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    Game Master Jobs

    You must be able to work as a team with the other GM's and may give us suggestions to improve the gameplay. I’m used to teamwork and get along with others, I also got a lot of ideas to suggest for both ingame features and events. You must be able to manage things on your own, this means announcing events, holding them with a good time managment etc... I would say i am ready to throw out as many interesting as possible events to entertain people at the right time, while managing the event’s duration to not overlap our server timed Events, and ensuring people don’t go rampage while I host the event. No personal issues managed on your GM - if you have any private problems with any people, don't handle this on your GM Account. Wil be the same as how i handle the case separately between work and privacy. Behave mature. Don't let flaming upset you. Stay cool. You will surely face a lot of nasty stuff people will say. I like to turn it into a positive way of seeing it. Flaming is part of emotions of a player that show cares to the server. Won't affect how i handle things at all . You must be very active ingame aswell as on the forums. I am Very active in both. Can also fit in most player timezones. You must be able to at least read and write english (and preferably an additional language). Believe or not, ive learned most english by playing this game xD and i'm sure it's good enough to make people understand. Extra : dutch,mandarin chinese.. (You must be at least a "Super Member" on the forums (look below your avatar for your ranking).) Already am. You must be able to support players within the whole forums (unless you don't know the language). I always try to help As much as possible . Even looking into things myself if I’m not sure. What makes you special? It's hard to describe how special i am by myself. There are people who sees me as " a living ragnarok encyclopedia " also as a creative/good humored person. I am also a person who can think deep into things, to try and be ready for the future. Why should we choose you? I guess i happen to be someone who is stuffed with idea's. Willing to test stuffs out to help out people who need some idea's or get confused with things. Giving options to people to find out what they like is also what i love to do. Sharing honest opnion to keep the server in balance while enjoyful. Do you have any special skill/s such as scripting, database development or any other ability what could support us? My special skill could be making a clear/detailed looking guide for (mostly)new players. Its a 13years old server so, trying to update new player or people who just come back wil surely improve the stability . Making guides is like doing a hobby , its so worth after finnishing it! Scripting is something i stil need to learn about.
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    Shu Chan´s Art

    A drawing for my beloved Twin Raizel, since I'm drawing lately I decided to make one to my twin such a Demon Lord!!! (he say xD) Hope you like it!
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    February Patch

