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    Gale Windscar

    Gale Windscar's Genetic 101

    Updated V1.3
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    World Boss Event Items Melter

    Hello hello! So, I'm having a thought regarding to the post's title-the World Boss Event(WBE). The idea is similar to the NPCs at lasagna 140 250 and the others around there To be brief, when Lasagna NPCS are exchanging Doram Gears for some Doram Tokens So, the idea that I'm suggesting is to have an NPC that can melt WBE item that are account bound into a single Evil Boss Fragment For Example, I'm having these (from 1 year+ actively doing WBE): Sooo, here's another thought that came into my mind about the idea: more free space. To me, it hurts to sell them to NPC, but it's alsoo hurting my available space for items if keeping them. So, giving more space, plus the second point of my thought below would be a better option for players Getting more Evil Boss Fragment from unused loots could be a good motivation for player to participate WBE more than before That's it for the idea. Hope it can be useful for consideration in the future
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    Gale Windscar

    World Boss Event Items Melter

    Around 5-8, at least at the times that I'm around.
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    Easter Event

    Rubber Duck Challenge Winners: 1st @sucrose found 20 Rubber Ducks! 2nd @AngFSP found 15 Rubber Ducks! 3rd @Aketsu found 11 Rubber Ducks! There's a total of 21 hidden rubber ducks, congratulations to our winners! Your Rewards: 1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize The Easter Surprise Rewards have been placed into the winners inventory!!! Easter Events have now ended.

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