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    Welcome back Kazalus 1.) They are simply not designed to be effective against GTB, like thousands of other gear too. 2.) Even though we buffed extended classes, they're not designed to be equal to any of the core-base classes. Please also note that these old headgears are also no longer available and i've no plans on modifying ancient, unavailable gear. 3.) BG is a team-effort. Beginners usualy join Battlegrounds by using the single-player join command @joinbg. That means he/she will be thrown into a random team. Chances that he/she wins is theoretically somewhat around 50%. This always depends on the actual matchup. (5vs5+1 beginner for example) or 3v3 with 1 beginner on each side and so on. The only way to actualy join with a pre-made team is by party-joining battlegrounds, and that's rather rare for newbies to say the least. 5 vs 4 +1beginner isn't a fair matchup of course, but it's still possible that the 4 players in his team can cope with the other 5 on their own. (as an example) It's not my intention to start rewarding end-game gear like Jellopies just because a newcomer is having a losing streak. Our Giveaway NPC hands out pretty decent beginner PvP set which helps out jumping into PvP right away, although that doesn't mean that they shall not farm for power. If an absolute beginner could compete with an old player right away, where's the chase after getting stronger in the first place It was never anyones intention to render 1000hours vs 20hours to be equal. We've already reduced the "playtime gap" by tremendous bounds during the course of the the past few years.
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    January-February Updates

    Here are some misc. updates which took silently place after our christmas season. - Fixed Improve Concentration skill description - Reduced drop rate of Pendants in Jitterbug Instance - Added new cards to be restricted from being compound into our custom lower headgears - Fixed Old Glast Heim client crashes caused by NPC triggered Buffs - Fixed equipment location of Costume Musketeer Hat and Costume Fan in Mouth - Moved one Althea NPC cow location to not intersect with snowman 3d model during christmas season - Updated several skill descriptions to match their current effect - Fixed Costume Backside Ribbon Bell item description - Replaced all old loading screen art with new ones - Updated start page image text to match our 15th anniversary - Removed several mechanic skill customizations. This fixes several issues which were related to our customization. Also most mechanic skills can now be officialy casted without wearing their associated gear which made our customization redundant. - Fixed some fame related issues which possibly showed wrong data in the fame rank leader boards. (takes effect on next server restart) - Some experimental fixes for Sky Fortress issues. These are only temporary fixes until the official script conversion takes place of our custom one. Our anniversary, gods smelting and valentine's events have officialy ended! Thank you so much for attending our lovely occasion!
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    March Updates & Update Schedule

    - Updated our Pet Store so the newer pets don't starve - Enchantements for Old Headgear series obtained from the Tomb of Honor dungeon do no longer take effect in WoE, BG or PvP environment. - Buffed all the missing monster mercenaries which were lacking power. - Slightly buffed Magic Decoys (FAW) for Mercenaries - Reduced Tiger Cannon base damage - Fixed Archangel-, Fallen Angel-, Emperium- and Seraph Wing which lacked their promised aspd bonuses. - Added more official Malangdo gear Enchantments to MayoMayo - Fixed Costume Backside Ribbon Bell being properly acknowlegded as a costume by the client - Fixed Sarah's Battle Robe item description - Removed Valentine themed loading screens Where are the bigger updates? The Ragnarok emulator we're based on is currently in very big motion! This has of course a good, but also a very bad side. Battlegrounds recieved some major changes which interfere with the very core of our vast Battlegrounds customizations. On top of that, official rebalancings of 1st/2nd/Transcendent class skills took place, and lots of 3rd Job Improvement Projects are currently being developed. That means, small, big and very big skill changes. Some skills will be entirely replaced. And honestly, that's just the tip of the iceberg as the entire databases have been swapped to a new format. This isn't just a challenge for me, but due these vast and drastic changes lots of bugs are flying all over the place for the emulator developers to fix. There are lots of basic skill features which, on the latest updates, simply no longer work or behave extremely strange. What does that mean? We will wait until the emulator code has reached a stable basis to build upon, rather than diving into truly game breaking gameplay and server crashes. In the meantime there's enough work to do to get our custom code married into all these changes. In short terms: No major updates for now, but lots of great changes coming up in the future. Do you have questions? I'm always glad to help, so please don't hesitate to contact me on Discord or here in our forums. If my answers feel cold and rough... that's just how i write. Just imagine some heart emoticons and a lovely voice while reading. <3
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    Fragment of Vicious Mind

