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    New items Pro Hunter Market pls

    Hi I just want to suggest more love to Pro Hunter Market... as new costumes / equipment since some equips like the BioLab ones can be done by quest (just for example). Also, some people don't even attend the Pro Hunter instances due to the lack of motivation in Pro Hunter Market (like my case and others). So, please take this into consideration.
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    Ever wanted to know how long it will take you to kill a certain monster? Well, now you can find out! Formula: ( MonsterHP / ( ( YourDamagePerHit ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - YourAspd ) ) ) ) = Seconds to kill Monster ( 5,529,000 / ( ( 100,000 ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - 193 ) ) ) ) = 7.7406 Seconds Explaination of Formula: 5,529,000 = HP of Monster, in this case, Emperium. 100,000 = Your total damage per hit (Right+Left hand if you are using GX/Ninja class) What about if you wanted to solo King Poring? Since all World Boss Events have a time limit of 40 minutes, we should aim for 35 minutes. ( 975,000,000 / ( ( 65,000 ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - 193 ) ) ) ) = 2,100 Seconds ( 2,100 / 60 ) = 35 minutes What if you are using Critical / Auto-Warger Ranger? Calculating damage is slightly more complicated, especially since Rangers don't always have 100% Critical Rate and also have a Warg to add as a variable. (Note: Step 1.1A, 1.2B, and #2 also applies to melee classes)
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    Easter Event

    The Hungry Wolf The Althea citizen James and his weird Wolf are lurking around on the north field of Althea. But beware of the wolf! He's extremely hungry and bites anything that gets just close enough for him to reach. James offers you a variety of easter themed rewards in exchange for some Easter Egg Yolk so he can feed his hungry wolf. You might find some well hidden Easter Eggs around all the fields of Althea. All cash shop costumes have a small chance to come out of these Easter Egg rewards you can exchange for Yolk. Higher rarity costumes will come out of the more expensive eggs. Cash Shop Update We've added brand new Easter Event exclusive costumes a long with some from last year! Each one of them can be obtained from "The Hungry Wolf" event, however only at a small chance. Carlos The Almighty A little kid called Carlos appeared in Althea, claiming to be able to get his hands on new godly gear. He likes to slide down from the first floor of a barrel factory. Find Carlos, earn his trust and you may become the most powerful player! Disclaimer: (becoming the most powerful player is not guaranteed) Rubber Ducks Challenge! Last year, with the release of our major Althea map update, we've been running a special easter egg event. In total, there are 21 yellow rubber ducks very well hidden all over Althea and last year 20 of them have been found! We challenge everyone who did not win last year, to find as much yellow rubber ducks as possible! This is your 2nd and last chance! These ducks are part of the map design, thus can not be interacted with. The Challenge: - Take as many screenshots as possible which show following at the same time: 1. At least one visible yellow rubber duck 2. Your character itself must be visible 3. Your character name must be visible in some way Here's an example of a valid screenshot entry. It shows my character, my name and one rubber duck. The red circles are not required. The Rules: - You can only win if you did not win last year, since last years winners already know all/most of the locations. - All submissions must be posted in the My Player Reports section of our forums. (This section is entirely private and can't be seen by other players) - If a screenshot shows multiple ducks at the same time, all visible ducks will count towards your total found ducks. - Maximum amount of screenshots allowed is 21. You can directly upload them all to your topic. - Showing the same duck multiple times in different screenshots won't count towards the total amount found. - Only 1 submission consisting of multiple screenshots per player is allowed. - Submission entry time window is valid until the 30th of April 2019 - 11:59 server time. Helping other players isn't forbidden, however it will highly decrease your own win chances. Also it should be more fun to have an additional private challenge between your friends. The Rewards: The 3 players which found the most rubber ducks in total will win great surprise rewards! Winners will be picked randomly from the winner pool if there are more than 3 players who found the most. Winners will be announced and rewarded during the month of May. Who's going to find them all? Easter Event Duration 31th March - 30th April server time.
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    Emperium Sets

    All should be working for the total bonuses. That's right. Wing is the only exception.
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    New items Pro Hunter Market pls

    True, EBF Shop and WoE shop needs some updates, last time was in May 2018 (?) if im not mistaken. As far as I know, the last update in Hunter Shop was in May 2018.
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    New items Pro Hunter Market pls