    Prior to the incoming Anniversary & Valentine's Day Events, here our latest changes to the game! WoE Second Edition Times We've changed the WoE 2.0 times to bring some more activity to the war event. New times are as follows. Tuesday from 13:00 till 15:00 Friday from 13:00 till 15:00 Future WoE times: We have plans to create a true international WoE experience were we can offer 3 time zones to play at (america, europa and asia) in the future. This will take quite some time to develope, but we have created a concept which would workout very nicely for basically everyone. Once this system is in place, everyone on the globe should be able to enjoy WoE within a convenient time frame. Rune Knight Alternate Outfit The alternate Rune Knight costume is now available and can be unlocked by using the Outfit Voucher! This completes the alternate outfit series for the 3rd classes. Checkout the sprite comparison chart in our wiki. -> Instance Updates Geffen Magic Tournament Release This is the initial balanced release of the Geffen Magic Tournament. Geffen Magic Tournament is a single player instance, so you make sure you take your strongest character with you. [Wiki Guide] Old Glast Heim - Cleaned up NPC dialogues - Updated all monster skills to fit official - Several corrections on misc etc item properties Faceworm's Nest - Fixed end-boss pro hunter challenge reward due randomly changing boss - Implemented all card drops Removed Housing System The house rental system has been entirely removed for now! The maps and the script itself were extremely old and low in quality. We're currently working on an entire new housing system with lots of improvements. It will allow you to rent an actual house in Althea. So we're basically renovating your home in the meantime It will be worth it, i promise! We're in mid-state of development, so if you've got great ideas on what you want to have inside your home, let us know below! Bug Fixes & Updates - Fixed all enchanter NPCs. During certain circumsances it was possible that your card got deleted during the process. - Updated job dress list for the stylist npc to support all alternate outfits properly - Minor fix in the legendary Cosmic Infinity quest giving a wrong hint in the secret area - Fixed a client crash on the VIP Alternate Outfit system when deactivating the alternate outfit while wearing a class changing equipment such as symbols - Fixed a bug in novice academy which allowed players to infinitly regain the starter package - Fixed mining system when using an advanced pick, it still deleted the normal pick versions if you had them in your inventory. - Fixed a possible client crash caused by a missing, invisible sprite - Added falcon, cart and mount check when using Dr.Hobo's service to change your gender to successfully change your gender. - Fixed the monster shalibri being displayed at the end-boss kimi during the horror toy factory instance. It should be an invisible npc instead - Adjusted, removed or lowered several achievement system rewards due to player abuse by re-creating spam characters. Major abusers have been permanently banned due not reporting, but abusing it to their advantage instead. - Fixed HD refinement items to give a missing sprite error New Command - You can now use @go adv or @go adventure to warp directly to the Adventure Guild for fast access. World Boss Updates - Reduced the damage requirement to be eligible to be rewarded. Item Updates - Several misc item bug fixes, updates and implementations - Fixed Scutum item effect. It now properly gives the bonus effect at +10 refine level - Fixed Hurt Mind accessory, it now properly adds 6% max SP - Balanced all Geffen Magic Tournament items - Major item description update - Custom currencies stacking limit has been lowered. This should animate especially hoarders to use their currency, otherwise you won't be able to get more. New Cards - Implemented Heroes Trail Cards ( Faceworm Card, Faceworm Queen Card, Dark Faceworm Card, Faceworm Egg Card, Faceworm Larva Card, Irene High Elder Card, Payon Soldier Card, Arhi Card, Dio Anemos Card, Geffen Gang Member Card, Geffen Bully Card, Geffen Shoplifter Card, Faymont Card, Ordre Card, Blut Hase Card, Kuro Akuma Card, Ifodes Card, Licheniyes Card, Odoric Card, Ju Card, Dwigh Card, Fay Kanavian Card, Evil Shadow Card, Fanatics Card & Geffen Magic Tournament Cards) Skill Updates & Fixes - Fixed Cannibalize level 5 spawning multiple Geographer. - Reverberation will no longer trigger the cast animation on the caster when a target walks into it. - Rolling Cutter now only resets on physical click-walks, not by any other movement. - Fixed SLS Wrath ATK calculation for Star Gladiators - Miracle, fixed missing damage bonus when no statuses were active - Fixed Heat Barrel. It was consuming all coins but only considered that one coin has been used. Also corrected fixed cast time to also factor in coins. - Fixed Rune Mastery chance to craft 2 runes starts already at Rune Mastery Lv5, not 6. - Corrected the party member ATK bonus of Rune Knight's Fighting Spirit Skill Balancings Minstrel/Wanderer - Increased Metallic Sound damage - Increased Great Echo damage Rebellion - Increased Round Trip damage Mechanic - Increased Axe Tornado damage - Increased Power Swing damage - Lowered delay and cooldown of Boostknuckle (650ms reducable Delay, 65ms fixed CD) Doram - Increased Picky Peck damage Kagerou/Oboro - Increased damage of Lightning Spear of ice - Increased damage of Flame Petals - Slightly increased damage of Wind Blade Cosmic Infinity - Legendary Headgear A handful of players managed to solve all riddles and get their hands on the new legendary headgear Cosmic Infinity already. Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed the lore behind our latest addition to the list of legendary headgears. Tell us what you love and hate about our latest updates. We're always listening. And while you're at it, help us getting new players by writing a review right now!
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    Game Master Jobs

    I'm sorry I'm not "new" but you know.. Still handing this out. From the past experience I had here back then, I don't think I had any issues from any criteria. The only thing that stopped me from doing my job was Life calling me away from the game. As a matter of fact, I came back and I dont have any intentions of leaving as this is a place I call "home". I'm a team person, always ready to help and find any kind of ideas to improve or make sure people have fun. I can handle myself, years taught me how to work efficiently Personal matters ain't for GM to handle. Let the dust fall and handle what you have to on legit always or any other form With the years that went by, maturity sure has grown as well as the wall surrounding the person. I log on almost every day after work and on the weekend, be it forums, ingame and discord(which i can also access on my phone) Read english, done. Write english, Done. As everyone already knows I can speak and write french too. (canadian french) I just realised I am a super member somehow, hurray. Will do support anyone who needs a hand or has question. (already started) What makes you special? I've been around for so many years, Know tips and tricks some people doesn't know or remember. They call me a granny somehow. I'm always around to help out and if I doubt on a answer, I go ask for informations to the right persons. Not knowing an answer bothers me to the point I search until I find what I'm looking for! I love to interact with people, learn who comes from where. I've done that all my life or almost. Easy approach makes it fun. All I want is to see someone get their smile on and enjoy themselves. Why should we choose you? I'm active, available, and got free time to invest in this place I call "home". I'm on eastern timezone, and online mostly in the afternoon after work in the week days (3pm-10pm) and in the weekend (between 8am - until i pass out). I know my way around, still have some stuff to learn with the changes that has been made, but I love to learn and also am a quick learner. Do you have any special skill/s such as scripting, database development or any other ability what could support us? I use to script back in the day, though sadly I think I forgot most of it. I wouldn't mind learning it again and help out somehow. Like I said up here, I love to learn and I learn quickly. Another special skill would be my hyperactive brain that brainstorm itself until it sleeps. Kinda usefull when in need of ideas for a project.
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    Yea, Michi is cool. He even helped Sarah get a Mjolnir
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    Bazelbub card not working.

