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  1. The new server is so smooth!!
  2. I see.. If possible, can the new hardware specs be posted somewhere for those who are curious and/or interested?
  3. Just thought I would ask.. What are the new hardware specs?
  4. I can't wait to play!
  5. Much better right? This would require players to actually play.
  6. 1. All daily reward items should be account bound. 2. Inactivity timer should be lower to 2-3 minutes instead of 10 mins. On-topic.. -1.
  7. Maybe just disable when outside of PvP and non-party members?
  8. No idea, but random Minstrels have casted Harmonize on my Ranger which reduced my dex to 200+0.
  9. It's not bugged. Just stay ahead of the instructions by 1-2 steps.
  10. Is it possible to disable Harmonize skill from being casted on Non-Party members? As of today, Harmonize is still a negative buff (reduces all stat bonuses to 0).
  11. That item seems to exist on the server's item database, but I have never seen one. Nor have I never seen it anyone selling or buying it. There are 2 versions for some reason. @iteminfo 1666 @iteminfo 1687
  12. Hopefully this suggestion will be considered.
  13. Any update on this?
  14. Could you post a screen shot of the item description?