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    Letter To Santa 2018

    Dear Saint Nick This year, there is no item that I wish to pick From your jolly bag of gifts and Yuletide Candy sticks. I come to request, neither card nor gear For what I seek, is far greater I fear. It is for a world that I hold very dear To my heart and mind do the memories sear. I expect it not to be granted so But I just wanted you to very well know That the ones at the top of your nice list Are those who hide beyond this holiday's mist. Those who toil and constantly persist To make us smile all year long- they have been missed. Please do grant some coffee for the GM Team To make them smile and their eyes gleam. Leave them a bottle of holiday wine That they too, with joy, dine. For they have been giving gifts all year long So giving them a gift would do no wrong. Every update they've done was with toil and thought Bugs they've fixed have not been for naught. For they have players to appreciate Their support and funds to donate So Saint Nick, For get not to give them their gifts! They are people too not machines that kink! I pray that a single finger from your hand lifts To grant the GM Team their own wish~ My name is Kazalus, Soul of Joachym Roa Age of the 18 With a slate not entirely clean Rest assured I mean well Surely, you can tell. And as my own, selfish, desire I request one that is to be noticed One GM who's heart was on fire That gave opinions of deep thought that sire A strong bond with a game that was more than a game Lend thy ears to one they call Khai His words are priceless as those up high I pray you all be well and rarely tire!
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    True Monster Cards Balancing

    Hello I'm having thoughts about the new cards that just released recently [click for True details] Soo... for my first impression: just like the Old Headgears that already released on Hunter Shop months ago -these new cards are really nice and helpful in PvM life!! BUT when they're used at PvP environment, it might give discomforts for the victims of those cards user Example? True Howard Alt-Eisen card and here's another cool example True Eremes Guile card There are still other nice cards for example too, but here are the things about it: Tests were done without Memory of Thanatos card Target with 1m+ HP died in less than 3 seconds when the attacker wore 2x Kiel-D-01 card Additional data for comparison: Around 37,200+ Axe Tornado damage, Similar build with Well-geared Mechanic with Emperium gears one, and switched the True Howard Alt-Eisen card with the Memory of Thanatos card So it's around 54,000+ with Howard and 37,200+ with Thanatos -with similar gears, the only difference in weapon cards Damage can be boosted further if added Battlegrounds/Emperium gears The cards are mostly very helpful in dealing more damage with less MVP cards, which is good for hunting purpose, and more newbie friendly than the Memory of Thanatos card, for example The problem that I'm pointing at: If balancing attempt applied to the card effects (i.e.: reducing the damage bonus), PvM life will receive major loss. Why? The cards are as good as Old Headgears (i.e.: True Cecil Damon Card + Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood, they completed each other for Cluster Bomb bonus. But if the card effect got reduced for PvP balancing purposes, it would be like pretty much useless in PvM) In the end, here is my thought related to the things above: The first thing that came into my mind was: Would it be possible if the card effects applied only outside PvP just like the old Camouflage Rabbit Hood, for example. And being added like halved effect that works on PvP, or any proper amounts of effect that might be more balanced for PvP environment That's it, hope the thoughts can be used for consideration in balancing attempts Thank you
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    Letter To Santa 2018

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    Letter To Santa 2018

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    Sanhe's Guide to the Rebellion

