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    Hello. I would like to suggest the increase in hairstyle for male.. such as long hair, bald, mohawk, topknot, afro etc. It would be better if it was a quest.. or maybe not? XD
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    Hi there fellow ragnarockers. I just thought, "Why is there no F.A.Q. about pvp ?". So this is my attempt to make one. The rules are simple, you ask me questions about pvp and things you dont understand or calculations you want to know and i will provide accurate and detailed info about said things. Q: Whats the formula of Acid Demonstration A: the formula is: -100% + (10% * skill lvl) + (7% * targets vit) * 8. Also, AD damage is influenced by Atk and Matk in equal measures. - Lets say your Matk is 270 + 210 and you have 100 + 70 atk and the enemy has 200 vit then your damage would be like this: 480 + (7% * 200) * 8 = 53760 / 10 = 5376 each hit. 170 + (7% * 200) * 8 = 19040 / 10 = 1904 each hit which totals in 7280 damage ea hit or a total damage of 72,8k ea AD. Of course, this doesnt include stuff like negative mdef or percentual Atk/Matk modifiers (yes, they do count but only for their respective part of the calculation.) Additional Info : There still is an unknown modifier from status Atk and status Matk which increases skill damage by a small margin. Please keep that in mind when calculating. Q: Can you explain the cast formula, i dont get it. A: The cast formula is rather easy to understand. The most common explanation you will see is dex * 2 + int = 530 but what does that mean exactly ? lets take a look : All cast times are made of 80% variable cast time and 20% fixed cast time ( for example, if a skill has 5 seconds total cast time, it has 4 seconds variable cast time and 1 second fixed cast time). While the fixed cast time can only be reduced by Sacrament, Nydhogger card (only warlocks) and Wing Staff, variable cast time can be reduced by int and dex. If we take our example of a 5 seconds cast time skill and use a char that has 150 dex and 100 int, the calculation looks like this: 5 seconds equal 5000 milliseconds of which only 80% is reducable which means 4000 milliseconds. So the calculation goes like this: 4000 / 530 = 7,55ms * dex (which is 150) * 2 = 2265ms 4000 / 530 = 7,55ms * int (which is 100) = 755ms 4000 - (2265 + 755) = 980ms So with 150 dex and 100 int, we still have a rest cast time of 980 milliseconds (plus 1000ms non reduceable cast time). Additional Info : When calculating your cast time, please take into account, your +stats (like Dex: 200 +xx) Q: What is the calculation for cart cannon ? A: The calculation for cart cannon is : 750% + 115% * skill lvl + (Cart remodelling skill lvl) * (int / 2). Additional Info : there is an additional 10% * cart boost lvl bonus if cart boost is active and despite being reliant on Int, Cart Cannon still is atk based. Q: How does Thara frog card work with renewal and what is the difference between Thara Frog and Tirfing Card A: Thara Frog or basically all Anti Demi Human equipment only reduces melee attacks with renewal (it was changed by gravity due to the fact that 100% anti demi human resistance could be achieved quite easily). Tirfing Card reduces damage based on size (in this case, medium size) and is therefore not subject to the same rules as Thara Frog Card. Tirfing Card will reduce melee and ranged damage and since Magic attacks are counted as ranged attacks with renewal, Tirfing reduces them too. Additional Info : Cards and equips that reduce damage from Boss & Non Boss monsters work the same way as Tirfing (i.e. they reduce all incoming damage of monsters/players with said traits) Q: Whats the difference between Thanatos Card and Incantation Samurai Card A: While Incantation Samurai Card ignores the enemies defense, stops hp regen and drains 666 hp ea 10 seconds, Thanatos card ignores defense, reduces def and flee by 30 and has a random on-hit damage multiplier which ranges from +1% damage to +50% damage. Multiple Thanatos cards will not stack. So Thana + tgen/hydra is still the better option. Additional Info : At first, we attempted to give Thanatos card its + damage effect depending on the enemies defense but the effect was too weak for high rate servers and it tended to bug when the enemies defense was below 0 (i.e. 10m or more damage if the enemy had negative def). Please note that Ice Pick and Assassin damascus have the same effect as thanatos card. Additional Info 2 : Ignoring defense means : The enemies defense will be treated as if he had 0 (i.e. if he has -50 mdef, having a Hwiz card will result in lower damage than without Hwiz card. On the contrary, if the enemy has high mdef, the damage will be higher than without Hwiz card). Q: Can you list down all negative status effects and what they do exactly. A: Here is a full list on all negative status effects currently ingame. Additional Info : Please note that Bleeding is currently bugged (Bleeding doesnt drain enough hp) Q: What is the main difference between Hydra and