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    Leveling Guide

    Click here : Commands Click here : Element Tables Step 2 : Rebirth! Under construction
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    - Freezing and Burning can now occur at the same time (can be stacked) - Negative MDEF does no longer exist and is treated as 0 instead. Before, negative hard MDEF have increased any incoming magic attacks. - Some updates to the max recovery weight of 70% - Implemented several missing, official map restrictions Guild Storage - The new guild storage increase skill has been adapted to reach up to 600 items again instead of just the official 500. - All existing guilds -> storage skill lvl has been increased to lv5 for everyone - All existing guilds -> all members have now storage permission This helps with the problem that you can re-access the guild storage in case your guild master is no longer actively playing gRO. All guild leaders are now required to take away the guild storage permission for those positions needed. Newly created guilds (after this update) are not affected and will have to level up the skill normally, and handout the storage permissions accordingly. Forums - Facebook and Twitter forum Sign-Up and Login integration has been fixed and is back available.

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