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Umbala Language Quest Guide

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Umbala Language Quest Guide - by Rageus

What you need:

Get ONE of the following Masks:

2278.gif Mr. Smile

2288.gif Mr. Scream

2297.gif Goblin Mask

5086.gif Alarm Mask

5087.gif Poker Face

5088.gif Surprised Mask

5089.gif Annoyed Mask

5090.gif Goblin Leader Mask

What to do:


@warp um_in 39 121

Talk to the Utan Chief. He will tell you that if you want to learn their language you should look around the village to understand their lifestyle. The Answer is everyone is wearing a Mask so you just have to do the same.


Put on a Mask...


...and talk to the Utan Chief Again. Choose I want to learn Utan language.

He will then ask you to get him:

10 x 7151.gif Oil Paper dropped by Karakasa @warp ama_fild01

5 x 7111.gif Slick Paper dropped by Karakasa @warp ama_fild01

1 x 1024.gif Squid Ink dropped by Marse @warp iz_dun02

1 x 916.gif Feather of Birds dropped by Picky @warp moc_fild10

Get all the stuff...


...and talk to the Utan Chief once more.

Congratulations! You can now talk to the Npcs in Umbala.

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