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    Armor Enchanting Guide!

    Well. Recently, we just had an update where we get the Armor Enchanter~ I see quite a few people looking confused by it so I'll show you all how it's done First of all. You all need to know how to get there. As this picture shows you, it's quite easy to walk over there..But for all you lazy kids: prontera 163 60 The NPC Name is: Apprentice Craftsman You can't miss him. Anyways. Let us get in to what he actually does now: He can enchant certain armors so that they will have 1-3 of a random stat: Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex, Luk. You can't choose what he gives you, it's all random..So if you wanted to enchant a Diablos Robe [1] for +3 INT, you'd have to get farming~..or do you? You can just enchant that armor all over again to re-roll the stats! BANZAI! BUT WAIT! The next bit will tell you the risks in doing that: The armor has small chance to break. What did I just say? The ARMOR HAS A CHANCE TO BREAK. Oh my. So not only can you get an effect that you don't want...You can completely lose that armor as well. Here is a very important rule as well: WHEN ENCHANTING USE A FRESH NEW ARMOR: Otherwise. Say you wanted to enchant a High Risk Sprint Armor[1]+10. You enchant it...And get +3 VIT! Oh, you're so excited! But..What's this?! The Tao Gunka Card and the +10 is gone! And then you quit and go emo. However, it's completely okay to go ahead and refine the armor that you just got from Enchanting without the fear of losing the stats. But if you decide to enchant it again..say bye bye to those refine levels >:] So how do you enchant? Well first. Get the armor you want. And then make sure you only have ONE of that particular armor in your inventory. Now talk with the NPC and select the correct category, and then the Armor name. Now enchant it. And SHAZAM. You're armor description should... Look like this..is what I would like to say. But unfortunately, our current Armors still look normal..But you can check the stats a very simple way. Press alt+A and then look at your stat bonuses. And then equip the armor and see how your stats changes. Like if you enchanted a Full Plate[1] and your str looked like 200+12 then suddenly turns into 200+13 Your Full Plate [1] now has +1 STR. Also: Now this service doesn't come free..You have to pay ZENY! (Mwahahaha) Here are the costs: Unslotted: 400,000 zeny Slotted: See above High Grade: See above Yup that's right. They all cost 400k! So go spend some cash! And that is all for now. If anyone wants to add something. Go ahead, I'll put it in to the guide. Well then...have fun enchanting! -Yohan- Complete list of enchantables: Success Rates (Thanks to Voda) *Disclaimer* All zeny spent enchanting armor all go to the GMs to make their life even more luxurious....JK.

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