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Comodo Digging Quest

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Okay, I'll make this quick.

Okay, so if anyone has been reading the change logs and stuff, you'd notice that there's stuff about a Digging Quest in Comodo. It's also the new quest to get Hockey Mask...

You probably went to Comodo, couldn't find the NPC. Or just didn't care either way.

Anyway... I'll tell you.

Note: I only just did parts of this quest today. It's sort of a random quest and a alot of luck is involved for you to get good items or items at all. So therefore I don't have a complete list of the items you can get.

1. Before you Start.

Type @go 0

First you need to warp to Blackmarket, and get yourself some Bronze Coins. Because each time you attempt a dig, it will cost one Bronze Coin. I'd recommend maybe 30 or 50 for you first tries.

2. Another Prerequisite.

Type @warp ein_dun01

@alootid 7318 (Which is Old Pick)

Now you go around and kill all the Pitman you see. Kill enough so that you have the same amount of Old Picks as Bronze Coins.

3. The Actual "Quest"

Type @warp cmd_fild02 87 98

Click on the square underneath you and talk to the NPC "Digging Supervisor".

Click the second option, "Start Digging", and he will show you seven different locations on the minimap to dig.

4. The Digging Part

Type 1. @warp cmd_fild02 53 94

2. @warp cmd_fild02 72 96

3. @warp cmd_fild02 134 181

4. @warp cmd_fild02 173 110

5. @warp cmd_fild02 252 113

6. @warp cmd_fild02 259 90

7. @warp cmd_fild02 343 123

Those are the seven different places to dig, clicked the square beneath you.

5. The Treasures...

Okay, nows the difficult to guide part...

I have no idea how it's calculated... So most of this will be guess work.


40% You find nothing.

30% You find a mine and blow up. (Die)

29% You find a "Box" item. Eg. Fire Converter Box, Yellow Potion Box, Chung E Cake Box, etc.

1% You find a rare item, like Headgears and maybe Event Boxes. Eg. Hockey Mask.

So far, I haven't gotten any good items. Or much items in general. So the list won't be very good but I'll try and update...

Items you can get:

Random Potion Boxes

Herb Boxes

Gemstone Boxes

Refining Ore Box

Food/Healing Boxes (Bok Choy Box)

Random Butterfly Wing Boxes (Teleported to specific Areas)

Elemental Converter Boxes

Elemental Resist Boxes

Taming Boxes (I got Diabolic Taming Box)

Pet Food Boxes (Chung E Cake Box)

Dead Branch Box

Emergency Call Box

Poring Box

Observer Box (It says I get an Observer Headgear but only for the week?)

Hockey Mask

Fish Head Hat

... A lot more I think

7. Conclusion

Well, that's pretty much it. I'd love contributions, like other items other people have gotten, then maybe we can get a bigger list going.

Final Note: I have a theory that each of the seven spots have one specific rare item. So it'd be a good idea to keep using the same digging site many times.

I might add some pictures later.

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Sudden realisation XD.

It was a Fish Head Hat Box.

Then there's these Butterfly Wing Boxes, examples like Red Butterfly Wing Boxes, Yellow etc. etc. They act like Kafra NPCs which teleport you to dungeons :).


woops, it's already in :(

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OMG. O __ O

Alot of people will get pissed. xD Everyone's been keeping this quest a secret.

Oh well. :3


But luckily I sold all those equipments that I got from there..

I got like 3 whispher masks..and sold it for 500m each..=P

And a pirate dagger for 800m..

that was before..............

.........when only few people knows the quest.........

T_T..........too bad someone made a guide on this........

im very sure.....prices will be lower now...

But its fine.....its bad to be selfish guys!...

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Well prices for those stuff might go down. Since people will flock to the mines. And make quarrels. :lol:

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also for those who dont know yet.. Red Glasses can also be obtained here :lol:

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U can also get RamenHat, Peco Hairband from this quest.

And based from info from other peeps, u can get observer, pirate dagger, ramen hat, whisper mask, Peco Hairband from the digging spot nearest to the Digging Supervisor. :)

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When it was implemented I think only 8 players know about it. I was one of them.XD

I have to say Thanks too for making this guide.:P Helping the community is always a good thing. :rolleyes:

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