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Found 5 results

  1. Horror Toy Factory - Instance

    Important: The server time has been changed by +1 hour. Which means WoE and BG Happy Hours now start 1 hour earlier. It's a Nightmare before Christmas as a strange and spooky new dungeon opens it's doors this month! Find out the Toy Factory's dark secret and help out the troubled worker who was defaced during the sudden attack in this instance dungeon quest adventure! Earn Bloody Coin currency during the quest to turn in for useful new gear at Quyen's horror shop in Althea! Make sure to make an even share when the Bloody Coins are about to be rewarded as they are account bound. Meet Celine near the big christmas tree in Althea if you think you can withstand the horror. This is part 2 of your Christmas Event 2016, enjoy! This instance is a permanent addition. Cash Shop Update with a Christmas Special! 30% Discount on all Cards! 30% Discount in Costumes section! Other Updates - WoE Reward System balancing update Major Support Class balancing, simply spamming Heal and Buffs on your allies will no more reward you with tons of fragments. Additionaly the support class algorithms now also support a beginner handicap reward buff. - Prepared code for PvP 1vs1 instanced rooms update... coming soon! - Chicken Egg from the Baby Chick Quest is now unusable and untradeable to fix an issue of getting stuck in the middle of the quest Ho! Ho! Ho!
  2. Cash Shop - Halloween

    Hope you all had a great halloween! The shadow's from Althea are gone. We hope you enjoyed this special event and got your hands on one of the creepy headgears. If you didn't manage to get your favourite one, now is your chance to get them from the cash shop! The Halloween Quests will continue until the 20th of November. The Name Change Contract is now for sale, in case you are up to a new journey. There are also 2 new and time limited cash shop exclusives. Enjoy! Other active Events:
  3. Cash Shop Summer Special

    Get yourself a cold drink before you checkout the Cash Shop HOT section! A big thank you to all the donaters out there who're supporting us doing so. Click here to get to the donation page Survey If you haven't already, please take your time and take Part in our Survey, vote for new WoE 2.0 times and tell us anonymously what you always wanted to tell us. We will be reading through every single entry, so this is your chance to shoutout to us!
  4. Cash Shop & More

    Celebrate the cash shop update with us and gain +20% bonus cash points on top of all donation packages (for a limited time only!) Updates - Highly reduced the click latency (5 times faster response of your clicks) - RODex has been added to the interface which should become available soon (NOT functional as of yet) - Fixed Emperium Bow which was unrefineable - Removed all cash shop related npcs, including account plus npc. Everything is now available in the new cash shop - Removed Control Panel Account Plus features, which was broken since quite a while
  5. Account Plus is a premium membership that delivers several benefits! This premium mode runs for your whole account, and expires automatically when the membership is over. Your membership can be extended at any time for another 1, 3 or 6 months. 1 Month membership costs 550 Cash Points while the 3 and 6 months versions give you a small discount. The Account Plus Membership item can be found in the VIP section of the cash shop. To access the cash shop, simply click on the cash shop icon at the top right corner right next to the minimap. The following benefits are given upon your Account Plus Membership: Storage Size The storage extension is back available and has been improved! Now your main storage will be extended rather than giving you a second storage. Increase your storage size by +300 while your premium membership is active. Items will be kept after your premium time runs out, even if you're above the normal 600. (e.g 845/600) But you won't be able to fill your storage any further until you've cleaned it. Character Slots Get access to 3 additional character slots! Characters can be kept ones the premium time runs out (until deleted). This allows you to get a total of 15 characters per account! Bonus ExperienceRecieve 50% bonus experience when killing monsters.The bonus experience is displayed when killing monsters. Drop BoostGain a 50% boost on all drop rates.So for example if the normal drop rate is 1%, the drop rate will be boosted to 1.5%.Or if the normal drop rate is 30%, the drop rate will be boosted to 45%. The item drop boost is displayed when using commands such as @mi Premium Commands @aura [64 different auras] @mount [enable/disable your main mount] @mount2 [enable/disable your secondary mount] @petrename [rename your pet] Free House Renting You can rent a house in any town for free as long as your premium time is active! [more information] Free Hypnotizer Services The Hypnotizer offers his skills to reset your Status Build or Skills for free! Removes Gemstone Requirement It offers you a similiar effect as being offered by Mistress Card. Although the gemstone requirements for skills are being removed entirely! -------------------------------------- More information about our Kafra Shop and how to gain your own Kafra Cash Points: - Cash Shop Information