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    Loading Screen Art Event

    I call this piece.. "The Mad Queen and her Queensguards" VERSION 1 VERSION 2 [removed] all guildmasters/artists of the guilds featured have authorized me to make a rendition of their guild emblems to be included in this artwork in-game name Gong Griffin Quadrangle
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    Omg... okay! This is my entry... [removed]
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    My 2nd entry...
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    Althea Renovation

    Althea has been renovated from the blade of a grass up to the last brick of the castle! The changes are not just about barely visual improvements but also from a comfort prespective when it comes to its available services. Especially new players should have a better time understanding the new city landscape. It may take some time for the current player base to get used to the new design, but the following information should help you a long the way. Key Locations Yellow - Vote Prize Redemption Orange - Legendary Gear Services for Prism and Valkyrie Helm Red - Item Enchantments Green - Everade's House Key Map Changes - All brand new, high quality 3d Models and textures. - The map has been enlarged and new elements have been added, such as a pretty new lake in the top right corner of the map and more. - The main area has been prettied up and enlarged slightly since player spend most of their time in this area. The new fountain also helps to better advertise the available services which sometimes have not even been noticed by new players. New and bigger stairs have been added for a more comfortable east and west access of the map. - Gathering Station has been split up into 2 seperate shops, the Equipment shop for weapons and gear and the Supply shop for your daily needs. - The Coin Exchanger has been changed to a Bank Officer and can be found in the new Bank Office building. - Some NPCs have been moved away from the Service Area since NPCs such as the Platinum Skill NPC and similiar services aren't required on a daily basis. The NPCs have not been deleted, just moved to a new location. - Less important buildings such as the Restaurand and Inn have been moved further away from the Service area to give more room for the key features. - All sidewalks are now bigger to give you some more room while roaming on the map. - The map content of usable features have been better balanced overall so that each corner of the map is more useful. - The new buildings are now more obvious of what's going to be inside which helps to understand the map design. - Moved the major market 3d models and NPCs near the Market Place. - Prepared map for a library to inform newcomers about basic mechanics (not yet available) - Prepared map for new house rental system (not yet available) - The WoE flag locations now represent their respective castle positions on the WoE map! - Added an Althea exclusive new song. Turn your BGM on to get the entire new experience. Inhouse Interior - Removed the thick smoke in all rooms, as they were blocking a lot of the view. - Enabled access to new rooms which are now used for the bank office and the legendary gear services. - Fixed the black wall inside Everade's house. - Enlarged The token shop counter to give the cute kafra ladies some more space to work with and moved the seats further down to hangout with your favourite elephant. We hope you enjoy these improvements on our main city. Instance Fixes - Fixed the Endless Tower account based cooldown restriction Website Fixes - Fixed the website time - Fixed the WoE and Battlegrounds indicator Item Updates Most of these changes were already implemented prior to the Althea update. - Fixed wrong script of Palace Guard Cap (Pro Hunter Shop) - Improved Emperium Axe (more ATK) - Improved Emperium Knife (more MATK) - Lowered stat requirement of Temporal Boots and improved bonuses of Temporal Boots AGI - Summoner and Super Novice can now equip the Executioner and Warmaster sets - Changed set bonus of Battlelord's set for Ranger from Arrow Storm to Warg Strike and Blitz Beat - Added Summoner and Novice to job restritions of the BG sets - Slightly adjusted some Temporal Boot Enchants Skills Balancings Most of these changes were already implemented prior to the Althea update. Rebellion - Reduced Desperado damage - Added 20 seconds CD to Platinum Alter (experimental) - Increased Triple Action damage - Slightly increased Tracking CD (500ms) - Reduced Fallen Angel and Heat Barrel bonus damage Rune Knight - Slightly reduced Storm Blast damage Ranger - Increased Cluster Bomb damage - Slightly increased Sharp Shooting CD (500ms) Minstrel - Reduced CD and delay of Metallic Sound - Reduced delay of Reverberation Warlock - Reduced Soul Expansion damage Sorcerer - Slightly increased Diamond Dust damage Mechanic - Slightly increased Boost Knuckle damage - Slightly increased Axe Tornado damage Anniversary & Valentine's Event Don't forget about our current events, which are still ongoing! Together with the refinement event bonus, they will end at the 14.03.18, so make sure you got your hands on the exclusive content before it's gone!
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    Armor Refinement Increase

    Original: Upgrade: Upgrade Armor +1 100% +2 100% +3 100% +4 100% +5 80% +6 65% +7 50% +8 35% +9 25% +10 20% +11 18% +12 18% +13 16% +14 14% +15 12% +16 9% +17 9% +18 8% +19 5% +20 5% Reference: Refinement System by Everade A reasonable upgrade might be good. Refining weapons using Mechanics have additional effects. The armors are much harder to get and to refine than weapons. What do you think?
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    Sorry for the long delay! Here it is, my first entry~ Our two lovely pasture keepers of Althea :3 [removed]
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    Doram 101

    Purpose Showing you some things about Doram Here are some helpful commands (Source: Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges [Link]) Basically, there are Four Steps for being a great Doram Doram is cute, and fun to play. Say no more, let's start!! Get your Beginner's Set, Go Leveling (250/120) Gear up yourself, and beat up some bosses FAQ What is Doram? Why Doram? How to level up fast? Where can I get equipments for Doram? I can't @warp to Dragon Nest (lasa_dun01, lasa_dun02, lasa_dun03), where should I start? Does Doram need ASPD? What about status build? What are the commonly used skills for Physical type? How can I get Instant Cast here? I need some gears to start with, for Physical type, can you suggest me some? I want to be able to deal super high damages on monsters, what gears shall I get? Where can I start for PvP Doram gears, the physical type one? I have reached Max Level and earned the gears, now what to do? A to Z about how to obtain THIS and THAT item That's it for now Feedback & Suggestions are very much welcomed Thank you very much for reading Special thanks to: @Shuichi @Sanaaa @Malfex Last Edited: 28 Sep 2018 - Added gear options at PvP Doram gears section, Added How to Obtain Items section
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    Doktor Z

    Loading Screen Art Event

    IGN: Momo Hime Well, here it finally is. More then one month in the making (I started on the 17th of April) here's this monster. [removed] You can see the full resolution here (warning: huge. 4000 x 3000 pixels. but it shows all the detail ) This was a picture devoted to all my friends I made here in gRO over the past few months. I've been playing here since 2008, but not until I rejoined this December did I start making friends, I always kept to myself before. And, it means a whole lot to me. I'm really not sure how I got through making this picture, I've never done /anything/ on this scale before, as meaning, the amount of people. And the funny thing is, it just kept building and building. As corny as it sounds, what kept me working on this picture and what drove me to do it was friendship. I wanted to make the people in the picture happy, and feel special. Sadly, as this was being made over a month ago, I cannot call all these people friends anymore, but that wasn't going to stop me from finishing the picture. (There are also even more people I'd like to add, that aren't included as well.) Anyways, I'm going to make a topic on the art forum of how I put this thing together, some stages of it's process, and also post some of my other art as well. Hope everyone enjoys it, I had a great time making it. Edit: OOPS, forgot to post the version with the names. Here's that. Edit again: Forgot to mention, but if anyone wants a cropped version of their character to use as an avatar or anything, I'd happily make you one, and I would be honoured to do so~
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    Gatheringro's Custom & Features

    This is a guide in which most of the custom features of our server will be listed! So first of all is our custom Capital of Rune Midgard, Althea, which is the main city of our world and where most players gather. It is also where our marketplace is located. For a more detailed view of our little town, check the link below, for a full guide! Or, just run around it by yourself, if you enjoy exploring~ Exploring Althea Next, comes a special map, both loved and hated by many: The gold field! This map, is filled with unique monsters, the Goldrings, Silverings, and Bronzerings. These mobs are easily farmed, specialy if you're using Dark/Shadow element against them! The golden ones drop Gold at a 30% and 5% chance, which can be sold for easy zeny, the main currency of the game. Happy Hunting! There is also a custom mvp in this area, called Goldring Boss! Be on the look out for him; he's big and easily spotted; although he has a nasty habit of teleporting. Althea is such a lovely city~ But then there gotta be some nuissance roaming around, giving us a hard time to walk outside the big walls which protect the citizens. But don't you worry! You wont be alone at all~ There are more people who wish to protect our capital city just like you. And a true warrior will always be rewarded ! Are you brave enough to take them on!? Here's the full guide of world boss event! - World Boss Events Guide GatheringRO also features legendary helmets which are obtainable by challenging quest series. Top : Golden Helm Guide Evolution version : Noah's Guide To: Legendary Dragon of Eternity Mid : Dark Lord Helm Evolution version : Dark High Lord Helm ( Currently no guide yet~ Same npc for making the Gold and valkyrie helmets. ) Front : Blessed Valkyrie Helm Evolution version : Hardened Valkyrie Helm And ofcourse we do have another unique god helm that can be made by picking your most favourite headgear! Looking fancy while having unique effects~ That's heaven! Here's the guide on how to make them! - Prism Helm - Moving on, yet back to Althea. It is there where you can find the Adventure Guild! Fellow sportsman which challenge you with daily quests. As you enter, you'll find several NPCs which support the guild. There are Coupon Exchangers, Quest givers and other members which expand the daily/weekly challenge quest lines and rewards. Become a member yourself and earn gear rewards! They present the player with daily quests: for a more indept guide, click the link below: Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges Noah's Guide On: Daily Adventure Quest On to a different kind of feature, an automated one, to be exact, we move onto the Login Rewards! Your rewards follow a specific cycle where each day you log in, you get another reward. The cycle repeats after 28 claimed rewards. Days are accumulative, so missing a day will not matter, you simply progress a day each day you login. This is how it looks like: While ingame, type @reward which will bring up your current progress as the interface above shows you. I will also tell you how long you have to wait to claim your next upcoming reward. The rewards range from exp books, to gRO tokens, to different Ores, and several other amazing goodies. The GatheringRO Token Bags named "Bag of Tokens", include a specific amount of gRO Token. (some bags hold more tokens than others; in the daily rewards, there are 3 types of bags) Once you get your hands in some, visit a group of npcs located inside a house, at the coords: althea 145, 276 There are 3 npc's inside, 2 will sell costume headgears, while one of them sells consumables and other special items. The first Token Merchant is located to the far right, sells a variety of wearable dolls at 30gRO tokens each. The second Token Merchant sells consumables and third Token Merchant is a Costume Shop named Clerk. The costume shop rotates on a weekly basis each monday morning. The rotation is random and will pick a shop, consisting of roughly 7 costumes from a big pool of shops. GRO adds regularly new costumes to this list of shops. So it's worth to check back each week if you're seeking for some new and exclusive costumes. Depending on the costume rarity, some items may appear more often than others, so make sure to save some tokens in case something rare appears! Moving on to the Cash and the Vote Shop! (Have you noticed that left to the map in your game client, is a small blue square, with a kitty coin?) That's right, that's the cash shop. Clicking it will open a window ingame, to show you what's available at the time. It has multiple windows to browse through, and a wide range of items. The cash shop gets updated at random times; but you can allways expect something good and new every couple months; specialy near/during a holiday! Next, comes the Vote Shop; it can be accessed in: https://www.gatheringro.ch/ You'll need to log in to be able to vote! You can vote a total of 2 times a day, each 12h's, through our 6 vote links; each will earn you with 1 point. These points can be used to purchase a large variety of goods, from headgears to consumables, and even pets! Our beloved GM @Abril♥ does a magnificent job, keeping the headgear part of the vote shop up and running; she will exchange half the hats in there monthly, giving us a new fresh set of headgears, that can normaly only be obtained through voting, (so stay tunned!) Next up, comes a special npc, with a special ability. To put it simple, she can award us with a RAINBOW! She is a costum npc, that is able to slot low headgears, and she can be found in althea, at the coords 164 110 When you talk to her, she will tell you about what and who she is, and what she can do for you, but there's allways a risk. She will show you a list of items you can slot, and how much you need for her to do so, but, be warned, even a pro slotter like her can fail, and you may lose your item! Forever!!...or... it might turn...into something new! And that, is where the Rainbows come in: Those are 2 of the items possible that you may obtain if your item transforms; now, not all items can do so, only a few. For the Rainbowring Rucksack you can use one of the following: Angeling Rucksack & Deviling Rucksack(both obtainable from the Vote Shop or, with a Pumpkin Rucksack(Halloween quest) Do note, that only unslotted rucksacks can be used. As for the Rainbow Sash, here is a guide on how it is made: HunterKiller’s Guide in Obtaining Rainbow Sash Brace yourself, Every year, In every season, Our server, Wil provide tons of surprise seasonal events for all of you! Many custom headies and goodies!!~ Here's a picture for a little example~ Do you want to know more about our events? Gatheringro Events Don't miss any! Some are limited edition! Now then, into a more bloody and violent part of gRO, PVP and War of Emperium!! There are 2 diferent custom things for this, one being a completely custom map for the access of the Castler's in WoE, with a vibrant woe_map! The other, being several rewards you can obtain by fighting in the woe. Indeed there are costum items for pvp and woe! Now, don't be alarmed, they're all balanced and working. It is a completely custom and unique system, that only exists in Gro, and rewards players for how they played in the War. It has many different factors, mechanics and maths involved, into rewarding everyone that gives an effort. Being Support classes, Hybrids, Tankers, or even Killers, they all get rewarded by how they do! This system was tought and implemented by our Admin @Everade, and here, is the link to it's announcement, and a bit of explanation: https://www.gatheringro.ch/woe.php Walking to the center of the Woe_Map, you'll find a total of 10 npc's. 5 of which are located in the south part of the statue. They're from the left to the right: Rental Services - WoE Assistant - Warp Service - Battle Ground Recruiter - Unknown fighter. These five npc's you are already acquaintanced with. The ones you do not know, are located in the north area of the statue. They are, from the left to the right (move camera around, to face them) Baldr(WoE reward redeemer) - Jirshi(costume headgear seller) - Cyruldus(Emp Weapons seller) - Olivahla(Emp Armor seller) - Kyliah(Consumables seller) Talking to Baldr will yeld you with Emp Fragments, wich are a gRO exclusive currency, that is used to buy from the traders in the area. ADVENTURER'S GEAR SET To have a smoothy start, this npc : Mr. Giveaway wil provide you some useful pvp gear's , usable items and foods! He will also lead you through the very basics of GatheringRO. He is located in @warp althea 178 207 Special thanks to our admin @Everade for the picture and his work. Now then, last but not least, the custom MvP's that roam around GatheringRo! They number 4, and can be found in diferent areas. Beware, for none of them is an easy fight, but their drops are very good! Including their own MvP cards!! Hunting these beasts alone can be quite troublessome, for they hit very hard! The goldringboss not so much, he is also passive, unless provoked, while the other three will attack on sight. For more info on either of them, look them up in the gRO's database, in the main site, or ask around to players, in case your curiosity requiers more! [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
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    Rainbow Sash[1] A Symbol of Future and Hope after the Great Flood Represents our server GRO for being online for a long time since 2006 Essential Requirements: 1. Nebula Aura[1] Mid Lower - "Guide Below" x100 2. 100 kaluniums/carniums - dropped by Fallen Bishop(MVP) or trade it with NPC Austri @warp prt_in 85 69 (3Elunium+50k zenny= 1Carnium) 3. 50m Zenny - Farm Gold from Goldrings (@warp alt_fild03 and overcharge them at an NPC using Merchant Class Characters) NEBULA AURA[1] Starting the Quest 1. Meet Scholar Angus @warp odin_tem01 133 137 He will tell you a secret about the runes and he will ask you to help him gather the items to receive the Rune of Uruz and just choose yes Talk to him again with the said items below in your inventory and he will point you to the 1st seal found @warp odin_tem01 323 79 50 x Valhalla's Flower dropped by Valkyrie x2 50% chance which spawn about 90-120mins and Randgris(MVP) 100% chance and spawns 8hrs both located @warp odin_tem03 Frus Skogul Echio Agav Skeggiold 20 x Red Gemstone dropped by Frus or Skogul or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 2. After clicking the seal and receiving the Rune of Uruz, go back to him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 3. Meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and prepare the next batch of items and he will tell you to go where the next seal is located @warp odin_tem02 143 139 Arc Angeling Marina Marc Marse 10 x Agate dropped by Archangeling 20 x Blue Gemstone dropped by Marina,Marc,Marse or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 4. Click the seal and you will receive the Rune of Algiz 5. Talk to him again @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and prepare the next batch of items Mini Demon Dark Priest Osiris Driller Fake Angel 5 x Hand of God dropped by Mini Demon, DarkPriest and Osiris(MVP) 20 x Yellow Gemstone dropped by Driller , Fake Angel or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 6. After meeting him @warp odin_tem03 276 240, talk to him and he will show where to find the last seal for the last Rune of Ingwaz located @warp odin_tem03 105 335 7. After clicking the seal you will receive your Rune of Ingwaz and talk to him again @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and he will tell you to meet him to where you first met @warp odin_tem01 133 137 8. Meet him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and talk to him, with the Runes combined you started to glow and somehow it will teleport you to a map in which is like a ruin with pitch black and thunderstorm background. 9. Move Forward and you will reach a dead end with a “Crater” in it which looks like the Seals in the 3 Runes before, Please Click it and a dialogue box will appear 10. Press Next and there you obtained your very own NEBULA AURA[1] Mid Lower thus obtaining the 1st Essential and hardest part in making the Rainbow Sash. FINAL PART Rainbow Sash[1] 1. Talk to Marybelle @warp althea 158 109 and she will tell you about being a designer of exclusive headies and introduces you her work. 2. She will then ask you if you wanna try it out? Choose Please Enchant my Item 3. She will explain the risks and will ask you if you want to continue? Choose Enchant my Item 4. After choosing that answer, a list of enchantable items in which there are many custom items only in GRO are exclusive including the Nebula Aura. 5. Scroll down from the list and choose Nebula Aura[1] and make sure you "ARE" wearing the Mid Lower Version, the one you've previously quested or obtained Note: There are 3 possible outcomes 90% chance your Nebula Aura Mid Lower Gear will become the Lower Gear version in which you will save another item slot for a Mid headie equipement 5% chance you will BREAK YOUR NEBULA AURA c. 5% chance you will obtain the Symbol of GatheringRO (RAINBOW SASH) Congratulations!!! From the Author: “Promise of a new and bright future, a promise given depicted as a symbol and that’s a “Rainbow” in which when it appears, it resembles hope and longer future” For me Rainbow Sash is the “Symbol of GatheringRO” for enduring a LOT of hardships especially the great wipe due to Abusers, Dupes and Hackers But still existed and continued on to serve us since 2006-2016 We clashed with a lot of Guilds Remembered many GMs Befriend a LOT of Players Unavoidable and unbearable Despair and Scams experienced and endured (ME) Thanks and More Power to the Players and GMs
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    My last entry... Althea Fields cute mobs [removed]
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    Doktor Z

    Loading Screen Art Event

    here's my 2nd entry... my third will be the big one though...! and will take a lot more time haha.
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    Doktor Z

    Loading Screen Art Event

    here's the first of my entries, (most) of the poring family~
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    Hunter Association (Pro Hunter Exam)

    Hunter Association's Jobs A chairman of the Hunter Association stationed Ging, a renown Pro Hunter to recruit new Pro Hunters as their numbers are running low. While the Adventure Guild allows normal adventurers to take on their requests, the Hunter Association distributes their Boss Hunts only to extraordinary Pro Hunters! Hunter Association's Jobs are daily, randomly picked, team-based instance Boss Hunts. Instance bosses drop a Boss Chest which can be looted by every party member who participated on the boss fight. It is highly recommended to team up on these daily targets. ~ Everade. Let's take a look to the Pro Hunter Exams! First meet Ging (Pro Hunter) at Adventure Guild (Althea Guide > Adventure Guild or @go adv ), he will canalize you with Exam Supervisor to start your Hunter Exam. After talking with Ging you have to talk with Exam Supervisor, you will be teleported to a special arena, where in each corner you will find one master to start your exam. Let's meet the Masters! You have to defeat the four Masters to get their Pro Hunter's Approval: Meet Killua; his exam is to watch up a shadow in one of the three crystals, be careful and don't blink! You'll have to pass 4 rounds. When you get it, you will receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. Now meet Kurapika his exam is about select the phrases in the correct order to solve the puzzle, but read it carefully, (is one of the hardest test, and many people take long to get it, but not impossible, so be patient) Once you get it, you will also receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. Then meet Netero, he is too strong and he will test your strength; eventually you will notice his weaks points, so with some tries you can get it! When you get defeated him you will also receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. Note: a survey says one of his weak points is his head. And now meet Hisoka his exam is about Rock, Paper, Scissors game, when you get it, you will receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. After get the 4 Pro Hunter's Approvals then talk with Alluka to return at Adventure Guild. Talk with Ging, show him your approvals and he will give you your Pro Hunter License !! There's not specific order to start the exam, so you can start with any of those, also be patient with it. If you fail, you can always start again. Also, you can always ask for help, but remember is an intelligence and strength test. With that you can start to team up for Instances, some available at the moment are: - Buwaya Cave - Endless Tower - Faceworm Nest - Horror Toy Factory - Isle of Bios - Octopus Cave - Old Glastheim - Morse’s Cave - Sealed Shrine - The Last Room To know which instance is the one of the day visit Ging (@go adv) and he will tell you. Pro Hunter Quest is daily and the instances are randomly chosen, when boss is defeated a chest will appear, every party member can take the loot by click in the chest, make sure to do a decent damage to be elegible. Also, you are free to use any job you are comfy to go. Your reward will be sent to your RODEX , you will get a Pro Hunter Chest . You can get 2 Hunter Coins (if you are lucky enough, some plus like: Evil Boss Fragments , Mystical Doll or an extra Hunter Coin .) Also with your Pro Hunter License in your inventory you will be able to see the Pro Hunter Market where you can find many good items, equips and costumes, so make sure to get many Hunter Coins for any item you wanna get. Remember is an exclusive Market for Pro Hunters! Note 1: Only the char who get the Pro Hunter License in their inventory can see the Hunter Shop. Note 2: The Pro Hunter License is per account. Easy, right? Now you can be part of the Pro Hunter's Association, prove your intelligence and strenght! Good Luck!!
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    Gale Windscar

