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  1. I will take a look at it then. Maybe i can find it in the rathena changelogs.
  2. Really? Maybe it was an official fix/update. We haven't modified anything related to parties. It sounds pretty logic to me that you can't invite own chars... For what purpose other than getting into an instance. Which would mean you're still getting in alone.
  3. You answered your own question already. Because you can't party with yourself.
  4. Malangdo Enchants

    It was never bugged thus never broke any gear. I tested it myself amd checked the script and it worked as intended. @topic If it's official then it will find its say to gro when it has been implemented by rathena. rAthena is currently recoding the entire source from C to C++ which means updating gRO to the latest content takes more time due interfering with our vast customizations.

    Helping people isn't considered cheating. But manipulating the natural flow of the game modes to farm badges is. We take this very seriously and punish players accordingly. You can simply play with other people, which helps them to get their own cut on badges anyways. There's no need to actually cheat at any given time.
  6. Cash Shop Update

    The halloween events have ended. All halloween themed content has been removed from the cash shop as well. Added new time limited content to the Hot section of the cash shop. -20% price reduction on all headgears (costumes excluded) Fixes - Fixed Erendes Battlegrounds invitational announcement issues. The timer got stuck when a player triggered the announcement and then logged out of the game. This prevented players to re-invite players after a few minutes.
  7. Mith Crystal Untradeable?

    Freya are official cash shop items and have with that official restrictions. Halloween costumes have been intentionally adapted for the 2017 event.
  8. Mith Crystal Untradeable?

    Mithril Crystal item restriction has not been changed since its initial release. (before 2014) It is considered a god quest item and has no direct connection to Mythrils unless having a similiar name. Item restrictions are usualy always intended, unless in very rare cases were we or rAthena made a small mistake.
  9. Malangdo Coins Restrictions

    It's an official restriction with the official item description. We can not modify the restriction before reviewing the npc scripts. In certain circumstances, depending on how it checks for the item in the background, it could be possibly abused.
  10. Armor Refinement Increase

    We've made several re-designs of our refinement system, most of them were only smaller changes. Compared to old gRO / pre-renewal, the chances are about the same, but with additional helpful items. Please note that 10 additional refinement levels have been added on top of that, and that reaching +20 is very unrealistic/extremely hard. And we're well aware about that. gRO isn't a full Ragnarok redesign, we're still based on the original. Our current refine rates are higher than official, and we're offer on top of that a lot of additional refinement systems to prevent your gear from breaking. @Hersheys Finally stop with your false allusions, it's a chore to read it in every single post. Think it and keep it to yourself if you hate me so much. The only thing i hate are your false accusations and that you think you can speak for me. Sidenote: Please keep in mind that increasing the chances will simply move the harder part further back to the higher refinement levels which means it will not help new players by any means. That's basically just a wrong illusion. I'm not saying no to the suggestions made here, just my 2 cents after reading through.
  11. MvP Cards and Rare Item Price List

    I have started with the dlh quest guide on our wiki already. The quest requirements are taken directly from our script: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Dark_Lord_Helm_Quest Most legendary quests are already listed in our wiki. At least the requirements
  12. World Boss Spawn Time

    Will take a look at it
  13. World Boss Spawn Time

    Shouldn't this be fixed already? Please note that we've had the 1 hour time change again.
  14. Fixes & Updates

    Commands - Fixed our custom command @whosell The search results should now be fully accurate again. Invasions - Fixed several monster spawns during the monster invasions - Several tweaks on the monster invasions such as monster amount or monster type - Goldring Boss does no longer drop golden apples to balance the reward amount for the new monster invasions Items - Increased drop chance for Orlean's Glove which was below 1% - Further fixes and improvements on the Flying Galapago item script bonus - Fixed Pimp Hat, Illyrian Headdress, Drooping Garm and Ring of the 4 Lords class restrictions. Now every job class should be able to wear them. - Fixed Event Angeling Egg and Event Cosmic Egg trade restrictions PvP Arenas - Renting an arena costs now zeny only, the obisidan fragment requirement has been removed - The Duellist now displays the current amount of rented arenas above his head - The Unknown Fighters located in all towns now include the PvP Arenas in their total player count This will make it easier for duellists to find opponents.
  15. Would love to make it a little bit more dynamic, but since it's just an "app" from cloudflare, there are not many settings to choose from.