    The Rebellion class is known for their flexibility by simply switching weapons, and thus dealing large amounts of damage from a distance rivaling Rangers and Magic-users in tearing down foes! This guide will talk about 2 main builds: Rifle and Shotgun as well as 2 'minor' roles of Revolver and Gatling Gun. Enjoy the guide! Trivia time! Did you know that the first class I've ever played in Ragnarok was a Gunslinger? Now you know! ================================= This guide contains: -Stat builds (with Pros and Cons!) -Item builds -Skills -Tips and Tricks ================================= 1) Stat builds: Rebellion builds are very flexible, meaning you can switch weapons and still deal significant damage depending on the situation! Major Builds: Shotgun Stat build: The Face Buster (Personal Favorite) Str - 50 - 100~ (You will need 50 Str or above to carry your bullets! If you're planning to use Slug Shot a lot, I recommend putting around 100 Str to ensure you can carry heavier slugs!) Agi - 200 (Shotguns take a ton of attack speed from you. This is actually the primary weakness of the shotgun: speed. 200 Agi along with some buffs and potions should give you steady damage.) Vit - 100~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 100 - 120 Vit for an increase in survival rate!) Int - 50 - 60~ (Int will be used solely for SP purposes. Your spamming of Full Buster will take a toll on your SP. The more SP, the better!) Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!) Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!) Pros: -Super high damage output if built properly. -Good for crowd control situations. -Capable of subtle disables Cons: -Very slow attack speed. Shotguns reduces your attack speed by a lot which balances out the damage you dish out. -Low (No) mobility skills. -High SP-cost skills Rifle Stat build: Anti-any-material Str - 60~ (You will need 50 Str or above to carry your bullets!) Agi - 150 (You don't need a lot of attack speed for Rifles but I do recommend putting around 130 - 150 Agi to ensure that you are on Max Aspd despite being Marshed, Quagmired, Agi-Down, or Freezing.) Vit - 120~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 100 - 120 Vit for an increase in survival rate!) Int - 50~ (Rifle skills don't take a lot of SP so keeping your Int at a minimum of 50 will be enough for you to take down anything and still have SP left over!) Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!) Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!) Pros: -Consistent (high) damage output -Surprisingly fast -Access to a strong debuff -Strong PvE potential -Low SP-cost and spammable skills -Doesn't need Kiel to work -Cheap to build Cons: -Damage output is lower compared to Shotgun -Low Mobility Minor Builds: Revolver Stat Build: Jumper Str - 60~ (You will need 50 Str or above to carry your bullets!) Agi - 120 (You don't need a lot of attack speed for Revolvers but I do recommend putting around 130 - 150 Agi to ensure that you are on Max Aspd despite being Marshed, Quagmired, Agi-Down, or Freezing.) Vit - 150~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 150 Vit for an increase in survival rate because you're going to be going up close and personal!) Int - 50~ (Rifle skills don't take a lot of SP so keeping your Int at a minimum of 50 will be enough for you to take down anything and still have SP left over!) Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!) Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!) Pros: -Arguably the fastest attacking build -Effective at all ranges -Very mobile -Cheap to build Cons: -Going near enemies risks you getting killed quickly -Low damage output Gatling Gun Stat Build: Wrecker Str - 60~ (You will need 50 Str or above to carry your bullets!) Agi - 120 (You don't need a lot of attack speed for Gatling Guns but I do recommend putting around 130 - 150 Agi to ensure that you are on Max Aspd despite being Marshed, Quagmired, Agi-Down, or Freezing.) Vit - 120~ (Your call to how much Vit you want to put. I personally put around 100 - 120 Vit for an increase in survival rate!) Int - 50~ (Rifle skills don't take a lot of SP so keeping your Int at a minimum of 50 will be enough for you to take down anything and still have SP left over!) Dex - 200 (This will be the source of your main damage output as well as attack speed! I recommend max-ing this out first!) Luk - --> Pump Luk to anything divisible by 3 <-- (This will be for extra damage and resist!) Pros: -2nd fastest Rebel Build -Effective at face-range -Capable of destroying ground-effects -Potential Emperium Breaker Cons: -Going near enemies risks you getting killed quickly -Low Mobility =================================================================== Now that we've got the stat builds out of the way, time for item builds! Shotgun build: This build is highly reliant on foods, buffs, and items, especially those that reduce cast-delay! But fear not, this build has caused me to obliterate lots of people during WoE and PvP! Oh, and this build works perfectly for PvE as well~ Upper Headgear: +10 Midgard Serpent Hat [1] - This item will be your go-to. It grants resistance against demi-human and gives you -10% cast delay when it reaches +10. (obtainable via Shady Figure in Althea's Adventurer Guild for 70 EBFs) +?? Glorious Helm S [1] - Reduces your cast delay by 25% if you're equipping the Glorious S set. If you're wearing a Glorious Weapon, you gain +7% Atk and Matk which is always welcome! (obtainable via Battlegrounds for ? Battle Badges) +?? Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - Stats, stats, and stats! Adds +15 to all stats! Stats are always good especially if they grant both Dex and Agi~ Do take note that this is quite expensive to make. (obtainable via this quest) +?? Prism [1] A great balance between stats and effects! I recommend choosing either Effect #2 or Effect #3. (obtainable via this quest) Recommended Cards: Kiel-D-01- This card will be your best bet for dishing out tons and tons of damage! Equip two of these for maximum effect! Gemini-S58 Card - A viable option of you can't afford a Kiel (yet!). This card will grant you resistance against Stone Curse, Silence, Stun, and Sleep depending on your stats. This will allow you to continuously deal damage without being interrupted by status effects. Maya Purple Card - Grants you a third-eye to see them sneaky bois. A better option would be using Prism #3 and slotting a Kiel on it but, it's still a fine choice! Middle Headgear: Baron's Evil Eye [1] - Reduces your cast delay by 5% but increases SP costs by 25%. This item will grant you that subtle boost in cast delay reduction causing you to deal damage faster like a madman, and as a bonus, it looks dank on a Rebel! (obtained at the Pro Hunter Shop for 50 Hunter Coins). Noble Mask [1] - Royal Dark Flame [1] Recommended Cards: Kiel-D-01 - You will need a second Kiel-D-01 card to make the shotgun build work because Full Buster's cast delay is just so bad but the damage hits like a truck. Gemini Card - Budget resists if you don't have Kiel (yet!). Maya Purple Card (only if you don't have another one equipped yet) - I only recommend using the Maya Purple Card on a different headgear which you will use to switch in and out as an alternative when fighting Cloaking or Invis-using characters. Lower Headgear: Father's White Mustache [1] - Personally, I prefer this because it's cheap and provides a good source of Atk making this a go-to item for all my Rebellion Builds. Angry Snarl [0] - When one of my friends reminded me of this item, I was torn between using this over the Mustache because of that tiny "-after cast delay " which enabled 100% cast delay reduction. It's easy to farm and is a good alternative for the Mustache. Rainbow Sash [1] - The stats from the sash are great since it provides Atk and AtkSpd which are both incredibly important for all Rebellion builds. It's expensive and tedious to make but it's just as rewarding. Nebula Aura [1] - You can use this when you're up against Magic users but I don't recommend keeping it as a main lower headgear because the auto-casting spells botch your flow when trying to burst an enemy down with Full Buster. Recommended Cards: Deviruchi Card - This will prevent Full Buster from blinding you especially when your Atroce Card or Speed of Light procs. It's subtle but very important! Marduk Card - Normally I just bring Panacea but if you really don't have a Deviruchi card, this is a safe bet to rely on (for a while!). Dark Pinguicula Card(?) Duneyrr Card(?) Armor: +12 Geffen Magic Robe [1] - Pretty standard because it grants that -10% cast delay when +12. I recommend this only if it's +12 so that you get the maximum cast delay reduction which will help you shell your enemies down! +?? Brynhild [0]/[1] - On paper, this God-armor looks great but without the after-cast delay reduction, you will be missing out on a lot of damage. I wouldn't choose this over the GMR. +?? Glorious S Suit [1] - It's a pretty OK item but not as great as a +12 GMR! +?? Emperium Formal Suit [1] - A better alternative for the +12 GMR! +?? Adventurer Armor [1] - The cool thing about Rebellion is that they can be strong even with starter gear~ Recommended Cards: Tao Gunka Card - You will need this card for survival. This is your staple and you must work for this card at all costs! A Rebel is a super squishy class without a Tao Gunka Card! Detale Card - A pretty cool card if you're up against Magic-users like Warlocks because it prevents freezing and casts Land Protector when hit with magic nullifying AoE skills! Not as good compared to a good ol' Tao Gunka Card though~ Recommended as alternative usage only. Marc Card - Budget anti-freeze for Anti-Minstrel. Pecopeco Card - Budget Tao that isn't too shabby either. Weapon: (* indicates supportive weapons) +14 Glorious Shotgun [0] - Best weapon for punching holes through tanky classes like RKs, RGs, and Suras! Perfect also for taking down groups of people with Spread Shot which deals a ridiculously high amount of damage even at +11! +10~ Death Fire [1] - Slot your Atroce card here and deal 200k - 400k damage per second! Trust me, try it. +?? Crimson Revolver [2]* - I chose this revolver because it's cheap and easy to find but it doesn't really matter. You just need a revolver to switch to when you need to change positions with Fallen Angel. +?? Color Scope [2]* - Use this weapon to deal a pretty good amount of damage when using Anti-Material Blast to weaken enemies. Once you see that debuff hovering over their head, pop them with a few Full Busters to deal an insane amount of damage. +?? Tempest [0]* - I normally use this weapon to cast Fire Rain to get rid of traps, Land Protectors, and reveal sneaky Invis users! Recommended Cards: Atroce Card Phreeoni Card Thanatos Card Samurai Specter Card Stormy Knight Card Doppelganger Card Cecil Damon Card Garment: +12 Giant Snake Skin {Spec. Dex/Agi, Dex/Agi, Dex/Agi} [1] +?? Glorious Muffler S Asprika [0] Half Asprika [1] +?? Adventurer Cape [1] Recommended Cards: Cenere Card Menblatt Card Farbjodour Card Kades Card Footgear: +?? Temporal Dex Boots {Expert Archer5, Speed of Light/Hawk Eye} [1] +?? Glorious Shoes S [0] +12 Hiking Boots [1] +?? Adventurer Boots [1] Recommended Cards: Boss Egnigem Card Moonlight Flower Card Accessories: Physical Enhancer Ring [1] Emperium Glove [1] Emperium Clip [1] Adventurer's Badge [1] Glorious Ring S-1 [0] Glorious Ring S-2 [0] Sheriff's Badge [0] Recommended Cards: Faceworm Card Dark Faceworm Card Bronzering Card Belphegor Card Errende Ebecee Card ----TBC----
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    New items Pro Hunter Market pls

