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    -Walker Texas Ranger-

    Gatheringro Art Event

    This is my Load Screen :3 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=wc0r6f&s=7 I did this one whit illustrator.
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    Gatheringro Art Event

    My Silvering card :3
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    ..~*Mimi chan*~..

    Gatheringro Art Event

    Hey~ I hope you like this<3~ this is the first time that I draw on pc *^*(thats why a draw chibis .__.) It is not the best but I hope you like it anyway *♥* Loading screenie<3 *♥* (I think our Gm Team is important thats why i make a loading whit our gms~ than all know our Gm team<3*) *♥* Bronzering<3*♥* *♥* Silvering whit baby D:< *♥* *♥* Omg blockring ruuuuun !!!!*♥*
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    Goo Opz

    Gatheringro Art Event

    Load Screen Or Use This Link for a PSD Format: http://www.photoshop.com/users/arthemyst12/assets/6ab3c738b1f944afbc78b551e4b6dfa9 Blockring! Or Use This Link for a PSD Format: http://www.photoshop.com/users/arthemyst12/assets/5f16b2dcdb3d4f8c84b4bc257fcf7ccd

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