    Interesting, I have three thoughts related to that too First, is adding one or two Cash Shop costumes for a good price + Limited Time only For example: Costume Mini Chocolate Hat that costs 110 Hunter Coins which would last for 60 days We'll need around 55 days (on average) to earn 110 coins from zero. So, 60 days should be good Second, is adding past Costume Wings (i.e.: Costume Wings of Uriel ) for 150~200 which would only last for 30 dayswith a random starting day decided by the GM Team With this way, certain players would consider to hoard 150~200 Hunter Coins for a surprising future Third, is adding Safe to 8 Armor/Weapon Certificate for 60~70 On average, we would need to do 10 days of Daily Quest to get one. With 60~70 Coins, it can be an alternative to get one aside from Daily Quest
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    D e e m o

    Hmmm ?

    There's a lot of fire pillars (or whatever it calls) in thor_v03 map. I don't think that this one is not some sort of problem, but it just weird for me. LOL
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    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    GatheringRO's birthday is around the corner! On February 15th, Gathering Ragnarok Online turns 14! That's why we're returning with the Legend of the four Lords quest line! Legend of the four Lords Discover the legend of the four Lords, ancient leaders who ones vowed to protect our lands. This time limited event comes with several event exclusive rewards for you to unlock! [Visit our dedicated event page] Event Reward Preview Gods Smelting Our gods smelting event is back to help you with your gear refinements! Globably increased refinement success chances for all equipment and weapon types by +5%, for refinements of up to +15! [more details] Adventure Guild Yes, Larson can fall in love too. He's offering Valentine's themed costumes in his coupon shop. If you're an adventurer and got some spare coupons up your sleeve, this is the time to use them! Also the Shady Figure seems to know how to make some extra cash during this special occasion. Checkout his costume offerings during the season of love! Battlegrounds Jhinsi can't stop to think about her true love Jirshi, and thus offers you lovely new costumes in her costume shop! Make sure you got enough Heroism Badges at your disposal so you can show your biggest love how you feel about her. Cash Shop Don't forget to take a look at the valentine's day themed costumes in our HOT section. We're offering cash shop exclusive costumes! More Valentine themed costumes will be added later during this month, so make sure to check back later! The Original Heart Island, the most romantic place in Jawaii. Meet the original Cupid to listen to his miracles. He may have a few gears hidden in his quiver. Cupid the 2nd He's in need of supplies to spread any further love in Midgard. This is your chance to ask him for a Romantic Gent or Valentines Topper. He's known to hangout at lonely places, somewhere near the Goldring field. Pinkamenias Returning The lovely Pinkamenia in Moscovia is in need of Love Flowers again. (mosk_in,21,246) But first you may have to help the extraordinary baker to get one of Pinkamenias rewards. Valentine's Costumes Preview We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day at the 14th February!
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    February Updates

