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  1. I have already adjusted the burn durations for this skill and demonic fire which are way too long. They will get a duration similar to Dragon Breath's burn with the next update. Please bear with it until Everade implements the changes.
  2. We want to reduce the amount of zeny in circulation without upsetting the server's balance. This suggestion will help strong players dominate even more as they will have access to full buffs all the time.
  3. It's meant to be a rare item. It is too powerful to be simply sold by an npc.
  4. The official fixed cd for DS is 2 seconds. It was customized ages ago because it was necessary. Likewise, FO instant cast is a customization that has been in place for a very long time now. These are customozations that make Sura enjoyable, in my opinion. Fallen Emp. could also do with a tweak to its damage but I'd rather leave the Sura skill Zen as it is.
  5. This skill behaves very differently from what you guys know (it doesn't deal damage) so either we use its official behaviour (blocked by GTB) or we revert it to its old behaviour (not blocked by GTB). There is no "75% chance of penetration when wearing GRB" just like there is no such thing for Masquerades. Since we prefer official behaviour over customizations as long as it isn't unbalanced we implemented the official behaviour.
  6. Some of the changes listed here are drastic customizations which would heavily affect the versatility and potential of certain classes. The changes I agree with in their suggested form are: Tiger Cannon forced neutral, Circle of Nature, Cart Tornado damage. For Arullo I plan to adjust its duration to a value that is similar to that of Lullaby (i.e. a shorter duration). To prevent the immbolization effect of sling item that you mentioned it would need a cd of at least 4 if not 5 seconds which would mean a heavy setback for genetics. Although I think they would prefer a longer cooldown to being able to stand up right away. I agree that Frost Joker should yield Emp. Fragments but I am not sure if it is possible to implement at this point.
  7. I think Telikenesis and Gioia are the main problem here. The official values of these skills are simply ridiculous and it appears even in their current balanced form they enable Warlocks with decent gear to literally one-shot either the enemy or themselves. Soul expansion by itself is not particularly strong so decreasing its damage would only hurt newbies. Maybe I can tweak Telikenesis/Gioia a little while boosting AoE Warlock skills to compensate for that.
  8. Skills that are autocasted through equip/cards usually don't require a catalyst. The skill acid terror is very weak, though. I hope you don't confuse it with Acid Demonstration. The Crit increase can be useful but you would have to put 110 strength to get the most out of it. I believe for Rangers putting those stats in LUK would be the better choice. This card seems to be best suitable for crit GX/RK as they put high STR anyway. Finally, if your aim is to PVP with this card, I would recommend you use a Marc card instead. For PVE it can't hurt to have 20 or 40 additional crit, though.
  9. It's already implemented. To all players: Please make sure you test things one last time before posting a suggestion as there have been quite a few updates over the past months.
  10. That doesn't sound like a good idea. There are many custom items that add mdef and we would have to balance all of them. Right now you can get 100 Mdef with Maya Helm and Nebula alone. Try to get 200 using this base. Besides, I am not even sure if your desired change is possible. As I said, it is a global condition.
  11. I thought I had made myself very clear. We use official resistance times 2. If you need 100 of a stat (Primary or Substat) to become immune on kRO, you will need 2 times the amount on gRO. Naturally, this applies to Hard MDEF as well (it is a substat). Why else would I have replied with this information in a topic about frozen immunity via hard MDEF? Furthermore, I believe replies like "let us apply this to X as well" also miss the core message given. The condition I mentioned is a global one. It should already affect immunity via VIT resistance (Poison, Stun..). Don't forget that immunity with primary stats usually takes into account additional stats as well (150+54 VIT = immune). As for burning, I believe luk reduces the duration (as with Frozen status). However, take this information with a grain of salt. Burning immunity via equips is currently bugged on rAthena and it is reasonable to believe that resistance via stats is also not entirely working. Magma Eruption and Demonic Fire will have their burning duration reduced, in case these are the skills you were trying to resist.
  12. We use official resistance times 2. Every stat that requires 100 will require 200 instead.
  13. We were very well aware that BG Badges can technically be farmed 24/7. That is why we implemented a unique Daily Limit. However, please try to understand that we neither wanted to keep the limit too low (to maintain a highly daily BG activity) nor set the prices for the sets too high (and thus cripple motivation to farm them). Moreover, Battleground is very much subject to many random factors (some modes give less badges, you actually have to win to get more badges and reach the limit within your personal time frame, sometimes you won't find enough players etc.) while WoE is basically fixed to certain times and rewards fragments on a very different (less random) basis ( "do X dmg, get X fragments", "heal amount X, get X fragments"...etc.). As you can see, the two PVP modes differ very much and so do their corresponding rewards. It is only fair that the EMP set takes a little longer to get as it is more versatile. However, we are open for suggestions. Personally, I think the garment's +9 effect could do with a little boost. I am also not happy with the fact that the +9 effect of the shoes is the same as the effect of the 1H Emp. Wand.
  14. First of all, the BG sets don't provide 40% skill damage at +10. The description says according to refine level but this doesn't mean equal to refine level. The formula is actually refine level divided by 3 meaning you get an additional 10% damage to your skill if your whole set is +9/10. So it's 20% not 40% which would be way too much. Second, as Lancelot already mentioned, the BG sets are kind of offensive sets with mediocre defensive stats and good offensive stats. Moreover, they provide a useful stat that helps certain playstyles. The emperium set has a good mix of defensive and offensive stats and is arguably the better overall choice since it boost survivability by a lot while not neglecting DMG. Lastly, the only thing that was nerfed concerning the EMP set were the shoes. They initially gave +1 stats but it was removed due to heavy complaints (mostly because of arguments involving Sleipnir). The other thing that was changed were the accessories but they don't count as they are not part of the set.
  15. Players use Drake card in Balmung because daggers have 75% ATK vs Medium (this only affects the Weapon's ATK). As Leaphar mentioned, I tested this and I can confirm Daehyon doesn't work with Balm.