    Gale Windscar's Genetic 101

    Gale Windscar's Genetic 101 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Overview 3. Skills 3A. Notable Skills 3B. Creation Skills 3C. Homunculi Skills 3D. In-Depth Skills 4. Equipment 4A. Upper Headgear 4B. Middle Headgear 4C. Lower Headgear 4D. Armor 4E. Weapon 4F. Shield 4G. Footgear 4H. Garment 4I. Accessory 4J. Shadow Gear 4K. Equipment Sets 5. Homunculus System 5A. Homuculus (Base) 5B. Homunculus S 6. Stat Building 7. Special Thanks 8. Changelog 1. Introduction Hey everyone, it’s Gale Windscar here. I’ve been playing casually since pre-wipe, which was around 10 years ago but in an on and off basis. I am in no way the best Genetic in the server, not by a long shot; but I am here to impart some knowledge about my favorite class. 2. Overview This a comprehensive guide that aims to enlighten the readers on what options and capabilities a Genetic has in PVM and PVP (whenever I mention PVP, it is interchangeable with WOE and vice versa); not to dictate you on how you should play your genetic. Take this guide as a starting point to get an idea of what the class can do and from thereon you can build your own playstyle. This will include in-depth analysis of skills and equipment options for newbies and old players alike (with the original god items as an exception) so that you may build your own Genetic that will suit your playstyle! If that's not your cup of tea, I suggest you find another guide here in the forums! Disclaimer: Almost all formulas are taken from iRO which in turn takes theirs from the official kRO server (post-balancing). I have no way of knowing the exact formula for our server as I have no access to the back-end of the server, but through testing, I have confirmed that most are behaving as they are supposed to; meaning that the vital factors on each formula are still behaving the same in our server. 3. Skills For the full list of skills refer here. 3A. Notable Skills Acid Demonstration – This is your signature damaging skill and your highest damaging skill. It’s a ranged forced neutral attack based off your ATK, MATK, and the target’s VIT. Requires and consumes a Grenade Bottle and an Acid Bottle per cast. An in-depth section is provided below. Cart Cannon – This is your bread and butter skill and is by far my favorite Genetic Skill. It’s a ranged physical attack that carries the property of your equipped cannon ball. Requires you to have a Cannon Ball equipped. An in-depth section is provided below Cart Boost – Arguably the best movement speed steroid in the game. It gives 100% movement speed and a whopping +50 ATK at max level. Decrease AGI and this skill mutually cancel each other out; if this skill is active and Decrease AGI succeeds, use this skill once to cancel Decrease AGI and once more to activate it again. Potion Pitcher – The best supportive skill at your disposal alongside Full Chemical Protection. This goes through GTB users unlike Archbishop’s healing skills. It is highly affected by your INT and the target’s VIT. Level 4 is for White Potions (HP) and level 5 is for Blue Potions (SP). Formula: Slim Potion Pitcher – An AOE Potion Pitcher except that it is unaffected by INT and the target’s VIT – only Potion Research increases its effectiveness. Full Chemical Protection – Protects the target’s equipment from being stripped and damaged (by skills) for the duration. Invaluable in WoE, PVP, and in some cases PVM. Requires and consumes a Glistening Coat for each cast. Blood Sucker – A good skill for sustain, flinching enemies, and interrupting casting. A maximum of three can be attached to enemies before the first one expires, but only one Blood Sucker can be attached per target. Requires and consumes a Bloodsuck Plant Seed for each cast. Crazy Weed – Inflicts physical Earth property damage and sweeps any ground skill in a 9x9 area. Great for removing nasty Ranger traps, Shadow Chaser paints, and Sorcerer ground skills including Land Protector. Requires a Thorn Plant Seed for each cast. Demonic Fire – Continuously inflict Fire property magic damage (can be blocked by GTB) on the target area with a chance to inflict enemies with the Burning Status. Fire Expansion can be cast on top of this skill. Requires and consumes a Bottle Grenade for each cast. Fire Expansion – It causes various effects in an active sea of Demonic Fire depending on the thrown object/catalyst. An in-depth section is provided below Hell’s Plant – Summons a plant at the target location, which will inflict damage upon contact with a chance of leaving the affected enemy stunned or bleeding for 20 seconds. Requires and consumes a Plant Bottle for each cast. An in-depth section is provided below Howling of Mandragora – Has a chance to inflict the Howling status in a larger area (15x15 at level 5) which decreases INT, SP, and increases Fixed Cast Time (does not work on monsters). A great crowd control tool in WOE. The chance is reduced by the target's VIT and LUK. Requires and consumes a Mandragora Flowerpot. Illusion Doping – A great tool for wiping low HP mobs due to its 29x29 AOE at level 5. In PVP, it’s better to use lower levels despite the smaller AOE for a higher chance of inflicting Hallucination status and decreasing HIT. Requires and consumes an Alcohol for each cast. Thorn Trap – Good for immobilizing targets (while also dealing fixed damage per second) and can even be used against MVPs (counts as a rude attack, making some MVPs teleport away). If the trapped target is hit by a Fire Property attack, the trap will be destroyed just like Sorcerer’s Spider Web but without the extra damage. Each cast requires and consumes a Thorn Plant Seed. Wall of Thorns – Creates a 5x5 barrier of thorns which is good for crowd controlling large mobs as normal monsters are knocked back by it. You can either put it up in a choke point or target the cell you are standing on to protect you from all sides. If hit by a Fire property attack, the thorns will combust and turn into a LVL5 Fire Wall. This has Earth property so it also reveals hidden enemies. Each cast requires and consumes a Thorn Plant Seed. Item Sling – Causes different effects on the target depending on the type of ammo used. The only notable item to use in PVP is Banana Bomb which forces enemies to sit and decrease their LUK and Melon Bomb which reduces the target's movement speed and attack speed. For the full list of items and their effects, refer below: 3B. Creation Skills Pharmacy – Creates various potions and bottles for your skills. Different Creation Guides are needed along with the materials. Each cast requires and consumes a Medicine Bowl. Recipes: Success Rate & Bonuses: Mixed Cooking - Prepares delicious dishes by mixing various ingredients. These dishes boost a Primary Stat by 20 for 5 minutes. Requires the user to have the Cooking Book: Mix Cooking book in the inventory. Recipes: Success Rate: Special Pharmacy - Brews a set of potions and drinks among a wide variety. Higher skill level increases the number of items that can be brewed in one set. Requires user to have the proper manual to make specific items. Recipes: Success Rate: Bomb Creation - Creates explosives out of various kinds of fruit. Requires the user to have at least one volume from the How to Make Bomb series, depending on the fruit bomb the user wants to create. Recipes: Success Rate: 3C. Homunculi Skills Bioethics – It allows the learning of Homunculus Skills. Call Homunculus - Creates a new Homunculus from an Embryo or summons an existing Homunculus that was stored by using the Rest skill. Rest - Stores the owner's Homunculus. Resurrect Homunculus - Revives a Homunculus that has been defeated in battle. A more in-depth section about Homunculi can be found below. 3D. In-Depth Skills Cart Cannon The damage formula is as follows: Damage (ATK) = [Base_Damage + {(Cart_Remodeling_Lv × 50) × (INT ÷ 40)}]% This means that INT is the most important stat when using Cart Cannon, contrary to other people thinking it’s STR as it only increases your sATK and wATK up to much. Cart Cannon is a ranged physical attack. 1. Can be blocked by Pneuma and Kyrie Eleison. 2. Affected by %Ranged Modifiers; damage and reduction. 3. When equipped with an Iron Cannon Ball (Neutral); the skill becomes Pseudo-Elemental: Taking into account your weapon’s element/endow into the calculation of the damage but remaining as a neutral attack (would still miss on Ghost3 and Ghost4 element monsters) 4. Cast time is purely variable; you can achieve insta-cast with stats alone. Here's a chart of the AOE and Cast Distance Acid Demonstration The specific formula for Acid Demonstration is unknown but a suggested formula is as follows: Suggested Renewal Formula But a few years ago, GM Beastboy tinkered with the formula as he mentions in one of his posts and I quote verbatim: What is certain is that ATK and MATK are of the same weight in calculating the damage of this skill. Acid Demonstration is a Forced Neutral ranged attack: 1. It will always stay neutral no matter the element/endow of your weapon and will miss on Ghost3 and Ghost4 element monsters. 2. The highest damage increase you can get on this skill is through %Ranged Modifiers, as it applies to the whole formula, both the ATK and MATK part (they are computed separately) unlike cards like Hyrdra which only applies to the ATK portion. 3. The way that DEF applies to this kill is kinda wonky, therefore having Memory of Thanatos Card / Incantation Samurai Card doesn’t really do much if it does anything at all. 4. Cast Time is a mix of variable and fixed. Fixed cast time is .40 seconds which is reducible by Geffen Magic Robe (-.10) and Temporal Dex Boots w/ 185 base Dex (-.35) – achieving insta-cast*. Due to an update, it seems that the Fixed Cast Time is now around 1 second - meaning insta-cast is no longer achievable. *Take note that this is the only way to achieve insta-cast on AD due to how unfavorable Fixed Cast Reduction stacks (just like Variable Cast) Fire Expansion Throws a catalyst (depending on level) on an active sea of Demonic Fire: LVL1 and 2 are not really worth the trouble to use but 3 4, and 5 has its own uses (especially on WOE). LVL3 Smoke Powder - A great defensive tool and shines the most when sieging: casting it on the portal (when rushing) or after an Emergency Call would mitigate the damage that your guild members would take. LVL4 Tear Gas - My personal favorite! Drains 5% MaxHP regardless of reduction and immunity of an enemy! Some of the usage for this is the inverse of LVL3: cast it on the portal when defending or when an enemy guild just used Emergency Call! LVL5 Acid Bottle - AOE Acid Demonstration, nothing really to discuss except that it is treated as misc damage now instead of magic (it was blockable by GTB before). Hell’s Plant To follow~ 4. Equipment I have listed equipment options that I deem viable; in by no means that anything not on this list isn't good. This is purely based on my personal opinion and as the human that I am, I probably missed on some available equipment. I labeled these by their costs: Low Cost - Easy to obtain, Cheap to buy (100m or lower), or can be obtained with no cost (untradeable items from World Boss Events); Medium Cost - A bit harder to acquire and/or can be bought below 1b; High Cost - Very hard to obtain (e.g. Rainbow Sash) and/or can be bought for more than 1b. Set items are discussed in a separate section. 4A. Upper Headgear Blessed Valkyrie Helm [High Cost][Recommended] – Gives +15 to all stats. With how stat hungry Genetics are, there’s no better headgear for overall usage. Obtainable via the Blessed Valkyrie Helm Quest +8/10 Old Midas Whisper [High Cost][Recommended] – Fantastic bonuses but doesn’t work on PVP. Increases your Cart Cannon damage by 15% and ranged damage by 1% per 2 levels of refinement. It also grants +ATK, MaxHP, and MaxSP depending on the refine rate. Arguably the best in slot when it comes to PVM, but has no effect on PVP and needs to be refined to really shine which is costly. A very costly investment, but a very worthy one if you love and enjoy doing PVM content. Obtainable via the Pro Hunter Shop. Prism #2 / #3 [Medium Cost][Recommended (#3)] – Gives +10 / +7 stats depending on your choice. #2 is easier to make and gives a hefty 7% Demi-Human reduction. #3 is a bit more costly to make but frees up a slot because of its Maya Purple effect (detect hidden enemies) which is invaluable in PVP. Great starting God Helm for newbies. Obtainable via the Prism Quest Hopping Filir [Low Cost][Recommended] – The Holy Grail of support Genetics; it increases the amount your Potion Pitcher heals but reduces your damage capabilities by half. Very easy to acquire through the Homunculus Thesis Quest Dark Lord Helm [High Cost] – Gives +10 to all stats and some HP and SP. It’s great, but very expensive to make. Obtainable via the Dark Lord Helm Quest +7/10 Midgard Serpent Hat [High Cost] – Gives you +2 to All Stats and 5% After-Cast Delay Reduction out of the box. It starts to really shine though at higher refines: at +7 it'll grant you 10% Demi-Human Reduction, and at +10 it'll give another 5% After-Cast Delay Reduction. Obtainable via the World Boss (EBF) Shop. Dragon of Eternity [High Cost] – Gives +10 to all stats and +5 flat ASPD which will save you a ton of stat points. A great headgear but very expensive to make. I don’t recommend shooting for this when you just started as it’ll be a tedious task. Obtainable via the Dragon of Eternity Quest Dark Randgris Helm [Medium Cost] – Provides you +5 to all stats, +5% ATK & MATK, and +10% Healing Effectiveness. A very solid headgear choice for a Genetic on a budget. This can be obtained via the GM Castle (GM Dungeon: Cloister of Annihilation) Beret / Feather Beret / PooPoo Hat [Low Cost] – Gives 10% Human Reduction. Great in PVP/WOE for new players / supports. Dropped by various monsters. Ship Captain’s Hat [Low Cost] – Grants +1 DEX and +7% Long Ranged Attack. VERY EASY to make and would serve well as a starter headgear to increase your overall damage. Obtainable via the Ship Captain’s Hat Quest Kiel D-01 Card [High Cost][Recommended] – The best card in slot for Genetics. Makes you spam your skills faster since they have relatively low or no cooldown at all. Maya Purple Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Allows you to detect hidden enemies. Very valuable in PVP/WOE and easily farmable. Works extremely well with Crazy Weed in revealing hidden enemies. Do not use together with Prism #3. Bacsojin Card [Medium Cost] – Increases your Potion Pitcher effectiveness but also increases the SP consumption of your skills. Great for support Genetics, I recommend putting it in your Hopping Filir. Gemini S58 [Low Cost] – Gives you resistance to various status ailments. Great budget card if you do not have anything to put in your slots and very useful against certain instances. 4B. Middle Headgear Baron’s Evil Eye [High Cost][Recommended] – Gives you -5% After-Cast reduction in exchange for more SP consumption. Arguably the best in slot available to Genetics. Obtainable via the Pro-Hunter Shop. Royal Dark Flame [Medium Cost][Recommended] – I like to call this “Noble Mask on steroids”. It gives +1 to all stats and a higher ATK and MATK bonus. You can get this from the King Poring World Boss. Noble Mask [Low Cost][Recommended] – Gives STR, INT, ATK, MATK – almost everything that a Genetic can ask for! A solid overall headgear that is very cheap to make – get one ASAP! Obtainable via the Noble Mask Quest Shadow Booster [Low Cost] – Grants you +1 flat ASPD and 1% After-Cast Delay Reduction. A good substitute if you don’t have any of the above headgears. Obtainable via the Belphegor (?) World Boss Sunglasses [1] / Glasses [1] [Low Cost] – Just a slotted headgear with no stats or whatever. Very easy to make and I recommend this for starting players while working towards your Noble Mask. Obtainable via the Headgear Upgrade Quest. Other slotted mid-headgears [Low Cost] – Various slotted headgears for mid is obtainable via the Dating Quest Cards are the same as above. 4C. Lower Headgear Rainbow Sash [High Cost][Recommended] - +5 to all stats. Need I say more? The best in slot for almost all classes but VERY HARD to make. If you have this, by all means, I recommend that you use it – if not, your time and budget can go a long way with other equipment slots so do not prioritize it. Here is a great guide in obtaining it. Golden Fish in Mouth [Medium Cost][Recommended] – It gives +2 to all stats and +10 to both ATK and MATK! A great solid choice for a Genetic. Obtainable via the World Boss (EBF) Shop but needs to be enchanted for a slot. Speed Orb [Low Cost][Recommended] – It gives +1 flat ASPD and +3% ATK and MATK. Great overall and looks good too. Obtainable via Werewolf World Boss. Rainbowring Rucksack [High Cost] – Gives +3 to all stats and is much more attainable than Rainbow Sash but still a pain to acquire. You can get it at a low chance when enchanting any kind of Rucksack (Poring, Deviling, Pumpkin). Vajra [Medium Cost] – Grants you +2 DEX and +2% Long Ranged Attack. The best lower headgear if you want more damage. Obtainable via the World Boss (EBF) Shop but needs to be enchanted for a slot. Nebula Aura (Lower) [Medium Cost] – Gives a hefty amount of MDEF (+35 MDEF) and a chance to autocast various protective buffs. The reason I didn’t recommend the Mid + Lower version is that the Lower version is cheaper (because it’s mostly failures from Rainbow Sash making) and much more useful by occupying only one headgear slot. Obtainable via the Nebula Aura Quest. Poring Rucksack [Low Cost] – It gives +5 to STR and VIT. Not much to explain here, you can get it from the Vote Shop and is enchantable in order to get a slot. Previously obtainable via the Vote Shop. Pumpkin Rucksack [Low Cost] – It gives +2 to stats and is fairly easy to make but only in Halloween events. Can also be enchanted like Poring and Deviling Rucksacks for the additional slot. Obtainable via a quest during Halloween Events; here's a guide. Father’s White Moustache [Low Cost] – Gives +20 ATK. Very straightforward – just more damage in general but not as much as Vajra. I don’t recommend this that much since you’re better off with stacking stats, but if you really need that extra juice of damage, this will serve you well. This drops from Werewolf World Boss and can be enchanted for a slot. Gentleman’s Pipe [Low Cost] – Grants 2% Demi-Human Reduction. I highly recommend this for support Genetics or as a starter lower headgear as it is very easy to obtain. Obtainable via the Headgear Upgrade Quest Angry Mouth [Low Cost] – Grants 3% After-Cast Delay Reduction. VERY easy to acquire and very effective - the downside is the absence of a card slot. Dropped by Mushu Mushu. Carat / Elder Willow / Isilla / Cendrawasih Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – All add +2 to INT except Isilla has a chance of decreasing Variable Cast by 50% and granting +30 Flee when using magical attacks (you have no reliable way of proc-ing this bonus so don’t count on it too much). Rhyncho Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Gives +4% Heal Effectiveness with no downsides. Great for support Genetics. Bungisngis Card [Low Cost] – Gives +1% MaxHP for every two refines. Works exceptionally well with Poring Rucksack for maximum HP gain. Nightmare Card [Low Cost] – Grants immunity to the Sleep Status and +1 AGI on top. Great against some nasty instance MVPs that cast Wide Sleep. Take note that this does not make you immune to the Deep Sleep status. Giearth Card [Low Cost] – Grants immunity to the Chaos (Confusion) status and increases resistance to Earth property attacks by 15%. Great against those annoying Leak Card users in PVP. 4D. Armor Brynhild [0]/[1] [High Cost][Recommended] – Arguably the best in slot for many classes. It gives you more damage, HP, SP, and Knockback Immunity (which is great in PVM). The non-slotted version is a tad easier to get and would work even without a card slot because of the recent buffs while the slotted version is a real pain in the ass to get but is definitely worth it. Not a starter choice but a great end-game gear. This can be obtained via the GM Castle (GM Dungeon: Cloister of Annihilation) +0/7/9/12 Geffen Magic Robe [High Cost][Recommended] – One of your most precious tools in decreasing the fixed cast time of Acid Demonstration and maximum After-Cast Delay. Great bonuses – gives 5% ATK & MATK, Uninterruptible Cast (works in WOE) out of the box, 10% Demi-Human Resistance at +7, Flat Fixed Cast Reduction (-.10) at +9, and an additional 5% After-Cast Delay Reduction at +12. Relatively easy to get and farm, but is a pain to get to +12. Obtainable via the Geffen Magic Tournament Instance Valkyrie Armor [Low Cost][Recommended] – A relatively easy armor to obtain that grants you +1 All Stats and is Indestructible. I recommend this if you're not wearing the Sprint Set and is working towards higher-end armors. Dropped by Valkyrie Randgris. Sprint Mail [Low Cost] – Gives you +1 VIT and 3% Heal Effectiveness. Core part of the good ol’ Sprint Set. VERY EASY to farm and is a great starter armor. You can enchant it at Prontera for additional stat bonuses. Works exceptionally well with the Sprint Set but is also decent standalone. It drops from Cornus from the New World – which you can access easily by doing the Cat Hand Access Quest. Tao Gunka Card [High Cost][Recommended] – Nothing much to explain since everyone knows what this card does. It doubles your MaxHP (+100%) in exchange for cutting your defenses in half. Paladin Card [High Cost][Recommended] – With the recent buffs, LHZ4 cards are now all exceptionally good. It provides you with 45% MaxHP, 5% After-Cast Delay Reduction, and even has a chance to autocast Shield Boomerang when receiving physical attacks. Detale Card [Medium Cost][Recommended] – Gives you Freeze immunity which is indispensable as a support Genetic, especially in PVP. It also has a chance to autocast Land Protector when receiving magical damage which will help you and your party against those pesky AOE spells both in PVP and PVM. If you’re playing more of a support role, I recommend you to get this or a Marc Card, whichever fits your budget. Marc Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – A cheaper Detale that provides a 5% Water Property Resistance instead of the autocast (Land Protector), a solid choice for newbies, support or not. Champion Card [High Cost] – An offensive variant of Paladin Card; foregoing some of the bonus HP for ATK. It gives 25% MaxHP, 5% After-Cast Delay Reduction, 14% ATK & 10% SP (only half of the ATK and SP if your base AGI is below 110. It also gives a chance to autocast Investigate when receiving physical attacks. Amdarais Card [High Cost] – Grants +15% ATK and MATK in exchange for HP and SP drain per 4 seconds. TONS of damage for Acid Demonstration and Cart Cannon, but be cautious on the SP drain. Werewolf Card [High Cost] – It gives +50% MaxHP. Basically a Half-Tao Sealed Tao Gunka Card [Medium Cost] - Half a Tao Gunka; +50% MaxHP and reduces your defenses in half, +75% if the slotted armor is +10 and above. Ghostring Card [Medium Cost] – Enchants your armor with Ghost property (Ghost1), great for general PVM and PVP as it reduces Neutral attacks by 25%, but be wary using this on WOE – you’ll get rekt by Soul Expansion and Ghost type Cart Cannon. Angeling Card [Medium Cost] – Enchants your armor with Holy property (Holy1), which grants you immunity to the Holy element and gives you 25% Elemental Reduction on almost all elements except Neutral, Shadow, and Undead. Evil Druid Card [Low Cost] – Enchants your armor with Undead property (Undead1), a great alternative to Marc card as Undead is immune to Freeze, Stone Curse, and even Wide Soul Drain. Great for both PVP and PVM. The downside is that while wearing this, you can’t be healed (you can still be Potion Pitched) and Resurrected – so be cautious in using it. Other Elemental Cards for general PVM usage – Bathory (Shadow), Agriope (Poison), Pasana (Fire), Swordfish (Water), Dokebi (Wind), Sandman (Earth). 4E. Weapon +8~15 Old Parasol [High Cost][Recommended] – I daresay that this is the best weapon for general use of Genetics. It gives MATK, +%Long Ranged Damage, and even After-Cast Delay Reduction; not to mention that It has 3 slots and is enchantable! This needs to be at least +8 to be great. The ideal enchant is FightingSpirit as it increases both your Acid Demonstration and Cart Cannon damage, but since the enchant can’t be reset, some of the other options aren’t that bad: Spell & Matk% increases your Acid Demonstration damage while ASPD+1 and %ASPD can save you a lot of stat points. The only useless enchant would be Sharp as critical does nothing for Genetics. Obtainable via the Horror Toy Factory Instance. /+10~+15 Twin Blade of Naght Sieger (Red/Blue) [High Cost][Recommended] – Has the highest damage output of any one-handed weapon of the same refine rate that you can use with the Red coming on top. This is because of the three slots and that you can get ExpertArcher when you enchant it in Malangdo. The problem is that it’s hard to get and refine. Obtainable via the Endless Tower Instance. /+10~15 Crimson Saber / Mace [Medium Cost][Recommended] – Gives tons of raw ATK but needs high refine rates to really shine. Very easy to farm and comes with different elements which can save you the trouble of getting elemental converters. I recommend new players to get one ASAP. The choice between Saber/Mace is depending on the target (only concerns Cart Cannon since Acid Demonstration isn’t affected by size modifiers): Small/Medium = Saber, Medium/Large = Mace. Take note that Maces are also indestructible as they are. Both are dropped by various mobs: @whodrops 13454 & 16040 respectively. +0~15 Erde [Low Cost][Recommended] – A very underrated weapon. Gives +10% more healing which is great for support Genetics, but also enchantable in Malangdo! If you don’t care about damage, you can even get ASPD/Int/Dex enchants. It can catch up to the damage side if you get to enchant it with two ExpertArcher. I highly recommend this for aspiring support Genetics. Dropped by Orc Lord. +10~+15 Elemental Sword [Medium Cost] – Ah! The King of Old! It’s still decent if you don’t have access to the other options. I only recommend this to support Genetics because of the stat bonuses and slots, because if you want damage, you’re better off with Crimsons as it’s easier to get. Dropped by Cobalt Minerals from WoE 2 Guild Dungeon (Schwartzvald Guild Dungeon). +10~+15 Hurricane Fury [Low Cost] – TONS OF DAMAGE. This bad boy gives up your shield to deal tons of damage but grants Medium Size Reduction (10%) – use at your own risk. Every refine gives 1% more Medium Size Reduction and ASPD. Shoot for an ExpertArcher enchant in Malangdo. Dropped by Boitata and Gloom Under the Night. +0~15 Mace [Low Cost] – If you really just want to use status cards / ASPD cards and don’t care about damage at all, this is a great choice. The 4 slots and the built-in indestructibility are terrific. An example is putting in x4 Dark Priest Cards for maximum SP drainage. +0 Combat Knife [Low Cost] – Provides you with 10% more Demi-Human Reduction and ignores defense of Demi-Human monsters too (built in Incantation Samurai Card effect). Great for supports in PVP when not Potion Pitching (switch to Erde when pitching if you are able to). Enchantable in Malangdo for more stats! Dropped by Sniper Cecil. +0 Moonlight Dagger [Low Cost] – Good for getting out of sticky situations wherein you have 0 mana (Soul Burn, Dark Priest Card, or Wide Soul Drain / T_W_O card). You only need to attack once to recover 3 SP and you’ll be able to pitch Blue Potions to yourself. Dropped by Moonlight Flower and Assassin Cross Eremes. Memory of Thanatos [High Cost][Recommended] – I mean, this card needs no introduction at all. Just take note that it doesn’t affect your Acid Demonstration at all. So if you don’t intend to use Cart Cannon, stay away from this. General Daehyeon Card [High Cost][Recommended] – Gives a flat +100 ATK when equipped with a sword. The best in slot alongside Thanatos Card if you are using a one-handed sword: the damage difference it has versus Archer Skeleton is minimal. If you have the budget, go for it - otherwise Archer Skeleton will serve you just as well. Incantation Samurai Card [Medium Cost][Recommended] – This is what I like to call “Poor Man’s Thanatos”: Ignores the DEF of normal monsters (does not work on MVPs) - it's not the same effect but the damage isn't that far off (especially versus low VIT non-MVP mobs). Very accessible because it’s easy to hunt and not that costly to buy. Great for Cart Cannon if you don’t have access to Thanatos. Archer Skeleton Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Gives +10% Long-Ranged Damage. The cheapest damage increasing card for Genetics (overall)! %Ranged Damage is King as it affects both your Cart Cannon and Acid Demonstration, especially the latter. It loses by a very small margin against Daehyon, Turtle General, Drake, etc. - but if you're in a budget, get this as it's a breeze to get relative to the other choices. Enhanced Archer Skeleton Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – A direct upgrade from Archer Skeleton Card, it gives additional +2% on top of the original +10% Long-Ranged Damage when user is above 100 Base Level. Dropped by the respective mob in the Room of Consciousness Instance. Drake Card [Medium Cost] – Ignores the size penalty of your weapon. Great for swords, but not so much for maces since there’s not much small sized monsters and if there are, they mostly have low HP pools. It only concerns Cart Cannon. If you have a spare slot, it’ll help a lot when using swords against large sized monsters. Turtle General Card [Medium Cost] – For some reason it works exceptionally well with Daehyon; if you don't have Daehyon, it's better to use Archer Skeleton / Drake. Lord of Death Card [Medium Cost] – Has a chance to inflict various status effects and a very low chance to inflict Coma when physical attacking. A great card for support Genetics, or when you don’t need damage and would prefer crowd control. Works great with Cart Cannon’s AOE Stormy Knight Card [Medium Cost] – Provides a high chance of Freezing enemies which works exceptionally well with your Cart Cannon AOE. Doppelganger Card [Medium Cost] – If you’re having trouble reaching 193 ASPD with stats alone as a support, this card can save tons of stat points. Gives flat 6 ASPD Dark Priest Card [Low Cost] – Great for draining SP of enemies. A great utility to have as a support Genetic. Cecil Damon / Dancing Marionette [Low Cost] – A cheaper alternative to Doppel. Gives %ASPD with different drawbacks. Cecil Damon decreases HIT while Dancing Marionette decreases ATK. 4F. Shield Valkyrie Shield [Low Cost][Recommended] – One of the easiest shields to get your hands on and is very effective because it provides a hefty 20% Elemental Resistance to Water, Fire, Shadow, and Undead property. I recommend this because most of the time, you will need to have a shield card for a certain situation. Dropped by Valkyrie and Valkyrie Randgris +7-12 Immune Shield [Medium Cost] – A great shield but needs high refinement to really shine, which In turns makes it less appealing. You can use this over Valkyrie Shield if you need more Neutral Resistance. Can be obtained from Belphegor (?) World Boss. +0-9 Mad Bunny [Low Cost] – Provides you with more ATK and MATK. Great for PVM when you don’t need resistances. Can be obtained from Werewolf World Boss. Orlean’s Server [Low Cost] – Has a 5% chance to reflect any single target spell. If you’re having trouble with single target magic, this shield can help you and works especially well with Maya Card. Dropped by Aliza. King Poring Card [High Cost][Recommended] - Grants MDEF, VIT, and Demi-Human Reduction, but also has a chance to give you resistances to various status effects. Basically a slightly tuned down Hervor Alvitr (WOE TE God Item) - this is as OP as you can get in a slot. Golden Thief Bug Card [Medium Cost][Recommended]] – Gives you immunity to all magical skills. Not much explanation needed. Very solid. Thara Frog Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Best card for reduction in PVP/WOE. Maya Card [Medium Cost] – Great against pesky single target skills like Soul Expansion. Hodremlin Card [Low Cost] – Provides you with resistance for every Size and a chance to increase your Perfect Dodge. A good card for general use. Alice Card [Low Cost] – Grants a huge 40% resistance against Boss protocol monsters in exchange of getting more damage from normal monsters. Great for MVP-ing, where GTB isn’t needed. Bijou Card[N/A Cost] - Grants Immunity to the Frozen Status which frees your armor slot off of Detale/Marc and grants +10% ATK & MATK on top of that. Here's a complete list of reduction cards for shields. 4G. Footgear +3/6/9 Temporal Dex Boots [High Cost][Recommended] – Hands down the best footgear that you can ever ask for. It gives %Ranged Attack damage and a flat Fixed Cast Reduction when your base Dex is 185. You can even enchant ExpertArcher on it. Obtainable via the Old Glast Heim Instance As for the last enchantment, you have lots of options: +3/6/9 Temporal Str Boots [High Cost][Recommended] – Gives you a ton of raw ATK. If you don’t really need / want insta-cast Acid Demonstration, this is the best choice for you. Not only is the bonus easier to attain (base 180 STR), that also means that it’ll save you a ton of stat points that you’ll otherwise need to put into DEX if you used Dex Boots. Obtainable via the Old Glast Heim Instance Variant Shoes [Low Cost] – A staple footgear which gives a ton of HP and SP, be careful not to refine it! Dropped by Beelzebub. Enhanced Variant Shoes [Medium Cost] – Gives lesser bonuses out-of-the-box compared to the normal version but makes up for it with a slot. Obtainable via the Eden Group Crystal Synthesis Quest Boss Egnigem Cenia Card [High Cost][Recommended] – My personal favorite in this slot; gives you +10% MaxHP and MaxSP, and regenerates HP and SP every 10 seconds. Has saved my ass so many times when I ran out of SP (I am using an Eira build). Great against Soul Burn, Bloody Lust, T_W_O Card, and Dark Priest Card - a must for Eira users! Amon Ra Card [Medium Cost][Recommended] – Gives +1 to all stats and autocasts Kyrie Eleison when receiving Physical Attacks; be sure to have at least base 99 INT to make the most out of it. Also, take note that GTB blocks the Kyrie and that it has an after-cast delay, so if you don’t have enough After-Cast Delay reduction, it could backfire. Green Ferus Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Gives +1 VIT and +10% MaxHP. I highly recommend using this if you don’t have any of MVP cards above. Antique Firelock Card [Low Cost] – Gives +2 STR out-of-the-box and +10% MaxHP, and MaxSP if your footgear is +9 or above. If for some reason your footgear is +9 and you don’t have any MVP cards to put in, you can use this. Blut Hase Card [Low Cost] – Provides %ATK and %Ranged Attack, great if you need to squeeze in more damage in your build. Enraged Cookie Card [Low Cost] – Gives +1% ATK and MATK but decreases your MaxHP by 2% and the same bonuses apply per 2 refinement. A cheap alternative to Blut Hase Card. 4H. Garment +7/9 Adventurer’s Backpack [High Cost][Recommended] – The best in slot for Genetics since almost all the bonuses it gives benefit you. It gives ATK, ASPD, MATK, Neutral Resistance, and %Ranged Damage depending on the refine rate and your base stats. Just make sure to have your base stat at 90 for best results. Obtainable via the Pro-Hunter Shop. Emperium Wings / Fallen Angel Wings / Seraph Wings / Archangel Wings [High Cost][Recommended] – Gives bonuses depending on your stat points and doesn't need any refinement to use at its full potential. A good alternative if you don’t have access to Adventurer’s Backpack. Also enchantable at their respective shops for more bonuses. Obtainable via the WOE, BG, EBF, and Adventure Guild shops respectively. Giant Faceworm Skin [Low Cost][Recommended] – Amazing to use alongside Temporal Boots for the huge boost in MaxHP (15%) and MaxSP (5%). It comes with different enchantments that are stat bonuses. I highly recommend this if you are using Temporal Boots and don’t have Adventurer’s Backpack yet. Good for newbies too as it’s very easy to farm and even cheap to buy (below par skins serve well as starting gear). Obtainable via the Faceworm Nest Instance. Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [Low Cost] – Gives you 7% resistance to ALL elements and increases your MaxSP. A very solid and fairly cheap choice. Dropped by Nydhoggur’s Shadow. Cloak of Airship / Ferlock's Cloak - Both grants +20 Flee and +10% Netural Reduction and comes with a slot - the only difference is the Variable Cast Reduction which we do not care about. These are great in PVM as most monster attacks are Neutral property. Obtainable via the Airship Raid Instance. Menblatt Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Increases your %Ranged Damage depending on your base DEX which pairs well with Temporal Dex Boots. Great for general PVM. Noxious Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – Gives 10% Neutral Resistance and 10% Long Ranged Reduction with no drawback. A great overall card if you don’t have high-end resistance cards or multiple copies of garment to switch into – this is your safest bet. Dark Guardian Kades Card [High Cost] – Gives 50% Elemental Resistance from Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Shadow, and Undead but you’ll take more damage from Ghost and Holy. This should be your go-to switch against Sorcerers as with this, they do not have anything that can hurt you fatally. DO NOT use this against WLs as most of them uses Soul Expansion. Farbjodur Card [High Cost] – The same as above but you’ll take more damage from Neutral instead of Ghost anda Holy. This should be your go-to switch against Warlocks as they are left with Comet and Napalm Beat to deal decent damage against you. Assassin Cross Card [High Cost] – Great for hit-and-run tactics in PVP as it pairs well with your Cart Boost and makes you way more annoying than you already are. Deviling Card [Medium Cost] – Gives 50% Neutral Resistance but makes you take 50% more damage from every other element. A good card against fellow Genetics and in some way or another against Suras and Royal Guards. Be cautious when using it. Raydric Card [Low Cost] – Gives 20% Neutral Resistance. A good card but I personally prefer Noxious over this. Wakwak Card [Low Cost] – A good substitute if you’re not using Temporal Dex Boots + Menblatt as it will give you ATK based off your STR. Here's a list of other Elemental Damage Reduction cards for Garments. 4I. Accessory Physical Intensifier Ring [Medium Cost][Recommended] – Provides you with %ATK and %ASPD and pairs extremely well with Geffen Magic Robe to give you more Demi-Human reduction and After-Cast Delay reduction. Bear in mind that the combo script of the set bonus is only considered once. Obtainable via the Geffen Magic Tournament Instance Royal Earring [Medium Cost][Recommended] – I’ve recently fallen in-love with this accessory. At max job level, each earring will give you a whopping +5 AGi, +5 DEX, +5 INT +10% Healing Effectiveness and 6% Elemental Resistance to Fire, Wind, Water, Earth. Not to mention that it has a chance to increase your MaxHP when you are attacked (not that it matters that much). You can get it from King Poring World Boss. Expert Ring [Low Cost][Recommended] – My personal choice in the accessory slot. Each of these bad boys will give you 5% After-Cast Delay reduction which will translate to faster Cart Cannon, Acid Demonstration, Hell’s Plant, and Potion Pitcher. Dropped by Ragged Zombie. Improved Expert Ring [High Cost] – A better version of the above but is very expensive which in my opinion is not worth for the additional 1% After-Cast Delay reduction and +10 ATK & MATK. If you have it, feel free to use it. If not, I do not advise getting it as your budget can go along way in other slots. Obtainable via enchanting an Expert Ring. Str Gloves [Medium Cost] – Tons of ATK. If you need more damage, this is the accessory for you. Obtainable via the Eclage Glove Maker (here’s a guide to help you obtain it) Bangungot Agimat Tattoo [Medium Cost] – Increases both your healing prowess and the healing you receive. A decent choice for full support Genetics. Obtainable via the Pintados Festival Event Quest Silversmith Bracelet [Low Cost] – A relatively easy to obtain gear with decent stats (+1 to All Stats, +3 MDEF) and access to LVL5 Spell Breaker which is very useful against certain instance bosses (e.g. Naght Sieger - Spell Breaking his restore skill). Obtainable via the Old Glast Heim Instance (Treasure Room) Broken Chip 01 + Broken Chip 02 [Low Cost]– Individually they give +4 STR and +4 INT respectively, but together they give a whopping +12 STR and +12 INT in total and they even come with slots. The drawback is that they’re a pain to obtain. Obtainable via The Last Room instance Belphegor Card [High Cost][Recommended] – The best accessory card you can get your hands on. Increases your ATK, MATK, MaxHp, MaxSP and has a chance to autocast Wide Freeze when being attacked. The stats will speak for itself. Faceworm Card + Dark Faceworm Card [Medium Cost][Recommended] – Not that good when used individually but really great when used together - grants you +1 VIT, +1 AGI, +1 INT, + 1 DEX, +3% ASPD, 6% After-Cast Delay Reduction in total. Errende Ebecee Card [Low Cost][Recommended] – A chance to autocast Pneuma when hit by any physical attack which is great against Rangers, Gunslingers, fellow Genetics, and many more. Iara Card [Low Cost] – A very new card. Enables the use of Status Recovery, which will enable you to help Frozen / Stone Cursed teammates - it can even remove the Stasis ailment in WOE. Alligator Card [Low Cost] – If chance to be immune to all ranged attacks isn’t your cup of tea and would like a surefire way to reduce damage, this is what you’re looking for. It reduces damage from long ranged physical attacks by 5%. Horong Card / Silvering Card [Low Cost] – Enables the use of Sight and Ruwach respectively. Great when paired with Maya Purple if Crazy Weed & Wall of Thorns isn’t enough to reveal hidden enemies. Bronzering Card [Low Cost] – Grants you +20 ATK. If you need more damage, get this card. 4J. Shadow Gear Reload Shadow Set [Recommended] - The best Shadow Gear for Genetics in my opinion. This set will allow you to reach 100% After-Cast Delay Reduction easier. Force Shadow Set [Recommended] - Just more ATK in general. Great hand in hand with the Reload set as they use different equipment slots. Boned Shadow Set - Great for PVP, giving you more damage against Medium-sized monsters. Intelligent Shadow Set - More INT, not really much to explain. Kingbird Shadow Set - Grants you more ATK and %Ranged Attack Damage. A good alternative if you don’t have the Reload set. Infinity Shadow Set - Basically a free Drake Card if by chance you get them at a total of +15. Great for Sword users! 4K. Equipment Sets Sprint Set – I recommend getting this set if you're just starting in the server. Easiest set to farm that works well in PvM since you can have multiples for elemental armor switching. All the parts can be farmed in the New World. Sprint Mails drops from Cornus, Sprint Shoes drops from Hillslion, and Sprint Rings drops from Luciola Vespa. Adventurers Set – By far the easiest set to get as it is essentially free from Mr. Giveaway at the center of Althea. Great starter set with solid stats for PVP/WOE while you grind for your Emperium Set as you don't need any refine on it to be effective. The downside is that you can't refine it (can't use refine based cards) and switching is impossible as you can only get 1 set of this. Suit / Plate WoE Sets – You have two choices in this: the Siege Suit Set or the Siege Plate Set - I'd say it's purely up to personal preference as to what to use; I personally prefer the Siege Suit Set. The edge of this over Adventurer's Set is that it's relatively cheap to acquire several pieces for switching but if you don't plan on doing switching etc., I'd suggest you stick to the Adventurers Set. Glorious S Set (Battlegrounds) - A relatively cheap set to farm that still performs reliably especially for a support Genetic. It works well without the rings if you don't have them as they are quite expensive for the stats that they give. Warmaster's Set (Battlegrounds) - A more offensive choice of armor that boosts the damage of Cart Cannon. I'm not really a fan of this set but it's there as a choice. Emperium Sets – Finally, the revered Emperium equipment. In general cases, these are the highest of the high-end gears when it comes to PVP; personally, I dislike the concept of these items as they are waaaay too strong that it kills the diversity of equipment/builds but that's another story for another day. The good thing about these armors is that you can mix and match them and you'll still get the set bonus from whatever Emperium armor you have. I'll briefly discuss the choices in here. 5. Homunculus System I won't be discussing each and every homunculi in detail but instead will be talking about what I personally think are the viable ones while giving a brief overview on the others. 1. All Homunculi are Demi-Human and Neutral Property 2. They gain a skill point for every three levels. There is no job level equivalent. 3. They obtain additional EXP from server rates, but NOT Battle Manuals. 4. Their Flee and Defense is not reduced by the number of monsters. 5. Their Hit is capped at 99%. Even if it has more hit than required, it will always miss at a 1% chance. 6. All Homunculi have a base attack speed of 1.4 seconds / attack (130 ASPD) 5. Homunculus stat growth is RANDOM. Nothing will affect which stats will grow and which won't. 6. Homunculi can hit Ghost property monsters with its normal physical attack. 7. The Ideal way of feeding is to feed it between 11% - 25% Hunger for the maximum intimacy gain of 5. Intimacy Tiers Once a Homunculus gets an Intimacy of 911 or higher (Loyal) you can use an item called a Stone of Sage to evolve it into its higher form (its Intimacy resets to 10 (Hate). Once its Intimacy reaches 910 again (1 point before Loyal), a fourth, new skill is unlocked. Once evolved, the Homunculus will gain these advantages: 1. Boosted Hit Points (HP) and Spell Points (SP) 2. Boosted Stats (random distribution) 3. Unlocked the Final Skill (Evolution/Ultimate Skill) 5A. Homunculus (Base) Here's a brief table of the base homunculi: I would personally recommend for you to choose between Filir, Amistr, and to some extent Vanilmirth - Lif is just outclassed by the other choices. Choose Filir if you want to level up your Homunculus faster, as its base stats and skills make it the easiest to level up. Choose Amistr if you want the most value of your homunculus as its skills and stats are great for PVP and PVE alike. Choose Vanilmirth if you want a mix of offense and defense as its stats are in-between. 5B. Homunculus S To mutate your Homunculus, you must do the Homunculus S Quest. (PAY THE FEE FOR A STABILIZED MUTATION!!!) To mutate a Homunculus into a Homunculus S, meet the following requirements: 1. Homunculus must be evolved into their 2nd form 2. Homunculus must be at least Level 99. 3. Homunculus does not need to be Loyal to be mutated. Once mutated, the Homunculus will alter its base stats, will remember all of its skills from its previous form and will change into the new "S" form. However, its Intimacy will reset to 10 (Hate). If the Homunculus did not get the evolved loyalty skill, it will not be able to acquire it after mutating. New Homunculus S skills will become available as the Homunculus reaches certain level requirements. There are 5 types of Homunculi S to choose from: In this guide, I will only discuss about Eira and Dieter; as I deem them the only worthy homunculi to use in our server. Eira - A great supportive choice of a Homunculus due to 3 of its skills: Overed Boost, Silent Breeze, and Light of Regenerate. Overed Boost - This skill at LVL5 sets the Genetic and Eira's ASPD to 189 and Flee to 500 (fixed; cannot be increased nor decreased by anything) for 90 seconds at the expense of SP and Hunger at the end of duration or upon re-cast (making Eira the fastest Intimacy farming Homunculus). This opens up to 1 AGI 189 ASPD builds; meaning you can put more stats for more offense or survivability. This also makes it possible for Eira comfortably use intimacy consuming skills like Filir's S.B.R.44 and Vanilmirth's Self-Destruction. Silent Breeze - This skill heals the target by a certain amount in exchange of inflicting the target and itself with silence. Certain status effects are overridden by the silence that this skill inflicts, such as: Chaos, Sleep, Deep Sleep, Hallucination, Harmonize, Howling, & Siren's Voice. Furthermore, the silence that this skill inflicts can be resisted by stats and cards - making it a free cure for these ailments. Light of Regenerate - This skills makes Eira a Token of Siegfried on legs, but it needs a Loyal intimacy level which will drop to Cordial once it is casted. In a nutshell, it provides you a Token of Siegfried buff for 10 minutes at LVL5 that has priority over actual Token of Siegfried's when in effect. This is a very helpful skill in PVE when you are soloing instances or just can't afford to die. This does not work on PVP/WOE. Dieter - A highly offensive oriented Homunculus. Almost all of its skill are straightforward and are viable in PVE and PVP. Pyroclastic - Dieter's ace in the hole. Endows the Genetic weapon and Dieter's attack by Fire and increases their ATK tremendously. However, during the duration of this skill, you cannot switch waepons. And after the duration of this skill, your weapon will break if you don't have Chemical Protection in it, except for indestructible weapons like maces, etc. Volcanic Ash - Sprays a Volcanic Ash in a 3x3 AOE that inflicts the Ash status to anyone who passes through it. Be cautious when using this skill on WOE because this affects ally too. Ash Status Granitic Armor - A supportive skill that provides the Genetic and Dieter 10% damage reduction from all sources for 60 seconds at the cost of %MaxHP at the end of the duration. Lava Slide - a 7x7 AOE skill that inflicts FIre physical damage every two seconds with a chance of inflicting the enemies with the Burning status. Works really well alongside Demonic Fire for more Burning! Magma Flow - Dieter's main leveling and tanking skill; Dieter inflicts Neutral physical damage at a chance when receiving physical attacks when this skill is active. 6. Stat Building I’m not going to provide you with a clear-cut status build because it will greatly change depending on gears that you have. I will however take you into how you would want to approach the stats of your Genetic. Full Support 180-200 INT – Your most important stat to maximize the amount you can heal others with Potion Pitcher. 150-180 VIT – Another key point Is your survivability, more HP to stay in the battle longer. DEX – Just enough DEX to reach the threshold of 0 Variable Cast Time. Here’s a simple formula to help you calculate how much DEX you need to put in [(530 – INT)/2 = DEX]. AGI – Just enough to get if not 193 ASPD at least 189 ASPD with Berserk Potion. 100ish STR – Just enough to carry stuff: equipment, potions, catalysts, and ammo. LUK – The rest should be dumped here, for more status resistance and some ATK, MATK, and Perfect Dodge. Should be divisible by 3 for maximum efficiency (ATK and MATK) or by 10 if you want more Perfect Dodge. Hybrid / Damage Type 180ish INT – Still your most important stat to increase your damage and Potion Pitcher effectiveness. 185~ DEX – If you’re using Temporal Dex Boots, you need 185 DEX to activate the bonus. If not, just put enough to reach 0 VCT (formula same as above) 150-180 STR – The second stat that increases your overall damage and weight capacity. AGI – Just enough to get if not 193 ASPD at least 189 ASPD with Berserk Potion. 120-150 VIT – Self-explanatory, same as above. LUK – the rest is dumped in here, same as above. 7. Special Thanks @Nicocaine & @Hangul for pushing me to do and finish this guide, giving helpful inputs, and even proofreading this guide. @Autumn Angel & @lancelot for lending me items to test and doing actual tests with me. 8. Changelog
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    Riz Sayaka

