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    World Boss Guide 2.0

    This will serve as an update to my previous guide. This guide will cover the following: Introduction The World Bosses Class/Job Relevance during World Boss Events Etiquette in World Boss Events Introduction: World Boss Events (most commonly known as WBEs) are one of the custom features of GatheringRO. Every few set of hours, a world boss appears in a specific map wherein players must arrive to and defeat the world boss together. If you are curious when and where the next world boss might spawn, click here. World Bosses often provide a plethora of rewards such as Werewolf Essence, King Poring Essence, and Belphegor Egg which, when opened, provide rare and often times extremely valuable items. After defeating a World Boss, a glowing chest will appear on the spot the boss died. If you've dealt enough damage to the World Boss (around 500,000 to 1,000,000 minimum damage based on observation), you will be rewarded at least 5 Yggdrasil Berries and 1 Evil Boss Fragment. Note: You can only claim World Boss Rewards a maximum of 3 times a day. Any successive attempts to claim rewards will be denied. Evil Boss Fragments are also a valuable currency of which you can trade them in for great rewards at the Shady Figure in the Althea Adventurers Guild (@warp althea_in 69 92). The World Bosses: There are currently only three World Bosses at the present. Who knows if the server is going to add more in the future? Let's break down: Who are the World Bosses? What they are capable of doing? How do you beat them effectively? Who are the World Bosses? King Poring (Thank you Eclage for helping me with this!) The King Poring is (in my humble opinion) the easiest World Boss among the three. Its high defense makes it susceptible to Thanatos Card effects and the spells it casts are fairly easy to avoid. It also summons an entourage of Poring Guards that don't really help it. Despite the King Poring being one of the 'easier' bosses, caution must still be exercised when fighting this over sized blob. Werewolf (Thank you XiaoWend for helping me with this!) The Werewolf is a strong short-ranged attacker that makes short work anyone and anything that gets too close to it. Despite possessing mostly close-ranged skills, the Werewolf can increase its movement speed to close the distance with ease. This is the only World Boss that does not summon anything. Belphegor Belphegor is the most annoying, if not difficult boss to fight. Despite having the lowest MaxHP among the three World Bosses, Belphegor possesses an arsenal of magical abilities and powerful summons. Belphegor is accompanied by three demons: Shalibri, Sonneillon, and Succorbenoth which aid the demon when they are threatened. Class/Job Relevance during World Boss Events: This part of the guide will cover the uses for most (not all) of the classes in the server and their relevance during World Boss Events. Certain classes also have roles to play in the World Boss which are merely suggestive and created based on observation and research during the World Boss Events. Roles: Ranged DPS: Designed to constant deal damage from a safe distance. These classes usually have naturally fast attack speeds or spammable skills. This is one of the more consistent and popular roles taken during World Boss Events. Ranged Burst: Classes with this role are usually able to deal a lot of damage in a short time frame. These skills could have high damage but high to moderate cooldowns to be counted in this role. (Magic classes that deal long-raged magic damage are included in this role.) Tank: These classes are naturally able to soak a lot of damage without dying too quickly or possess skills that enable them to block or avoid damage. Melee Burst: Similar to the Ranged Burst role, classes in this role deal massive damage in a short time frame when in melee range of the boss. Melee DPS: Classes within this role go close to the World Boss and deal consistent damage to it. This role is known to be one of the most risky and niche, only viable against certain World Bosses. Support: This role specializes in increasing the damage of World Boss participants, make sure the participants don't die, and make sure that the other participants attack the boss as unhindered as possible. This role is not very popular do to the nature of reward claiming during World Boss events very damage-centric, making this the least popular role of the bunch. Etiquette in World Boss Events Be on time all the time. Other people have places to be. Avoid Fire-property damage. It's counter-productive. Don't AoE Belphegor. Lest you anger both man and demon. Try something new. If it benefits everyone. Thanks for reading my guide! Do know that this is open to change and constructive criticism. If you'd like to add insights, feel free to add input or correct me if I've made a mistake . Special Thanks to: @Madeleine Jon, @W e n d i r o u s, @Khaii, @Ryu Sakamoto, and Ralf.
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    Enchanting WoE & BG Armors

    Forced by Everade, I decided to create a guide about it... In first place you'll need an Emperium/Battleground Armor + either Emperium Fragment / Heroism Badge. The Emperium Armor Enchanter can be found at woe_map 224 199; while the Battleground Armor Enchanter is located at bat_room 177 141. Enchanting Emperium Armor Armor Enchanter Troy can enchant the 3rd and 4th slots of Emperium Armors using Emperium Fragment. You can choose the type of enchantment on the 4th slot. As soon as the 4th slot enchantment reaches the maximum level of 4, you can enchant the 3rd slot with an additional random enchantment. Before you start remember, there is no way to reset the enchantment. These are the available enchantments for the 4th slot : Enchant Attack Archery Spell Vitality Attack Speed Healing Emperium Fragments consumed Level 1 STR +1 DEX +1 INT +1 VIT +1 Agi +1 SP +150 100 Level 2 STR +2 DEX +2 INT +2 VIT +2 Agi +3 MSP +1% 200 Level 3 Fighting Spirit 1 Expert Archer 1 Spell 1 MHP2 DelayAfterAttack1 Heal2 300 Level 4 Fighting Spirit 2 Expert Archer 2 Spell 2 MHP3 DelayAfterAttack2 Heal3 400 3rd slot Random Special Enchantment 500 Special Enchantments There are 4 different types of enchantments you can achieve : It does NOT depend on your 4th enchantment choice, it is completely random. - AfterCastDelay2 - AttackSpeed1 - Power20 - MDEF25 Enchanting Battleground Armor Armor Enchanter Clark enchants Battleground Armors just the way Troy does. Also the enchantments are the same except for the required Heroism Badge instead of Emperium Fragments. Prices are : Enchant Heroism Badge Level 1 400 Level 2 800 Level 3 1200 Level 4 1600 Level 5 2000
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    Enchanting Emperium Weapon