    Core Updates - Corrected status attack's element. Status attacks should always be forced to neutral. - Fixed some issues related to the equipment switch function - If new item combos were added to the database and players were wearing the item combo the players would never get the bonus until unequipping and reequipping. This problem has now been solved - Fixed a possible script exploit - Fixed a possible mail send server crash - Fixed a possible pet server crash - Fixed other potential server crash issues NPC Updates - Some minor fixes in episode 13.1 and 13.2 quest lines - Fixed Royal Messenger in episode 16.1 quest line not triggering npc dialogue properly under certain circumstances - Updated Rebellion weapon & ammo shops in Althea and Prontera with the latest official content - Fixed WoE 2.0 guardians spawning randomly on the map due a typo in the script Eddga Card. This fixes issues related to character stats going haywire during certain cirumstances - Adjusted some NPC names from various quests all around midgard - Some Prontera NPC location fixes - Added clan icons to the Althea clan NPCs and removed the floating ones from Prontera - Fixed Identifier NPC which was not being able to identify refined unknown gear - Fixed a typo in the Pro Hunter Quest - Mercenary Service NPC entirely rewritten, which is now much closer to the original version Supports buying multiple scrolls at once Now also sells 10th grade mercenary scroll You no longer lose mercenary loyalty points when a mercenary dies. Reduced the loyalty point costs - Updated Rebellion Ammo shop with the new ammo variants and the latest weapons If you still have old slugs or spheres. Exchange them in alberta 116 156 for new ones. Instance Updates Geffen Magic Tournament - Fixed Geffen Magic Buff client crash issues when hovering over their status icon Old Glast Heim - Several Workarounds to fix the non-spawning issues related to OnTouch Events and fixed a bug Item Updates - Fixed item bonuses losing effect if a character relogged and item is already equipped. This issue was related to card slot counts - Fixed item bonus bVariableCastrate and bFixedCastrate bonuses which weren't affecting all skills properly - Fixed several job masks were Gunslinger could wear the items while Rebellion job couldn't - Fixed healing effect duration for Daehwandan and Taecheongdan - Major item move restrictions update which is now synced with the latest official data (our customizations have been kept) - Added and fixed several item bonuses, combos and corrected several item locations - Added item bonus bNoWalkDelay which replaces infinite SC_ENDURE used on items such as - Fixed accessory equipping with cards. Accessories that have cards which require specific left/right locations must take priority - Fixed some item combo cards that transformed the wearer into a monster causing the stats to come awry - Added some missing item effects to achievement related rewards - Fixed Stephen Jack Ernest Wolf Card effect - Fixed Mercenary Scroll 10 item description Item Balancings - Reduced total human resistance of all Battleground sets to better balance their strength vs defense - Reduced total amount of mdef on the old Emperium gear set to better balance their strength vs defense - Increased Gioia elemental magic damage for Wind and Ghost to a total of 50% - Temporal int boot enchantment : Speed of Light enchant effect has been reduced from 10 to 5 seconds - Slightly increased mdef for Anti Magic Suit from 20mdef to 25mdef - Mjolnir and Half-Mjolnir has one of its custom bonuses removed and does no longer ignore monsters defense - Sniper Card, True Margaretha Sorin Card, True Howard Alt-Eisen Card, True Seyren Windsor Card, Headless Mule Card and Mavka Card effects have been reduced to reduce their harsh skill balancing impact. Skill Updates - Corrected skills that give bonuses while sitting Corrected Gangster's Paradise not releasing the monster invulnerability state when standing up around multiple Rogue's that know Gangster's Paradise. Same fix goes for Taekwon's Peaceful Break and Happy Break. - Corrected Sling Item Bonuses Concentrated White Potion Z should only increase HP regeneration rate (not the interval). Vitata 500 should increase SP regeneration rate (not the interval). - Fixed Camouflage Fixes the Provoke icon getting removed when clif_changeoption is called and it's not an infinite duration. Fixed Camouflage not ending after 10 seconds. - Fixed Create Deadly Potion not failing when haven't met the requirements - Fixed Camouflage. The Provoke icon is no longer removed when clif_changeoption is called and it's not an infinite duration. Does no longer end after 10 seconds - Fixed Reflect Damage not reflecting damage due timer related issues - High Jump/Leap is meant to check the next cell for a wall as well - Fixed Full Blast delay on attack and using items - QD Shot should no longer remove the read status. - Dragon Trail should no longer end the Crimson Marker status. - Quagmire will now remove Crazy Uproar - Fixed a possible unlimited spam of skills bug, before cooldown triggers - Increased Adoramus skill damage (already in place since january) - Fixed Ice Wall units to match their official behavior. Ice Wall units duration now decreases 50HP per second, and their HP is 400HP at level 1, +200 each level
