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    Althea Renovation

    Althea has been renovated from the blade of a grass up to the last brick of the castle! The changes are not just about barely visual improvements but also from a comfort prespective when it comes to its available services. Especially new players should have a better time understanding the new city landscape. It may take some time for the current player base to get used to the new design, but the following information should help you a long the way. Key Locations Yellow - Vote Prize Redemption Orange - Legendary Gear Services for Prism and Valkyrie Helm Red - Item Enchantments Green - Everade's House Key Map Changes - All brand new, high quality 3d Models and textures. - The map has been enlarged and new elements have been added, such as a pretty new lake in the top right corner of the map and more. - The main area has been prettied up and enlarged slightly since player spend most of their time in this area. The new fountain also helps to better advertise the available services which sometimes have not even been noticed by new players. New and bigger stairs have been added for a more comfortable east and west access of the map. - Gathering Station has been split up into 2 seperate shops, the Equipment shop for weapons and gear and the Supply shop for your daily needs. - The Coin Exchanger has been changed to a Bank Officer and can be found in the new Bank Office building. - Some NPCs have been moved away from the Service Area since NPCs such as the Platinum Skill NPC and similiar services aren't required on a daily basis. The NPCs have not been deleted, just moved to a new location. - Less important buildings such as the Restaurand and Inn have been moved further away from the Service area to give more room for the key features. - All sidewalks are now bigger to give you some more room while roaming on the map. - The map content of usable features have been better balanced overall so that each corner of the map is more useful. - The new buildings are now more obvious of what's going to be inside which helps to understand the map design. - Moved the major market 3d models and NPCs near the Market Place. - Prepared map for a library to inform newcomers about basic mechanics (not yet available) - Prepared map for new house rental system (not yet available) - The WoE flag locations now represent their respective castle positions on the WoE map! - Added an Althea exclusive new song. Turn your BGM on to get the entire new experience. Inhouse Interior - Removed the thick smoke in all rooms, as they were blocking a lot of the view. - Enabled access to new rooms which are now used for the bank office and the legendary gear services. - Fixed the black wall inside Everade's house. - Enlarged The token shop counter to give the cute kafra ladies some more space to work with and moved the seats further down to hangout with your favourite elephant. We hope you enjoy these improvements on our main city. Instance Fixes - Fixed the Endless Tower account based cooldown restriction Website Fixes - Fixed the website time - Fixed the WoE and Battlegrounds indicator Item Updates Most of these changes were already implemented prior to the Althea update. - Fixed wrong script of Palace Guard Cap (Pro Hunter Shop) - Improved Emperium Axe (more ATK) - Improved Emperium Knife (more MATK) - Lowered stat requirement of Temporal Boots and improved bonuses of Temporal Boots AGI - Summoner and Super Novice can now equip the Executioner and Warmaster sets - Changed set bonus of Battlelord's set for Ranger from Arrow Storm to Warg Strike and Blitz Beat - Added Summoner and Novice to job restritions of the BG sets - Slightly adjusted some Temporal Boot Enchants Skills Balancings Most of these changes were already implemented prior to the Althea update. Rebellion - Reduced Desperado damage - Added 20 seconds CD to Platinum Alter (experimental) - Increased Triple Action damage - Slightly increased Tracking CD (500ms) - Reduced Fallen Angel and Heat Barrel bonus damage Rune Knight - Slightly reduced Storm Blast damage Ranger - Increased Cluster Bomb damage - Slightly increased Sharp Shooting CD (500ms) Minstrel - Reduced CD and delay of Metallic Sound - Reduced delay of Reverberation Warlock - Reduced Soul Expansion damage Sorcerer - Slightly increased Diamond Dust damage Mechanic - Slightly increased Boost Knuckle damage - Slightly increased Axe Tornado damage Anniversary & Valentine's Event Don't forget about our current events, which are still ongoing! Together with the refinement event bonus, they will end at the 14.03.18, so make sure you got your hands on the exclusive content before it's gone!
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    Enchanters & Shiny Hair

    Added Costume Hairstylist NPC! Costume Hairstylist Alex This NPC can be found next to the Stylist NPC in Althea (Althea Guide -> Stylist). Alex offers unique Costume Hairstyles in different colours in exchange for 1 Hairstyle Costume Coupon (currently only obtainable through WoE 1 Treasure Chests) and 5 Mithril Coins. Added Upper Costume Enchanters! Costume Enchanter Tira (Battleground) Costume Enchanter Ken (War of Emperium) These NPCs can be found in the Battleground waiting room (Tira) or on the central War of Emperium map (Ken). They will enchant your Upper Costume (for a list, talk to each NPC and select "How does the enchantment work?") in exchange for Heroism Badges / Emperium Fragments. Possible enchants: +1 All Stats, 3% MaxHP and MaxSP, 1% ATK, 1 % MATK Note: The list of Upper Costumes that are available for enchanting will be extended based on player feedback in the near future. At that time, a separate topic will likely be created. Added Emperium and Battleground Armor enchanters! Armor Enchanter Troy Armor Enchanter Troy can be found on the central War of Emperium map. He can enchant the Emperium Bodyarmors sold by Olivahla if you bring him enough Emperium Fragments. He works like the Temporal Boots enchanter, except that the stats he provides are slightly lower and the random special stat for the 5th enchantment is different. Possible special stat enchants: -4% After-cast delay, +1 ASPD, + 20 ATK and MATK, + 25 MDEF Armor Enchanter Clark Armor Enchanter Clark can be found in the Battleground waiting room. He can enchant the Battleground Bodyarmors sold by the Eminent Armorsmith if you bring him enough Heroism Badges. He works like the Temporal Boots enchanter, except that the stats he provides are slightly lower and the random special stat for the 5th enchantment is different. Possible special stat enchants: -4% After-cast delay, + 1 ASPD, + 20 ATK and MATK, + 25 MDEF Battleground Updates: Glorious Hem S [1] Added slot to Glorious Helm S, but reduced ATK and MATK bonus when worn with Glorious Weapons to 7%. Balanced beginner Battleground sets (Assaulter Plate set, Assasin's Robe set, Medic's Robe set, Elite Archer Suit set...) and slightly increased prices to match their new effects. This way beginners should be able to purchase a new, relatively cheap set that is better than the beginner PVP set (handed out by the Giveaway NPC) before aiming for ascended sets. Example: Assassin's Robe Set If you desire to move more quickly, this might help. It gives off multiple effects when compounded as a set. Stats during WoE & PVP: Assassin's Robe: MaxHP/MaxSP +5%, MDEF +15, reduces damage taken from Demi-human by 5%. If refined to +6 or higher, ATK +5%, ASPD +1. Captain's Manteau: MaxHP/MaxSP +3%, MDEF +12, ATK +5%. Battle Greaves: MaxHP/MaxSP +7%, MDEF +10, reduces ranged damage taken by 5%. Set bonus: All Stats +3, MaxHP +5%, reduces damage taken from Demi-human monsters and long range damage taken by 10%. ------------------------------------------------- ASPD +2, after-cast delay -5%. ------------------------------------------------- Adds a chance of increasing movement speed by 20% and ATK by 5% for 15 seconds when receiving physical or magical damage. Daily Quest Updates: Added 3 new costumes to the Adventure Guild Shops (1x Coupon A, 1x Coupon B, 1x Coupon C) They have been moved from the cash shop and are now available to questers. Removed Bloody Page item from the Quest requirements. This item only drops in the Thanatos Tower and is thus very difficult to farm. We are aware of the currently unsatisfying situation that the recent Dual Client ban has created for the Thanatos Tower. We will address this problem as soon as possible. Please bear with the current situation until we have come up with a solution. Item Updates: Some minor adjustments to Horror Toy Factory headgears. Celine Ribbon now adds +4 MATK per refine while Lush Rose adds only +2 MATK per refine. Added Twin Edges of Naught Seiger and Yellow Foxtail Weapons to possbile Malangdo Enchants. Fixed combo bonuses of Assassin's Glove and Wand of Affection II. Fixed TWO Card item script. It now only triggers on melee physical attacks (short range auto attacks) as the description states. Reduced level of NPC_SOULDRAIN casted by TWO Card to level 1 (20% SP drain in 11x11 cells around the user). Re-enabled uninterruptible cast bonus of Geffen Magic Robe even during WoE and BG, except if the user is a Guild Leader (temporary workaround until a better way to address the uninterruptible Emergency Call problem is found). Fixed missing 5% MATK bonus in script of Geffen Magic Robe and added 5% ATK bonus. Valentine's Ring Re-enabled Valentine's Ring's Kyuut disguise effect. The ring will now transform the user for 60 minutes when equipped (re-equip to refresh the duration). It uses the official