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  1. Sounds good to me. I was also toying with the idea of adding an Improved Expert Ring. I am not sure if this will make it into the next update, though. Consider your suggestion approved.
  2. If doing nothing in BG (or intentionally losing) was not against the rules, the @reportafk command would also be illegal as it is specifically aimed at removing such players from the BG. There is no way for us to stop such behavior but that does not mean it isn't a transgression. Please report such players with screenshots so that I can take action against them. I haven't discussed this with the rest of the GM team but I am sure they will agree that players who intentionally harm the gaming experience of others deserve a punishment. Though, I guess the game itself is also to blame as it doesn't provide a way for friends to join the same team.
  3. This is intended. The changelog of the last update mentions this.
  4. Will be part of the next skill balancing update.
  5. Khaii wins! Answer is 52!
  6. Additional Riddle has been posted! Khaii, Sadam, Killer Wing: PM me your solution!

  7. Additional riddle has been posted in the 1st post! Khaii, Sadam and Killer Wing, PM me your solution as fast as you can! Quickest to solve it wins a GRO Box or a Costume of choice (from among three options).
  8. The suggestion has been approved. If you want to discuss damage reductions, this doesn't seem like the right place for that. Topic locked.
  9. I have checked the database and it appears the skill is currently in a highly buffed state from a past balancing, it is likely that we will adjust it a little. I don't plan to make it unattractive, though. That being said, this will be part of a big balancing update so Rangers will likely receive some buffs for other skills.
  10. Will be investigated.
  11. Dear honey bee, if we increase the drop rates of gold there will be even more inflation. You can always use bubble gum to double the rates (obtainable via adventure dailies, woe, events, daily rewards, vote, donate). We are currently trying to look for ways to reduce the amount of zeny that is circulating within GRO, not increase it. Additionally, farming gold is not the only way to get the money you need. You can do Endless Tower to get a chance at MVP cards, hunt them on their maps, do adventure guild dailies to get refine certificates (and sell the items that you upgrade), participate in events to win prizes which you can sell to other players or donate to the server and sell the items that you buy. If you want to start playing PVP right away you can always play a different class until you have GRB or focus on attacking Rangers / Guillotine Cross / Sorcerer / Warlocks. These classes usually don't wear GTB (they might equip it when attacked, though).
  12. To those players who were able to solve a DIFFICULT riddle: I will post the additional riddle on the 18th of March (Saturday) at 16:00 server time. If you can't access the internet during that time please let me know asap.
  13. Yes, Hersheys.
  14. We are aware of this problem and will fix it asap. I hope you guys can bear with it in the meantime.
  15. Raaaaaaaaaayle mein Junge./pat2