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Patcher Error Solutions


We're currently gathering new solutions for our new patcher system.

If you encounter a new error, please report it right away into our technical support section!

Patcher Errors and Solutions

  • Socket Error * 10053
    Software caused connection abort.

    A software on your system is blocking the patcher which is trying to update itself.
    This ussualy means that your Anti Virus Software on your system is aborting the patcher's connection. Add the patcher to the trusted list of your Anti Virus Software, this should fix your issue.
    Running the patcher as an administrator might also help.
  • Patch server is currently not available, please try again later.
    This is usualy the case if we're having a server maintenance, so check our latest news.
    If you're having this issue all the time, please check your internet connection and make sure the patcher is not being blocked as described above or by strict firewall settings.
  • Stucked at Saving resource...
    Please retry by closing the patcher through the task manager. If you notice that you're getting stuck at the same file over and over again then you should download our latest Full Client instead which includes all latest big patches.
  • My Issue is not listed down here.
    Please report your issue as detailed as possible. [here]

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