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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    Heya Gatheringro Players! It's been 13years since Gatheringro officialy launched~ By this, i've created this event to keep us a wonderful memories in our beloved server! This is an exclusive event that will show how we got to this far. So here, we are currently looking for players who're willing to share their creation to become a part of these memories! Introduction: 13th Cat Zodiac Event What are the zodiac animals you ask? Zodiac animals are known as the 12 selected animals, used as the horoscopes in China, There is a little story about how the cat didn't get in on the list even though he is one of the most intelligent one. This is why we are looking for someone who has the ability, to change the history, to have the best original screenshot with the best story to share with. So there you have it! GOODLUCK! Here is the list of zodiac animals by ranking. This picture shows the most heart breaking moment of the cat. (Ohmy those feeeeels!!!) Event start : 23-04-2018 Event End : 14-05-2018 ( before 13-05-2018 23:59 server time) -What am I asking for this : A full original screenshot with www.gatheringro.ch showing at the bottom right. (Do not cut and edit on it.) Do not add your reactions on this page, questions are ok Good ending story See below for more information A Doram class. Only one entry per player ( Lets keep it fair and believe in your own creation ) Your entry should be posted on this thread with your ingame name. -Special rules : Only headgear that can be farmed/made for quest! ( Which mean none costume, Legendary, Event headgears ) *Important!* Here's 2 links that might help you out for searching : Link 1 : Headgears forum Link 2 : Headgears ratemyserver -Judges : GM Team -Prizes : First place : GatheringRO Surprise Box + Costume Black Cat Hood Second place : Surprise Box + Costume Cheshire's Cat Ears Third place : Surprise Box + Costume White and Black Temptation Oh mama FASHION!!!! And here's the story i want you guys to change the history with: (Short or long is fine! What count is the impact it gives!) ORIGINAL STORY : An ancient folk story tells that Cat and Rat were the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom. Although they were poor swimmers, they were both quite intelligent. To get to the meeting called by the Jade Emperor, they had to cross a river to reach the meeting place. The Jade Emperor had also decreed that the years on the calendar would be named for each animal in the order they arrived to the meeting. Cat and Rat decided that the best and fastest way to cross the river was to hop on the back of Ox. Ox, being naïve and good-natured, agreed to carry them both across. Midway across the river, Rat pushed Cat into the water. Then as Ox neared the other side of the river, Rat jumped ahead and reached the shore first. So he claimed first place in the competition and the zodiac Bad ending : The cat drowned in 13th place and did not make it in the zodiac. It is said that is the reason why cats always chase Rats; to get back at them for what they have done. (Please change this bad ending into a good one!) Here's my example : Special thanks for the lovely supports of @Shuichi , amazing gro players who helped me with some certain pictures!~
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren PS. I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THIS SUPER LONG POST. I AM FORUM NOOB >_< The river's current was so strong that it carried the unconscious Cat to an unknown land. This new land was vibrant with different shades of yellow and green. However, why were there chunks of cheese here and there? After a few hours, Cat was startled awake by a big mountain of a cat with a chef hat resting on top of his head. Without much questions the giant cat led Cat to an outdoor restaurant which was bustling with all kinda cats in different shapes and sizes. Cat was amazed for she has never seen so many cats in one area before. The news of the Great Zodiac Race was the hottest gossip in town. Some laughed and some pitied the foolish cat for being deceived by Rat. Cat stiffened in her seat and hung her head down as she held back tears. Suddenly, a giant plate of mushroom pancake was placed in front of her. Her stomach gave a loud rumbled and she blushed. Chef gave her a small smile and nodded. Cat took one bite and almost swooned from the mere deliciousness of the pancake. How can something so simple be so fluffy and divine? The mushroom mixed in with the syrups melted on her tongue and slid down her throat like smooth wine. It was within that moment that Cat's life will be changed forever. Chef took a liking to Cat and took her under his wings and treated her like she was his own kitten. He taught her how to bake and cook and was amazed at how Cat seem to absorbed everything in like a sponge. His greatest surprise was the power she had within her little paws. The legend was told that only one cat every 99 years were born with the power of the Golden Paws. They were known to be the greatest at producing the best bread, pizza, pasta or any goods that needed to be knead. The news traveled all across Lasagna and everyday the restaurant was jammed pack with customers. One day in December, a well-tailored fat cat came into the restaurant. He was sent down by the Head Chef of the Jade Emperor's palace to look for a chef for the upcoming New Year's Banquet. Cat whipped up her famous mushroom pancake and served it to the fat cat. "OHO~ This is spectacular!!" exclaimed the fat cat. He slumped to the ground and fell into a catnap. After a few hours, he woke up and exclaimed that Cat must go with him to the palace at once. Cat was hesitant about going because she still felt ashame and bitter about the outcome of the Great Zodiac Race. Later on that day, Chef persuaded Cat to go and assured her that she will always have a home in Lasagna. On the day of her departure, Cat was sent off by Chef, her fellow co-workers and friends. Cat was amazed by sight of the Jade Palace and with the HUGE kitchen. WHEW! The kitchen was even bigger than the whole town of Lasagna. On the day of the banquet, Cat was introduced to the Jade Emperor and the twelve members of the Zodiac. Rat recognized Cat right away and laughed in her face. "Puhahahahah~ Once a loser will always be a loser!" The urge to claw the Rat and roast him over an open fire was strong, but in the presence the Jade Emperor all Cat could do was smile. Once in the kitchen, Cat had many thoughts of sabotaging Rat's plate to make him suffer like how she suffered. However, Cat realized that she hadn't suffered at all. It was more like a blessing in disguise. She was able to meet Chef and her many friends in Lasagna. Even if she wasn't acknowledge as a member of the Zodiac, but wouldn't it better to be acknowledged by people who really cared about you? Cat smiled as she happily prepared the feast for the New Year's Banquet. Everyone complimented on how delicious and fluffy the mushroom pancakes were. The feast was a huge success and the Jade Emperor summoned Cat into the dining hall. He was impressed with the feast and offered a position in the the royal kitchen to Cat. Cat bowed and humbly declined the Jade Emperor as she wants nothing more than to return home to Lasagna. The Jade Emperor nodded in understanding and granted her the title, The Golden Paw Cat. Cat returned home and became the most famous chef in all of Midgard. There has even been rumors that the Jade Emperor would send fat cat over to get an order of freshly made mushroom pancake.
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    Minina's good ending: A desperate cat was trying to reach the meeting while watch how the rest of the animals reach the finish. She, on the riverbank, observes how all celebrate the new 12 Zodiac Animals, no one notice the tears on the Cat, so she wipe her tears and walk alone to home. "What a disgrace I've brought to my cat family!" yelled the Cat. All in Animal Kingdom were talking about how the Rat was so smart and how the Cat was so naive. After that and for that reason, some Cats got bullied, all there said they are not even worthy to live in that kingdom. Cat was so sad and ashamed for herself, and see how the things went after the race was something she couldn't resist. She walked to a bridge and looked down - "I'm nothing but a shame". Then she jumped... but she forgot cats have 7 lives, so the only thing she got was a broken leg. While she was licking her injured leg, an old cat was watching her in the distance, then he said: "Why did you do that?, look what you did." then the old cat came more closer and sees is the cat of the Animal Meeting, so he figured it out why she did it. Coty, was the name of that old cat, he took Cat's chin and told her: "One day you will know why the things happened like that, humm... there is a myth, other races gonna love us, more than other animal in Animal Kingdom, remember that. You don't need to be part of something that doesn’t define us." Cat was surprised for those words, Coty, the old cat, returned to his house not without say good bye to Cat. Then she went back to home; more peaceful and now with a light in her soul, with a hope. The years passed, other races lived together with others, humans with animals. Humans took animals as pets, as friends. Cat lived enough to see how the world changed and how her cat family was the most loved in the human world, even nowadays. Where humans took the cats as little kings and queens, humans around the world took the cats as a symbol of greatness, making statues of them, pictures of them, even trying to look like them! Cat, in her softy cushion and petted by her human, remembered Coty's words. "So, this is what you meant, it's not a myth after all, now it's a reality, thank you", she said in her mind. Then she slept happy for her new life. The End. ❤️ IGN: Minina
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    We're getting closer to the patch release. I was struggling with a specific client crash, thus holding me back from releasing the prepared updates. We've implemented a workaround fix on our test environment so we can get the update going. It's not really official yet but my goal is to release the update by this weekend.
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    Vote Shop Update!

    Hey! It's <GM> Abril taking over the April news! There is a new update to check... a much anticipated one! New headgears have been added to our voteshop to go along with all our Easter gear! Please make sure you Vote for Points in order to obtain these EXCLUSIVE headgears! Happy Gaming! Cheers from the GatheringRO team!
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    Post Your Pictures

    Alot of fun to the montral medieval fair this year. Met tons of people, alot of amazing costumes too. Be it medieval, fantastic, fantasy, steam-punk, post-apo themed. All were sooo great looking. The Wendigo The badass guys crew The rotting Rat John Snow Cosplay The indian-ish girl Nature girl who was selling these awesome necklace and earrings made with resine locking up real dryed flowers inside. The "Samurai" Drow (aka dark elf) Doomsday Represent Some kind of druid girl Post-apocalytic Character The Raven and his little Girl Best leather craftman mention goes to my friend which whom i was working with this weekend And of course my Pirate-ish Self
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    Easter Event 2018

    Rubber Ducks Challenge Winners: 1st Miconi 21 ducks 2nd Kazalus 20 ducks 2nd HunLeo 20 ducks 3rd LikeWiz 19 ducks LikeWiz will also get a prize because we have two second winners and we think he deserved it Prizes will be handed out within the next weeks and will be placed into your storage while you're offline. Miconi actualy found a duck which was accidentaly placed while i was designing the map. (there are 2 ducks below the bridge right next to each other) So there are 22 ducks in total! Which means 1 duck is so well hidden that it never has been discovered Congratulations to our winners!
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    Good ending: Alas, I have lost the Race of an Eon, I was divested the chance of becoming A zodiac, a cosmic scion... But in this downfall, I shall answer a new call, I shall have a new beginning: To devote my life to wisdom unending. I shall pass on my philosophy Of how wisdom can soothe all hatreds, and leave anguish be. Through meditation and harmony, One may be in union with the spirits of fire, wind, and sea. The Book upon my crown, Symbolizes knowledge that is attained through toil and letting down. The Apple upon the book, Symbolizes that nature brings balance to knowledge much like a flowing brook. Come, learn what wisdom failure may give To those willing to strike down pride and continue to live I am Kakaneko, Māo-zhǔrén of the Zodiac Way Ascended yet remained, humble and never astray. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IGN: Kakaneko (Note, Kakaneko is an ALT. Kazalus is my main character~ ;*
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    D e M o N

    Guide for Ranger for WBE

    Top Headgear: Anything with + to dex or ranged damage Middle Headgear: Anything with + to dex or ranged damage Lower Headgear: Anything with + to dex or ranged damage Note: You can use Gemini-S58 Card to help reduce chance of getting inflicted with status effects from Belphegor. Armor: White Wing Suits (Anubis at drops it at 100% rate. Can be found in_sphinx4 or in_sphinx5 ) Bow: Elven Bow Combo (Gargoyle drops bow at 5%, gl_sew02/03/04, Arrows can be bought at @warp mora 100 118) Garment: White Wing Manteau (Can be obtained from Mora Village @warp mora 152 97 by doing Mora Daily Quests. Need 10 Mora Coins) Shoes: White Wing Boots (Can be obtained from Mora Village @warp mora 152 97 by doing Mora Daily Quests. Need 10 Mora Coins) Accessory #1: White Wing Brooch ( 1% drop rate. Can be obtained from Acidus (Blue) abyss_02 and Acidus (Gold) at abyss_03) Accessory #2: White Wing Brooch -OR- Bow Thimble (1% drop rate. Can be obtained from Gargoyle, and can be slotted) When fighting Belphegor, you might want to bring a few Panacea's, they can be obtain from the Tool Dealer ( @warp althea 169 279 ) They are helpful you get silenced, confusion, etc.
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    Guide for Ranger for WBE

    I dont use anything special myself. All i use is white wing set. a high refined crimson bow, and ori arrows . you dont really need super strong gears to do wb~
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    Major Client Update

