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  2. miss you haru~

    1. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      miyu!! miss u too! its been a VERRRRRYYYYYYY long time!! LOL still playing? my account AB err, i think still going online, my friends still playing it, 

  3. Hello! its been a year since i join here! Thanks to all you even though were not active in-game Happy new year guys thanks for taking care of us wishing for a blast new year to all of you! -haruhi & korin
  4. Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. at arakawa-ku, im too excited, nitto! nitto!

    1. Yumii


      Back in Japan? i will be there in december ^_^ have fun haru!

    2. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      ya! really? hope we can meet here too!

    3. Yumii


      disney sea!!!!

  6. -____-\\\ -__^)
  7. Congratulations to the newly weds here!! BEST WISHES!! LOL
  8. Im getting bored at this game ( 一。一、)

    1. akira21
    2. Vyers
    3. Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      Reaching The Scarlet Moon

      maybe becouse of the game atmosphere i guess? thats why i feel that im bored lol

  9. Siss san you can visit me anytime lol! have fun
  10. random lol ^^
  11. I think its not bad posting here sometimes right? lol 一。一 . btw welcome siss san, see ya in-game
  12. LOL next page? @yumichan, Im not sure
  13. ya Im the lame AB user of Kotonoha Katsura, nice to meet you all! @yumichan, it seems the problem is in the script of this forum,
  14. So its ur homonculus name a cow, sorry if i make a stolen shot with him, and nice to meet you!