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  1. WOE 2 Change Time

    Maybe we can make it 15:00-17:00?
  2. Cannot invite character from same account to a Party?

    Thank you. Please let the community know your findings.
  3. Cannot invite character from same account to a Party?

    Yes. Some of my characters from the same account are already under 1 party name. I decided to include more characters, but I was unable to add them. Not really for instances, but during times like World Boss Event or PvP / WoE / BG. I keep characters that I use frequently for PvP / WoE / BG under 1 party name. Having those frequently used characters under 1 party name would allow those characters to receive party-only buffs.
  4. Cannot invite character from same account to a Party?

    This was possible before though?
  5. How come we cannot invite a character from same account into a party? Example: Player-1 wants to invite Player-A and Player-B as a party member, but Player-B cannot be invited because the character is on the same account as Player-A.
  6. Armor Refinement Increase

    Could you explain why?
  7. 1% would give more if you already have high MATK.
  8. MvP Cards and Rare Item Price List

    I thought the same too. I guess it's because SoV looks nice. xD
  9. Armor Refinement Increase

    I agree with this guy ^
  10. Masquerade-Weakness

    Masquerade-Weakness seems to be bugged. You are able to re-equip Weapons/Shield even while Masquerade-Weakness is still in effect. Please see the screen shots for reference.
  11. Armor Refinement Increase

    While your explanation makes sense, it still does not justify increasing refine rate for armors. The alternative that @Khaii is suggesting makes more sense. (Adding refinement items to BG/WoE/Invasion rewards) Maybe the blessed ores and other premium refining items can be included in the Token Shop or Vote shop.
  12. Armor Refinement Increase

    +1 ---------------------------------- Increasing the refinement rate for armors is not the best option. We have Safe Refine Tickets, Enriched Elunium, HD Carnium and the best of all, Blessed Armor ore. These items will help in refining armors. Good luck to everyone.
  13. Prism Helm

    I see.. +1!
  14. Prism Helm

    The effect of Prism can be changed by providing the requirements for the effect you want.
  15. Armor Refinement Increase

    Could someone explain why this is such a good idea? MMORPG's such as Ragnarok Online generate so many items every second that there needs to be a way of reducing them while benefiting players. Once such way is refining items. If the refinement is successful, you gain bonuses from said item.