    This update comes with some major changes and new features on our client. Let's start with the bad news first, and continue with some amazing new content for our game. This may weight down heavy on you, so grab a hyperventilation bag and let's get into the details! Windows XP no longer supported! Ragnarok Online officialy dropped support for Windows XP with their latest updates, and sadly so do we. As technology advances, a game does too. Gravity has officially dropped support for Windows XP because they are using new technologies within the client which is no longer supported by this old operating system. We urge users to upgrade their windows operating systems, not just to play GatheringRO, but also because continuing to use it represents a high security risk for the user since Win XP is also no longer supported by Microsoft itself. Since it was officialy dropped back in 2014, there's no way for us to keep on supporting a predated operating system while offering you the latest content. -> Updated System Requirements Info No Multi-Clienting Running multiple clients at the same time does no longer work. This topic has been an ongoing internal disussion for several years now. We're well aware that there are still several players who used this feature on a daily basis and loved it from the bottom of their heart. I personally used it quite a lot for testing purposes as well. However our rules have adapted over the past years to fit our vast customizations on the core gameplay. Our patches over the past few years were mainly centered around a 1 account only gameplay. This allowed us to handout way more rewards than ever before, to create a truly rewarding core system without destroying the economy. It also enabled us to negate the need for running the game multiple times. Just to name a few updates we've published over the past years: Personal WoE Rewards, Battlegrounds rewards overhaul, Unlocked more character slots, Achievement system, Account bound rare rewards, Party based instances with personal rewards, Daily Login rewards, Personal World Boss rewards, Adventure Guild daily rewards, Pro Hunter system, Easier MVP Card access, Better invasion rewards and many more! Playing with multiple characters at the same time has been one of the main questions and report reasons that never left the board since we've adapted our ingame rules. We didn't want to punish players even though it was clearly stated in our rules. Because we were still offering an easy possibility to run multiple instances of the game simultaneously. We usualy pointed out that multi clienting won't be possible in near future. And here we are. Auto trading can still be used to vend with your second account, but you won't be able to login with multiple accounts at the same time. This brings more clarity to our current rules and shall help players to focus on their main account and their main characters. We hope that you will understand our decision to offer a more fair gameplay experience for everyone. New Features Switch - 2nd Equipment Set You can now determine an entire secondary gear set, including costumes, to be switched in an instant! The chosen gear equipment will be marked with an icon so you don't put them away by accident. As long as the secondary gear set is available in your inventory, you can switch your entire gear with a simple click. There's a 10 second delay before you can switch your gear sets again. The costume tab features the same interface, so your look can also be switched a long with the switch function. Both, the equipment and the costumes will be switched once you press the button. Sprite Preview Headgears and Costumes can now be previewed on your character without actualy wearing the item! This means that you can also preview items which are being linked into the chat or from other sources. This feature is currently not supported within the cash shop or custom currency shop interfaces. New Command @refresh is now available for all players. We've made this command available due several player requests to update the current positions of the own character and others. Upon triggering the command, your client will refresh the entire screen, reloading all player, monster and npc positions including other data. To prevent abuse of the command, there are certain cooldowns that apply upon triggering the command. Tip Box We've had one way in the past, but it got broken a long the way. Now the tips are back and packed with useful information, including images. You can now navigate through the tip box by either clicking yourself through the available links within the text, or by using the search function at the top right corner of the window. You can open the tip box at any given time by clicking onto the new menu icon at the top left of your screen. We might further expand this feature with additional information in the future. Storage A new tab called Costume has been added to the user interface of the storage. This makes it easier to find your favourite costumes in the vast amount of gears you've been gathering over the past years. Shadow costumes have also been moved into this new section. Due the implementation of the Switch feature, each item requires an additional 4 bytes of data to be sent to the client. Sadly, there's a certain package limit the client can handle. That means that we're yet again hitting the maximum limit of possible items saved within the storage. This forced us to reduce the base-storage size from 600 down to 500. Luckily there are only a handful of players who have more than 500 items in their storage. But we understand and appologise that this isn't the best change. * Fixed a bug that in certain cases players weren't able to move items into the storage. Character Selection Let's pretty up your login experience! Yet another overhaul on the character user interface! With the new character selection at hand, you got now a perfect overview of all your characters right on the same page. Known Bug: Character customizations such as hair styles, hair colors and clothing colors currently can't be displayed within the char selection screen, due resulting in a crash of the game client. That's why we've implemented a workaround to prevent this crash. We're still investigating the issue and will fix it on a later date. Character Creation The character creation also comes with a new interface to inform you properly about the available classes for the current races available. It offers your the initial hair styles and colors with a direct preview, which makes it faster and easier to create your personal character. Our custom hairstyles and colors are still available ingame. Party Interface You can now drag party members out of the party window and place it wherever you want. The new class icons also help you to find the right people you're willing to interact with. This is especially convenient for support classes as you can use these small player interfaces to directly buff or heal a party member. Battlegrounds Information Our battlegrounds now got a dedicated information page built into the menu. You can't use it to directly join the battlegrounds, but to get detailed information about our available custom game modes. The Help button also sheds light on how to join the fight and further details on how to around the Battlegrounds. RodEx - Ro Delivery Express Our mail delivery service recieved another visual overhaul. It now comes in a much cleaner design but has not much changed as in its usage. Screenshots The new Twitter feature now allows you to either capture full screens or even just a part of it by clicking and dragging to your prefered size. Once the screenshot has been taken, you can preview it ingame right away! The Twitter connection/sharing is not yet functional. Even though i've been doing several tests with it already, i wasn't able to get my head around it just yet. Since we don't have access to the source code of the client, features like this are extremely hard to implement. We may implement it on a later date when we know more. - Also updated the gRO logo at the right bottom of the screen when taking screenshots. Achievements The achievement system has been completly translated. You shouldn't experience any further scrambled achievement unlocks or missing information inside the achievement user interface itself. So there there are quite a few new things to explore and unlock! Cash Shop Our cash shop also recieved a new User Interface. Some categories have been split up or moved together to offer a better overview. The new rotating image banners at the top will be used for advertisting our latest event or cash shop content and are clickable, opening the linked website in your internet browser. The Get Cash button is also directly linked to our website and makes it easier/faster for you to purchase cash points. Updated several box graphics and improved the item descriptions for some boxed items for better clarity on what you're going to get. Attributes Info The main attributes within the Attributes user interfcace now inform you about their actual impact on your character by holding the cursor over them. If you're interested into even further details on your attributes and their impact on your character; checkout the new Tip Box. This helps especialy newcomers to get their stats balanced properly. Game Settings - Advanced Settings Several game settings, including graphical ones have been moved directly in to the game. From now on you can change several settings while playing. Some settings however require you to restart the game, such as changing the resolution. The game settings tool which can be started directly from the gRO patcher is still available and offers you the same features just like you're used to. Navigation System The navigation system also recieved a few updates. You can now pick your favourite navigation guide icon to make your journey more colorful. Locations can now also be shared with other players by using the share button within the navigation interface. New World Boss A new powerful world boss appeared at the walls of Prontera. Protect the citizens of Prontera and claim rare rewards for your sacrifice! This new world boss features a new challenge and brand new rewards, including the new King Poring Card. King Poring has been added to the current World Boss rotation system. Instance Updates Central Laboratory Release This is the initial balanced release of the Central Laboratory. Travel to the past and observe an experiment gone wrong! [Wiki Guide] Legendary Gear Updates Cosmic Infinity * Implemented alternate Cosmic Infinity sprite quest Talk to the legendary smith Vulcan to get started Shop Updates * Added a new costume to the Adventure Guild Shop * Added new costumes to the weekly Token Shop rotation * Added Fruit Sandae pet food to the pet shop in Althea (for Marin) * Added new costumes to the World Boss shop * Added new costumes to the Pro Hunter shop * Added new costumes and weapons to the Emperium shops Misc Updates * Updated Warp Agent with all current available instances * Fixed issue with the beginner quest that the card image previews were causing an error * Updated all skill description with the latest information * Updated all item descriptions with the latest information * Fixed Old Glast Heim deleting the card after enchanting * Added our custom poison items from the GM Castle to the PvP map restrictions due prevent suicide runaways * Added and/or replaced some rewards from the Captain Kid's Treasure Chest Pet & Homunculus Fixes * Fixed pet bonus triggering when hatching an egg * Fixed healing issue upon relog Homunculus HP is now properly saved on logout Item Updates * Fixed Fenrir Card fixed cast rate reduction bonus * Fixed Blowing Blossom item to not display a different headgear in the equipment window * Fixed Wandering Wolf Helm being refineable * Fixed Shelter of Resistance can now be worn by all classes * Fixed Hunting Bow bonus which should only apply when the proper arrows are equipped * Fixed some shadow equipment which weren't possible to be refined * Fixed Akaraje bonus duration * Corrected Fidelity Necklace slot count * Added a slot to the Giant Helm headgear as the description claims * Updated Balmung item restriction to show the summoner exception * Implemented missing kimi possession item bonuses for Evil Spirit Gloves and the Gentle Heart Set bonus * Implemented all latest items including new costumes * Added Werewolf Card Art (from the gRO artist Sunnie) * Restricted Costume Full Moon effect in PvP areas * Added Emperium Weapons for Dorams * Improved Emperium Knife, it now adds MATK instead of elemental specific damage * Improved Emperium Violin and Whip, they now increase damage of Metallic Sound and have increased range. Glorious Guitar/Whip also now have increased range (this change will make these four instruments benefit from DEX for Weapon Attack, other instruments require STR) * Removed HP drain of the Valkyrie Circlet combo * Improved Belphegor Card, it now adds 30 ATK, MATK, HIt and increases Max HP and SP by 3%, the widefreeze effect remains the same * Improved Werewolf Card, it now adds 50% Max HP * Improved Healing bonus of Brisingamen and Half Brisingamen (5%->8%; 3%->4%) * MVP T W O Card: Reduced chance to cast Souldrain * GatheringRO Box content has been overhauled, it now gives 1 costume (old content has been made into costumes and new ones have been added) or a symbol. The GatheringRO Box may be handed out during Game Master Events. * Geffen Magic Robe now triples cast time of Emergency Call * Added one new costume each to Belphegor Egg and Werewolf Essence * Implemented King Poring Card. Monster Updates - Belphegor and Werewolf will now cast Darkblessing and Exile - Reduced Sword and Bow guardians HP and slightly reduced their damage Skill Updates Doram * Reduced CD of Lope, Stoop and Hide * Increased Healing of Shrimp and Tuna skills * Increased the amount of damage Tunaparty can absorb Sura: * Slightly reduced Tiger cannon and Fallen Empire damage * Increased Flash Combo CD (33 -> 40 seconds) Guillotine Cross: * Reduced Dark Illusion CD * Significantly increased Venom Splasher damage and cooldown * Reducecd Meteor assault cooldown Mechanic: * Reduced Axe Tornado damage * Pile bunker now only requires the item to be in your inventory rather than having it equiped like the other skill customizations Genetic: * Slightly increased Fixed Cast time of Acid Demo and added minor cooldown (100 ms) * Fire Expansion Level 1 now lasts 10 seconds longer with stacked with Demonic Fire * Fire Expansion Tear Gas will no longer damage players on non-PvP type maps * Fire Expansion Acid is now misc type instead of magic * Demonic Fire can only have one instance on the ground at a time * Corrected a possible map crash with Demonic Fire and Fire Expansion interactions Taekwon: * Decreased Flying Side Kick damage * Decreased damage bonus of Fighting Chant (10% per party member -> 5%) Kagerou/Oboro: * Reduced cooldown of 16th Night Rebellion: * Fire Rain will now remove Pneuma when cast on top of it Sorcerer/Wizard: * Reduced Thunder Storm damage Website Updates * Updated monster database * Updated item database * Updated Wiki with several new content * Updated Features information page * Updated forums --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our hoster has performed server maintenance: Maintenance work was scheduled for the GatheringRO server on Tue., 08/May/2018, between 21:00h and 09:00h (CEST) on the next day. GatheringRO was offline during the entire time frame and is now back online. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Cannot connect to server

    the server is currently closed for maintenance. it was brought up about in the update.
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    Major Client Update

    All custom hairstyles are currently disabled
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    Dark Elf

    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    After being pushed by the rat in the river, the cat carried away by the river and landed the town of cherry blossoms, the one and only princess of the blossom town saw the cat in the river bank and she help the cat, the princess bring him in the castle immediately for treatment, after few days, the cat woke up and remembers what happen and he tell to the princess family what happen and the whole family was shocked on what the cat tells to them, the cat choose to stay in the cherry blossom town and forget what happen and continue his journey together with the new family, after being considered as 1 of the member of the family, the cat give his best to pay back how the princess family treats him, after 10 years, the emperor of the blossom town suddenly died because of serious illness, and they need to choose new emperor, the board members of the town choose the cat to be the emperor of the blossom town because of his kindness and loyalty to the family and every single person in the town, the cat tears starts to fell down because of happiness, after all failures that pass on his life, finally he became the Emperor of the blossom town, not only an emperor but a “LEGENDARY EMPEROR” because he is the 1st and only cat emperor in the whole dynasty of blossom town, this achievement count as success. Maybe the cat was failed getting the title for 1 of the zodiacs, But he gets the titled of being “LEGENDARY EMPEROR” of the blossom town. We must learn from our failures and use it to achieve our success. “Behind every mask, there is a face, and every face have different stories” Thank you. Doram Name : Zashikihime IGN : Hyouzuki
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    about costume full moon

    Costume full moon is working during WoE but the description says it no hehe
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    Noble Mask

    Does anyone know where the thief is there now? cause i have been looking everywhere and I heard since they did renovations alot of the positions have changed. >.< UPDATE: here are the coords for the thief in althea just @jump to the following coords 180 130 - carry less than 10m 103 301- carry more than 10m when you finally got him in this corner, a special dialogue will pop up if he steals 10m. AND DONT fall for his tricks and DONT make a deal with him. 256 230 - carry less than 10 m -Special thanks to @AceWindstorm for the help!!
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    Costume Suggestion: Fallen Angel Wings

