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Doram & New Features

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Introducing a completely new playable race with cat-like features called Doram. Doram also introduces a new class, the Summoner, which can only be selected in conjunction with the new Doram race. Doram start their journey on the new continent called Pasta (Far-Star). The continent contains a town called Lasagna with several adjoining fields and even a dungeon. The continent is filled with all sorts of new monsters with a wide range of levels.


Doram comes with several new armor and weapons at your disposal.
We wrote a little guide to get you a little bit closer to what's currently available:
Doram Equipment Overview

With an entire new job class on the horizon, we've been working on the initial balancing.
Doram/Summoner is considered a beta release, since some skills may work different than expected or not at all.
We will be further balancing Summoner with your player feedback and release further updates a long the way.
Please report any issues you may find.
Known issues:
* Nyan Grass is missing its skill animation
* Some skill animations of Doram support skills linger even after the effect wore off (until the character warps)

Char Gender & Race

Because of the introduction of a new race, the character selection and creation interface were updated as well.
Aside from the ability to choose a race, you're now free to select a gender as well when creating a new character.
Accounts are not tied to a specific gender anymore and you can now have both female and male characters on the same account.

Also Dr. Hobo now changes your gender per character, no more per account.


RoDEX Mail Service


It's about time! The mail system is back in all its glory!

RoDEX (Ro Delivery Express) can be accessed via the icon underneath the Basic Info Window. If your character has unread mail, a notification will appear beside your mini-map.

With its initial release, we will give you 30 days to open all the old mails which we were still holding in place from the old mail system.

Once the 30 days are over, all the mails will be returned to the original sender (with and without item/zeny attachements).
So make sure you claim your items before that's going to happen.

After the above mentioned starting period the Mail Returning Policy will take place:
- If your mail stays unread for 15 days, it will be returned to sender and placed in the "Return" box.



Achievement System

We're introducing the achievement system.
There are many different types of achievements for you to explore, and of course achieve!

All achievement rewards will be delivered via RoDEX.

With it's initial release, the achievement system is going to offer a wide variety of official achievements.
There are currently no custom achievements to be achieved, but we might work on some with future updates.

Achievement System Guide


Title System

Show off your achievements with unlocked titles for everyone to see.
You can activate your unlocked titles within your equipment window.



Expanded Channel System

The channel system has been revamped to not just bring more life into the game, but also to help new players on their latest journey.

Channels are here to connect you with people and friends.
Rather than normaly talking in public, you get the choice to write within channels instead.
Like sending a private message to the player you can instead send messages to specific channel names instead.
This allows you to reach a much broader audience than you're used to from the past.

Channel Read

We've updated our ingame rules to include the channel system.
The public channels Global, Map, Support and Trade is limited to english speaking only.
For other languages please create custom channels or request a to your language dedicated public channel in our forums.

Channel System Guide


Item Linking

Sharing your gear or any other items has never been easier.
While you're normally typing within the chat, you can now add item links to your conversations.

Hold Shift + Left Click
on your desired item to link it to your current opened chat.
The picked item will be linked into your chat window which then becomes clickable for the readers.

Item linking also supports item customizations. Now you can link your own gear including refinement and cards right into the chat for others to see.

item linking
Click on image to enlarge.


NPC Icons

Some of the main npcs now feature icons above their heads.
This is especially helpful for new players to find the npcs they're looking for.
We've also extended this feature with some additional custom icons so it's easier to catch an eye on some special npcs.



Crimson Weapon System Update

Crimson Weapons are the first of its kind. Although they might not look very special at first glance, they're actually using a new feature which has been added to RO. ~ Random property
On top of that, they can become really powerful when being refined.


The Crimson Weapon series will be randomly endowed with an elemental property when dropped:

Neutral, WaterEarthFireWindHoly, or Shadow

Crimson weapons can be obtained from normal monster drops however by a small drop chance of 1.5% - 7.5%.

