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World Boss

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Belphegor, as the first of its kind, is a special event boss encountered if being triggered by a Game Master, which is being serverwide announced.
It requires team play to defeat this rageous monster and is considered the strongest overall.

This World Boss spawns a ground chest (that can be looted once per character per account) when defeated which awards at least a Golden Apple which can be exchanged for an Event Surprise Box at the Event Staff in Althea. Lucky players may get their hands on Ascended gear when defeated. Additionally, the ground chest spawned by this world boss may contain varying quantities of Bloody Branch, a Heroic Treasure Chest, a Bag of Tokens or a Castle Invitation which can be used to enter the gRO Castle Event.


This world boss event attracts many players and are a good way to earn unique high-level equipment and other components.
However, characters must participate by applying enough damage to the boss to be able to open the chest


This new way of looting items is exclusive to GatheringRO

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