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  1. Healing staff[2]

    excuse me, do you mean this staff?
  2. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

  3. Master Buff Scrolls

    please no AB class will be totally become extinct class to play, why? here some of my thoughts, 1.if you saying about AB heals, i think it cannot outheal the now a days damage even if you use full heal boost gears over ups weapons, its still not enough to save your allies(but still depends how skillfull the one you supporting) 2.And then, for example if this implemented, so no need for AB to buffs especially in WoE, and you need a healer, so get a genetic it can heal you gives sp,FCP and can do offensive play, so where is the role of AB now? feel free to correct me if im wrong thank you!
  4. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

  5. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

    maybe we should fill in the EMPTY space? lol
  6. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

  7. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

  8. miss you haru~

    1. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      miyu!! miss u too! its been a VERRRRRYYYYYYY long time!! LOL still playing? my account AB err, i think still going online, my friends still playing it, 

  9. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

    Hello! its been a year since i join here! Thanks to all you even though were not active in-game Happy new year guys thanks for taking care of us wishing for a blast new year to all of you! -haruhi & korin
  10. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. at arakawa-ku, im too excited, nitto! nitto!

    1. Yumii


      Back in Japan? i will be there in december ^_^ have fun haru!

    2. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      ya! really? hope we can meet here too!

    3. Yumii


      disney sea!!!!

  12. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6NYC-QHwZE&feature=related -____-\\\ -__^)
  13. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

    Congratulations to the newly weds here!! BEST WISHES!! LOL
  14. Im getting bored at this game ( 一。一、)

    1. akira21
    2. Vyers
    3. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      maybe becouse of the game atmosphere i guess? thats why i feel that im bored lol

  15. Transcended Wings ΙΙ

    Siss san you can visit me anytime lol! have fun