transformation script for monsters to prevent the (complete) invisibility bug in cloaking state. This means you will see a small wolf head icon above your character and a buff icon on the right side of the screen. Fixed item script of Sarah's Battle Robe. Adjusted item descriptions of all Thanatos Weapons and improved HP/SP drain effects. Improved all of the LHZ4 MVP cards to be more attractive for High Rate purposes. Example (new effects are in bold): Champion Chen Card MaxHP +25%. After-cast delay -5%. Randomly autocasts level 5 Investigate on attacker when the user receives physical attacks. ATK +7%, MaxSP +5%. If base AGI is at least 110: ATK +7%, MaxSP +5%. Monster Updates: The monsters of the Horror Toy Factory have been rebalanced (only the non-boss monsters). Their damage and stats have been increased to be on par with monsters from other instances that are part of the Daily Pro Hunt rotation. Cash Shop Updates: Added 6 new costumes to the Cash Shop (2x Upper, 2x Mid, 2x Lower): Costume Sorcerer's Hood, Costume Floating Stone of Sage, Costume Book of Magic, Costume King Sura Headband, Costume Wall, Costume Tipsy These are permanently available in the costume section of the cash shop. Pro Hunter Updates: Added a 3rd day check for the pro hunter system as players reported that Endless Tower repeated after 2 days. So in the future this issue should not ever happen again. Skill Updates: Doram: Scar of Tarou: Increased chance to inflict "Bite Scar" status (10%->20%) and increased duration (9->12 seconds). "Bite Scar" status will drain 2% MaxHP per second. Increased damage of Lunatic Carrot Beat and slightly reduced cooldown Slightly reduced cooldown of Spirit of Savage Genetic: Slightly reduced cooldown of Acid Demonstration Slightly increased damage of Crazy Weed Shadow Chaser: Slighty increased damage of Feint Bomb Increased additional SP consumption during Masquerade Laziness debuff to 100 SP * skill level used. Increased SP drain by Masquerade Ignorance to 2000 * skill level used. Thanks to the following contributors: @Gale Windscar @D e M o N @unknownuser @Slowmotion If you enjoy GatheringRO and this update in particular, please show it by leaving a review on Ratemyserver! We appreciate the support!
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    Purpose Making you walk faster using low cost gears Most people in-game used the combo of Moonlight Flower Card and Brazilian Flag Hat for faster movement speed. Now I'm providing you a newbie friendly option to get the same movement speed. Here are the facts You can either prepare items needed as listed below, or just follow the steps explained further below OK, let's begin with the Smiling Mask First Prepare your zeny. I'd suggest to get 50,000,000z, but it's up to you No zeny? New to gRO? @warp alt_fild03 and kill the Goldring and friends. Sell the loots to any NPC .... With zeny on hand, Go to Althea 185 239, the Althea Bank to get your Silver Gathering Coin .... Now go to Althea 203 121, the Althea Inn Walk inside, go to the second floor and find the next portal. You will find Journey and Ciel at the end of the hallway. .... Learn about how-to by talking to the Journey, and win 10 Dice Game Coupon visit: Dice Game Guide for more tips Once you earned 10 pcs, trade it with the Smiling Mask Now let's make the Brazilian Flag Hat visit ¤ How to obtain the Brazil Flag ¤ or follow the steps below .... Go to Hugel 94 231 Visit Weaver, talk to her for making your Brazilian Flag. .... With the Brazilian Flag on hand, go to Althea 193 226 Talk to Francisco and input Brazil when he asked what country are you from. Pick the Brazil National Flag Hat option to get the Brazilian Flag Hat There you go. Wear both Smiling Mask and Brazilian Flag Hat to move faster than without them. Here's another item that can increase your movement speed too!! Authoritative Badge (item #662) : Increases movement speed for 3 minutes, easy to obtain from [Sohee] and [Greatest General]. Try at pay_dun03 or pay_fild10 Have fun ...
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    Kazalus' Guide to Sorcery!

    This guide is dedicated to aspiring Sorcerers who seek to be better overall! Please bear with me, I'm a very disorganized person and I tend to have my ideas cluttered. This guide contains: ~"What is the Sorcerer class?" -Pros -Cons ~"Item Build(s)" ~"Important Skills" ~"Gimmicks and Other Stuff I can't seem to remember to mention :<" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "What is the Sorcerer class?" The Sorcerer class is one of the most versatile classes in Ragnarok. It requires a certain amount of skill for the know-how and a lot more for mastering the class. The Sorcerer specializes in Area of Effect (AoE) skills to take down single or multiple enemies. Their Psychic Wave has the ability to change in Elemental Property depending on their Summoned Elementals (we'll get to that later). Although the Sorcerer class is highly centered to the offensive kind of class, they don't fall short in their numerous defensive skills that many don't see coming. Pros: (and I'm not talking about the players) -High AoE damage -Versatile -Possible support class -Strong class overall Cons: -Low base HP -Not very new-player-friendly -Easily countered by good players -Material and item dependent Don't EVER be fooled by a Sorcerer. Their abilities are numerous and although they are item/gear dependent, never underestimate their abilities to constantly fight back. Item Builds: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Important Skills: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gimmicks, Tips n' Tricks, and stuff I keep forgetting to mention :L ANY QUESTIONS?! IT'S 3AM IN THE MORNING MAKE IT QUICK!! Q: What if I need Rough Winds instead of Wind of Verdure (I'm in the same scenario). A: Simply change your 4 Element Analysis to level 2, and trade in at least 4 basic catalysts that match the pure catalyst you want to create. Here is a simple diagram: Wind of Verdure = Rough Wind | Crystal Blue = Mystic Frozen | Red Blood = Flame Heart | Green Live = Great Nature Q: Does the Sorcerer class have any Arch Nemesis? Prey? Like class-counters, weaknesses, strengths etc? A: Apparently yes, here's an explanation for the notable classes: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE! It's been quite a while since I've updated this guide so I'll just leave this here to let you see the guide's update more clearly! Sorcerer Skill Combos You remember the Psychic-Wave-Thunder Storm-Diamond-Dust-rinse-and-repeat offensive combo right? Yeah sure it's good because you can dish out a lot of continuous damage but what about defending yourself? What happens if you're pitted up against someone who is much stronger than you (most commonly someone with strong resist) and get out alive? Well, here are some of my favorite combos to do and it works a lot based on my experience. I'll divide this into three groups (and a bonus!): War of Emperium, Battlegrounds(BG), and PvP/1v1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start with War of Emperium(WoE): DEFENDING A CASTLE Best summon: Ventus 1-P&D, Agni 2-P When you're defending a castle, you get the advantage of setups and bottle-necking the enemy into such positions that you are able to rain down the offensive combo I talked about a while ago. Now, let's show some scenarios. Scenario 1: Scenario 2: Scenario 3: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATTACKING A CASTLE Here's where things get interesting... most of the time, you're gonna be using Ventus 1-D to enable you to move faster and avoid potentially getting killed by a random spell. Ventus also increases your flee so it's going to be a little harder to hit you with basic attacks and some skills. Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Scenario 4 (For both offensive and defensive strategies): When all else fails, cast Elemental Shield. This "red-button" sacrifices your summon to create a "Pneuma-Safety Wall" barrier on each of your party member's squares who are within your screen. Consider this as a panic button skill which can be used in situations wherein there are multiple people getting hit by Sac, AD, CC, TC etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battlegrounds: I'll be focusing on TDM, and Capture the Flag only. (Conquest, Rush, and Triple Inferno are too much for me to handle right now). TDM: Depending on your team-mates will determine your strategy. Let's assume it's a minimum match (2v2). I will be picking prominent team-ups. Easy Medium Hard Note: For all Scenarios, Diamond Dust plays an important role here. You can open up with a DD so that the enemy can get rooted with the Crystallized proc. Sorcerer Team-ups/Tandem WARNING: PREPARE FOR CANCER !! Alright, I'm going to share to you one of the most broken af things you can do with a Sorcerer... Let's start out with something easy to do: Sorcerer X Mechanic: Sorcerer X Royal Guard: ----True Cancer starts here--- Sorcerer X Royal Guard: Sorcerer X Sura: Sorcerer X Sorcerer: Sorcerer X Ranger These are just some cancer. I don't wanna name more because we might risk the entire server getting nerfed Thanks for reading my guide to Sorc-ing! I would also like to thank the following people who helped me achieve this guide (directly and indirectly... mostly indirectly): @Sanaaa, @Khaii, @Ryu Sakamoto, @Gale Windscar, @mvp_kost Challengeur, N I K, Ritsumune, The Varia Guild and all those people who reacted and corrected me in this guide! (I'm not perfect so I appreciate any form of constructed criticism in order to achieve a better guide!