    allo auroa, Let me try to explain how it work.. I actually noticed that most people are stil confused about it. There's a difference between - reduce variable cast- and - reduce fixed cast- As you know our fixed cast time are based on this formula : dex = 2 / int = 1 to reach 530. ( example. Dex 150+10--> which is 320 already + Int 200+10 = 530 ) - Reduce variable casting time is just same as the 530 formula Let say you are using 2x beelz (variable reduce 60%) + emp 2handed staff (variable reduce 40%) That make it reduce variable 100% which is equal to the formula 530 That's been said.... even with 1dex + 1 int... with 100% reduce variable casting time wil stil perform the same result as - fixed casting time - - Reduce fixed casting time is after your casting time is already at fixed status.. and it can be further reduce it. Note : the highest reduce casting time wil cover up the others... for example... Sacrament buff gives reduce casting time by 50% ~ anything else below -50% wil be ignored. Conclusion : reduce variable casting time doesn't stack with your 530 fixed casting time reduce fixed time wil further reduce it except -only- the highest reduce fixed time wil be accepted. So doesn't stack aswell. I hope this helps. >.O
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    Shu Chan´s Art

    Hello again Love is in the air~ RUCHAN IS REAL! (Ruds x Gachan) I was so excited for this drawing ahahahaha! and it makes me happy for dumb reasons, of course it's a gRO local joke I'm happy they liked it too! Ty so much guys <3 you are the best!
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    Seriously, are you guys even reading the changelogs :o? As I have said multiple times already, the database does not cover the latest changes to items. The description on the card itself in the game also clearly states the new effects. Current script: bonus bBaseAtk,(BaseLevel/10); bonus bMatk,(BaseLevel/10); bonus bHit,(BaseLevel/10); bonus bMaxSPrate,5; bonus3 bAutoSpellWhenHit,"NPC_WIDEFREEZE",5,5; Translates to: 25 ATK, 25 MATK, 25 HIT, 5% MAX SP, 5% chance to basically cast a 100% freeze on anyone in a 29x29 radius when attacked, which is extremely good for an accessory card that is accessible to everyone. Demon, I am proud of your level-headed attitude here on the forums. Most of the time you are among the few who manage to actually formulate an objective view on the matter.
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    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    GatheringRO's birthday is around the corner! On February 15th, Gathering Ragnarok Online turns 13. That's why we've prepared some time limited events for you to enjoy! Legend of the four Lords Discover the legend of the four Lords, ancient leaders who ones vowed to protect our lands. This time limited event comes with several brand new and event limited rewards! [Visit our dedicated event page] Event Reward Preview Gods Smelting Our gods smelting event is back to help you with your gear refinements! Globably increased refinement success chances for all equipment and weapon types by +5%, for refinements of up to +15! [more details] Adventure Guild Yes, Larson can fall in love too. This year around he's offering 3 new Valentine's themed costumes next to the ones from last year in his coupon shop. If you're an adventurer and got some spare coupons up your sleeve, this is the time to use them! Also the Shady Figure seems to know how to make some extra cash during this special occasion. Checkout his costume offerings during the season of love! Battlegrounds Jhinsi can't stop to think about her true love Jirshi, and thus offers you lovely new costumes in her costume shop! Make sure you got enough Heroism Badges at your disposal so you can show your biggest love how you feel about her. Cash Shop Don't forget to take a look at the valentine's day themed costumes in our HOT section. Some of them are cash shop exclusive while the others can be obtained through ingame activities! The Original Heart Island, the most romantic place in Jawaii. Meet the original Cupid to listen to his miracles. He may have a few gears hidden in his quiver. Cupid the 2nd He's in need of supplies to spread any further love in Midgard. This is your chance to ask him for a Romantic Gent or Valentines Topper. He's known to hangout at lonely places, somewhere near the Goldring field. Pinkamenias Returning The lovely Pinkamenia in Moscovia is in need of Love Flowers again. (mosk_in,21,246) But first you may have to help the extraordinary baker to get one of Pinkamenias rewards. Choco Madness Need a chocolate to propose or just plain express your feelings to someone else? Look no further, help is on the way... Sir Charles Orleans is now available to help you on your chocolate needs. Make your way to the Prontera Castle and start your Chocolate Quest. [Visit our dedicated event page] Valentine's Costumes Preview We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day at the 14th February!
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    The gap in hp/sp is actually quite huge.--> specially tao users or any hp based player It does give a huge advance to a switcher. And the whole ebf idea is created for making it easier to the players. At the end a god helm should remain unique.
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    -1 I understand that not everyone can farm the guild chest, but you cannot expect the guild leaders to just go around transferring the leadership to anyone, that's why @Everade made the fragments rewards system to reward all our efforts during WOE ( no one also forces anyone to join a guild and fight for them, so you cannot complain about them farming the chest, it's definitely up to them(leaders) if they will make rotations or salaries). Even if that's the case, I don't think it's reasonable to make an alternative path in making god items. Those god items (aside from the thrill, pride, and enjoyment) makes up the essence of WOE. I think the staffs/devs are also aware of that, that's why they made the half gods for those who want to have it but doesn't have access into getting the real ingredients. GOD ITEMS: You want me? Prove your worth and lead the strongest army. (or buy me IF someone is selling the INGREDIENTS LOL) PS. I'm if I sound rude, but honestly speaking I'm just trying to be direct with my opinion, and I do believe that the devs already considered this, that's why they made an effort into making a system to reward all our efforts in WOE + the half gods + custom items. This is just my opinion, and at the end of the day it's still up to our devs to decide.
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    February Patch