    Hi I just want to suggest more love to Pro Hunter Market... as new costumes / equipment since some equips like the BioLab ones can be done by quest (just for example). Also, some people don't even attend the Pro Hunter instances due to the lack of motivation in Pro Hunter Market (like my case and others). So, please take this into consideration.
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    D e M o N

    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Summer fishing trip with the Noob.. Some little monster got into the storage, ate a couple of freshly caught fish and left the lures everywhere. Who would do such a horrible thing?! IGN: Violentia
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!! IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren
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    December Update

    Rock Ridge Quests - Release Welcome to Rock Ridge, the newest town to welcome adventurers in the world of Gathering Ragnarok Online! Dust off your hats and take out your walkin' boots, because this here town is right on the edge of an untamed wilderness both fascinating and dangerous. Learn more about Rock Ridge below to learn about the exciting Quests and New Items which have just been released! Or the dedicated forum info page which includes story, quests and items all about the Rock Ridge - Update. Guild Storage Log - Release The guild storage log can be accessed through the new Guild Warehouse NPC which can be found in most cities or on the WoE Core map. This allows you to take a look at 3 months of guild storage logs (in and output of items). Nightmare Biolab - Release Initial implementation of Nightmare Biolab. Missing skills will eventually be implemented later. Malangdo enchant weapon update - Added slotted versions of Cutlus and Crescent Scythe - Corrected Wizardy Staff positioning - Added more weapons to enchant Item Updates - Werewolf Card Update Removed Neutral element effect due an imbalance as this effect was never intended to be used on armor type cards Max HP bonus increased to 50% and Def/Mdef penalty has been lowered to -20% only - Removed the Neutral element effect from Paladin Card (also armor type card) - Fixed Cat Ears Beret item effect - Major fix on King Poring Card which triggered some bonuses twice - Fixed Replication Scroll and Cursed Replication scroll item effects - Fixed Emperium Guard not being unbreakable - Lifted red, blue and yellow gem restrictions. They can now be sold to get rid of them if needed - Client side updates with several bug fixes and new item implementations Devil's Tower Instance - Buffed Loki's Shadow mercenary stats to stand a chance versus the boss - Several script improvements and bug fixes Core Fixes & Skill Updates - EDP Updates Switch to a different weapon or unequip a weapon now cancel EDP. EDP can't be used with fist (right hand check only) - Stripping Skill Updates Centralized all equipment stripping skills to one core behavior. Updated success rates and durations to match official. (We still feature some customizations as an additional layer just like before) Corrects Strip Weapon, Strip Armor, Strip Shield, Strip Helm, Weapon Crush, and Full Strip success rate. - Corrected Critical Bonuses Critical bonuses bCritAtkRate and bCriticalLong should not be applying to skills. - Banding behavior Adjusted Banding to use proper party counting functions. Corrected the DEF and HP Regen bonus for Banding. Banding Defense will no longer stack on itself. - Corrected Steal Formula The steal bonus no longer modifies the item's drop rate but has it's own success chance into stealing an item. - Updated Gunslinger/Rebellion Bullet behavior Disabled the ability to equip old spheres and old slugs. Corrected some of the newer bullets name, weight, price, and effects. Updated the ASPD for Gunslinger/Rebellion when equipping guns. Spread Attack and Ground Drift now only use bullets. Adjusted Slug Shot skill item requirement to the new Slug Bullet. Ammo NPC Tony has been removed. Kenny can now trade in the Sphere bullets for new bullets and trade in the old Slugs for Slug Bullet. Added new bullets to Kenny. - Updated Hammer of God behavior Updated the cast range to 6 + skill_lv. Added Crimson Marker target checks to determine placement. No longer removes Crimson Marker on targets. Properly displays client effect. - Fixed a critical bug on the Giveaway NPC, thanks to a lovely reporter who has been rewarded accordingly. - Removed Bronze Coin from Bronzering drop list due future usage of the item in a different way and to prevent any further confusion on its value. - Fixed old warp location of the warp agent when targeting Althea in which players got stuck in the fountain - Removed the Dressing Room preview window from the stylist NPC due compatibilty issues with our latest client - Fixed NPC triggering issue on the Piano Quest - Updated the list of skills usable in Madogear. - Slightly increased the damage of Adoramus - Corrected Ingition Break animation. - Corrected Union of the Sun Moon and Stars HP cost to reflect offical. - Corrected Taekwon Mission mob generator to reflect the offical way. - Fixed Water Evasion and Freezing Spear combo. Freezing Spear damage should increase when the caster is standing in Water Evasion. - Implemented official ammo equip behavior. Ammo is removed if the required weapon is removed. - Corrected some weapon bonuses. Item bonuses AddEle, AddRace, AddClass, and AddSize now work with shields. - Fixed Dynamic Mobs not being properly reloaded. - Fixed issues related to the Malaya Quest line - Fixes related to instance reloading and new instance map initializations - Corrected Airship Boots item script - Corrected Old Money Pocket item type (consumable) - Corrected several wrong item scripts and combo bonuses - Some core changes related to reloading scripts so players don't get stuck within a NPC conversation. - Fixed instance id being lost for guilds. - Fixed OnTouch NPCs attempting to trigger OnTouch events a second time for players in a hidden state while warping to the destination map resulting in them being sent to an invalid location. Thanks a lot for all the bug reports! More fixes are already being prepared for our next update. If you like what you see, please leave a review for us! In the meantime we're preparing the christmas season. 🎄
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    Emperium Ranking

    Oh c'mon... I try my best... in selling my crap there.
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    True Monster Cards Balancing

    Yea it's always easier to cry about it later down the road rather than reporting it personally. Screaming *Main Concern* but not worth a minute to report it. My favourite kind of humans.
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    D e M o N

    Letter To Santa 2018

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    Winter Promotion 2018

    Christmas is just around the corner! Starting today, we've prepared multiple time limited events and quests for you. First, A new Vote Shop Season is upon us! Go grab these EXCLUSIVE headgears before the season ends! Also, we have extended the event durations compared to last year, so you get the chance to enjoy every single bit of it! Checkout our dedicated Winter Promotion website right here: Winter Promotion 2018 - Website Don't miss your chance on the new and exclusive cash shop costumes! May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love! The GM Team!
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    Ichi's PvP Guide for Royal Guard

