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    Kenzie Riann

    Post Your Pictures

    It's called being an adult working a full time job, living with 3 other adults, and realizing that having things here and there isn't necessarily a mess. It's also called "minding your own business".
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Congratulations to our Fishing Screenshot Event winners:- @Gale Windscar won 5 Blue Sea Eggs- @D e M o N won 5 Blue Sea Eggs- @sucrose won 5 Blue Sea EggsThe rewards have been placed into your characters inventory.Enjoy! Thanks to all the contributors!
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    Yes it's how it works officialy on kRO servers too. The Bresenham's line pattern does NOT rotate ever, at all. That means that you have to align yourself to match the invisible pattern overlaying the enemy before you attack, otherwise it can possibly miss.
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    Kaze? Are you still around?

    Kaze? Are you still around?

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