    Emperium Weapons can either be bought from Cyruldus at woe_map 201 206 (500 Emperium Fragment), or can be chosen from Emperium Weapon Chest (Baldr WoE Reward). Liya, the enchanter is located at woe_map 180 201. Enchanting Emperium Weapon Liya will start enchanting your Emperium Weapon with the 4th slot and afterwards enchant the 3rd slot using either 6 Emperium Fragment, 3 Obsidian Fragment, or 3 GatheringRO Token. She will also ask 1 Silver Coin per enchant. Each ingredient enables different enchantments, at different rates. Emperium Fragment STR AGI INT STR +1 AGI +1 INT +1 STR +2 AGI +2 INT +2 STR +3 AGI +3 INT +3 STR +4 AGI +4 INT +4 These are the only availabe enchants using Emperium Fragment. Also you do NOT have an option to choose between them. => NOT recommended to enchant this way. Obsidian Fragment While using Obsidian Fragment you can choose between 3 options (Caster, Short Range, Long Range) of enchantments. Each option will lead you to different possible enchants. Caster INT DEX/MATK Spell INT +2 DEX +2 Spell2 INT +3 DEX +3 Spell3 INT +4 MATK1 Spell4 INT +5 MATK2 Spell5 Short Range AGI Fighting Spirit Sharp/ASPD AGI +2 FS4 Sharp2 AGI +3 FS5 Sharp3 AGI +4 FS6 ASPD1 AGI +5 FS7 ASPD1 Long Range AGI Expert Archer Sharp/ASPD AGI +2 EA2 Sharp2 AGI +3 EA3 Sharp3 AGI +4 EA4 ASPD1 AGI +5 EA5 ASPD1 GatheringRO Token Using Tokens does also allow you to choose either one of the 3 options mentioned above. The best available enchants for your weapon can only be achieved by consuming GatheringRO Token. Caster INT DEX Spell INT +3 DEX +3 Spell3 INT +4 MATK1 Spell4 INT +5 MATK2 Spell5 INT +6 MATK2 Spell6 Short Range AGI Fighting Spirit Sharp/ASPD AGI +3 FS5 Sharp4 AGI +4 FS6 Sharp5 AGI +5 FS7 ASPD1 AGI +6 FS8 ASPD1 Long Range AGI Expert Archer Sharp/ASPD AGI +3 EA3 Sharp4 AGI +4 EA4 Sharp5 AGI +5 EA5 ASPD1 AGI +6 EA6 ASPD1 Resetting Enchantment To reset your weapon's enchantment talk to Liya and choose Reset Enchantment. She will ask 1 Silverine Fruit and reset BOTH enchants on your weapon. There is NO way to reset a specific enchant. Your weapon can neither be broken, nor downgraded during the process.
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear Santa, hear my tale and my Christmas wish! In the dark of fall, the people of Midgard heard her call. From the cold bitter north, Sehra the angel came forth. From the land of IKEA, she went to fair city Althea. With shimmering light, she healed those in plight. With judgement from heaven, she smote the evil seven. Soon companions joined her cause, cats, mechanics and rangers of course. Deep dungeons they delved, there battles were held. Countless foes laid low, none could make them bow. Sehra kept them alive, in peril she would thrive. Safe back to home, or else to atone. But too much power she used, her wings became all bruised. Once glimmering white, now as red as the fight. Grimly she thought, of this great shame she had brought. Sehra then almost forgot, one that could bring this shame to naught. A wish was sent to the north, to make new wings come forth. Dear Santa it said, I wish for Wings of Genesis to be made. They would make this Christmas bright, I once again could share the light! My friends I would bless, our quests a certain success. So glad I would be, with wings of white I will never flee! The cold winter wind, never again it will have me pinned. Such joy this would bring, I shall thank thee as I in battle sing! A merry Christmas to each and all, I wish you a great Christmas haul! And after that cheesy mess, I guess some technicalities… I hope I was supposed to post this here to begin with, otherwise I’m more than a little embarrassed XD Anyway. Character in game = Sehra (Arch Bishop). Item I wish for = Costume Genesis Wing. Why I desire it = The verses above… But basically Sehra has lost her wings (she just believes that, she never had any ;p) and it would make her happy if Santa made new ones. Christmas, Genesis and Sehra (since she is a priest) are related to faith in different ways, so it fits. Kinda ;D Thanks for reading, merry Christmas everyone! //Sehra
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    D e M o N

    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Summer fishing trip with the Noob.. Some little monster got into the storage, ate a couple of freshly caught fish and left the lures everywhere. Who would do such a horrible thing?! IGN: Violentia
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Graphite Rod: 80 gRO Tokens Choco: 3 Universal Tamers attempts BBQ Picky: PRICELESS!! IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren
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    This Guide Contains: Introduction Stat, Skill, and Item Builds for the various Kage/Oboro Universally Useful Skills Personal Notes and Observations The Kagerou and Oboro classes are extremely versatile classes that can switch between physical and magical damage with ease. The class innately excels under pressure as they seem to have an answer to any adversity that comes their way. In this guide, I will be focusing on the builds I have uncovered while playing the Kagerou/Oboro class. I will also be covering the strengths and weaknesses of the builds as well as tips and tricks on how to play the class effectively in different builds. This guide focuses on the PvP aspect of the Kagerou/Oboro and thus, will not cover their PvE potentials. Stat Build: Pure Magic: This build focuses on fast, and mostly single-target magic aimed to completely obliterate a single unit. Pros: High (mostly) single-target magic which uses three main elements: Fire, Water, and Wind. Most offensive skills have no after-cast delays. Is able to use amulets to increase a specific element's damage. Is able to apply amulets to the ground creating hazards for enemies. Dual-wielding increases magic damage to a whole new level. Cons: Fragile; low-hp making it easy for enemies to eliminate the Kagerou/Oboro. Uses elements that are easy to resist. Str - Added mainly to enable the Kagerou/Oboro to carry more ammunition and amulets. Agi - Higher attack speed decreases cast animations allowing the Kagerou/Oboro to cast skills in quick succession. Vit - This stat shouldn't be too high (above 150 is too high for this build) as it will enable Thanatos Card users to kill you faster. Int - This will be the Kagerou/Oboro's main stat for the Pure Magic build as it lowers the cast-time of spells as well as increase the overall magic damage. Dex - The Kagerou/Oboro will require 150 Dex in order to cast spells at optimal speed. Luk - Added for utility, the Luk stat will grant you resistances to various impairments like Frozen and Deep Sleep. This stat also adds a slight increase to both Atk and Matk. Skills: This section will cover what skills will be useful to the Pure Magic build of the Kagerou/Oboro. Item build: The Pure Magic build will be reliant in switching between dual-daggers and dagger-shield. Stat Build: Huuma Arts: This build focuses purely on the physical side of the Kagerou/Oboro which specializes in various throwing techniques and the utilization of multiple elements. This guide will focus only on the Str aspect of the Huuma Arts as the Agi-Dex build's damage is insignificant compared to the Str build. Pros: Unpredictable; the Kagerou/Oboro can easily change elements through endowing their weapons. Moderate burst damage Has access to different long-ranged attacks single-target and AoE alike. Effective at both close range and long range combat. Possesses multiple fast skills that require no casting Cons: Some skills have fixed cooldowns. Naturally Low HP. Requires more patience to play effectively compared to other Kagerou/Oboro builds. Str - This will be the main source of damage for most throwing skills of the Kagerou/Oboro. Agi - Higher attack speed lowers the animation of cast times thus allowing the Kagerou/Oboro to throw faster. Vit - Again, this stat must not be too high due to the possibility that foes might use Thanatos Card effects on the Kagerou/Oboro. Int - This will be use purely for SP purposes. Dex - The Kagerou/Oboro will require 150 Dex in order to cast spells at optimal speed as well as act as a secondary stat for long-ranged skills. Luk - Added for utility, the Luk stat will grant you resistances to various impairments like Frozen and Deep Sleep. This stat also adds a slight increase to both Atk and Matk. Skills: This section will cover what skills will be useful to the Huuma Arts build of the Kagerou/Oboro. ==To be Continued==
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    New Instances & Updates

