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Found 1 result

  1. Horror Toy Factory - Instance

    Important: The server time has been changed by +1 hour. Which means WoE and BG Happy Hours now start 1 hour earlier. It's a Nightmare before Christmas as a strange and spooky new dungeon opens it's doors this month! Find out the Toy Factory's dark secret and help out the troubled worker who was defaced during the sudden attack in this instance dungeon quest adventure! Earn Bloody Coin currency during the quest to turn in for useful new gear at Quyen's horror shop in Althea! Make sure to make an even share when the Bloody Coins are about to be rewarded as they are account bound. Meet Celine near the big christmas tree in Althea if you think you can withstand the horror. This is part 2 of your Christmas Event 2016, enjoy! This instance is a permanent addition. Cash Shop Update with a Christmas Special! 30% Discount on all Cards! 30% Discount in Costumes section! Other Updates - WoE Reward System balancing update Major Support Class balancing, simply spamming Heal and Buffs on your allies will no more reward you with tons of fragments. Additionaly the support class algorithms now also support a beginner handicap reward buff. - Prepared code for PvP 1vs1 instanced rooms update... coming soon! - Chicken Egg from the Baby Chick Quest is now unusable and untradeable to fix an issue of getting stuck in the middle of the quest Ho! Ho! Ho!