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    Letter To Santa 2019

    I'm not good at writing letters, and I've never had the chance to win this event in my whole gRO life , but I'm gonna try with something I'm a bit better with, a doodle. That's me, Shuichi, wearing a Santa outfit!! Glad to see our server alive another year, let's hope for another one!! Santa, bless this server with lots of love and lots of costumes too bahaha! also to our admin Everade, we all know that he have been working hard for his baby: GatheringRO. I've been a good girl and I hope you can bless me with #31178: C Fire Muffler, I saw it somewhere months ago and I loved it! Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a good one! Shuichi~
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    Santa Claus

    Letter To Santa 2019

    Ho ho ho! All the nice boys and girls who sent me a creative letter shall take a look into their inventory! I appreciate your efforts, which shall be rewarded just as promised! Sadly some of the wishes included costumes which were out of my reach or their letter didn't show enough dedication. Always make sure to follow my guidelines! Wish ya' all the best my lovely children!
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear Santa, Merry belated Christmas and happy new year!!! #63229: Piamette Hairband Sincerely, Gabriela Wodemeiren
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear santa i only write to wish u, Merry Christmas
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    amdarias card is not working

    When using a weapon to attack, damage output will be subject to variance depending on the level of the weapon (this holds true for MATK, too!). It will be difficult to make out a 15% attack/magic dmg increase by a specific card that way, especially when the damage output is very low. To avoid that: - Attack barehanded/cast magic skills barehanded - Use a Blacksmith class with Maximize Power with a +0! weapon equipped (overupgraded weapons will still have variance) - Use the item "Master Buff Scroll" which casts the Maximize Power buff on any character This way you can easily test whether a card does in fact provide the stated bonus.
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    Happy New Year

    The GatheringRO Staff is wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! All Christmas Events have ended.
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    Mr. Grimm

    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear santa Give me tacos and a costume red scarf to hide them and eat secretly. gatitu
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    Letter To Santa 2019

    Dear Santa, hear my tale and my Christmas wish! In the dark of fall, the people of Midgard heard her call. From the cold bitter north, Sehra the angel came forth. From the land of IKEA, she went to fair city Althea. With shimmering light, she healed those in plight. With judgement from heaven, she smote the evil seven. Soon companions joined her cause, cats, mechanics and rangers of course. Deep dungeons they delved, there battles were held. Countless foes laid low, none could make them bow. Sehra kept them alive, in peril she would thrive. Safe back to home, or else to atone. But too much power she used, her wings became all bruised. Once glimmering white, now as red as the fight. Grimly she thought, of this great shame she had brought. Sehra then almost forgot, one that could bring this shame to naught. A wish was sent to the north, to make new wings come forth. Dear Santa it said, I wish for Wings of Genesis to be made. They would make this Christmas bright, I once again could share the light! My friends I would bless, our quests a certain success. So glad I would be, with wings of white I will never flee! The cold winter wind, never again it will have me pinned. Such joy this would bring, I shall thank thee as I in battle sing! A merry Christmas to each and all, I wish you a great Christmas haul! And after that cheesy mess, I guess some technicalities… I hope I was supposed to post this here to begin with, otherwise I’m more than a little embarrassed XD Anyway. Character in game = Sehra (Arch Bishop). Item I wish for = Costume Genesis Wing. Why I desire it = The verses above… But basically Sehra has lost her wings (she just believes that, she never had any ;p) and it would make her happy if Santa made new ones. Christmas, Genesis and Sehra (since she is a priest) are related to faith in different ways, so it fits. Kinda ;D Thanks for reading, merry Christmas everyone! //Sehra
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    Winter Promotion 2019

    Christmas is just around the corner and Althea's decorations are up for presents and joy! Starting today, we've prepared multiple time limited events and quests for you. This years Gods Smelting bonus event has been greatly improved! You now get up to a +10% refinement success chance increasement and the bonuses go up to refinement level 19! That's double the chances and more refinement levels than ever before! Refinement System Details Checkout our dedicated Winter Promotion website right here: Winter Promotion 2019 - Events May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love! The GatheringRO Staff!
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    Brazil Flag

    im totaly doing this =D.. for the love of my country..hahaha Eu amo o Brasil!

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