Turtle General card A: Hydra and Turtle General card both have the same value in terms of damage (i.e. they bot increase your damage by 20% of your equipment atk) but Turtle General increases damage against all races and sizes plus it has a Magnum Break autocast which increases physical damage by an additional 20% Fire Damage for 10 seconds when it proccs. Q: What is the calculation of Mdef and how does it work ? A: Here is the current Magic Atk calculation and Mdef influence. Min Magic Damage (weaponMATK+upgradeMATK) * 2 + 1.5 * statusMATK * %MATKbonus * 111.5/(111.5+equipMDEF) - statusMDEF Max Magic Damage [weaponMATK+upgradeMATK+(wMatk*wLvl)/10] * 2 + 1.5 * statusMATK * %MATKbonus * 111.5/(111.5+equipMDEF) - statusMDEF Lets say we have 550 + 360 matk with a lvl 4 weapon (Staff of Destruction) vs a magic defense of 270 + 100, then the calculation would be like this: Min Magic Damage (360) * 2 = 720 + 1.5 * 550 * 1.25 * 111.5/(111.5+100) - 270 = ~446 damage Max Magic Damage [360+(360*4 = 1440)/10 = 504] * 2 = 1008 + 1.5 * 550 * 1.25 * 111.5 / (111.5 + 100) -270 = ~1281 damage and thats the complete calculation. Feel free to test around. And always apply divisions and multiplications before addition and subtractions Q: I saw some people not getting any elemental damage even when i use grb, how is that possible ? A: They are probably using Farbjodur Card in combination with some cleverly placed cards The Setup might be something like this: Neutral: - 100 + 7 + 20 = -73% Fire: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 107% Water: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 10 + 20 = 107% Wind: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 107% Earth: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 20 +10 = 107% Dark: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 107% Holy: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 107% Ghost: + 50 + 7 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 107% Poison: +50 + 7 + 20 + 20 = 97% Undead: +50 + 7 + 20 + 20 + 10 = 107% Farbjodur + Proxy Skin Fragment + Shell of Resistance + Spiritual Tunic + Glorious Ring S-1 + Glorious Ring S-2 + Leaf Cat Card x2 And yes, since you have 107% resistance vs almost all elements, you get healed by the excess 7%. Additional Info: If you throw in an Undead Elemental scroll, you can be immune to poison too and you will get 27% of all elemental dmg as hp. Thats Insane ! Additional Info 2: If you feel the need to switch out for a deviling card in the middle of battle, you will have 77% neutral resistance and still 7% resistance vs all elements. So no extra damage from elements when using deviling (yay).
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    I have already adjusted the burn durations for this skill and demonic fire which are way too long. They will get a duration similar to Dragon Breath's burn with the next update. Please bear with it until Everade implements the changes.
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    Seems like the server became a graveyard once again, guess time for break again~
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    Update: 25.06.2017 The hoster wasn't able to hold on its promise to deliver the new server in time. The old server contract runs out by tomorrow, so depending on the situation it might be possible that we will lose access to the current server. We're already in contact with the hoster to prevent that from happening. But in the worst case scenario gRO may be offline for a few days. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more. ----------------------------------- Hey there fellow players! We've been pretty quite since our latest updates back in April. So i'm here to keep you posted for our further plans. I've been really busy as i've been personaly working on my diploma which is about to end soon. So GatheringRO had to take a little pause from new content. But we will be back working on new updates as soon as i'm finished. The first update being a migration of GatheringRO to brand new server hardware! The maintenance for the migration is sheduled somewhere inbetween the 19th and 25th June. This means that there will be a downtime of several hours during the migration day (yet to be announced more precicely). New server hardware means more performance for the game. So data can be saved and loaded much faster than ever before! Your account progress is not affected, all your efforts will be migrated as well. More details on the migration will be released soon.
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    After a few days into June, Vote Shop has been updated! Please Vote for Us and go check these 10 new headgears! Also, please make sure you stay after War of Emperium on Fridays, since we will continue having our usual Event Fridays ! Happy Playing from the GatheringRO Team!
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    I am terribly sorry for the delay on the vote shop update. I had an emergency over the weekend. It should be up and running this Wednesday!