Crimson Weapons Guide

Instance/Quest/NPC Updates

Faceworm Nest - NEW INSTANCE
The Crack in the dimension left by Satan Morroc when he ran away allowed Rune Midgard to discover the New World.
Now, the scientists have discovered a new way to exploit its power: time travelling!
By using their new device, you will be able to join them in the spacial rift. From there, you can still reach the New World but you can also explore past times.
The first device sent you to Sara's Memory. The second device will send you to Payon Forest. At a time where it was more dangerous than today, meet Chaos and Iris, two adventurers from the past. Both are fighting powerful monsters called Faceworm that invaded this area. They have no other choice but to eradicate them before they spread in the whole forest.
Help them to reach the Faceworm Nest and kill the Queen!

A lot of villagers have lost their life because of those monsters but they still have close family members alive in Payon. If you find one of their belongings while exploring the forest, bring it back to their family.

* Initial balancing for the Faceworm Nest instance

Nydhoggs Nest
* Fixed wrong variables being used while talking to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper.

Sara's Memory
* Added a missing player-attachement check when Sara runs away.

Old Glast Heim
* Increased stats of the bosses in the Old Glast Heim dungeon
* Added Hugin's Followers NPCs!
You can now enchant your Temporal Boots by paying with Coagulated Spell. This item drops from the monsters in the Old Glast Heim dungeon.


Temporal Boots Guide

* The Sign Quest, the examiner at the dance part is now more accomodating when you fail  
-- Corrected a warp destination typo when talking to Serin.

* The Platinum Skill NPC is now able to add the skill "Change Cart 2" for merchants
* The WoE, BG and Daily Reward shops each feature two new costumes

* Initial release of lasagna npcs
* Customized starter NPC for dorams to giveout the beginner set and the choice to warp directly to Althea
-- Improved menu flow on both, lasagna and normal beginner NPC

* Updated stylist npc with new background image on the preview
* Dr.Hobo now only changes gender per character rather than account. Now you have to pay in Silver Coins, which also increases the price for the operation.

* Invasion Staff script cleanup. Also added an indicator above the NPC's head in case there's an ongoing event.
* Warp Agent - Added new menu "Instances" for easier access.
* Guide Althea - Minor update on the menu overview which should be more beginner friendly.



* Fixed issue on Guardian stones. Now the stones behaviour is identical to the ones during WoE 2.0.
-- You can cause more than just 1 damage and use skills on them, yet they can also be healed.

* Increased Happy Hour reward rates from +20% up to +50%!

* Added minimaps to all battleground maps
-- Triple Inferno minimap now shows all totems in their respective team color. This should make it easier for beginners to know where they have to sacrifice their enemies skulls.

Account Plus Update

* Expanded VIP Gemstone feature. It now removes all gemstone requirements.

Cash Shop Update

* Removed a few old cash shop costumes and added them to the Token Shop rotation
* Fixed the Paypal Buttons on our donation system for Firefox and Internet Explorer users.



Core Updates

* Fixed that on a full storage you weren't able to stack up furthers items which are already inside the storage (10 apples +1apple for instance).
* Monsters can no longer place traps on themselves, the skill will now fail.
* When Bomb used by monsters deals damage, it is now always considered melee damage.
* Fixed an issue that too long messages were not being shown to other players due a buffer overflow. So only yourself were able to see what you were writing.
* Fixed issues related to character deletion. In some cases a for deletion tagged character was still being usable as a playable character.
* Fixed invalid vending items being saved in the database. This resolves potential cases of random items being sold for 0 zeny upon a server restart.
* Core related updates to the script engine when calling monster drop data. This ensures that the command @whodrops will always show the latest information.

* Adjusted the way some status changes display in the player's status window.
-- Some status changes are hidden from the display.
-- Katar critical bonus is no longer shown in the status window.

* The buff SC_INCCRI now has doubled critical rate while wearing Katars. (Also used by Abrasive and Arunafeltz Desert Sandwich)
* Fixed some hidden statuses not being applied
* Fixed a possible map server crash

* Replaced all bAtkRate item bonuses from the item database with bAddClass.
-- In renewal attack is divided into bAtk, wAtk, and eAtk. When items are given the bonus bAtkRate it is then applied to all of these of these attacks when the actual bonus should not be applied to all but to wAtk and eAtk respectively. This fixes unexpected dmg outputs from specific gear.