    Welcome to a Guide for the Panzer of GatheringRO! Hello guys, here i am again to share to you a guide that mainly consists of my knowledge about RG and how i play the class which i believe will provide decent knowledge for people who plays or wants to play RG. I will share 2 builds that i do which i call "Sacrifice & Tank RG" and "Hybrid STR RG". What is Royal Guard? Why Royal Guard? Sacrifice / Tank Build RG (Cheap/Budget Build) This build relies a lot on hp pool and hp regen increasing items as it's meant for tanking the damages to create space for the team and merely relies on Sacrifice skill to deal high damage with the cost of RG's own hp. Hybrid Str Build RG (Expensive Build) This build is less tankier than Sacri RG and is far more offensive, it relies heavily on attack and str thus making the stat points for prestige lesser. Offensive skills will mostly consist of Overbrand + Sacri (still a good backup against squishy ones) + shield chain. Royal Guard Battle Guide (Hybrid and Sacri) Most of the content you'll get to read here are from my experiences battling these chars and what i did to win against them. Note that Sacri RG is one of the easiest chars to reduce just with neutral reducers which makes it very simplistic but putting in a lot of brain work and effort on how to compensate with that weakness with still even using sacri RG is a piece of art for me. Inspired by Chan, former member of Reclusion Perpetua Guild to whom i saw someone using Sacri RG to its fullest destroying almost every char with just Sacrifice as damage skill. WoE Guide for Royal Guard (Hybrid and Sacri) Royal Guard might look very simple to use but you can boost your performance a lot by being innovative with it and by not being too hasty, rather than just trying to deal damage and just spamming OB or Sacri. This can actually be applied to other chars too. I guess that's it for now. Thanks a lot for reading and i hope you learned something new! Then again, Ichi at your service
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad :( IGN : Milkmeslow
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    "There maybe plenty of fish in the sea, but in the meantime, i'm just holding holding my rod against these Brute/Cute friends (Sasquatch,Leib Olmai, Poporing, Bigfoot) and be patiently waiting for my luck ".... IGN: Ultimyr "So i'm not the only one that's excited to caught some fish, some big hungry fellas are also waiting." Wth.
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    Gale Windscar

    Fishing Screenshots Event

    IGN: Gale Windscar So I found this wonderful and peaceful fishing spot. But one day, I fell asleep while waiting for the fish to bite and I woke up with these family of dragons murdering me! No one messes with my fishing! (it's kinda creepy fishing beside a tomb but /meh)
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Ren seemed lonely so... I decided to keep her company Especially since her daughters were missing, I stayed with her until I found all 9 of them and brought them home
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    Easter Event

    The Hungry Wolf The Althea citizen James and his weird Wolf are lurking around on the north field of Althea. But beware of the wolf! He's extremely hungry and bites anything that gets just close enough for him to reach. James offers you a variety of easter themed rewards in exchange for some Easter Egg Yolk so he can feed his hungry wolf. You might find some well hidden Easter Eggs around all the fields of Althea. All cash shop costumes have a small chance to come out of these Easter Egg rewards you can exchange for Yolk. Higher rarity costumes will come out of the more expensive eggs. Cash Shop Update We've added brand new Easter Event exclusive costumes a long with some from last year! Each one of them can be obtained from "The Hungry Wolf" event, however only at a small chance. Carlos The Almighty A little kid called Carlos appeared in Althea, claiming to be able to get his hands on new godly gear. He likes to slide down from the first floor of a barrel factory. Find Carlos, earn his trust and you may become the most powerful player! Disclaimer: (becoming the most powerful player is not guaranteed) Rubber Ducks Challenge! Last year, with the release of our major Althea map update, we've been running a special easter egg event. In total, there are 21 yellow rubber ducks very well hidden all over Althea and last year 20 of them have been found! We challenge everyone who did not win last year, to find as much yellow rubber ducks as possible! This is your 2nd and last chance! These ducks are part of the map design, thus can not be interacted with. The Challenge: - Take as many screenshots as possible which show following at the same time: 1. At least one visible yellow rubber duck 2. Your character itself must be visible 3. Your character name must be visible in some way Here's an example of a valid screenshot entry. It shows my character, my name and one rubber duck. The red circles are not required. The Rules: - You can only win if you did not win last year, since last years winners already know all/most of the locations. - All submissions must be posted in the My Player Reports section of our forums. (This section is entirely private and can't be seen by other players) - If a screenshot shows multiple ducks at the same time, all visible ducks will count towards your total found ducks. - Maximum amount of screenshots allowed is 21. You can directly upload them all to your topic. - Showing the same duck multiple times in different screenshots won't count towards the total amount found. - Only 1 submission consisting of multiple screenshots per player is allowed. - Submission entry time window is valid until the 30th of April 2019 - 11:59 server time. Helping other players isn't forbidden, however it will highly decrease your own win chances. Also it should be more fun to have an additional private challenge between your friends. The Rewards: The 3 players which found the most rubber ducks in total will win great surprise rewards! Winners will be picked randomly from the winner pool if there are more than 3 players who found the most. Winners will be announced and rewarded during the month of May. Who's going to find them all? Easter Event Duration 31th March - 30th April server time.
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    Ever wanted to know how long it will take you to kill a certain monster? Well, now you can find out! Formula: ( MonsterHP / ( ( YourDamagePerHit ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - YourAspd ) ) ) ) = Seconds to kill Monster ( 5,529,000 / ( ( 100,000 ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - 193 ) ) ) ) = 7.7406 Seconds Explaination of Formula: 5,529,000 = HP of Monster, in this case, Emperium. 100,000 = Your total damage per hit (Right+Left hand if you are using GX/Ninja class) What about if you wanted to solo King Poring? Since all World Boss Events have a time limit of 40 minutes, we should aim for 35 minutes. ( 975,000,000 / ( ( 65,000 ) * ( 50 / ( 200 - 193 ) ) ) ) = 2,100 Seconds ( 2,100 / 60 ) = 35 minutes What if you are using Critical / Auto-Warger Ranger? Calculating damage is slightly more complicated, especially since Rangers don't always have 100% Critical Rate and also have a Warg to add as a variable. (Note: Step 1.1A, 1.2B, and #2 also applies to melee classes)
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    2019 Costumes Catalogue