    Charleston Crisis Although most of the content has been released quite a while ago, with the release of Charleston Crisis we would like to introduce to you our latest Wiki entries related to it: Episode 15.1 - Phantasmagorica Verus City The circular ruins of Verus City seem to lie closely south of the Juperos Ruins, suggesting that the two areas may be connected in whatever destruction befell them. Both the Juperos Ruins and Verus City have been buried underground, so no sunlight reaches them at all. Oddly enough, trees and shrubbery continue to grow in the darkened Verus City regardless. There are four districts unearthed in Verus City thus far. The districts designated as Findspot and Central Square appear to be residences and marketplaces. The other two districts, R&D-WISH and Lab-OPTATIO, appear to be work districts consisting of laboratories and research facilities. Memorial Dungeon Release * Instance - Charleston Crisis has been implemented! * This includes the Verus Equipment Exchange (Excellion Wing/Suit trader and Enchant NPCs) as well as new cards * Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards * Charleston Crisis is now part of the daily memorial dungeon challenges Temple of the Demon God Temple of the Demon God is the final part of the ongoing Decisive Battle in Episode 14.3. Here you will find that Satan Morocc has been resurrected as a God! Will you be strong enough to stop him or will he bring upon Ragnarok!? You can warp to the entrance of Temple of the Demon God instance using the Warper NPC (Instances > Temple of the Demon God) Memorial Dungeon Release * Temple of the Demon God instance has been implemented! * Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards * Temple of Demon God is now part of the daily memorial dungeon challenges Essences of Evil enchantments and new cards are now available! More Instance Updates * Adjusted min-max damage on several instance bosses and monsters. Their physical attack damage will now be dynamic rather than fixed. Affected instances: Old Glastheim, Sealed Shrine, Endless Tower, Octopus Cave, Buwaya Cave * Old Glast Heim and Buwaya Cave got their Yggdrasil Berry drop amount reduced from 10 to 5 pieces Old Glast Heim * Reverted the dead body customizations (since it doesn't seem to cause the bug to get stuck) That means their trigger area is now bigger like on official again, and their locations are back to official as well * Implemented another experimental fix to workaround the commander spawn issues. (need feedback on this one) * Doubled drop rate of Coagulated Spell on Amdarias chest rewards (from 25% up to 50% chance) * Some overall balancing changes, preparing for the upcoming hard mode. Ghost Palace * Ghost Palace Exchange NPC is now available and is willing to exchange Shard of Gray for Thanos Weapons ,Gray Armor Sets and the Knight Sakray Card. Visit the Dimension Traveler located at: dali02 51,130 Sky Fortress * Added missing NPCs * Corrected NPC locations * Updated dialogues to match official * Added some missing effects and functions * Fixed players getting stuck on instance creation Nightmarish Jitterbug * Updated monster stats to match official information * Corrected item drops and adjusted some drop rates Misc Updates * Adjusted channel display names for easier identification * Added missing Malangdo Guide NPCs * Added a missing misc. Payon NPC * Removed custom monster skills for Faceworm, Last Room and Isle of Bios since their official skills have been implemented already * Fixed Vellum Katzbalger item effect and item description * Fixed Holy Elemental Scroll item effect * Fixed Turbo Potion item effect used in the legendary Prism Quest * Fixed Replication Scrolls item effect * Removed Lvl 5 Safe Refinement Certificates from the Ascended Crafting Chest * Corrected Morocc map name in a lot of quests, monster names and misc. dialogues "Instances have been a long awaited wish from lots of players, which also clearly showed in our recent survey. Since all these instances are custom releases, make sure to report bugs right away! I've been working hard to release them in a hopefuly stable state and tested/fixed/improved/balanced them lots of times, but still, make sure to report any bug you might encounter. Any kind of balancing feedback is also welcome! Old Glast Heim - Hard Mode and Infinite Space will be available very soon!" Thank you ~<3
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    Feedback - Misleading NPC Prices

    It won't let you buy it by placing it on FAV. So you gotta place it back there.
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    I'm not good at writing letters, and I've never had the chance to win this event in my whole gRO life , but I'm gonna try with something I'm a bit better with, a doodle. That's me, Shuichi, wearing a Santa outfit!! Glad to see our server alive another year, let's hope for another one!! Santa, bless this server with lots of love and lots of costumes too bahaha! also to our admin Everade, we all know that he have been working hard for his baby: GatheringRO. I've been a good girl and I hope you can bless me with #31178: C Fire Muffler, I saw it somewhere months ago and I loved it! Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good one! Shuichi~
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    Mr. Grimm

    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear santa Give me tacos and a costume red scarf to hide them and eat secretly. gatitu
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad :( IGN : Milkmeslow
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    "There maybe plenty of fish in the sea, but in the meantime, i'm just holding holding my rod against these Brute/Cute friends (Sasquatch,Leib Olmai, Poporing, Bigfoot) and be patiently waiting for my luck ".... IGN: Ultimyr "So i'm not the only one that's excited to caught some fish, some big hungry fellas are also waiting." Wth.
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    Gale Windscar

    Fishing Screenshots Event

    IGN: Gale Windscar So I found this wonderful and peaceful fishing spot. But one day, I fell asleep while waiting for the fish to bite and I woke up with these family of dragons murdering me! No one messes with my fishing! (it's kinda creepy fishing beside a tomb but /meh)
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Ren seemed lonely so... I decided to keep her company Especially since her daughters were missing, I stayed with her until I found all 9 of them and brought them home
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    Pro Hunter Entrance Quest (Full)