* Fixed memory leaks caused by ancient custom scripts


Skill Updates

* Manhole - Works only in PvP (official)
* Dimension Door - Works in town and field but blocked in PvP (official)
* Chaospanic - No restrictions (official)
* Bloody Lust - Works in town and PvP but not on fields (official)

* Taekwon Kicks no longer get a percentual damage increase from learning Sprint
* Counter Kick, Heel Drop, Storm Kick and Counter Kick now get a +10 ATK bonus per level of Sprint
-- This bonus is on top of the normal +10 ATK bonus from Sprint for fists
* Using Flying Kick as a counter will now deal 4%*baselevel damage
* Using Flying Kick while running will now deal 4%*baselevel damage regardless of skill level used
-- When having the spurt buff on top, it will deal 8%*baselevel damage instead
* Tumbling is now properly removed on logout

* Fixed a problem that sometimes caused Tumbling to become unusable
* Fixed Feint Bomb's backslide effect not working when the player is wearing an item that has the bonus NoKnockBack active.

* Claymore Trap, Blast Mine, Land Mine renewal damage
-- Fixed a rounding issue when calculating trap damage

* Updated Feint Bomb to match official behavior and fix an immortality bug
-- Feint Bomb will no longer give players permanent effects of AoE when they backslide into them.
-- Feint Bomb no longer consumes 1 SP every second while hidden.
-- Stealth Field will now apply to all targets, not just allies (party + guildmates).
-- Players can no longer use skills while in the hidden state from Feint Bomb.
-- Targets will now properly release the caster as a target and follow the bomb.
-- Adjusted Feint Bomb behavior near a Maelstom Cell (fails). It's now possible to use Feint Bomb right after it failed.

* Pain Killer damage correction.
* Added a check so Pain Killer damage doesn't heal targets.

* Added missing skill failure messages for Homunculus S.
* Eternal Quick Combo can no longer be used on Status Immune monsters.
* Disabled the Style Change message for Eleanor. Officialy it does not display a message when switching fighting style.

* Fixed Tetra Vortex fire animation having a black background rather than being invisible.

* Updated Rune Knight Runestone effects.
-- Turisus Runestone - Reduce amplified bonus damage when dealing normal attacks from 300% to 200%. Add an additional increase ATK-based physical damage by 250% instead on normal maps and 125% on VS maps. Rhydo Runestone won't benefit from this bonus.
-- Asir Runestone - Adds a static +70 ATK. Party members now receive 1/2 of the bonus instead of 1/4.
-- Pertz Runestone - Changed factor in formula from INT to STR.
-- Removed the limit of Turisus Runestone, Asir Runestone and Pertz Runestone that can be held while increasing the limit of the other runestones from 20 to 60.

* Poem of the Netherworld will now properly be removed with Status Recovery.

* Corrected Hell Inferno behavior.
-- Hell Inferno's shadow attack will now properly do elemental damage.
-- Burning should only start when the fire attack successfully lands.
-- Gave a slight delay to the shadow attack to mimic officials.

* Corrected Hell Plant damage formula.
-- INT wasn't affecting the dmg output at all which has now been addressed.

Skill Balancings


* Reduced damage of Sharp Shooting
* Increased damage of Cluster Bomb
* Increased damage of Fire Trap
* Increased damage of Ice Trap


* Increased damage of Fire Rain and adjusted cool down/cast time
* Reduced delay of Round Trip and increased damage
* Increased damage of Hammer of G. and adjusted cool down/cast time
* Increased damage of Mass Spiral and adjusted cool down/cast time
* Increased damage of Bound Trap
* Increased damage of Piercing Shot and adjusted cast time
* Removed fixed cast time of Anti-Material Blast
* Slightly increased damage of Rapid Shower
* Reduced cast time of Dragon Tail
* Tracking now behaves similar to Sharp Shooting
* The penalty of Heat Barrel is now 3 seconds instead of 10