    Or just put it on a limited edition in cash shop like wings of uriel and AAW and great devil wings
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    Hey Rune knight aspirants who wants to play it as a main class for the guild! WELCOME! Rune Knights are a Versatile Class. Mostly They are the Power House of the Guild in WOE. They Tank, Nuke and dish out a party when he/she gets a free hit. This class rely much on STRENGTH/VITALITY/RESIST and they are the masters of survival. For this class this has the advantage of dealing damage at long range and close range combat. Every Skill needs after cast delay reductions so a Kiel card is really a "MUST" item. But this Bad ass Spammer is really gonna ripped you off out of pvp and woe. I run a series of test and burn a lot of zenies because of testing stuffs for people who are lazy ( I hope I get a lot of credit after this wahahahah) Check out the Rune knight New Outfit sprites at in game Cash Shop here at: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Alternative_Outfits Common questions I always encounter game: Q1: Why is your RK have high Storm blast damage? A: Meginjords plus Emperium Spear +13 with thana tgen ( I always prefer with shield) or Glorious spear +13 with executioner set! Q2: Why is your RK have High spiral damage? A: +10 2 hand Emperium Lance with thana tgen Q3: if 2 hand spear is only 75% damage on medium size enemy why you use tgen instead of drake? A: Dragon Training ignore size penalty of the spear class so drake is irrelevant Q4: Why is your spiral pierce is so fast? A: +9 Adventurer's Bagpack and Temporal Dexterity boots Q5: Why are you so tanky? A: I switch Emperium Set to Executioner set when tanking and Emperium set is unquestionably strong set ( always recommended on mass pvp) Q6: Do you recommend Half Megjinjord? A: Absolutely YES! 2nd best accessory in game Q7: Is RK fun? A: Yes it is! Q8: Executioner Set really that good? A: Yes depends on your play style, if you want all out burst and aspd monster go wild with exe set great combination with glorious spear since the set has by pass effect status if +9! Q9: Why is james @lancelot has OP Dragon breath damage (450k DB what the fk?, please nerf? ) ? A: I dont kow he hax sometimes joking , he is a full DB monster using 200 vit with emperium spear! Q10: I saw your Ignition is over 200k how to do that? A: Answer is in Q1! Plus the executioner set Q11: I often see you not being affected by freeze status? A: Hagalaz Rune! increase hard def and magic def causing some ailments no affect the rider statuses! Q12: What is the best enchantment for emperium spear and why? A: 2x Archer5( 10% range attack) For Dragon breath, Spiral pierce , Hundred spear skill damage boost! Q13: Why are you always immune to oblivion curse? A: no I'm not , Im always using Nauthiz rune( refresh status) that makes me immune to all ailment status for few seconds when fighting on mass PVP events like War of Emperium Q14: Do you even Dragon Breath bro? A: sometimes but rarely. Q15: Stats for stormblast maximum damage? A: Before it was Str and Int, thanks to the update in December patch its now in pure STR attribute. Statistics: Strength: Primary damage Stats; Put a decent amount of strength on your strength stats. ( 180-200 str for IB/BB/SB builds) Agility: This is somehow help your attack animations and some skills to over ride after cast delay effects( get ASPD 190-193) Vitality: Survivalbility, input a decent amount for your vitality and for Dragon Breath Damage (200 vit for pure dragon breath build) Intelligence: For Amon-ra Prerequisite and Cast time Dexterity: Hit and Cast time : input dexterity with a HIT rate of 710 or more ( 185 dexterity for Temporal Dex boots, if you are planning on getting that -0.3) Luck: gives less time in the status and Arch angel prerequisite( I was good before but you dont really need it because of Hagalaz rune) Gathering RO's Ultimate Rune Knight Items Set Guide! Weapons: +10-+20 Glorious Spear (BG obtainable) (BEST WEAPON FOR RUNEKNIGHTS OVERALL) +10-+20 Glorious Lance (BG obtainable) +10-+20 Tjungkuletti[4] (slot-able at mid_camp)(Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) ( for SP purposes or for fun spear) +10-+20 Vellum Spear ( only for maximum damage of Hundred Spear) +10-+20 Emperium Spear (Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) (Overall best weapon as of the new patch adjustments but Gspear still have some great benefits) +10- +20 Emperium 2 hand Sword [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] ( for spiral pierce combine with Temporal Dexterity boots over all superb spam moderate damage can do 4-5 digit damage) +10- +20 Emperium 2 Hand Spear [ Thana , Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca] ( Super Spiral Pierce damage but no parry but if you really want super 5 digit spiral then go wild for it) Headgears: For now Arch angeling card seems irrelevant on patch since all the skills needs after cast delay but for special duels regeneration build is still possible to last longer in battle depends on your game style) • Dark Lord Helm [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Prism Effect 2 and 3 [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Golden Dragon Helm of Eternity : [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Mid Headgears: Any Sloted midgears: [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Lower Headgears: Any Posible lower headgears with slot: Rainbow Sash Rainbow Rucsack Poring rucksack[ Dark Ping. Card] Armor: Bryndhildr[1] [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] (overall best PVM armor) Emperium Armor [1] ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Amdarias / Werewolf] ( Best Armor Overall for Defense and Demi-human reduction) Executioner Armor[1] ( BG OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Amdarias / Werewolf] (Best Offensive armor and Ignition Break Skill booster up to 20% if armor set is +10) Siege Armor +9 [1] (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Amdarias / Werewolf] (Newbie RK best armor at affordable price but must be +9) Shield: Any level upgrades of: •Valkyrie Shield [ Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Orleans Shield [Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Emperium Shield[Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Emperium buckler[Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] Garment: Any level upgrades of: • Valkyrie Mantues , [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Asprika • Emperium Mantue ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Executioners Mantue ( BG OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] •Siege Mantue (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Adventurer's Back Pack[1] (must be +9 for full potential effect) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] Boots: • Sprint Shoes [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Sliepnir • Emperium Shoes ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Executioners Boots( BG OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Temporal Strength Boots [1] (OGH OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] (overall damage build like Ignition Storm blast Bowling bash builds) • Temporal Dexterity Boots[1] (OGH OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] (for No cast Spiral but must have 185 dexterity stats for fullest effect) • Siege Boots [1] (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE)[Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] Accessories: • Megingjard (Ultimate accessory) • Half- Megingjard ( new custom accessory over all 2nd best accessory in-game thanks to update ) • Improve Ring[BronzeRing] • Bradium Ring [BronzeRing] • Bloody Shackle • Emperium Gloves [1] (WOE OBTAINABLE) • Executioner Badge [1] ( BG OBTAINABLE) (Awaken status gives nice atk aspd) Potions: • Ceromain Potion • Berserk Potion/ Infinite Berserk Potion ( BG OBTAINABLE for an affordable price of 15 heroism badge) • Concentration Potion/ Infinite Concentration Potion ( BG OBTAINABLE for an affordable price of 15 heroism badge) Rune Knight Skills Set: • Hundred Spear ( THIS IS YOUR CLOSE LONG RANGE BAD ASS [sPAMMABLE] OFFENSIVE SKILL) • Pierce ( NO KIEL? NO PROBLEM. YOU ONLY NEED AGI ON IT) • Spear Boomerang( Long Range Offensive Skill) • Brandish Spear( GOOD for WOE) • Bowling Bash ( GOOD for WOE) • Dragon Breath (AOE Skill) • Dragon Water Breath (AOE Skill) • Dragon Howling • Joint Beat • Head Crush( degeneration) • Tension Relax (Regeneration) • Concentration • Aura Blade • Endure • Enchant Blade • Death Bound • Magnum Break • Sonic Wave ( Strongest Range attack up to 8 cells rage perhaps) • Wind Cutter • Ignition Break • Phantom Thrust • Spiral Pierce • Bash (Modified by BeastBoy) Runes to Use • Thurizas rune: "Giant Growth"( +30 Strength stat) • Wyrd/Pertz Rune: " Storm Blast Skill" (Offensive Skill Knock backing an enemy 7x7 Cell) STRONGEST MAGNUM BREAK EVER! • Berkana Rune: " Millennium Shield " (Summons 4 shields that Absorb damage and heals you 1000 HP) • Hagalaz Rune: " Stone Hard Skin " ( Like Whitesmith card effect) but consume 25% OF YOUR HP when use • Othila Rune: " Fighting Spirit " ( Increase your attack and party members) • Nauthiz Rune: "Refesh" (Automatically Cure all debuffs and heals your HP by 25% and for the next 10 seconds you will gain immunity to all ailment statuses.) • Radio Rune: "CRUSH STRIKE" (an offensive skill when you use all the power of your weapon to strike a target with full force, when use it will break your weapon but dont fear, valkyrie randgris card is here) • Uruz Rune : Regenerates 60 SP per 10 seconds , Use this when you are getting bloodlusted by a Shadow Chaser For Rune Guides Please Refer to this Site: http://ratemyserver....reation_db&op=6. • Mystic Rune at (Ayo_dun02) The Rest of the Ingredients of the runes is Found at the Rune Shop at Althea Mall. BATTLE GUIDES Schierouve Rovircher VS 2 hand sword type Rune Knights!! Well from my experience, the best thing to do in this type of opponent is to not engage in direct confrontation. Use Reduce items at all cost. since 2 hand types are somehow have the advantage because of Parry( damn its annoying+ Kyrie). But do not fear because you have all knock back skills so yea. U have the advantage of using regenerate items since some of spear skills don't require Kiels and after cast delay equips. Just do Pierce skill while on combat and use amon ra on boots + shield. it should help you by time to regenerate at fast rate since u can wear 2 AA + Spamming Pierce is your advantage. But be careful somehow, 2 hand types are extremely dangerous on 1 on 1. Well on the other hand you have the advantage of range attacks so yeah. just avoid direct confrontation. DRAGON BREATH + SPEAR BOOMERANG+ BRANDISH SPEAR+Hundred . Do not let them get close on you. Schierouve Rovircher VS Warlock!!! Warlock are squishy but have dangerous offensive skill. But Mostly Maya+DEVI+ dragon's breath+ Spear boomerang(Well if you cant get close). Use switching wisely. well its somehow easy to kill WL because of having a large HP and reduce. or if u want to. USE FARB+NEB = not painful anymore. Spam Hundred Spear , spear boomerang (use sonic wave) and Dragon's Breath. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sorceress!! This class is also squishy but its hard to battle because its skills are neutral and AOE. MAYA no counter to it. I do is. i use berkana rune + Nauthiz rune+ charge attack+ Dragon's breath + Spear boomerang + Hundred Spear. U NEED TO GET CLOSE TO HIM/HER. When you get close to him/her spam hundred spear on him/her. do not let them get away. stick to your strategy spam him to death. dishing 30k-50k at a fast rate + your regeneration is good. Don't forget to use nebula+GTB. it somehow negates some hits of its skills. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ranger!! Rangers are fast. Spear boomerang + Dragon's breath+ Cloak. Get near to him fast and try to avoid his/her traps. when get close spam hundred spear + brandish spear +Spear boomerang + Charge attack. Do it repeatedly until they die. LOLz. dont forget to use your switching GEARS that might aid you in battle. Your Can be Trap Free if your luk is higher. but yet again its only for special duels. Schierouve Rovircher VS Royal Guard You need to use your DEATHBOUND WISELY and also. Use a lot of reduce items to aid your self when facing this BIG COW. And again You need to Spam all of the skills as fast as you can. RG's have many skills also to dispose. i suggest you work on your reduce switching tactics and master rune usage. well Spearboomerang can be painful when RG is not on Defender. do not also confront this BIG COW in close Range. maintain your distance and if he uses banding spam spearboomerang on him/her. while he is closing towards on your position click on him and use deathbound when he tries to use sacrifice skill. If they use overbrand skill just stay away as much as possible use headcrush to them so that they cant regenerate. for me THIS IS THE HARDEST CLASS TO FACE ON. Other Royal Guards has Reflect damage. and its really painful use dragon breath on them. keep your distance to that class. overbrand are really painful. HIT and RUN. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sura!!! This class is the most MOBILE of all, The Sura, for Decent Geared Sura. just kill them with all skills at your disposal. Some Suras use Regen Items that has tremendous amount of regeneration, i require you to use HEADCRUSH to them so that they cant Regenerate at all. Also Maintain Proper use of DEATHBOUND. Since they have close range skills. BUT DO NOT LET THEM REGENERATE. Just Maintain Close range and spam spear boomerang , hundred spear, brandish spear , pierce on them till they die. Mostly Tiger Cannon Gate of Hell types use regen items. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ministrel and Wanderer!!! This Squishy class can be deadly also , they might destroy your items by TAROT CARD OF FAITH but GTB is the solution for that problem. Some of them are Arrow Vulcan spammers, it can be painful for Rune Knights also, but proper reduction items can aid you in battle since they have elemental attacks. Spam Hundred Spear, Brandish Spear, Dragon Breath, Pierce, etc. If they are somehow Flee TYPE, USE DRAGON HOWLING. or you Might use a noob SWORD AND USE WIND CUTTER. lolz. Flee gone , death for them. Schierouve Rovircher VS Genetics!! This Class is Extremely Dangerous Because of its Mandragora debuff. Note , please be aware of the switching of items. they might use elemental attacks or neutral attacks because of cart cannon and acid demonstration. The best way to counter this class depends on your luk stats. the higher luk the better. but maintain your balance of stats. I prefer use hundred spear and get close enough to the genetic and spam to it. Since they are fast you need also to be fast. If Genetics having Links, dispel them since u have Valkyrie randgris but if they cant just hundred spear them to death they are very fragile when wearing GTB. they are afraid to get displed! If they use traps just use magnum break skill. and i recommend to get a FCP when facing this class otherwise youre dead. Schierouve Rovircher VS Shadow Chaser. FCP+ GTB, DREAM ON NOOB. hahahahaah. but shadow form is kinda dangerous. Maintain Distance so that they cant do SHADOW FORM. SPAM RANGE SKILLS. Schierouve Rovircher VS Mechanic. Never encountered one. but they are somehow fast. but yeah, got the skills to kill them. they shouldn't be a problem. Schierouve Rovircher VS Guillotine Cross!! For some reason this class is also fast. They also rely on new poison. the greatest fear of every rune knight is getting leech. some GX are really FAST. I know some of them who is really go at playing GX. but seriously to defeat this class. You need again to master your Face Line Juk Directions of DeathBound. Normaly they Cloak CI Cloak. Some GX are easy to kill. But pro GX are harder to battle. If you want to have resist on GX poison. you need to have a large amount of vit stat and Luk stats. i require to use Maya P on them and also any good Debuff cards such as Stone Curse/Frost/ etc. Spam your Long Range Skills such as Dragon Breath and spearboomerang. Gx needs to be at close range to do CI. Use maya P and Use DeathBound.( NOTE THIS IS THE HARDEST PART TO MASTER YOUR DEATHBOUND DIRECTION FACING). BESIDES YOU CAN HAVE RUNES AT YOUR SIDE. Normaly i use OL and Vmantue + deathbound to kill some GX. dragon breath+Spear boom. if they are LOCK in your hundred Spear. KEEP SPAMMING till they die. Yet Again, DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN BECAUSE THEY CERTAINLY KILL YOU IN NO TIME. WOE GUIDE FOR RUNE KNIGHT As a veteran on this server i will share to you guys how I play on WOE First of all, If you are playing a Rune Knight you're the captain of the guild, Party buff with Asir Rune/Othila Rune to boost up your attacks and attack speed same with your party members. Rune knights are the Warmonger of the WOE, capable of dishing out 1 party in a small AOE scale using storm blast. You can chain Storm Blast + Dragon Breath + Ignition Break + Wind Cutter in WOE since all both spear and sword can be use in all 3rd job class skills. Sword Skills are for sword and Spear skills are for spear. (the update rAthena client) For a Tanker Damager , i recommend use DLH on clash because you will need HP for damage recoil(fcking painful).Aim on Squishy Class like Warlock, Sorcerer, Genetic, Gunslinger, Priest, Etc. When you are Taking damage from Royal Guards, Use Orclord+ +7-+10 Vmantue(with Deviling) Chain Them With Storm Blast + Ignition break+ Bowling Bash. It really matters on the Rune Knight user with chain of skills are you using. Or if the Royal Guard is a spear type skiller Use Horn Card+Noxious but in WOE you should wear always your Golden Thief Bug Card on your shield.( THEY ARE THE EASIEST TO KILL WITH THANA BUT THE RECOIL OF YOUR DAMAGE COULD BE PAINFUL). FIX AND MORE FEATURES TO BE ADDED SOON IF THERE ARE SKILL UPDATE ON RUNE KNIGHTS Updated
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    MvP Cards and Rare Item Price List