    Being a Pro Hunter gives you access to the Pro Hunter Market located at (althea_in 75 88) which contains various items that push into PvE end-game territory. But first, you need the Pro Hunter's License that only Pro Hunters who passed a rigorous test may obtain such a license. Step 1: Go to the Adventurer's Guild (@go adv) and talk to Ging. Tip: Don't spam through the dialogue. He will ask you if you want to take the exam, which you reply "Yes, please!". Step 2: Walk down just a little bit and speak to the Exam Supervisor. Select the dialogue "Yes, I am ready." when you wish to take the test. Step 3: Upon accepting the test, you will be warped to the Testing Room wherein you must obtain 4 Pro Hunter's Approval by completing four individual tests. 3.1) Killua's Tracking Test - You may find Killua on the northwest part of the room. This test simply requires you to remember where the shadow stops. You will do this for a few rounds and eventually, you will get your first Pro Hunter's Approval! 3.2) Hisoka's Jan-Ken-Pon - Hisoka is located at the southwest part of the room. This test relies mostly on your luck, and rule here is that you need to win three times in a row to earn Hisoka's approval. If you and Hisoka pick the same gesture, you have to pick another gesture. Example: If you and Hisoka pick Rock, you are forced to pick either Paper or Scissors. Losing against him will cost you a part of your HP and all your SP which is lethal if you drop too low. Eventually, you'll get another Pro Hunter's Approval. 3.3) Netero's Physical Therapy - This test is basically Jan-Ken-Pon but with extra steps. Netero can be found in the southeast part of the room. Tips: When attacking, always chose the "Strike Head!" option. Based on experience, head attacks are more likely to hit compared to the other attacks. On the first two rounds, both attacks must land in order to gain the advantage. Since you are given the first attack, select the "Strike Head!" option. If Netero blocks this attack, cancel the dialogue and redo it until you hit him. When you do hit him, Netero will initiate his own attack from which you will respond with "Counter Back!". Do this until you land both a "Strike Head!" and a "Counter Back!" attack. This will prompt you to have similar or close to similar HP. Alternate between "Dodge!" and "Block!". Based on experience, this helps avoid most of the damage. Be absolutely persistent. Congratulations on your 3rd Pro Hunter's Approval! 3.4) Kurapika's Intelligence Test - He can be found on the northeast part of the room. This test can either be your easiest or the most difficult one. This test requires you to piece certain words together without any context and create something that makes sense. The combination of words are: You now have all 4 Pro Hunter's Approvals! Step 4: Speak to Alluka who is located just behind Killua, and ask her to warp you out. Once out, speak to Ging in order to receive your Pro Hunter's License! Congratulations! You now have access to daily Pro Hunter Quests and the Pro Hunter Market. Note that the Pro Hunter Market is only open to characters who have the Pro Hunter's License in their inventory. You do not need the Pro Hunter's License in your inventory in order to receive rewards from completing the Pro Hunter Quests.
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    Miss Carol

    Survival Mecha Guide (Dead build).

    This build is dead. Don't do it! xD Hello everyone! By ask from some people, i'll make a Mechanic(Axe Tornado build) guide. Before everything, we have to know our skills! Buffs: Cart Boost (You need a cart to use it, increase ur move speed). Weapon Perfection (Blacksmith buff, increase ur weapon damage). Maximum Power Trust (Transcendent blacksmith buff, increase ur damage, waste 5k zeny). Adrenaline Rush (Increase ur Atack speed(need mace or axe), blacksmith buff). Crazy Upproar (Merchant quest buff(just talk to the Platinum Skill Master in atlhea), increase ur str in +4). Maximize Power (Amplifie weapon atack power, consume alot of SP, Transcendent Blacksmith buff). Meltdown (Destroy enemy weapon on pvp, decrease monsters defense). After understand this Axe Tornado: Inflicts Melee Physical Damage to all enemies in a set area around the user. Requires to have an Axe class weapon equipped and if it is Wind property, the damage will increase by 25% overall. Damage (ATK) = [(Base_Damage + VIT) × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]% What we need know? You need: Str 200 Vit 200 Agi(193 aspd, depend in ur set). Equips: To be honest, Mechanic is a expensive char, so if you want do one, u wanna have to waste zeny. No pain, no gain! Weapons: The best option: Orcish Axe[4] You can slot it on prontera, type " @go prontera ", then type " /navi prt_in 22_61 ". where to catch? " @warp gef_fild10 ". About cards: Because the constant waste of SP, Dracula is needed. For damage, Memory of Thanatos, is the best choice. And for regen, 2x Sniper cards(the mvp one), or 2x Hunter fly cards. Armor: The best option: Geffen Magic Robe[1] You can get it on Geffen Magic Tornament. About cards: Tao Gunka, is the best choice because we are target on Survival, not on damage. Champion, is a good option too, gives 25% HP, damage and after cast. Headgear: The best option: Old driver Band(Top), Baron's Evil Eye(Mid), Raibow Sash(Lower) where to catch? " Tomb of honor ", search on database. About cards: Kiel, just Kiel. LOL Acessory: The best option: one Geffen Physical Ring, one Improved Expert Ring/Expert Ring cards: 2x Brozering/Belphe, Combo Faceworm + Dark Faceworm Boots: The best option: STR Temporal Boots or Dex Temporal Boots Shield: The best option: Immune Shield Gtb Needed. Robe: The best option: +9 Adventure Backpack Develing needed. General considerations: In full build u need: 2x Kiel card Thana(or incarnation samurai/tgen) Dracula 2x Sniper(or hunter fly) Gtb Card Develing card Final Considerations: If you don't have some itens from the listed, search what itens u can use in ur own case. If you don't have Kiel, don't do it. Thanks by the attention, Carol.
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    A Return to GatheringRO

