require to use Maya P on them and also any good Debuff cards such as Stone Curse/Frost/ etc. Spam your Long Range Skills such as Dragon Breath and spearboomerang. Gx needs to be at close range to do CI. Use maya P and Use DeathBound.( NOTE THIS IS THE HARDEST PART TO MASTER YOUR DEATHBOUND DIRECTION FACING). BESIDES YOU CAN HAVE RUNES AT YOUR SIDE. Normaly i use OL and Vmantue + deathbound to kill some GX. dragon breath+Spear boom. if they are LOCK in your hundred Spear. KEEP SPAMMING till they die. Yet Again, DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN BECAUSE THEY CERTAINLY KILL YOU IN NO TIME. WOE GUIDE FOR RUNE KNIGHT As a veteran on this server i will share to you guys how I play on WOE First of all, If you are playing a Rune Knight you're the captain of the guild, Party buff with Asir Rune/Othila Rune to boost up your attacks and attack speed same with your party members. Rune knights are the Warmonger of the WOE, capable of dishing out 1 party in a small AOE scale using storm blast. You can chain Storm Blast + Dragon Breath + Ignition Break + Wind Cutter in WOE since all both spear and sword can be use in all 3rd job class skills. Sword Skills are for sword and Spear skills are for spear. (the update rAthena client) For a Tanker Damager , i recommend use DLH on clash because you will need HP for damage recoil(fcking painful).Aim on Squishy Class like Warlock, Sorcerer, Genetic, Gunslinger, Priest, Etc. When you are Taking damage from Royal Guards, Use Orclord+ +7-+10 Vmantue(with Deviling) Chain Them With Storm Blast + Ignition break+ Bowling Bash. It really matters on the Rune Knight user with chain of skills are you using. Or if the Royal Guard is a spear type skiller Use Horn Card+Noxious but in WOE you should wear always your Golden Thief Bug Card on your shield.( THEY ARE THE EASIEST TO KILL WITH THANA BUT THE RECOIL OF YOUR DAMAGE COULD BE PAINFUL). FIX AND MORE FEATURES TO BE ADDED SOON IF THERE ARE SKILL UPDATE ON RUNE KNIGHTS Updated
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    @D e M o N I will miss you too, believe it or not. Those little fights with you are also part of the game and us (because we like it) @Hersheys For sure imma lurk around some day Kat hahaha! not soon but I will! @Gelo Babe! I was about to cry (again) ahahahaha! omaygad yeah I'll miss my char just sitting there doing nothing waiting for Daily Quest xD I'm gonna miss you too a lots and your fcking cute char and I never bullied you... ok not much ahahaha! Forevah Gelatina Of course memories are a treasure and I apreciate that. Thank you again and I love you suuu mucchhhh babe Take care guys! (Sissnay told me about your messages guys, I really feel your luv <3)
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    Have you guys seen the dmg of this Sharp shooting skill? The damage is so sick! I think the this is so overpower. I use a tao gunka on armor and raydric on manteau with a 1.1m HP. This ranger just shoot me 3 sharp shooting then i died. I think the damage is way too overpower. I also used farb/kades as a resist. But still, if she got the right arrow, she will eventually get me with only 2 sharp shooting. No hate but i just want to balance the game tho.
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    This is something that i think that wil help the newbies to get in game alots faster + Old player's who has to start from zero. For sure the beginners rucksack is useful for new player's to use with until lvl 200. However, i've been questioned by many of them about weapon/armor idea's and how third class(renewal) exactly works? So this is the idea's that i come up with : The moment they transform Example : Magic class High wizard -> Warlock Proffesor -> Sorcerer (They wil receive : Wing staff + eagle wing + [0] slotted shield that has 30% grb effects) Reason : It's a good combo set to start with by farming that gives walking speed bonus and that atleast wil add a chance to fight against the gtb users. Melee/Range Assasin -> guillotine Sniper -> Ranger (Each of them wil receive : A decent weapon such as - Elven bow/infiltrator/carga mace/Imp spear/naught seiger sword etc etc...) And ofcourse some extra's ( 5x each kind of new poison's for guillotine/5k piece elven arrows for ranger, 1k cannon balls, regrettable tears etc etc...) Reason : To understand renewal much faster + the main weapon choice for each class. Not every classes/weapon/supplements is mentioned,I just try to point out the most important part for people who never experienced renewal + the fact of how old our server already is so people can catch up :P. A decent choice of freebies is good enough. Feel free to leave some feedbacks! Cheers!