Kagerou & Oboro:

* Increased damage of Throw Kunai and adjusted delay
* Increased damage of Freezing Spear and adjusted cast time/delay
* Increased damage of Flaming Petals and adjusted cast time/delay
* Increased damage of Wind Blades and adjusted cast time/delay
* Reduced damage bonus of charms
* Increased damage of Kunai Splash and adjusted delay
* Increased damage of Lightning Jolt and adjusted cast time

Star Gladiator:

* Increased damage of all kicks
* Increased damage of Flying Side Kick
* The Union skill (available when linked) no longer drains HP when attacking


* Reduced damage of Soul Expansion
* Increased damage of Meteor Storm and adjusted delay/cast time
* Increased damage of Lord of V. and adjusted delay/cast time
* Increased damage of Heaven's Drive and adjusted delay/cast time
* Adjusted delay/cast time of Storm Gust
* Increased damage of Sighttrasher
* Reduced the amount of damage Safety Wall can absorb

Rune Knight:

* Urj Rune now restores 600 SP every 10 seconds instead of 60 
* Slightly increased damage of Bowling Bash and adjusted cast time
* Increased damage of Brandish Spear and adjusted cast time
* Adjusted cool down and delay of Spear Boomerang
* Rune Knights now have the correct ASPD penalty when wearing 1h - Spears (-8 ASPD instead of -18)

Royal Guard:

* Slightly increased Cannon Spear damage


* Slightly reduced damage of Diamond Dust
* Reduced deep sleep duration of Arrullo


* Slightly reduced damage of Fallen Empire
* Rebalanced Gate of Hell
* Tiger Cannon is now forced neutral

Minstrel & Wanderer:

* Increased damage of Metallic Sound and adjusted its delay
* Slightly increased damage of Reverberation
* Adjusted cool down/cast time of Severe Rainstorm
* Severe Rainstorm can now be used with Instrument class weapons
* Increased damage and adjusted cool down/cast time of the Great Echo skill
* The Great Echo skill is no longer a chorus skill
* Reduced duration of Siren's Voice debuff
* Harmonize can no longer be casted in towns
* Frost Joker now has a fixed CD of 500 ms


* Slightly increased damage of Blood Sucker
* Increased damage of Cart Tornado and adjusted delay
* Illusion Doping will now properly apply the Hallucination effect
* Increased damage of Illusion Doping and increased cool down
* Reduced burning duration of Demonic Fire
* Reduced duration of Thorn Trap
* Slightly increased cool down of Sling Item to prevent infinite banana bomb spam


* Reduced burning duration of Magma Eruption

Shadow Chaser:

* Bloodlust now has a fixed cast time of 1 second (experimental)
* Renovatio can again be copied via the Reproduce skill (wearing Evil Druid Card)
* Escape will now properly backslide the character even when items that prevent knockback are equipped
* Increased Backstab damage