    Welcome Back! This topic will be your guide as you return to Gathering Ragnarok Online. Learn about the new content we’ve added to the game, the vast number of updates and improvements we’ve made to familiar gameplay since you last played, and much, much more. Let’s get started. Your Account If you haven’t visited Midgard since several years, you need to make sure that you can still Access Your Account. If you have issues accessing your account, you can simply reset your password right here: Reset Password In case you can't access your email address anymore, or you might even have forgotten your username, please contact the administrator (Everade) via a private message on our forums or Discord. Please provide us with as many details as possible about your missing account to speed up the process. Contact Now Once you've gotten access to your account, please re-check all your account details and make sure they are up to date. We recommend to change your password right away to increase your account security. IMPORTANT: Due the vast changes on our ingame reward systems, we've moved to a 1 account per person policy. More details can be found in our updated ingame rules, so make sure you read yourself through before heading into the game. Downloading the Game Once you’ve gotten your account set up, you can download the updated game client directly from our website. It is important that if you still have an old installer on your system to not use it. Our client recieved a major overhaul, so the latest installer will be required to be able to play. Visit the download page If you have issues during this process, you can read about how to resolve them on the support page. What's New? We were pretty busy to enhance a lot of the key features gRO has to offer. It was our main goal to bring more end-game content to our players, while being much more rewarding. So let's get you a quick overview on these key features! PvP Content Free - PvP Gear Set To help you as a returnee or as a beginner alike, we have given you the opportunity to start your PvP adventure right away once you've reached max level. You can get the entire set and additional giveaways 1 time per account as a welcome or welcome-back present! Talk to Mr. Giveaway in Althea to claim your presents for yourself! He will also lead you through the very basics of GatheringRO and guide you around our re-designed main Town. War of Emperium - Personal Rewards Our account based reward system has been designed to reward each individual person on its own. Prove your worth by actively attending in the War of Emperium by successfully completing team-objectives and you'll be able to purchase ascended battle gear, glorious costumes, mounts and much more! Get all the details on our WoE Reward System page, and our dedicated War of Emperium Info page. We've also introduced a brand-new, beginner friendly and castle rotating main access WoE Core Map. You can either use the warp service from the lost soul Einherjar in Althea to warp to the WoE Core, or warp there directly by using the command @go woe. Battlegrounds Battlegrounds is a competitive PvP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment, costumes and consumable rewards for participation. If you love the PvP aspect of Ragnarok, then the battlegrounds were made for you!Simply use the ingame command @go bg to warp instantly to the main area. We've re-designed Battlegrounds from the ground up, removed disliked modes and improved upon fan favorites to bring you the best experience possible! Earn brand-new ascended gear sets, guaranteed reward chests, and become a true warrior! We've created an indept Battlegrounds guide to feed your brain with all the details in- and around this amazing PvP content. Knuckle up with daily rewards, and compete in your favorite game modes! PvE Content World Bosses - Events New automated events are on the horizon! World Bosses are epic event monsters encountered throughout the open world of GatheringRO that spawn a treasure chest when defeated.They spawn at sheduled times which are announced ingame, 5 minutes before the boss appears. Checkout our dedicated World Boss Event timer, so you'll never miss a fight! They've been introduced with an all-new looting system allows us to reward every single participant upon fighting epic world bosses. You'll be rewarded with at least a Evil Boss Fragment and a wide variety of rare loot which can be gained at a lower drop chance. Our original monster invasions have also been improved with great rewards for you to explore! The more cities you save from their attacks, the higher the chances to earn rare rewards become. More details on all our Automated Events timetable can be found in our wiki. Party Based Memorial Dungeons Always keep an eye open on the global chat for players asking for people to join them for PHQ. (Pro Hunter Quest). This is your chance to find new friends to play with and enjoy all the latest Memorial Dungeons (Instances). There are now also daily challenges for additional rewards for those owning a Pro Hunter License. These bosses also support our unique treasure chest reward system just like the world bosses, so you'll never have to share your loot with anyone and can team up with as many people as you like! New Episodes Of course, we've been busy adding lots of great new Episodical quest story lines, maps and monsters to the ever-growing Ragnarok Online universe! And it keeps getting bigger! Here are some cherry picked Update Hubs which have been released lately: Banquet For Heroes - Update Hub Tomb of Honor - Update Hub Rock Ridge - Update Hub But there's so much more! General Content Althea - Capital City Althea has been renovated from the blade of a grass up to the last brick of the castle! The changes are not just about barely visual improvements for eye-candy, but also from a comfort prespective when it comes to its available services. Especially new players should have a better time understanding the new city landscape. Yellow - Vote Prize Redemption Orange - Legendary Gear Services for Prism and Valkyrie Helm Red - Item Enchantments Green - Everade's House (Quest content) Login Rewards Every day, upon staying online for a full hour, a login rewards window will appear right in the middle of the screen. All that is required to receive a reward is to be online for an hour during that day, and the reward for that will wait until it is claimed. This Login Reward system also comes with hundreds of new costumes that are available through a weekly rotating shop system. Playable Classes - Balance All classes recieved new skills and we did our best with an entire re-balancing of all classes. We're still providing balancing updates to keep the PvP content enjoyable, more than ever before. As we listen to our player feedback closely, feel free to share your balancing thoughts at any time with us. Feedback & Suggestions Also with the new race Doram you've got a new race and class, the Summoner to explore! Cards & Legendaries - Economy A vast amount of changes have also been made to lighten up the access toMVP cards and other end-game content such as legendaries. This should help returnees and new players to have a better time catching up and focus on enjoying the game. Also, if you're a proud owner of one of the original legendary headgears, you may now have the possibility to upgrade their visuals! Or you can take a look at the brand new legendary headgears that have been introduced during your time off. Legendary Quests - Wiki Game Information We took the time to write down several new Basic Guides, Wiki entries (over 800 articles to date) and more to get you a fresh and save start. So make sure to at least pass by our: Game Guide - Main Access Page Overwhelmed? A lot of things might have changed which can be kind of overwhelming. But we're always here to help you! We now also have a Support channel ingame, so any question you ask there can be seen by the entire player base. This is usualy the fastest and most convenient way to get help. You can now also reach us on our official Discord server and of course here at our dedicated forum. Please note that "A Return To GatheringRO" only lists a handful of the vast amount of updates we've made over the years. We're sure you'll find yourself in many more great surprises a long the way. It's great to have you back!
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    New Instances & Bug Fixes