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    The DMG hasn't been touched at all. It's been this strong all the time. I merely reduced its cast time to make it more attractive. I am well aware of the damage and I think your scenario is only possible with very good equip and the skill Unlimit active. Don't forget that Rangers have the worst defences in the game and therefore deserve some love in terms of strength. However, if the current DMG upsets the balance too much we will act accordingly. We may also reduce Glorious Bow damage a little if it proves too strong (its DMG received a boost with the last update).
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    Cough... I forgot to share my others drawings here! This one is for Everade (the sketch is a lil different, I wanted to use it for the past contest of Loading Screen but I made many entries) (He likes it!) And this is my char (again because I love her)
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    And... She is my WoE char aaaahahaha my AB Arystar
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    Woah... my style is pretty different now... Been a while! I forgot that I have a gallery here. I will share something... We are really happy because... We have our Woodie pets! Hahahaha, we worked so hard doing daily quest in Adventure Guild. Woodie pet is pretty cute and hilarious, I really love it. Worth it I decided to make this!! (because I'm happy for it): Dany and I, of course huhuhu
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    Skin of Ventus (item ID 2536) and Cursed Hands (item ID 2728) and Diabolus Manteau (item ID 2537) drop at 0.3% But even worse, Sword Sticks (item ID 1668) drop at 0.1% lol and even Masamune (item ID 1165) drops at 0.2% chance from Incantation Samurai Even with Bubblegum, Premium Account, and 200 LUK,,, 0.3, 0.2 and 0.1 still seems rather low Higher than official servers of course but still XD
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    Hi @Rayleigh & @Everade, can we make the effect of the new BG sets to work outside WOE, PVP and BG just like the old bg set like the Elite Archer Set? Their effects works on any map. Not all people wants to do those 3, some people wants to battle monsters rather than other players. Just a suggestion tho
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    Hi! I'm Shu Chan and this is my little gallery :3 You can leave any comment if you want~! Some are my characters and others are drawings dedicated to my friends :3 My Characters My Friends Request Special/Contest P: Shu-Chan
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    Will be part of the next skill balancing update.
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    MvPs are hard to hunt for new people trying to make their way into being capable in the game, and since old players and developing players need these cards to compete, they usually are the ones who are able to hunt these MvPs (and camp them) to get the cards. Bloody branches have usually been the alternative for new players, but since new players can only get bloody branches from event or log in rewards, it's not a feature that's very helpful for the striving population of the server. My suggestion is to implement a Bloody Branch NPC which will take n amount of Dead Branches plus m amount of Blood of Wolf (#6252) and j amount of Zeny from players in order to make x amount of Bloody Branches. The option for the NPC would be as follows: 2,500 Dead Branches + 25 Blood of Wolf + 10,000,000 Zeny = 3 Bloody Branches 15,000 Dead Branches + 250 Blood of Wolf + 100,000,000 Zeny = 35 Bloody Branches 30,000 Dead Branches + 500 Blood of Wolf + 1,000,000,000 Zeny = 100 Bloody Branches "WHAT THIS IS GONNA UPSET THE BALANCE OF THE FOUR KINGDOMS!!11!!shiftshift!!1!" Now, before you get your panties in a bunch. Let's try to look at the data that can support this suggestion. Firstly, Let's take a look at the requirements: 1. Dead Branch. Using the GatheringRO website item database, we can see which monsters drop dead branches and the rate of drop. 2. Blood of Wolf. Providing the same data as with earlier. POSSIBLE REACTIONS Possible Reaction 1: "This seems too easy! Blood Branches will be easier to get and MvP cards are gonna flood the market!" Answer: So, considering that new players wouldn't be farming alone, since they usually form groups or group with older or developing players, the process of farming would be a little faster pair this with the idea that other newbies will be farming for their own groups into the equation, then the supposed ease of this would transform into somewhat of a challenge. MvP drops are still gonna be 1%. If anything, only the 100% drops which people profit from will be affected. Possible Reaction 2: "It isn't newbie friendly at all!" Answer: The fact that this quest would make Bloody Branches available in a way other from the conventional methods is already friendly. Possible Reaction 3: "Newbies/People can just go join Events / do ET to get MvP cards!" Answer: Events usually, from what I see recently, give out costumes or headgears for prizes. No bloody branch or other form of compensation is given for consolation prize. ET has a cooldown of 1 week, and people are unable to get the MvPs they want at the higher floors due to #thelaze or just because they aren't geared enough for it. CONCLUSION This would be helpful for newbies or not, there could also be adverse effects. But then again, that's the purpose of this post. Please give your feedback and criticism. Do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea, please say why so we can work around to possibly making this suggestion a reality. Thanks for reading~ much love, Tuna