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    Leveling Steps: 1. Get High Novice to Lv. 150/10. 2. Change to High Thief, get JOB Lvl 42. (Max out everything EXCEPT double attack) 3. Change to Assassin Cross, get JOB Lvl 92. (Max out all SinX skills) 4. ?????????? 5. Change to Guillotine Cross. 6. Delete Character. Warning: If you go over the stated Job Lvl, you will have to start over. > > > NoviceToCritGX.rrf < < < Headgear-Upper: Prism Helm (#1,#2,#3) [1] - Effect depends on Prism Type. Obtained from Prism Quest. Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - Obtained from BVH Quest. Dark Lord Helm [1] - Obtained from DLH Quest. Nightmare obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). +4-13 Tiger King Doll Hat - Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Ancient Gold Ornament [1] - Obtained from Biolab Gear Exchange. Dark Randgris Helm [1] - +5 Stats, +5% ATK. Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<< +5-9 Queen Anne's Revenge [1] - +5 Str, +9 gives +14% ATK. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). +9 Golden Bunny Band [1] - +9 gives 10% attack. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Brazil Hat [1] - Increases walk speed. Obtained from Brazil Hat Quest. Helm Of Hermes [1] - +3 Stats, increases walk speed. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Anything with bonuses to HP, Attack, Critical (Maya Purple good option if you're not using Prism #3). Headgear-Mid: Royal Dark Flame [1] - +4% ATK, +1 Stats.Obtained from World Boss Event. Noble Mask [1] - +3% ATK. Obtained from Noble Mask Quest. Bone Mask [1] - Changes weapon element to Shadow. Obtained from Bone Mask Quest. (For Emperium Breaking). Shadow Booster [1] - Obtained from World Boss Event. Devil Horns - +10%HP/SP and +5% ATK, NO SLOT. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Anything with bonuses to HP, Attack, Critical (Lord Knight also good option). Headgear-Lower: Speed Orb [1] - +3% ATK, +1 Aspd. Obtained from World Boss Event. Golden Fish [1] - Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116). Whistle [1] - Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Can be slotted (@warp althea 163 116). Vanberk, Grand Peco, Phylla. For sustaining/supplementing critical rate. Weapons: +12-15 Crimson Dagger [2] - Arguably one of the best daggers for Crit Dagger GX. +10-20 Balmung [3] - Obtained from <GM> Castle. >>Additional information<< +10-20 Scalpel [3] - Cheaper option that is easily obtainable. Thanatos, Pyuriel, Aunoe, The Paper. > > > More Card Options < < < Armor: +7-12 Geffen Magic Robe [1] - Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament. +7-12 Anti-Magic Suit [1] - Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament. Brynhildr [1] - Obtained from <GM> Castle. Can be slotted. >>Additional information<< Sapha's Cloth + Combo Items (If on budget). Amdarais, Tao Gunka, Werewolf, Detardeurus, Marc. Garment: +9 Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Not many options better than this. Wings of Seraph [1] - Can be enchanted, obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Gigant Snake Skin [1] - Obtained from Faceworm Nest. Best when paired with Temporal Boots. Petal Card, Giant Octopus, Noxious, Raydric, Giant Whisper. Shoes: +6-12 Temporal Luk Boots [1] - Fatal 4 and Lucky Day/Bear's Power. +6-12 Temporal Str Boots [1] - Fighting Spirit 7 and Bear's Power/Lucky Day. +6-12 Hiking Boots [1] - +HP/SP%, +12 gives walkspeed bonus. Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Variant Shoes - Cheap boots, can be bought from vendors. Enhanced Variant Shoes [1] - Obtained from Eden Group Boss Egnigem Cenia, Moonlight Flower, Green Ferus, Firelock Soldier. Accessory: Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - Obtained from Geffen Magic Tournament. Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo - Obtained from Pintados Festival Event. Luk Glove [1] - Obtained from Eclage Quest. Medal of Honor (Thief) - Obtained from Battle Grounds. Rogue's Treasure - Cheaper option, easily obtainable. Goddess of Fortune's Cursed Brooch - Cheaper alternative. Advanced Ring Of Flame Lord - Obtained from PHQ Shop (@go adv). Ring of Flame Lord - Cheaper option, easily obtainable. Megingjard - +90 Str. Obtained from God Item Quest. Half Megingjard - +45 Str. Obtained from Dhurfan. (@warp bat_room 170 153) Ifrit, Kobold, Bronzering, Gold Scaraba, Tiyanak, Errende Ebecee. Costumes/Shadow Equipment: +7-8 Critical Shadow Weapon - +5 critical rate, if refine +7, +5 more critical rate. Obtainable from Expert's Shadow Box. +7-8 Critical Shadow Armor - +5 critical rate, if refine +7, +5 more critical rate. Obtainable from Expert's Shadow Box. Knit Rabbit Ears - +3% HP/SP. Obtained from Shady Figure (@go adv). Full Moon - Gives +50 ATK when dealing damage. Obtained from Costume Shop. Solid Shadow Weapon - ATK +5, additional 1 ATK per 2 refines. Solid Shadow Earring - HIT +5, 1 HIT per 2 refines. Stats: Feel free to adjust the stats to your needs. STR - 140-180 - For Str boots (Str boots work well with Vanberk). AGI - Enough for 193 aspd with Awakening Potion. VIT - 130-170 - For higher HP pool and better survivability. INT - 1 - Not necessary. DEX - 40-100 - For attack/aspd bonus only. LUK - 130-180 - 180 for Luk boots bonus. Skills-Offensive: Dark Claw - Target will receive x2 damage for 5 seconds. Enchant Deadly Poison - Gives massive boost to damage output. Dark Illusion - Used for closing the distance between enemy and you. Phantom Menace - Reveals hidden enemies cowards. Venom Impression - Reduce enemy resistance to poison. Use with Enchant Poison for maximum effect. Poisoning Weapon - Use with GX poison created from Poison Research. Popular poisons: Oblivion Curse, Leech End, Toxin. Skills-Defensive/Supportive: Cloaking Exceed - Increases walk speed, single target skills do not work on you in this state. Weapon Blocking - Parry 20% of incoming attacks. Can use Counter Slash or Weapon Crush as follow up skill. Poisonous Smoke - Creates AoE with effects from Poison Research. Antidote - Cures GX poisons. You cannot use this skill if you have Oblivion Curse on yourself. Hallucination Walk - Gives +250 Flee Rate and 50% magic evasion. Hiding - Avoids most AoE skills. Earth element AoE's can hit you. Poison React - Auto-casts Envenom when hit. Backslide - Quickly moves out of danger zones. Detoxify - Cures poison status. =========================================================================== Other Guides: Adoramus Type Arch Bishop Guide Full Support Arch Bishop Equipment Guide Dagger / Trapper / Warger Ranger Thanks for reading!!
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    Join us on Discord and Facebook!

