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    Count to 1 Million!

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    Our well-behaved yet mischiveous rivals have once more trespassed the tolerance. (I'll give it one more try to write a topic that is actually noticed. But just one, otherwise I'll stick to comment only.) I am here requesting the deactivation of the Manhole and Bloodlust skills in cities, as well as in the WoE_map, or perhaps mainly in the WoE map. These skills work even without a pvp area, of course, such behavior was already expected, I was about to enter a castle when a Shadow Chaser named AzzKicker decided it would be fun to do this, but, it wasn't. Simple enough right?
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    Manhole/Bloodlust is already disabled in cities.
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    +9999999999999999999 Also Dimensional Door. Seen that abused on the woe_map as well.

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