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  1. The bug tracker is no more compatible with our forums. But i guess i could simply create a normal forum section for it
  2. It's really not that hard to understand. There are people who're trying to enjoy certain things. Playing against idle players or having them in your own team isn't fun. It's also considered AFK-farming which has always been forbidden, doesn't matter where when nor how. If you're not capable to play Battlegrounds like a normal human being, don't join. I might implement an automated system with a ninja update to catch abusers. I've done this in the past, which blocked quite a few players from certain features entirely (Horror Toy Factory) and further permanent account debuffs.
  3. Erundek states in our official BG rules that any kind of badge farming is prohibited. It doesn't matter for what silly reason they might be doing it, the rules are clear... no abusing in any kind of way. I will not hesitate to permanently ban abusers if they exaggerate their "luck". Please report abusers accordingly in our "My Player Reports" section which includes screenshots.
  4. Legendary Update Part 1 The item description always shows all restrictions. I've made sure that we keep those restrictions in the descriptions up to date so you're always aware about them.
  5. Probably also single unlocks per char through the @outfit command. But it's not yet decided.
  6. alt_fild05 260 150 (left portal of althea) Due a small mistake there are currently more test dummies there than expected. Those will disappear on the next update. Enjoy I've also added another pair on the althea field 02
  7. a simple ping isn't enough, sry. We require a tracelog combined with a ping, and WinMTR does just that. This way we can actually see where the latency issues are actually happening.
  8. Please note that there are a huge load of official restrictions in place. We're not planning to interfere with the official restrictions too much unless it's really game-breaking or extremly annoying. I've just found the issue on the althea fields, one of the valentines event had bad restrictions which i've now removed. My search function just did not want to find it... But it's fixed now.
  9. @leaphar Please download WinMTR from here: http://winmtr.net/download-winmtr/ Enter the IP Adress And press Start. Let it run for at least 10 minutes, then press export txt and send it to me. I will forward it to our hoster so they can further investigate the issue. Because they've re-implemented the backup router which was causing packet loss before. Maybe it's still not fixed. So please send us the logs so they can see what's going on. I've been doing it again, but everything looks really great now. So i doubt that this is still an issue, if you're still experiencing lag it's probably on your side. But let's make sure everything is really right by sending us the log. Thank you. Others are also welcome to send me the WinMTR log, simply tell me where you live so our hoster knows the distance to the server.
  10. Yea we can remove the pet restriction now.
  11. I've already reduced the damage a little bit since a few days for a fast *hotfix* But we will take a closer look at it with the upcoming balancing update.
  12. That's really weird. I just checked all restrictions but alt_fild08 does not have any warp restrictions... Oh boy... No idea where the emulator is getting this restriction from. We've never had a warp restriction to it nor is there anything else that could cause this. WIll have to analyse this much deeper.
  13. Increased to 5 for normal members. Should be more than enough for our current amount of new posts per day.
  14. No it's fine, as i've said. We will still discuss your idea a long with others to find the best fitting solution to the problem My idea does not count more than any other, it's also just an idea.
  15. This was my personal idea i've had in mind since quite some time now. Long before the MVP Card issue become a major topic. Please note that this is a rough idea which i haven't been working on in more detail, so take it with a grain of salt. ----------------- The world boss mechanic (treasure chest) was never meant to be Belphegor exclusive. Since you could go in with your friends and everyone gets a chance on a card and all the other drops. However this requires some major balancing that the market isn't being flooded with MVP loot. Although that system was initialy planned for Belphegor a-like events. And this would require to rebalance every MVP since most of them get probably killed way too fast. So i don't think changing the entire MVP mechanic of Ragnarok itself is the best aproach. However since our automated events are pretty old already and players have been asking for more, i've had the idea of combining MVPs and automated events together. This idea could either be an extenstion to the current invasions, or replace them entirely. It's again fighting mobs and i know there are players who would love to see something else instead. But i think the idea of Belphegor itself is great, the players might just not be as happy if they just get an apple after a long fight. Let's get to the main idea... World Boss Event extension - Featuring the official MVPs although highly enhanced in strength, health (higher difficulty) "Balanced" to a point that also newcomers (fully leveled up although not owning the best gear) could join in. Which means not as difficult to fight Belphegor, but it should take yet again quite some players to fight them. - Fixed times and locations (or an algorithm which runs through with at least 1 event per day) So players know exactly at which time and where the world bosses appear so we can gather enough players to fight them. - Similiar loot to the official MVP boss monsters. Which means everyone gets the chance to get their hands on a MVP card. We would need to take a closer look at all the drops to ensure a proper balanced economy. SInce this will increase specific exclusive MVP loot flow into the market. So some items might be more rare or we will replace or add new/other loot. - Depending on our effort, these world boss events could be extended with a small pre-quest which would make sure that enough players are available to even summon the boss. (pre-invasion with small mobs or gather items which builds a tiny story about the event) If that goal is not reached, the world boss will not spawn/trigger. This system would not replace the current MVPs, but bring additional Boss fights into the game. Yet again, i personally think that any game is more fun while being played with friends. Even with strangers, it's simply more fun to see a lot of others players playing with each other, and that's exactly what this system would achieve. Note: It's a rough idea in my head and doesn't mean that we will release this at all. I've not started to work on this. I usualy have a lot of ideas and a lot of them are usualy too exotic/big while the same goal could be achieved with much less effort. I actually did not want to release this information as it was just an idea i've had and isn't easy to be realised. But since this is quite a big topic right now, i think it would be good to see some feedback on it. Maybe you don't like it at all or i'm way off what you might have been looking forward to.