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    Headgears and Costume Upper Headgear: Dark Lord Helm Blessed Helm of Valkyrie Prism 3 (Maya Purple Effect) Golden Dragon Helm Luxury Cards: Kiel Normal Cards: Maya Purple, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet Card Middle Headgear: Any slotted Mid Headgear[1] but the best are: Noble Mask Black Devil's Mask Luxury Cards: Kiel Normal Cards: Maya Purple, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet Card Lower Headgear: Any slotted Lower Headgear[1] but the best are: Rainbow Sash +6~10 Rainbowring Rucksack +6~10 Pumpkin Rucksack +6~10 Poring Rucksack +6~10 Gentleman's Pipe Cards: Bungisngis Card, Leib Olmai, Giant Hornet Card Why Leib Olmai and Giant Hornet Cards on Headgear? For extra reduction against Wind and Fire properties. Bungisngis Card is for those who use Prism 3 and has a +6~10 Lower Headgear. Costume: Knit Rabbit Ears Knit Rabbit Ears is a must if you are using Prism 3 and a +6~10 Lower Headgear to have a decent bonus HP % just like Dark Lord Helm. A +10 Lower Headgear with Bungisngis Card gives 5% HP while Knit Rabbit Ears give 3% HP in a total of 8% Bonus HP, in addition to that, you can wear 2 Kiels while having a Maya Purple Effect with Prism 3. Armors Armors: +6~9 Emperium Armor Brynhild [1] Glorious Suit S +6~9 Woe Robe Luxury Cards: Tao Gunka, Detardeus/Detale Normal Cards: Ghostring, Marc Garment: +6~9 Emperium Cape Glorious Muffler S +6~9 Woe Muffler Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb Luxury Cards: Guardian Kades, Farbjodur Normal Cards: Deviling, Raydric, Noxious Footgear: +6~9 Emperium Boots Glorious Shoes S +6~9 Woe Shoes Enhanced Variant Shoes[1] Cards: Amon Ra, Boss Egnigem, Firelock Soldier, Green Ferus Only use Amon Ra card if you are wearing 2 Kiels, if you use it while having only 1 Kiel youre gonna get stucked if many players hit you continuously triggering 'Kyrie Eleison' in the process. Accessories: Glorious Ring S-1 Glorious Ring S-2 Improved Ring [1] Dark Rosary[1] Cards: Errende Ebecee, Bronzering, Alligator, Smokie If you prefer not to use a full Glorious Set S, I recommend you to use 2 pcs Glorious Ring S-1. The attack bonus that is given by Improved Ring is not worth it compared to the resistance and HP given by wearing 2 pcs Glorious Ring S-1. Shields: Emperium Buckler Valkyrja's Shield Cards: Golden Thief Bug, Thara Frog, Maya Still under construction
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    GatheringRO has been successfully migrated to the new server hardware. The automated update will fail as soon as the old server will shut down. In that case please use this manual installer to update your patcher, so you can connect to the new server: >>> DOWNLOAD NEW PATCHER <<< Simply install it at the same location as you did when you've installed GatheringRO itself. It will simply replace the patcher file with the latest version. The game is now running on the latest generation of server hardware. With more CPU power, extended RAM and SSDs. This reduces data saving and loading times by tremendous bounds.
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    - 1 You have to stay an hour but you have to keep moving every 10 minutes. You can't just open 30 accounts and go AFK. Even if you opened 4 or 5 at a time, it would take a ton of dedication and free time to even pull that off. 4 to 5 accounts opened for the next 12 hours? Maybe you might deserve daily rewards if you're fortunate enough to pull that off. Besides, the most important of equips, Emp and BG are account bound, so it's not like you can use all those ores of different accounts to upgrade Emp/BG equips. There's only a few items that's even worth upgrading, like WoE Plate or Naught Seiger blade and they're not even that expensive. HD ores success rates are too low to be worth it anyways. Even a level 1 weapon, and 100 HD ores, don't expect to even get it to +15. Upgrade rates suck so much now that they're not even worth it. Donating for blessed ores is even very expensive just to get something to +13
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    I think this skill should be nerf. DPS too OP Or just remove it in reproduce copy skill because it is not in wiki database
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    1. Just need to prevent stones from taking damage from reflect damage skill. 2. There are many ways to prevent RG from breaking stones and Emperium. You are forgetting that BG is usually 3 on 3. 3 players can stop 1 RG. 3. I doubt a single SC can keep 3 players trapped with 100% success rate. A Sorcerer can cast LP to prevent manhole. Genetics can cast crazy vines to clear manhole. Royal Guards can cast Earth drive to remove manhole. An opposing shadow Chaser can cast Maelstrom to prevent getting manhole'd. 4. I know what you mean, but you said "same reason with berserk". lol
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    No specific plans, first time seeing it actualy. But we should get it for sure at some point.
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    If you can read this... Get Ready for another eventful Friday! In just a couple of minutes!