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    it's not the point, they put out an "update" just to make money. and it's not an update that helps anyone, but them. there are alot moar issues that need to be looked at and aren't, no....they do this instead and trust me Hersheys, i am being nice
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    I think Mjolnir could use some buffs! Make God Items Great Again!!!
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    (4 armors lvl4 + x obsidian fragments) (4 weapons lvl4 + x woe fragments)(4 cards + x Mithrill)(x Valhalla Flowers + x Zeny) As a suggestion. So we can improve the price of those items too, nowadays are pretty cheap. I really like your idea Eve.
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    Ye' feel like doin' that photography thinggy? Well here's your chance to show your talent. Join the Gathering RO monthly screenie event! You can show Rune Midgard how creative and unique you can be! Sample Post: Alone in the Whites IGN: <GM> Ren Important notice: Double posting will be dealt with appropriate punishment Special thanks to <GM> Shuichi for the graphics
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    Any way I can convince you guys to take taming items out of the list of items to give for A quests? Since you need them for B, it seems a bit unfair. Just my two cents~
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    Can we have a lil' time and take a look on Ninja's Magic Skill tree? Ninjas today are forced on physical attacks. It has been nerfed so bad since the last time it has been abused, and I'm thinking now maybe we can give it a second chance to be rediscovered again by giving it a balanced boost?
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    BG is super popular right now. Make it expensive, even. It would be a lower refine rate than the Daily Rewards anyways
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    I've never said that. I said Rank S are not meant to be done by newcomers. Because S rank means killing MVPs. Rank C to A is absolutely managable. Since you're that straight forward (as stated on your profile) I hope you can handle the following lines. The entire thread is filled with: "I'm Lazy" "Give me everything in 1 second" "I don't do this because it takes more than 1 second" "I don't want to do that because it takes more than 1 second" That's exactly what I currently see through the entire topic. Even though people have been trying to help you all the time. GatheringRO has always been a special hybrid server where you are able to level up fast, but it will take a long time to reach a fully equiped character. If you can not understand that, or if you don't like that idea, then i'm sorry but you're really on the wrong server. RateMyServer for instance states us automaticaly as a highrate server, simply because it doesn't care about drop rates. And please don't get me wrong, i'm not here to tell you to go away. I simply want you to understand that we're not going to change everything what GatheringRO used to be for over 12 years. We're very open for constructive feedback. But we don't change the core just because someone's is extremly overexaggerating. We've EXTREMLY increased the way and the amount of getting rewarded. If you would have been here just about 1 year ago.... there were no woe personal rewards. BG was dead so you had no chance to get anything in there. There were no login rewards. The adventure guild was a pain in the ass. We've been working on a lot of things to increase the joy of end-game content, and also to help newcomers a long the way. WoE: WoE supports newcomers algorithms which reward you with bonus fragments just because you're a newcomer or you're simply not that good at it. There are a lot of ways to gain more fragments, it does not even require a lot of players, you can still contribute to the main goal of what WoE is all about. So you can get top-notch gear just by participating. And there are even chances of getting a chest which includes the best gear right away if you get lucky. More details here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/woe.php BG: Battlegrounds also features shops for newcomers with gear which help you starting up. Yet again, also if you're constantly losing, you still get rewarded. And yet again, you can also get your hands on chests which include the best gear available by doing the daily objective. more details here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?/topic/48746-battlegrounds/ Conclusion: GatheringRO is at its core a RPG. Which means you will have to get your ass up and moving to achieve something. And yes, i've said that we will gladly take a look at the current MVP situation to improve it for newcomers. But it takes time to analyse it and actually improve it. If you like the core of what GatheringRO is all about. (something must be holding you here, otherwise you wouldn't be as active in our forums) Then please, please create constructive feedback on what we could improve. So much people tried to help you in guiding you to the right path. But rather than trying, you're just complaining that it's going to take you too long. We would love to follow your journey here on GatheringRO. But it's not really helpful if we're keep reading the same complains although we've tried to explain things in more detail. And for those who've never had economy in school: Simply increasing drop rates is not a solution. It's going to get much worse over time. And i repeat: We're currently working on a system which should help balancing the economy in the long run.
