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  1. Server is now online. The patching process is currently automated! As soon as you hit play it should trigger an installer which you have to install. If it does not patch for you anymore, that means that the old server has been shut down. So you will have to install this update manually as described in the news!
  2. Update: The import over night failed, so i had to change some configs and re-started the import this morning (several hours ago). I expected it to be finished by now (lunch) but i'ts still importing the player data. Over all these years we have gathered an extreme amount of player-account data. From the progress i can see right now it should be finished in aprox 3 hours. But i'm working today, which means i will get home in about 4 hours. I really really hope the import went well this time, so i need to validate the data first before i can re-initialize the game. If everything goes fine, GatheringRO should be back online in aprox. 5~6hours. I'm really sorry about the long downtime, i've made several server migrations in the past so i thought it wouldn't be any different this time around. I didn't expect such a huge delay.
  3. I'm not going into detail here since >90% of all players won't know what's good for such a use and get the wrong idea. But the biggest change to our last server is that we're now using RAID SSD's rather than HDD's. The fact that Ragnarok is a MMORPG, this means the main bottleneck for such games are the harddisks. Because it's reading and writing tons of data per second to the SQL database. That's the biggest performance boost we get. But we also have a more powerful CPU and more Ram now.
  4. Update: I ran into some issues while migrating the player data into the new Database. The data cannot be migrated as easily as i've been used to, so rather than simply copying all the data it's currently importing it. There were major changes on the SQL database system which now needs to convert all the data. This is taking way longer than expected. @symbio We're still using the same hoster at the same physical location. But it's a major hardware upgrade which brings us extremly more power.
  5. GatheringRO has been successfully migrated to the new server hardware. The automated update will fail as soon as the old server will shut down. In that case please use this manual installer to update your patcher, so you can connect to the new server: >>> DOWNLOAD NEW PATCHER <<< Simply install it at the same location as you did when you've installed GatheringRO itself. It will simply replace the patcher file with the latest version. The game is now running on the latest generation of server hardware. With more CPU power, extended RAM and SSDs. This reduces data saving and loading times by tremendous bounds.
  6. Idle check will be reduced to 2 minutes, since the players themselfs are actually requesting it ^^
  7. That should be fine then. If you need further assistance, i could help you out with a TeamViewer session. Just contact me on Discord.
  8. Make sure to physically trigger very short mouse clicks. Do not hold the mouse button to walk. This issue might be related to our mouse input enhancements to the game client. Which means it reduces the input latency immensly which gives you better character control. The server reads your holding input as if you were clicking a hundred times per second. So the script event may think that you've made a mistake on your path.
  9. Update: 25.06.2017 The hoster wasn't able to hold on its promise to deliver the new server in time. The old server contract runs out by tomorrow, so depending on the situation it might be possible that we will lose access to the current server. We're already in contact with the hoster to prevent that from happening. But in the worst case scenario gRO may be offline for a few days. We will keep you posted as soon as we know more. ----------------------------------- Hey there fellow players! We've been pretty quite since our latest updates back in April. So i'm here to keep you posted for our further plans. I've been really busy as i've been personaly working on my diploma which is about to end soon. So GatheringRO had to take a little pause from new content. But we will be back working on new updates as soon as i'm finished. The first update being a migration of GatheringRO to brand new server hardware! The maintenance for the migration is sheduled somewhere inbetween the 19th and 25th June. This means that there will be a downtime of several hours during the migration day (yet to be announced more precicely). New server hardware means more performance for the game. So data can be saved and loaded much faster than ever before! Your account progress is not affected, all your efforts will be migrated as well. More details on the migration will be released soon.
  10. Main issue being that every time i create a new patcher version, a few anti virus software detect a false positive on it. I check this everytime with tons of anti virus softwares and then report it to them. So the anti virus software companies then check this false positives manualy and release an update so it does not get falsely detected anymore. If i know which software it is, then i can report it to them.
  11. The problem is that the anti virus software will trigger the false positive during the installation when the files are being extracted from the installer. So it might delete files during the installation. You would have to deactivate the anti virus during the installation. But which anti virus are you using? So i can report the false positive to them
  12. Which anti virus software are you using?
  13. https://gatheringro.ch/?module=item&action=view&id=63104
  14. No specific plans, first time seeing it actualy. But we should get it for sure at some point.
  15. Server performance is just fine, we did not have any issues the past few days.