    ============================== MvP Cards ============================== Amon Ra = 200-300m Assasin Cross = 1.5-1.7b Atroce = 100-200m Bacsojin (White Lady) = 600-750m Baphomet = 200-300m Belphegor = 5-7b Berzebub = 200-300m (This card seems to be mainly for collection purposes) Buwaya = 1.5-2b Corruption Root = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Dark Lord = 100-200m Dark Snake Lord = 180-200m Daehyon = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Detale = 300-500m Doppelganger = 200-300m Dracula = 300-400m Drake = 100-150m Eddga = 100-150m Entweihen Crothen = 2.5-3b Fallen Bishop Hibram = 400-550m Farbjodur = 4b Garm / Hatii = 250-300m Gaurdian Kades = 2-2.2b General Egnigem Cenia (MvP) = 400-500m Gioia = 1.8-2b Gloom Under Night = 900m-1b Golden Thief Bug = 400-500m Goldring Boss = 800m-1b High Priest = 100-200m? High Wizard = 1.2-1.5b Ifrit = 500-700m Incantation Samurai = 250-350m Kiel D-01 = 800m-1b Stormy Knight = 400-600m Lady Tanee = 500-600m Leak = 500-600m Lord Knight = 6-7b Lord of Death = 200-250m Maya = 300-400m Mistress = 200-300m Moonlight Flower = 500-600m Naght Sieger = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Orc Hero = 200-300m Orc Lord = 200-300m Osiris = 100-200m Pharaoh = 100-120m Phreeoni = 100-150m Pyuriel = 1.8-2b RSX-0806 = 100-150m Skoll = 1.5-1.8b (Price is currently unstable) Sniper = 700m-1b Tao Gunka = 7-8b Thantos = 7-8b Time Holder = 2-2.2b Turtle General = 300-400m Werewolf = 3.5b (Price is currently unstable) Valkyrie Randgris = 1-1.3b Vesper = 300-400m Whitesmith = 1.5-1.7b ============================== Mini-Boss Cards ============================== Angeling = 100m Arc Angeling = 200-300m Deviling = 200-300m Ghostring = 100-120m Maya Purple = 100-120m Maero = 20-25m (NOT an MvP nor a Mini-boss) ============================== Popular and Miscellaneous Items ============================== Adventurer's Backpack = 5-6b (Depends on buyer+seller) Bottled water = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Mithril (From Mining) = 50-60m Old Button = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Arcana = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Beginning = 7-8b Symbol of Divinity = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Slyness = (Price unstable due to bug, SoS could be obtained though 2018 Easter Event.) Symbol of Trade = 1.25b (Was sold in vote shop in the past) Symbol of Precision = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Valor = 7-8b Rainbow Sash = 13-15b (Note, this price might be unstable) Red Bag (Costume) = 500-700m (Was on Vote Shop, and available through a Christmas Event Quest in the past) Valhalla's Flower = 30-40m 1 Vote point = 5m +9 Safe Refine (Armor) = 2-2.5b ============================== Disclaimer: The prices listed here are just a guideline on the approximate Zeny value of a particular item. This guide DOES NOT account for inflation. If you disagree on the price of an item, feel free to comment and let everyone know. Your price suggestion will be subject to evaluation by the citizens of GatheringRO before it is updated in this thread. Is there an item that you would like to add to this list? Please leave a comment and your suggestion will be evaluated. ============================== Last updated (Server Time): 20 May 2018 - 17:37
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    Guild presentation