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    Heya Gatheringro Players! It's been 13years since Gatheringro officialy launched~ By this, i've created this event to keep us a wonderful memories in our beloved server! This is an exclusive event that will show how we got to this far. So here, we are currently looking for players who're willing to share their creation to become a part of these memories! Introduction: 13th Cat Zodiac Event What are the zodiac animals you ask? Zodiac animals are known as the 12 selected animals, used as the horoscopes in China, There is a little story about how the cat didn't get in on the list even though he is one of the most intelligent one. This is why we are looking for someone who has the ability, to change the history, to have the best original screenshot with the best story to share with. So there you have it! GOODLUCK! Here is the list of zodiac animals by ranking. This picture shows the most heart breaking moment of the cat. (Ohmy those feeeeels!!!) Event start : 23-04-2018 Event End : 14-05-2018 ( before 13-05-2018 23:59 server time) -What am I asking for this : A full original screenshot with www.gatheringro.ch showing at the bottom right. (Do not cut and edit on it.) Do not add your reactions on this page, questions are ok Good ending story See below for more information A Doram class. Only one entry per player ( Lets keep it fair and believe in your own creation ) Your entry should be posted on this thread with your ingame name. -Special rules : Only headgear that can be farmed/made for quest! ( Which mean none costume, Legendary, Event headgears ) *Important!* Here's 2 links that might help you out for searching : Link 1 : Headgears forum Link 2 : Headgears ratemyserver -Judges : GM Team -Prizes : First place : GatheringRO Surprise Box + Costume Black Cat Hood Second place : Surprise Box + Costume Cheshire's Cat Ears Third place : Surprise Box + Costume White and Black Temptation Oh mama FASHION!!!! And here's the story i want you guys to change the history with: (Short or long is fine! What count is the impact it gives!) ORIGINAL STORY : An ancient folk story tells that Cat and Rat were the worst swimmers in the animal kingdom. Although they were poor swimmers, they were both quite intelligent. To get to the meeting called by the Jade Emperor, they had to cross a river to reach the meeting place. The Jade Emperor had also decreed that the years on the calendar would be named for each animal in the order they arrived to the meeting. Cat and Rat decided that the best and fastest way to cross the river was to hop on the back of Ox. Ox, being naïve and good-natured, agreed to carry them both across. Midway across the river, Rat pushed Cat into the water. Then as Ox neared the other side of the river, Rat jumped ahead and reached the shore first. So he claimed first place in the competition and the zodiac Bad ending : The cat drowned in 13th place and did not make it in the zodiac. It is said that is the reason why cats always chase Rats; to get back at them for what they have done. (Please change this bad ending into a good one!) Here's my example : Special thanks for the lovely supports of @Shuichi , amazing gro players who helped me with some certain pictures!~
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    New Instances

    The Last Room Initial release of the last room instance. Discover the secrets of a hidden passageway under the safety bunker! This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. The Last Room Wiki Guide Ghost Palace Initial release of the ghost palace instance. Experience Sakray's tragic tale to get Thanatos Weapons & Gry Equipment! This instance is a single player experience. Ghost Palace Wiki Guide Isle of Bios Initial release of the isle of bios instance. Travel through a land of aging enemies and get heroic gear! This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. Isle of Bios Wiki Guide Morse's Cave Initial release of the morse's cave instance. Fight through a demon's twisted imagination. This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. Morse's Cave Wiki Guide Old Glast Heim - Implemented missing buffs - Several script tweaks for an experimental fix of getting stuck at the boss fight Wiki Updates Our Wiki is now already counting 350 articles and 1,732 images and is constantly growing! Interested into Instance guides, Coupon Quest List, Class Information, Renewal Mechanics, Advanced Game Controls, Alternate Outfits, or our Capital City? We've got you covered! Checkout our Wiki today and learn something new about GatheringRO. Hero Ring Enchants Hero Ring can be acquired by trading 30 Token of Hero to Hero Token Exchanger inside Flame Cave at moro_cav 32,73. Furthermore it can enchanted by Expert Enchanter Byrnes moro_cav 34,65 for free. For more details checkout our wiki entry: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Hero_Ring_Enchants World Boss Update - Loot chances are no longer increased for doing more damage. This should give players some more class choice and focus on having fun rather than doing raw damage. It doesn't require a lot of damage to be eligible, so pick your favourite class and enjoy something new. Guild Storage Expansion Skill - The new storage expansion skill is now available. Guild leaders must level up this skill and give themselfs storage permission within the positions tab before you can access the guild storage again. - It is now possible to set Storage Permission for specific guild positions to prevent newcomers from accessing the guild storage. The storage size is currently decreased down to 500, but we will be investigating if we can enlarge it back to 600 within the next few days/weeks. Item Updates - Fixed overrefine bonus calculation for weapons. It now properly adds the random bonus ATK which mimics the official behavior. - Fixed certain item bonuses not checking for the correct source/target class thus didn't trigger properly - Added 6 new Armors to the Emperium Shop - Added 3 new Shoes to the Emperium Shop These new gears work as set with any of the new or old Emperium equipment. Please check the job restriction before buying any of the new gear, as they are restricted to specific jobs. - Improved existing Emperium Set - Added an extra slot to each Thanatos Weapon (these new weapons are available through the new Ghost Palace instance) - Reduced damage bonus of Dwigh Card (20% -> 10%) - Increased damage bonus of Elvira Card (8% -> 10%) - Geffen magic suit no longer prevents skill casting from being interrupted in woe settings - Corrected variable cast rate for Geffen Magic Robe - Corrected Electronic Guitar bonus which shouldn't be unbreakable - Corrected item bonuses for Imperial Spear, Bunker Shield, Drooping Pope, Divine Cross, Shield of Naga, Flame Spirits Armor, Sky Blue Smock, Hardened Breastplate, Tuna, Noble Cross, Bloody Roar, Refined Bloody Roar, Zodiac Crown, Shining Sunflower and some consumables - Corrected End Sektura bonus which now inflicts crystallization status and not freeze Skill Updates - Corrected Tarot Card dispelling clan buffs - Added new/missing buff icons - Fixed Silvervine Root Twist animation not ending if player is being affected - Fixed Warlock Summon Elementall Balls being displayed twice after warping or using a warp item - Resolved an issue were certain critical damage bonuses didn't properly trigger - Shield Spell is now canceled when the user switches shields - Fixed Axe Mastery which does no longer increase damage for 2H swords. - Masquerades are now unable to effect boss monsters - Adjusted Amistr's Defense behavior. Effect should not be shown above master - Fixed Shield Chain which should be a meele skill and not ranged - Corrected Cloud Kill status being removed and not damaging players who are in the AoE Freezing Effect - Adjusted movement speed reduction from -50% to -70%. - Adjusted ASPD reduction from -15% to -30%. - Adjusted physical DEF reduction from -10% to -30% for players only (mobs are still -10%). - Adjusted variable cast time increase from +15% to fixed cast time +50%. Crystallized Effect - While Crystallized Wind damage is increased 50%. - Corrected an arrow state check for Crystallization on weapon