Item Updates

* Time Holder now adds 15% MATK instead of 20%
* Trentini Card now enables Frost Joker level 4 if worn by Dancers
* Costume Cat Hat now adds +1 all stats instead of 3
* Added missing script for Evil Marcher Hat
* Fixed typo in set bonus of Warmaster's Set that prevented Genetics from gaining the damage bonus for Cart Cannon
* Emperium Two-Handed Sword, Spear and Lance now add Dragon Breath damage on top of their current effects
* Emperium Shoes now add +1 stats again but at +6 refine level
* Sleipnir now restores 1% of Max SP every 5 seconds instead of adding +25% SP recovery
* Boss Egnigem Cenia Card now restores 5000 HP and 1000 SP every 10 seconds up from 50 HP and 10 SP
* Warmaster's Shoes now restore 700 SP every 7 seconds at refine level +6 up from 70 SP
* Increased Emperium Knife's MATK to 150 up from 125
* Slightly increased damage of Vellum Claw and Glaive (now closer to their official values)
* Vellum Jamadhar now uses a custom script which increases damage versus players
* Gioia now provides 45% Wind/Ghost damage down from 60%
* Implemented a new item obtainable from the slot enchanter in mid_camp: Improved Expert Ring [1] which can be worn by every Job [Reduces after cast delay by 6%, ATK and MATK +10, additional -1% after cast delay   reductions if worn by Gunslinger class]
* Implemented new MVP card dropped by Gopinich: Gopinich Card [Allows offensive spells to hit with a chance of 45% regardless of protection. Doubles SP consumption.] Card Art by Mirri
* GRB will now increase SP consumption by 100%
* Healing Staff [2] will now add Healing Power equal to Refine Rate *3 down from Refine Rate *4
* Petal card now adds 2% increased critical damage for every 20 points of base luk instead of 10
* Balanced Temporal Boots to give their special bonuses at >= 190 points of the corresponding stat
* Balanced special enchantments of Temporal Boots to drain more HP/SP
* Added Sealed Card Album drop to the end boss of the Faceworm Nest dungeon and Old Glast Heim dungeon. This special card album contains ten different sealed MVP cards [Sealed Tao Gunka Card, Sealed MasterSmith Card, Sealed Randgris Card...].
* Adjusted the refine requirement (at which they provide additional bonuses) of Sealed MVP cards from >+14 to >+9.
* Replaced Mithril sprite and art with a new custom one to prevent confusion with Mithril Ore.

* Fixed several accessories and lower headgears being refinable
* Fixed several level 1 armors and weapons
* Changed Vellum Glaive effect to official (replaced Spear Boomerang with Overbrand)
* Fixed Gigantic Blade base attack bonus. It is now capped and can't be reduced anymore.
* Fixed Sword Stick being handled as a mace.
* Corrected Shoes of Valor bonus. Changed bonus skill from Heal level 1 to Increase Agility level 1.
* Corrected Siege Arrow Quivers
-- Siege Arrow Quiver S should give Arrow S while Siege Arrow Quiver A should give Arrow A.

Other Updates

* Homunculi will no longer autoloot items.
* Homunculi will not Vaporize if their HP is below 80% when the master dies.
* Blocked Anodyne on GvG zones.
* Changing Guild Leader now has a cooldown of 24hours.
* Added several brand-new costumes to the Token Shop rotation
* Cleanup of several old scripts
* Updated ingame worldmap
* Updated client with new hallucination effect (screen upside down)


Thanks to all the feedback and suggestions!

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Superb update GM Team!

though i need an update for class guillotine cross also for the ASPD while using dual daggers


But this is hype! update with minstrel and rebellion and Taekwon! WOHHOOOOOOOO!!!! Change JOB!

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On 8/12/2017 at 7:24 AM, Everade said:

Crimson Weapon System Update

Crimson Weapons are the first of its kind. Although they might not look very special at first glance, they're actually using a new feature which has been added to RO. ~ Random property
On top of that, they can become really powerful when being refined.


The Crimson Weapon series will be randomly endowed with an elemental property when dropped:

Neutral, WaterEarthFireWindHoly, or Shadow

Crimson weapons can be obtained from normal monster drops however by a small drop chance of 1.5% - 7.5%.

Crimson Weapons Guide


it seems that the Crimson weapons don't have the random elemental property?

I've farmed quite some yesterday and refined them. Now that I'm checking, there's nothing on the description that depicts the element.

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@Gale Windscar
That's working as intended. It's not a 100% chance to get an elemental property endowed one.

That means it's time to start the kRO Patcher.
There's a green button with a box at the top of the gRO patcher which states "Official Updates"
Click it, let it run through, and do not play while patching.

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My first one was water element, yes it works just fine.
Although the chances might be much lower, i cannot confirm what i've said above.

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10 minutes ago, Everade said:

My first one was water element, yes it works just fine.
Although the chances might be much lower, i cannot confirm what i've said above.

Can confirm that it works, though maybe in a lower rate. Got an elemental Mace and Two-Handed sword.

Will check all the other weapons just in case. Thanks!

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21 hours ago, Hersheys said:

So it's basically just a weaker GRB? For those that have trouble killing/hunting GRB?

More like a cheaper alternative for new players since GRB is way out of reach for them.

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