    Tell the world who you are and why yours is the guild to be! Create your own community and grow stronger, day by day!
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    Having been attached to this class for such a long time, I came to the conclusion it was time for me to finally write a guide, since I think I know moderately what im doing with my class. I had to think quite a bit, but why not? Not many people use Rune Knight, and it's a nice class, one that takes skill against a decent opponent, of course with things as they are, the class needs boosts. (From skills, not equipment.) Note: There will be a bit of reading beforehand, if you don't want to read it, just scroll down to the guide itself. Why Rune Knight? Rune Knight is a great class for those who like wielding two handed swords, it's a bit of a 'cliché' to feel like the Hero with the sword, but it's fun anyways. They're quite strong, with the combination of their deadly runes, plus for someone who likes frenetic and energizing combat, RK is the class for you. Not only Royal Guards can go head to head with a few numbers in WoE, with this, we'll be going to the next thing in this topic. Roles of the class Like I said, Rune Knight can become a very hard to kill class, like a pure tanking one. This doesn't quite please me, as I like to be balanced between Attack and Defense, but it is possible to make of him as tough as a RG (Perhaps a little bit less tough). Since RK's do not possess skills like Devotion to aid their allies, making of a RK a 'support' class is utterly impossible. A Full damage Rune Knight, or a Hybrid, in a sort of way, is the best choice in my opinion. With a few types and builds to choose from, one does not need to be stuck with the same two-handed wielding sword style, being able to kill with a wide or sufficient amount of equipment and strategies. Alternatives include Sword and shield, and more I will be putting here. Skills and Runes The rune usage is a pure choice, they are not mandatory in order to kill an opponent, but they will help, that is assured. A good Rune Knight, who's willing to spend a bit more of time to learn about these and their usage, will be twice as deadly as the normal Rune Knight. But again, it's purely a choice. Rune Mastery, the skill you need to start the creation of the items, the Runes. You will get this skill early. In it's description, there will be listed some names of a few runes, but since Ragnarok is usually played in a small frame, they will not all fit in the screen, which will require you to access the internet, simply writting: Rune Crafting Ragnarok on the internet search, will give you the items needed, just as their effect and all the information you need to know about them. There is a total of ten runes. (Using them will make a name appear on the top of your head, just like a skill, but it's important to memorize or learn to differ their RUNE names from their SKILL names. They will be listed, but not in the order of which you can craft them: Turisus Rune (Skill: Giant Growth) Grants STR +20 for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It will destroy your weapon by a chance of a normal hit, so unless you have Full Chemical Protection, do NOT hit normally in a duel/WoE enviroment. Using your normal skills (with or without FCP), no matter how much you hit, will not destroy your weapon. Hagalaz Rune (Skill: Stonehard Skin) This Rune will, by chance, destroy the opponent's Weapon without endangering any of your equipment, although caution is advised, as the damage dealt by a Thanatos user will be amplified when in touch with this rune, monsters that will hit you will make less damage. Lasts 2 minutes and 30 secs aprox. Asir Rune (Skill: Fighting Spirit) Adds + ATK, + ASPD to the caster and other members in the party. (I am not aware of how much they give, im sorry.) No penalties suffered. Same duration. Verkana Rune (Skill: Millenium Shield) Grants the caster 'Shields' that look like Champion Spheres (Call Spirits/Dangerous Soul Collect), these, in amount, range from 2 to 4, being able to sustain a certain number of hits and damage. No penalties. Re-usable from 1 minute to 1 minute, last until they are destroyed, or gone after 4 mins. (?) Urj Rune (Skill: Abundance) Gives 60 SP to the caster every 10 seconds. No penalties. 2 minutes and 30 seconds duration. Rhydo Rune (Skill: Crush Strike) Uses your full power to give a powerful hit on the enemy. Destroys your weapon as a the blow is dealt. This can be avoided with the use of Full Chemical Protection. Nosiege/Nauthiz Rune (Skill: Refresh) Enables the caster to recover 25% of the total HP, heals the caster of all the negative debuffs, and makes the caster immune to any debuffs for 1 minute. 2 minutes cooldown. Obviously, no penalties. Isia Rune (Skill: Vitality) Temporarily increases effectiveness of all incoming healing effects by 50% and decreases effectiveness of SP recovery potions by 50%. Disables SP Recovery for the duration of the skill. (iRO copied description.) 2 mins and 30 seconds duration. Pertz Rune (Skill: Storm Blast) The rune casts a highly spammable blow that deals moderate damage. No penalties suffered, It is wise to keep some near. Very good at WoE since there is no knockback, using it outside a WoE enviroment, will knock the enemy 6-7 tiles away. Re-use time: Aprox 1-2 seconds. Lux Anima Rune (Skill: None, invisible?) Grants the party and the caster with the effect of a Rune that is chosen by the caster, only a few runes can be chosen. There are several types of blank runes, the items which you need, to craft these Runes, along with several materials, available in the GatheringRO Shop, going to go 0 and using @jump 230 215 will instantly teleport you to the room with shops. Once inside, talking to the npc behind the balcony, and choosing 'rune tool shop' will display all the needed materials for the crafting. I personally use ayo_dun02 to farm these runes. The process consists of: @aloot item Mystic Rune, @warp ayo_dun02 and then @jump or using the @warp again. Tamruans. These are the monsters you need to kill, they have a 100% chance drop. (Of runes.) They follow you and attack you, one blow/skill is enough to kill them. Usage and Relevance In a server like GatheringRO, not every Rune is completely useful. There are runes that are a MUST have, while others aren't even needed to be in the inventory. Neverthless, I will explain which runes are completely needed and important, as well as a bit of elaborating more on each. The Turisus Rune is a must have for every Rune Knight, even the tanker that is aiding the party in bypassing castle defenses. (It doesn't make much sense to have a full Tank RK in a solo duel.) STR +20 is a valuable bonus, and the only danger you face is by breaking your weapon when you normal hit, if you don't have the FCP buff on, if not, use it wildly! The Hagalas is a very handy rune, but often, it will become completely useless in a War of Emperium scenario, where every member of the opposite guild is using FCP. In a friendly duel, or in another type of duel, having this rune will pretty much save your life. If the enemy loses his weapon, you're most likely to completely obliterate him. I had people assuming I was using Whitesmith Card (Chance of breaking both the enemie's Armor and Weapon when attacked) because of the effect of this wonderful rune, just in case, keep it around with you. The Asir is another valuable rune to have nearby, but not completely indisposable. The small boost of ATK is way less than the 20 STR granted by Turisus, but the ASPD bonus will definetly aid for a Rune Knight who lacks ASPD in his attacks. In War of Emperium this rune will aid not just you, but your team mates; Keep it around with you as well. The Verkana rune is a MUST have for every Rune Knight in every situation. This wonderful piece will provide you a complete nulified attack from any opponent, no matter the strength or equipment. This rune has saved me loads of times, the Millenium Shield will block high damage attacks like Tiger Cannon, Comet, Adoramus, Self Destruction, Overbrand, etc... Have it with you ALWAYS. The Urj rune will come in handy in a few situations, but it is not completely useful at all times. This rune is used in crisis when soul burned, or sp drained by Dark Priest cards, or other effects such as Pressure, or Valk Manteaus. Not having any isn't a problem, but you cannot predict when such a situation will occur, although not mandatory, possessing the rune can save you, or aid you a few times. The Rhydo rune is a wonderful weapon at the disposal of a Rune Knight. Although caution is highly advised when using this rune, it lasts only for one normal hit, and skills such as Kyrie Eleison, Parry, Auto Guard or Weapon Blocking can absorb the attack. FCP is mandatory for the usage of this Rune, unless you use it with a weapon you don't mind breaking. Ranging from 30-60k, (It was higher before.) it is always additional damage dealt to the enemy. Not necessary to possess, you must be in at least one tile away from the enemy, having this rune is purely a choice, although appealing, I wouldn't consider it even a need. The Nosiege is a complete MUST for every Rune Knight. With it's wonderful habilities stated above, this skill will always come in handy, but, once again, timing is needed. The price of such a wonderful heal and immunity, comes with a price. The Refresh skill CAN be canceled if the Rune Knight is hit by any kind of damage. One must know when to use it. (I will explain this better.) Keep it with you, always! The Isia rune, in my opinion, is totally useless. In War of Emperium, most genetics will focus on killing, or aiding with FCP, but will not always be healing frenetically by your side. With the penalty of SP deactivation, a Rune Knight, just like many classes, without SP, is as dead as a bird flying to a plane's engine. Not necessary to be created, nor in possession. The Pertz rune is more of a rune against tough opponents, such as Royal Guards in a 1v1 duel. It's high spam won't be of any good in an enviroment where the enemy will be thrown away quite far. In my opinion, the rune isn't something a Rune Knight always needs, but it could prove a lethal weapon, especially in the hands of a newbie without kiels, who needs a good spam. Not necessary, but good for WoE. The Lux Anima rune isn't quite used by me. Rumours that is not functionally working at 100% like it should, although very appealing, I do not know much of this rune, testing it only once, and not 'claiming' my results. Search on the internet, it can help. Or, ask around in gRO itself. As for Skills, I will be writting a bit on these too, starting with Swordman skills, going for RK. (There isn't exactly a need of copying descriptions from RMS or iRO wiki, so I will be putting easy things.) I will also be doing a few comments, and again, relevance, but without a new listing, they will be after the skills description/info. Swordman. 1st class. Sword Mastery: Obviously, this will increase base atk with One-Handed Swords. Two-Handed Sword Mastery: Increases base atk while wearing Two-Handed Swords. Moving HP Recovery: Enables the recovery even when walking. *This skill is a platinum one, speaking with the NPC in althea (Platinum Skill Master) next to the Job Changer, will give them all, free of charge. Fatal Blow: Adds chance of causing stun on target when using Bash level 6 or above. Base Stun Chance is 5%*(Bash SkillLV - 5) with a further modifier from character BaseLV and a minimum chance of 0% (RateMyServer copied description.) *This skill is a platinum one, speaking with the NPC in althea (Platinum Skill Master) next to the Job Changer, will give them all, free of charge. HP Recovery: Enables the natural recovery of HP. Bash: A hit that deals roughly 4k,6k,10k Max. I wouldn't use it in any case, it's a skill to be forgotten, as it doesn't bring any bonus damage or debuff on the enemy. Magnum Break: A wave of damage that is usually used to damage traps in PvP and WoE. (if im not mistaken.) The damage of the skill does not matter, but it's effect does. After it's immediate usage, for 5 seconds, a 20% damage boost with the next attack is enabled. Personally, I do not use this, as it has a slow animation, and there is no time to be slow on the Battlefield. Not needed. Provoke: A skill that is casted on the enemy from afar, Granting him a boost of around 50%+ damage, but making him lose 55/50% VIT and DEF. I do not use this, and since many people use a Thanatos card (Which is better according to the DEF of the enemy), making the enemy lose DEF isn't something desirable. Not needed. Endure: In some occasions, a very useful skill. Although, again, a skill I do not use. I do not use this skill because it's functionality is a bit broken. Endure enables the walking without delays when being hit, or so it should. Lasting very little, it is a burden to be casting this skill from every 30 seconds. Partially needed, not encouraging to use it. Knight Spear Mastery: Increases base atk with while wearing Spears. Both Two-Handed and One Handed. Riding: Enables the riding of a Peco Peco. Cavalry Mastery: Increases ASPD while riding the Peco P. Two-Handed Quicken: Increases ASPD while wearing Two-Handed swords by 5+ while online. 3 mins 30 duration. A really good skill for any two-handed sword Rune Knight. Although being able to be dispelled, this skill lasts quite alot, making the worryings of re-enabling it multiple times vanish. A MUST skill. Auto-Counter: This skill works in a sort of Death Bound and Crescent Elbow way. Although not very useful from what I know, this skill could be tested and probably used quite well. Unfortunately, I do not know much about this skill, but I had never been in need of more skills. Disposable by me. Not needed. One Hand Quicken: Increases ASPD while wearing One-Handed weapons, useful for tanks or killing types with a one-handed spear or sword. (Platinum Skill). Penalty: Soul Link must be ON. Charge Attack: Strikes the enemy far away, making a distance between you and the enemy the same, making you occupy the tile the enemy had previously been in, this is extremely useful in a pvp scenario, although useless in WoE, since Knockback is disabled. (Will be writting further on this one.) (Platinum Skill). NEEDED in a pvp scenario, against certain classes. Pierce: Basic spear skill. Deals two blows, reaching 10-12k. For a spear type is kinda difficult to tell what to use, but I would not go with this skill, as it is basic, and it's damage can be reduced without barely any effort, although highly spammable, which is good. Not needed. Brandish Spear: Spear skill that throws the enemy afar 4-5-6 tiles. Considerably weak damage, not advised to use, since it throws the enemy away, and a Rune Knight must have it's opponent close. Not needed. Spear Stab: Very weak hit skill damage. Not needed. Spear Boomerang: Easily spammable skill, moderately weak damage. Throws the enemy afar. In my opinion, not needed. (Note: You can choose whatever skills you want, and im not a spear type professional, if you feel like you can kill with any of these, combine them!) Bowling Bash: Good skill that deals one blow and another aditionally by chance, knocking the enemy back 1 tile, while you follow, usable with both Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Sword, One-H. Sp. or Two-Handed Spear. Note that, all spear named skills, just like Pierce, are Spear weapon Exclusives! Lord Knight I will only be putting the additional skills they receive. Aura Blade: Grants +100 ATK. No penalties, a very useful skill, being used by any class of weapon Knight Class can equip. A MUST for every type and build. 1 Min duration aprox. Concentration: Grants Hit+50, DEF- 25% and ATK+ 25%. Another MUST for every Rune Knight. Like Aura B, any weapon class an use it. 1 Min duration. Head Crush: A very useful skill against a Royal Guard or class that depends or uses alot HP Recovery. Head Crush, by chance, disables HP recovery, which can come in very handy. The skill is a can be used by any weapon. A skill always handy to have ready and nearby, valid for WoE and PvP. Joint Beat: A skill that damages parts of the body, granting debuffs to the enemy, the reader can search for them in the wikis. This skill is a Spear exclusive. Both Joint B. and Head C. deal very low damage. Parry/Parrying: A MUST have for every Two-Handed Sword Rune Knight. This skill has a chance (quite high at the moment.) to block a physical attack, and range long physical attacks as well. Like ranger's arrows and skills. This skill is a Two-Handed Sword exclusive. Very handy, 1 minute duration, to be in the main bar. My favorite of all time: Spiral Pierce. A skill that deals considerably moderate/high damage, easily spammable, stunning the enemy completely if spammed at a non-stop rate, it can be used by: Spears, Two-Handed Spears and Two-Handed Swords. A Very good skill, to be in the main bar, a MUST for every type. It deals damage 5x times. The weight of the weapon increases it's damage. Tension Relax: A highly handy skill which enables a faster rate of Health Recovery when used, making the character sit, accelarating the health process really faster. Usable in WoE and PvP, NOT to be used in a 1v1 duel! Note: standing up will cancel the effect immediately, it can be re-used without a cooldown. To be near in the bars. Berserk: A skill that makes your Rune Knight lose his SP, hability to talk, to sit, to use or equip items, reducing your DEF value to 0, increasing attack significantly, and doubling or more your HP. Natural HP recovery is disabled, and the character can not heal while in this state, any heal attempts will be valued as 0. A skill I do not use, and do not like. Reliable when in low health, and in a need to escape. Not mandatory. Advised to use only in desperate situations, not in duels and others. Rune Knight! Now displaying 3rd skills and their relevance. Rune Mastery: (You already know this skill.) Dragon Mastery: A lvl 1-5 skill that enhances the bonuses given by your Dragon, maximizing it, just like every 3rd skill, is important. You need this skill to ride a Dragon. Dragon Howling: A mildly useful skill against certain classes. This skill, when used, and by chance, reduces the enemy's flee rate, and along with it, a change to inflict Fear status on the enemy. (Making him completely still, unable to use skills.) Definetly good, to keep around, close. Dragon Breath: A skill with considerably good damage (usually.) whenever used against someone with not many reducers. This skill is an AoE skill (meaning, it affects many enemies at one usage) which is highly handy in War of Emperium. Along with the chance of Burning status, which will cause damage from time to time, the Dragon Breath is always a skill to have in the bar. Highly good. Dragon Breath Water: This skill is the same as the usual fire Dragon Breath, except it has a water property, along with the chance of inflicting Iced(?) status, slowing the enemy. The skill is good when combined with the normal Dragon Breath, as it will deal twice the damage it would, if the enemy swaps to a Fire property armor. A good skill to use. Phantom Trust: A spear hit which drags the enemy close to you, this is very handy in any type of fight. Useless in WoE, it is a MUST for every Spear user. Damage is considerably low. Spear exclusive skill. Hundred Spear: A multi-hit spear strike. This skill can easily reach 50k per usage. With a rather moderate delay, it is a very powerful skill in a Spear type's way of fighting, being a spear exclusive skill, this is by far, one of the best and strongest damage skills a Rune Knight has. A complete MUST for a spear type Rune Knight. It will also by chance, trigger Spear Boomerang, tossing the enemy afar 5-6 tiles. The skill hits 5x(?) times. Enchant Blade: A buff which adds magic damage. To be honest, I am not sure how this skill works, or