    Join our community on Discord and become part of the discussion! Create and search trade offers, or recruit a party to join into the deepest dungeons of GatheringRO. https://discord.gg/M3GJj2M We're also back with an official Facebook Page for GatheringRO. Like us today and get involved! https://www.facebook.com/officialgro/
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    Rainbow Sash[1] A Symbol of Future and Hope after the Great Flood Represents our server GRO for being online for a long time since 2006 Essential Requirements: 1. Nebula Aura[1] Mid Lower - "Guide Below" x100 2. 100 kaluniums/carniums - dropped by Fallen Bishop(MVP) or trade it with NPC Austri @warp prt_in 85 69 (3Elunium+50k zenny= 1Carnium) 3. 50m Zenny - Farm Gold from Goldrings (@warp alt_fild03 and overcharge them at an NPC using Merchant Class Characters) NEBULA AURA[1] Starting the Quest 1. Meet Scholar Angus @warp odin_tem01 133 137 He will tell you a secret about the runes and he will ask you to help him gather the items to receive the Rune of Uruz and just choose yes Talk to him again with the said items below in your inventory and he will point you to the 1st seal found @warp odin_tem01 323 79 50 x Valhalla's Flower dropped by Valkyrie x2 50% chance which spawn about 90-120mins and Randgris(MVP) 100% chance and spawns 8hrs both located @warp odin_tem03 Frus Skogul Echio Agav Skeggiold 20 x Red Gemstone dropped by Frus or Skogul or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 2. After clicking the seal and receiving the Rune of Uruz, go back to him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 3. Meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and prepare the next batch of items and he will tell you to go where the next seal is located @warp odin_tem02 143 139 Arc Angeling Marina Marc Marse 10 x Agate dropped by Archangeling 20 x Blue Gemstone dropped by Marina,Marc,Marse or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 4. Click the seal and you will receive the Rune of Algiz 5. Talk to him again @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and prepare the next batch of items Mini Demon Dark Priest Osiris Driller Fake Angel 5 x Hand of God dropped by Mini Demon, DarkPriest and Osiris(MVP) 20 x Yellow Gemstone dropped by Driller , Fake Angel or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 6. After meeting him @warp odin_tem03 276 240, talk to him and he will show where to find the last seal for the last Rune of Ingwaz located @warp odin_tem03 105 335 7. After clicking the seal you will receive your Rune of Ingwaz and talk to him again @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and he will tell you to meet him to where you first met @warp odin_tem01 133 137 8. Meet him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and talk to him, with the Runes combined you started to glow and somehow it will teleport you to a map in which is like a ruin with pitch black and thunderstorm background. 9. Move Forward and you will reach a dead end with a “Crater” in it which looks like the Seals in the 3 Runes before, Please Click it and a dialogue box will appear 10. Press Next and there you obtained your very own NEBULA AURA[1] Mid Lower thus obtaining the 1st Essential and hardest part in making the Rainbow Sash. FINAL PART Rainbow Sash[1] 1. Talk to Marybelle @warp althea 158 109 and she will tell you about being a designer of exclusive headies and introduces you her work. 2. She will then ask you if you wanna try it out? Choose Please Enchant my Item 3. She will explain the risks and will ask you if you want to continue? Choose Enchant my Item 4. After choosing that answer, a list of enchantable items in which there are many custom items only in GRO are exclusive including the Nebula Aura. 5. Scroll down from the list and choose Nebula Aura[1] and make sure you "ARE" wearing the Mid Lower Version, the one you've previously quested or obtained Note: There are 3 possible outcomes 90% chance your Nebula Aura Mid Lower Gear will become the Lower Gear version in which you will save another item slot for a Mid headie equipement 5% chance you will BREAK YOUR NEBULA AURA c. 5% chance you will obtain the Symbol of GatheringRO (RAINBOW SASH) Congratulations!!! From the Author: “Promise of a new and bright future, a promise given depicted as a symbol and that’s a “Rainbow” in which when it appears, it resembles hope and longer future” For me Rainbow Sash is the “Symbol of GatheringRO” for enduring a LOT of hardships especially the great wipe due to Abusers, Dupes and Hackers But still existed and continued on to serve us since 2006-2016 We clashed with a lot of Guilds Remembered many GMs Befriend a LOT of Players Unavoidable and unbearable Despair and Scams experienced and endured (ME) Thanks and More Power to the Players and GMs
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    yup Gtb shouldn't block it at all. But ye, it seems people are having hard times countering it. Which ended up that way.
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    2019 Valentine's Quest Questions!?!