damage reduction. - Corrected elemental damage calculation for targets in pre-renewal mode. Mado Gear - Increased maximum weight limit by 1500. - HP naturally recovers similar to Swordman Moving HP-Recovery. - Updated Emergency Cool's interaction with Overheat calculation. - Added new Emergency Cool cooling devices. - The three cooling devices now lower Overheat by 45, 75, and 105 respectively. - Overheat now only increases on every attack by 1 or by 3 with Fire element. - The Overheat limit is increased to 150, 200, 280, 360, and 450 respective to skill level. - Updated Magic Gear Master NPC and placed him in Althea at the coordinates 135 256 -- Added Emergency Magic Gear purchase option. -- Added High Quality Cooler and Special Cooler upgrade options. Skill Balancings Guillotine Cross - Increased Grimtooth damage - Increased Sonic Blow damage Sura - Slightly reduced Fallen Empire damage - Increased Rampage Blaster damage Rune Knight - Slightly reduced Spiral Pierce damage - Slightly reduced Dragon Breath Fire/Water damage - Increased Hundred Spear Damage - Slightly increased Ignition Break damage Minstrel - Increased Reverberation damage Sorcerer - Reduced Psychic Wave damage - Slightly reduced chance to crystallize the enemy when using the Diamond Dust skill - Increased Cloud Kill damage Ranger - Increased Aim Bolt damage - Increased Arrow Storm damage - Slightly increased Double Strafe damage Summoner - Increased Catnip Meteor damage Genetic - Reduced trap duration of Thorn Trap (20s -> 10s) Misc Updates - Final implementation of the >70% overweight system which should now properly display as such - Added several missing, official map restrictions - Implemented new maps - Implemented several new Achievements for you to unlock - Fixed broken guild notices - Bug fixes and improvements on the Novice Academy - Fixed spawn and save locations in Althea were players ended up stuck inside the fountain - Fixed some slight mismatches on shadow gear refinement chances - Fixed incorrect item drop id in Eclage quests - Pets should have the same walk speed as their master, also some bug fixes on the homunculus speed behavior Monster Updates - Balanced existing core instances to be more difficult (Octopus Cave, Faceworm Instance, Old Glastheim...) - Balanced the new instance monsters for their initial release - Hundreds of monster implementations and updates for the new content and more Costume Updates - Added 100+ Costumes to different shops. This includes the Adventure Guild, Pro Hunter, World Boss, WoE and BG shop. We've also updates some costumes on the gRO box and World Boss Eggs. - Added summer themed cash shop costumes
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    Summer Event 2018 (Full details)

    Summer Event 2018 Time schedules (based on server time GMT+1) : Era of the Pharaoh and the Queen Sun 08-July 20:20 / Thurs 19-July 23:20 / Sat 28-July 16:20 Note : After worldbosses Result of 08 July : It's Breakfast Time! Fri 13 July 03:20 / Sun 15-July 23:20 / Friday 27-July 16:20 The Rewards : Chance to win an exclusive summer costume / a bottled water (permanent summer looks) and so on!!!
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    Ascended Gear Updates

    Monster updates - Reduced attack, skill damage and HP of specific mobs in Instances that are part of the Daily Instance rotation. General Item Updates - Improved Helm of Hermes (additional effect: All stats +3) and added it to the Pro Hunter Shop - Added Gelerdria, Tjungkuletti and several Improved Accessories to the Pro Hunter Shop - Improved Garment Wings (Emperium Wing, Arcangel...) to add ATK/MATK every 20 STR/INT instead of 25 - Increased MaxHP and MaxSP added by (unslotted) Brynhild (GM Castle drop) (new values: 35% MaxHP, 10% MaxSP) - Reverted Werewolf MaxHP increase (50% -> 44%) due to balance issues with new, stronger equipment - Increased stats of beginner PvP Set (Giveaway NPC) - Updated Sniper Card item description - Removed duplicate items from WB and WoE shops (thanks @leaphar) - Lush Rose will now properly add MATK (thanks @Gale Windscar) - Fixed custom garments being invisible or transparent (thanks @Asuna) - Fixed Costume Flying Galapago showing a wrong headgear (thanks @sucrose) - Improved Dark Randgris Helm (GM Castle Drop) New effects of Dark Randgris Helm: All stats +5. MDEF +25. ATK,MATK +5%. Healingpower +10%. Class: Upper Headgear (was Upper + Middle before) Emperium Item Updates - Increased MaxHP/MaxSP bonus of Emperium Boots (7%->8%) - Some adjustments on the recently introduced Emperium Equipment and Emperium Clip - Added Emperium Accessory Set bonus to current Emperium Accessories - Added several more Emperium Gear to the WoE Shop - Added new Emperium Equipment to Emperium Armor Chest - Every Emperium Armor will now grant its combo bonus with any emperium Garment or Shoes (except Emperium Wing) New Emperium Equipment: Brand new emperium equipment is now available for you to unlock! Emperium Helmet, Emperium Mask, Emperium Mystic Eyes, Emperium Eye Protector, Emperium Blinder, Emperium Scarf, Emperium Hood, Emperium Muffler, Emperium Manteau War of Emperium Treasure Chest Updates - Overhauled WoE 1 Treasure Chest contents. Adjusted/changed some item drops and added brand new equipment New WoE 1 Treasure Chest Contents: Mithril Ore Improved Accessories Sapphire and Metal Weapons/Shield for every class These weapons are about 25% weaker than Emperium Weapons. New Guild Members are strongly encouraged to communicate with their Guild Leader to get their hands on the weapon they need. Shadow Set This set is about 25% weaker than the renown Emperium Set. Guild Leaders are strongly encouraged to communicate with their Guild Members and distribute the set fairly. Battleground Item Updates - Improved stats on existing BG sets - Summoner class can now wear the Battlelord's set - Added three brand new Equipment Sets to the BG Shop and the BG Armor Chest Guardian's Set Gladiator's Set King's Set These sets consist of 1 Armor, 2 Shoes, 2 Garments and 1 Accessory. The combo bonus works with any of these. Skill Updates Doram - Slightly reduced Picky Peck damage Ranger - Slightly reduced after-cast delay of Sensitive Keen - Slightly reduced Double Strafe damage Misc Updates - Fixed corrupt data which were persistent in the latest full client - Uploaded a new Full Client - Cleaned up some old, unused data from GatheringRO to save some disc space
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    IGN: Gabriela Wodemeiren PS. I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THIS SUPER LONG POST. I AM FORUM NOOB >_< The river's current was so strong that it carried the unconscious Cat to an unknown land. This new land was vibrant with different shades of yellow and green. However, why were there chunks of cheese here and there? After a few hours, Cat was startled awake by a big mountain of a cat with a chef hat resting on top of his head. Without much questions the giant cat led Cat to an outdoor restaurant which was bustling with all kinda cats in different shapes and sizes. Cat was amazed for she has never seen so many cats in one area before. The news of the Great Zodiac Race was the hottest gossip in town. Some laughed and some pitied the foolish cat for being deceived by Rat. Cat stiffened in her seat and hung her head down as she held back tears. Suddenly, a giant plate of mushroom pancake was placed in front of her. Her stomach gave a loud rumbled and she blushed. Chef gave her a small smile and nodded. Cat took one bite and almost swooned from the mere deliciousness of the pancake. How can something so simple be so fluffy and divine? The mushroom mixed in with the syrups melted on her tongue and slid down her throat like smooth wine. It was within that moment that Cat's life will be changed forever. Chef took a liking to Cat and took her under his wings and treated her like she was his own kitten. He taught her how to bake and cook and was amazed at how Cat seem to absorbed everything in like a sponge. His greatest surprise was the power she had within her little paws. The legend was told that only one cat every 99 years were born with the power of the Golden Paws. They were known to be the greatest at producing