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    I believe that all people in Gathering Ragnarok love to do world boss event and getting some stull like cool costume, shadow armor and shadow weapon. These are my suggestion for making world boss event better: 1. Update the evil boss fragments shop!!!add some another rare headgear or costume for style or something to make World boss even better 2. Make shadow weapon and armor can be sell on NPC at Adventurers guild, cause it can trigger more people doing world boss, make it 30~50 pcs of Evil boss fragment it would be nice for 1 pcs shadow weapon or armor. 3. Since refining shadow armor or weapon is hard, i suggest that put some enriched oridecon or elunium for refining those gear. 10 pcs for 1 e.elunium or oridecon it would be great!!!! Thanks Guys!!!!!!
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    Davemo is honestly the biggest pussy i have ever seen.

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