    Please note that the WoE time changes are not final. What does this mean? We have plans to create a true international WoE experience were we can offer 3 time zones to play at (america, europa and asia) in the future. This will take quite some time to develope, but we have created a concept which would workout very nicely for everyone already. Once this system is in place, everyone on the globe should be able to enjoy WoE within a convenient time frame.
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    Ancient Gold Ornament [1]

    Hello Yoru, As you can see~ This headgear does provide all stats +2 Let say the gun,bow,whip and guitar are based on dex for the base attack. ( 1dex = 1base attack )/ (5 str = 1base attack) While dagger , axe , spear , katar etc etc are based on str . ( 1str = 1base attack ) / 5 dex = 1base attack) Also each 3 luk gives 1 base atk aswell. This is why you wil only see 2 base atk bonus. You might get to see 3 depends on your overall dex and luk bonuses. (Also you might get to see a little bonus to your weapon atk aswell if your weapons are high enough to make str to provide it.) As for the 8% atk. It wil only show on -result- by hitting . Beside maximum attack buffs... you can also try to remove your weapons to check out your - fixed - damages.
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    What causes "Not Eligible" in instances?

    I've been working on some improvements which might help with this issue. Will be released with the upcoming update.
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    Game Master Jobs

    Hello, My name Kaze and I would like to apply to be part of the GM team. As requested in the material above I will explain to you why I believe I should be picked to to be the next Game Master. First off from what is stated in the material above. I meet all the criteria stated above other that I only know one language and that is english. I have no problems working with others, and as for giving suggestions that is no problem either. I have no issues handling any issues on my own. I have lots of ideas for events as for holding them and planning them I can do that all on my own. I will never handle any sort of personal matter on my GM character or account. I'm what you call a rule follower. I'm someone who hardly ever will break a rule even if its a dumb rule. That And I barely have issue's with any people at all. But to sum things up. I'm very laid back and easy to get along with, and or work with. I'm a super member and I'm on just about everyday even if its just to pop in to tell everyone hello. What makes me special? Well, I've been around since before the last server wipe and spent many many years on the server. So what makes me special is I am a veteran I guess? I'm overly friendly and I love to help people. I feel you should choose me because I truly care about the server. Gro was my home away from home back when I was in high school. And seeing how much things have changed and how much stuff has been added I want to be able to help Gro grow and see it full of life again. I'm willing to do anything in my power to help get the ball rolling again! You can usually find me helping someone in some way be it new player or veteran players! I'm friendly(sorry for repeating myself), kind, and super loyal as well! I dont really have a special skill. But like I have already stated. I'm willing to try learning. I just wanna see the server grow. But I guess I have the uncanny ability to connect with people easily if that is considered a skill ;D
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    Heya! xample Full Throttle. It takes 30 minutes to cooldown. It would be very convenient to not go afk for 30 minutes just so a char can be ready for Full Throttle. There are other skills that need 5 minutes to cooldown too and it would be nice if as soon as you log-in gRO and get ready to play, those skills are already available to use than have to wait 5 to 30 minutes just to use it. It's still going to be 5 to 30 minutes anyways but the difference is that you can be offline when it happens and then when you log-in again, it's ready. What if you're a person that uses 2 or 3 of your chars for different purposes like hunting/DQ/WoE/etc. but you'll have to go afk for 1 hour to 1 hours and 30 mins (for 3 chars) just so Full throttle cools down. Same principle for skills that have 5 minutes or more cooldown. Only for convenience, that's all. Regards!
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    Heya guys! Half-megs give an opportunity to get a half god item, for those who aren't guild leaders or aren't close friends with guild leaders, but it's still not as strong as the real thing. The ingredients are easier to get. 3 ways to do it: BG, WoE, EBF. But having 5x more the required amount should even out with the effort of going through the sealing quests. If needed be, make it 6x the total ingredients of half-meg. Just another pathway to the god item. Regards!
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    Thanks guys for your opinion.
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    easy way to gets god? this is the simplest way, make 3 sash, 3 +14balmung[3], have 3 tao, 3 thana, 3 LK or anything expensive and PUB "B>Full Megs, Full Sleip, Full Briss, Full Mjol= everything u have" it is easy... No Pain No gain Bro Don't be cry if u don't get it from your Guild Leader, you need to be loyal and active if u want to get help from others... Don't be weak...
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    Prism Helm