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    Knock back effects are disabled in WoE, Shadow Leap (and some other skills) lose their "cell moving" functionality because of this. That is what you are experiencing. Unfortunately, it is official behaviour and thus has always been like this.
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    Alright, i took a closer look at the instance script and came to the following conclusion: It only warps you into the box if you're within the big room (right side of red line) -> only aprox. sketch. And from what i've been seeing from a lot of players, is that keep on staying near the entrance to fight Buwaya. Left side of the red line is a safe zone, so you can possibly avoid being warped away entirely if you stay there when he claims to warp you. Maybe you're just staying there and thus never get warped? Didn't find anything specific about dead players triggering being warped at all. If you're within the room itself and still don't get warped, then it's for sure an OnTouch issue. Hopefuly not, because they've have been haunting us enough. Would be great if someone could give me feedback on this.
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    Sunflower Kid cannot be enchanted

    Hello I'd like to report that Sunflower Kid(2027) was not recognised by NPC Mayomayo @go33 here's the view I think that's all. Thank you
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    Sarah Set does not work

    Hello I'd like to report about the Sarah Set , I tried and it didn't work Sarah's Battle Robe(15121) Sarah's Left Earring(28310) Sarah's Right Earring(28311) here's the view without the set and here's the view with the set The item description says that the set should give at least: MDEF +10 Reduces after skill delay by 10% and if the Robe refined to +7, it should: Reduce variable cast time of all skills by 10% Reduces fixed cast time of all skills by 50% That's all for the report Thank you~
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    Miss Carol

    Survival Mecha Guide

    Hello everyone! By ask from some people, i'll make a Mechanic(Axe Tornado build) guide. Before everything, we have to know our skills! Buffs: Cart Boost (You need a cart to use it, increase ur move speed). Weapon Perfection (Blacksmith buff, increase ur weapon damage). Maximum Power Trust (Transcendent blacksmith buff, increase ur damage, waste 5k zeny). Adrenaline Rush (Increase ur Atack speed(need mace or axe), blacksmith buff). Crazy Upproar (Merchant quest buff(just talk to the Platinum Skill Master in atlhea), increase ur str in +4). Maximize Power (Amplifie weapon atack power, consume alot of SP, Transcendent Blacksmith buff). Meltdown (Destroy enemy weapon on pvp, decrease monsters defense). After understand this Axe Tornado: Inflicts Melee Physical Damage to all enemies in a set area around the user. Requires to have an Axe class weapon equipped and if it is Wind property, the damage will increase by 25% overall. Damage (ATK) = [(Base_Damage + VIT) × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]% What we need know? You need: Str 200 Vit 200 Agi(193 aspd, depend in ur set). Equips: To be honest, Mechanic is a expensive char, so if you want do one, u wanna have to waste zeny. No pain, no gain! Weapons: The best option: Orcish Axe[4] You can slot it on prontera, type " @go prontera ", then type " /navi prt_in 22_61 ". where to catch? " @warp gef_fild10 ". About cards: Because the constant waste of SP, Dracula is needed. For damage, Memory of Thanatos, is the best choice. And for regen, 2x Sniper cards(the mvp one), or 2x Hunter fly cards. Armor: The best option: Geffen Magic Robe[1] You can get it on Geffen Magic Tornament. About cards: Tao Gunka, is the best choice because we are target on Survival, not on damage. Champion, is a good option too, gives 25% HP, damage and after cast. Headgear: The best option: Old driver Band(Top), Baron's Evil Eye(Mid), Raibow Sash(Lower) where to catch? " Tomb of honor ", search on database. About cards: Kiel, just Kiel. LOL Acessory: The best option: one Geffen Physical Ring, one Improved Expert Ring/Expert Ring cards: 2x Brozering/Belphe, Combo Faceworm + Dark Faceworm Boots: The best option: STR Temporal Boots or Dex Temporal Boots Shield: The best option: Immune Shield Gtb Needed. Robe: The best option: +9 Adventure Backpack Develing needed. General considerations: In full build u need: 2x Kiel card Thana(or incarnation samurai/tgen) Dracula 2x Sniper(or hunter fly) Gtb Card Develing card Final Considerations: If you don't have some itens from the listed, search what itens u can use in ur own case. If you don't have Kiel, don't do it. Thanks by the attention, Carol.

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