    Instance 101 [Guide for New Player]

    INSTANCES 101 From Zero To Hero 1. Getting Started Before going in to instance, you need to be in party with minimum 2-people party (some instances may allow you to 1-people party). You can use shortcut alt + z in-game. After you created party, or get invited into party, you might want to change your chat filter into party chat. So, even if you don't know where to go and get separated, or dead inside instance, other party member can pick you up and/or resurrect you. If you looking for party or need party member, you can visit here. After party created and everything else prepared, you can just ask warp agent in your town to get you warped to entrance of instance (for althea > @warp althea 163 225) 2. Job to Use For new player, quite recommended to use ranger or archbishop when going instance. s On the side note, after your gear and your party ready to start going instance, you will need Luxury and Pimp Hat , even if your class is not archbishop. Archbishop will need this the most for increase their healing skill, and for other class, this hat is very useful because you can use level 4 resurrection to resurrect other party member in case they dead. In any case, avoid to wear armor with evil druid card, because it can make you an undead, and can't be resurrected. Don't forget to prepare lot of blue gemstone as well. 3. Instance So, you think you ready to challenge instance? The answer is no. Better fully prepared than dying inside instance. Now you need mercenaries for defending you when monster spotted. You can find Mercenary Service npc at [Althea 152 201]. Gear? ✔ party? ✔ luxury/pimp hat? ✔ mercenary? ✔. Everything ready, now lets get started! ⌾Perfect place for newbie to hunt MVP, Central Laboratory!!!! [@warp verus01 150 150] ⌾Another instance filled with monster and MVP waiting for you, Endless Tower!!!! Before going to the main topic, Endless Tower is 1 of few Instances that has been chosen to become target of Pro Hunter from Hunter Association. There are more in this guide, so stay tuned! For more information about Hunter Association, you can visit here. Now you might want to upgrade your equipment to better 1, let's check the following instance!!! ⌾Part 1, Old Glast Heim!!!! In this instance, you can farm temporal crystal [@aloot item 6607] and coagulated spell [@aloot item 6608] for this awesome temporal boots. Now let's get started. ⌾Part 2, Faceworm's Nest!!!! In this instance you can farm Gigant Snake Skin with various enchant, faster the completion, the better enchant you will get. This equip is good combo when you use temporal boots from old glast heim, you get bonus max hp+15% and max sp+5%. Let's start! Now i hope you're ready for whats coming next! The following instances are intermediate / moderate difficulty. Get prepared! ⌾Octopus Cave!!!! Octopus Cave is a dungeon instance located in Malangdo. It is home to the Giant Octopus, whom the Starfish have a major grudge against. The Starfish seeking for help from you, Adventurer and Pro Hunter from Hunter Association to subjugate it. Now, before moving on, i hope you already registered as Pro Hunter and can access the Pro Hunter Market [located at @go adv] Lets get back to main topic at hand! ⌾Buwaya Cave!!!! There is a rumor going on at Malaya Port about the discovery of treasure at cave near Malaya. People at Malaya seeking help from Adventurer and Pro Hunter to discover the treasure and subjugate the monster that guarding it. Now, the final 3 instances! The following instance is on hard difficulty and you will need help from experienced adventurer. Be prepared! ⌾Sealed Shrine!!!! Citizen of Prontera looking for your help, Adventurer and Pro Hunter, because there is rumor about revival of Great Demon Baphomet around Prontera. ⌾The Last Room!!!! Dangerous experiment happened at Verus, and now a squad of Adventurer asking you, fellow Adventurer and Pro Hunter, to help them uncover the experiment and discover the hidden passageways under the safety bunker. ⌾Horror Toy Factory!!!! Mysterious doll get possessed by evil mind! Villager of Lutie seeking for you, Adventurer and Pro Hunter to purify the abandoned toy factory and subjugate the phantom! And that is all content of my guide, hope this guide will be useful for new player, and mostly all player can use this as well when going instance. Thanks for reading this guide! CHEERS!!! Special thanks to: Thanks and credits for their awesome guide: Uploaded at 09/03/2018 1st edit at 09/04/2018 2nd edit at 09/05/2018 3rd edit at 09/07/2018
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    Enchanters & Shiny Hair

    Added Costume Hairstylist NPC! Costume Hairstylist Alex This NPC can be found next to the Stylist NPC in Althea (Althea Guide -> Stylist). Alex offers unique Costume Hairstyles in different colours in exchange for 1 Hairstyle Costume Coupon (currently only obtainable through WoE 1 Treasure Chests) and 5 Mithril Coins. Added Upper Costume Enchanters! Costume Enchanter Tira (Battleground) Costume Enchanter Ken (War of Emperium) These NPCs can be found in the Battleground waiting room (Tira) or on the central War of Emperium map (Ken). They will enchant your Upper Costume (for a list, talk to each NPC and select "How does the enchantment work?") in exchange for Heroism Badges / Emperium Fragments. Possible enchants: +1 All Stats, 3% MaxHP and MaxSP, 1% ATK, 1 % MATK Note: The list of Upper Costumes that are available for enchanting will be extended based on player feedback in the near future. At that time, a separate topic will likely be created. Added Emperium and Battleground Armor enchanters! Armor Enchanter Troy Armor Enchanter Troy can be found on the central War of Emperium map. He can enchant the Emperium Bodyarmors sold by Olivahla if you bring him enough Emperium Fragments. He works like the Temporal Boots enchanter, except that the stats he provides are slightly lower and the random special stat for the 5th enchantment is different. Possible special stat enchants: -4% After-cast delay, +1 ASPD, + 20 ATK and MATK, + 25 MDEF Armor Enchanter Clark Armor Enchanter Clark can be found in the Battleground waiting room. He can enchant the Battleground Bodyarmors sold by the Eminent Armorsmith if you bring him enough Heroism Badges. He works like the Temporal Boots enchanter, except that the stats he provides are slightly lower and the random special stat for the 5th enchantment is different. Possible special stat enchants: -4% After-cast delay, + 1 ASPD, + 20 ATK and MATK, + 25 MDEF Battleground Updates: Glorious Hem S [1] Added slot to Glorious Helm S, but reduced ATK and MATK bonus when worn with Glorious Weapons to 7%. Balanced beginner Battleground sets (Assaulter Plate set, Assasin's Robe set, Medic's Robe set, Elite Archer Suit set...) and slightly increased prices to match their new effects. This way beginners should be able to purchase a new, relatively cheap set that is better than the beginner PVP set (handed out by the Giveaway NPC) before aiming for ascended sets. Example: Assassin's Robe Set If you desire to move more quickly, this might help. It gives off multiple effects when compounded as a set. Stats during WoE & PVP: Assassin's Robe: MaxHP/MaxSP +5%, MDEF +15, reduces damage taken from Demi-human by 5%. If refined to +6 or higher, ATK +5%, ASPD +1. Captain's Manteau: MaxHP/MaxSP +3%, MDEF +12, ATK +5%. Battle Greaves: MaxHP/MaxSP +7%, MDEF +10, reduces ranged damage taken by 5%. Set bonus: All Stats +3, MaxHP +5%, reduces damage taken from Demi-human monsters and long range damage taken by 10%. ------------------------------------------------- ASPD +2, after-cast delay -5%. ------------------------------------------------- Adds a chance of increasing movement speed by 20% and ATK by 5% for 15 seconds when receiving physical or magical damage. Daily Quest Updates: Added 3 new costumes to the Adventure Guild Shops (1x Coupon A, 1x Coupon B, 1x Coupon C) They have been moved from the cash shop and are now available to questers. Removed Bloody Page item from the Quest requirements. This item only drops in the Thanatos Tower and is thus very difficult to farm. We are aware of the currently unsatisfying situation that the recent Dual Client ban has created for the Thanatos Tower. We will address this problem as soon as possible. Please bear with the current situation until we have come up with a solution. Item Updates: Some minor adjustments to Horror Toy Factory headgears. Celine Ribbon now adds +4 MATK per refine while Lush Rose adds only +2 MATK per refine. Added Twin Edges of Naught Seiger and Yellow Foxtail Weapons to possbile Malangdo Enchants. Fixed combo bonuses of Assassin's Glove and Wand of Affection II. Fixed TWO Card item script. It now only triggers on melee physical attacks (short range auto attacks) as the description states. Reduced level of NPC_SOULDRAIN casted by TWO Card to level 1 (20% SP drain in 11x11 cells around the user). Re-enabled uninterruptible cast bonus of Geffen Magic Robe even during WoE and BG, except if the user is a Guild Leader (temporary workaround until a better way to address the uninterruptible Emergency Call problem is found). Fixed missing 5% MATK bonus in script of Geffen Magic Robe and added 5% ATK bonus. Valentine's Ring Re-enabled Valentine's Ring's Kyuut disguise effect. The ring will now transform the user for 60 minutes when equipped (re-equip to refresh the duration). It uses the official transformation script for monsters to prevent the (complete) invisibility bug in cloaking state. This means you will see a small wolf head icon above your character and a buff icon on the right side of the screen. Fixed item script of Sarah's Battle Robe. Adjusted item descriptions of all Thanatos Weapons and improved HP/SP drain effects. Improved all of the LHZ4 MVP cards to be more attractive for High Rate purposes. Example (new effects are in bold): Champion Chen Card MaxHP +25%. After-cast delay -5%. Randomly autocasts level 5 Investigate on attacker when the user receives physical attacks. ATK +7%, MaxSP +5%. If base AGI is at least 110: ATK +7%, MaxSP +5%. Monster Updates: The monsters of the Horror Toy Factory have been rebalanced (only the non-boss monsters). Their damage and stats have been increased to be on par with monsters from other instances that are part of the Daily Pro Hunt rotation. Cash Shop Updates: Added 6 new costumes to the Cash Shop (2x Upper, 2x Mid, 2x Lower): Costume Sorcerer's Hood, Costume Floating Stone of Sage, Costume Book of Magic, Costume King Sura Headband, Costume Wall, Costume Tipsy These are permanently available in the costume section of the cash shop. Pro Hunter Updates: Added a 3rd day check for the pro hunter system as players reported that Endless Tower repeated after 2 days. So in the future this issue should not ever happen again. Skill Updates: Doram: Scar of Tarou: Increased chance to inflict "Bite Scar" status (10%->20%) and increased duration (9->12 seconds). "Bite Scar" status will drain 2% MaxHP per second. Increased damage of Lunatic Carrot Beat and slightly reduced cooldown Slightly reduced cooldown of Spirit of Savage Genetic: Slightly reduced cooldown of Acid Demonstration Slightly increased damage of Crazy Weed Shadow Chaser: Slighty increased damage of Feint Bomb Increased additional SP consumption during Masquerade Laziness debuff to 100 SP * skill level used. Increased SP drain by Masquerade Ignorance to 2000 * skill level used. Thanks to the following contributors: @Gale Windscar @D e M o N @unknownuser @Slowmotion If you enjoy GatheringRO and this update in particular, please show it by leaving a review on Ratemyserver! We appreciate the support!
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    Purpose Making you walk faster using low cost gears Most people in-game used the combo of Moonlight Flower Card and Brazilian Flag Hat for faster movement speed. Now I'm providing you a newbie friendly option to get the same movement speed. Here are the facts You can either prepare items needed as listed below, or just follow the steps explained further below OK, let's begin with the Smiling Mask First Prepare your zeny. I'd suggest to get 50,000,000z, but it's up to you No zeny? New to gRO? @warp alt_fild03 and kill the Goldring and friends. Sell the loots to any NPC .... With zeny on hand, Go to Althea 185 239, the Althea Bank to get your Silver Gathering Coin .... Now go to Althea 203 121, the Althea Inn Walk inside, go to the second floor and find the next portal. You will find Journey and Ciel at the end of the hallway. .... Learn about how-to by talking to the Journey, and win 10 Dice Game Coupon visit: Dice Game Guide for more tips Once you earned 10 pcs, trade it with the Smiling Mask Now let's make the Brazilian Flag Hat visit ¤ How to obtain the Brazil Flag ¤ or follow the steps below .... Go to Hugel 94 231 Visit Weaver, talk to her for making your Brazilian Flag. .... With the Brazilian Flag on hand, go to Althea 193 226 Talk to Francisco and input Brazil when he asked what country are you from. Pick the Brazil National Flag Hat option to get the Brazilian Flag Hat There you go. Wear both Smiling Mask and Brazilian Flag Hat to move faster than without them. Here's another item that can increase your movement speed too!! Authoritative Badge (item #662) : Increases movement speed for 3 minutes, easy to obtain from [Sohee] and [Greatest General]. Try at pay_dun03 or pay_fild10 Have fun ...
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    December Patch

