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  1. +1 to 2-3 mins inactivity level
  2. 2 hrs is the new respawn time since we are having the renewal patch.
  3. @Gelo what is your antivirus besh?
  4. alt f4
  5. the aura was just gone because of the updates. it was reported long ago that GRB's aura was gone and then the GM adjusted it and so GRB's aura was back. Unfortunately, there was another update recently which removed the aura but this time no one reported it until now.
  6. let's ask rathena
  7. It used to have.
  8. Unfortunately, Magma eruption is on the list of skills that can be reproduced.( https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/skill_copyable_db.txt ) But +1 to the suggestion of removing it in the copiable skills.
  9. Add to the skill damage boost the 2 elvira cards (+14% damage increase in total) + naght sieger card (+30% damage boost) = evaporates none shield wielder characters (archers, gunslingers) Just for fun: make the current damage to official one so that one reflect can kill them too (Jokeeeeee!!!!!!!!! )
  10. I don't think that everyone has an unlimited zenny, sooner or later it will deplete, thus, players will be accepting zenny again to gain some items. Don't you want guys to have your zenny gain its value again? Ab's are still a very good support and I think that it is exaggerated that they will become useless, AB's have a very high heal output. Besides, using master buff scroll is not all positive because it continually drain your sp and prevents it from regenerating.
  11. Actually, this is a good idea for burning zenny, maybe with the right balanced price in zenny will do.
  12. I see more blood spilled in the arena
  13. I love the official behavior