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    No, they are not account bound.
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    Doktor Z

    Loading Screen Art Event

    IGN: Momo Hime Well, here it finally is. More then one month in the making (I started on the 17th of April) here's this monster. [removed] You can see the full resolution here (warning: huge. 4000 x 3000 pixels. but it shows all the detail ) This was a picture devoted to all my friends I made here in gRO over the past few months. I've been playing here since 2008, but not until I rejoined this December did I start making friends, I always kept to myself before. And, it means a whole lot to me. I'm really not sure how I got through making this picture, I've never done /anything/ on this scale before, as meaning, the amount of people. And the funny thing is, it just kept building and building. As corny as it sounds, what kept me working on this picture and what drove me to do it was friendship. I wanted to make the people in the picture happy, and feel special. Sadly, as this was being made over a month ago, I cannot call all these people friends anymore, but that wasn't going to stop me from finishing the picture. (There are also even more people I'd like to add, that aren't included as well.) Anyways, I'm going to make a topic on the art forum of how I put this thing together, some stages of it's process, and also post some of my other art as well. Hope everyone enjoys it, I had a great time making it. Edit: OOPS, forgot to post the version with the names. Here's that. Edit again: Forgot to mention, but if anyone wants a cropped version of their character to use as an avatar or anything, I'd happily make you one, and I would be honoured to do so~
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    Okay this was a Co-op with me and my wifu, as I wasnt able to finish in time due to work, (I did the original drawing and my wifu did all the painting) [removed] Credits goes to my wifu Shu <3
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    Loading Screen Art Event

    Sorry for the long delay! Here it is, my first entry~ Our two lovely pasture keepers of Althea :3 [removed]

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