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    Rune Crafting Guide

    Tortalong's guide to Rune Crafting This guide is to help new Rune Knight players make runes! First off, what is needed for making runes? A Rune Knight Character(Duh) Rune Mastery (Notes on Rune Mastery: When manufacturing rune stones, you can create 1~2 at a time with level 5, and 1~3 with level 10. When doing this, if it would put you over your maximum number of carried runes, the rune stone is consumed but the ingredients are not used.) One of these runes: Luxurious Rune Not dropped by mobs [*]Ancient Rune Ancient Mummy - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ moc_pryd06 Antler Scaraba - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ dic_dun02(*) Anubis - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ in_sphinx4, in_sphinx5 Apocalypse - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ juperos_02 One-Horn Scaraba - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ dic_dun01(*) Rake Scaraba - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ dic_dun02(*) Two-Horn Scaraba - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ dic_dun01(*) [*]Mystic Rune Mysteltainn - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ alde_dun04, gefenia01, gefenia02, gefenia 03, gefenia 04, gl_cas02, gl_knt02 Tamruan - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ ayo_dun02 [*]General Rune Not dropped by mobs [*]Rare Rune Tao Gunka - 100% Drop Rate , Found @ beach_dun(Good luck hunting this guy. This guy doesn't survive a freaking minute in this server) Bradium Golem - 50% Drop Rate , Found @ man_fild02(*) (Note on Runes: These runes are practically in order. While Luxurious Rune has the lowest chance to succeed in crafting, Rare Rune has the highest chance of succeeding) (*) - These maps are not accessible by @warp. They can only be a accessed by doing the Onwards to the New World quest [*] Ingredients for specific Runes (Can be bought in Tool Dealer in GatheringRO Station which is located in Althea) Elder's Branch - 15,800Z Blue Hair - 6,400Z Claw of Desert Wolf - 6,500Z Burning Heart - 9,900Z Particle Of Light - 10,400Z Tangled Chains - 7,000Z Dragon Canine - 4,000Z Round Shell - 5,000Z Dragon Skin - 4,000Z Ogre Tooth - 7,600Z Honey - 3,500Z Horrendous Hair - 7,000Z Destroyed Armor - 8,000Z Worn Out Scroll - 11,150Z Armor Piece of Dullahan - 9,700Z (Note on buying ingredients: You should try to get a Pirate Skeleton Card to get a level 5 Discount so you can save up zenies) If you have these things ready then you're ready to make some runes, but before that you must know what kind of runes you want to make. Here is the list of all the runes you can make and the ingredients needed to make them: Alright! If you have the necessary things to make the rune you want to do, you're ready to make runes! Here is an example of me doing some Thurisaz Rune: First, I made sure that I have the necessary ingredients needed to make a Thurizas Then I used the Rare Rune on my inventory And there you have it, a freshly crafted Thurisaz Rune! (Notes on making runes: If you double click on the Rune Ore without the necessary ingredient to make a Rune it will be consumed and will be wasted. Try not to waste any rune ores) Credits: GatheringRO Wiki GatheringRO Database ratemyserver.net Mao Seiken for hunting all those Rare Runes, lol & Bob(Aldrich von Rijswijck) for encouraging me to make the guide

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