    Hello!! This page is made for those who enjoy playing Ragnarok by making the good-looking characters Page contains the overview of costumes that exist in-game* *please see "Last Edited" details at the end of the post, so you won't get lost in time "Fashion is Power" A to Z of Available Costumes Spoiler Alert!: contains a LONG list of items The NPCs What do they have? Costume Shop Clerk Jhirsi Jhinsi More content will be added soon! Last Edited: 26 Jan 2019 - Added costumes of Battleground 23 Jan 2019 - Added Costume Shop Clerk info 22 Jan 2019 - Added costumes of WoE
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    D e M o N

    World Boss Equipment Drops

    The drop rate for speed orbs are very low. (Also, rewards are no longer based off of damage.) Making the items tradable will just lead to players not participating in WBE.
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    In recent updates in the past months, Mechanics while on Madogear can no longer use active skills from cards and equips (only auto-cast ones work). Official behavior is that no non-Mechanic skills can be used while on Madogear. Meaning not even Whitesmith or Merchant skills can be used while on Madogear. So it would defeat the purpose of making it official because Mechanics on Mado are already capable of using WS and Merch skills anyway and that's already unofficial behavior. Weapon Perfection, Maximize Power, etc. can be used even when you're on Madogear. Therefore the two options would be: 1.] Make it actually official, which means only Mecha skills are usable while on Madogear (no WS or Merch skills) but that would make playing Mechanic much less fun and not a lot of people are even using it as it is. Even lesser now probably because of the update from months ago. This is the boring option lol 2.] Revert it back to before the update so that Mechanics can use all active skills that can be gained from cards and equips. The more fun option! This is the Mecha behavior for the past 2 years, I think. There are no OP cards and equips that a Mechanic on Madogear can use anyways that will make it super hard to beat. It just makes playing it more fun! 🙂 Please consider this suggestion! The 2nd option, thank you ❤️
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    It's an official feature, even if I'm agree about to remove it, it's a thing that was missing here related to Mercenaries. I've talk with friends who plays in other servers and they commented why mercenary thingy was completly easy to get here, and that was YEARS ago. If we are pretty much attached to official features, and get used to it, I think we can get used with something that actually have time ago running in other servers. I do use Mercenaries, and this actually hits me hard, but I was aware about this time ago, and I was expecting such thing late or soon in here. As you say, Theo, there are other things more important to complain at, but not because it says "is official" its an authoritary thing, it was just a must in that mechanic. Just my opinion. Peace
  25. 3 points
    Kat, is that you? lmao
  26. 3 points

    Letter To Santa 2018

    THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! The Winners are @Hersheys, @dannyphantomz ,and the random number picker chose @sucrose. But as an added gift Santa decided to send some extra presents for everyone who sent him a letter. Thank you all so much for the letters and congratulations to the winners! edit: All participants have been sent a little gift via mail if i did not see you ingame. Winners I'm waiting to give you your items personally!
  27. 3 points

    December Update

    I'm sorry... where it says all magic damage in mobs are buffed? Because are extremly high now. One fire ball from Ifrit or Comet in WBE (for example) can kill you with one hit, this is not good for newbies who wanna try wbe or Instances... not if they aren't using gtb. Or why are those magic skills on mobs buffed now? Maybe I'm missing something. Thanks.
  28. 3 points

    New upcoming video content

    Teaser Video Teaser.mp4
  29. 3 points

    About last WoE...

    Rewards have now been calculated and handed out according to the data available from before the crash. The data may not be entirely complete but should compensate your efforts during your last WoE. Please visit Baldr to claim your WoE rewards right now or you will recieve more fragments next WoE.
  30. 2 points