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    Okay, let's say on your first day playing, you managed to get a GRB. You're going to need more than that if you want to compete against old players. You'll still need FBH, Kiels, an Emp Wand, SinX, Maya P, Nyd, Entweihen, etc if you want to effectively play Mage class. You're not going to be able to get those in a short amount of time. You can't expect to be fully battle ready in under a month, if you're a new player. If it takes you 2 weeks to manage to save up for a GRB, just so you can hit players with GTB, then that isn't really such a long time. Some old players I knew had to go mine for months just to get Miths and Valkyrie Flowers for a god helm. Or dig for months just to get a Nightmare. You'll really have to grind. I know someone who played for a whole year just to get Megs How do you think non-donator old players, who lived under the same drop rates (and competed against the more ancient players that were more equipped to hunt MVPs), managed to get their equip sets that they have now? Those god helms are actually much cheaper now than they were back then. Luckily, I had to do none of these Also, if you WoE, you get a similar amount of Emp Frags compared to the old players that have full MVP equip sets. You can totally suck at WoE and still manage to get 30 to 40 frags. An old player with 60 kills will get around 40 frags too. Heck, nowadays, you get good rewards just for logging in. 30 days straight. And if you want to buy MVPs at a cheaper price, open a chat pub in Althea instead of buying it from the blackmarket. Blackmarket prices are overpriced
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    the idea is good, having a starter pack of equips so newbies at least can defend themselves. Lets be honest even if a ranger have a +10 eleven bow still have no chance against a ranger with Big Cross bow and white wing set. the idea is not to give super equips to new players but at least something basic to get the good stuff. normal drops equips are becoming kind of useless against Emp weapons and some rare low drop weapons. also these old bg equips would be good if the prices are cut in half or more and what if Glorious S Set and glorious weapon have slot? they will be good for new playes and the effects are no good as Emp weapons and others rare stuff.
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    Can we have a Rental Services NPC at Battlegroun waiting room (for dead people waiting to respawn) ? It's so annoying when SC removes your mount/falcon.
