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What about zeny?

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Just now, Asakuraviper said:

Why not remove the restriction of some items....bbgum,convex,re-anis,castle invites,gym pass etc and also BG badges or weapons and or bg items? Ppl used to buy and sell those items making zenny circulate.....newbies used to farm bg badges and sell them to earn money and save for something bigger.....what was the reason again why bg items were restricted? I totally forgot...can someone refresh my mind pls....thx


BG items were restricted because very little people participate in BG.

Players would rather buy BG items than actually participate.

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I'm not sure...
Having Bbgums,CI,Gym Pass, Enriched Elu/Ori, HD Stone, Blessed ore, etc... as you said with time they will be consumed (only if players are interested enough to know how...). We must have a control about it, not all people are hunters or farmers, and they can in a certain time abuse of it, I think that's the reason that are bound account.

If I'm not wrong I think this topic about the restriction was solved before, and the point of this is contribute with new ideas to circulate that zeny stucked in our accounts and make zeny interesting to newbies so they can get some stuffs.

Also, don't forget guys, many of those items are in other sections in gRO: like Vote Shop or Cash Shop, the point is to introduce players to vote and buy them and afford real money to support the server.

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I'm not going to start another huge discussion about restrictions or how we've built up the reward systems.
It's great as it is. Use the search function i'm sure you can find it.

Zeny is a whole different story and has no direct connection to it.
Making items tradeable again would only cause the zeny to move from one to the next player, but it will not deplet it.
In short: It's pointless.

Trading is a good thing, but it's not solving the here mentioned issues.

Lifting trade restrictions would only cause: Abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse and with that flood the server with XXXXb more zeny.
That would be contra-productive ;)

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