    Hunter Association's Jobs - NEW A chairman of the Hunter Association stationed Ging, a renown Pro Hunter to recruit new Pro Hunters as their numbers are running low. While the Adventure Guild allows normal adventurers to take on their requests, the Hunter Association distributes their Boss Hunts only to extraordinary Pro Hunters! Hunter Association's Jobs are daily, randomly picked, team-based instance Boss Hunts. Instance bosses drop a Boss Chest which can be looted by every party member who participated on the boss fight. It is highly recommended to team up on these daily targets! Become a Pro Hunter and access a brand new, exclusive Market! -> Full Details in our new Adventure Guild Guide Legendary Update - Part 3 Someone is spreading the rumor that the Perverted Stalker, known from the famous billboard, finally appeared in Althea to sell my used panties. Please note that this is just a rumor. Someone is spreading lies about me, do not trust anyone! My "NO TRESPASSING" sign is there for a reason, leave me alone already! This is a warning to the Mysterious Person! There is no Legendary Update - Part 3! Half God Gear - NEW We're introducing more accessable, half god gear which are about half as strong as the originals! Dwarf Dhurfun can be found on the WoE Core map and offers you the following quests: * Half Mjolnir, Half Sleipnir, Half Megingjard, Half Brisingamen Refinement System Overhaul This update was a major overhaul to get as close as possible to the official behavior when refining any kind of gear. Instead of triggering the same refinement chances 2 times in a row (similiar to Bubble Gum effect), now an actual increase on your refinement chance happens which depends on the current refinement level of your item. * Updated all refinement NPCs accordingly to support the new system * Replaced custom version with official Shadow Equipment refiner NPC * Slight changes on the refinement chances of all weapon levels 1-4 * Refinement chance increase for Armor refining * Updated refinement guide with the new chances Battlegrounds * Increased Heroism Badge base rewards on all game modes. Some modes which count in bonus points for specific objectives recieved a rebalance to reward the objective more heavily. * Added additional daily objectives with additional rewards. This gives an additional 300 badges per day for the ones seeking for more Battleground fun. * Increased the max cap up to 1000 Heroism Badges per day. A total amount of 1'400 badges per day can now be earned! * Decreased amount of kills required to win, for Team Deathmatch and Triple Inferno modes. Guaranteed Ascended Chest Implemented guaranteed ascended chest chance system to ensure that players get a rare reward over time. Upon recieving your daily challenge reward, there's a chance to recieve an ascended chest. Each time you don't win a rare chest, the chances to win one for the next finished challenge increases. The chance resets as soon as you got lucky and won a chest. With now 3 daily challenges in total, there are 3 chances per day to get a chest. Glorious Weapons * Improved several Glorious Weapons -- Glorious Rapier has had its effects completely changed and is now a defensively oriented weapon Shop Updates * Added new costumes to Jhinsi * Added Fin to the Battle Room. Fin sells +6 Refine tickets and Half God ingredients for War Badges. * Added new accessory gear for each Warmaster's, Executioner's and Battlelord's Set War of Emperium * Increased Emperium Fragment base rewards for all game objectives * Doubled the amount of rewards which can be achieved during WoE to 100 Emperium Fragments * Increased chances to win a rare WoE I or II chest the better you played. * Increased chances to win an additional WoE Tome for the best players. * Increased chances overall to win WoE Tomes. Guaranteed Ascended Chest Implemented guaranteed ascended chest system to ensure that players get a rare reward over time. Upon recieveing your fragments, there's a chance to recieve an ascended chest. Each time you don't win one, the chances to win one for the next WoE increases. The chance resets as soon as you got lucky and won a chest. Emperium Weapons * Improved most Emperium Weapons Shop Updates * Added new costumes to Jirshi * Reduced enchanting cost of Emperium Weapon and Wing enchanters Instance Updates We took the time to rebalanced several instances to further push team-based gameplay. With seperate item drops for each one of your party members, there's nothing left in your way to enjoy the following instances with your friends! Horror Toy Factory * Fixed several issues due changes to the internal timers when the script needs to wait before triggering certain events. * Celine Kimi now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating * Added Celine Kimi Card to possible Boss Chest drops * Rebalanced boss stats * Added new items to the shop from Billy The Golden Hands * Balanced Horror Toy Factory items (sold for Bloody Coins) and re-enabled Evilspirit Gloves in PVP Sealed Shrine * Implemented custom Unsealed Baphomet Card (+10% ATK, Splash 3x3) * Unsealed Baphomet now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating in the fight * Rebalanced boss stats, drops & instance overall Old Glast Heim * Amdarias now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating in the fight * Rebalanced boss stats, drops * Increased chance to slot Temporal Boots (15% increase) Faceworm's Nest * Faceworm Queen now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating in the fight * Rebalanced boss stats, drops & instance overall Buwaya Cave * Buwaya now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating in the fight * Rebalanced boss stats, drops & instance overall Octopus Cave * Octopus now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating in the fight * Rebalanced boss stats, drops & instance overall * Fixed party check before entering and added a level requirement * Starfish now sells the rental hunting stick also for zeny, next to the silvervine shop in Malangdo Endless Tower * Naght Sieger now supports our Boss Chest drop system to reward everyone participating in the fight * Rebalanced boss stats, drops Novice Academy Updated the novice academy quest (when you start a new human character) with the latest official information. Now you start inside a crashed ship and you need to walk out before you're being asked to skip the tutorial. Izlude Battle Arena * Fixed several bugs on all different level arenas and the reward shops * Several improvements on the entire gameplay flow which was partly gamebreaking Card Updates * Implemented Moscovia Cards, Gopinich now drops the official Gopinich Card * All current custom Gopinich Cards have become Sealed Goldring Boss Cards * Added Celine Kimi Card to possible Boss Chest drops * Implemented custom Unsealed Baphomet Card (+10% ATK, Splash 3x3) * Adjusted Skoll card (+25% MaxHP as additional effect, no longer changes armor to fire property) * Balanced official Gopinich Card (Increased amount of SP gained) * Implemented custom Sealed Lord Knight, Sealed Memory of Thanatos and Sealed Goldring Boss Card and added them to Sealed Card Album and the Cash Shop. The sealed versions aren't as strong as the real mvp card versions and should help beginners to get easier access to better gear. Cash Shop Update * Added Sealed Tao Gunka Card, Sealed Lord Knight, Sealed Memory of Thanatos and Sealed Goldring Boss Card to the shop * We're running another +20% additional Cash Points on all purchases until the 31st December! Item Updates & Fixes * Implemented custom Half Ingredients for Half Megingjard etc. These can be obtained through WoE, BG and World Boss hunting * Improved Adventurer's Set (the free starter PVP set from the Mr.Giveaway quest) * Improved Brisingamen (+5% ranged attack damage) and Mjolnir (Ignore normal monsters physical defense, higher base attack, increases movement speed) effects to be on par with Megingjard and Sleipnir -- Updated item descriptions of Brisingamen, Mjolnir and Megingjard to reflect their actual scripts (e.g., Brisingamen adds extra stats depending on your base stats) * Improved several Vellum Weapons -- Vellum Damascus has had its effects completely changed and is now as useful as weapons like Vellum Spear or Crossbow * Convex Mirror update to match official behavior -- When a MVP dies it will only show the respawn time once instead of flooding the chat window -- The boss icon will now properly display itself when the MVP respawns if the player has already consumed a Convex Mirror -- Properly end the status whent he player changes maps * Updated Guillotine Poison item behavior -- Poisons are now consumable by all classes. -- Using the item directly gives no benefit. -- Adjusted the item type to 2 (usable) from 0 (healing). -- A Dagger or Katar weapon is required to use Poisoning Weapon. -- Casting Poisoning Weapon again will cancel the previous bonus.- Leprechaun Hat is now refineable * Fixed Mad Bunny effect, it now properly adds 5% ATK/MATK * Laser of Eagle, corrected item bonus * Bawaya Agimat Tattoo, corrected item bonus * Zaha Doll Hat is now refineable * Earring Of Sarah, fixed item positions (left and right) * Crimson Saber, fixed class requirement * St. Patrick's Hat bonus is now granted properly from +8 or a higher refine rate * Green Ale has a 10 second use delay * Valhalla Idol corrected item bonus based on item description * Wickebine's Black Cat Ears corrected item bonuses, class restriction and level requirement * Magical Ring, corrected item bonus. Now adds ATK versus element and not DEF * Corrected Gray and Thanatos equipment sets item bonuses, display names and applicable jobs * Flying Galapaggo, some item bonus fixes to properly mimic official behavior * Falconer's Claw, implemented item bonuses * Added missing item Falconer's Flute * Limited Power Booster, corrected item bonus * Drooping Pope is now refineable * Various other item updates and fixes Attack Speed Calculation Update * Adjusted the ASPD table to match official values * Corrected double weapon calculations * Resolved wearing two weapons causing ASPD to drop significantly * Corrected some typos in the Assassin class ASPD table * Added a missing Shadow Armor equipment check * Removed the single handed and double handed weapon maximum defines Homunculus Updates * Overed Boost behavior corrected. Skill was draining double homunculus hunger and double SP from the master * Fixed Homunculus being able to attack while trapped in Manhole Vending Taxes * Adjusted vending taxes to match the official dynamic behavior which depends on the item price you're selling. * There are no taxes for items being sold for less than 100 million. * Anything above incurs a 5% tax. Other Updates * New overweight penalty -> Before: If weight is over 50%, HP/SP natural regeneration is disabled. -> Now: If weight is over 70%, HP/SP natural regeneration is disabled. The 50% icon is currently still being displayed, but that's only a client side limitation. * The Shady Figure is now selling unique costumes in exchange for Evil Boss Fragments * Implemented NPC (inside Adventure Guild) to enchant the new Wings of Seraph (sold by the Shady Figure) * Added new costumes to the TokenShop rotation pool * Added Portable Mado to Blackmarketeer (GRO Station) and Telma (BG) * Duplicated New World Enchanter next to Marybelle in Althea * Updated Warp Agent with all latest town, instance and dungeon locations * Fixed some achievements which weren't possible to be finished before * Added missing warp portals from map dali to dali02 and opposite direction * Fixed random options on gear can now save negative values rather than defaulting it to 0 * Corrected character slot movement. Resolves characters changing slots (on the char-selection screen) to the first empty slot rather than to the actual slot index. * Fixed monster spawn infos after a direct ingame reload without a full server restart. This fixes several issues related to ingame monster commands used by players and Taekwon Missions. * Updated monster spawns on prt_fild08 * Fixed Dummy test npcs to properly display critical attack bubbles as well * Fixed Megingard Seal quest. Script checked for Bouquet rather than for the Baphomet Doll, * Fixed echant items not properly calling the unequip effect * Changed NPC view id of some billboards in Althea to make them visible again since the 3d model is missing since quite a while Website Updates Replaced flash menu with html based code. Although it doesn't feature any fancy animations anymore, now it is fully supported by all browsers and smart phones. Flash is a deprecated technology which is no-more fully supported by all browsers, that's why we were forced to replace it anyways. * Updated all internal menu links. A lot of the old links inside the flash menu were broken/outdated * Added reCaptcha directly on the main page * Upgraded webhost with SSDs to increase website performance / loading times Wiki Our Wiki has been expanded by tremendous bounds over the past few months. All data found on the gRO wiki is usualy at least as good as the iroWiki and provides data accordingly to our customizations. If you're interested into any information about Gatheringro, -> Check it out! Core Updates rAthena is still in the middle of the transition of changing the code base from C to C++. A lot of code has been merged to the newer coding language already. These changes will help the developers of the emulator we're using to code new official features in the future which weren't possible to be properly implemented before. We waited a while with this update to ensure a more stable environment. A lot of crash issues and major bugs have been fixed already, but it's still possible that they've missed something. So please let us know if there's something not working as expected. Skill Updates & Balancings Rune Knight * Runes -- Stone Hard Skin weapon break chance only applies to physical melee attacks -- Giant Growth's physical bonus damage only applies to Rune Knights -- Corrected weapon break chance to only happen when damage is increased for Giant Growth -- Reduced re-use delay of Pertz Rune (Stormblast) -- Fixed Giant Growth damage bonus -- Fixed Crush Strike damage bonus * Decreased damage of Stormblast * Slightly increased damage of Spear Boomerang * Slightly increased damage of Brandish Spear Mechanic * Removed custom fixed cast time of Boostknuckle * Added short cooldown to Boostknuckle * Slightly increased damage of Flame Launcher * Slightly increased damage of Cold Slower Skill requirements * Adjusted the skill fail messages to their appropriate responses -- Acceleration, Self Destruction, Shapeshift, Emergency Cooldown, Magnetic Field, Neutral Barrier, Stealth Field and Repair are affected Shadow Chaser * Chasewalk is now an instant cast * Reduced trap duration of Manhole (15 -> 9 seconds) * Reduced trap duration of Escape's Ankle Snare (20 -> 10 seconds) * Note: Trap duration is the time a character stays trapped, the trap itself still lasts 50 seconds Sorcerer * Insignia Skill Updates -- Added missing Elemental 20% damage bonus for level 1 Insignia. -- Adjusted the recovery bonus to only apply to Elementals. -- Adjusted 25% magic damage bonus calculation. -- Added the missing ASPD bonus for Wind Insignia. -- Insignias should not affect status immune. -- Removed the BATK addition. * Elemental flee calculation has been corrected * Elemental Cure, HP/SP heal should be based on the caster's current HP/SP, not the Elemental's max HP/SP * Corrected Free Cast and Exceed Break walk speed Ranger * Reduced trap duration of Ankle Snare (20 -> 10 seconds) * Reduced delay of Arrow Shower * Increased damage of Arrow Shower * Increased damage of Double Strafe Guillotine Cross * Reduced delay of Cloaking Exceed * Reduced delay of Weapon Blocking * Reduced delay of Phantom Menace * Reduced fixed cast time of Poison Smoke (2 -> 1 second) * Enabled Dark Illusion in WoE (experimental) * Removed fixed cast time of Meteor Assault * Increased variable cast time of Meteor Assault * Reduced cooldown of Hallucination Walk (5 -> 4 minutes) * Slightly increased cool down of Dark Illusion Star Gladiator * Added Reset NPC for Star Gladiators (Resets Feeling/Hatred) in Althea * Removed blind effect from Demon of the Sun (...) * Increased chance to trigger all kicks when the corresponding stance is activated by 50% * Increased damage of Whirlwind Kick * Increased damage of Heel Drop * Slightly increased damage of Counter Kick * Slightly increased damage of Roundhouse Kick Rebellion * Reduced damage of Slug Shot * Increased damage of Rapid Shower * Slightly increased damage of Fire Rain * Increased damage of Full Buster * Increased damage of Spreadattack * Slightly increased Mass Spiral damage * Slightly increased Round Trip damage *Increased Triple Action damage and lowered delay Rebellion Awakening Patch The Awakening patch was an official Rebellion class overhaul which affected the class overall. It includes several official skill and class stat tweaks. Sura * Slightly increased damage of Gate of Hell Arch Bishop * Increased damage of Duple Light Warlock * Slightly increased damage of Storm Gust * Slightly increased damage of Lord of Vermillion * Slightly increased damage of Meteor Storm * White Imprison, damage skill now fully cast when OPT1 statuses are active * Hell Inferno, corrected dark damage behavior * Corrected Chain Lightning behavior -- Chain Lightning will no longer bounce across Ice Wall. -- Chain Lightning damage should slowly decrease based on the number of bounces remaining. -- Removed the splash effect which was causing the damage to iterate faster on the first two hits. Royal Guard * Corrected Exceed Break walk speed Summoner * Slightly increased damage of all damaging skills Misc. * Increased damage of Thunder Storm (Mjolnir benefits) * Increased damage of Waterball (Giant Octopus card benefits) * Endure only persists 7 hits instead of 8 in PvM * Added new wedding skills -- Call All Family, One Forever, Call Baby, Baby, Call Parent, Cheer Up
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    Having been attached to this class for such a long time, I came to the conclusion it was time for me to finally write a guide, since I think I know moderately what im doing with my class. I had to think quite a bit, but why not? Not many people use Rune Knight, and it's a nice class, one that takes skill against a decent opponent, of course with things as they are, the class needs boosts. (From skills, not equipment.) Note: There will be a bit of reading beforehand, if you don't want to read it, just scroll down to the guide itself. Why Rune Knight? Rune Knight is a great class for those who like wielding two handed swords, it's a bit of a 'cliché' to feel like the Hero with the sword, but it's fun anyways. They're quite strong, with the combination of their deadly runes, plus for someone who likes frenetic and energizing combat, RK is the class for you. Not only Royal Guards can go head to head with a few numbers in WoE, with this, we'll be going to the next thing in this topic. Roles of the class Like I said, Rune Knight can become a very hard to kill class, like a pure tanking one. This doesn't quite please me, as I like to be balanced between Attack and Defense, but it is possible to make of him as tough as a RG (Perhaps a little bit less tough). Since RK's do not possess skills like Devotion to aid their allies, making of a RK a 'support' class is utterly impossible. A Full damage Rune Knight, or a Hybrid, in a sort of way, is the best choice in my opinion. With a few types and builds to choose from, one does not need to be stuck with the same two-handed wielding sword style, being able to kill with a wide or sufficient amount of equipment and strategies. Alternatives include Sword and shield, and more I will be putting here. Skills and Runes The rune usage is a pure choice, they are not mandatory in order to kill an opponent, but they will help, that is assured. A good Rune Knight, who's willing to spend a bit more of time to learn about these and their usage, will be twice as deadly as the normal Rune Knight. But again, it's purely a choice. Rune Mastery, the skill you need to start the creation of the items, the Runes. You will get this skill early. In it's description, there will be listed some names of a few runes, but since Ragnarok is usually played in a small frame, they will not all fit in the screen, which will require you to access the internet, simply writting: Rune Crafting Ragnarok on the internet search, will give you the items needed, just as their effect and all the information you need to know about them. There is a total of ten runes. (Using them will make a name appear on the top of your head, just like a skill, but it's important to memorize or learn to differ their RUNE names from their SKILL names. They will be listed, but not in the order of which you can craft them: Turisus Rune (Skill: Giant Growth) Grants STR +20 for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It will destroy your weapon by a chance of a normal hit, so unless you have Full Chemical Protection, do NOT hit normally in a duel/WoE enviroment. Using your normal skills (with or without FCP), no matter how much you hit, will not destroy your weapon. Hagalaz Rune (Skill: Stonehard Skin) This Rune will, by chance, destroy the opponent's Weapon without endangering any of your equipment, although caution is advised, as the damage dealt by a Thanatos user will be amplified when in touch with this rune, monsters that will hit you will make less damage. Lasts 2 minutes and 30 secs aprox. Asir Rune (Skill: Fighting Spirit) Adds + ATK, + ASPD to the caster and other members in the party. (I am not aware of how much they give, im sorry.) No penalties suffered. Same duration. Verkana Rune (Skill: Millenium Shield) Grants the caster 'Shields' that look like Champion Spheres (Call Spirits/Dangerous Soul Collect), these, in amount, range from 2 to 4, being able to sustain a certain number of hits and damage. No penalties. Re-usable from 1 minute to 1 minute, last until they are destroyed, or gone after 4 mins. (?) Urj Rune (Skill: Abundance) Gives 60 SP to the caster every 10 seconds. No penalties. 2 minutes and 30 seconds duration. Rhydo Rune (Skill: Crush Strike) Uses your full power to give a powerful hit on the enemy. Destroys your weapon as a the blow is dealt. This can be avoided with the use of Full Chemical Protection. Nosiege/Nauthiz Rune (Skill: Refresh) Enables the caster to recover 25% of the total HP, heals the caster of all the negative debuffs, and makes the caster immune to any debuffs for 1 minute. 2 minutes cooldown. Obviously, no penalties. Isia Rune (Skill: Vitality) Temporarily increases effectiveness of all incoming healing effects by 50% and decreases effectiveness of SP recovery potions by 50%. Disables SP Recovery for the duration of the skill. (iRO copied description.) 2 mins and 30 seconds duration. Pertz Rune (Skill: Storm Blast) The rune casts a highly spammable blow that deals moderate damage. No penalties suffered, It is wise to keep some near. Very good at WoE since there is no knockback, using it outside a WoE enviroment, will knock the enemy 6-7 tiles away. Re-use time: Aprox 1-2 seconds. Lux Anima Rune (Skill: None, invisible?) Grants the party and the caster with the effect of a Rune that is chosen by the caster, only a few runes can be chosen. There are several types of blank runes, the items which you need, to craft these Runes, along with several materials, available in the GatheringRO Shop, going to go 0 and using @jump 230 215 will instantly teleport you to the room with shops. Once inside, talking to the npc behind the balcony, and choosing 'rune tool shop' will display all the needed materials for the crafting. I personally use ayo_dun02 to farm these runes. The process consists of: @aloot item Mystic Rune, @warp ayo_dun02 and then @jump or using the @warp again. Tamruans. These are the monsters you need to kill, they have a 100% chance drop. (Of runes.) They follow you and attack you, one blow/skill is enough to kill them. Usage and Relevance In a server like GatheringRO, not every Rune is completely useful. There are runes that are a MUST have, while others aren't even needed to be in the inventory. Neverthless, I will explain which runes are completely needed and important, as well as a bit of elaborating more on each. The Turisus Rune is a must have for every Rune Knight, even the tanker that is aiding the party in bypassing castle defenses. (It doesn't make much sense to have a full Tank RK in a solo duel.) STR +20 is a valuable bonus, and the only danger you face is by breaking your weapon when you normal hit, if you don't have the FCP buff on, if not, use it wildly! The Hagalas is a very handy rune, but often, it will become completely useless in a War of Emperium scenario, where every member of the opposite guild is using FCP. In a friendly duel, or in another type of duel, having this rune will pretty much save your life. If the enemy loses his weapon, you're most likely to completely obliterate him. I had people assuming I was using Whitesmith Card (Chance of breaking both the enemie's Armor and Weapon when attacked) because of the effect of this wonderful rune, just in case, keep it around with you. The Asir is another valuable rune to have nearby, but not completely indisposable. The small boost of ATK is way less than the 20 STR granted by Turisus, but the ASPD bonus will definetly aid for a Rune Knight who lacks ASPD in his attacks. In War of Emperium this rune will aid not just you, but your team mates; Keep it around with you as well. The Verkana rune is a MUST have for every Rune Knight in every situation. This wonderful piece will provide you a complete nulified attack from any opponent, no matter the strength or equipment. This rune has saved me loads of times, the Millenium Shield will block high damage attacks like Tiger Cannon, Comet, Adoramus, Self Destruction, Overbrand, etc... Have it with you ALWAYS. The Urj rune will come in handy in a few situations, but it is not completely useful at all times. This rune is used in crisis when soul burned, or sp drained by Dark Priest cards, or other effects such as Pressure, or Valk Manteaus. Not having any isn't a problem, but you cannot predict when such a situation will occur, although not mandatory, possessing the rune can save you, or aid you a few times. The Rhydo rune is a wonderful weapon at the disposal of a Rune Knight. Although caution is highly advised when using this rune, it lasts only for one normal hit, and skills such as Kyrie Eleison, Parry, Auto Guard or Weapon Blocking can absorb the attack. FCP is mandatory for the usage of this Rune, unless you use it with a weapon you don't mind breaking. Ranging from 30-60k, (It was higher before.) it is always additional damage dealt to the enemy. Not necessary to possess, you must be in at least one tile away from the enemy, having this rune is purely a choice, although appealing, I wouldn't consider it even a need. The Nosiege is a complete MUST for every Rune Knight. With it's wonderful habilities stated above, this skill will always come in handy, but, once again, timing is needed. The price of such a wonderful heal and immunity, comes with a price. The Refresh skill CAN be canceled if the Rune Knight is hit by any kind of damage. One must know when to use it. (I will explain this better.) Keep it with you, always! The Isia rune, in my opinion, is totally useless. In War of Emperium, most genetics will focus on killing, or aiding with FCP, but will not always be healing frenetically by your side. With the penalty of SP deactivation, a Rune Knight, just like many classes, without SP, is as dead as a bird flying to a plane's engine. Not necessary to be created, nor in possession. The Pertz rune is more of a rune against tough opponents, such as Royal Guards in a 1v1 duel. It's high spam won't be of any good in an enviroment where the enemy will be thrown away quite far. In my opinion, the rune isn't something a Rune Knight always needs, but it could prove a lethal weapon, especially in the hands of a newbie without kiels, who needs a good spam. Not necessary, but good for WoE. The Lux Anima rune isn't quite used by me. Rumours that is not functionally working at 100% like it should, although very appealing, I do not know much of this rune, testing it only once, and not 'claiming' my results. Search on the internet, it can help. Or, ask around in gRO itself. As for Skills, I will be writting a bit on these too, starting with Swordman skills, going for RK. (There isn't exactly a need of copying descriptions from RMS or iRO wiki, so I will be putting easy things.) I will also be doing a few comments, and again, relevance, but without a new listing, they will be after the skills description/info. Swordman. 1st class. Sword Mastery: Obviously, this will increase base atk with One-Handed Swords. Two-Handed Sword Mastery: Increases base atk while wearing Two-Handed Swords. Moving HP Recovery: Enables the recovery even when walking. *This skill is a platinum one, speaking with the NPC in althea (Platinum Skill Master) next to the Job Changer, will give them all, free of charge. Fatal Blow: Adds chance of causing stun on target when using Bash level 6 or above. Base Stun Chance is 5%*(Bash SkillLV - 5) with a further modifier from character BaseLV and a minimum chance of 0% (RateMyServer copied description.) *This skill is a platinum one, speaking with the NPC in althea (Platinum Skill Master) next to the Job Changer, will give them all, free of charge. HP Recovery: Enables the natural recovery of HP. Bash: A hit that deals roughly 4k,6k,10k Max. I wouldn't use it in any case, it's a skill to be forgotten, as it doesn't bring any bonus damage or debuff on the enemy. Magnum Break: A wave of damage that is usually used to damage traps in PvP and WoE. (if im not mistaken.) The damage of the skill does not matter, but it's effect does. After it's immediate usage, for 5 seconds, a 20% damage boost with the next attack is enabled. Personally, I do not use this, as it has a slow animation, and there is no time to be slow on the Battlefield. Not needed. Provoke: A skill that is casted on the enemy from afar, Granting him a boost of around 50%+ damage, but making him lose 55/50% VIT and DEF. I do not use this, and since many people use a Thanatos card (Which is better according to the DEF of the enemy), making the enemy lose DEF isn't something desirable. Not needed. Endure: In some occasions, a very useful skill. Although, again, a skill I do not use. I do not use this skill because it's functionality is a bit broken. Endure enables the walking without delays when being hit, or so it should. Lasting very little, it is a burden to be casting this skill from every 30 seconds. Partially needed, not encouraging to use it. Knight Spear Mastery: Increases base atk with while wearing Spears. Both Two-Handed and One Handed. Riding: Enables the riding of a Peco Peco. Cavalry Mastery: Increases ASPD while riding the Peco P. Two-Handed Quicken: Increases ASPD while wearing Two-Handed swords by 5+ while online. 3 mins 30 duration. A really good skill for any two-handed sword Rune Knight. Although being able to be dispelled, this skill lasts quite alot, making the worryings of re-enabling it multiple times vanish. A MUST skill. Auto-Counter: This skill works in a sort of Death Bound and Crescent Elbow way. Although not very useful from what I know, this skill could be tested and probably used quite well. Unfortunately, I do not know much about this skill, but I had never been in need of more skills. Disposable by me. Not needed. One Hand Quicken: Increases ASPD while wearing One-Handed weapons, useful for tanks or killing types with a one-handed spear or sword. (Platinum Skill). Penalty: Soul Link must be ON. Charge Attack: Strikes the enemy far away, making a distance between you and the enemy the same, making you occupy the tile the enemy had previously been in, this is extremely useful in a pvp scenario, although useless in WoE, since Knockback is disabled. (Will be writting further on this one.) (Platinum Skill). NEEDED in a pvp scenario, against certain classes. Pierce: Basic spear skill. Deals two blows, reaching 10-12k. For a spear type is kinda difficult to tell what to use, but I would not go with this skill, as it is basic, and it's damage can be reduced without barely any effort, although highly spammable, which is good. Not needed. Brandish Spear: Spear skill that throws the enemy afar 4-5-6 tiles. Considerably weak damage, not advised to use, since it throws the enemy away, and a Rune Knight must have it's opponent close. Not needed. Spear Stab: Very weak hit skill damage. Not needed. Spear Boomerang: Easily spammable skill, moderately weak damage. Throws the enemy afar. In my opinion, not needed. (Note: You can choose whatever skills you want, and im not a spear type professional, if you feel like you can kill with any of these, combine them!) Bowling Bash: Good skill that deals one blow and another aditionally by chance, knocking the enemy back 1 tile, while you follow, usable with both Two-Handed Sword, One-Handed Sword, One-H. Sp. or Two-Handed Spear. Note that, all spear named skills, just like Pierce, are Spear weapon Exclusives! Lord Knight I will only be putting the additional skills they receive. Aura Blade: Grants +100 ATK. No penalties, a very useful skill, being used by any class of weapon Knight Class can equip. A MUST for every type and build. 1 Min duration aprox. Concentration: Grants Hit+50, DEF- 25% and ATK+ 25%. Another MUST for every Rune Knight. Like Aura B, any weapon class an use it. 1 Min duration. Head Crush: A very useful skill against a Royal Guard or class that depends or uses alot HP Recovery. Head Crush, by chance, disables HP recovery, which can come in very handy. The skill is a can be used by any weapon. A skill always handy to have ready and nearby, valid for WoE and PvP. Joint Beat: A skill that damages parts of the body, granting debuffs to the enemy, the reader can search for them in the wikis. This skill is a Spear exclusive. Both Joint B. and Head C. deal very low damage. Parry/Parrying: A MUST have for every Two-Handed Sword Rune Knight. This skill has a chance (quite high at the moment.) to block a physical attack, and range long physical attacks as well. Like ranger's arrows and skills. This skill is a Two-Handed Sword exclusive. Very handy, 1 minute duration, to be in the main bar. My favorite of all time: Spiral Pierce. A skill that deals considerably moderate/high damage, easily spammable, stunning the enemy completely if spammed at a non-stop rate, it can be used by: Spears, Two-Handed Spears and Two-Handed Swords. A Very good skill, to be in the main bar, a MUST for every type. It deals damage 5x times. The weight of the weapon increases it's damage. Tension Relax: A highly handy skill which enables a faster rate of Health Recovery when used, making the character sit, accelarating the health process really faster. Usable in WoE and PvP, NOT to be used in a 1v1 duel! Note: standing up will cancel the effect immediately, it can be re-used without a cooldown. To be near in the bars. Berserk: A skill that makes your Rune Knight lose his SP, hability to talk, to sit, to use or equip items, reducing your DEF value to 0, increasing attack significantly, and doubling or more your HP. Natural HP recovery is disabled, and the character can not heal while in this state, any heal attempts will be valued as 0. A skill I do not use, and do not like. Reliable when in low health, and in a need to escape. Not mandatory. Advised to use only in desperate situations, not in duels and others. Rune Knight! Now displaying 3rd skills and their relevance. Rune Mastery: (You already know this skill.) Dragon Mastery: A lvl 1-5 skill that enhances the bonuses given by your Dragon, maximizing it, just like every 3rd skill, is important. You need this skill to ride a Dragon. Dragon Howling: A mildly useful skill against certain classes. This skill, when used, and by chance, reduces the enemy's flee rate, and along with it, a change to inflict Fear status on the enemy. (Making him completely still, unable to use skills.) Definetly good, to keep around, close. Dragon Breath: A skill with considerably good damage (usually.) whenever used against someone with not many reducers. This skill is an AoE skill (meaning, it affects many enemies at one usage) which is highly handy in War of Emperium. Along with the chance of Burning status, which will cause damage from time to time, the Dragon Breath is always a skill to have in the bar. Highly good. Dragon Breath Water: This skill is the same as the usual fire Dragon Breath, except it has a water property, along with the chance of inflicting Iced(?) status, slowing the enemy. The skill is good when combined with the normal Dragon Breath, as it will deal twice the damage it would, if the enemy swaps to a Fire property armor. A good skill to use. Phantom Trust: A spear hit which drags the enemy close to you, this is very handy in any type of fight. Useless in WoE, it is a MUST for every Spear user. Damage is considerably low. Spear exclusive skill. Hundred Spear: A multi-hit spear strike. This skill can easily reach 50k per usage. With a rather moderate delay, it is a very powerful skill in a Spear type's way of fighting, being a spear exclusive skill, this is by far, one of the best and strongest damage skills a Rune Knight has. A complete MUST for a spear type Rune Knight. It will also by chance, trigger Spear Boomerang, tossing the enemy afar 5-6 tiles. The skill hits 5x(?) times. Enchant Blade: A buff which adds magic damage. To be honest, I am not sure how this skill works, or if it's functioning like it should. I noticed no changes in having it on or off, I generally always have it on, so perhaps, so should you. Every weapon can use this skill. Death Bound: Easily one of my favorites, this skill works in a timed way. Using it requires a certain 'mental calculation', it works just like Crescent Elbow, but harder. This skill is to be used just one second before the enemy's physical hit. Or, right when the enemy is casting it, this skill is a highly valuable and indisposable against a melee class. Having it nearby is mandatory, as it will save and counter the enemy's blow with mighty force, dealing huge considerable damage. In a short way, this skill works as a counter. Only usable against physical hits, and close ones, it will double or triple the enemy's damage onto himself, leaving you almost barely any damage. Wind Cutter: A blow with wind property that sweeps the enemy 3-4 tiles away. This isn't a skill I would like to use, as it (again), makes the enemy go far. It is a good skill in terms of damage, not mandatory, but good. I, for one, do not use it. Ignition Break: One of the best AoE skills a Rune Knight has. Dealing easily 40-50k per blow, this skill doesn't require any 'attention' or targetting in a duel. This is why I personally love it, it is a quick skill which you can use and it will launch a quick strong blow, no need to 'calculate' anything. Pretty much a MUST for every Rune Knight. Every weapon can use it. Sonic Wave: Another amazing skill at our disposal. This is one of my favorites for being a highly good damage ranged skill. Being able to attack your enemy at a distance is always good, along with it's good damage values (I've hit this skill got 67k.) it will be a deadly skill you possess. Definetly a need, to be in the main bar. Full Throttle: A useful skill I absolutely despise. Every class (3rd) possesses this skill. It will grant +20 All stats, along with a full HP recovery, at the penalty of losing both HP and SP very quickly, giving you a debuff, as it ends. It has a 20(?) minute cooldown. This skill is utterly good at WoE, and on a PvP scenario. To be close in use. (emergency.) Types of Rune Knight Note: every (?) means I am not 100% sure. Dragon Breath Rune Knight A Dragon Breath Full type will require two stats for it's main damage: VIT and INT. Focusing on equipment that provides these is the main goal in this type. Weapon: Pike [3] or [4] with Fabre or Archer Skeleton cards , or a Vellum Spear for a moderate DB + Hundred Spear damage. Drake could(?) affect the damage. Armor: A Brynhild with a slot is the ideal for a pure damage DB Rune Knight, with a Tao Gunka , this, if you are really rich. Worry not, there are alternatives from people who are alot more poor. The ideal (And the one I advise everyone strongly) for more defensive purposes: WoE Set. In this case, the WoE Suit that grants a wonderful protection with his full set, 20% defense against players. (No exclusive bonuses included.)The WoE Plate is also an alternative, and definetly the best choice at +9 for a full DB RK. A Peco Peco is also a choice for a starter for + HP. For more defensive purposes, a Ghostring is one of the best cards, Detale in WoE rushes is perfect too. For after cast delay reduction and more 'speed', the Sprint Mail, along with the full set, is a good choice. Manteau: An Aesprika grants a good 30% tolerance against physical type hits of any element. If the WoE set is chosen, the WoE Manteau is the one used. With one slot, it is great for switching cards to be better covered from elemental harm. Having 3 or more Manteaus is advised, to switch between such as: Devilling, Farbjadour, Kades, Raydric or Noxious, although these, are protection. Aliot card and Giant Whisper are cheap alternatives. Just like Jakk is a good alternative for fire protection. Nydhogg's Shadow Garb is an alternative for early game. Boots: Sleipnir (Ultra expensive) is probably, one of the best, if not the best alternative for Dragon Breath. If one chooses WoE set, either WoE Boots or WoE Greaves . These can have a Verit , or a Moonlight Flower , Cat 'o Nine Tails (magic, if one does not possess Maya) or Amon Ra . Variant Shoes are a cheap early game alternative, and getting these slotted, is also benefical, plus the aid of a General Ygnizem (by lancelot) , if one chooses the Sprint Set, Sprint Shoes are mandatory . .Other Hand: Huge advantage, shield. Valk Shield, one of the best for it's Bonuses towards Fire and Water. Thara Frog , Horn , Golden Thief Bug . For magic countering, an Orlean's Shield with Maya , and in rare cases Flaming Skull . Headgear (Upper): Dark Lord Helm (Quite expensive) is the finest headgear for a Full DB Rune Knight. The Blessed Valkyrie Helm offers not only good stats, but a good overall-appreciated style. , although not quite cheap, in time, one will obtain one of these. Prism is a good option, balanced in stats and in it's variety of effects, not exactly cheap. but mildly affordable, Definetly good. The Golden Dragon Helm is not only the easiest, but the fastest of the god helms to be made. Offering a pleasant amount of stats, a newbie can definetly get it fast. Baphomet Horns are quite the headgear for damage lovers, these will amplify any kind of damage (except magic) into something significant. At the cost of no damage tolerance, these will grant an attack boost, in both numbers and percentage. (Non slotted.) It's variant, Large Baphomet Horns are the opposite, they grant 12% defense, and a tiny ATK boost, being too, a good choice. Cards such as AA , Kiel , MayaP are the main cards on these headgears. Upper(Middle): Noble Mask , Slotted sunglasses, Robo eyes or 3D Glasses are good, these too, with one of the cards above. Upper(Low): Gentleman's Pipe(Slotted) , Pirate Dagger , Nebula Aura for magic protection . These (if slotted, it is no problem if they are not.) can have a Clock Manager , Ungoliant or cards that give immunity to status. Dark Pingicula also grants +10 Atk. Accessories: VIT Glove , Cursed Hand or Expert Ring . Beelzebub , Anolian , perhaps Horong too. If one decides to use the Sprint set, the Sprint Ring is mandatory . Note: Do not upgrade your gear, except for Weapon and Armor. (Refine.) On a helm with Bungnisis refining is encouraged. Build: Focus mainly on VIT and INT as well. They should be: STR: Enough to carry equipment without suffering penalties. AGI: High enough for fast animations, aspd should be about 184,185,186. VIT: Max 200. INT: Max 200 or 180. DEX: 150,160 LUK: (this is a choice, if one uses AA card, if so 77, the rest would go to STR.) Two-Handed Sword type A Hybrid Rune Knight needs both STR and VIT, but I would advise more of STR and Attack, due to DB being easy countered. Weapon: Violet Fear , Krasnaya , Tae Goo Lyeon , Any Battleground swords, the mighty Vellum Sword, Muscle Cutter (For newbies). Now these sort of card combos are not to be put randomly, note the ( and /. (Thanatos /Turtle General/Drake), (Thanatos/Drake), (Incantation Samurai,Tgen,Drake). (Hydra/Hydra/Skeleton Worker). (IncantationSamu/Drake/Phreeoni). The use of a Valkyrie Randgris is encouraged in a 1v1 PvP enviroment, to assure the sturdiness of the weapon, and a trump card of dispell. Armor: Same thing as DB Rune Knight, but no VIT focused. For newbies, the Porcellio is a significant help. I strongly advise the usage of WoE suit for bonuses. The Brynhild has the great +10% ATK bonus, a full damage RK should get one. A tao card is always needed, a Two-Handed Sword RK should also become a bit of a hybrid, wearing a Tao is very benefical. Manteaus: Again, same as DB Rune Knight, but WoE suit usage is highly advised. Boots: Almost the same as DB Rune Knight, but Amon Ra is a MUST with this type. In my opinion, there is no need for Moonlight Flower . Shackles with a Verit are utter cheap as well. *This is a combo boots-accessory. Headgears are completely the same, Rainbow Sashes and Rainbowring Rucksacks are also good alternatives. Accessories: Megingjard (Ultra expensive) is the best option for a Rune Knight who plans on using strength at 100% percent. STR Gloves and an Expert Ring with a Bronzering and an Errende Ebecce are the ideal accessories in my opinion, until the God item. Bloodied Shackle Ball with Shackles, for a +50 Atk boost, good for newbies. Build: STR: 200 Max. AGI: Enough for 175 ASPD. (Along with Two-Handed Quick skill and a few items, it is not difficult to achieve 193 aspd.) VIT: 160~200 (This is the hybrid fact I mentioned. You can combine both. More VIT up = more towards Dragon Breath. INT: 99 for Kyrie Eleison in Amon Ra, and enough to suffice the RK's needs since SP is valuable. DEX: 150 to 160. Fast enough for a fast/quick casting of skills. LUK: It is up to you. Tank WoE type (I admit I have never played one of these. So their guidance might be a little bit hard, I am also including full damage reduction items.) Weapon: A long mace , Combat Knife , or a Vellum (for a minimum defensive weapon). None of these has slot. Armor: WoE Suit (Best tanking option) or a WoE Plate with GR (Newbie/Moderate), up to Tao and a spare Detale . Emperium Armor (End) is the best choice for protection and good bonuses. Manteau: WoE Manteau with Noxious , Raydric , Devilling and Farbjadour or Kades . Goibne's Spaulders are a really utter cheap alternative. Boots: WoE Boots (these MUST be used with WoE Suit in order for the bonus to trigger/work), WoE Greaves with Amon Ra , and some other cards from the other two types. Headgears: DLH (End) or Prism Effect 2, a Feather Beret or a simple Beret are good too. AA is usually the desired and needed for tanking. Although cards that give immunity are also good against statuses. Other Hand: Valk Shield with all the listed cards for DB type, combo-ing too with Orlean's Server . Accessories: Cursed Hand and perhaps Waterdrop Brooch with Anolian (1x) and Errende Ebecce (1x). Build: STR: 100-150-200. AGI: 100-120 VIT: 200 Max. INT: 50-60 or 99 for Amon Ra. DEX: 140-150. LUK: All the rest of the points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Possible strategies against classes. Not every class is fought the same way, and each may require certain attention, equipment or even stats. Based on my experiences and knowledge, I'll be posting a little Rune K. vs class individual small texts, to possibly aid those have a hard time on certain classes. I am also sorry if the information isn't enough, or just doesn't help much, as well as some 'unavailability' of classes. Again, on any class, any time, I strongly advise the WoE set for a better chance of survivability. Later in game, the Emperium Set , available at @woe_map (Middle NPCs) is by far the best choice of damage and defense combo. Fighting Spirit and Giant Growth are a help in any battle. To all melee classes: Using Bowling Bash against an enemy with Kyrie Eleison on can help remove it faster. Rune Knight vs Rune Knight First of, having any type of long range physical reducer definetly helps. A fight with another Rune Knight is usually under a fast rythm, as there will be alot of moving, skills which occupy your zone (Eg: Ignition Break) will come in very handy. If one is fighting a DB Rune Knight, elemental reducers are a need. But keeping an eye for damage dealt, or physical 'manifestations' could also save your skin. The usage of runes, as always, is crucial. There are no skills that are more 'frightning' than others, so in a fight with a Rune Knight, Millennium can be used any time to simply prevent damage. Being too close does not also help much, so keeping a short distance (2-3 tiles) is advised. In a one vs one enviroment, look out for the enemy's possible Stonehard Skin! Death Bound is rarely needed in a fight with a Rune Knight. Rune K. vs Royal Guard Many classes fear a Royal Guard, and they're right on doing so, but not so much with a Rune Knight. Remember, you are using a class with alot of HP, facing a Royal Guard face to face might be dangerous, but doable, especially if the RG resorts to using Overbrand, which you can counter and amplify towards the enemy alot more stronger with Death Bound. Against melee classes it is always convenient to have Death Bound on the main bar. The hard Defending skill which RG possesses will make the process harder for a Rune Knight, runes like Storm Blast are good against Royal Guards, dealing an acceptable damage. Being slow while this skill is active, it is a perfect chance to keep distance away, cast Millennium Shield to ensure the Refresh process without having the chance of losing it, remember, Nauthiz is a very good rune, but must be used carefully! Amon Ra helps quite alot in a duel against Royal Guard, using Head Crush (at least 5-6, as the skill isn't a 100% chance one) is a good way to cut the regen. The rest is up to you. Rune K. vs Guillotine Cross For a critical type, it is very important not to stay simply 'standing'. If the enemy is zerking, it will be very easy to stop him, as you move faster, and using skills such as Spiral Pierce to stun the gx while you combo the rest of the skills, always maintaining distance as you walk. Now, it is not mandatory to have a Maya Purple when facing this class, but it definetly helps. I would say, switching or having one Kiel + MayaP can do it. If in any type of GX, you see he uses the new poisons (Eg: Oblivion, Leech End), not everything is over, when Kyrie is triggered, run away from the gx, and cast Refresh, it will heal you of the ailments, and make you immune for one minute. Then, focus on making him invisible and charge! For a cross impact type, Death Bound is a MUST. This skill will help you many times in a duel against this type, as their primary skill consist of a number of hits that are countered by a heavy damage with Death Bound. The rest is the same, and the usage of Dragon Breath is advised for the Burning status to deal damage + making the enemy visible. Rune K. vs Genetic The only real problem with this class (Aside from Acid Demonstration) is the Howling of Mandragora skill. Being hit by this means almost an ensured percentage of your health taken down very easily, as it also drains SP, it will pretty much make you miss and deal up to 1-2 skills, while the enemy has hit you with more than 10. Item sling (causes the target to sit) can be a very annoying thing to deal with, so having /sit in an alt+m shortcut can help. Parrying and Kyrie Eleison block the highly spammable Cart Cannon skill, so it won't become a problem to be protected against most of this. Pneuma (Errende Ebecce) also helps quite alot in this scenario. Equipment such as Devilling is highly advised, to reduce the incoming Acid Demonstration. (which is a widely used skill) Due to their high speed, Dragon Howling can come in very handy too, keep an eye out for Demonic Fire and Hell's Plant. (In my opinion, the rest of their skills isn't a problem.) Rune K. vs Warlock Spear type Rune Knights have a slight advantage, due to their Phantom Trust. In any range (magical or physical) duel scenario, one must not throw it's enemy away. Unless the enemy is near a wall (PvP), using Storm Blast is a very bad idea. An Orleans server with a Maya card will resolve most problems with this class, although without FCP, Earth Strain is the main problem. Keeping an eye for this skill, or saving Millennium Shield for the incoming of this skill is a good option. For magic classes, the Charge Attack is one of the best skills, and a MUST in the main bar. This will avoid many AoE skills, aswell as the bonus of putting an enemy near a wall (where it is harder to escape, by the sides, or facing you). Wearing a Brazillian Hat or Moonlight flower can compensate the fact that you will (most likely) be having Marsh of Abyss effect on you. Rune K. vs Sorcerer One of the most nasty classes to fight. Having a Bacsojin Hat and Urj runes is a complete MUST. Sorcerers will resort most of the time, to Soul Burn, and Dispell. Here, wearing Devilling or Farbjadour isn't advised. Unfortunately, the element of skills such as Psychic Wave and Diamond Dust has always been a mistery to me. Maya won't help much either. There is a really hard difficulty on how to advise the approach on this class, but again, Charge Attack is very important into bailling out of Vaccuum and Spider Web. Dragon Howling is a MUST in a duel/fight against the class. For dispell, focus on the main buffs, such as Concentration, Aura Blade and Two-Handed Quicken. Re-use the three ASPD pots if needed. Worry not about Parry, as it is useless in this fight. Moonlight Flower is perhaps the best for this fight. While the sorcerer flees (if you manage to take out a good sum) to Warmer, quickly use Refresh. Rune Knight vs Ranger Most rangers nowadays are quite easy to kill. Although, it doesn't mean every ranger will always be an easy target, or that he might not change his hand of cards (tricks). Rangers are quite fast, especially if they have the Warg in possession. Being a fully ranged class, they will atempt to outrun the enemy at all time, meaning that in a PvP enviroment, wearing speed boosting items is required. The Brazillian Flag Hat is a cheap and good piece to increase speed, discarting any other need to improve speed, as the Dragon speed is already good when mixed with other types of speed-improoving gear. Using moonlight flower too, makes the chase easier. Rangers usually like to resort to SP Disabling, meaning that having the Urj rune is highly advised. One must be careful when in WoE, as it is impossible to dodge traps such as Electric Shocker. In WoE, Charge Attack is disabled and therefore useless, but not in a duel. Having the Errende Ebecce facilitates the duel by quite a lot. If the ranger resorts to status imbuing weapons, waiting for a Pneuma trigger, and consequently using Refresh will eliminate the problem for one minute, giving you a solid chance to strike. Skills like Dragon Breath and Sonic Wave are good options to hit afar. The last despicable and somewhat tricky thing Rangers do, is the skill Camouflage, a hard to deal-with skill. Rangers cannot attack while in this phase, so going near them is very easy. Although one must be careful on the uncloack, as they could set traps right after. Using a Horong or silvering will take out this problem. Rune Knight vs Sura Fights with Suras are also in a quite fast rythm, and having good 'coordenation' to use your skills is a requirement. Death Bound is a complete 100% MUST in a duel against this class. I highly recommend speed-boosting items, as it will be hard to catch a sura using constant Body Relocation. This class, also often uses the AA , so, using Head Crush is a viable encouraging option. In this fight too, having /sit in the alt+m bars is important, as Suras are constantly resorting to Windmill. When being attacked by the 3 combo skill sequence of Dragon Combo-Fallen Empire-Tigger Cannon, Death Bound is to be used after at least Dragon Combo. As many suras are aware of the Death Bound, the most patient ones will not do the triple combo, but double. Do not worry about triggering with Fallen Empire, because this skill is quite strong either way. Any damaging skills are good when fighting this class. Verkana Runes are a wise choice in this sort of duel, to cover up the hurting sum of the Tiger Cannon skill. Dragon Howling is encouraged too, as Suras will be running to possibly heal with Gentle Touch - Cure. ------------------------------------------------ I will be adding more. This consumed alot of my time, but I am happy I did it. Anything I forgot to mention, please do tell me, overall, tell me how it is. -Added Pertz Rune info; -Added Farming site; -Added WoE tank type and gear; Just a tiny bit more to come. -A few corrections have been made; -Small class advising added; To finalize: class advising. Special thanks to lancelot and Rayleigh. -More class advising. To finalize 2: class advising.
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    Hello. I would like to suggest the increase in hairstyle for male.. such as long hair, bald, mohawk, topknot, afro etc. It would be better if it was a quest.. or maybe not? XD
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    Rota's complete guide to grinding