if it's functioning like it should. I noticed no changes in having it on or off, I generally always have it on, so perhaps, so should you. Every weapon can use this skill. Death Bound: Easily one of my favorites, this skill works in a timed way. Using it requires a certain 'mental calculation', it works just like Crescent Elbow, but harder. This skill is to be used just one second before the enemy's physical hit. Or, right when the enemy is casting it, this skill is a highly valuable and indisposable against a melee class. Having it nearby is mandatory, as it will save and counter the enemy's blow with mighty force, dealing huge considerable damage. In a short way, this skill works as a counter. Only usable against physical hits, and close ones, it will double or triple the enemy's damage onto himself, leaving you almost barely any damage. Wind Cutter: A blow with wind property that sweeps the enemy 3-4 tiles away. This isn't a skill I would like to use, as it (again), makes the enemy go far. It is a good skill in terms of damage, not mandatory, but good. I, for one, do not use it. Ignition Break: One of the best AoE skills a Rune Knight has. Dealing easily 40-50k per blow, this skill doesn't require any 'attention' or targetting in a duel. This is why I personally love it, it is a quick skill which you can use and it will launch a quick strong blow, no need to 'calculate' anything. Pretty much a MUST for every Rune Knight. Every weapon can use it. Sonic Wave: Another amazing skill at our disposal. This is one of my favorites for being a highly good damage ranged skill. Being able to attack your enemy at a distance is always good, along with it's good damage values (I've hit this skill got 67k.) it will be a deadly skill you possess. Definetly a need, to be in the main bar. Full Throttle: A useful skill I absolutely despise. Every class (3rd) possesses this skill. It will grant +20 All stats, along with a full HP recovery, at the penalty of losing both HP and SP very quickly, giving you a debuff, as it ends. It has a 20(?) minute cooldown. This skill is utterly good at WoE, and on a PvP scenario. To be close in use. (emergency.) Types of Rune Knight Note: every (?) means I am not 100% sure. Dragon Breath Rune Knight A Dragon Breath Full type will require two stats for it's main damage: VIT and INT. Focusing on equipment that provides these is the main goal in this type. Weapon: Pike [3] or [4] with Fabre or Archer Skeleton cards , or a Vellum Spear for a moderate DB + Hundred Spear damage. Drake could(?) affect the damage. Armor: A Brynhild with a slot is the ideal for a pure damage DB Rune Knight, with a Tao Gunka , this, if you are really rich. Worry not, there are alternatives from people who are alot more poor. The ideal (And the one I advise everyone strongly) for more defensive purposes: WoE Set. In this case, the WoE Suit that grants a wonderful protection with his full set, 20% defense against players. (No exclusive bonuses included.)The WoE Plate is also an alternative, and definetly the best choice at +9 for a full DB RK. A Peco Peco is also a choice for a starter for + HP. For more defensive purposes, a Ghostring is one of the best cards, Detale in WoE rushes is perfect too. For after cast delay reduction and more 'speed', the Sprint Mail, along with the full set, is a good choice. Manteau: An Aesprika grants a good 30% tolerance against physical type hits of any element. If the WoE set is chosen, the WoE Manteau is the one used. With one slot, it is great for switching cards to be better covered from elemental harm. Having 3 or more Manteaus is advised, to switch between such as: Devilling, Farbjadour, Kades, Raydric or Noxious, although these, are protection. Aliot card and Giant Whisper are cheap alternatives. Just like Jakk is a good alternative for fire protection. Nydhogg's Shadow Garb is an alternative for early game. Boots: Sleipnir (Ultra expensive) is probably, one of the best, if not the best alternative for Dragon Breath. If one chooses WoE set, either WoE Boots or WoE Greaves . These can have a Verit , or a Moonlight Flower , Cat 'o Nine Tails (magic, if one does not possess Maya) or Amon Ra . Variant Shoes are a cheap early game alternative, and getting these slotted, is also benefical, plus the aid of a General Ygnizem (by lancelot) , if one chooses the Sprint Set, Sprint Shoes are mandatory . .Other Hand: Huge advantage, shield. Valk Shield, one of the best for it's Bonuses towards Fire and Water. Thara Frog , Horn , Golden Thief Bug . For magic countering, an Orlean's Shield with Maya , and in rare cases Flaming Skull . Headgear (Upper): Dark Lord Helm (Quite expensive) is the finest headgear for a Full DB Rune Knight. The Blessed Valkyrie Helm offers not only good stats, but a good overall-appreciated style. , although not quite cheap, in time, one will obtain one of these. Prism is a good option, balanced in stats and in it's variety of effects, not exactly cheap. but mildly affordable, Definetly good. The Golden Dragon Helm is not only the easiest, but the fastest of the god helms to be made. Offering a pleasant amount of stats, a newbie can definetly get it fast. Baphomet Horns are quite the headgear for damage lovers, these will amplify any kind of damage (except magic) into something significant. At the cost of no damage tolerance, these will grant an attack boost, in both numbers and percentage. (Non slotted.) It's variant, Large Baphomet Horns are the opposite, they grant 12% defense, and a tiny ATK boost, being too, a good choice. Cards such as AA , Kiel , MayaP are the main cards on these headgears. Upper(Middle): Noble Mask , Slotted sunglasses, Robo eyes or 3D Glasses are good, these too, with one of the cards above. Upper(Low): Gentleman's Pipe(Slotted) , Pirate Dagger , Nebula Aura for magic protection . These (if slotted, it is no problem if they are not.) can have a Clock Manager , Ungoliant or cards that give immunity to status. Dark Pingicula also grants +10 Atk. Accessories: VIT Glove , Cursed Hand or Expert Ring . Beelzebub , Anolian , perhaps Horong too. If one decides to use the Sprint set, the Sprint Ring is mandatory . Note: Do not upgrade your gear, except for Weapon and Armor. (Refine.) On a helm with Bungnisis refining is encouraged. Build: Focus mainly on VIT and INT as well. They should be: STR: Enough to carry equipment without suffering penalties. AGI: High enough for fast animations, aspd should be about 184,185,186. VIT: Max 200. INT: Max 200 or 180. DEX: 150,160 LUK: (this is a choice, if one uses AA card, if so 77, the rest would go to STR.) Two-Handed Sword type A Hybrid Rune Knight needs both STR and VIT, but I would advise more of STR and Attack, due to DB being easy countered. Weapon: Violet Fear , Krasnaya , Tae Goo Lyeon , Any Battleground swords, the mighty Vellum Sword, Muscle Cutter (For newbies). Now these sort of card combos are not to be put randomly, note the ( and /. (Thanatos /Turtle General/Drake), (Thanatos/Drake), (Incantation Samurai,Tgen,Drake). (Hydra/Hydra/Skeleton Worker). (IncantationSamu/Drake/Phreeoni). The use of a Valkyrie Randgris is encouraged in a 1v1 PvP enviroment, to assure the sturdiness of the weapon, and a trump card of dispell. Armor: Same thing as DB Rune Knight, but no VIT focused. For newbies, the Porcellio is a significant help. I strongly advise the usage of WoE suit for bonuses. The Brynhild has the great +10% ATK bonus, a full damage RK should get one. A tao card is always needed, a Two-Handed Sword RK should also become a bit of a hybrid, wearing a Tao is very benefical. Manteaus: Again, same as DB Rune Knight, but WoE suit usage is highly advised. Boots: Almost the same as DB Rune Knight, but Amon Ra is a MUST with this type. In my opinion, there is no need for Moonlight Flower . Shackles with a Verit are utter cheap as well. *This is a combo boots-accessory. Headgears are completely the same, Rainbow Sashes and Rainbowring Rucksacks are also good alternatives. Accessories: Megingjard (Ultra expensive) is the best option for a Rune Knight who plans on using strength at 100% percent. STR Gloves and an Expert Ring with a Bronzering and an Errende Ebecce are the ideal accessories in my opinion, until the God item. Bloodied Shackle Ball with Shackles, for a +50 Atk boost, good for newbies. Build: STR: 200 Max. AGI: Enough for 175 ASPD. (Along with Two-Handed Quick skill and a few items, it is not difficult to achieve 193 aspd.) VIT: 160~200 (This is the hybrid fact I mentioned. You can combine both. More VIT up = more towards Dragon Breath. INT: 99 for Kyrie Eleison in Amon Ra, and enough to suffice the RK's needs since SP is valuable. DEX: 150 to 160. Fast enough for a fast/quick casting of skills. LUK: It is up to you. Tank WoE type (I admit I have never played one of these. So their guidance might be a little bit hard, I am also including full damage reduction items.) Weapon: A long mace , Combat Knife , or a Vellum (for a minimum defensive weapon). None of these has slot. Armor: WoE Suit (Best tanking option) or a WoE Plate with GR (Newbie/Moderate), up to Tao and a spare Detale . Emperium Armor (End) is the best choice for protection and good bonuses. Manteau: WoE Manteau with Noxious , Raydric , Devilling and Farbjadour or Kades . Goibne's Spaulders are a really utter cheap alternative. Boots: WoE Boots (these MUST be used with WoE Suit in order for the bonus to trigger/work), WoE Greaves with Amon Ra , and some other cards from the other two types. Headgears: DLH (End) or Prism Effect 2, a Feather Beret or a simple Beret are good too. AA is usually the desired and needed for tanking. Although cards that give immunity are also good against statuses. Other Hand: Valk Shield with all the listed cards for DB type, combo-ing too with Orlean's Server . Accessories: Cursed Hand and perhaps Waterdrop Brooch with Anolian (1x) and Errende Ebecce (1x). Build: STR: 100-150-200. AGI: 100-120 VIT: 200 Max. INT: 50-60 or 99 for Amon Ra. DEX: 140-150. LUK: All the rest of the points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Possible strategies against classes. Not every class is fought the same way, and each may require certain attention, equipment or even stats. Based on my experiences and knowledge, I'll be posting a little Rune K. vs class individual small texts, to possibly aid those have a hard time on certain classes. I am also sorry if the information isn't enough, or just doesn't help much, as well as some 'unavailability' of classes. Again, on any class, any time, I strongly advise the WoE set for a better chance of survivability. Later in game, the Emperium Set , available at @woe_map (Middle NPCs) is by far the best choice of damage and defense combo. Fighting Spirit and Giant Growth are a help in any battle. To all melee classes: Using Bowling Bash against an enemy with Kyrie Eleison on can help remove it faster. Rune Knight vs Rune Knight First of, having any type of long range physical reducer definetly helps. A fight with another Rune Knight is usually under a fast rythm, as there will be alot of moving, skills which occupy your zone (Eg: Ignition Break) will come in very handy. If one is fighting a DB Rune Knight, elemental reducers are a need. But keeping an eye for damage dealt, or physical 'manifestations' could also save your skin. The usage of runes, as always, is crucial. There are no skills that are more 'frightning' than others, so in a fight with a Rune Knight, Millennium can be used any time to simply prevent damage. Being too close does not also help much, so keeping a short distance (2-3 tiles) is advised. In a one vs one enviroment, look out for the enemy's possible Stonehard Skin! Death Bound is rarely needed in a fight with a Rune Knight. Rune K. vs Royal Guard Many classes fear a Royal Guard, and they're right on doing so, but not so much with a Rune Knight. Remember, you are using a class with alot of HP, facing a Royal Guard face to face might be dangerous, but doable, especially if the RG resorts to using Overbrand, which you can counter and amplify towards the enemy alot more stronger with Death Bound. Against melee classes it is always convenient to have Death Bound on the main bar. The hard Defending skill which RG possesses will make the process harder for a Rune Knight, runes like Storm Blast are good against Royal Guards, dealing an acceptable damage. Being slow while this skill is active, it is a perfect chance to keep distance away, cast Millennium Shield to ensure the Refresh process without having the chance of losing it, remember, Nauthiz is a very good rune, but must be used carefully! Amon Ra helps quite alot in a duel against Royal Guard, using Head Crush (at least 5-6, as the skill isn't a 100% chance one) is a good way to cut the regen. The rest is up to you. Rune K. vs Guillotine Cross For a critical type, it is very important not to stay simply 'standing'. If the enemy is zerking, it will be very easy to stop him, as you move faster, and using skills such as Spiral Pierce to stun the gx while you combo the rest of the skills, always maintaining distance as you walk. Now, it is not mandatory to have a Maya Purple when facing this class, but it definetly helps. I would say, switching or having one Kiel + MayaP can do it. If in any type of GX, you see he uses the new poisons (Eg: Oblivion, Leech End), not everything is over, when Kyrie is triggered, run away from the gx, and cast Refresh, it will heal you of the ailments, and make you immune for one minute. Then, focus on making him invisible and charge! For a cross impact type, Death Bound is a MUST. This skill will help you many times in a duel against this type, as their primary skill consist of a number of hits that are countered by a heavy damage with Death Bound. The rest is the same, and the usage of Dragon Breath is advised for the Burning status to deal damage + making the enemy visible. Rune K. vs Genetic The only real problem with this class (Aside from Acid Demonstration) is the Howling of Mandragora skill. Being hit by this means almost an ensured percentage of your health taken down very easily, as it also drains SP, it will pretty much make you miss and deal up to 1-2 skills, while the enemy has hit you with more than 10. Item sling (causes the target to sit) can be a very annoying thing to deal with, so having /sit in an alt+m shortcut can help. Parrying and Kyrie Eleison block the highly spammable Cart Cannon skill, so it won't become a problem to be protected against most of this. Pneuma (Errende Ebecce) also helps quite alot in this scenario. Equipment such as Devilling is highly advised, to reduce the incoming Acid Demonstration. (which is a widely used skill) Due to their high speed, Dragon Howling can come in very handy too, keep an eye out for Demonic Fire and Hell's Plant. (In my opinion, the rest of their skills isn't a problem.) Rune K. vs Warlock Spear type Rune Knights have a slight advantage, due to their Phantom Trust. In any range (magical or physical) duel scenario, one must not throw it's enemy away. Unless the enemy is near a wall (PvP), using Storm Blast is a very bad idea. An Orleans server with a Maya card will resolve most problems with this class, although without FCP, Earth Strain is the main problem. Keeping an eye for this skill, or saving Millennium Shield for the incoming of this skill is a good option. For magic classes, the Charge Attack is one of the best skills, and a MUST in the main bar. This will avoid many AoE skills, aswell as the bonus of putting an enemy near a wall (where it is harder to escape, by the sides, or facing you). Wearing a Brazillian Hat or Moonlight flower can compensate the fact that you will (most likely) be having Marsh of Abyss effect on you. Rune K. vs Sorcerer One of the most nasty classes to fight. Having a Bacsojin Hat and Urj runes is a complete MUST. Sorcerers will resort most of the time, to Soul Burn, and Dispell. Here, wearing Devilling or Farbjadour isn't advised. Unfortunately, the element of skills such as Psychic Wave and Diamond Dust has always been a mistery to me. Maya won't help much either. There is a really hard difficulty on how to advise the approach on this class, but again, Charge Attack is very important into bailling out of Vaccuum and Spider Web. Dragon Howling is a MUST in a duel/fight against the class. For dispell, focus on the main buffs, such as Concentration, Aura Blade and Two-Handed Quicken. Re-use the three ASPD pots if needed. Worry not about Parry, as it is useless in this fight. Moonlight Flower is perhaps the best for this fight. While the sorcerer flees (if you manage to take out a good sum) to Warmer, quickly use Refresh. Rune Knight vs Ranger Most rangers nowadays are quite easy to kill. Although, it doesn't mean every ranger will always be an easy target, or that he might not change his hand of cards (tricks). Rangers are quite fast, especially if they have the Warg in possession. Being a fully ranged class, they will atempt to outrun the enemy at all time, meaning that in a PvP enviroment, wearing speed boosting items is required. The Brazillian Flag Hat is a cheap and good piece to increase speed, discarting any other need to improve speed, as the Dragon speed is already good when mixed with other types of speed-improoving gear. Using moonlight flower too, makes the chase easier. Rangers usually like to resort to SP Disabling, meaning that having the Urj rune is highly advised. One must be careful when in WoE, as it is impossible to dodge traps such as Electric Shocker. In WoE, Charge Attack is disabled and therefore useless, but not in a duel. Having the Errende Ebecce facilitates the duel by quite a lot. If the ranger resorts to status imbuing weapons, waiting for a Pneuma trigger, and consequently using Refresh will eliminate the problem for one minute, giving you a solid chance to strike. Skills like Dragon Breath and Sonic Wave are good options to hit afar. The last despicable and somewhat tricky thing Rangers do, is the skill Camouflage, a hard to deal-with skill. Rangers cannot attack while in this phase, so going near them is very easy. Although one must be careful on the uncloack, as they could set traps right after. Using a Horong or silvering will take out this problem. Rune Knight vs Sura Fights with Suras are also in a quite fast rythm, and having good 'coordenation' to use your skills is a requirement. Death Bound is a complete 100% MUST in a duel against this class. I highly recommend speed-boosting items, as it will be hard to catch a sura using constant Body Relocation. This class, also often uses the AA , so, using Head Crush is a viable encouraging option. In this fight too, having /sit in the alt+m bars is important, as Suras are constantly resorting to Windmill. When being attacked by the 3 combo skill sequence of Dragon Combo-Fallen Empire-Tigger Cannon, Death Bound is to be used after at least Dragon Combo. As many suras are aware of the Death Bound, the most patient ones will not do the triple combo, but double. Do not worry about triggering with Fallen Empire, because this skill is quite strong either way. Any damaging skills are good when fighting this class. Verkana Runes are a wise choice in this sort of duel, to cover up the hurting sum of the Tiger Cannon skill. Dragon Howling is encouraged too, as Suras will be running to possibly heal with Gentle Touch - Cure. ------------------------------------------------ I will be adding more. This consumed alot of my time, but I am happy I did it. Anything I forgot to mention, please do tell me, overall, tell me how it is. -Added Pertz Rune info; -Added Farming site; -Added WoE tank type and gear; Just a tiny bit more to come. -A few corrections have been made; -Small class advising added; To finalize: class advising. Special thanks to lancelot and Rayleigh. -More class advising. To finalize 2: class advising.
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    Kenzie Riann