    Fishing Screenshots Event

    We've got a mermaid party over here, found on my rounds searching for Buwaya in Althea Next up we trying to fish up a big ol AMDARAIS 23% HP REACH by Old Glastheim
  31. 2 points
    Rainbow Sash[1] A Symbol of Future and Hope after the Great Flood Represents our server GRO for being online for a long time since 2006 Essential Requirements: 1. Nebula Aura[1] Mid Lower - "Guide Below" x100 2. 100 kaluniums/carniums - dropped by Fallen Bishop(MVP) or trade it with NPC Austri @warp prt_in 85 69 (3Elunium+50k zenny= 1Carnium) 3. 50m Zenny - Farm Gold from Goldrings (@warp alt_fild03 and overcharge them at an NPC using Merchant Class Characters) NEBULA AURA[1] Starting the Quest 1. Meet Scholar Angus @warp odin_tem01 133 137 He will tell you a secret about the runes and he will ask you to help him gather the items to receive the Rune of Uruz and just choose yes Talk to him again with the said items below in your inventory and he will point you to the 1st seal found @warp odin_tem01 323 79 50 x Valhalla's Flower dropped by Valkyrie x2 50% chance which spawn about 90-120mins and Randgris(MVP) 100% chance and spawns 8hrs both located @warp odin_tem03 Frus Skogul Echio Agav Skeggiold 20 x Red Gemstone dropped by Frus or Skogul or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 2. After clicking the seal and receiving the Rune of Uruz, go back to him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 3. Meet him @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and prepare the next batch of items and he will tell you to go where the next seal is located @warp odin_tem02 143 139 Arc Angeling Marina Marc Marse 10 x Agate dropped by Archangeling 20 x Blue Gemstone dropped by Marina,Marc,Marse or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 4. Click the seal and you will receive the Rune of Algiz 5. Talk to him again @warp odin_tem02 85 230 and he will tell you to meet him @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and prepare the next batch of items Mini Demon Dark Priest Osiris Driller Fake Angel 5 x Hand of God dropped by Mini Demon, DarkPriest and Osiris(MVP) 20 x Yellow Gemstone dropped by Driller , Fake Angel or buy at Tool Dealer @warp althea 228 215 20 x Rune of Darkness dropped by Frus,Skogul and Skeggiold 20 x Bloody Rune dropped by Agave and Echio Note: Please type @whereis “monster name” to find their whereabouts 6. After meeting him @warp odin_tem03 276 240, talk to him and he will show where to find the last seal for the last Rune of Ingwaz located @warp odin_tem03 105 335 7. After clicking the seal you will receive your Rune of Ingwaz and talk to him again @warp odin_tem03 276 240 and he will tell you to meet him to where you first met @warp odin_tem01 133 137 8. Meet him @warp odin_tem01 133 137 and talk to him, with the Runes combined you started to glow and somehow it will teleport you to a map in which is like a ruin with pitch black and thunderstorm background. 9. Move Forward and you will reach a dead end with a “Crater” in it which looks like the Seals in the 3 Runes before, Please Click it and a dialogue box will appear 10. Press Next and there you obtained your very own NEBULA AURA[1] Mid Lower thus obtaining the 1st Essential and hardest part in making the Rainbow Sash. FINAL PART Rainbow Sash[1] 1. Talk to Marybelle @warp althea 158 109 and she will tell you about being a designer of exclusive headies and introduces you her work. 2. She will then ask you if you wanna try it out? Choose Please Enchant my Item 3. She will explain the risks and will ask you if you want to continue? Choose Enchant my Item 4. After choosing that answer, a list of enchantable items in which there are many custom items only in GRO are exclusive including the Nebula Aura. 5. Scroll down from the list and choose Nebula Aura[1] and make sure you "ARE" wearing the Mid Lower Version, the one you've previously quested or obtained Note: There are 3 possible outcomes 90% chance your Nebula Aura Mid Lower Gear will become the Lower Gear version in which you will save another item slot for a Mid headie equipement 5% chance you will BREAK YOUR NEBULA AURA c. 5% chance you will obtain the Symbol of GatheringRO (RAINBOW SASH) Congratulations!!! From the Author: “Promise of a new and bright future, a promise given depicted as a symbol and that’s a “Rainbow” in which when it appears, it resembles hope and longer future” For me Rainbow Sash is the “Symbol of GatheringRO” for enduring a LOT of hardships especially the great wipe due to Abusers, Dupes and Hackers But still existed and continued on to serve us since 2006-2016 We clashed with a lot of Guilds Remembered many GMs Befriend a LOT of Players Unavoidable and unbearable Despair and Scams experienced and endured (ME) Thanks and More Power to the Players and GMs
  32. 2 points

    Emperium Sets

    All should be working for the total bonuses. That's right. Wing is the only exception.
  33. 2 points

    World Boss Timer at website

  34. 2 points

    Emperium Ranking

    Every opinion is important fyi, so shake the salt. Peace out!
  35. 2 points
    Hello everyone =D May I suggest that this item give full maya purple effect? it's such a tease if only a chance hehehe But to counter the mayap effect, remove the ATK and MATK+2% and 2% reducs and also make the weight 300 and make the emp frag cost 900 and make it also character bound. This way it won't be overpowered and even if there's mayap full effect it will have disadvantage too so it's not that easy. More weight so you have to decide if that additional weight will make you go 70% overweight and you lose your HP and SP recovery. Maybe you can mix match whichever from those disadvantages you want, it doesn't have to be all of those, to have as a cost for full mayaP effect. Thanks for the attention! ❤️
  36. 2 points
    I'm sorry but I disagree with this one full mayaP effect in a middle headgear, with extra slot for another card? that's too much, I think Why? Let's take some samples Basic build that I used: Brazil Hat [1] + Kiel-D-01 card Noble Mask [1] + Maya Purple Card +9 Emperium Sturdy Boots [1] or Moonlight Flower Card Summary: 50% faster movement speed 30% after cast delay reduction visibility for hidden players all the time and then The new build could be like: Brazil Hat [1] + Kiel-D-01 card Emperium Eye Protector [1] + Kiel-D-01 card +9 Emperium Sturdy Boots [1] or Moonlight Flower Card Summary: 50% faster movement speed 60% after cast delay reduction visibility for hidden players all the time conclusion, user can chase and spam skills at the same time on hidden target better than the Basic Build mentioned above (+30% after cast reducs) So, this kind of gear might be a nightmare for an emperium breaker, in example In short, it's gonna be really nice if I have that new effects. Pretty handy, and less equipment switching. But it sounds too much for PvP environment, imo
  37. 2 points

