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  1. Looking for a guild :)

    I'm looking for a guild that does WOE,MVP, PVP, and others.. I'm active and still learning since i played on a different server.. much preferred the friendly vibe in the guild. Magdirigma
  2. Deleting Characters

    Then how can i delete my character?? It said wrong email.. and some admin said use birthdate. Any help?
  3. Deleting Characters

    Bump.. Can i ask what is the format for the birthdate in terms of deleting character?? also is there a way on how to change assigned birthday because mine was wrong.
  4. Deleting Characters

    Thank you for the response, i'll try it later
  5. Deleting Characters

    Please help i can't delete my characters They keep on saying wrong e-mail I tried to copy paste and retype the EXACT email i registered in my account.