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    Mr X

    combo bow and arrow bonus not effective

    gust bow wind arrow,burning bow fire arrow,earth bow stone arrow,frozen bow crystal arrow,hunter bow hunting arrow elven bow elven arrow.
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    Miss Carol

    Gefenia01 warp error

    This happen when u warp to gefenia01(my KRO is always updated). I don't know about the others gefenia maps... But atm, my ranger is bug there with her all itens(i'll reset her position).
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    Gale Windscar

    Gefenia01 warp error

    I had the same problem but this solution works. Thanks.
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    White Lady is eating too fast

    That's because rAthena seems to have removed the pet entirely from the database. I think kRO replaced it with a new Bacsojin (White Lady) instead. Original old pet was Monster ID 1360 The new one is supposed to be Monster ID 20423 That means new ones can no longer be captured and the currently existing eggs are all broken.
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    All the effects are set in place, can't see anything being wrong within our database. However found out that somehow the entire combo database isn't being read properly, we've had this issue in the past with other databases. rAthena devs are having a hard time to make the additional databases to work properly in a lot of cases. Should now be temporarily fixed with a messy workaround. I did some quick tests and it looks fine to me now.
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    Did not receive confirmation email

    I was able to receive the confirmation email 3hrs after registration.
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    At the moment, this costume from the special costumes which u need to pay and a special item to get it, is in a wrong position, if u check the website item database, it have 3 options of colors, White, Black, and Yellow, since White and Yellow are in a top position, i think it should be too, since the npc when u go buy it, says it's a top headgear costume. and can i ask why is it brown and no black? XD (just kidding),
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    https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31474 Lower seems to be right. However i've changed it to top instead to get rid of the inconsistency.
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    Gefenia01 warp error

    I can't do anything if i can't reproduce the crash. Download this file. gefenia01.zip Unzip the 3 map files and place them into the following directory: ...\GatheringRO\data\ If you're up for a clean fix: I've just uploaded a fully up to date GatheringRO Installer. In case you're still having problems, downloading this latest installer should fix all your issues: https://www.gatheringro.ch/?module=client
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    Sam D.


    Selling: Sealed LK Pyuriel Leviathan Ifrit Small Devil Horn Baron Devil's Eye [1] +9 Temporal Int Boots [1] LD/Spell5 +12 Vigilante Bow [2] +15 Gentle Breeze Guitar [3] 2pcs Improove Expert Ring Costume: Cos. A.A wing, Kirin wing, Amistir Bag, Crown Of Victory, Rainbow Feathers, Gokou hair (Black,Yellow, Red) Ermes Scarf Red, White Vicious Aura, Blue and Purple Bottle symbol Red Bag Symbol Cards:
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    Miss Carol

    Gefenia01 warp error

    Aye, did that before you say, but i'm not the only one who had this problem, i talked to people...
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    Tested with Elven and Stone combo. It's not working.
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    Can confirm, none of the combo effects works for elven bow + arrow or those other bow and arrow combos mentioned by the topic starter
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    Aye, i tested it, they aren't working. +1
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    Can confirm that at least 1 combo item is not working. Stone Arrow Elven Arrow
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    Rainbow Sash[1] A Symbol of Future and Hope after the Great Flood Represents our server GRO for being online for a long time since 2006 Essential Requirements: 1. Nebula Aura[1] Mid Lower - "Guide Below" x100 2. 100 kaluniums/carniums - dropped by Fallen Bishop(MVP) or trade it with NPC Austri @warp prt_in 85 69 (3Elunium+50k zenny= 1Carnium) 3. 50m Zenny - Farm Gold from Goldrings (@warp alt_fild03 and overcharge them at an NPC using Merchant Class Characters) NEBULA AURA[1] Starting the Quest 1. Meet Scholar Angus @warp odin_tem01 133 137 He will tell you a secret about the runes and he will ask you to help him gather the items to receive the Rune of Uruz and just choose yes Talk to him again with the said items below in your inventory and he will point you to the 1st seal found @warp odin_tem01 323 79 50 x Valhalla's Flower dropped by Valkyrie x2 50% chance which spawn about 90-120mins and Randgris(MVP) 100% chance and spawns 8hrs both located @warp odin_tem03 Frus Skogul Echio Agav Skeggiold 20 x Red Gemstone dropped by Frus or Skogul or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 2. After clicking the seal and receiving the Rune of Uruz, go back to him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 3. Meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and prepare the next batch of items and he will tell you to go where the next seal is located @warp odin_tem02 143 139 Arc Angeling Marina Marc Marse 10 x Agate dropped by Archangeling 20 x Blue Gemstone dropped by Marina,Marc,Marse or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 4. Click the seal and you will receive the Rune of Algiz 5. Talk to him again @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and prepare the next batch of items Mini Demon Dark Priest Osiris Driller Fake Angel 5 x Hand of God dropped by Mini Demon, DarkPriest and Osiris(MVP) 20 x Yellow Gemstone dropped by Driller , Fake Angel or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 6. After meeting him @warp odin_tem03 276 240, talk to him and he will show where to find the last seal for the last Rune of Ingwaz located @warp odin_tem03 105 335 7. After clicking the seal you will receive your Rune of Ingwaz and talk to him again @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and he will tell you to meet him to where you first met @warp odin_tem01 133 137 8. Meet him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and talk to him, with the Runes combined you started to glow and somehow it will teleport you to a map in which is like a ruin with pitch black and thunderstorm background. 9. Move Forward and you will reach a dead end with a “Crater” in it which looks like the Seals in the 3 Runes before, Please Click it and a dialogue box will appear 10. Press Next and there you obtained your very own NEBULA AURA[1] Mid Lower thus obtaining the 1st Essential and hardest part in making the Rainbow Sash. FINAL PART Rainbow Sash[1] 1. Talk to Marybelle @warp althea 158 109 and she will tell you about being a designer of exclusive headies and introduces you her work. 2. She will then ask you if you wanna try it out? Choose Please Enchant my Item 3. She will explain the risks and will ask you if you want to continue? Choose Enchant my Item 4. After choosing that answer, a list of enchantable items in which there are many custom items only in GRO are exclusive including the Nebula Aura. 5. Scroll down from the list and choose Nebula Aura[1] and make sure you "ARE" wearing the Mid Lower Version, the one you've previously quested or obtained Note: There are 3 possible outcomes 90% chance your Nebula Aura Mid Lower Gear will become the Lower Gear version in which you will save another item slot for a Mid headie equipement 5% chance you will BREAK YOUR NEBULA AURA c. 5% chance you will obtain the Symbol of GatheringRO (RAINBOW SASH) Congratulations!!! From the Author: “Promise of a new and bright future, a promise given depicted as a symbol and that’s a “Rainbow” in which when it appears, it resembles hope and longer future” For me Rainbow Sash is the “Symbol of GatheringRO” for enduring a LOT of hardships especially the great wipe due to Abusers, Dupes and Hackers But still existed and continued on to serve us since 2006-2016 We clashed with a lot of Guilds Remembered many GMs Befriend a LOT of Players Unavoidable and unbearable Despair and Scams experienced and endured (ME) Thanks and More Power to the Players and GMs
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