  32. 2 likes
    Gro have a low population problem. new players have it hard cause old player monopolize almost everything. just take a look at the crazy prices on MVP cards and equips now. not to mention that Emp set and and these new BG sets give a huge advantage to the players that have them. yeah you can play BG and woe to get them that's true. but i been triying to play WOE for a while now and most of the time there's just a few people playing so few that you get a mínimum amount of Emp frags if you play a damage dealer job. BG seems to be a better option but yet if you are new and have 0 mvp cards and no good equips your chances are low to win a match or to have any fun this is compared with an egg vs a rock. most of new players don't even dare to try Bg. in fact BG is not even fun because of that same reason you rarely have a fair match or your team is so OP or you are on the weak team with the newbies. About the card drops, ive say that to you many times before in althea, i haven't made a formal thread about it me bad. But i do feel that can be the solution for the next reasons. This is not my first time playing Ro i played many years before in another Server where MVP card drops where a bit more higher than here around 4% so let me tell you how things where there. 1º Old players already had their cards they lost interest on farming nonstop a MVP they instead focused on pvp/woe Rankings "yeah that server had a ranking and rewards for them" 2º New players always had their chance on getting MVP cards and they could jump into action more faster. and yeah MVP cards where cheaper and easer to get. Due that population was higher, new people had hope to get their gears up and join the fun with the others. this kind of servers are made for that i think. I'm an old player myself i been playing here for almost 7 years i already have 2 or 3 of each MVP cards except for the new ones so i'm not saying this for my own benefit, this is a good solution for the low population. MVP cards are like the basic thing to have to stand a chance in this game, if they are so hard to get new players have no chance with so many online games around and server that are more friendly teres nothing that make them stay in Gro. Don't get me wrong I love Gro but man i'm tired of this low population and seeing always the same people. only the old ones remains playing so or the server do something about it or will die. no matter the updates or features if teres no a friendly environment for new players. I don't want to sounds Rude but i been telling you this Marc for a long time maybe you don't remember in fact when you launched this new client i was there in althea telling you about the MVP drop rate. you don't play the game and i'm not blaming you for it you have others thing to do. but you don't see how many new players try to play here and quit.
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    All these new sprites yet I have no money. S>Kidney=pm offer
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    And yes i agree, new content is always good, when it applys to EVERYONE!
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    Can we please make it as it was before? White Imprison is one of our defense system when Frozen and Stone wouldn't work. Now a player on GTB and unfro can rip WLs like a piece of cake. [i.e. RG: Sight + Sacrifice = splatterred remains of WL]
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    Before, when you get hit by Storm Gust and it successfully freezes you, you will not be hit again by the next damage thus preventing breakage of Frozen Status. But what I have observed these past weeks is that it does damage you even if you're on Frozen Status therefore breaking the status. I find this alarming since Breakers uses SK paired with Zerk on breaking for freezing incoming hostile defenders(of EMP); and not to mention most players, if not all, rely on Storm Gust for AoE freezing. Now it just doesn't seem to work. Has there been any changes/tweaks that had been made to Storm Gust?; or maybe this is because of the resistance/element of some sort?
  37. 2 likes
    Tagging @Rayleigh C'mon, we're a high rate server and we have a very huge SP pool. The skill currently consume 14 SP (Averaging 20k++ for a Sura), why dont we make it 100? It might somehow make Sura's current gameplay/strategy change. Instead of just spamming it, they will now have to carefully think on where they will move to save SP. What do you think about it??
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    Dude to be honest your complain have no sense. 1 in Woe you are not alone and rangers mostly focus on 1 target at time 2 Unlimit last for few second and have a long delay 10 or 5 mins i'm not sure 3 the same we can say about 3 RG doing Sac wit 2 AB behind healing them 4 Creeper bow its more for stop and annoy "that bow have low attack damage" that web don't last long if they keep auto attacking i assume you wear Errede card to cast Pnuma. if you play SC you can also hit them from long distance, and a SC easly can scape from traps. mostly all jobs have a way to get away except rangers they get pretty much stuck xD 5 camuflaje can't avoid area moves, rangers movement speed is not so fast "in comparison with an RG, RK , Genetic or Mechanic. you can catch them easly 6 Shokwave its good not as good as SC Bloody Lust that crap no only drain all you SP but don't let you regen not to mention that you can put that near a warp and all get affected by it. You know what most rangers wear in BG or woe? they mostly use white wing set the mant and acc have no slot wich means they are not wearing Kades, belph or any element/damage reduction card. you point that SC have low Def too yeah i know but you still can fight with a shield, and wear a good mant with damage reduction card which makes you more defensive. Don't get me wrong dude, i'm not mad or attacking you just pointing things out. i know many cards combos to easly counter a Ranger and i'm sure other people do. Also keep in mind that RO have a system based on rock, paper and scissors. some jobs have advantages over others and vice versa, teres where you as player have to figurate out a card/gear combo to overcome your weakness. Rangers are not OP as you think.