the best bread, pizza, pasta or any goods that needed to be knead. The news traveled all across Lasagna and everyday the restaurant was jammed pack with customers. One day in December, a well-tailored fat cat came into the restaurant. He was sent down by the Head Chef of the Jade Emperor's palace to look for a chef for the upcoming New Year's Banquet. Cat whipped up her famous mushroom pancake and served it to the fat cat. "OHO~ This is spectacular!!" exclaimed the fat cat. He slumped to the ground and fell into a catnap. After a few hours, he woke up and exclaimed that Cat must go with him to the palace at once. Cat was hesitant about going because she still felt ashame and bitter about the outcome of the Great Zodiac Race. Later on that day, Chef persuaded Cat to go and assured her that she will always have a home in Lasagna. On the day of her departure, Cat was sent off by Chef, her fellow co-workers and friends. Cat was amazed by sight of the Jade Palace and with the HUGE kitchen. WHEW! The kitchen was even bigger than the whole town of Lasagna. On the day of the banquet, Cat was introduced to the Jade Emperor and the twelve members of the Zodiac. Rat recognized Cat right away and laughed in her face. "Puhahahahah~ Once a loser will always be a loser!" The urge to claw the Rat and roast him over an open fire was strong, but in the presence the Jade Emperor all Cat could do was smile. Once in the kitchen, Cat had many thoughts of sabotaging Rat's plate to make him suffer like how she suffered. However, Cat realized that she hadn't suffered at all. It was more like a blessing in disguise. She was able to meet Chef and her many friends in Lasagna. Even if she wasn't acknowledge as a member of the Zodiac, but wouldn't it better to be acknowledged by people who really cared about you? Cat smiled as she happily prepared the feast for the New Year's Banquet. Everyone complimented on how delicious and fluffy the mushroom pancakes were. The feast was a huge success and the Jade Emperor summoned Cat into the dining hall. He was impressed with the feast and offered a position in the the royal kitchen to Cat. Cat bowed and humbly declined the Jade Emperor as she wants nothing more than to return home to Lasagna. The Jade Emperor nodded in understanding and granted her the title, The Golden Paw Cat. Cat returned home and became the most famous chef in all of Midgard. There has even been rumors that the Jade Emperor would send fat cat over to get an order of freshly made mushroom pancake.
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    Ranger for Newbies

    Purpose Showing you an option about how to start your Ranger So, before we start this, let me tell you that there are many many ways to start your day as a Ranger. Here I'm sharing you my way Here are some helpful commands (Source: Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges [Link]) Let's begin!! Target #1: Be a Level 250 Ranger .... Just follow the arrows on the floor. Ask for being warped to Althea Or just walk to another portal, and type @go 0 ... First, warp to prt_fild01 to level up Go to Althea, and change Job into an Archer at the Job Master. Here's more detailed info about Job Tree (source: Job / Class Information) .... Archer now? warp to cmd_fild02, get more level. Use Double Strafe or Arrow Shower to attack multiple enemies at once Once you reached base level 95, meet Mercenary Service at the 7 o'clock direction of Althea Fountain. Get ~10x Fencer Scroll 9 [#12171] Don't have zeny? new to gRO? .... Hunt bigger targets. Warp to thor_v03, kill [Bow Guardian] using Steven's Bowling Bash*. *CTRL+R, open his skill window, and put Bowling Bash on your Hotkey. If you die, Steven Mercenary will leave you. So, keep @jump to survive the mob attacks. Keep changing Job to the higher ones. But stop on Sniper and reach 250 Base Level first before changing into a Ranger. Else, you’ll have harder times in increasing the Base Level. .... When you are a Ranger, get some job levels and max out those skills first. You can get more skills if you want to .... Target #2: Status Build Make something like this Here's the explanation .... Target #3: Get Prepared for Hunting Need arrows? Find Althea Guide around the Althea Fountain, and go to Supply Shop. You can find the Archery Tool Dealer there .... Need cheaper arrows? Go to , find the Tool [email protected] mora 106 112 and buy the arrows. Turn them into Quivers at Quiver Master. So, you’ll need 3,000z in total while Elf’s Arrow Quiver at Althea’s Archery Tool Dealer costs 60,000z per Quiver. .... Here are some self-buff skills that might help during battles .... Gears to start with? Look below .... Ok, now your Ranger is good enough for Hunting better gears [ref1] [ref2] [ref3] Participating the World Boss Events[WBE] Getting Gears for more Movement Speed [Link] .... fyi: There's also an alternative outfit for Rangers .... Thank you for reading Any feedback & suggestions would be lovely For Further Reading (links): Dagger/Trapper/Warger Ranger Rota's complete guide to grinding Get Good at Gro Mikeyyyy's Guide To Rangers Ranger - gRO Wiki How to Walk Faster With Low Cost Gears Rap's Guide to EASILY get MAX Level Gatheringro's Custom & Features Last Edited: 08 Oct 2018 - Added gear options to start with
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    - Freezing and Burning can now occur at the same time (can be stacked) - Negative MDEF does no longer exist and is treated as 0 instead. Before, negative hard MDEF have increased any incoming magic attacks. - Some updates to the max recovery weight of 70% - Implemented several missing, official map restrictions Guild Storage - The new guild storage increase skill has been adapted to reach up to 600 items again instead of just the official 500. - All existing guilds -> storage skill lvl has been increased to lv5 for everyone - All existing guilds -> all members have now storage permission This helps with the problem that you can re-access the guild storage in case your guild master is no longer actively playing gRO. All guild leaders are now required to take away the guild storage permission for those positions needed. Newly created guilds (after this update) are not affected and will have to level up the skill normally, and handout the storage permissions accordingly. Forums - Facebook and Twitter forum Sign-Up and Login integration has been fixed and is back available.
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    Emperium Breaker Test

    This NPC can be found in the north-west part of Althea (Althea Guide -> Emperium Test). He will teleport you to your personal breaking test room instance where you get the option to summon an Emperium for your personal speed test. In said room you will be able to buff yourself by talking to the service NPC with Blessing, Increase Agility, Enchant Weapon: Shadow Element and, if you are a Guillotine Cross, Enchant Deadly Poison. The NPC displays your personal best record as well as the top ranked breaker as a comparison to your latest achievement. This new service costs 5 Silver Coins per entry, which includes unlimited Emperium respawns and free buffs for as long as you stay. Identifier NPC - He is back available in our Supply Shop and now supports unidentified items with random options such as Crimson Weapons - The base prize of Magnifiers have been increased Misc Updates - Fixed Party death icon - Fixed several item and item combo effects - Tons of core related updates, bug and crash fixes - Fixed several clothing color issues - Implemented/Updated several NPCs - Fixed HP Regeneration of Celines Ribbon Malangdo Culvert Instance - Added option to pay the rental entry item with zeny instead of silvervine fruits, just like with the octopus cave. The instance creating NPC (Missing, the Cleaner) now offers you this new option. Skill Updates - Spiritual Sphere Absorption should still take the spheres from the target even if Cursed Circle is used on the caster. - Fix of the magic attack bonus of the skill Insignia which was not increasing. The fishing summer event has ended. If you enjoy GatheringRO and this update in particular, please show it by leaving a review on Ratemyserver! We appreciate the support!