    I will take a look, if the script is managable I'll adjust it.
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    This is for emp. weapons https://irowiki.org/wiki/Malangdo_Enchants
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    Check here https://irowiki.org/wiki/Archangel_Wing_Enchants All wing enchant npcs share the same script.
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    Counterspell Crystal drop rate

    Ninja update
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    In exactly a month from now will mark gRO's 13th year anniversary! I had an idea for a suggestion to run a limited time 13-themed event! On the day of the 13th anniversary, starting on 13:13 (Server time), a promotional event that will run for 13 hours straight! 13% Discount on all Cash Shop items 13% chance to get a +13 Armor/Weapon certificate on your 13th Daily Quest completion (that would be the third A quest) 13% more badges in all modes in BG 13% more upgrade success rate for all weapons and armors from +10 to +13 (+13% chance from +10 to 11, from +11 to 12, from +12 to 13, and from +13 to 14) 13% more upgrade success rate for all levels on Shadow Gears 13% more chance to successfully slot Temporal Boots 13% more chance to transform a Nebula Aura into a Sash 13% more chance success on slotting a Balmung [0] and making a Bryn [1] 13 points per click on the voting website instead of 1 point Or you can pick and choose whichever you prefer to implement and for however long the time instead but I just thought it would be cute to have a 13 theme hahahaha!
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    +++++ very good idea
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    How about a salvage tool to put those types of equipment into good items like obsidian fragments etc.
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    Shu Chan´s Art

    Edit: My damn photo host didnt save the drawing well lol, but u are very welcome Twin <3 Glad u liked it!!
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    New Year Giveaway Winners!

    Congratulations to the 3 winners for the New Year Giveaway Event! Click here to see the winners! All winners have been contacted by mail.
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    ehm. i agree with @Khaii and @D e M o N on this. the problem comes with being able to actively switch. just for a small example. look at the top players who actively switch gears during battle. some seem down right unkillable. now throw in being able to toggle cards on a god helm. as it is there is what...5 "god" helms? i feel it should stay unique to 1 per account mainly due to the fact you are forced to think things out more if you want to toggle different cards. sorry if this seems a little all over the place. brain is still waking up
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    Costume Fallen Angel Wing

    I think a lot of people would be happy if we'd also have a Costume Fallen Angel Wing. I don't think it will hurt since almost all wings have costumes (Wings of Seraph = Costume Rudra Wings, Arch Angel Wings = Costume AAW, Emperium wings = (i forgot the name of the costume but i've seen one)) but the Fallen Angel Wing from BG doesn't have a costume. I think making this costume will make a lot of the players fulfill their character looks. Thank you.
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    this is sick guild leaders should collect the ingris for the guild member but most of them just collect em for they own profit :/
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    Will be fixed with the next update.
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    Custom Wings Enhancement Possibilities

    Hello, Does following enhancements is available for custom wings (emp wing and wing of seraph): Expert Archer, Fatal, and Fighting Spirit. If its available on enhancement, what is the max level for each of it? ps. I can confirm Spell is available on wings enhancement. tyvm.
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    Custom Wings Enhancement Possibilities

    Thank you for your explanation, Ray! This is exactly what I looking for. So, the refine level also affecting enhancement possibility?
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    wrong costume cactus flower sprite

    Item ID # 31141
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    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    Bjay you mean
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    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

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    I would like to know which is much more updated the item and monster database or the one ingame? it seems like the item description or script within the item database is different in the game for example emp dagger shows 195 attack ingame while the item database in the site shows 190 attack. same goes for the monsters as well some doesn't have drops yet in game it does have drops.
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    Asan na kayo?

