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  1. Make @Sissney great again! Sub GM~! hip hip hurray! XD ilu bish, all my support ahahaha!

    1. Sissney



      Thankies taco gurl! 

  2. Armor Refinement Increase

    I'm like 50% - 50% to this suggestion. I haven been playing lately for WB (honestly), but since months ago I've been trying to get a +10 in my staff and a plus to my Bow, and I just got it yesterday because I've been waiting to get enough Blessed Weapon Ores to fail like 8 and 1 as success (just for example) without count those I lost many time ago and failed. Since I can't play WoE because my time zone, for me is more hard to get those Ores with WoE Fragments, so I have to wait daily for my daily reward and get a chest or refine box, or buy them doing Daily Quest, so it means I depend only of that to get a single Blessed Ore per month. And then I think... yeah, we have more options to get those Ores, but I have to wait like a month or more for one... and then fail (Ore weapon or armor) but since we are talking only for armor I don't see the problem (or all this), for me will be more drama and salt if we were talking about Blessed Weapon Ores (tbh). Certificates are easy to get, and helps a lots, so I think they are ok where they are. Still, I have been reading all this and I think everyone have a fair point, I'm just sharing my opinion since I know I'm not the only one with this "problem". Relax guys.

    Tomoe! Hola... Creí ver otro topic respecto a esto hace días y te habían dado solución. Pero eso suele pasar cuando no está actualizado el parche, muchas veces no se actualiza del todo aún cuando lo haz actualizado (me ha pasado que le doy actualizar y en realidad es igual) Otra cosa es que dices que es sólo con tus chars en Althea, quizá debas moverlos del mapa desde el Panel de Control desde tu navegador. Pero yo digo que es el update D: Estaré más atenta acá para ver cómo va tu asunto, no te he visto más en linea Por favor contesta si se ha solucionado tu problema o aún persiste!
  4. Ayuda con uno de mis personajes :(!!

    Hola Tomoe, primero bienvenido a GatheringRO! Personalmente, a mi puedes encontrarme los fines de semana por la tarde (soy de México) así que no hay problema (mi char es Shuichi). Acerca de tu problema, probablemente no usaste los skills points cuando cambiaste de job, a mi me pasó algo similar hace años. Como dice Khai arriba en su punto dos, es lo que a mi parecer deberías intentar. Cualquier otra duda, puedes mandarme PM a mi char
  5. Ohmaygad... I think I remember this evil profile >:P


  6. Shu Chan´s Art

    @D e M o N I will miss you too, believe it or not. Those little fights with you are also part of the game and us (because we like it) @Hersheys For sure imma lurk around some day Kat hahaha! not soon but I will! @Gelo Babe! I was about to cry (again) ahahahaha! omaygad yeah I'll miss my char just sitting there doing nothing waiting for Daily Quest xD I'm gonna miss you too a lots and your fcking cute char and I never bullied you... ok not much ahahaha! Forevah Gelatina Of course memories are a treasure and I apreciate that. Thank you again and I love you suuu mucchhhh babe Take care guys! (Sissnay told me about your messages guys, I really feel your luv <3)
  7. Shu Chan´s Art

    Well! You know I've been playing here for 8-9 years, I met awesome people and I'm glad to have them as my friends, I hope our friendship can stay like this for many more years. But I think my time here has come, just for some new facts around that I think, as a player, we do not deserve, and just those closer people know that I hate unfair things, my decisions for many are "dramatic " but I just believe in what is fair. And I don't need more toxic facts, even in a game, yes. It's pretty hard for me to do this, this place made me happy, sad, angry... I cried and I laughed... because I loved gRO so much, but that's not enough. I love my friends too, but I will leave this game for the good. Khai, Sissney, Dany, Abril, Noah, Alel, Roland, Mahrze, Dothy, Ed Stampede, Mario, Mino, Violentia, Gelo, Sharkie... and many others (I'm sure), were part of my gRO life, even if we had some problems, they are in my heart Maybe one day ... I can visit the server just for the memories (and not again when Siss wanna make an event ... thank you <_<) So, I made this! Is a quick drawing, just like saying 'good bye'. Imma save my stuffs, because are too awesome for mortals haha! Jk! but yah imma keep them ._. Hope you guys can enjoy the game. I'm gonna miss you all! Bai bai
  8. What about zeny?

    I'm not sure... Having Bbgums,CI,Gym Pass, Enriched Elu/Ori, HD Stone, Blessed ore, etc... as you said with time they will be consumed (only if players are interested enough to know how...). We must have a control about it, not all people are hunters or farmers, and they can in a certain time abuse of it, I think that's the reason that are bound account. If I'm not wrong I think this topic about the restriction was solved before, and the point of this is contribute with new ideas to circulate that zeny stucked in our accounts and make zeny interesting to newbies so they can get some stuffs. Also, don't forget guys, many of those items are in other sections in gRO: like Vote Shop or Cash Shop, the point is to introduce players to vote and buy them and afford real money to support the server.
  9. What about zeny?

    (4 armors lvl4 + x obsidian fragments) (4 weapons lvl4 + x woe fragments)(4 cards + x Mithrill)(x Valhalla Flowers + x Zeny) As a suggestion. So we can improve the price of those items too, nowadays are pretty cheap. I really like your idea Eve.
  10. What about zeny?

    Good to see some feedbacks! Thank you so much for your ideas guys. As I said, It would be great to have a machine like the costume one (gRO Tokens). But one with zeny exchange, I agree with the fact that some headies and equips or items must be quested or hunted (sense of the game). But we can add in that machine some "special" headies (just for example) since this server is so fashion (that I like) but with a certain amount of zeny. Or some common equips, we can see them in Black Market, some of those are overvalued (adding some of them on that machine could be a help for newbies). For now, gRO's economy is moving on just for other items, not even miths or VF's, also I agree to add some basic prices to all services, so we can rotate the zeny.
  11. What about zeny?

    I've been chatting with some players in game, and we are agree that zeny is pretty useless. Newbies can't get good items to play because the sellers are not looking for zeny, instead they want another expensive items. Some players are too rich in zeny and they can't buy nothing because no one wants zeny. Maybe doing quests that need a certain amount of zeny, a machine with some -expensive- headgears/equips... (like the costume one) I don't know... ideas?
  12. How to Kill Celine Kimi?

    It was easy to kill Kimi with Ranger before Eve made her a little more stronger... even I killed her in time before the instance get destroyed, now is like a pain. Or maybe you can add more time so we can kill her. (?) Just my opinion.
  13. Happeh New Year gRO!!

    (Not you Alel) /heh

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  14. Qué ha pasado con vos que no apareces? Menos ahora que estoy de vacaciones ahaha! Espero la estes pasando bien :P quiero mi regalo!

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      Hahahaha Feliz Navidad loca! Ya me pasare pronto, que me he ocupado!

  15. /lvSending my love to ma wifu since she ignored me nows, but I still love y /lv

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      Don't believe that @raphaelluigi, he is on parteh all day long :).

      I'm there sometimes! just passing by /ok I have been a little busy with school but in my free times, I'm online /heh

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      I still luv you all.....except Shuichi....la la al al ala .....hahahahha

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      alllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!! /lv