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Guys, me and Vsevolodovichzxcs are planning to make a montage, like escape compilation, jukes, and etc..
So, send/post some replays here in this topic. After that we're gonna edit that to become a good one. (might take 2 weeks 'coz first time)./no1/no1/no1 
Hope you participate and like it. /heh/heh


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On 11/5/2016 at 11:32 AM, PNYSlayer said:

Lol ! that's not what I mean . . Like escaping 1 guild in woe, outplays 10 ppl, something like that. Then I'll compile them to become montage. xD

I've got some pretty awesome micro-moves with my SC but so sad it wasn't recorded. Maybe I'll try to record every once in a while when on BG, PVP or WOE.

Nice idea though. /no1

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