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  1. I thought it was going to be considered?
  2. Is the aspd penalty suppose to be official or something? It seems a bit extreme.
  3. Jail them with Skoll + Werewolf + Farbjodur.
  4. Maybe it's not against the rules, but It's frustrating. Specially if you are the only person on your team that is making an effort to win. Players like that shouldn't be able to join BG events if they are not going to participate. You should kill them first if they joinbg again and they are not on your team.
  5. I would just like to make the GM Staff aware that there are players who join battle grounds but do not participate. Some players just stand around casting skills so that they cannot be kicked by @reportAFK. There are also players who joinbg but do not help and just walk around the battle ground arena doing nothing. If anyone else has experience this, please share your feedback here. Thank you.
  6. Well, wargs are from Ranger Skill tree. Falcons are from Hunter skill tree. Wargs by default should be significantly stronger than falcons.
  7. True to some degree.. I guess it wouldn't really hurt to have it.
  8. I already have a strong feeling of who will complain if they can't beat someone.
  9. +1 Rebellion +1 Wanderer +1 Ranger (Maybe additional Falcon/Trap boost as well? Only 3-4 Falcon/Trap type Rangers on server) +999 Shadow Chaser / Ninja
  10. Well, you could just upgrade the weapon/armor in question then trade it back to your main account? Unless that item is account bound also..
  11. Unfortunately, it was changed.
  12. I didn't use WinMTR, I used the command line to test my connection to the server. Can I post the log here? The log only contains the following (for Number of Packets Sent/Received/Lost. Shortest Ping, Longest Ping, and Average Ping.
  13. Is there still lag in SEA?
  14. Good luck in life. I will miss you.