    Index §1 Introduction §2 Gearing up §3 MVPs §4 Grindables §5 Crafting Gear §6 Instances §7 Dailies §8 Vending §9 Final Words §1 Introduction I've been playing RO since euRO, on and off. During my time playing Ragnarok I've always been a collector and a grinder. Never enjoyed PVP too much. I like playing the market and just spending all Sunday grinding items, headgears and crafting +10 weapons. I recommend you go with the Ranger class as it's the most versatile class with one of the best AoE spells. You can use your Ranger to grind Goldrings, Bosses, Mithrils, Endless Tower, Instances - anything really. You will also need a Whitesmith/Mechanic to create those +10 weapons and to sell your gear. Keep in mind that you may create a second account if you EXCLUSIVELY use it for autovending. §1.1 What am I looking at? This guide focusses exclusively on farming as much Zeny as possible. Basically, Zeny is not free. Zeny is your time, so if you're farming Zeny you are trading your time for Zeny. It doesn't just come out of nowhere. Just like in real life - you spend 8 hours at your job, essentially selling your time to your employer. In this guide I'm trying to explain how to get the most Zeny for the time you invest. What you do with the Zeny that you accumulate is entirely up to you. In this guide I will cover the most accessible ways, even for someone who just started out, to generate Zeny. No need to upsell high tier items, no need to spend weeks building Improved Accessories or farming God Item Ingredients. §1.2 Getting started To get started, max out your Ranger and make a Whitesmith - you can find various leveling guides on this forum. You can later change your Whitesmith to Mechanic, but I decided not to because it takes so long to reach Job Level 120. Your refining success increases with each job level. But I'm too lazy and I find the Mechanic class too boring to max it, so I'm staying with a 250/110 Whitesmith - even though it is less efficient. Don't be like me though - grind that Mechanic to 250/120!! You have to complete the Hazy Forest Instance quest to access the Mora Questline, which you'll need later on to acquire your first gear and to farm zeny. §2 Gearing up §2.1 Stats Standard grinding build (high STR for high carrrying cap) Standard Instance build (some HP for survivability) Standard MVP hunter (high STR to carry different arrow elements) §2.2 Skills Your most important skills will be the following: Arrow Storm Fear Breeze True Sight Improve Concentration Wind Walk Unlimit Wug Rider Wug Strike Sensitive Keen Full Throttle (World Boss) §2.3 Gear The WW Set is so easy to get and yet so strong. The suits drop at a 100% rate so if you spend 3-4 hours farming ONLY suits, you can easily craft a +9 or +10 WW suit. With the Mimic and Myst Case Cards you get some extra loot while you're grinding. If I spend a full Sunday grinding alt_fild03 I normally end up with 400 Old Blue Boxes and 800 Gift Boxes. You get useful items like MVP drops, headgears and Dyestuffs from these boxes. You can also sell them for 100-150k ea. I don't use Skeleton Archer Cards because I have enough damage for all the mobs I farm and I don't see the need to make a second +10 Elven/Crimson Bow just for the Skel Archer Cards if I can sell these bows instead. Further, the damage of Wug Strike is not calculated as ranged damage. So when you're killing MVPs/Mini MVPs you deal a lot more damage in any case. Also you don't have to bother with switching your bows all the time. Low Budget (Easy to farm solo in an hour or two) Medium Budget (takes some time, money and quests to get) §2.4 Extras As for extras, I have a premium account membership which increases my droprate on all items. Furthermore, I spend my daily quest tickets as well as my gRO tokens on Weekend Hunting Packs. You can also get Weekend Hunting Packs by participating in WoE and trading the Emperium Fragments in for the packs in @go WoE. These contain 10x Bubblegum as well as 10x Tokens Of Siegfried (which are super useful for Endless Tower and Instances). I use the Blessing Scrolls for World Boss and MVPs and the AGI Scrolls for MVPs/monsters who have the decrease AGI skill. I also use Authoritative Badges and Yggdrasil Berries when hunting MVPs. I keep the Bubblegums for when I know that I can grind for 30 minutes straight without a break, usually farming Berries and Gold. @Khaii has mentioned that when buying gear (such as arrows) from NPCs, you can use Any slotted accessory with a Pirate Skeleton Card, which gives you the Discount Lvl 5 Skill. §3 MVPs Hunting MVPs is pretty self-explanatory. You keep track of the tombstones and times on MVPs and just kill them and hunt them down, hoping for a card. Getting MVPs cards is probably one of the most rewarding feelings in the game...for me at least. But keep in mind that it's not the most efficient way to farm Zeny. To keep track of all the tombstone coords and MVP spawn timers, I use an Excel chart. It automatically calculates the soonest and latest spawn time of an NPC. Check out the Excel chart here or MVPChart.xlsx. You don't need much to get started with MVP hunting. I'd suggest you use my budget item build and bring some Yggdrasil Berries, then just get going. I do have one tip though: Keep those Convex Mirrors you get from events and login rewards to track down Goldring Boss when he spams his teleport. Normally it takes me 5-10 minutes tops to kill him. I also switch my Wug mount to a Falcon. Go for a Max Luk/Critrate build to activate Falcon Blitz more often. §4 Grindables Simply grinding items is the easiest way to get Zeny, but also the most boring one. When grinding Usables, make sure that they're high in demand. Think about what players may use them for. Berries/Seeds are self-explanatory: World Boss and MVP Hunting When grinding sellables, make sure it's an item which has an okay (>30%) droprate and that the map is mobby enough. As far as I'm concerned, there's no better map on this server than alt_fild03 for grinding sellables. Mithril for example will always be in high demand because players need it for various God Items as well as Improved Accessories. §4.1 Goldrings, Althea Field 03 The most obvious choice to grind are the Goldrings in alt_fild03. With it's 30% + 5% Gold droprate, you can farm about 100m Zeny per active 30 minutes. This rate increases with Bubble Gum and a premium account. You can even use the Goldring Cards to enter the Poring Realm. Unfortunately you have to convert the cards for Gold Poring Coins one by one, which is really tedious. But as a reward, you get to defeat a really easy MVP that drops a random Poring Headgear and a Poring Box. I sell the headgears for 20m each. After a full day of grinding alt_fild03 I end up with about 100 Goldring Cards, which are then converted to 200 Gold Poring Coins. This allows me to enter the Poring Realm 4 times, resulting in another bonus 80m Zeny after selling the headgears. Let's not forget about the hundreds of Gift Boxes and Old Blue Boxes I end up with. I'm selling the Gold that I farm only with my Whitesmith with the Overcharge Skill. That's 124.000 Zeny per Gold sold. §4.2 Yggdrasil Berries, Yggdrasil Seeds My favorite Berry Hunting spot is prt_maze03, simply because it's a map with small and mobby fields. You can find swarms of Stem Worms for Yggdrasil Seeds, Baphomet and Ghostring there as well. But generally, for Yggdrasil Seeds you want to go to lhz_fild02 as it's filled with Stem Worms which have a high droprate on Yggdrasil Seeds. Berries generally go for 100.000 - 200.000 Zeny while the Seeds go for 50.000 - 80.000 Zeny. §4.3 Mithril I really have no idea how to feel about Mithril, but the price has gone up by a lot recently so I guess it's worth the time now. With 70m per Mithril, chances are that you can make over 1b Zeny per invested day. Here's how you get into the mines. As for stats, I go for max luk, 100 vit, 100 str, max dex, rest AGI. I change my Wug to a Falcon just like I did with the Goldring Boss, because raw DPS isn't going to help you kill those Crystals. You need On-Hit damage and lots of it. Just like with the GRB, I whip out my 3x Banaspaty Card and 1x Sidewinder Card in a Composite Bow [4. The burn ticks one-shot the crystals. You can completely ignore the Guardians - they don't drop anything worth your while. Yoiu can kill 20 Crystals each time you enter. You can also use an Advanced Mining Pick to kill 30 Crystals. You only need to use the Advanced Mining Pick once per login. After that you can keep using Old Picks and still get 30 kills per entry. If you kill the Guardians, it counts toward it. So if you do get attacked by them, just @jump away. Bring some Yggdrasil Berries with you, because if you die, you will get kicked out of the mine. New and more efficient way: @D e M o N has pointed out that you can use your Firing Trap skill, which makes it even easier and faster to kill Strange Crystals. Mithril by the numbers §5 Crafting Gear So you've probably farmed 4.000 Yggdrasil Berries and 10.000 Gold. You've hit your first billion in only two weeks and now you're burnt out and bored from Ragnarok. So why not have a change of pace and make some high-demand armors, weapons and headgears? To make weapons, you will need your Whitesmith! §5.1 White Wing Sets I like vending the White Wing Sets as two. 2x +7 Suit, 2x Garment, 2x Shoes, 2x Brooch. People obviously tend to prefer buying the full set instead of seperate pieces, especially with the Manteau and Boots which aren't dropped by monsters. There's not much to say about the White Wing Sets. You already know where to get them. Complete some Mora Quests and you're good to go. Each piece is 10 Mora Coins. You want the White Wing Garment and the White Wing Boots. Once you I get 40 Mora Coins I trade them in for the set pieces and begin hunting Anubis for White Wing Suits. I stay there until I get 50-60 White Wing Suits, but I also loot the Staff Of Healing which I sell for 20m ea. after upgrading it to +10. After getting a decent amount of White Wing Suits, I begin upgrading them. To get the Eluniums required, I go to the Althea Tool Dealers and buy Rough Eluniums with my Whitesmith. You can convert them to Eluniums (5x Rough = 1x Elu) at the Armsmith's Place. Now after upgrading, I (hopefully) have two +7 White Wing Suits. Next up I go to abyss_03 to get 2x White Wing Brooch. You can even add enchantments (1 Mora Coin per attempt) and if you're lucky enough you'll get the Expert Archer enchantment, which increases your Long Range Damage by up to 8% per enchantment. With this enchantment, you can easily sell the gear for more than double the original price. So a White Wing Suit with +3 DEX and Lv 3 (+6%) Expert Archer enchantment would be worth at least 200m. Finally, I open up a shop where I sell the sets. Prices: +7 Suit: 70m Garment: 100m Shoes: 100m Brooch: 5m §5.2 High demand +10 weapons My favorite +10 weapons are by far the Crimson Weapons, especially Bows and Daggers. I can easily sell these for 40m each. Another weapon I found easy to farm and sell is the +10 Mes / Scalpel To my surprise, items with 4 slots such as the Various Jur don't sell well and don't bring a good profit. You can sell them for 5-6m each, but in the same time that you'd invest in making 5 +10 Pikes, you could make two or three Crimson Bows or Daggers which sell for a lot more and have way higher demand in the community. There are some other weapons such as the Big Crossbow and the Imperial Spear, but I found that the mobs are too rare or too strong to be worth the time you invest when compared to the Zeny you get. Remember that you don't get the unique elemental status when you use the identifier! Use Magnifiers or your Whitesmith's §5.3 High demand armors/boots/garments I haven't upgraded enough armors to know if it's really Time - Zeny efficient, but here's what I would upgrade if I ever started focussing on that: I don't know the market prices on these!!! +9 Siege Armors +7/+8/+9/+10 Ur's Plate +7/+8/+9/+10 Valkyrie Manteau upgraded with a Safe to +7/+8/+9 Stamp from the Daily Quest Coupon exchanger §5.4 Standard Valkyrie Helmets Yes, I am absolutely serious. It's easier to farm these than you might think. If you ever get bored with farming the same stuff on the same map, you can farm Valkyrie Helmets. There is a demand for Standard Valkyrie Helmets because they're needed to make the God Item Valkyrie Helmet. Personally, I would aim for making 2 or 3 at once so you don't have to travel all those maps to get the cards over and over again. Start with the Bloody Runes as they're the easiest to farm at ra_san05. You can farm with @aloot rate 100. They drop some extra items like those masks and hats which sell for about 1.000 Zeny each. When you have 3.000 of those masks, it adds up. Next up head to odin_tem03 to get the Dark Runes. On both maps, ra_san05 and odin_tem03, I like using my AGI scrolls because the mobs spam decrease AGI - thus decreasing your movement speed and your Zeny per invested time. Finally, I just roam the various maps to get the cards together. While collecting the cards, I check if there's mobs on the map that drop valuable items and make sure to add these items to my @aloot item. Each helmet goes for 250-300m Zeny. §6 Instances As @Aketsu has correctly mentioned: "on this server you can't use healing items (berrys, not even normal potions) in the istances (this include Endless tower, faceworm nest, old glast heim)", so you might have to bring a friend who's going to heal you or help you with the damage for some instances. §6.1 Old Glast Heim - Temporal STR/DEX/AGI/LUK/VIT/INT Boots You can use Ygg Berries/healing items in this instance! It's a long way to get Temporal XXX Boots, but it definitely pays out - Check the Old Glast Heim guide to find out how to enter and finish the instance. To create Temporal XXX Boots, visit the NPC at glast_01 204, 273. You'll first need normal Temporal Boots for the cost of 1 Temporal Crystals. Then you'll have the option to make Temporal XXX Boots of your choice. Each upgrade costs 5 Temporal Crystals. Note that the boots aren't slotted right away. You have to add a slot to them by yourself. There's a chance that you will fail the slot addition, which in turn will destory your boots. Each slot attemp costs another 5 Temporal Crystals. Once you've got your slotted boots, you can add enchants with Coagulated Spells - these are dropped by the mobs inside the instance. CONFIRMED BY EVERADE The success generator is coded as follows for slot addition on Temp Boots: if (rand(1,100) < 60) { mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Arrggg, we failed. Better luck next time."; specialeffect2 EF_PHARMACY_FAIL; close; } Apparently it picks a number from 1 to 100, and if the number picked is below 60, your slot enchantment will fail. This leads me to the conclusion that there is a 40% success rate on adding a slot to Temporal Boots. That's doubled compared to the official rate. Enchantment Info by @Aketsu [...]when you enchant them you can choose the enchant you want and bring it to the max level (example: expert archer level 4) by using Coagulated Spells but you can't choose the "special enchant!". That's why some temporal boots are more rare and cost more than others, for example a Temporal Boots Dex [1] with Expert Archer lvl. 4 (1st enchant that you can choose) and "Muscle Fool" (special enchant that give you Bear Power -> +200 str if I'm right) will probably cost far less than a Temporal Boots Dex [1] with EA 4 and "Hawk Eye" (special enchant that give you +200 dex). That's depend on demand idd. Once you get slotted Temp Boots with good enchantments (for example Expert Archer 4), you can sell them for over 3 billion Zeny. The demand is currently high for the various Temp Boot versions. For additional enchantment info, refer to this guide. §6.2 Face Worm Nest - Gigant Snake Skin, Gigant Snake Skin [1] Because the Gigant Snake Skin has a set bonus with the improved Temporal Boots, it also is in high demand and the slotted versions sells for anywhere from 400m to 1.5b depending on it's enchantments. A normal, non-enchanted, skin with a slot can be worth up to 500m. If you have a skin with 2x +3 DEX and 1x Expert Archer 4, you will definitely find a buyer that will pay more than 1 billion Zeny for it. The Face Worm Nest consists of five separate sections and after clearing each one of them, you'll get one Treasure Chest which either contains a non-slotted Gigant Snake Skin or a Gigant Snake Skin [1]. In total, you have five chances at getting your slotted Snake Skin. Moreover, "the less time you need to finish the istance, the better drop you get! Best drop you can get is Giant Snake Skin from faceworm queen (the last boss) with Special Enchant - +7Stat - +7 Stat - so for example you may get a SpecialVit Enchant - +7 Vit +7 Vit - wich is damn OP. Also you get already upgraded garments, the maximum you can get is +11.". - Courtesy of @Aketsu In this post Aketsu points out how clearing time directly effects the quality of the rewards you get from the Face Worm Nest. §6.3 More Instances I honestly haven't looked into instances too much yet, thus I don't know how strong the monsters there are and if it's worth the time to do them as a solo Ranger. But I think that instances are still worth noting as they are a great change of pace to the boring life that a grinder has. Most instances give you coins which you can exchange into various items. §6.4 Endless Tower For Endless Tower, you want to kindly ask a friend of yours to help you enter it. It offers a lot of MVP chances. You get a guaranteed 20x Biotite and 20x Muscovite. And so many more goodies, such as Matchsticks. Be sure to bring your Tokens Of Siegfried from your Weekend Hunting Packs, just in case you get cheesed by Dark Lord's or Amon Ra's Instant Death skill that recudes your HP to 1. You don't have to use Tokens per se, but I'm too lazy to always climb all the way back up the tower when I die at floor 60 or higher. I do Endless Tower solo with the medium budget build and I get to Level 85. The big ole clock on Level 85 is just too strong for me (yet!) and I don't feel like using all my Tokens of Siegfried for it. On my way there, I have my chance of getting both a Tao Gunka and a Thanatos Card. Be sure to have ALL elemental arrow types. Please do note that gRO has custom Endless Tower levels and that the MVPs you encounter on gRO may differ from the ones stated on the iRO Wiki. §7 Dailies As for dailies, I don't just mean the custom Daily Adventure Guild Quests. There's many more things that you can do every day. §7.1 World Boss World Bosses (Belphegor, Werewolf) spawn at fixed time and drop numerous random items, such as Golden Apples which can be exchanged for a reward and Shadow Set Items, which are goodies that are equipped as Costume Armor. Evil Boss Fragments Obsidian Fragments Werewolf Essence Belphegor Egg Golden Apple Shadow Boxes containg Shadow Set Items Here's the server time (@time) spawns: Automated_Events And a time zone independent World Boss Event Timer Per 24 hour server time rotation, you can only get the boss killing reward three times. So if you've killed Belphegor at @time 11:20, then Werewolf at 16:20, then King Poring at 20:20 and finally Belphegor at 23:20, you won't get any rewards for killing Belphegor at 23:20, because you've already recieved 3 rewards on that 24 hour cycle. Ask to get invited to one of the many World Boss parties to get heals and buffs from the kind priests -Shoutout to all the priests healing and buffing us- Also bring some Yggdrasil Berries and Panaceas (to cure blind/silence). I further suggest you use a Gemini S-58 Card. §7.2 Instances Most instances have a 23hr cooldown, so if you're bored farming Goldrings and Valk Helmets, go ahead and read §6. §7.3 Daily Quests I don't think I have to explain much here. Check the Adventure Guild to find out more about daily quests. You can exchange the coupons you recieve for useful stuff, such as ascended equipment or my beloved Weekend Hunting Packs as well as the +7/+8/+9 upgrade coupons. §7.4 Keep an eye on the market The first thing I do when I log on is check the market and see if I can get a good deal there, and even if I can't I "scan" the item prices there so I always know how much my potential items are or will be worth. I also check the trading topics and @D e M o N's Guide to MvP Cards and Rare Item Prices. §8 Vending Vending/Trading is PVP. I know this statement sounds bold or ridiculous, but let me finish. As a trader/vender you supply other players with gear, usables and Zeny. You selling those +9 Siege Plates, +10 Crimson Daggers and useful cards has a direct impact on WoE and PVP, because if you weren't selling these items, the players would not have these items. Moreover, when you're selling items - especially high-demand items that are sold by other players too -, you're essentially "fighting" other traders for their money. It's not PVP in a sense that you're beating someone in combat, it's PVP that you're beating someone else with your business smarts. One of my favorite techniques is creating item monopolies and enforcing your own price. As an example, I've been one of the few people who have been selling White Wing Sets. One day I see someone selling the sets too for 120m each. So I set up my shop with the same set for 100m each. After a full day of not selling any set item, I further reduced the price to 80m each. Shortly after that, the other trader reduced his price from 120m to only 70m per piece. This is when I decided to buy his pieces myself and put up my shop again where I set the price to 90m each. So in short, I knocked my enemy out of the market while also profiting by 20m per piece and of course selling my own set. When you're selling, you should come up with a price that you're comfortable with increasing or decreasing, just like I did with the White Wing set pieces. Anything from 80m to 120m each is fine for me. The same rule applies when you're making item monopolies, such as with Valhalla Flowers, Musco/Bios, Mithrils. You don't buy these items from other players to craft something from it or to decard item, you buy them to gain an item monopoly and to be the only vendor in the market to sell these items. If you're the only one selling them, you can set your own price. In order for other vendors to compete with you, they'll have to undercut you - and if they undercut you by far, you can just rinse and repeat. You buy their items again. Hypothetically speaking, if your budget is high enough you can do that to create your own MVP card prices. Let's take GTB Card as an example. Your set price on GTB is 800m. You see anyone sell it for below 800m, you just buy it from him. If you want to do this with high value items, just make sure that there also is the demand for it. For example, Kiel, GTB and Moonie cards are always in demand, having the monopoly on these cards can make you very rich. So, TL;DR: Undercutting other vendors may bait them into undercutting you. That is when you buy ALL of his stuff and sell it at your own price. Final note: For this you will need a high, fixed budget. For myself, I have set 2b as my fixed budget. Those are 2b Zeny that I will never spend on anything else than buying out other vendors to create monopolies. §9 Final Words §9.1 Variety is key Even the most seasoned grinders get bored of farming the same mob and map eventually. Make sure you return to my guide every now and then to remind yourself of all the things you can do on gRO to generate Zeny. §9.2 Why the Myst Case/Mimic Cards? I feel like a 250/120 Ranger is strong to oneshot (or one Arrow Storm) all farmable monsters. The Gift Boxes and OBBs won't make you rich, but what else would you put in these slots? It's a bonus you get since you're farming monsters anyway. §9.2 Use the Macro tool! First thing I do when I start the game and log in to a char, is pop all my @aloot macros. See the screenshot here §9.3 Ressources Knowing where to look for information will make your life a whole lot easier. Remember that you can always use @mi, @whodrops and @whereis. And last but not least, here's some useful links and sites that I use almost every day: MvP Cards and Rare Item Price List RateMyServer Item/Mob Database Daily Vote Shop gRO Database gRO Wiki World Boss Event Timer §9.4 Contributors Thank you for taking your time to share your own knowledge and to proofread my wall of text. @D e M o N @Aketsu @Patronus @Khaii I am always open for suggestions and criticism. If you find anything that doesn't sound logical or is not grammatically correct, let me know. It is a long wall of text after all. Changelog 30.11.2017 - Added additional info from this post, formatting + icons 02.12.2017 - Added info from this post, fixing typos 04.12.2017 - Added Strange Crystal droprates 18.01.2017 - Formatting, fixes 12.12.2018 - Confirmed some information and updated some links by Everade
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    Autumn Angel

