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Robrowser - Play In Your Browser

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What is roBrowser?

roBrowser is an open source project developed by Vincent Thibault.
It allows us to offer you GatheringRO to be played through just your web browser, using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL technologies.

This gives us the possibility to offer you GatheringRO through all different kinds of Operating Systems, without the need to download GatheringRO in the first place.

That's right, you can now even play on a Smartphone, Tablet, Mac or Linux System, however with a few limitations.





What are the prerequisites?
A recent web browser that supports WebGL and a GPU that is OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible is required.
So make sure your browser is fully up to date.

Has been tested and works best on Chrome. Firefox and Opera are supported but may have a few smaller issues. Internet Explorer is not supported!
Of course, a GatheringRO account is required to be able to log in. [ Register Account ]


Important Note
roBrowser is not meant to replace our normal client you're used to.
Using roBrowser does not represent what our full game has to offer! If you want to enjoy all features, without any visual limitations or missing features, please download our full client.

Although it's working really great already, a lot of features are still missing.
As this is an ongoing project, there will be future updates to implement missing features and fix bugs.



  • No need to download a game client
  • Play gRO on other operating systems than just Windows
  • Can be played on almost any device (even your smartphone)
  • Visitors can test the game right away, before or during FullClient download
  • Resize window size at any given time
  • No patcher required, we can update robrowser on the fly



  • Longer loading times (especially if you play for the first time)
  • Loading time also depends on your internet speed
  • Uses a lot internet traffic as it's downloading required files on the fly
  • Missing features (interface, skill effects ....)
  • Less performance compared to real client



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