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  1. Bug on Land Protector?

    It's been reported in the past. Check this topic and check my response:https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/index.php?/topic/48787-land-protector/&page=0#comment-407551
  2. bugged while upgrading expert ring

    Solved. The expert ring used was bugged (it had a bugged enchantment..).
  3. Force Shadow Weapon isn't giving ATK+10

    I don't know how often I've said this, but here I go again: Some status changes are not shown in the stat window. You will notice a slight DMG increase when using the Shadow Weapon, however. Try it on your Mechanic with Maximize Power to ensure you notice the difference. Invalid Report.
  4. Disable Pneuma in World Boss Map

    The boss actually casts pneuma himself.
  5. New Events & Content

    I can trade balmung just fine. The message you got indicates that the person you were trading with had too many items in his/her inventory.
  6. What's the item script for Belphegor card?

    Has a GM shown you the card? The bonus is 1 ATK / MATK per 10 Base Level and 1 Hit per 17 Base Level resulting in 25 ATK / MATK and 15 HIT.
  7. Bring original Megingjord effect

    I can see your point. However, the original megingjard effect is simply not healthy for the server at its current state. If you thought about it and if you cared about the server as a whole you would understand. Megingjard is still the best in slot accessory for STR builds, the difference is just not as huge anymore (see pictures). The Sleipnir boost was necessary to ensure the same thing holds true for Sleipnir. Mjolnir and Brysingamen are a different story entirely, as they have long been neglected. Nevertheless, I have come to the conclusion that a slighter nerf for Megingjard is more appropriate. The new effect will be: Every 10 Base levels STR +1 (i.e., 40 + 25 STR, instead of 40 + 50 STR). This will be implemented as soon as possible. Spoiler Note: This is with minimal equipment. The more damage you do, the higher the difference between the two items.
  8. Temporal Boot Enchant "Muscle Fool"

    That's the old effect, we are using the new official effect.
  9. Fallen Angel Wings

    Hersh, it can be obtained with badges. Slowmotion, we will likely implement an NPC that will enchant the wings the same way Archangel Wings are enchanted so they will be on the same level. http://irowiki.org/wiki/Archangel_Wing_Enchants
  10. Fallen Angel Wings

    There is a small chance to break the wings.
  11. Fallen Angel Wings

    Only Archangel Wings (Daily Quest reward) can be enchanted at the moment (in malangdo). The NPC for FAW has not been implemented yet.
  12. Emperium Equip can be Mail

    Why are the guys on the screenshot selling/buying Emperium gear, though? That's strange.
  13. Shadow Chaser Skill - Invisibility

    Compare your damage with and without invis and see if it is different. I believe crits in invis do not show the usual jagged bubble.
  14. Hugin's Magic Master

    He wasn't breaking boots, just resetting the enchantment abnormally in a specific case. I decided to remove him until the next update (where he will be fixed).
  15. Luk And Drop Rate

    Seeing how this is an official feature, it is highly likely if not definitely a multiplicative increase. Otherwise cards on official would suddenly drop with a 1 or even 2 % chance.