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Warp Guide

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I would very much appreciate it if everyone here at gRO helped me compile a useful guide for very important areas that everyone would should know how to get to.


If you have never used an @warp system in any RO server it is about time you learned how. Just as any well constructed high rates server has gRO has an @warp and @go command system. To work these commands is very simple and easy to remember. To go to a major town instantly you would literally just type @go #. Each main city has a number I will list the cities for you.

@go ___



6=Al De Baran--------7=Lutie----------8=Comodo



15=Novice Grounds--16=Prison-----17=Jawaii




While leveling up your characters, looking for items, etc. you can warp to random locations on the map by typing @warp (Map Name).

You can also go to exact locations by typing coordinates after. For example; @warp ein_dun02 will randomly warp me around the dungeon, but say I know exactly where the RSX-0806 MVP spawns and want to camp the spawn or something I could type @warp ein_dun02 144 144 and get to the exact location of the RSX-0806's spawn point. Obviously you will not remember all these coordinates but it is good to try to remember the ones that you will use often.

You can also find this out by typing @go without a number following it while in game.

When you warp to Prison do not spam GMs saying you are jailed for no reason or stuck. Log out and back in. Simple right?

.:Important @warp locations:.

.Guild Castle Entrance Locations.

Prontera Castles

Skoegul - @warp prt_gld 110 240

Gondul - @warp prt_gld 210 240

Swanhild - @warp prt_gld 240 130

Fadhgridh - @warp prt_gld 155 135

Kriemhild - @warp prt_gld 140 60

Payon Castles

Bamboo Grove Hill - @warp pay_gld 200 265

Holy Shadow - @warp pay_gld 315 290

Bright Arbor - @warp pay_gld 120 230

Sacred Alter - @warp pay_gld 140 160

Scarlet Palace - @warp pay_gld 295 115

Aldebaran Castles

Hohenscwangau - @warp alde_gld 95 245

Wuerzburg - @warp alde_gld 235 245

Rothenburg - @warp alde_gld 265 90

Nuenberg - @warp alde_gld 140 85

Neuschwanstein - @warp alde_gld 50 85

Geffen Castles

Yesnelph - @warp gef_fild13 85 180

Bergel - @warp gef_fild13 190 275

Eeyolbriggar - @warp gef_fild13 310 240

Repherion - @warp gef_fild13 150 50

Mersetzdeitz - @warp gef_fild13 310 85

Important NPCs.

Stylist - @warp prt_in 255 160

Wedding Shop - @warp prt_in 205 170

Wedding Registry - @warp prt_church 95 100

.Note: Please contribute any map with its coordinates if you feel it is an important location for people to know.

..Note: I would like this to be pinned if possible. I find this to be a helpful thing to people and the more people that look at it the more the lists will grow.



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well.. i dont know how to trace a npc's location on game.. but..

to know the monster location easily can use @whereis command..

u can check all useable command by type /commands

for example.. @whereis poring.. will show the most spawn map for poring..

if still dont understand just ask player on game.. they will help.. hopefully..

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