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  1. +1!!!
  2. I saw this on other servers bwahahahahah! (sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle)
  3. Originally, the emperiums hp bar are not visible, but some recent updates made it possible to view its HP status when hit, so I guess it is the GM's decision to make this visible or not.
  4. 3162
  5. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. I may want to try to play it if it dish out some really powerful spells, this goes the same with taekwon class.
  7. Its a random time.
  8. Because you quoted in this section that I will just have to keep on leveling, in which I did for several minutes, and it didn't work You should have already posted your screenie from the start
  9. well don't blame me if I tested the latest soul linker besh!!!! bwahahahahaha!
  10. ic
  11. yeah it disappears and stays that way forever at job 80.
  12. This was long ago
  13. This is working smoothly now! Thank you!
  14. This is working smoothly now! Thank you!
  15. 3159