    Zie's Art

    My art, throughout the last few years. I have a lot of random art and photo's, so yeah. Have fun. D8 Anything marked with a * is new. Which, as of right now, is everything visible. Images Key, Zie, and Rahul Figure sketch (male) Figure sketch (female) Face sketch (male) Figure sketch (female) Erasculo Guinevere Zie Pai (as a Mage) Blastoise (ninja) Hand-Made Roses Bear and Bunny charms Wing Earrings Headgears Signatures These are all signatures that I've made for myself. Everything in the spoiler is everything old.
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    H a o

    Ced's Rune Knight Guide

    Welcome to Ced's Rune Knight Guide Let's start. I have 4 different kinds of build for Rune Knight. Pure Tanker Build Tanker/Killer Build PVP Build Killer Build (Spear Type) Those build still have 2 options, one is for those who can afford and one for those who can't afford things/stuffs/mvps. Somehow, it's hard for a Rune Knight if you can't have even those cheap mvp's. That's why I would say, this job is expensive too. With those cards I put, sometimes you can think that it's not possible for a newbie to play Rune Knight. But, you're wrong. Rune knight play a big role in WOE. Maybe its hard in PVP, but in WOE. Rune Knight without equips can still own. Specially if you have a nice timing of using Death Bound. ________________________ 1. PURE TANKER BUILD I call this build as WOE build. All you need to do is to lure people and let them follow you til your guildmates enter the Emperium Room. You can't easily die and you'll be immune to status. STATS: Str: Enough STR to be immune from Sorcerer's Vacuum Extreme. Agi: Not needed Vit: Prolly Max for HP and immunes. Int: Enough int for Mdef and for immunity from Minstrel's Poem of the Netherworld. Dex: Only needed for Casting of skills. (So you can use DB whenever it is needed.) Luk: Enough luk for immunes and status. (So poisons, burns and other status will be easily removed.) EQUIPMENTS: Headgear: •Upper Headgear: Brazilian Hat[Arc Angeling Card] / Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Arc Angeling Card] / Beret •Middle Headgear: Noble Mask / Any slotted midgear[Arc Angeling Card or Maya P] •Lower Headgear: Nebula Aura [Gibbet Card ] *Arc Angeling card for Regeneration, Maya Purple Card so you can see anyone coming to chase you.* Armor: • Life Link [Tao Gunka Card / Pest Card / Marc Card] *Tao gunka card is not required, cause if you want to be a tanker RK. You must continue moving without getting Freeze* Weapon: • Balmung[ Valk Randgris Card, Stormy Knight Card, Whitesmith Card] • Combat Knife • +0 ~ +10 Pike[4 pcs. Fabre Card] Shield: • Valkyrja's Shield[ Golden Thief Bug Card / Flame Skull Card] Garment: • +1 ~ +10 Valkyrian Manteau[ Noxious Card] (For Balmung weapon or if you have VR, SK and WS Cards) • +4 ~ +10 Proxy Skin Fragment[Noxious Card] Shoes: • +4 ~ 10 Valkyrian Shoes[ Moonlight Flower Card] • Variant Shoes (Then you can just use Authoritative Badges or Novice Buff Scroll for faster movement speed) Accessories: • 2x Improved Necklace[ Erende Ebecee Card + Muka Card] • 2x Cursed Hand[ Erende Ebecee Card + Muka Card] SKILLS: • Magnum Break - Help to remove the traps. • Endure - Enables the caster to move while receiving damage. • Death Bound - The most helpful skill to kill Royal Guard's who are using Sacrifice and GX's using Sonic Blow/Cross Impact. *Note: This skill needs a perfect timing. Cast before the enemy hit you. • Enchant Blade - You don't need to buff yourself with this skill, but you can use this to support your guild mates. • Dragon Howling - This skill can cause fear status to those within the range. • Berserk - This skill is useful if you're dying, use it and gives another full doubled HP which can helps tank more enemies. RUNES: • Hagalaz Rune - For 3 mins, your skin is hardened and you gain a chance to break the weapons of targets that strike you. When you cast it, it will consume 25% of your HP. • Nauthiz Rune - When used, automatically cured of all debuffs including strips and recover 25% of maximum HP. • Thurisaz Rune - STR + 30 for 4 minutes. This rune can help you lesser your base STR for immunity for vacuum extreme. • Berkana Rune - Millennium Shield. ________________________ 2.TANKER/KILLER BUILD I call this build as WOE build also. In this build, you can kill lots of people easily. It's easy to counter by using Lucius Fire Armor or Skoll Card, still you can own people by the use of other skills like Ignition Break which can dealt 80k+ damage with nice equips and give chance to freeze your weapon if you are using Stormy Knight Card. If they got freeze, their element will be change so the Dragon Breath will give dealt its normal damage to those non fire armor users. STATS: Str: Enough STR for high Ignition Break damage. Agi: Not needed Vit: Prolly Max for HP which gives more damage on DB and give immunes. Int: Enough int for Mdef and it also gives additional damage to DB since DB is based on the condition of the RK. Dex: Enough dex for Fix Cast. Luk: Enough luk for immunes and status. (So poisons, burns and other status will be easily removed.) EQUIPMENTS: Headgear: •Upper Headgear: Dark Lord Helm[ Arc Angeling Card] / Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Arc Angeling Card] •Middle Headgear: Noble Mask / Any Slotted Midgear [Arc Angeling Card or Maya P] •Lower Headgear: Nebula Aura [Dark Pinguicula Card] *Note: I prefer you use 2 Arc Angeling card for attack, and use Maya Purple for Defend.* Armor: • Life Link[ Tao Gunka Card / Pest Card] Weapon: • Balmung[ Valk Randgris Card, Stormy Knight Card, Thanatos Card] • +10 Naght Sieger Blade Red[ Thanatos Card, Turtle General Card, Stormy Knight Card] Shield: • Valkyrja's Shield[ Golden Thief Bug Card / Flame Skull Card / Maya Card] Garment: • +1 ~ +10 Valkyrian Manteau[ Noxious Card / Aliot Card] (For Balmung weapon or if you have VR and SK card.) • +4 ~ +10 Naght Sieger Flame Manteau[Aliot Card / Giant Whisper Card] Shoes: • Variant Shoes (Then you can just use Authoritative Badges or Novice Buff Scroll for faster movement speed) Accessories: • 2x Improved Necklace[ Erende Ebecee Card + Bronzering Card] • 2x Cursed Hand[ Erende Ebecee Card + Bronzering Card] SKILLS: • Magnum Break - Help to remove the traps. • Endure - Enables the caster to move while receiving damage. • Death Bound - The most helpful skill to kill Royal Guard's who are using Sacrifice and GX's using Sonic Blow/Cross Impact. *Note: This skill needs a perfect timing. Cast before the enemy hit you. • Enchant Blade - Use to give more damage, supportive skill. • Dragon Howling - This skill can cause fear status to those within the range. • Berserk - This skill is useful if you're dying, use it and gives another full doubled HP which can helps tank more enemies. • Dragon Breath - AOE Ground skill. The most used RK's offensive skill. • Ignition Break - Offensive skill which deals damage to all targets nearby. • Aura Blade - A supportive skill which buffs yourself an additional ATK. • Concentration - A supportive skill which buffs yourself an additional ATK and HIT. RUNES: • Hagalaz Rune - For 3 mins, your skin is hardened and you gain a chance to break the weapons of targets that strike you. When you cast it, it will consume 25% of your HP. • Nauthiz Rune - When used, automatically cured of all debuffs including strips and recover 25% of maximum HP. • Thurisaz Rune - STR + 30 for 4 minutes. This rune can help you lesser your base STR for immunity for vacuum extreme. • Berkana Rune - Millennium Shield. • Othilia Rune - Increases your ATK and the ATK of your party members nearby. ________________________ 3. PVP BUILD I don't know if I'm good enough to share my PVP build. I just want to share this since there are some players who admire my RK in pvp. Not to be arrogant, just to be honest. If you want to have a perfect PVP build, you must be aware how to use RK properly, must be aware how to switch quickly and must be aware to counter every class. STATS: *Note: Stats depends on your enemy. That's why sometimes, i need to restat first if someone ask me for a duel.* Str: Str for damage. Agi: Enough agi for 190 aspd Vit: Enough Vit for immunes. *I keep my HP not lower than 1.8m HP* Int: Enough int for Amon Ra Card. Dex: Enough dex for Fix Cast. Luk: Luk also depends on your enemy, if you want to ask for the common PVP build, I just use 77 luk for Arc Angeling. If there's a special duel, its time to do something for luk for the status ailments to be gone easily. EQUIPMENTS: Headgear: •Upper Headgear: Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Kiel D-01 Card] / Dark Lord Helm[ Arc Angeling Card] •Middle Headgear: Nebula Aura / Noble Mask[Kiel Card or Maya Purple Card or Arc Angeling Card ] •Lower Headgear: Nebula Aura [Dark Pinguicula Card ] *Note: Main headgear card is Kiel D-01 Card, Arc Angeling card and Maya Purple card is only for switch.* Armor: • Sprint Mail[ Tao Gunka Card / Pest Card / Ghostring Card / Marc Card / Angeling Card / Argiope Card / Other elemental card like pasana card, Dokebi card; etc.] *Note: Tao gunka is your main card for your armor, if you HP goes half. That's the time you have to switch armor.* Weapon: • +10 Violet Fear[ Thanatos Card, Drake Card] • +9 or +10 Glorious Claymore • +10 Krasnaya[ Incantation Samurai Card / Thanatos Card, Drake Card, Hydra Card] • +10 Naght Sieger Blade Red[ Thanatos Card, Valkyrie Randgris Card, Stormy Knight Card] Shield: • Valkyrja's Shield[ Golden Thief Bug Card / Flame Skull Card / Maya Card / Tirfing Card / Horn Card] Garment: • +4 ~ +10 Proxy Skin Fragment[Noxious Card / Giant Whisper Card / Deviling Card] • Aespirika Shoes: • Sprint Shoes[ Amon Ra Card / Moonlight flower card] Accessories: • Sprint Ring • Bradium Ring or Expert Ring or Improved Ring or Improved Necklace[ Bronzering Card] SKILLS: • Magnum Break - Help to remove the traps and give more damage. • Endure - Enables the caster to move while receiving damage. • Death Bound - The most helpful skill to kill Royal Guard's who are using Sacrifice and GX's using Sonic Blow/Cross Impact. *Note: This skill needs a perfect timing. Cast before the enemy hit you. • Enchant Blade - Use to give more damage, supportive skill. • Dragon Howling - This skill can cause fear status to those within the range. • Dragon Breath - AOE Ground skill. The most used RK's offensive skill. • Ignition Break - Offensive skill which deals damage to all targets nearby. • Aura Blade - A supportive skill which buffs yourself an additional ATK. • Concentration - A supportive skill which buffs yourself an additional ATK and HIT. • Parrying - Automatically block chance. Can only be use with Two Handed Sword. • Two Hand Quicken - Gives additional aspd. Use this when you're fixing stats so you won't put much points on agi. • Spiral Pierce - The most used offensive skill cause you can spam it with the build I post. • Bowling Bash - Used together with Ignition break to kill those pneuma whore which using Strong Shields or Brynhild. RUNES: • Hagalaz Rune - For 3 mins, your skin is hardened and you gain a chance to break the weapons of targets that strike you. When you cast it, it will consume 25% of your HP. • Nauthiz Rune - When used, automatically cured of all debuffs including strips and recover 25% of maximum HP. • Thurisaz Rune - STR + 30 for 4 minutes. This rune can help you lesser your base STR for immunity for vacuum extreme. • Berkana Rune - Millennium Shield. • Othilia Rune - Increases your ATK and the ATK of your party members nearby. • Raido Rune - Using your entire power to hit one enemy and chance to break your weapon if casted. ________________________ 4.KILLER BUILD(Spear Type) I call this build as WOE build also. In this build, you can kill people with the use of spear. It's spam technique kills your enemy so fast specially when you use it right. Also, this build is effective on PVP too. STATS: Str: Enough STR for high damage. Agi: Enough AGI for 190 aspd Vit: Total VIT should be max cause it gives more damage on DB and give immunes. Int: Enough int for Mdef and it also gives additional damage to DB since DB is based on the condition of the RK. Dex: Enough dex for Fix Cast. Luk: Enough luk for immunes and status. (So poisons, burns and other status will be easily removed.) EQUIPMENTS: Headgear: •Upper Headgear: Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Kiel Card] •Middle Headgear: Noble Mask / Any Slotted Midgear [Kiel or Maya P] •Lower Headgear: Nebula Aura [Dark Pinguicula Card] Armor: • Life Link[ Tao Gunka Card / Marc Card] Weapon: • +9 or +10 Glorious Spear • +10 Battle Hook[ Thanatos Card / Incantation Samurai Card] Shield: • Valkyrja's Shield[ Golden Thief Bug Card / Flame Skull Card / Maya Card] Garment: • +4 ~ +10 Proxy Skin Fragment[Noxious Card / Giant Whisper Card / Deviling Card] • Aespirika Shoes: • Variant Shoes (Then you can just use Authoritative Badges or Novice Buff Scroll for faster movement speed) Accessories: • Bradium Ring or Expert Ring or Improved Ring or Improved Necklace[ Bronzering Card] Note: You can also use Sprint set with the same cards on it. It's up to you which of the two you prefer. I would prefer sprint set if you can't afford 2 kiels. SKILLS: • Magnum Break - Help to remove the traps. • Hundred Spear - This will be your main offensive skill. • Endure - Enables the caster to move while receiving damage. • Death Bound - The most helpful skill to kill Royal Guard's who are using Sacrifice and GX's using Sonic Blow/Cross Impact. *Note: This skill needs a perfect timing. Cast before the enemy hit you. • Enchant Blade - Use to give more damage, supportive skill. • Dragon Howling - This skill can cause fear status to those within the range. • Berserk - This skill is useful if you're dying, use it and gives another full doubled HP which can helps tank more enemies. • Dragon Breath - AOE Ground skill. The most used RK's offensive skill. • Aura Blade - A supportive skill which buffs yourself an additional ATK. • Concentration - A supportive skill which buffs yourself an additional ATK and HIT. RUNES: • Hagalaz Rune - For 3 mins, your skin is hardened and you gain a chance to break the weapons of targets that strike you. When you cast it, it will consume 25% of your HP. • Wyrd Rune - Strike all targets in a 7x7 area around yourself for physical damage. • Nauthiz Rune - When used, automatically cured of all debuffs including strips and recover 25% of maximum HP. • Thurisaz Rune - STR + 30 for 4 minutes. This rune can help you lesser your base STR for immunity for vacuum extreme. • Berkana Rune - Millennium Shield. • Othilia Rune - Increases your ATK and the ATK of your party members nearby. ~ Sorry, my first time to make a Guide. If you want to suggest something for my guide, tell me please. If you want to know something clearly about my RK guide. Just tell me, thank you. Ü
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    The Ultimate White Smith Guide!