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    @Chingu Please drop the topic and leave SharpShooting alone.
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    Suggestion : Not sure if this is possible but i wonder if we can bring back some old 2,0 castlers on sunday? Time zone more based on USA~ ( I assumed most of the people are free on the sunday. ) Castler drops : Random based on (prontera, payon, geffen, al de baran) So they wil get the chance to collect them aswell. Aru_gld (Banadis , Gefn) Sch_gld (Skidbladnir ,Hljod) Incase it's too hard to implement this~ My votes wil go for : Al de ba ran : Neuschwanstein , Hohenschwangau Payon : Scarlet Palace , Bamboo Grove hill Geffen : Repherion , Yesnelph Prontera : Swanhild , Gondul (This is such a hard decision to make... n,n)
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    I think you're prone to having slots on the God items, therefore you would see it in such way. We can add effects on the God items too, you know. Just saying
  43. 2 likes
    Hi, everyone! Would it be better if we have changed the prefix for the upgraded Valkyrie Helm - 'Hardened' Valkyrie Helm to something else? Because it sounds wrong to some extend (if you get what I mean). Just saying. How about 'Reinforced', for example? Please consider. Thanks!
  44. 2 likes
    These get better every day. I'm aware I've told you this before Shu, but let me retype it. You're the most talented artist I know...that's for sure. (lol @ Marc's drawing)
  45. 2 likes
    Woooaaaah!! My gallery is alive!! I'll dust off my gallery with new art. MVPs~! :3 My ranger Shuichi :B And this one... It will be a nice memory :')
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    Congratulations to ChibiSasuke, Evangelion Neon Genesis, acidMURF, and N e R o l The Death for winning the in-guild dice, last man standing, and "pick up the item I'll drop as fast as you can" events during Wednesday! Congratulations to Carahan and Rica mel for winning the in-guild dead branch and fashion events during Friday!
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    Legendary Update Part 1 The item description always shows all restrictions. I've made sure that we keep those restrictions in the descriptions up to date so you're always aware about them.
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    10m in 10 mins, so you're gonna have to spend over an hour to BASIC MVP card, a cheap MVP card goes for 100m+, the cards are horrifically overpriced, endless tower has a one week cooldown, like i said BG and PVP seem to be the main focus since it's all i see people doing most of the time, i'm not on this server to bloody farm, i'm not here to spend all day farming for one card, i'm not here to do dailies, i'm not here for lack luster events, i'm certainly not here for the vote rewards(if you can even call them that), why should i have to change how i play just because this server doesn't help new players, and don't give me any crap about "this server is new player friendly" because it's not, all of the older players(and donaors) have equiment and cards that there is just no way a new player can get, ESPECIALLY with the drop rates of items, cards and gold, and don't get me started on MVP hunting, every time i go looking for an MVP there's some overpowered A-Hole @jumping around the map, and new players can't get cards or items that they NEED to take down MVP's. and DeMoN, what are you assuming that i mean when i said " i can safely say that most people actually want to do this "
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    1. What if a guild full of cows and carabaos goes in with Devo + Defender. Dude, it's a matter of strategy. 2. Would you use Blood Lust on a single enemy? No? Maybe yes? If a Ranger has a brain, he'll of course save the best for last. 3. It's a matter of teamwork. Get it? A guild isn't a guild with a single member. 4. There are tons of cards to use other than SinX to escape Ranger's autoattack. Say for example — Flame Skull Card, Pest Card, Haiti Card etc. In case you don't know, Curse Status drastically reduces LUK to 0; so to say a Ranger with 0 LUK means disabled falcon/warg. 5. Good Rangers knows how to stay at distance and as much as possible avoid damage even the slightest of it. Ever heard of survivability? 6. Ranger's traps are single target. If you're a good SC you know how to counter them. Not against you or your SC or anyone here. I'm just trying to point out your invalidities.
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    Oh hi there, I'm a complete stranger to you. Kifune, 20, at your disposal. Nice to meet you.