    The Original - Lady Solace Map Cannot get taming item once you've reached the required destination. Cupid the 2nd - Girl's Naivety Where can you find this item? Pinkamenias Returning - Love Flower Demi-humans aren't dropping the love flowers even when Lovelove Balloon is equipped. Where can I find the chocolate lady npc that use to be in Alberta?
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    2019 Valentine's Quest Questions!?!

    The Original Fixed Cupid the 2nd Requirement has been removed, you should be good to go now. Pinkamenia Never was in Alberta?! Has always been in mosk_in,21,246 And tested the love flower drops, it works just fine. Please re-equipp your gear and make sure the monsters you're hunting are truly Demi-Human type. I've been testing with id 2284 Abysmal Kobold. (7864 is the item id for the love flower in case your want to autoloot it.)
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    Battlelords boots Seems a little typo on the script, it wil be fixed. So it won't be a waste
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    Nope, it wil just reduces the chances (not by much) unless the caster has super low dex. How to anti masquerades (by chances only): - High agi - High luk - Alots of extra weight capacity. Examples : 2500/10 000 weights = ( 10k - 2,5k = 7,5k advances.) So technically, you can only try to makes - almost immunity- build against that with alots of costs. And as we all know already~ golden thief bug block it by 100%. (Incase someone new doesn't know yet)
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    Telling Doll Hat Effect

    It's a trap
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    ...Nerd But it's pretty cool, I appreciate the efforts to write down the formulas Also if I may add thoughts, when talking about World Boss Events. Maybe you could add extra Cases for Belpo and Werewolf. They have Auto Guard, not sure which level used. But it's giving more to killing time, in case there's no Dispeller~
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    Will take a closer look at it
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    did test too, using Gust Bow [1]1733 + Arrow of Wind. still not working
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    Teaser Video Part 1 You can help supporting our video content just sharing to other social media Please like and subscribe with channel. Thanks for watching. Hope you like it
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    Autumn Angel

    Autum Angel Doodles

    This time a non chibi art~ Ive got a new drawing paper and pencils from my mom and tryed to draw my genetic. I startet on paper and edited it later a bit on pc and finish it there ♥ Ill show the finish version and under it the original. I edited alot of things, like make the hair longer and change the bear ears to wolfy/foxy ears~ This shit drawing took me 15hours XuX or more.. cant count anymore... But the result is pretty okay i guess _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    hello abril-chan xDDDDDDDD *stalk*

    hello abril-chan xDDDDDDDD *stalk*

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