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    For an in-depth PvP/WoE/BG guide for Sorcerer, click on this --> link <-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Due to nerfs on the Sorcerer class, I'm creating a guide on how to play a non-pvp Sorcerer to give aspiring Sorcerers a stepping stone before entering the arena. Enjoy the guide! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's a common misconception that Sorcerers are only meant to stomp players and cause mayhem in PvP/WoE. I'm here to shed some light on the lighter side of the great Sorcerers: being a baby sitter. You might be thinking "AB better for support" or "There are better classes to play etc-etc." But there are some things that a Sorcerer CAN do that other classes can't do in PvE. Let me show you what these are (Before I begin, I'd like to thank @mvp_kost for suggesting this guide and I have high hopes that this will be helpful!) Why should I play this class as a support? Simply because the Sorcerer has a wide arsenal of skills and abilities that other support classes don't have such as Warmer, Land Protector, Weapon-property-skills(Lightning, Frost, Seismic, Flame), Striking, Insignias (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind) and many more! They also have combat support skills that other support classes like the Arch Bishop do not have such as Dispel and Spell Breaker which make them viable against big bosses like Pro Hunter MvPs, World Bosses, or just plain instance running! Isn't Arch Bishop class bett- True, Arch Bishops too have a wide array of supportive strategies but a Sorcerer has it's own way of enhancing damage, improving elemental efficiency, and at the same time effectively support while dealing moderate damage to almost any type. Arch Bishops specialize in Holy Property while Sorcerers specialize in utilizing multiple elements! Sorcerers can also prevent and/or cure certain status ailments; take Frozen status for instance. Both classes can REMOVE the freeze effect but can the Arch Bishop PREVENT it? Hmm, no they cannot. Sorcerers utilize Warmer which prevents and cures Freezing ailments of those within it. Lauda Agnus however cures more ailments but does not cure it. You should also take into account that Warmer increases the HP regeneration of those within it's range. You know what they say, prevention is better than the cure~ Now, Arch Bishops have Clearance while Sorcerers have Dispel. Both basically do the same thing except Clearance is more of a hard-reset while Dispel is a little lighter. But when you think of it, most status effects inflicted by mobs and bosses can simply be taken away by Dispel. Any more questions? None for the moment? Let's get to the guide then! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This topic will be divided into these topics: -Stats -Gear -Important Skills ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stats: The stats I will be giving are the stats for being a support Sorcerer that were optimized for efficiency and effectiveness in PvE-based scenarios. You are of course free to alter the stats should you see that it does not suit your playstyle or if you simply wanna feel special or different from the rest of us Sorcerers Str: 150 - 160 (This allows you to carry more important items! Red Blood, Wind of Verdure, Green Live, and Crystal Blue are among the many things you need to carry around in your hidden fanny pack!) Agi: 50 - 70 (This is a somewhat important stat when supporting in my opinion. You can support your Agi by having some Aspd buffs like Concentration Potions, Awakening Potions or Foods to give a small Aspd boost in order to have slightly lower cast animation) Vit: 150 - 160ish (Required for higher survival rate. The longer you stay alive, the longer your team stays alive as well!) Int: 180 (The purpose of not having a straight-up 200 base Int is because you won't be dealing the damage anyway, but rather it is used to add to your MaxSP. 200 Int seems to add only a little SP in comparison to 180 Int. The stat points can be spent anywhere else for more efficiency and use!) Dex: 150 (This is the sweet spot for cast time since it allows some of your skills to be instant cast and some cast faster!) Luk: "drop the rest here(?)" (Luk for extra resist and some Atk+Matk and/or for Arc Angeling Card requirements. Your choice~) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gear: The gear I selected for this build is for SUPPORTING PURPOSES. You're not here to DAMAGE, you're here to take one for the team and SUPPORT! Upper Headgear: Pimp Hat [1]/Luxury Hat [1] - (obtainable through this quest. These hats basically allow you to cast Level 4 Resurrection on a target dead player for the cost of a single Blue Gemstone. This is very effective since not many people run an Archbishop class during boss events or instances so why not take that role?) Magic Eyes - (obtainable through this quest). This reduces your variable cast time which is good considering you won't be using your Ventus so much. It's budget too, so it's a good item to start with when playing a support Sorcerer. Blessed Valkyrie Helm [1] - (obtainable via this quest). Not a bad item considering it's + to all stats. Prism [1] (Effect # 4) - (obtainable via this quest). Basically does the same thing as the Pimp/Luxury Hat but it's more tiring and time-consuming to make. You can get this if you want to have some fashion to your Sorcerer... but again, get the Pimp/Luxury Hat instead. Dark High Lord Helm [1] - (obtainable thru this quest). Adds stats, MaxHP & MaxSP. Perfect for higher survival rate. (expensive to make though) Cards: Kiel-D-01 - Allows you to cast skills in quick succession. You'll never know if you need to cast a skill as soon as you finish casting one. It's a good idea to bring along equipment with -cast delay so that you may follow-up skills to aid your team better. Gemini-S58 Card - A budget card to curb certain boss skills like Wide Stone Curse or Wide Sleep given you have the base stats needed. I'm not sure though if multiple Gemini Cards stack but it's worth a try! Fenrir Card - This card will lower your fixed cast time by A LOT. This is good since you won't be using Ventus a lot. Use ONLY ONE Fenrir card because multiple Fenrir Cards will only stack Matk but not the -60% fixed cast time. Isilla Card - Another budget card that reduces cast time when you hit something with a spell. Best paired with the Killing Cloud skill due to it's continuous damage and instant cast. Tower Keeper Card - Super budget card. Reduces your cast time by a little bit. Not too shabby since you won't be using Ventus a lot. Rata Card - It works like an Isilla card except it adds more Matk. It has a lesser duration though when the -cast time activates. Vesper Card - Only use this card when you wanna become a combat-support/hybrid support Sorcerer. It ignores a portion of a boss' Mdef so it's good for DPS tactics. Middle Headgear Small Devil Horns [1] - (obtainable via Pro Hunter Shop for 50 Hunter Coins). It's expensive but it's a really nice addition to survival rate. It gives +% Atk and Matk and also grants +% MaxHP giving you an edge in survival. Baron's Evil Eye [1] - (obtainable via Pro Hunter Shop for 45 Hunter Coins). Almost just as expensive as SDH but still as useful. The -5% cast delay is subtle yet good when trying to cast multiple spells to support your team. Monacle [0] - This item is only good if you have the set Any slotted Middle Headgear - just as long as you have a slotted Middle headgear, you can put crucial cards like Arc Angeling Card or a Gemini-S58 Card to compliment your gear setup. Cards: Mistress Card - This card is key in any support Sorcerer build because it allows you to cast gemstone-required skills () without using gemstones. This means you can carry other important equipment such as Sorcerer Points (), Catalysts (Wind of Verdure Red Blood Green Live Crystal Blue | Rough Wind Flame Heart Great Nature Mystic Frozen), Aspd Potions () etc. Nightmare Card - I recommend using this card if you don't have a Gemini-S58 Card yet. It prevents you from going into the Deep Sleep status which will allow you to help your allies no matter what happens! An example of an MvP that does Wide Sleep is Celine Kimi from the Horror Toy Factory. Gemini-S58 Card - If you can, you may slot an additional Gemini-S58 Card to increase your resistances to effects that stop you from supporting your team mates. Arc Angeling Card - A really great card if you have enough base Luk for it. This card is perfect for when enemies tend to