    Don't waste your time if... ...you already know how to make good White Smiths. ...you just came here to look for mistakes. Commands that you will need: @warp <- Warps you. @go <- Warps you to a town. @whereis, whodrops, iteminfo, mobinfo <- Shows you informations about the item/monster you're looking for. Chapters: I - The whole way to the White Smith II - Best Whitesmith Build III - Skill build IV - Items for rich/poors V - Pros, Contras for class and equip (will add equip later) VI - Finding items for upgrading and forging VII - Legend VIII - Credits IX - Helpful Links First of all you have to make a char. xD There are two starting builds, the PvP White Smith build and the Pure Forger build. NOTE: Get your AGI/STR/DEX full first, with both classes, it will really help you with leveling... PvP White Smith ~ STR 1 AGI 9 VIT 1 INT 1 DEX 9 LUK 1 Pure Forger ~ STR 1 AGI 1 VIT 1 INT 1 DEX 9 LUK 9 Novice Lv. 1-30 and Job Lv. 1-10 Warp to @warp prt_fild01, kill a Poring to reach Job Lv. 10, go back to Prontera and talk to the Job Master, become a Merchant, after that kill Porings untill your Lv. is over 30. Merchant Lv. 31-70 and Job Lv. 1-50 First of all I suggest you to reach Job Lv. 40, it's easier. The Hidden Temple (prt_maze01) is a great place to level untill 99, if a Hunter Fly comes, just @jump away, after you've reached Job Lv. 40, warp to Prontera and talk to the Job Master, after that, hit Blacksmith. Congratulations, you're a Blacksmith now! :3 Blacksmith Lv. 71-99 and Job Lv. 1-50 This time you HAVE to reach Job. Lv. 50, so get back to prt_maze01 and keep killing monsters there, try to find the Wolves, they give great EXP, if you're like level 80, try killing Argiopes with Mammonite, get back to Prontera once again and reborn. Reborn, Novice Lv. 1-30 and Job Lv. 1-10 See the first step. [Novice] Reborn, Merchant Lv. 31-70 and Job Lv. 1-50 This time you should wait untill Job Lv. 50 to save Job Points later. See the second step. [Merchant] White Smith Lv. 71-99 Job Lv. 1-XX Go to the Hidden Temple again and level there untill Lv. 99. Lv. 100-140 Job Lv. XX-XX Warp to the third level of the Hidden Temple (prt_maze03) and kill monsters there untill you reach level 120. Now warp to Guild Dungeon of Payon (gld_dun01) and level until 140. Lv. 141-170 Job Lv. XX-XX Warp to Thor's Volcano Dungeon (Warning: If your ASPD is not on atleast 190 now, go change your stat build at the black market.) Level 1 (thor_v01) and kill Fire Imps, you should might try to kill a Kasa. :3 Lv. 171-254 Job Lv. XX-120 Whew, almost done huh? Okay it's gonna get a bit harder now. Warp to the third level of Thor's Volcano Dungeon (thor_v03) and kill Salamanders and Sword Guardians, try to stay away from Bow Guardian, they're just annoying and don't give much EXP. Congratulations! You're a maxed out White Smith now. Xilence's leet tips for poors: -use an Ice Falchion to kill the monsters fast -loot the Accessory that Bow Guardians drop, it's called Orlean's Glove -use a Lucius' Fire Armor -loot items to get Zeny for your stat reset Xilence's leet tips for richs: -use a Magic Kettle -use a(-n) Ice Pick/Thana Card with Box Of Storms and Cart Terminate them to hell -use Saphien's Water Armor -take Yggdrasil Berries with you As I was saying, there are two builds for a White Smith, I tested them and can proof that they're quite good. Let's start up with the PvP White Smith build. STR 200 - For a nice atk AGI 200 - For Cart Termination Spammage VIT 50 - Smiths usually got a very low HP. INT 1 DEX 200 - Better ATK/Hit to own the Flee Whorez. ;D LUK 33 - For a few crits and Dodge. Note: You don't have to add LUK, but add the points to your vit. Now the Pure Forger build. STR 200 - For carrying items AGI 64 VIT 1 INT 1 DEX 200 - You need it for better Forging Chances LUK 200 - You need it for better Forging Chances aswell The PvP build should be like that 10 Mammonite 1 Cart Boost (Platinum Skill NPC) 1 Change Cart (Platinum Skill NPC) 5 Hammer Fall 5 Adrenaline Rush 5 Weapon Perfection 5 Maximize Power 5 Power-Thrust 5 Maximum Over Thrust 10 Cart Termination Now the Pure Forger build 1 Hilt Binding 10 Weaponry Research 5 Steel Tempering 1 Ore Discovery 5 Steel Tempering 5 Iron Tempering 5 Enchanted Stone Tempering 5 Reseach Oridecon 3 Smith Dagger 3 Smith Sword 3 Smith Brass Knuckle 3 Smith Mace 3 Smith Spear 3 Smith Two Handed Sword 3 Smith Axe Cart Termination info Table Xilence's leet tips for both: -look for a Skill Tree here First of all the items for richs/donators Upper Headgear: Valkyrie Helm(donated)/Dark Lord Helm, Kiel Card? (For uber Cart Termination spam xD) Middle Headgear: Nebula Aura with a Maya Purple card or Sunglasses [1] with a Maya Purple Card. Lower Headgear: Gentleman's Pipe, Nebula Aura, Pussy Cat Bell or Crunch Toast Weapon: Main Gauche/Blade/Axe [4] with a Thanatos,Lord Of The Death, Valkyrie Randris and Turtle General Card. Shield: Valkyrie's Shield with a Gold Thief Bug or Maya Card. Armor: Valkyrie Armor with a Ghostring or Tao Gunka Card. Garment: Valkyrie's Garment with a Deviling or Assassin Cross Card. Shoes: Valkyrie's Shoes with a Moonlight Flower Card, Sleipnir, Variant Shoes. Accessory One: Ring Of The Four Lords, Ring Of Flame Lord or a Megingyard. Accessory Two: Ring Of The Four Lords, Ring Of Resonance or a Megingyard. Now the items for middles having 500M-1B Zeny. Upper Headgear: Golden Dragon Helm, maybe a Maya Purple Card if you can afford it or Lord Kaho's Horn, if you can't afford any of them, try using a cute headgear. :3 Middle Headgear: Sungalsses [1] with a Gemini Card. Lower Headgear: Cruch Toast, Romantic Flower, Romantic Leaf. Weapon: Ice Pick or Ice Pick [1] with a Hydra Card (only if you got enough Zeny). Shield: Valkyrie's Shield with a Thara Frog or Ant Egg Card. Armor: Meteor Plate with a Peco Peco, Pest or Sasquatch Card. Garment: Crest Of The Rider with a Raydric Archer or Orc Baby Card. Shoes: Boots (+10 with a Antique Firelock Card) with a Matyr Card or a Green Ferus Card. Accessory: Ring Of Flame Lord, Ring Of The Four Lords (since it got really cheap. o-o) Accessory: Ring Of Resonance, Ring Of The Four Lords And last, but not least, the poor ones. 20M-300M Upper Headgear: Vanilmirth Hat or a Magic Kettle. Middle Headgear: Evil Angel Ears (gives STR). Lower Headgear: Any random headgear that you like. Weapon: Ice Pick, Guillotone. Shield: Buckler with a Thara Frog Card. Armor: Meteor Plate with a Peco Peco Card. Garment: Crest Of The Rider with a Baphomet Jr. Card. Shoes: Boots with a Verit Card, Shadow Walk or Tidal Shoes. Accessory: Orlean's Gloves with a Zerom Card. Accessory: Orlean's Gloves with a Zerom Card. As for the Pure Forger, keep these equips, just use other cards that increase your Dex. Xilence's leet tips for everyone: -use these Databases: Rate My Server if you're english and Rocards if you're german. -Google helps you if you can't find an item in one of the upper Databases Click me. Pros -ultimate ownage with Cart Termination -making money easy and fast by upgrading items -got the Vending Skill -has a great hit/atk bonus Contras -making a good White Smith is quite expensive -you're getting owned with a low vit, just like with a high vit -forging/upgrading fails -> money waste -paying Zeny for special skills Item that you will need for forging/upgrading: Oridecon -> Best map is jupe_core Elunium -> Best map is jupe_core Steal -> Best map is juperos_01 Flame Heart -> Best maps are thor_v03 and mag_dun01 Star Crumb -> Best map is alde_dun04 Mystic Frozen -> Best map is ice_dun03 Rough Wind -> Best map is abyss_dun02 Great Nature -> Best map is thor_v02 Xilence's leet tips: -click here for further forging information -click here for refining infos (use the google translator to understand the language if you're not german. xD ) -> Best map Blue highlighted textes tell you codes to use with @warp. You can use green highlighted textes with the command @go. If you need any information about an item or monster, use @whereis, whodrops, iteminfo, mobinfo, monsters and items are highlighted with a red color. Italic words/textes express that it's not a 'must do' or just a tip for making leveling/collecting/fightning easier. Thanks to -www.ratemyserver.net -www.google.com -www.rocards.de -www.photobucket.com -www.rns.gamona.de -www.gatheringro.ch -Persikka -Corias -E I E I O -Forging Materials and where to get them. -Chad's guide for getting rich ingame. -Guide for getting a Magic Kettle -Getting a Nebula Aura -Coupon Quests for Sunnglases [1] -Another Whitesmith guide that might helps you. ------------------------------- Progress: |||||||||| 95%
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    Blazin Shadow

    COMPLETE Helm of Darkness Guide

    Some of the other guides don't give you all the specific and exact requirement like locations of the different npc's you need to get the helm of darkness, and you end up running around hopelessly finding them, so here is the complete guide to get your mask. A forboding helmet that hides part of the face. People wearing this have the appearance of Beelzebub. STR + 2 So, here are the total items you need to get the Helm of Darkness: 5 Immortal Heart 5 Heart of Mermaid 5 Burning Heart (NOT Flame Heart) 5 Ice Heart, or Glacial Heart, same thing 5 Stone Heart 5 Wooden Heart 5 Will of the Darkness 5 Ymir's Heart Piece *Rare* 5 Will of the Red Darkness *Rare* ----------------------------------------------------------- Detailed Step-by-step Instructions Step 1) Difficulty: Medium Easy Heart of Mermaid Immortal Heart Both Immortal Heart and Heart of Mermaid can be bought in the Tool Dealer at the Mall if you have an alchemist. But if you don't, Obeaune drop Heart of Mermaid in iz_dun04. Verit drops Immortal Heart, moc_pryd05. However, it's easiest to just make an alchemist since you will be needing a LOT of Immortal Hearts for the Ymir's Heart Piece later. I suggest getting about 200 Immortal Heart. At the tool dealer, Heart of Mermaid 1,764 Zeny each, 1,340 with Discount. Immortal Heart costs 1,400 Zeny each , and 1,064 with discount. ------------------ Step 2) Difficulty: Easy Burning Heart The Burning Heart can be dropped by essentially everything in mag_dun01, so getting 5 is a piece of cake. **TIP** Use the @alootid function to get these items off monsters without wasting time to pick them up one by one. This goes for all the following items. ------------------ Step 3) Difficulty: Easy Glacial Heart Glacial Heart is dropped by everything in ice_dun02. ------------------ Step 4) Difficulty: Easy Stone Heart Stone Heart is dropped by Golem in moc_fild05. ------------------ Step 5) Difficulty: Easy Wooden Heart Wooden Heart is dropped by Wooden Golem in um_dun02. ------------------- Step 6) Difficulty: Easy Will of the Darkness Will of the Darkness is dropped by Seeker and Hodremlin in ra_san03. ------------------ Step 7) Difficulty: Hard Now that the easy part of the quest is over, here comes the hard part. If you are reasonably rich, the Will of Red Darkness is easy to buy at the Black Market where all the vendors are. Usually, you can buy them for 5 Million each, if there are any. Any more than that is a waste of money. However, if you don't have the money to buy it, you can either get the money to buy it, or you can find it on your own, in which in my opinion, is more rewarding in the end. So the Will of Red Darkness is dropped by the MVP Gloom Under Night. It is located at ra_san05, but only spawns once per 240-300 minutes. You can camp the Gloom if you like, and keep track of the time that it last spawned. Make sure you grab an elemental weapon, ghost more preferabley, seeing as it is immune to neutral-property attacks and it is weak against ghost (175%) . Once you kill it, make sure you grab Hurricane's Fury, which is a very good two-hand axe. The Gloom Under Night Card is very good, too. And yes, you do this 5 times. Will of the Red Darkness A dark oval stone with seven red eyes that's believed to act as a sort of nucleus for some monsters. ------------------ Step 8) Difficulty: Very Hard, depending on your luck (not luk, your luck as in get your rabbit foot and don't walk under ladders) This is easily the most difficult part of the quest since you do not know exactly how many of everything you need. I'll explain. So first, obtain these items: 1 Vesper Core 01 1 Vesper Core 02 15 Immortal Heart (which you should have lots of already if you followed the steps) 15 Solid Iron Piece 15 Worn-out magic scroll 15 Cogwheel 5 Fragment The Vesper Cores are dropped by Vesper, which is a MVP. Killing one Vesper will get you Vesper Cores 01,02,03, and 04. It is actually pretty difficult to kill on your own because the Apocalypses' Jupiter Thunder, but make sure you use a Shadow (150%) or an Undead (125%) Weapon on it because it is Holy 2 property. Don't use an elemental on it, because it will only do 50% of the damage. Solid Iron Piece is dropped by everything besides Aliza in kh_dun02. Make sure also to keep an eye out for the MVP, Kiel D-01, and Aliot Cards. The Worn-out Magic Scroll is dropped by Babayaga in mosk_dun03. Don't bother with the other creatures because they don't drop it, and it's kind of hard to distinguish between them besides the fact that Babayaga swings some kind of spear around. Also, grab a long-range character because if there are a lot, it will prove to be extremely hard to move due to the Water Ball skill Babayaga use. Note: Worn-out Magic Scroll is different than Worn-out Scroll. Don't waste your time getting an item that is completely useless because you missed a word. Cogwheel are dropped by Apocalypse in juperos_02. Fragment are also dropped by Venatu here, so kill those as well. Note: Keep in mind that Fragment is a different item than Metal Fragment. It looks like a computer chip. Now that you have all the items listed above, Warp to niflheim 307, 72. Click the Spirit to activate the Helm of Darkness quest, which you or may not have done. It is required for you to activate the quest before proceeding to the next step. Warp to einbroch 50, 45, now. Scroll over the wall to the left and you should see a dialogue bubble. Click it and you should be able to enter. (Courtesy of Argatlahm, picture and quest addition) Now in this room, you should see Sigurd, the Head Engineer. Talk to him once and he'll tell you about the Ymir's Heart Piece and the list of items you need for him to make it. He'll tell you that he MIGHT be able to make you a spare. Talk to him after he's done ranting and he'll try to make one for you. You have a 50% chance of failing, so keep your fingers crossed. If you successfully get your first one, pat yourself on the back, you're 1/5 of the way there! So follow the steps to get Ymir's Heart Piece until you finally get a grand total of 5 Ymir's Heart Pieces. Don't try to get around it. You won't be able to find Ymir's Heart Piece anywhere else. An easy way to get the Ymir's Heart Piece is to buy Vesper Cores from other people. A good price is about 3 mil each. If you have friends, people are often willing to get rid of them, so keep that in mind. It took me 16 of each Vesper Core to finally get 5 Ymir's Heart Piece, but that's just me. Ymir's Heart Piece One of the pieces of Ymir's Heart, which have been used to power the Airships and Guardians. It glows with a strange and unearthly light. ------------------ Step 9) Final Step in obtaining the Helm of Darkness Now you should have all the items required to get your Helm of Darkness. This is the easiest, last, and most rewarding step. Warp to niflheim 307 72 Talk to the Spirit, it will go on about darkness and being immortal for a while and tell you about the Helm. Talk to it again and it will make the Helm of Darkness for you!! Congratulations, you now have the Helm of Darkness! A forboding helmet that hides part of the face. People wearing this have the appearance of Beelzebub. STR + 2 -Guide by Wolf