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    gm pls check this coordinate in thanatos tower 5F (tha_t05 101 37).. i cant find the click button to get the blue key we try 3 players near on that device but no click button.. pls check.. thx^_^
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    Hello there fellow ragnarockers, Beastboy here. And these are todays news: Kagero/Oboro - Zenkai, duration of status effects and stay duration of the field itself lowered - Zangetsu, Atk and Matk increase lowered by 2/3 Rune Knight - Spiral Pierce works with swords and daggers again Guillotine Cross - Rolling Cutter rebalanced - Cross Ripper Slasher rebalanced Royal Guard - Sacrifice now has its old damage value back since i pretty much fixed the problem with Ghost element. Mechanic - lowered the damage of Self Destruct Item Changes - Ice Pick and Valorous Dagger, have their Thanatos Card effect back - Ghostring card works properly vs neutral dmg again. - Thanatos Card now actually does lower damage vs low def targets Misc - Started preparations for Christmas/New Years Events/Quests which should start around December 14th and will stay until January 4th As to what exactly it will be, thats a secret
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    I'm not going into detail here since >90% of all players won't know what's good for such a use and get the wrong idea. But the biggest change to our last server is that we're now using RAID SSD's rather than HDD's. The fact that Ragnarok is a MMORPG, this means the main bottleneck for such games are the harddisks. Because it's reading and writing tons of data per second to the SQL database. That's the biggest performance boost we get. But we also have a more powerful CPU and more Ram now.
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    Update: I ran into some issues while migrating the player data into the new Database. The data cannot be migrated as easily as i've been used to, so rather than simply copying all the data it's currently importing it. There were major changes on the SQL database system which now needs to convert all the data. This is taking way longer than expected. @symbio We're still using the same hoster at the same physical location. But it's a major hardware upgrade which brings us extremly more power.
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    1. All daily reward items should be account bound. 2. Inactivity timer should be lower to 2-3 minutes instead of 10 mins. On-topic.. -1.
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    For my self-interest, I would say +1 However, this is only one of the few defenses of Minstrels against high ASPD enemies. Even with zerk and foods, it reduces my ASPD to like 176. There's also no resistances to it. But without their Harmonize, they would die so fast from my damage per second. Some Cloak but I'll use my Merc to use Sight on them. Same result XD
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    It's not bugged. Just stay ahead of the instructions by 1-2 steps.
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    Let's all hope so! And more power to the team while we wait for the update! Also hoping they will lift trade restriction even if only for the 2 days during the update launch as way to compensate for all those people who waited patiently for the update I miss my GSET
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    Hopefully this suggestion will be considered.
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    Royal Guard's Reflect Damage - Why? Cause this skill do insta 1 hit break against Guardian Stones in Conquest Mode. Disabling this skill would benefit DEVs (Rayleigh) since they dont have to edit how the Guardian Stone works (The plan of making them vulnerable to skills and have a huge HP to get rid of the Reflect damage bug). Lord Knight's Berserk - A Royal Guard with FCP + GTB and zerk can 100% break stones and emperium. Shadow Chaser's Manhole - disabling this skill on Battlegrounds would cause DEVs not to edit the skill cooldown which I suggested in the post I posted earlier. People no longer wants to join BG because of pesky Shadow Chasers which spams this skill while inflicting burn damage (Magma Erruption) at the same time holding them from breaking the stone/emperium. Monk's Steel Body - same reason with Berserk. Please make a response @Rayleigh & @Lipton
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    Teamwork plays a great role on this kind of complaints.
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    I'll be online, holding events and celebrating this anniversary! Happy 12 GatheringRO!
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    Kindly check big crossbow damage... I tried to use it, including the Elven bow, they have the same damage by using "Arrow Storm".... I was wondering why Big Crossbow became useless now.. Ingame I was like " Ohh I dont need to shift another bow like big crossbow using arrow storm.."
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    this patch brings you the following: Skill Changes: Increased damage of Bash Increased damage of Mammonite Increased damage of Holy Cross Increased damage of Double Strafe Increased damage of Sharp Shooting Job Changes: Implemented attack speed modifier for supernoviceMisc Changes: introduced novice backpack as a possible reward for the Extended Supernovice job quest
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    strict official policy ? Now where did you get that from ? As much as we'd like keeping things official, its not possible due to this being a high rate server. thus, a lot of calcs are simply too strong. We keep things official as long as it works with the rates. That being said, i will look into it and see what i can do about the weapon restrictions.
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    i like, can we use this
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    kill everyone that is not goatz
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    194skirt of virgin on rank C???? sohee drop it 5% i think its better to remove it???
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    I have a story.. XD BOY : You Know That You're " A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K." GIRL : What Does That Mean ? BOY : Amazing, Beautiful, Careful, Dependable, Excellent, Fantastic, Great Hot!!! GIRL : Awwh, But What Does " I, J, K, Mean? BOY : I'm Just Kidding boom, owned. hehe. by the way, RIGHT NOW im eating BACON.! XD
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    12 members online 1 party def against 4 guilds
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    From Zero to Hero

    From Zero to Hero
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    buset,, kirain mah cewe cakep.. eh ternyata.~~~
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    if i may know, whats ur ign?? ^^
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    What du u mean??

    What du u mean??
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    =.=" i can talk too... ahaha
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