do Wide Soul Drain due to the fact that you need to regenerate your SP quickly so that you may cast Soul Change unto your allies who have been drained as well. Lower Headgear Nebula Aura [1] - (obtained through the same quest as the Rainbow Sash [1]) - This is my top preference among the Lower Headies because it grants a lot of Mdef (enough to sustain yourself from some AoE magic attacks bosses tend to do) which increases your survival rate in many situations! In case some of the smaller mobs hit you, there's a chance you active the Nebula Aura's effect and cast a random buff on yourself (increases survival rate as well!). Sage Ring [1] - (obtained through this quest) - provides some necessary stats for a Sorcerer and is a pretty alright choice for a support Sorcerer. The slot is what matters any way~ Rainbow Sash [1] - (obtained through this quest) - It's a really nice item to have (although not really necessary) but still, the stats are great and +5 to all stats is always good! Cards: Isilla Card - adds Int and has a chance to lower your cast time. I'm not very sure if the chance to cast this stacks with multiple Isilla cards so I strongly recommend you slot the Isilla Card on the Lower Headgear to make room for bigger cards in your Upper/Middle Headies. Cendrawasih Card - another good choice since it adds flat Int~ (budget too!). Tower Keeper Card - reduces your variable-cast time! Budget budget budget! Armor Diabolus Robe [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Satan Morroc/Wounded Morroc) a very budget armor good for that -% cast delay to make you cast more skills in succession! Brynhild/Brynhild [1] - (obtainable from GM castle. Refer to this guide; and to slot it, refer to this guide.) This is an expensive item and although it is REALLY GOOD, I don't advise you getting it just for the sake of being a PvE support Sorcerer. +9 Geffen Magic Robe [1] - (obtainable from the Geffen Magic Tournament's Coin Redeemer.) This item is at it's best when you refine it to +9 or higher since it grants lesser cast time on your skills as well as reduces your cast delay! Best paired with the Magic Intensifier Ring [1] for lower cast delay! Remember, low cast delay is always welcome . Tidung [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Leak.) Another easy item to obtain from a relatively easy-to-kill MVP! This grants resistance to Stun and Frozen status by +15% and has 1 slot! I highly recommend you to get this if you're still starting! Valkyrian Armor [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Valkyrie Rangdris.) Easily obtained, easily farmed, easily bought, pretty OK stats, 1 slot. If you really can't afford anything else, at least have the dignity to clothe yourself in this armor. Cards: Marc Card - Super budget, easy to farm, immunity to freeze. What more can you ask for? Since many bosses cast Wide Freeze skills (which you can't block with Land Protector) you will need this card a lot. Evil Druid Card - This card helped me support in most PHQ instances like "The Last Room" and "Horror Toy Factory" due to the fact that the bosses cast Wide Stone Curse skills which is a terrible pain since you will need to be actively Dispel-ing or Spell Breaker-ing the bosses as well as casting other spells such as Warmer, Land Protector, and Soul Change. Just please do take note that IF YOU DIE while using Undead-Property armor, you CANNOT BE RESURRECTED AS WELL AS BENEFIT FROM THE HEALING EFFECT OF YOUR WARMER. Tao Gunka Card - The card adds a lot of MaxHP but, it does not protect you from Freeze or Stone Curse effects. Expensive but useful if you're tanking a boss. Detardeurus Card - Prevents your cute Sorcerer from getting frozen and adds a small chance to cast Level 1 Land Protector when receiving magic damage. I recommend using this card if you're up against a boss that just can't stop casting spells all around itself. Take Belphegor for example: his summons just love to smack unsuspecting people who aggro them. Oh, and do take note that Land Protector disables ground effect skills from occurring on them like Pneuma and Safety Wall. Professor Card - Unless you're a crazy rich guy, I don't really recommend getting this card. Although it's a way better version of the Detardeurus card, I suggest that you don't get this card just for the sake of supporting. It's kind of an overkill and you don't absolutely need this card to succeed as a support Sorcerer. Weapon (you have a lot of choices for this one!) Rod [4] - (obtainable from Drops)Ah, my favorite of all support weapons. The four-slotted Rod. It adds versatility in your arsenal since it enables you to add more cards to your item! Easy to farm, super cheap to obtain. Moonlight Dagger [0] - (obtainable from [MVP]Assassin Cross Eremes, [MVP]Moonlight Flower.) Adds +10% MaxSP as well as restore your SP by 3 every time you attack! The really nifty thing about this one is the SP restoration per attack because your skill Indulge requires 5 SP to cast which means that you merely need to attack something twice until you can fully restore your SP! Wing Staff [0] - (obtainable from Laurell Weinder) Although this staff doesn't have a slot, it makes you very mobile even without a Moonlight Flower Card or a Ventus 1-D with you. I recommend getting this if you can't get the other items! Ancient Magic [2] - (obtainable from Uzhas) Books are good for you since your Advanced Book passive skill enables you to attack faster when wielding a book! The Ancient Magic book however, is best when combined with Mage Coat, Librarian Glove [1] +?? Crimson One-handed Staff [2] - (obtainable from Laurell Weinder, and Bathory)This weapon does not need to be refined (but doesn't mean you can't!) because you're going to be utilizing the slots for the cards. The Matk it adds is just a bonus so that you can deal some damage to the boss or mobs. Other than that, you'll be utilizing the slots! Lich Bone Wand [2] - (obtainable from [Mini-Boss]Entweihen Crothen, Necromancer, and Nightmare Evil Druid)You can also obtain this by finishing the Giveaway quest in Althea using the Sorcerer. Pretty nifty for starters and you shouldn't be shy when considering for this item! Staff of Bordeaux [0] - (obtainable from [MVP]Moonlight Flower) Personally, this is a pretty good starter weapon too! If your Dragonology level is 5, you gain a special bonus of -% SP reduction and some Int. It's not overwhelmingly good but it's still a bonus! +?? Thorn Staff of Darkness [0] - (obtainable from [Mini-Boss]Entweihen Crothen) Best when it has a high refine level. Reduces your after-cast delay depending on the refine rate making you cast your spells faster! Cards: Doppelganger Card - The I recommended already sounds outrageous, doesn't it? But hear me out, Doppelganger card adds +6 Aspd (if my memory serves me right), and attack speed makes your cast animation faster giving you a pseudo-cast delay decrease. Multiple cards stack so slot to your desire! Fabre Card - This cute card adds Vit which means more HP! Since you won't be a damage dealer, these cards will be a great addition to your slots especially when there's more than one of them! Golem Card - This card prevents your weapon from being broken which is pretty cool considering that there's a chance you might pull a monster that would break your stuff! Use this card for safety reasons! Shield Memory Book [0] - (obtainable from Time Keeper, Fanat, Aunoe, Agav, and Clock Tower Manager) Alone, this item isn't very effective. But when you hit the set, you get some interesting results. When combined with the Monocle and the Pocket Watch, you gain +15% SP Recovery and +7% Matk. I recommend this item if you're the 'hang-back' kind of support since you will be Soul Changing a lot of your allies and thus, SP recovery would be a must here. Valkyrian Shield [1] - (obtainable from [Mini-Boss]Valkyrie) It's a decent shield. It helps a lot with survival rate and well... yeah, decent and cheap. Orlean's Server [1] - (obtainable from Aliza) Another decent shield but it doesn't really 'serve' well enough. Get it? Serve? (-1 for bad pun). Cards: Hodremlin Card - It's a great all-around card to ensure that you take less damage from anything that has a size. There's also a chance your Perfect Dodge increases when you take damage and that's always a plus! Alice Card - Anti-boss and makes you get hurt more against the normal mobs. Apparently, you won't be using this often if you aren't a tanker. But then again, there's a possibility that you'll pull the aggro from the boss if something happens like if the tank suddenly dies or if