    Old Glast Heim - Hard Mode Old Glast Heim is a dungeon where you travel back in time to aid Hugin and the Glast Heim Royal Knights in thwarting the plans of evil valkyrie Himmelmez. Introducing OGH's Hard mode, where monsters have higher HP and stronger attacks, but will drop the more valuable Contaminated Magic. Additionally, you will also have a chance of receiving 1-4 extra temporal crystals as compared to normal mode. Are you ready for the challenge? Memorial Dungeon Release * Old Glast Heim Hard Mode instance has been implemented! * Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards * Fixed some NPC locations and view directions Infinite Space Pharos Lighthouse, located south east of Comodo, has collapsed and beneath its ruins there seems to be an “Infinite Space” that stretches endlessly. You can warp to the entrance of Infinite Space using the Warper NPC (Instances > Infinite Space) Memorial Dungeon Release * Instance - Infinite Space has been implemented! * End-Boss fight supports our Reward Chest system for personal rewards * Shattered Magic Stone reward count from bosses scale with player count Get you hands on some shiny new gear, cards and explore infinity and beyond! Charleston Crisis Updates * Re-Factor all triggers and functions, to ensure proper handling of NPC, monster and global instance events. This fixes many more issues that were still present to date and improves the overall quality of the instance. * Increased the size of several invisible trigger areas so you can't miss them anymore. * Added some missing basic instance map restrictions (healing items, ...) Temple of the Demon God Updates * Added some missing basic instance map restrictions (healing items, ...) Misc. Updates * Improved item description for Guardian's Armor to properly define damage type for the bonuses * Fixed Warp Agent to properly check for the Wolfchev's Laboratory quest finalization Alberta invasion * Fixed Phen monsters no longer spawning because that monster id does officialy no longer exist Replaced with a different Phen mob instead. Skill Balancings * Nerfed skill damage of Axe Tornado. Updates that took place prior this patch These hotfixes and updates have already been announced on our discord channel: Item Combos triggering twice * Removed item combo bonuses redundancy which caused combos triggering twice. Charleston Crisis * Re-Factor of how instance variables are handled This fixes several issues related to certain parts of the instance being entirely skipped * Implemented an additional check to prevent players from triggering a monster spawn event multiple times * Several dialogue improvements and technical cleanups/improvements * Fixed Pile Punker upgrading issues * Added an additional timer to properly destroy the instance after the 2 hour time-cap rather than destroying it right away once someone leaves the instance. Temple of the Demon God * Fixed infinite slave spawn loop that caused a map server crash * Re-factored the entrance NPC to fix the issue that only the leader could enter the instance and everyone else was left behind. * Removed some clunky mechanics that the instance may get destroyed while people are still inside. Fixed @mi command * The command now properly returns correct data when checking monster stats Prism View * Fixed several wrong Prism Looks due changed view ids on custom items. They have now been returned to their original state. (mainly prisms that have been created prior christmas 2018) Fixed Combo Bonus effects * Warmaster Badge * Guardian's Bracer Fixed Item Description * Axe Tornado Forum Updates * International Support sections have been entirely removed due lack of community activity. * More inactive sections of the forums have been removed (movies, music, ...) for a clearer overview. * Topic/Post sharing now supports WhatsApp Discord Updates Automated Forum Pushes Our Discord Server now features a new section called Forum. These consists out of automated systems so that new topics being posted within our forums are immediately pushed to our discord server. This allows you and us to reach a broader audience when creating a precious guide or if you want other players to take part in a feedback/suggestion topic. New Emoji Static class related emoji have been added to our library Animated emoji have been added to our library General Changes Joining our discord server now requires you to have a verified e-mail address. Inactive/unregistered accounts have been pruned. Explicit content is now automatically filtered.
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    Shuichi's Art

    Glad to see this section is still here in forums Almost a year since I posted my last drawing (I had a long hiatus) I just returned back to drawing (not many changes tho) Imma share a few, currently I'm posting my drawings on Instagram or my Facebook Page: @mahrzeline in case someone see this and want to lurk. My main Shuichi and my male ranger Bernat (costumes ftw) and I play a bit LoL too, I'm gonna share just a few. Thanks!
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    Axe Tornado or Gears nerf

    In my opinion, in terms of PvE, nerfing skills and items is not always the best solution for a balanced and fun game play: Demotivates players (all the effort and time down to the sink) Makes players feel reluctant to build and play new Class because nerf could happen again, esp. if the Class becomes a "meta". Devalues certain Class/Skills and Items. Economy consequences: The rise and fall of items price, as well as the supply and demand. Instead of nerfing "players", could we try to find a healthier solution to face current game contents? What do you think about buffing bosses mechanics, and how these bosses can counter the players? i.e. I'd like to share my experience vs. Time Holder to explain this opinion: the MVP's flee rate skyrockets when it reaches certain HP threshold thus making my Mecha's Axe Tornado skill miss (even with 1 phreeoni card and phreeoni scroll). Stefan J E Wolf pretty much has the same gimmick (high flee rate) + Blind debuff but I countered this with Phreeoni. Such circumstances give players chance to explore and discover other options how to beat the opponent. This idea might be easier said than done, just my two cents.
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    Obtaining and Enchanting Temporal Boots You can get Temporal Crystals and Coagulated Spells by doing the Old Glast Heim Instance. Talk to the warper in Althea and select Instances -> Old Glast Heim or warp directly to glast_01 200 273. Obtaining Temporal Boots Hugin's Butler will exchange 1 Temporal Crystal for Temporal Boots. These boots can be further upgraded to a specific Stat Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystals. The player has to be wearing the Temporal Boots to upgrade them. You can choose which type of Stat you want for your Upgraded Temporal Boots. These are the different types of boots you can choose from: Temporal Stat Boots Temporal Str Boots Temporal Agi Boots Temporal Vit Boots Temporal Int Boots Temporal Dex Boots Temporal Luk Boots Slotting Temporal Boots Hugin's Craftsman will slot Upgraded Temporal Boots in exchange for 5 Temporal Crystals. There is a chance to fail and break the Boots! Enchanting Temporal Boots Hugin's Magic Master can enchant the 3rd and 4th slots of Upgraded Temporal Boots using Coagulated Spell. You can choose the nature of the enchantment for the 4th slot. Once the enchantment on the 4th slot reaches stage 4 (max.) you can enchant the 3rd slot with a random special enchantment. You have to wear the boots to enchant them. The enchantment of the 3rd slot is always random! You can enchant slotted and unslotted Temporal Boots Unslotted Temporal Boots lose all their enchantments/refine rates if you slot them! Here is a list of all the possible enchantments and the amount of Coagulated Spells required: Enchant Fighting Spirit Expert Archer Spell Vitality Attack Speed Fatal Coagulated Spells Required Level 1 Fighting Spirit 4 Expert Archer 1 Spell 2 Vit+2 Delayafterattack 1 Fatal 1 30 Level 2 Fighting Spirit 5 Expert Archer 2 Spell 3 Vit+3 Delayafterattack 2 Fatal 2 60 Level 3 Fighting Spirit 6 Expert Archer 3 Spell4 Max HP +1% Delayafterattack 3 Fatal 3 90 Level 4 Fighting Spirit 7 Expert Archer 4 Spell 5 Max HP +2% Delayafterattack 4 Fatal 4 120 Final (slot 3) Random Special Enchantment 150 Random Special Enchantment:
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    Welcome back Kazalus 1.) They are simply not designed to be effective against GTB, like thousands of other gear too. 2.) Even though we buffed extended classes, they're not designed to be equal to any of the core-base classes. Please also note that these old headgears are also no longer available and i've no plans on modifying ancient, unavailable gear. 3.) BG is a team-effort. Beginners usualy join Battlegrounds by using the single-player join command @joinbg. That means he/she will be thrown into a random team. Chances that he/she wins is theoretically somewhat around 50%. This always depends on the actual matchup. (5vs5+1 beginner for example) or 3v3 with 1 beginner on each side and so on. The only way to actualy join with a pre-made team is by party-joining battlegrounds, and that's rather rare for newbies to say the least. 5 vs 4 +1beginner isn't a fair matchup of course, but it's still possible that the 4 players in his team can cope with the other 5 on their own. (as an example) It's not my intention to start rewarding end-game gear like Jellopies just because a newcomer is having a losing streak. Our Giveaway NPC hands out pretty decent beginner PvP set which helps out jumping into PvP right away, although that doesn't mean that they shall not farm for power. If an absolute beginner could compete with an old player right away, where's the chase after getting stronger in the first place It was never anyones intention to render 1000hours vs 20hours to be equal. We've already reduced the "playtime gap" by tremendous bounds during the course of the the past few years.
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    Anniversary & Valentine's Event