    Autum Angel Doodles

    Autumn Angel's Doodles~ Heya I decided to post a bit of my digital and non digital art here~ Hope u like it ♥ First i show my better digital arts ♥ This are my Arc Bishop Autumn Angel And my Wanderer Autumn Night ♥ (i will show later the original lines on paper too!) Also here is an older picture of my archbishop~ + w work in process artwork ♥ And here some more doodle'ish pictures i did for my friends ♥ Zaki, Ritsumune, Nicocaine~ Plus a drawing my dear @Sawkin commissioned ♥ Thank you alot ! This is all of my digital art~ Lets start with my Traditional art, which are mostly drawn with watercolours. This is all for now, i just have 2 original versions of my digital art where i started the lines on paper instead of pc. Special thanks to @Nicocaine for posting this for me, i still have forum issues and cant write here ;u;
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    Kazalus' Guide to Sorcery!

    This guide is dedicated to aspiring Sorcerers who seek to be better overall! Please bear with me, I'm a very disorganized person and I tend to have my ideas cluttered. This guide contains: ~"What is the Sorcerer class?" -Pros -Cons ~"Item Build(s)" ~"Important Skills" ~"Gimmicks and Other Stuff I can't seem to remember to mention :<" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "What is the Sorcerer class?" The Sorcerer class is one of the most versatile classes in Ragnarok. It requires a certain amount of skill for the know-how and a lot more for mastering the class. The Sorcerer specializes in Area of Effect (AoE) skills to take down single or multiple enemies. Their Psychic Wave has the ability to change in Elemental Property depending on their Summoned Elementals (we'll get to that later). Although the Sorcerer class is highly centered to the offensive kind of class, they don't fall short in their numerous defensive skills that many don't see coming. Pros: (and I'm not talking about the players) -High AoE damage -Versatile -Possible support class -Strong class overall Cons: -Low base HP -Not very new-player-friendly -Easily countered by good players -Material and item dependent Don't EVER be fooled by a Sorcerer. Their abilities are numerous and although they are item/gear dependent, never underestimate their abilities to constantly fight back. Item Builds: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Important Skills: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gimmicks, Tips n' Tricks, and stuff I keep forgetting to mention :L ANY QUESTIONS?! IT'S 3AM IN THE MORNING MAKE IT QUICK!! Q: What if I need Rough Winds instead of Wind of Verdure (I'm in the same scenario). A: Simply change your 4 Element Analysis to level 2, and trade in at least 4 basic catalysts that match the pure catalyst you want to create. Here is a simple diagram: Wind of Verdure = Rough Wind | Crystal Blue = Mystic Frozen | Red Blood = Flame Heart | Green Live = Great Nature Q: Does the Sorcerer class have any Arch Nemesis? Prey? Like class-counters, weaknesses, strengths etc? A: Apparently yes, here's an explanation for the notable classes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE! It's been quite a while since I've updated this guide so I'll just leave this here to let you see the guide's update more clearly! Sorcerer Skill Combos You remember the Psychic-Wave-Thunder Storm-Diamond-Dust-rinse-and-repeat offensive combo right? Yeah sure it's good because you can dish out a lot of continuous damage but what about defending yourself? What happens if you're pitted up against someone who is much stronger than you (most commonly someone with strong resist) and get out alive? Well, here are some of my favorite combos to do and it works a lot based on my experience. I'll divide this into three groups (and a bonus!): War of Emperium, Battlegrounds(BG), and PvP/1v1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start with War of Emperium(WoE): DEFENDING A CASTLE Best summon: Ventus 1-P&D, Agni 2-P When you're defending a castle, you get the advantage of setups and bottle-necking the enemy into such positions that you are able to rain down the offensive combo I talked about a while ago. Now, let's show some scenarios. Scenario 1: Scenario 2: Scenario 3: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTACKING A CASTLE Here's where things get interesting... most of the time, you're gonna be using Ventus 1-D to enable you to move faster and avoid potentially getting killed by a random spell. Ventus also increases your flee so it's going to be a little harder to hit you with basic attacks and some skills. Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Scenario 4 (For both offensive and defensive strategies): When all else fails, cast Elemental Shield. This "red-button" sacrifices your summon to create a "Pneuma-Safety Wall" barrier on each of your party member's squares who are within your screen. Consider this as a panic button skill which can be used in situations wherein there are multiple people getting hit by Sac, AD, CC, TC etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battlegrounds: I'll be focusing on TDM, and Capture the Flag only. (Conquest, Rush, and Triple Inferno are too much for me to handle right now). TDM: Depending on your team-mates will determine your strategy. Let's assume it's a minimum match (2v2). I will be picking prominent team-ups. Easy Medium Hard Note: For all Scenarios, Diamond Dust plays an important role here. You can open up with a DD so that the enemy can get rooted with the Crystallized proc. Sorcerer Team-ups/Tandem Alright, I'm going to share to you one of the many cross-class combos you can do with a Sorcerer... Let's start out with something easy to do: Sorcerer X Mechanic: Sorcerer X Royal Guard: ----True Cancer starts here--- Sorcerer X Royal Guard: Sorcerer X Sura: Sorcerer X Sorcerer: Sorcerer X Ranger These are just some cancer. I don't wanna name more because we might risk the entire server getting nerfed Thanks for reading my guide to Sorc-ing! I would also like to thank the following people who helped me achieve this guide (directly and indirectly... mostly indirectly): @Sanaaa, @Khaii, @Ryu Sakamoto, @Gale Windscar, @mvp_kost Challengeur, N I K, Ritsumune, The Varia Guild and all those people who reacted and corrected me in this guide! (I'm not perfect so I appreciate any form of constructed criticism in order to achieve a better guide!
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    D e M o N

    Adoramus Type Arch Bishop Guide

    This guide focuses on Arch Bishop's and the skill Adoramus. Using the Arch Bishop's exclusive equipment: Judgement Armor Set Just to show you the potential of Arch Bishops, here are a few screenshots of what Adoramus can do. This guide is primarily focused on PvM. While not specifically tailored for PvP/WoE/ BG, it is possible to participate some extent. Arch Bishop vs Wraith. Arch Bishop vs Evil Druid. Arch Bishop vs Fenrir. (Before Headless Mule was implemented) Arch Bishop vs Anubis. (Before Headless Mule was implemented) Arch Bishop vs Anubis again. (Before Headless Mule was implemented) Headgear-Upper: Skeggiold Hat [1] - +15% MATK. Drops from Skeggiold Ancient Gold Ornament [1] - +8% MATK. obtained from Biolab Gear Exchange. Dark Randgris Helm [1] - +5% MATK. Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<< Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - +15 All stats. Obtained from BVH Quest. Dark Lord Helm [1] - +10 stats, +10%HP/SP. Obtained from DLH Quest. Nightmare obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Prism Helm (#1,#2,#3) [1] - Effect depends on Prism Type. Obtained from Prism Quest. Brazil Hat [1] - Increases walk speed. Obtained from Brazil Hat Quest. Helm Of Hermes [1] - +3 all stats, increases walk speed. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Vesper, High Wizard. Headgear-Mid: Royal Dark Flame [1] - +4% MATK. Obtained from World Boss Event. Noble Mask [1] - +3% MATK. Obtained from Noble Mask Quest. Devil Horns - No slot but gives +5% MATK, +10%HP/SP. Vesper, High Wizard. Headgear-Lower: Speed Orb [1] - +3% MATK. Obtained from World Boss Event. Golden Fish [1] - +10 MATK. Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv), Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116). Whistle [1] - +10 MATK. Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv), Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116). Lichtern, Rata, Kathryne Keyron, Marduk. Armor: Robe of Judgement - Obtainted from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests. Weapon: +10-20 Empowered Mace Of Judgement [1] - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests. +10-20 Mace Of Judgement [2] - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests. Time Holder, Zakudam, Doppelganger, Dancing Marionette, Cecil Damon. Shield: Bible of Promise [1] - Grants Lvl 2 Odin's Power (+100 MATK), obtained from Biolab Gear Exchange. Mad Bunny [1] - +5% MATK. Obtained from World Boss Event. Valkyrja's Shield [1] - Cheap, effective, and widely available. +7-12 Immune Shield [1] - Use only if high refine rate. Tirfing, Executioner, Alice, Hodremlin, Thara Frog, (Goldring Boss for WoE/PvP/BG). Garment: Shawl of Judgement - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests. Shoes: Shoes of Judgement - Obtained from Keeper of Secrets (@warp mora 88 89) by doing Mora Daily Quests. Accessory: Magic Intensifier Ring [1] - +5% MATK. Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament. Buwaya Agimat Tattoo - +7% MATK. Reduces fixed cast time by 7%. Obtained from Pintados Festival Event. Medal of Honor (Acolyte) - +5% MATK. Obtained from Battle Grounds. Expert Ring [1] - Cheap, useful. x2 Headless Mule (Best when slotted intoMagic Intensifier Ring [1]), Phen. Costumes/Shadow Equipment: Knit Rabbit Ears - +3% HP/SP. Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Full Moon - Gives +50 MATK when dealing damage. Obtained from Costume Shop. Soul Shadow Weapon - Gives +1% MATK, +7/9 refine gives additional +1% MATK. Soul Shadow Earring - Gives +5 MATK, +1 MATK per 2 refines. Soul Shadow Pendant - Gives +5 MATK, +1 MATK per 2 refines. Stats: Feel free to adjust the stats to your needs. STR - 1-50 - For increasing weight limit only. AGI - Depends on personal preference, can also be left at 1 if desired. VIT - 150-180 - Better HP pool and survivability. INT - 180-190 - Directly increases MATK and SP pool. DEX - 140-160 - Reduces cast time of some skills. LUK - 90 -120 - Every 3 Luk = 1 MATK. Skills-Offensive: Adoramus - Main offensive skill, does massive damage. Judex - Use for mob control and while waiting for Adoramus' cooldown. Magnus Exorcismus - Supplemental damage, only hits demon or undead monsters. Holy Light - Removes Kyrie Eleison from players or monsters. Can also be used to get monsters attention. WARNING: Some monsters can reflect magic attacks, if Adoramus gets reflected back at you, you can easily die. It is possible to avoid this by using Holy Armor Scroll. However, they are incredibly hard to obtain in large quantities. Alternatively, you can ask a kind Royal Guard to cast Piety on you. Skills-Supportive/Defensive: Oratio - Reduces holy resist of enemies by 20%. Lex Aeterna - Target receives x2 damage for 1 hit. Odin's Power - Gives +100 MATK/ATK. Safety Wall - Blocks short range melee damage. Pneuma - Blocks all forms of long range melee attacks. Sacrament - Reduces fixed cast time by 50%. Heal - Restores HP. Always keep HP full with this skill. High Heal - A more powerful version of heal. Offertorium - Increase healing amount of all healing skills. Also cures some status ailments. Renovatio - Restore 3% HP every 5 seconds. Keep active at all times. Clementia - Increases INT, DEX, STR. Keep active at all times. Cantocandidus - Increase walk speed and AGI. Keep active at all times. Praefatio - Blocks all forms of physical damage. Keep active at all times. Kyrie Eleison - Blocks all forms of physical damage, use while waiting for Praefatio cooldown. Magnificat - Doubles natural SP Recovery. Keep active at all times. Gloria - +30 LUK, which gives +10 MATK as an benefit. Lauda Agnus - Increase VIT by 8. Also cures some status ailments. Lauda Ramus - Increases LUK by 8. Also cures some status ailments. Cure - Cures, Silence, Chaos and Blind status. You cannot use this skill if you are silenced. Ruwach - Reveals hidden enemies cowards. Sanctuary - AoE that recovers HP. Damages undead and demon monsters. =========================================================================== Other Guides: Full Support Arch Bishop Equipment Guide Dagger / Trapper / Warger Ranger Dual Dagger Critical Guillotine Cross Guide Thanks for reading!!
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    Heya Gatheringro Players! It's been 13years since Gatheringro officialy launched~ By this, i've created this event to keep us a wonderful memories in our beloved server! This is an exclusive event that will show how we got to this far. So here, we are currently looking for players who're willing to share their creation to become a part of these memories! Introduction: 13th Cat Zodiac Event What are the zodiac animals you ask? Zodiac animals are known as the 12 selected animals, used as the horoscopes in China, There is a little story about how the cat didn't get in on the list even though he is one of the most intelligent one. This is why we are looking for someone who has the ability, to change the history, to have the best original screenshot with the best story to share with. So there you have it! GOODLUCK! Here is the list of zodiac animals by ranking. This picture shows the most heart breaking moment of the cat. (Ohmy those feeeeels!!!) Event start : 23-04-2018 Event End : 14-05-2018 ( before 13-05-2018 23:59 server time) -What am I asking for this : A full original screenshot with www.gatheringro.ch showing at the bottom right. (Do not cut and edit on it.) Do not add your reactions on this page, questions are ok Good ending story See below for more information A Doram class. Only one entry per player ( Lets keep it fair and believe in your own creation ) Your entry should be posted on this thread with your ingame name. -Special rules : Only headgear that can be farmed/made for quest! ( Which mean none costume, Legendary, Event headgears ) *Important!* Here's 2 links that might help you out for searching : Link 1 : Headgears forum Link 2 : Headgears ratemyserver -Judges : GM Team -Prizes : First place : GatheringRO Surprise Box + Costume Black Cat Hood Second place : Surprise Box + Costume Cheshire's Cat Ears Third place : Surprise Box + Costume White and Black Temptation Oh mama FASHION!!!! And here's the story i want you guys to change the history with: (Short or long is fine! What count is the impact it gives!) ORIGINAL STORY : An ancient folk story tells that Cat and Rat were the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom. Although they were poor swimmers, they were both quite intelligent. To get to the meeting called by the Jade Emperor, they had to cross a river to reach the meeting place. The Jade Emperor had also decreed that the years on the calendar would be named for each animal in the order they arrived to the meeting. Cat and Rat decided that the best and fastest way to cross the river was to hop on the back of Ox. Ox, being naïve and good-natured, agreed to carry them both across. Midway across the river, Rat pushed Cat into the water. Then as Ox neared the other side of the river, Rat jumped ahead and reached the shore first. So he claimed first place in the competition and the zodiac Bad ending : The cat drowned in 13th place and did not make it in the zodiac. It is said that is the reason why cats always chase Rats; to get back at them for what they have done. (Please change this bad ending into a good one!) Here's my example : Special thanks for the lovely supports of @Shuichi , amazing gro players who helped me with some certain pictures!~
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    D e M o N