    ahaha currently downloading client
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    I was "Not Eligible" 2 times on Old Glast Hiem. 1. I was NOT using dual. 2. I was doing 55k damage while zerked, so can't be from low damage.
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    We could add those sprites to the Outfit Voucher
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    Using Gertie card can make a character use Close Confine Skill on an enemy, but the problem with GX is that it cannot use cross impact when using that skill.
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    Shu Chan´s Art

    OMG sankyu twiiin! <3 it's so cool and cute at the same timeee! Bwahaha <3
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    This is only the sprites and the classic clothing color package. Ours is custom, always has been. We will release it within the next days or weeks.
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    Hello Rune Knight Lovers I'm here to share what I know about Rune Knights. Rune Knights are a Versatile Class. Mostly They are the Power House of the Guild in WOE. They Tank, Nuke and dish out a party when he/she gets a free hit. This class rely much on STRENGTH/VITALITY/RESIST and they are the masters of survivalbility. •Rune Knight Sword and Spear Types For this class this has the advantage of dealing damage at long range and close range combat. Every Skill needs after cast delay reductions so a Kiel card is really a "MUST" item. But this Bad ass Spammer is really gonna ripped you off out of pvp and woe. Statistics: Strength: Primary damage Stats; Put a decent amount of strength on your strength stats. Agility: This is somehow help your attack animations and some skills to over ride after cast delay effects( get ASPD 185-190) Vitality: Survivalbility, input a decent amount for your vitality and for Dragon Breath Damage Intelligence: For Amon-ra Prerequisite and Burn Effect of Dragon Breath Dexterity: Hit and Cast time : input dexterity with a HIT rate of 710 or more(GO WILD LOL) Luck: gives less time in the status and Arch angel prerequisite Weapons: +10-+20Glorious Spear (BG obtainable) (BEST WEAPON FOR RUNEKNIGHTS OVERALL) +10-+20 Glorious Lance (BG obtainable) +10-+20Tjungkuletti[4] (slot-able at mid_camp)(Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) +10-+20 Vellum Spear +10-+20 Emperium Spear (Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) +10- +20 Emperium 2 hand Sword [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] +10- +20 Emperium 2 Hand Spear [ Thana , Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca] +10-+20 Red Naght Sieger Sword[3] [ Thana , Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca] +10-+20 Violet Fear [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] +10-+20 Tae Goo Lyeon [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] Headgears: • Dark Lord Helm [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Prism Effect 2 and 3 [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Golden Dragon Helm of Eternity : [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Mid Headgears: Any Sloted midgears: [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Lower Headgears: Any Posible lower headgears with slot: Rainbow Sash Rainbow Rucsack Poring rucksack[ Dark Ping. Card] Armor: Bryndhildr[1] [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] SprintArmor[1] [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] Emperium Armor [1] ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] Executioner Armor[1] ( BG OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] Siege Armor +9 [1] (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] Shield: Any level upgrades of: •Valkyrie Shield [ Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Orleans Shield [Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Emperium Shield[Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Emperium buckler[Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] Garment: Any level upgrades of: • Valkyrie Mantues , [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Asprika • Emperium Mantue ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Executioners Mantue ( BG OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] •Siege Mantue (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] Boots: • Sprint Shoes [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Sliepnir • Emperium Shoes ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Executioners Boots( BG OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Temporal Strength Boots [1] (OGH OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Temporal Dexterity Boots[1] (OGH OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Siege Boots [1] (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE)[Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] Accessories: • Megingjard • Improve Ring[BronzeRing] • Bradium Ring [BronzeRing] • Bloody Shackle • Emperium Gloves [1] (WOE OBTAINABLE) • Executioner Badge [1] ( BG OBTAINABLE) Potions: • Ceromain Potion • Berserk Potion • Concentration Potion