    GatheringRO's birthday is just around the corner! Unbelievable! On February 15th, Gathering Ragnarok Online turns 15! That's why we're returning with the Legend of the four Lords quest line! For our 15th celebration, we're rewarding those finished the Legend of the four Lords quest with an exclusive 15th Anniversary Wing costume! Legend of the four Lords Discover the legend of the four Lords, ancient leaders who ones vowed to protect our lands. This time limited event comes with several event exclusive rewards for you to unlock! [Visit our dedicated event page] Event Reward Preview Gods Smelting Our gods smelting event is back to help you with your gear refinements! Globably increased refinement success chances for all equipment and weapon types by up to +10%, for refinements of up to +19! [more details] Adventure Guild Yes, Larson can fall in love too. He's offering Valentine's themed costumes in his coupon shop. If you're an adventurer and got some spare coupons up your sleeve, this is the time to use them! Also the Shady Figure seems to know how to make some extra cash during this special occasion. Checkout his costume offerings during the season of love! Hunter Association Pro Hunter Market Machine is offering Valentine's themed costumes for a perfect partner outfit! Make sure you got enough Hunter Coins at your disposal so you can show your biggest love how you feel about him/her. Cash Shop Don't forget to take a look at the valentine's day themed costumes in our HOT section. We're offering cash shop exclusive costumes! More Valentine themed costumes will be added later during this month, so make sure to check back later! The Original Heart Island, the most romantic place in Jawaii. Meet the original Cupid to listen to his miracles. He may have a few gears hidden in his quiver. Cupid the 2nd He's in need of supplies to spread any further love in Midgard. This is your chance to ask him for a Romantic Gent or Valentines Topper. He's known to hangout at lonely places, somewhere near the Goldring field. Pinkamenias Returning The lovely Pinkamenia in Moscovia is in need of Love Flowers again. (mosk_in,21,246) But first you may have to help the extraordinary baker to get one of Pinkamenias rewards. Valentine's Costumes Preview We wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day at the 14th February!
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    January-February Updates

    Here are some misc. updates which took silently place after our christmas season. - Fixed Improve Concentration skill description - Reduced drop rate of Pendants in Jitterbug Instance - Added new cards to be restricted from being compound into our custom lower headgears - Fixed Old Glast Heim client crashes caused by NPC triggered Buffs - Fixed equipment location of Costume Musketeer Hat and Costume Fan in Mouth - Moved one Althea NPC cow location to not intersect with snowman 3d model during christmas season - Updated several skill descriptions to match their current effect - Fixed Costume Backside Ribbon Bell item description - Replaced all old loading screen art with new ones - Updated start page image text to match our 15th anniversary - Removed several mechanic skill customizations. This fixes several issues which were related to our customization. Also most mechanic skills can now be officialy casted without wearing their associated gear which made our customization redundant. - Fixed some fame related issues which possibly showed wrong data in the fame rank leader boards. (takes effect on next server restart) - Some experimental fixes for Sky Fortress issues. These are only temporary fixes until the official script conversion takes place of our custom one. Our anniversary, gods smelting and valentine's events have officialy ended! Thank you so much for attending our lovely occasion!
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    Santa Claus

    Letter To Santa 2019

    Ho ho ho! All the nice boys and girls who sent me a creative letter shall take a look into their inventory! I appreciate your efforts, which shall be rewarded just as promised! Sadly some of the wishes included costumes which were out of my reach or their letter didn't show enough dedication. Always make sure to follow my guidelines! Wish ya' all the best my lovely children!
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear Santa, Merry belated Christmas and happy new year!!! #63229: Piamette Hairband Sincerely, Gabriela Wodemeiren
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear santa i only write to wish u, Merry Christmas
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    Winter Promotion 2019

    Christmas is just around the corner and Althea's decorations are up for presents and joy! Starting today, we've prepared multiple time limited events and quests for you. This years Gods Smelting bonus event has been greatly improved! You now get up to a +10% refinement success chance increasement and the bonuses go up to refinement level 19! That's double the chances and more refinement levels than ever before! Refinement System Details Checkout our dedicated Winter Promotion website right here: Winter Promotion 2019 - Events May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love! The GatheringRO Staff!
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    Mr X

    combo bow and arrow bonus not effective

    gust bow wind arrow,burning bow fire arrow,earth bow stone arrow,frozen bow crystal arrow,hunter bow hunting arrow elven bow elven arrow.
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    Miss Carol

    Gefenia01 warp error

    This happen when u warp to gefenia01(my KRO is always updated). I don't know about the others gefenia maps... But atm, my ranger is bug there with her all itens(i'll reset her position).
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    Gale Windscar

    Gefenia01 warp error

    I had the same problem but this solution works. Thanks.
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    We've got a mermaid party over here, found on my rounds searching for Buwaya in Althea Next up we trying to fish up a big ol AMDARAIS 23% HP REACH by Old Glastheim
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    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Hello!! my IGN is Gacha, thank you for reading this So... since the weather was too hawt for us to go fishing, nothing much happened BUT, I finally decided to go fishing at our favourite spot with ma pet, Gorimon and his bud Lion. Look at their face Thank you @Shuichi for letting him hang out with Gori
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    July Updates

    I can't see the part where it says Sharp Shooting skill its like... "nerfed" again? the casting time takes an eternity. Please fix it... RIP Rangers. Is fixed! somehow... thank you!
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    World Boss Guide 2.0

    Magnum Break does NOT change weapon/attack element to fire. Your attacks will still be neutral (with +20% forced fire element that does NOT break Spider Web.) This means if you attack a fire element monster with neutral weapon, you will do 100% neutral und + 20% forced fire, for 120% damage overall. Spider Web does not truly work on Werewolf. Werewolf has Ganbantein und Body Relocation to counter Spider Web.
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    Axe Tornado or Gears nerf

    Hey Everade, Thanks for your reply and if i can help as much as i can :-) I knew that Gathering RO is live for a very very long time and I'm glad to see that it evolved great. Here a few things to be maybe considered in fact of balancing. THink a Pool would be nice for that. - Reduce the effect of Kiel Card 30% -> 15% - Re-Enable the use of healing items in the instances ( for esspecially the one created by Creators - Slim White, Enriched WHite Z and so on) - Berrys Seeds can stay disabled i think. - Set a fix reuse time on Berrys and seeds Like 5-10 sec delay before reuse (Could be a global delay) And at this point again. Thanks for your time improving the game day by day. Greetings, Mindless (PS: Maybe you can change my Forum Nick to Mindless? xD)
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    @Everade can you change the item requirement from Contaminated Magic to Coagulated Spell please ? at least until Hard Mode come out ? Right now we can't enchant Temp Boots and can't do a thing about it Sorry if what i'm asking is too much
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    Hunter Association (Pro Hunter Exam)