    MvP Cards and Rare Item Price List

    Last updated (Server Time): 15 September 2019 - 00:35 ============================== MvP Cards ============================== Amon Ra = 200-300m Assassin Cross = 1.5-1.7b Atroce = 100-200m Bacsojin (White Lady) = 600-750m Baphomet = 150-200m Belphegor = 5-7b Berzebub = 200-300m (This card seems to be mainly for collection purposes) Buwaya = 1.5-2b Corruption Root = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Dark Lord = 100-200m Dark Snake Lord = 150-200m Daehyon = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Detale = 300-500m Doppelganger = 200-300m Dracula = 250-300m Drake = 100-150m Eddga = 100-150m Entweihen Crothen = 2.5-3b Fallen Bishop Hibram = 300-400m Farbjodur = 4b Garm / Hatii = 250-300m Guardian Kades = 2b General Egnigem Cenia (MvP) = 400-500m Gioia = 1.8-2b Gloom Under Night = 750m-900m Golden Thief Bug = 400-500m Goldring Boss = 800m-1b High Priest = 100-200m High Wizard = 1.2-1.5b Ifrit = 600-700m Incantation Samurai = 200m Kraken = 150m Kiel D-01 = 800m-1b Stormy Knight = 500-600m Lady Tanee = 500-600m Leak = 300-400m Lord Knight = 6-7b Lord of Death = 200-250m Maya = 300-400m Mistress = 200-300m Moonlight Flower = 500-600m Naght Sieger = 1.8-2b Orc Hero = 200-300m Orc Lord = 200-300m Osiris = 100-200m Pharaoh = 80-100m Phreeoni = 100-150m Pyuriel = 1.8-2b RSX-0806 = 100-150m Skoll = 1.5-1.8b (Price is currently unstable) Sniper = 700m-1b Tao Gunka = 5-6b Thanatos = 7-8b Time Holder = 2-2.2b Turtle General = 300-350m Werewolf = 4b (Price is currently unstable) Valkyrie Randgris = 900m-1b Vesper = 150-200m Whitesmith = 1.5-1.7b ============================== Mini-Boss Cards ============================== Angeling = 100m Arc Angeling = 100-150m Deviling = 200-300m Ghostring = 100-120m Maya Purple = 100-120m Maero = 15-20m (NOT an MvP nor a Mini-boss) ============================== Popular and Miscellaneous Items ============================== +0 Adventurer's Backpack = 3b (Depends on buyer+seller) Bottled water = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Mithril (From Mining) = 30-35m Old Button = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Arcana = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Beginning = 7-8b Symbol of Divinity = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Slyness = (Price unstable due to bug, SoS could be obtained though 2018 Easter Event.) Symbol of Trade = 1.25b (Was sold in vote shop in the past) Symbol of Precision = Currently under evaluation, price suggestions are welcome. Symbol of Valor = 7-8b Rainbow Sash = 13-15b (Note, this price might be unstable) Red Bag (Costume) = 500-700m (Was on Vote Shop, and available through a Christmas Event Quest in the past) Valhalla's Flower = 20-30m 1 Vote point = 5m +9 Safe Refine (Armor) = 1.5-2b ============================== Disclaimer: The prices listed here are just a guideline on the approximate Zeny value of a particular item. This guide DOES NOT account for inflation. If you disagree on the price of an item, feel free to comment and let everyone know. Your price suggestion will be subject to evaluation by the citizens of GatheringRO before it is updated in this thread. Is there an item that you would like to add to this list? Please leave a comment and your suggestion will be evaluated. ============================== Last updated (Server Time): 15 September 2019 - 00:35
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    Riddle Event

    RIDDLE EVENT Hello players of GatheringRO! Welcome to my Riddle Event. This event takes place in this topic and does not require any special preparations, items etc. on your part. The only thing you need is a brain (some people may be ruled out at this point :P) and the will to solve a problem. I will post different kinds of riddles in this thread and the player to solve it and post his or her solution here first wins a prize. The riddles are not Ragnarok related. They are simple problems that have a certain underlying logic to them. Guessing will not help as you need to provide the way you solved the riddle (so please don't spam guesses). Riddles are divided in different categories (easy, moderate, difficult). I will always name the category when I post a riddle as it determines the prize you get for solving it. Rules: The solution you submit has to include the answer to the riddle (e.g.,"34", "6:45" or "left") and the way you solved it (e.g., add the numbers of line 2 to the numbers of line 4). The earliest post that contains the answer to the riddle and the way it was solved is considered the winner (the time it was posted matters) Please try not to edit your posts as this may disqualify them Previous winners are always excluded from winning the subsequent riddle (e.g., if you won riddle 2, you'll have to wait for riddle 4 to participate again) Players who won a riddle that was classified as difficult will automatically register for an additional riddle that will only be open to them. The player that solves this additional riddle will receive an additional prize. Winners can also choose to receive the prize of a lower category There will be 7 5 riddles in total, 1x Easy, 3x 1x Moderate, 3x Difficult. Prizes: Easy: 1x Surprise Box (5-10) + 3x Bloody Branch Moderate: 1x Heroic Box + 6x Bloody Branch Difficult: 1x Surprise Box (15-20) + 9x Bloody Branch Additional Riddle: 1x GatheringRO Surprise Box OR a Costume of choice (from among three options) We start with an easy one, as I want you to get used to the rules. The winner of this riddle does not have to sit out Riddle 2. Riddle 1 (easy): What number replaces the question mark? Answer: 2 Solution: 8x4 = 32 Winner: Killer Wing Riddle 2 (moderate): The first two scales are in balance. How much stars are needed to balance the third scale? Answer: 4 stars. Winner: Hangul Riddle 3 (Difficult): What number replaces the question mark? Answer: 6. Solution: 3rd column x 2 = 4th column. Winner: Killer Wing Consolation Prize: Kawai Potato Riddle 4 (Difficult): The first two scales are in balance. How much cherries are needed to balance the third scale? (note: the cherries on the first scale count as 6) Answer: 14 WInner: Khaii Riddle 5 (Moderate Difficult): This riddle seems to be difficult so I adjusted its difficulty label (and thus the rewards you get for it) Madonna's fanclub has 1500 members. The fanclub of Buddy Holly is 1100 members strong and David Bowie has 1007 followers. How many members does the fanclub of Michael Jackson have? The player who solves this riddle without a hint will get an additional reward (Costume Nekomimi Cyber Headphone, see my post below). Answer: 1251 (add the roman numerals within the names) WInner: sadam Additional Riddle (For winners of a difficult riddle): Each symbol has a specific value. If you can find out each value, you will be able to tell what number replaces the question mark. PM me your solution!
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    Improved Accessory Guide

    IMPROVED ACCESSORY GUIDE Success Rate: 90% Requirement: 50m zeny, 1 x Slotted Accessory,1 x Mitril Crystal[30 mithril,4 x Mithril Gathering Coin] Talk to Gerard - Item Enchanter @warp mid_camp 165 271 1. To Obtain Slotted Accesory: Ring [1] Item ID# 2621 [Dropped by Bapho,Atroce,etc. 100%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Earring [1] Item ID# 2622 [Dropped by Frus 3%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Brooch [1] Item ID# 2625 [Dropped by Anolian 1%,Generated by Socket Enchanting,OBB,OVB,JB] Glove [1] Item ID# 2624 [Dropped by Sting,Ancient Mummy 1%,OBB,OVB,JB] Rosary [1] Item ID# 2626 [Dropped by Mimic,Aliza,Nightmare Terror 1%,OBB,OVB,JB] Necklace [1] Item ID# 2623 [Old Blue Box,Old Violet Box,Jewelry Box] Bow Thimble [1] Item ID# 2671 [Generated by Socket Enchanting,JB] 2. To obtain Mithril: iPhython's Mining Guide 3. To Obtain Mithril Gathering Coins: Coin Exchanger @warp althea 171 212 4. To Obtain Mitril Crystal: Haphaestus [Mastersmith] @warp geffen 179 57 Special Thanks to Khai for lending me his Imp. accessories to make this guide. ~THE END~
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    Letter To Santa 2018

    Dear Saint Nick This year, there is no item that I wish to pick From your jolly bag of gifts and Yuletide Candy sticks. I come to request, neither card nor gear For what I seek, is far greater I fear. It is for a world that I hold very dear To my heart and mind do the memories sear. I expect it not to be granted so But I just wanted you to very well know That the ones at the top of your nice list Are those who hide beyond this holiday's mist. Those who toil and constantly persist To make us smile all year long- they have been missed. Please do grant some coffee for the GM Team To make them smile and their eyes gleam. Leave them a bottle of holiday wine That they too, with joy, dine. For they have been giving gifts all year long So giving them a gift would do no wrong. Every update they've done was with toil and thought Bugs they've fixed have not been for naught. For they have players to appreciate Their support and funds to donate So Saint Nick, For get not to give them their gifts! They are people too not machines that kink! I pray that a single finger from your hand lifts To grant the GM Team their own wish~ My name is Kazalus, Soul of Joachym Roa Age of the 18 With a slate not entirely clean Rest assured I mean well Surely, you can tell. And as my own, selfish, desire I request one that is to be noticed One GM who's heart was on fire That gave opinions of deep thought that sire A strong bond with a game that was more than a game Lend thy ears to one they call Khai His words are priceless as those up high I pray you all be well and rarely tire!
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    Preparing for Morse's Cave

    Purpose Showing you my thoughts about Morse's Cave Instance Why? So, let's start with what is Morse's Cave Here are the Four steps for doing the instance Role Q&A Why need Skill that ignores Accuracy Check? What are the recommended items for the Attacker? What are the recommended items for Supporting? Are there any cheaper items for the Attacker? Ranger is a quite popular job used as the Single Target Attacker. Here I'm sharing you some recommended items for being able to deal damage to the boss effectively Those are the current thoughts about the Instance~ Hope that can help you earn the daily Hunter Coins or just for farming the Hero Token and Prize of Hero Thank you for reading, and Good Luck Last Edited: 04 Oct 2018 - Added more options at cheaper items for the Support and Attacker sections 29 Sep 2018 - Added some low cost item options and gears for Rangers
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    New Instances

    The Last Room Initial release of the last room instance. Discover the secrets of a hidden passageway under the safety bunker! This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. The Last Room Wiki Guide Ghost Palace Initial release of the ghost palace instance. Experience Sakray's tragic tale to get Thanatos Weapons & Gry Equipment! This instance is a single player experience. Ghost Palace Wiki Guide Isle of Bios Initial release of the isle of bios instance. Travel through a land of aging enemies and get heroic gear! This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. Isle of Bios Wiki Guide Morse's Cave Initial release of the morse's cave instance. Fight through a demon's twisted imagination. This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. Morse's Cave Wiki Guide Old Glast Heim - Implemented missing buffs - Several script tweaks for an experimental fix of getting stuck at the boss fight Wiki Updates Our Wiki is now already counting 350 articles and 1,732 images and is constantly growing! Interested into Instance guides, Coupon Quest List, Class Information, Renewal Mechanics, Advanced Game Controls, Alternate Outfits, or our Capital City? We've got you covered! Checkout our Wiki today and learn something new about GatheringRO. Hero Ring Enchants Hero Ring can be acquired by trading 30 Token of Hero to Hero Token Exchanger inside Flame Cave at moro_cav 32,73. Furthermore it can enchanted by Expert Enchanter Byrnes moro_cav 34,65 for free. For more details checkout our wiki entry: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Hero_Ring_Enchants World Boss Update - Loot chances are no longer increased for doing more damage. This should give players some more class choice and focus on having fun rather than doing raw damage. It doesn't require a lot of damage to be eligible, so pick your favourite class and enjoy something new. Guild Storage Expansion Skill - The new storage expansion skill is now available. Guild leaders must level up this skill and give themselfs storage permission within the positions tab before you can access the guild storage again. - It is now possible to set Storage Permission for specific guild positions to prevent newcomers from accessing the guild storage. The storage size is currently decreased down to 500, but we will be investigating if we can enlarge it back to 600 within the next few days/weeks. Item Updates - Fixed overrefine bonus calculation for weapons. It now properly adds the random bonus ATK which mimics the official behavior. - Fixed certain item bonuses not checking for the correct source/target class thus didn't trigger properly - Added 6 new Armors to the Emperium Shop - Added 3 new Shoes to the Emperium Shop These new gears work as set with any of the new or old Emperium equipment. Please check the job restriction before buying any of the new gear, as they are restricted to specific jobs. - Improved existing Emperium Set - Added an extra slot to each Thanatos Weapon (these new weapons are available through the new Ghost Palace instance) - Reduced damage bonus of Dwigh Card (20% -> 10%) - Increased damage bonus of Elvira Card (8% -> 10%) - Geffen magic suit no longer prevents skill casting from being interrupted in woe settings - Corrected variable cast rate for Geffen Magic Robe - Corrected Electronic Guitar bonus which shouldn't be unbreakable - Corrected item bonuses for Imperial Spear, Bunker Shield, Drooping Pope, Divine Cross, Shield of Naga, Flame Spirits Armor, Sky Blue Smock, Hardened Breastplate, Tuna, Noble Cross, Bloody Roar, Refined Bloody Roar, Zodiac Crown, Shining Sunflower and some consumables - Corrected End Sektura bonus which now inflicts crystallization status and not freeze Skill Updates - Corrected Tarot Card dispelling clan buffs - Added new/missing buff icons - Fixed Silvervine Root Twist animation not ending if player is being affected - Fixed Warlock Summon Elementall Balls being displayed twice after warping or using a warp item - Resolved an issue were certain critical damage bonuses didn't properly trigger - Shield Spell is now canceled when the user switches shields - Fixed Axe Mastery which does no longer increase damage for 2H swords. - Masquerades are now unable to effect boss monsters - Adjusted Amistr's Defense behavior. Effect should not be shown above master - Fixed Shield Chain which should be a meele skill and not ranged - Corrected Cloud Kill status being removed and not damaging players who are in the AoE Freezing Effect - Adjusted movement speed reduction from -50% to -70%. - Adjusted ASPD reduction from -15% to -30%. - Adjusted physical DEF reduction from -10% to -30% for players only (mobs are still -10%). - Adjusted variable cast time increase from +15% to fixed cast time +50%. Crystallized Effect - While Crystallized Wind damage is increased 50%. - Corrected an arrow state check for Crystallization on weapon damage reduction. - Corrected elemental damage calculation for targets in pre-renewal mode. Mado Gear - Increased maximum weight limit by 1500. - HP naturally recovers similar to Swordman Moving HP-Recovery. - Updated Emergency Cool's interaction with Overheat calculation. - Added new Emergency Cool cooling devices. - The three cooling devices now lower Overheat by 45, 75, and 105 respectively. - Overheat now only increases on every attack by 1 or by 3 with Fire element. - The Overheat limit is increased to 150, 200, 280, 360, and 450 respective to skill level. - Updated Magic Gear Master NPC and placed him in Althea at the coordinates 135 256 -- Added Emergency Magic Gear purchase option. -- Added High Quality Cooler and Special Cooler upgrade options. Skill Balancings Guillotine Cross - Increased Grimtooth damage - Increased Sonic Blow damage Sura - Slightly reduced Fallen Empire damage - Increased Rampage Blaster damage Rune Knight - Slightly reduced Spiral Pierce damage - Slightly reduced Dragon Breath Fire/Water damage - Increased Hundred Spear Damage - Slightly increased Ignition Break damage Minstrel - Increased Reverberation damage Sorcerer - Reduced Psychic Wave damage - Slightly reduced chance to crystallize the enemy when using the Diamond Dust skill - Increased Cloud Kill damage Ranger - Increased Aim Bolt damage - Increased Arrow Storm damage - Slightly increased Double Strafe damage Summoner - Increased Catnip Meteor damage Genetic - Reduced trap duration of Thorn Trap (20s -> 10s) Misc Updates - Final implementation of the >70% overweight system which should now properly display as such - Added several missing, official map restrictions - Implemented new maps - Implemented several new Achievements for you to unlock - Fixed broken guild notices - Bug fixes and improvements on the Novice Academy - Fixed spawn and save locations in Althea were players ended up stuck inside the fountain - Fixed some slight mismatches on shadow gear refinement chances - Fixed incorrect item drop id in Eclage quests - Pets should have the same walk speed as their master, also some bug fixes on the homunculus speed behavior Monster Updates - Balanced existing core instances to be more difficult (Octopus Cave, Faceworm Instance, Old Glastheim...) - Balanced the new instance monsters for their initial release - Hundreds of monster implementations and updates for the new content and more Costume Updates - Added 100+ Costumes to different shops. This includes the Adventure Guild, Pro Hunter, World Boss, WoE and BG shop. We've also updates some costumes on the gRO box and World Boss Eggs. - Added summer themed cash shop costumes
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    Summer Event 2018 (Full details)

    Summer Event 2018 Time schedules (based on server time GMT+1) : Era of the Pharaoh and the Queen Sun 08-July 20:20 / Thurs 19-July 23:20 / Sat 28-July 16:20 Note : After worldbosses Result of 08 July : It's Breakfast Time! Fri 13 July 03:20 / Sun 15-July 23:20 / Friday 27-July 16:20 The Rewards : Chance to win an exclusive summer costume / a bottled water (permanent summer looks) and so on!!!
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    Shuichi's Art

    A drawing for my beloved Twin Raizel, since I'm drawing lately I decided to make one to my twin such a Demon Lord!!! (he say xD) Hope you like it!
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    Refinement System

    Refinement System Seeking more power? Our dedicated smiths in Althea and Payon are awaiting your arrival. We have changed the way you're refining your gear back in April 2nd 2016 and built an enjoyable new system. Blessed Weapon / Armor Ores Blacksmith Dister - althea_in 122, 31 Is able to safely refine your gear from +6 to +12 by using the Blessed Weapon or Armor Ores. If the refine attempt fails, your gear will stay safe and refinement level will not decrease. Blessed Weapon/ Armor Ores can be found at Adventure Guild Shop - Kratos WoE Reward Shop - Kyliah Login Rewards Cash Shop Save Refine Tickets Refine Master - althea_in 122, 29 Is able to instantly refine your gear to a high amount using the Save Refine Tickets. The refinement level is based on your available Save Refine Ticket version and ranges from +5 to +9. Will always succeed. Save Refine Tickets can be found at Adventure Guild Shop - Kratos Battlegrounds Shop - Fin Login Rewards HD Oridecon / HD Elunium Mighty Hammer - althea_in 117, 29 Is able to safely refine your gear from +7 to +9 by using the HD Oridecon or HD Elunium. If the refine attempt fails, the refine level decreases by -1 without losing the gear. HD Oridecon/ Elunium can be found at WoE Reward Shop - Kyliah Login Rewards Cash Shop HD Bradium / HD Carnium Basta - payon 148, 174 Is able to safely refine your gear from +10 to +20 by using the HD Bradium or HD Carnium. If the refine attempt fails, the refine level decreases by -1 without losing the gear. HD Bradium/ Carnium can be found at Monster Invasion Events Login Rewards Cash Shop Enriched Elunium / Enriched Oridecon Suhnbi - payon 157, 146 Is able to increase the success chance (according to the table below) to refine your gear from +1 to +10 by using the Enriched Elunium or Enriched Oridecon. If the refine attempt fails, the gear and compounded cards will be destroyed. Enriched Elunium/ Oridecon can be found at Monster Invasion Events Login Rewards Cash Shop Refinement Skill Chances Refinement Skill +15% Refine success chance on all refinement levels for 3rd classes using skill based refinement. +10% Refine success chance on all refinement levels for 2nd classes using skill based refinement. These bonuses apply to the class skill Weapon Refine only, and do not affect any of the above mentioned NPC services. Upgrade Chance Tables Upgrade Success Chances - NORMAL These chances apply to any upgrade/refinement npc using any refinement material except Save Refine Tickets and Enriched materials. Upgrade Weapon Lvl 1 Weapon Lvl 2 Weapon Lvl 3 Weapon Lvl 4 Armor Shadow Event +1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +3 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +4 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +5 100% 100% 100% 80% 70% 60% +5% +6 100% 100% 90% 70% 60% 50% +5% +7 100% 80% 80% 60% 50% 40% +5% +8 80% 70% 60% 40% 30% 20% +5% +9 60% 50% 50% 30% 25% 15% +5% +10 40% 35% 30% 20% 15% 10% +5% +11 25% 25% 24% 15% 13% - +5% +12 24% 24% 23% 14% 12% - +5% +13 23% 23% 22% 12% 11% - +5% +14 22% 22% 21% 10% 10% - +5% +15 21% 21% 20% 10% 9% - +5% +16 20% 20% 19% 10% 8% - - +17 18% 18% 18% 9% 8% - - +18 17% 17% 17% 8% 7% - - +19 15% 15% 15% 5% 5% - - +20 15% 15% 15% 5% 5% - - Upgrade Success Chances - ENRICHED These chances apply when using Enriched Elunium or Enriched Oridecon. Upgrade Weapon Lvl 1 Weapon Lvl 2 Weapon Lvl 3 Weapon Lvl 4 Armor Shadow Event +1 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +2 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +3 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +4 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% - +5 100% 100% 100% 90% 90% 80% +5% +6 100% 100% 95% 80% 80% 70% +5% +7 100% 90% 90% 70% 70% 60% +5% +8 90% 80% 65% 50% 50% 40% +5% +9 70% 60% 55% 40% 40% 30% +5% +10 50% 40% 35% 25% 25% 20% +5%
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    Santa Letter Event 2017

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    Hello! You can use it to reset enchants on Emperium Wings and Weapons but it's mostly only available through donation. It's very rare to get it from town invasion or golden apple You can decide on whatever price but it would be nice to have 1 Silvervine Fruit cost 2 EBFs Thank you!
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    To make BG, mining more enjoyable

    Here's my suggestion : I actually think by adding Shadow equips for the BG wil keep the popularity Worth : 2500~3000 Heroism badges each ( We can also keep it as a box so it wil be based on luck too for the part that they want.) Also a method to make it a little easier for them to refine it ..... Mining : Add - All kind of refining ores to the drops Examples : Enriched , HD ores~ at drop chance of 0,5% maybe. Blessed ores at 0,05% since it should remain rare. ( getting ores by mining does make senses i guess :p.. We can compare it to rare ores such as : opal,sapphire,ruby etc etc and blessed as diamond. ) A new - Brave Warrior Box - for the 1 that get the special invading monster , and keep the surprise box for the last invading. What does Brave Warrior box gives : Chance for 3x enriched elu/ori , 3x HD ores ( bradium,oridecon,elunium etc etc...), 1 piece of silverine fruit . Not a large amounts but stil wil get some players motivated i guess :p... - and yeah ps. The Safe armor/weapon certificate shouldnt be implemented for the shadow equips. Want a good refined ones? BG , Mining , invadings is your friend This wil keep the BG active for a long time. And yeah, leave your opnion !~ Cheers!
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    Class equips balance & Idea's

    Hello all! You can leave your opnion/feedback or any idea's is also welcome! I'll post mine first to show some idea's Gunslinger/Rebellion : 1. All emperium guns type should be considered (Rifle,Gatling gun,Shotgun and Grenade Launcher.) 2. Glorious guns need some balancing aswell, pistol should have been the weakest amongst all. Pistol < Gatling gun < Rifle < Shotgun < Grenade Launcher Goal : To see more interesting rebellion around which is not based on desperado alone. 3. Bullets might need some updates : Bullets Wanderer : 1. Glorious Lariat should be the same as Glorious guitar 2. There is quite many way to achieve the skill - Scream- of wanderer. example: Wounded Heart,Gentle Heart and so on... There is a snowman hat that actually required refine at +8 for the skill - Frost Joker - the real script should be enables to get that skill. Conclusion : Make the snowman hat only able to cast that skill - Frost Joker - by wearing a whip/guitar ( So people won't just pick minstrel based on that skill) And maybe add the headgear in part of daily quest so even newbies are able to work for it. Goal : To make a wanderer more a visible class to play. Ranger : Flying galapago lower headgear is know as limited from the cash shop from the past. But i suggest to place them in daily quest aswell + chance to slot it by our npc at althea - Marrybelle - Reason : So it wil stil have a fighting chance compare to warg strike. Also the fact that Rainbow sash is know as the mainstream lower headgear @Hersheys : Flying galapagos + Cendriwasih card and bow+9 effect stil need to be working Goal : Extra choice for falcon lovers and see more styles in this class. Shadow chaser/Ninja : A magic type emperium dagger for these classes could be interesting. Goal : To see more styles + extra choice That's all for now! (Stil tons in my mind though lol)
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    12th Anniversary