    True Monster Cards Balancing

    These cards were already being discussed within the gm team and are already prepared and ready for the next patch. The prepared changes are global changes, and not based on PvP pr PvE. But we can take another look at it.
  38. 2 points

    Mercenary Behavior

    Sounds like a good idea. On the next update.
  39. 2 points
    https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3671 Here they were implementing new skills which are usable while in Madogear. And seem to have fixed some bugs to get to the official behavior: iroWiki That means it's working as intended.
  40. 2 points
    This topic is very interesting, Firstly, We don't know a single reason why weapon perfection, maximize power, meltdown, etc can be use while in Mado, we cannot use any single skill from cards. Those buff is very useless update.........Honestly, In Mado state, There were already god damn good skill to kill others and to defend our self from incoming attack. so Its really appreciated, If GM want to explain why Mado can use those buff because its very unthinkable. Actually, with those BUFF (weapon perfection, maximize power, meltdown) on Mado skill, i can go for double kill, triple kill or even penta kill, less then 5 second. In other words, GM just make this class very unbalance.(DON'T FORGET TO NERF ALL TRUE HOWARD,EREMES ETC and ALL NEW MVP CARD FROM NIGHTMARE BIOLAB. At least GM should try those first before applying it on server. OR is it just GM lazy to test it?) So my suggestion for this, REVERT BACK IT TO NORMAL, when MADO CAN'T USE WEAPON PERFECTION, MAXIMIZE POWER, MELT DOWN,or BUFF skill from second job and we can use any skill from cards. +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for Miss Carol
  41. 2 points
    UP. +1 for Suggestion No. 2 Please Revert it back to before the update so that Mechanics can use all active skills from cards.
  42. 2 points

    Official Ammo Equip Behaviour

    Thank you for your feedback. Since this seems to be a very big topic, i've taken immediate action. Ammo is now no longer being unequipped when you take off your weapon. However it currently still checks for a suitable weapon when you're trying to equip your ammo. Does that sound good or do you want that behavior to be reverted as well? (It is also how it works on the official servers.)
  43. 2 points

    Letter To Santa 2018

    Thank you all so much for your letters! The winners shall be announced tomorrow after Santa has finished reading over them all.
  44. 2 points

    Letter To Santa 2018

    Dear Santa, I hope you are having a nice day. My in-game name is Watafaka and my real name is James, Its already been 9 years since i started playing this server i still remember the days where there are so many peeps esp. during woe and i hope this server will still be kickin' in the next more years! More powers to all of you guys! and for this year i really wanted to have a King Tiger Doll Hat(1) Item ID# 5497. Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year! Yours Truly, James P H I L I P P I N E S N U M B A W A N !
  45. 2 points
  46. 2 points
    Fixed They have been re-designed and are now more monster-like than before. They will now also vanish after a 3 minute life-span. Item description will be updated later.
  47. 2 points
    Yes, it used to work long ago. I believe it only works outside of towns. And possibly in PvP. If you try using this in PvP, the item is consumed but nothing happens. Usually you get a message that says "This item cannot be used within this area" if the item is disabled.
  48. 2 points
    D e M o N

    Homunculus AI

    Homunculus auto-attack has been disabled by Gravity. Reference #1 Reference #2
  49. 2 points

    Funny Pictures

    @D e M o N European cities were mostly built around something (church, castle etc.) and sometimes were limited by walls. so they were built in a radial way. Also there are rivers, hills & mountains, farmers with ground for cultivation. The roads weren't built straight and they started to give away/sell the unequally big plots of land. This all happened over several hundreds of years. (i tried to explain it in a very short way, if you're interested in this, you should read about "urban morphology") American cities were built after you colozined them and had time to proper plan them. Or you burnt them down and rebuilt them properly (Chicago) Ohhh and it's also fun to send Tourists to wrong places, which is so much easier in european places awXRbYr_460swp.webp
  50. 2 points

    World Boss Nuisances

    Have no sense, Vio, you always were luring me those mobs to me anytime you could with your summoner, and now you can notice by yourself how annoying it is? I asked you many times to stop that. It would be enough if players can report who is luring those mobs to players in purpose like you did to me weeks ago. I also had to report you with a GM because it was annoying if you have 100%+ neutral resist and others are hitting the mob, then happen: It take more time to kill Belphegor (in this case) if hitters are receiving anytime a Comet in their faces only for a joy of troll person. Also, GMs have to take in consideration this fact and take care seriously those kind of reports.

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