    Hunter Association's Jobs A chairman of the Hunter Association stationed Ging, a renown Pro Hunter to recruit new Pro Hunters as their numbers are running low. While the Adventure Guild allows normal adventurers to take on their requests, the Hunter Association distributes their Boss Hunts only to extraordinary Pro Hunters! Hunter Association's Jobs are daily, randomly picked, team-based instance Boss Hunts. Instance bosses drop a Boss Chest which can be looted by every party member who participated on the boss fight. It is highly recommended to team up on these daily targets. ~ Everade. Let's take a look to the Pro Hunter Exams! First meet Ging (Pro Hunter) at Adventure Guild (Althea Guide > Adventure Guild or @go adv ), he will canalize you with Exam Supervisor to start your Hunter Exam. After talking with Ging you have to talk with Exam Supervisor, you will be teleported to a special arena, where in each corner you will find one master to start your exam. Let's meet the Masters! You have to defeat the four Masters to get their Pro Hunter's Approval: Meet Killua; his exam is to watch up a shadow in one of the three crystals, be careful and don't blink! You'll have to pass 4 rounds. When you get it, you will receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. Now meet Kurapika his exam is about select the phrases in the correct order to solve the puzzle, but read it carefully, (is one of the hardest test, and many people take long to get it, but not impossible, so be patient) Once you get it, you will also receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. Then meet Netero, he is too strong and he will test your strength; eventually you will notice his weaks points, so with some tries you can get it! When you get defeated him you will also receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. Note: a survey says one of his weak points is his head. And now meet Hisoka his exam is about Rock, Paper, Scissors game, when you get it, you will receive his Pro Hunter’s Approval. After get the 4 Pro Hunter's Approvals then talk with Alluka to return at Adventure Guild. Talk with Ging, show him your approvals and he will give you your Pro Hunter License !! There's not specific order to start the exam, so you can start with any of those, also be patient with it. If you fail, you can always start again. Also, you can always ask for help, but remember is an intelligence and strength test. With that you can start to team up for Instances, some available at the moment are: - Buwaya Cave - Endless Tower - Faceworm Nest - Horror Toy Factory - Isle of Bios - Octopus Cave - Old Glastheim - Morse’s Cave - Sealed Shrine - The Last Room To know which instance is the one of the day visit Ging (@go adv) and he will tell you. Pro Hunter Quest is daily and the instances are randomly chosen, when boss is defeated a chest will appear, every party member can take the loot by click in the chest, make sure to do a decent damage to be elegible. Also, you are free to use any job you are comfy to go. Your reward will be sent to your RODEX , you will get a Pro Hunter Chest . You can get 2 Hunter Coins (if you are lucky enough, some plus like: Evil Boss Fragments , Mystical Doll or an extra Hunter Coin .) Also with your Pro Hunter License in your inventory you will be able to see the Pro Hunter Market where you can find many good items, equips and costumes, so make sure to get many Hunter Coins for any item you wanna get. Remember is an exclusive Market for Pro Hunters! Note 1: Only the char who get the Pro Hunter License in their inventory can see the Hunter Shop. Note 2: The Pro Hunter License is per account. Easy, right? Now you can be part of the Pro Hunter's Association, prove your intelligence and strenght! Good Luck!!
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    W e n d i r o u s

    Charleston Crisis Bug

    yep.. when i come for the second time, there're some + on the minimap indicating where lockstep respawn point.. the info should be there when the chat between Dr.Vie and charleston triggered
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    Sky Fortress Entrance Bug

    use alt +m bind a key with the command @refresh next time when u open the instance just @refresh and u can join it
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    March Updates - Part 2

    - Fixed Great Encyclopedia Revision Base ATK bonus - Fixed Tellong Doll Hat Box item description - Fixed Emperium Scarf item description - Added game master mercenaries to our cash shop and reduced mercenary prices - Follow up fix for Wings of Seraph item script which had a little typo - Added new monster mercenaries as possible Poring Egg and Angeling Egg rewards (gained from invasions) - Added new rewards to world boss and adventure guild reward shops - Further reduced Tiger Cannon base damage Note: Tomorrow morning at 02:00 servertime the server will follow up with the daylight saving time as usual. This means that the full hour 02:00 will be skipped and we continue with 03:00 instead.
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    Knock back effects are disabled in WoE, Shadow Leap (and some other skills) lose their "cell moving" functionality because of this. That is what you are experiencing. Unfortunately, it is official behaviour and thus has always been like this.
  44. 1 point
    Hello Koi, at the moment i'm not haveing much time free to be honest... Some times i'm online, most 23:20~01:00(time server). Be free to talk to me if you want go instances, i'm always up to help. You can pm me on discord too, i can be a bit late to aswer but, i will! See ya!
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    Increase adoramus damage

    I think this is probably a good idea, somewhere between 30-35% damage increase overall seems like adoramus will then be worth using alongside judex. Adoramus has a cooldown so it and gem cost, so it should do more damage compared to just spamming judex. I looked around a ton for potential gears to boost Adoramus/Judex or any skill changes or anything but we dont any of either of those things, yet! I feel like if those come out, the changes should be reverted. P.S This is what some of the crazy shadow gear in the future looks like. None of those silly 1-5% bonuses.
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    White Lady is eating too fast

    That's because rAthena seems to have removed the pet entirely from the database. I think kRO replaced it with a new Bacsojin (White Lady) instead. Original old pet was Monster ID 1360 The new one is supposed to be Monster ID 20423 That means new ones can no longer be captured and the currently existing eggs are all broken.
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    Tested with Elven and Stone combo. It's not working.
  48. 1 point

    Fishing Screenshots Event

    Fishing Screenshots Share this years fishing experience with us! The 3 most innovative ingame fishing screenshots will be rewarded with some extra Blue Sea Eggs! Don't forget to tell us your ingame character name and show us your favourite fishing spot. Get creative, and tell us your story with an image ~ Last Years 1st Place:
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    Cannot Log In specific character?

    We're still working on a fix. This isn't an easy one so please bear with us. It seems to be related to Microsoft Visual Studio itself as we're having issue with the code not working as expected after compiling it properly. (same code works on other systems just fine)
  50. 1 point

    Brazil Flag

    im totaly doing this =D.. for the love of my country..hahaha Eu amo o Brasil!

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