SKILLS: • Hundred Spear ( THIS IS YOUR CLOSE LONG RANGE BAD ASS [sPAMMABLE] OFFENSIVE SKILL) • Pierce ( NO KIEL? NO PROBLEM. YOU ONLY NEED AGI ON IT) • Spear Boomerang( Long Range Offensive Skill) ( Dont Run We are your Friends) • Brandish Spear( GOOD for WOE) • Bowling Bash ( GOOD for WOE) • Dragon Breath (AOE Skill) • Dragon Water Breath (AOE Skill) • Dragon Howling • Joint Beat • Head Crush( degeneration) • Tension Relax (Regeneration) • Concentration • Aura Blade • Endure • Enchant Blade • Death Bound • Magnum Break • Charge Attack • Sonic Wave ( Strongest Range attack up to 8 cells rage perhaps) • Wind Cutter • Ignition Break • Phantom Thrust • Spiral Pierce • Bash (Modified by BeastBoy) RUNES to USE: • Thurizas rune: "Giant Growth"( +30 Strength stat) • Wyrd/Pertz Rune: " Storm Blast Skill" (Offensive Skill Knock backing an enemy 7x7 Cell) STRONGEST MAGNUM BREAK EVER! • Berkana Rune: " Millennium Shield " (Summons 4 shields that Absorb damage and heals you 1000 HP) • Hagalaz Rune: " Stone Hard Skin " ( Like Whitesmith card effect) but consume 25% OF YOUR HP when use • Othila Rune: " Fighting Spirit " ( Increase your attack and party members) • Nauthiz Rune: "Refesh" (Automatically Cure all debuffs and heals your HP by 25% and for the next 10 seconds you will gain immunity to all ailment statuses.) • Radio Rune: "CRUSH STRIKE" (an offensive skill when you use all the power of your weapon to strike a target with full force, when use it will break your weapon but dont fear, valkyrie randgris card is here) • Uruz Rune : Regenerates 60 SP per 10 seconds , Use this when you are getting bloodlusted by a Shadow Chaser For Rune Guides Please Refer to this Site: http://ratemyserver....reation_db&op=6. • Mystic Rune at (Ayo_dun02) The Rest of the Ingredients of the runes is Found at the Rune Shop at Althea Mall. BATTLE GUIDES Schierouve Rovircher VS 2 hand sword type Rune Knights!! Well from my experience, the best thing to do in this type of opponent is to not engage in direct confrontation. Use Reduce items at all cost. since 2 hand types are somehow have the advantage because of Parry( damn its annoying+ Kyrie). But do not fear because you have all knock back skills so yea. U have the advantage of using regenerate items since some of spear skills don't require Kiels and after cast delay equips. Just do Pierce skill while on combat and use amon ra on boots + shield. it should help you by time to regenerate at fast rate since u can wear 2 AA + Spamming Pierce is your advantage. But be careful somehow, 2 hand types are extremely dangerous on 1 on 1. Well on the other hand you have the advantage of range attacks so yeah. just avoid direct confrontation. DRAGON BREATH + SPEAR BOOMERANG+ BRANDISH SPEAR+Hundred . Do not let them get close on you. Schierouve Rovircher VS Spear Type Rune Knights!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I've never been in a Battle with a SPEAR TYPE Rune knight. But ill Update soon.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You're battling yourself Schierouve Rovircher VS Warlock!!! Warlock are squishy but have dangerous offensive skill. But Mostly Maya+DEVI+ dragon's breath+ Spear boomerang(Well if you cant get close). Use switching wisely. well its somehow easy to kill WL because of having a large HP and reduce. or if u want to. USE FARB+NEB = not painful anymore. Spam Hundred Spear , spear boomerang (use sonic wave) and Dragon's Breath. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sorceress!! This class is also squishy but its hard to battle because its skills are neutral and AOE. MAYA no counter to it. I do is. i use berkana rune + Nauthiz rune+ charge attack+ Dragon's breath + Spear boomerang + Hundred Spear. U NEED TO GET CLOSE TO HIM/HER. When you get close to him/her spam hundred spear on him/her. do not let them get away. stick to your strategy spam him to death. dishing 30k-50k at a fast rate + your regeneration is good. Don't forget to use nebula+GTB. it somehow negates some hits of its skills. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ranger!! Rangers are fast. Spear boomerang + Dragon's breath+ Cloak. Get near to him fast and try to avoid his/her traps. when get close spam hundred spear + brandish spear +Spear boomerang + Charge attack. Do it repeatedly until they die. LOLz. dont forget to use your switching GEARS that might aid you in battle. Your Can be Trap Free if your luk is higher. but yet again its only for special duels. Schierouve Rovircher VS Royal Guard You need to use your DEATHBOUND WISELY and also. Use a lot of reduce items to aid your self when facing this BIG COW. And again You need to Spam all of the skills as fast as you can. RG's have many skills also to dispose. i suggest you work on your reduce switching tactics and master rune usage. well Spearboomerang can be painful when RG is not on Defender. do not also confront this BIG COW in close Range. maintain your distance and if he uses banding spam spearboomerang on him/her. while he is closing towards on your position click on him and use deathbound when he tries to use sacrifice skill. If they use overbrand skill just stay away as much as possible use headcrush to them so that they cant regenerate. for me THIS IS THE HARDEST CLASS TO FACE ON. Other Royal Guards has Reflect damage. and its really painful use dragon breath on them. keep your distance to that class. overbrand are really painful. HIT and RUN. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sura!!! This class is the most MOBILE of all, The Sura, for Decent Geared Sura. just kill them with all skills at your disposal. Some Suras use Regen Items that has tremendous amount of regeneration, i require you to use HEADCRUSH to them so that they cant Regenerate at all. Also Maintain Proper use of DEATHBOUND. Since they have close range skills. BUT DO NOT LET THEM REGENERATE. Just Maintain Close range and spam spear boomerang , hundred spear, brandish spear , pierce on them till they die. Mostly Tiger Cannon Gate of Hell types use regen items. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ministrel and Wanderer!!! This Squishy class can be deadly also , they might destroy your items by TAROT CARD OF FAITH but GTB is the solution for that problem. Some of them are Arrow Vulcan spammers, it can be painful for Rune Knights also, but proper reduction items can aid you in battle since they have elemental attacks. Spam Hundred Spear, Brandish Spear, Dragon Breath, Pierce, etc. If they are somehow Flee TYPE, USE DRAGON HOWLING. or you Might use a noob SWORD AND USE WIND CUTTER. lolz. Flee gone , death for them. Schierouve Rovircher VS Genetics!! This Class is Extremely Dangerous Because of its Mandragora debuff. Note , please be aware of the switching of items. they might use elemental attacks or neutral attacks because of cart cannon and acid demonstration. The best way to counter this class depends on your luk stats. the higher luk the better. but maintain your balance of stats. I prefer use hundred spear and get close enough to the genetic and spam to it. Since they are fast you need also to be fast. If Genetics having Links, dispel them since u have Valkyrie randgris but if they cant just hundred spear them to death they are very fragile when wearing GTB. they are afraid to get displed! If they use traps just use magnum break skill. and i recommend to get a FCP when facing this class otherwise youre dead. Schierouve Rovircher VS Shadow Chaser. FCP+ GTB, DREAM ON NOOB. hahahahaah. but shadow form is kinda dangerous. Maintain Distance so that they cant do SHADOW FORM. SPAM RANGE SKILLS. Schierouve Rovircher VS Mechanic. Never encountered one. but they are somehow fast. but yeah, got the skills to kill them. they shouldn't be a problem. Schierouve Rovircher VS Guillotine Cross!! For some reason this class is also fast. They also rely on new poison. the greatest fear of every rune knight is getting leech. some GX are really FAST. I know some of them who is really go at playing GX. but seriously to defeat this class. You need again to master your Face Line Juk Directions of DeathBound. Normaly they Cloak CI Cloak. Some GX are easy to kill. But pro GX are harder to battle. If you want to have resist on GX poison. you need to have a large amount of vit stat and Luk stats. i require to use Maya P on them and also any good Debuff cards such as Stone Curse/Frost/ etc. Spam your Long Range Skills such as Dragon Breath and spearboomerang. Gx needs to be at close range to do CI. Use maya P and Use DeathBound.( NOTE THIS IS THE HARDEST PART TO MASTER YOUR DEATHBOUND DIRECTION FACING). BESIDES YOU CAN HAVE RUNES AT YOUR SIDE. Normaly i use OL and Vmantue + deathbound to kill some GX. dragon breath+Spear boom. if they are LOCK in your hundred Spear. KEEP SPAMMING till they die. Yet Again, DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN BECAUSE THEY CERTAINLY KILL YOU IN NO TIME. WOE GUIDE FOR RUNE KNIGHT As a veteran on this server i will share to you guys how I play on WOE First of all, If you are playing a Rune Knight you're the captain of the guild, Party buff with Asir Rune/Othila Rune to boost up your attacks and attack speed same with your party members. Rune knights are the Warmonger of the WOE, capable of dishing out 1 party in a small AOE scale using storm blast. You can chain Storm Blast + Dragon Breath + Ignition Break + Wind Cutter in WOE since all both spear and sword can be use in all 3rd job class skills. Sword Skills are for sword and Spear skills are for spear. (the update rAthena client) For a Tanker Damager , i recommend use DLH on clash because you will need HP for damage recoil(fcking painful).Aim on Squishy Class like Warlock, Sorcerer, Genetic, Gunslinger, Priest, Etc. When you are Taking damage from Royal Guards, Use Orclord+ +7-+10 Vmantue(with Deviling) Chain Them With Storm Blast + Ignition break+ Bowling Bash. It really matters on the Rune Knight user with chain of skills are you using. Or if the Royal Guard is a spear type skiller Use Horn Card+Noxious but in WOE you should wear always your Golden Thief Bug Card on your shield.( THEY ARE THE EASIEST TO KILL WITH THANA BUT THE RECOIL OF YOUR DAMAGE COULD BE PAINFUL). FIX AND MORE FEATURES TO BE ADDED SOON IF THERE ARE SKILL UPDATE ON RUNE KNIGHTS Updated