    On February 15th 2005, Gathering Ragnarok Online officially launched. Thank you for your many years of dedication that have made this possible! With another great year ahead, we're going to start off with an entire Battlegrounds overhaul and more. We can't wait to share this exciting update with you. We're on the last stages of development, so its release isn't far. But there's much more we've planned for 2017, so take a seat and enjoy another great year at GatheringRO.
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    Here are my 2nd entries~ A couple friends suggested a second version, so, I'll put both here~ 1st Version 2nd Version
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    World Boss Nuisances

    Have no sense, Vio, you always were luring me those mobs to me anytime you could with your summoner, and now you can notice by yourself how annoying it is? I asked you many times to stop that. It would be enough if players can report who is luring those mobs to players in purpose like you did to me weeks ago. I also had to report you with a GM because it was annoying if you have 100%+ neutral resist and others are hitting the mob, then happen: It take more time to kill Belphegor (in this case) if hitters are receiving anytime a Comet in their faces only for a joy of troll person. Also, GMs have to take in consideration this fact and take care seriously those kind of reports.
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    Hey Rune knight aspirants who wants to play it as a main class for the guild! WELCOME! Rune Knights are a Versatile Class. Mostly They are the Power House of the Guild in WOE. They Tank, Nuke and dish out a party when he/she gets a free hit. This class rely much on STRENGTH/VITALITY/RESIST and they are the masters of survival. For this class this has the advantage of dealing damage at long range and close range combat. Every Skill needs after cast delay reductions so a Kiel card is really a "MUST" item. But this Bad ass Spammer is really gonna ripped you off out of pvp and woe. I run a series of test and burn a lot of zenies because of testing stuffs for people who are lazy ( I hope I get a lot of credit after this wahahahah) Check out the Rune knight New Outfit sprites at in game Cash Shop here at: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Alternative_Outfits Common questions I always encounter game: Q1: Why is your RK have high Storm blast damage? A: Meginjords plus Emperium Spear +13 with thana tgen ( I always prefer with shield) or Glorious spear +13 with executioner set! Q2: Why is your RK have High spiral damage? A: +10 2 hand Emperium Lance with thana tgen Q3: if 2 hand spear is only 75% damage on medium size enemy why you use tgen instead of drake? A: Dragon Training ignore size penalty of the spear class so drake is irrelevant Q4: Why is your spiral pierce is so fast? A: +9 Adventurer's Bagpack and Temporal Dexterity boots Q5: Why are you so tanky? A: I switch Emperium Set to Executioner set when tanking and Emperium set is unquestionably strong set ( always recommended on mass pvp) Q6: Do you recommend Half Megjinjord? A: Absolutely YES! 2nd best accessory in game Q7: Is RK fun? A: Yes it is! Q8: Executioner Set really that good? A: Yes depends on your play style, if you want all out burst and aspd monster go wild with exe set great combination with glorious spear since the set has by pass effect status if +9! Q9: Why is james @lancelot has OP Dragon breath damage (450k DB what the fk?, please nerf? ) ? A: I dont kow he hax sometimes joking , he is a full DB monster using 200 vit with emperium spear! Q10: I saw your Ignition is over 200k how to do that? A: Answer is in Q1! Plus the executioner set Q11: I often see you not being affected by freeze status? A: Hagalaz Rune! increase hard def and magic def causing some ailments no affect the rider statuses! Q12: What is the best enchantment for emperium spear and why? A: 2x Archer5( 10% range attack) For Dragon breath, Spiral pierce , Hundred spear skill damage boost! Q13: Why are you always immune to oblivion curse? A: no I'm not , Im always using Nauthiz rune( refresh status) that makes me immune to all ailment status for few seconds when fighting on mass PVP events like War of Emperium Q14: Do you even Dragon Breath bro? A: sometimes but rarely. Q15: Stats for stormblast maximum damage? A: Before it was Str and Int, thanks to the update in December patch its now in pure STR attribute. Statistics: Strength: Primary damage Stats; Put a decent amount of strength on your strength stats. ( 180-200 str for IB/BB/SB builds) Agility: This is somehow help your attack animations and some skills to over ride after cast delay effects( get ASPD 190-193) Vitality: Survivalbility, input a decent amount for your vitality and for Dragon Breath Damage (200 vit for pure dragon breath build) Intelligence: For Amon-ra Prerequisite and Cast time Dexterity: Hit and Cast time : input dexterity with a HIT rate of 710 or more ( 185 dexterity for Temporal Dex boots, if you are planning on getting that -0.3) Luck: gives less time in the status and Arch angel prerequisite( I was good before but you dont really need it because of Hagalaz rune) Gathering RO's Ultimate Rune Knight Items Set Guide! Weapons: +10-+20 Glorious Spear (BG obtainable) (BEST WEAPON FOR RUNEKNIGHTS OVERALL) +10-+20 Glorious Lance (BG obtainable) +10-+20 Tjungkuletti[4] (slot-able at mid_camp)(Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) ( for SP purposes or for fun spear) +10-+20 Vellum Spear ( only for maximum damage of Hundred Spear) +10-+20 Emperium Spear (Thana ,Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca) (Overall best weapon as of the new patch adjustments but Gspear still have some great benefits) +10- +20 Emperium 2 hand Sword [ Thana ,Drake, Inca] ( for spiral pierce combine with Temporal Dexterity boots over all superb spam moderate damage can do 4-5 digit damage) +10- +20 Emperium 2 Hand Spear [ Thana , Stormy Knight ,Turtle. Gen ,Valk Randgris, Inca] ( Super Spiral Pierce damage but no parry but if you really want super 5 digit spiral then go wild for it) Headgears: For now Arch angeling card seems irrelevant on patch since all the skills needs after cast delay but for special duels regeneration build is still possible to last longer in battle depends on your game style) • Dark Lord Helm [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Blessed Valkyrie Helm [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Prism Effect 2 and 3 [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Golden Dragon Helm of Eternity : [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Mid Headgears: Any Sloted midgears: [Kiel ,Arch Angeling] • Lower Headgears: Any Posible lower headgears with slot: Rainbow Sash Rainbow Rucsack Poring rucksack[ Dark Ping. Card] Armor: Bryndhildr[1] [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Orc Lord / Werewolf] (overall best PVM armor) Emperium Armor [1] ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Amdarias / Werewolf] ( Best Armor Overall for Defense and Demi-human reduction) Executioner Armor[1] ( BG OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Amdarias / Werewolf] (Best Offensive armor and Ignition Break Skill booster up to 20% if armor set is +10) Siege Armor +9 [1] (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE) [ TAO /GR / Detale / Marc / Amdarias / Werewolf] (Newbie RK best armor at affordable price but must be +9) Shield: Any level upgrades of: •Valkyrie Shield [ Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Orleans Shield [Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Emperium Shield[Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] • Emperium buckler[Tharafrog /GTB /Maya] Garment: Any level upgrades of: • Valkyrie Mantues , [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Asprika • Emperium Mantue ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Executioners Mantue ( BG OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] •Siege Mantue (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] • Adventurer's Back Pack[1] (must be +9 for full potential effect) [ Assassin Cross, Noxious , Deviling , Raydric , Farb , Kades, Gertie] Boots: • Sprint Shoes [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Sliepnir • Emperium Shoes ( WOE OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Executioners Boots( BG OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] • Temporal Strength Boots [1] (OGH OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] (overall damage build like Ignition Storm blast Bowling bash builds) • Temporal Dexterity Boots[1] (OGH OBTAINABLE) [Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] (for No cast Spiral but must have 185 dexterity stats for fullest effect) • Siege Boots [1] (WORLD INVESTMENT OBTAINABLE)[Amon ra/Moonie/ Gen. Egnigem ] Accessories: • Megingjard (Ultimate accessory) • Half- Megingjard ( new custom accessory over all 2nd best accessory in-game thanks to update ) • Improve Ring[BronzeRing] • Bradium Ring [BronzeRing] • Bloody Shackle • Emperium Gloves [1] (WOE OBTAINABLE) • Executioner Badge [1] ( BG OBTAINABLE) (Awaken status gives nice atk aspd) Potions: • Ceromain Potion • Berserk Potion/ Infinite Berserk Potion ( BG OBTAINABLE for an affordable price of 15 heroism badge) • Concentration Potion/ Infinite Concentration Potion ( BG OBTAINABLE for an affordable price of 15 heroism badge) Rune Knight Skills Set: • Hundred Spear ( THIS IS YOUR CLOSE LONG RANGE BAD ASS [sPAMMABLE] OFFENSIVE SKILL) • Pierce ( NO KIEL? NO PROBLEM. YOU ONLY NEED AGI ON IT) • Spear Boomerang( Long Range Offensive Skill) • Brandish Spear( GOOD for WOE) • Bowling Bash ( GOOD for WOE) • Dragon Breath (AOE Skill) • Dragon Water Breath (AOE Skill) • Dragon Howling • Joint Beat • Head Crush( degeneration) • Tension Relax (Regeneration) • Concentration • Aura Blade • Endure • Enchant Blade • Death Bound • Magnum Break • Sonic Wave ( Strongest Range attack up to 8 cells rage perhaps) • Wind Cutter • Ignition Break • Phantom Thrust • Spiral Pierce • Bash (Modified by BeastBoy) Runes to Use • Thurizas rune: "Giant Growth"( +30 Strength stat) • Wyrd/Pertz Rune: " Storm Blast Skill" (Offensive Skill Knock backing an enemy 7x7 Cell) STRONGEST MAGNUM BREAK EVER! • Berkana Rune: " Millennium Shield " (Summons 4 shields that Absorb damage and heals you 1000 HP) • Hagalaz Rune: " Stone Hard Skin " ( Like Whitesmith card effect) but consume 25% OF YOUR HP when use • Othila Rune: " Fighting Spirit " ( Increase your attack and party members) • Nauthiz Rune: "Refesh" (Automatically Cure all debuffs and heals your HP by 25% and for the next 10 seconds you will gain immunity to all ailment statuses.) • Radio Rune: "CRUSH STRIKE" (an offensive skill when you use all the power of your weapon to strike a target with full force, when use it will break your weapon but dont fear, valkyrie randgris card is here) • Uruz Rune : Regenerates 60 SP per 10 seconds , Use this when you are getting bloodlusted by a Shadow Chaser For Rune Guides Please Refer to this Site: http://ratemyserver....reation_db&op=6. • Mystic Rune at (Ayo_dun02) The Rest of the Ingredients of the runes is Found at the Rune Shop at Althea Mall. BATTLE GUIDES Schierouve Rovircher VS 2 hand sword type Rune Knights!! Well from my experience, the best thing to do in this type of opponent is to not engage in direct confrontation. Use Reduce items at all cost. since 2 hand types are somehow have the advantage because of Parry( damn its annoying+ Kyrie). But do not fear because you have all knock back skills so yea. U have the advantage of using regenerate items since some of spear skills don't require Kiels and after cast delay equips. Just do Pierce skill while on combat and use amon ra on boots + shield. it should help you by time to regenerate at fast rate since u can wear 2 AA + Spamming Pierce is your advantage. But be careful somehow, 2 hand types are extremely dangerous on 1 on 1. Well on the other hand you have the advantage of range attacks so yeah. just avoid direct confrontation. DRAGON BREATH + SPEAR BOOMERANG+ BRANDISH SPEAR+Hundred . Do not let them get close on you. Schierouve Rovircher VS Warlock!!! Warlock are squishy but have dangerous offensive skill. But Mostly Maya+DEVI+ dragon's breath+ Spear boomerang(Well if you cant get close). Use switching wisely. well its somehow easy to kill WL because of having a large HP and reduce. or if u want to. USE FARB+NEB = not painful anymore. Spam Hundred Spear , spear boomerang (use sonic wave) and Dragon's Breath. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sorceress!! This class is also squishy but its hard to battle because its skills are neutral and AOE. MAYA no counter to it. I do is. i use berkana rune + Nauthiz rune+ charge attack+ Dragon's breath + Spear boomerang + Hundred Spear. U NEED TO GET CLOSE TO HIM/HER. When you get close to him/her spam hundred spear on him/her. do not let them get away. stick to your strategy spam him to death. dishing 30k-50k at a fast rate + your regeneration is good. Don't forget to use nebula+GTB. it somehow negates some hits of its skills. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ranger!! Rangers are fast. Spear boomerang + Dragon's breath+ Cloak. Get near to him fast and try to avoid his/her traps. when get close spam hundred spear + brandish spear +Spear boomerang + Charge attack. Do it repeatedly until they die. LOLz. dont forget to use your switching GEARS that might aid you in battle. Your Can be Trap Free if your luk is higher. but yet again its only for special duels. Schierouve Rovircher VS Royal Guard You need to use your DEATHBOUND WISELY and also. Use a lot of reduce items to aid your self when facing this BIG COW. And again You need to Spam all of the skills as fast as you can. RG's have many skills also to dispose. i suggest you work on your reduce switching tactics and master rune usage. well Spearboomerang can be painful when RG is not on Defender. do not also confront this BIG COW in close Range. maintain your distance and if he uses banding spam spearboomerang on him/her. while he is closing towards on your position click on him and use deathbound when he tries to use sacrifice skill. If they use overbrand skill just stay away as much as possible use headcrush to them so that they cant regenerate. for me THIS IS THE HARDEST CLASS TO FACE ON. Other Royal Guards has Reflect damage. and its really painful use dragon breath on them. keep your distance to that class. overbrand are really painful. HIT and RUN. Schierouve Rovircher VS Sura!!! This class is the most MOBILE of all, The Sura, for Decent Geared Sura. just kill them with all skills at your disposal. Some Suras use Regen Items that has tremendous amount of regeneration, i require you to use HEADCRUSH to them so that they cant Regenerate at all. Also Maintain Proper use of DEATHBOUND. Since they have close range skills. BUT DO NOT LET THEM REGENERATE. Just Maintain Close range and spam spear boomerang , hundred spear, brandish spear , pierce on them till they die. Mostly Tiger Cannon Gate of Hell types use regen items. Schierouve Rovircher VS Ministrel and Wanderer!!! This Squishy class can be deadly also , they might destroy your items by TAROT CARD OF FAITH but GTB is the solution for that problem. Some of them are Arrow Vulcan spammers, it can be painful for Rune Knights also, but proper reduction items can aid you in battle since they have elemental attacks. Spam Hundred Spear, Brandish Spear, Dragon Breath, Pierce, etc. If they are somehow Flee TYPE, USE DRAGON HOWLING. or you Might use a noob SWORD AND USE WIND CUTTER. lolz. Flee gone , death for them. Schierouve Rovircher VS Genetics!! This Class is Extremely Dangerous Because of its Mandragora debuff. Note , please be aware of the switching of items. they might use elemental attacks or neutral attacks because of cart cannon and acid demonstration. The best way to counter this class depends on your luk stats. the higher luk the better. but maintain your balance of stats. I prefer use hundred spear and get close enough to the genetic and spam to it. Since they are fast you need also to be fast. If Genetics having Links, dispel them since u have Valkyrie randgris but if they cant just hundred spear them to death they are very fragile when wearing GTB. they are afraid to get displed! If they use traps just use magnum break skill. and i recommend to get a FCP when facing this class otherwise youre dead. Schierouve Rovircher VS Shadow Chaser. FCP+ GTB, DREAM ON NOOB. hahahahaah. but shadow form is kinda dangerous. Maintain Distance so that they cant do SHADOW FORM. SPAM RANGE SKILLS. Schierouve Rovircher VS Mechanic. Never encountered one. but they are somehow fast. but yeah, got the skills to kill them. they shouldn't be a problem. Schierouve Rovircher VS Guillotine Cross!! For some reason this class is also fast. They also rely on new poison. the greatest fear of every rune knight is getting leech. some GX are really FAST. I know some of them who is really go at playing GX. but seriously to defeat this class. You need again to master your Face Line Juk Directions of DeathBound. Normaly they Cloak CI Cloak. Some GX are easy to kill. But pro GX are harder to battle. If you want to have resist on GX poison. you need to have a large amount of vit stat and Luk stats. i require to use Maya P on them and also any good Debuff cards such as Stone Curse/Frost/ etc. Spam your Long Range Skills such as Dragon Breath and spearboomerang. Gx needs to be at close range to do CI. Use maya P and Use DeathBound.( NOTE THIS IS THE HARDEST PART TO MASTER YOUR DEATHBOUND DIRECTION FACING). BESIDES YOU CAN HAVE RUNES AT YOUR SIDE. Normaly i use OL and Vmantue + deathbound to kill some GX. dragon breath+Spear boom. if they are LOCK in your hundred Spear. KEEP SPAMMING till they die. Yet Again, DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN BECAUSE THEY CERTAINLY KILL YOU IN NO TIME. WOE GUIDE FOR RUNE KNIGHT As a veteran on this server i will share to you guys how I play on WOE First of all, If you are playing a Rune Knight you're the captain of the guild, Party buff with Asir Rune/Othila Rune to boost up your attacks and attack speed same with your party members. Rune knights are the Warmonger of the WOE, capable of dishing out 1 party in a small AOE scale using storm blast. You can chain Storm Blast + Dragon Breath + Ignition Break + Wind Cutter in WOE since all both spear and sword can be use in all 3rd job class skills. Sword Skills are for sword and Spear skills are for spear. (the update rAthena client) For a Tanker Damager , i recommend use DLH on clash because you will need HP for damage recoil(fcking painful).Aim on Squishy Class like Warlock, Sorcerer, Genetic, Gunslinger, Priest, Etc. When you are Taking damage from Royal Guards, Use Orclord+ +7-+10 Vmantue(with Deviling) Chain Them With Storm Blast + Ignition break+ Bowling Bash. It really matters on the Rune Knight user with chain of skills are you using. Or if the Royal Guard is a spear type skiller Use Horn Card+Noxious but in WOE you should wear always your Golden Thief Bug Card on your shield.( THEY ARE THE EASIEST TO KILL WITH THANA BUT THE RECOIL OF YOUR DAMAGE COULD BE PAINFUL). FIX AND MORE FEATURES TO BE ADDED SOON IF THERE ARE SKILL UPDATE ON RUNE KNIGHTS Updated
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    In exactly a month from now will mark gRO's 13th year anniversary! I had an idea for a suggestion to run a limited time 13-themed event! On the day of the 13th anniversary, starting on 13:13 (Server time), a promotional event that will run for 13 hours straight! 13% Discount on all Cash Shop items 13% chance to get a +13 Armor/Weapon certificate on your 13th Daily Quest completion (that would be the third A quest) 13% more badges in all modes in BG 13% more upgrade success rate for all weapons and armors from +10 to +13 (+13% chance from +10 to 11, from +11 to 12, from +12 to 13, and from +13 to 14) 13% more upgrade success rate for all levels on Shadow Gears 13% more chance to successfully slot Temporal Boots 13% more chance to transform a Nebula Aura into a Sash 13% more chance success on slotting a Balmung [0] and making a Bryn [1] 13 points per click on the voting website instead of 1 point Or you can pick and choose whichever you prefer to implement and for however long the time instead but I just thought it would be cute to have a 13 theme hahahaha!
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    Shuichi's Art

    Hello again Love is in the air~ RUCHAN IS REAL! (Ruds x Gachan) I was so excited for this drawing ahahahaha! and it makes me happy for dumb reasons, of course it's a gRO local joke I'm happy they liked it too! Ty so much guys <3 you are the best!
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    Shuichi's Art

    Hola I have been busy and I don't have inspiration at all to draw something good, but I was making some sketches and I decided to make one in Photoshop... (haven't improved my style yet, is still the same ) It's of course a Ragnarok drawing, my Female Ranger Shuichi and I said female, because for now my char is a handsome boy <3 I came back because WBE, but let's see let's see...
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    Most of the time a few players are playing bg to achieve the "dailies reward". As soon as they get their 5 wins they quit or help the other guys to get the reward aswell. When this cycle is over most of them stop to play bg for the whole day. The "dailies reward" system is something rly used nowadays but in this case is not rly helping to increase the amount of players playing bg. From the other side removing it will probably end up in less ppl playing bg... At this point my suggestion is to increase the "steps" of the rewards, so: 5 wins - +100 badges (+ a low chance of winning the chests we already have, 1-2% sound ok) 10 wins - +100 badges (+ a low chance of winning the chests we already have (1-2%chance) + a chance of winning a safe refine certificate beetween +6 and +8 (5-10%) 20 wins - +150 badges (+ a low chance of winning the chests we already have + a low chance of winning a safe refine certificate beetween +7 and +9 (10%) This might look OP but to win 20 times you will need some hours of bg play time (that's idd an hard work). I'm sure this will make bg more attractive giving to everyone the chance to get multiple sets (for switching purpose and for different classes) and also get some certificate to upgrade their stuffs. Hope to get positive feedbacks as this will help to increase ppl playing bg and having better gears to be competitive in WOE.
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    Obtaining Thanatos's Card is the ultimate Prize through this quest Note that every step mentioned in this guide has its own pictures on top of it for reference purposes Requirements: A. 5+ People for Level 3 Access B. Fragments 1 Fragment of Misery dropped by 1 Fragment of Agony dropped by 1 Fragment of Hatred dropped by 1 Fragment of Despair dropped by C. Any Equippable Level 4 Weapon D. The Keys------Charmstones Red Key----Red Charmstone Yellow Key----Yellow Charmstone Blue Key----Blue Charmstone Green Key----Green Charmstone Black Key----Black Charmstone Starting the Quest Find any Warp Agent located in every town existing in GatheringRO and Choose Dungeon and Thanatos Tower You'll be teleported in front of Tower Keeper Gatei and be asked to pay for the entrance fee(5000 zenny) Once inside move your way forward to a portal in which you’ll look like that you are really going inside a haunted castle Upon reaching ThanatosTower 1F you should find a female representative, who is looking for recruits and just sign up with her for the quest and type @jump 150 150 and move inside the portal Once inside ThanatosTower 2F, type @jump 229 162 and there you'll meet Guide Burled and he’ll check if you made a temporary contract in which you did a while ago and choose Let Me Go to 3rd Floor (Note: You need to be in a party of 5 close to each other near the door so that the portal will open) Upon entering Thanatos Tower 3F, type @jump 70 69 and there you'll find a Rune Device and click it until you'll obtain the Red Key and type @jump 58 139 to proceed to Thanatos 4F (Note: You need to equip a level 4 weapon before clicking the device) Once inside Thanatos Tower 4F, type @jump 199 195 and there you'll find another Rune Device and click it and this time you'll need to solve a 3 digit number puzzle and once you’ve solved the puzzle, you'll obtain Yellow Key then type @jump 84 36 to proceed to the next floor. Once inside Thanatos Tower 5F, type @jump 61 177 and you'll find a Brilliant statue in which you'll have to type inside a dialogue box “Red Key” then followed by “Yellow Key” and press enter until you'll obtain Blue Key then type @jump 185 232 and proceed to the next floor. Once inside the next floor, type @jump 226 229 and there youll find another Brilliant statue in which choose investigate and arrange the wheels in these following order: 1st Small Wheel -> Raise Wheel (1st option) 2nd Small wheel -> Lower Wheel (2nd option) 1st Big Wheel -> Vertically Shift Wheel (3rd option) 2nd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel 3rd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel Once you’ve obtained the Green Key, type @jump 202 181 click “Splendid Sword” and choose always the second option until you receive the Black Key. Type @jump 120 118 and move towards the portal and then a dialogue box will appear and will react to the Black Key converting it to Black Charm Stone and will be teleporting you to the stairway towards the next floor. Note: You cannot enter the portal unless you have all five Keys. If you have any Charm Stones, you must sell them at an NPC first 1. 2. 3. 4. Upon making your way to 8F, you will find sets of Shining Crystals on the walls shown in the pictures usually found on 8am(1st picture), 10am(2nd picture) , 2pm(3rd picture), and 4pm(4th picture) in a clockwise manner on the map. Just click them, spam enter and it'll convert your keys to their corresponding Charmstones. Note: If the crystals doesn’t change your Key to its corresponding Charmstone just move back to the previous Crystal and click em or just click the other Crystals just trust me cuz sometimes one of the Crystals have glitches resulting for the “previous” Crystal to be the one to change the Key rejected from that specific glitched Crystal I don’t know if I'm the only one who noticed this one but this what differs to my guide from the previous guides I guess and that’s what I call my remedy for that problem especially for me who experienced it more than 50x ive done the quest 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Now, upon obtaining all Charmstones, move your way up to the 12th floor and click every statue listed: 1st the golden religious statue-3pm clockwise 2nd the Green Wiseman Statue-5pm clockwise 3rd the Blue Angel Statue- 7am clockwise 4th the Bloody Knight Statue-9pm clockwise 5th and last the Dark Devil Statue- 12nn clockwise A portal will open in the middle of the map teleporting you to the top of the tower where the MVP Thanatos is located Note: Once you've clicked the Statues and it says something like "The statue is too hot for me to see or touch it" then it means that someone had already summoned the MVP and thus you'll have to wait for the cooldown of 2hrs, compete with other MVP Hunters and re-summon the MVP On the top of the tower, insert your collected Fragments ,previously mentioned from the start of the guide, to each monster NPC located in each part of the floor and kill them once summoned Once the last monster NPC is killed, you'll be automatically warped to the North part of the tower where dialogues appear about Thanatos' hatred towards humans and finally Thanatos will spawn reaching your goal to kill him Note: You need to hurry in killing the MVP, cuz this is the part where MVP Kill Stealers wait/camp (North part of the floor) after the portal of 12th floor has been opened After you've killed the MVP you'll have to wait 2hours after it's death so that you can summon it again Good Luck Guys in obtaining "Memory of Thanatos Card" I'm sure every hardship and perseverance will give you the ultimate prize
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    Hardened Valkyrie Helm

    Hardened Valkyrie Helm The Ancient, Legendary Hardened Valkyrie Helm. A helmet forged from pure Mithril and Obsidian. Wields the ultimate power of the chooser over the slain All Stats + 15 Unrefinable Class: Headgear Rarity: Legendary Defense: 26 Location: Upper Weight: 60 Level Requirement: 200 Jobs: All except novice Same as Blessed Valkyrie Helm you can change the color of it. The NPC is Located in @warp althea 175 241 Here are the 6 color that you can choose : REQUIREMENTS : Blessed Valkyrie Helm - Here is the link on how to make Blessed Valkyrie Helm : Blessed Valkyrie Helm 160 Obsidian Fragment - - Can be obtained during War of Emperium • After The War of Emperium Talk to Baldr @warp woe_map 215 215 you will be rewarded a random 1 ~ 3 Tome of Experience (1 Tome of Experience = 1 Obsidian Fragments) - by Doing Daily Quest 5 Coupon C = 1 Obsidian Fragment • here is the guide on how to do the Daily Quest : Noah's Guide On: Daily Adventure Quest - by Trading 3 gRoToken = 1 Obsidian Fragment • you can trade your gRO Token in Token Shop @warp althea 145 276 80 Horn of Hillslion - Droprate is 100% by Hillslion located in man_fild03 30 Citrin - Droprate is 100% by Chimera located in gl_cas03 1 Angel Wing - Droprate is 10% by Angeling located in xmas_dun01, pay_fild04 - Droprate is 0.50% by Archangeling located in yuno_fild04 - Droprate is 0.10% by Skeggiold located in odin_tem03 8 Mithril Gathering Coin - 1 Mithril Coin = 100m 9 Platinum Gathering Coin - 1 Platinum Coin = 10m 9 Slver Gathering Coin - 1 Silver Coin = 1m Note : you can change your zenny into coin via the Bank Officer located in @warp althea 185 239 STEPS ON HOW TO OBTAIN HARDENED VALKYRIE HELM : Go to Armsmith's Place @warp althea 184 183 Go down on portal when you can see Vulcan and then Talk to Vulcan. he will then tell you that he can change the appearance of it .But there will be no further boost in stats. Notes : You can also Revert it back to Blessed Valkyrie Helm but you need some requirements. Requirements : 60 Obsidian Fragments 1 Mithril Coin 9 Platinum Coin 9 Silver Coin Just talk to Vulcan Again and he will revert it back.
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    Shuichi's Art

    Cough... I forgot to share my others drawings here! This one is for Everade (the sketch is a lil different, I wanted to use it for the past contest of Loading Screen but I made many entries) (He likes it!) And this is my char (again because I love her)

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