he gets knocked back and resets the aggro. You'll never know so this is a good fall-back if ever you have doubts on the tank. Golden Thief Bug Card - Makes you immune to spells and status effects! It's easy to get (worth less than 1b zenny). Garment Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Nidhoggur's Shadow) Easy to obtain, and has decent stats for a Soul Changer Sorcerer. Eagle Wing [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Memory of Thanatos) I'd personally use this only if I have the Wing Staff since this item is pretty out of place without the set. Giant Snake Skin [1] - (obtainable from the Faceworm Instance) Make sure that your GSS is slotted because it's important that you have as many slotted items to maximize your survival! I'd recommend getting either Special Vit or Special Int with Int or Vit orbs. Diabolus Manteau [1] - (obtained from Incarnation of Morroc [Valkyrie Version]) This garment alone is mediocre, but when paired with the Diabolus Boots which make your MaxHP boost to a significant level! Salvage Cape [0] - (obtainable from [MVP]Professor Celia)It's a decent garment for avoiding the first instance of damage. You'll never know if the boss decides to hit you with a powerful spell that could potentially kill you. I recommend that you don't use this as your main garment, but rather as a switch-up so that you can keep the buff and wear better stuff! Valkyrian Manteau [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Valkyrie Rangdris.) I usually use this as a switch-up and not as my main garment because there are other better ones! If you can't afford others though, it's okay to use this one as well. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - These garments aren't bad at all. They add bonuses to you based on your Base Stats. Fallen Angel Wings can be obtained through Battleground Rewards Emperium Wings [1] - Adds bonuses to you based on your Base Stats. Obtainable through WoE Rewards in the WoE Core Shops. Wings of Seraph [1] - Adds bonuses to you based on your Base Stats. Obtainable through the Adventurer Guild Coupon Redemption NPC. Archangel Wings [1] - Add bonuses to you based on your Base Stats. Obtainable via Redeeming 250 A Coupons in Adventure Guild Cards: Giant Octopus Card - Pretty dank card if I may say. More HP means a higher survival rate! You can also trip around with the Lvl 5 Waterball it enables usage of! Randel Card - Enables level 3 Auto Guard. This card isn't really amazing when you use it on your main garment, but when you put it in an alternative garment (like a Valkyrian Manteau), you can actually be a pretty tough nut to crack. Use it well~ Aliot Card - A great budget card to increase your MaxSP! I suggest slotting this in a garment that grants MaxSP bonuses like the Proxy Skin Fragment. Jejeling Card - Budget HP! Although there are other cards that are better than this, it's a good start for anyone wanting to go support! Footgear: or Temporal Booots (Int or Vit) [1] - (obtainable from Hugin's Butler near the Old Glastheim Instance) I strongly advise that you pair this with the Giant Snake Skin so you get to maximize the bonuses being offered by the set! For this situation (PvE), I'd prefer using the Vit temporal boots to ensure that I live longer and that I can support for longer! Variant Boots [0] - (obtainable from Beelzebub) This item is deceptively easy to get since the Beelzebub is quite hard to kill. If you're planning to get this item early on, you might want to ask a friend to come with you to deal with this boss. The Variant Boots are best when unrefined, so keep them that way! Enhanced Variant Boots [1] - (obtainable through the repeatable quest in the Eden Group) It's basically Variant Boots with a slot an halved bonuses. I recommend you getting this only if you intend to add a card to your footgear. +12 Hiking Boots [1] - (obtainable via Pro Hunter Shop in the Adventure Group located in Althea.) This thing has a slot and adds both MaxHP and MaxSP (base bonus is +4% on each) and every 3 refines increases the bonuses to MaxHP and MaxSP. This thing also grants a lot of Movement speed when it hits +12. This is expensive, mind you. Get this only if you're going use it for something else. +14 Bayani/Bangungot Boots of Nightmare [1]/[0] - (obtained from finishing the Bangungot Instance in Port Malaya Hospital) This item is reaches it's full usefulness when it reaches it's refining threshold of +14 because at this refine rate, you have increased movement speed! If you're using the Bayani Bangungot Boots of Nightmare [1], you'll only require it to be +12 to give the movement speed bonuse! Diabolus Boots [1] - (obtainable from [MVP]Satan Morroc/Wounded Morroc) Best paired with the Diabolus Manteau for the maximum HP boost! It's easy to get and very budget. Not something you want to miss if you're still starting off! Card: Boss Egnigem Card - More survival rate! This card is quite expensive if I remember correctly, but nevertheless, it's more or less a good choice to get this card~ Lady Tanee Card - Be careful when using this card. Although it grants a ton of MaxSP, I advise you to hang back a little more than usual and only come in to cast Soul Change when an ally needs it. Using Lady Tanee will also make your Energy Coat quite powerful when taking hits. I would recommend this card for supporting purposes! Moonlight Flower Card - Since you won't be using Ventus 1-D so much, this card would be very important for your mobility. This card is more or less easy to get and will make your survival rate higher in a subtle level! Amon Ra Card - This card is pretty strong since it grants the chance of casting Level 10 Kyrie Eleison when receiving Physical Damage. Best paired with high amount of HP since Kyrie Eleison's block is based on your MaxHP! Matyr Card - This card will give you a budget boost in your MaxHP as well as add +1 to Agi. Green Ferus Card - This card works the same way as Matyr except it adds +1 Vit instead of Agi. Sohee Card - Extra SP for Soul Change! It's somewhat like Tanee except with less MaxSP bonus and no MaxHP penalty. Accessories: Improved Necklace [1] - (obtainable from the Pro Hunter Shop in the Adventurer's Guild located in Althea) Adds MaxHP based on your Vit. Expensive but welcome nonetheless! Diabolus Ring [1] - (obtainable from the Incarnation of Morroc [Ghost version]Best paired with the Diabolus Robe so you get the Atk and Matk bonus! It's also okay alone but then again, best when paired! Librarian's Glove [1] - (obtainable from the Sage Worm) Best set up with the Pocket Watch and the Ancient Magic [2] for the attack speed bonus as well as some Int and MaxHP. Decent stats for 0 zenny! Pocket Watch [0]/[1] - (The unslotted one is obtainable from Leib Olmai, and the slotted one is obtainable from the Owl Viscount) Best set up with the Librarian's Glove and the Ancient Magic [2]! (not to be confused with the Pocket Watch you get from the Kiel D-01 .-.) Orlean's Glove [1] - (obtainable from Bow Guardian [in thor_v03 NOT THE ONES IN THE CASTLE])Pair this up with Orlean's Server so you'll get the -10% Variable Cast time bonus~ It's easy to obtain and is worth your time! Clip [1] - (obtainable from the Dragon Fly, Laurell Weinder, Alarm, and Big Bell) Budget accessory for those who can't get any other expensive items! Cards: Owl Baron Card - Use this card when you're tanking something so that you'll give your DPS-ers burst damage. Especially when you're teamed up with a Doram class or a Geneticist class. Obeaune Card - Enables use of Level 1 Cure which is useful since this allows you to cure Confusion, Blind and Silence statuses without using Dispel to take all the positive buffs away. Iara Card - Enables use of Level 1 Status Recovery. Removes Frozen and Stunned status effects which is useful when one of your team mates are frozen while out of the Warmer's effect or if your skill is still in cooldown. Poporing Card - Enables use of Level 1 Detoxify. Particularly useful when one of your allies get envenomed whether by Poison or Deadly Poison. Poison and Deadly Poison effects take away a percentage of HP (even higher for Deadly Poison). Scaraba Card - You can get this card for extra damage when you want to DPS a bit but I, personally wouldn't use it because of the -% MaxSP. You might be thinking "1% is tiny and Matk is worth it." You're not wrong but it's a personal preference Sample Builds Sample Build 1: "Runner" Sample Build 2: "Demon" Sage Sample Build 3: Soul "Slave" [Do note that this build makes you incredibly squishy without enough vit!] Sample Build 4: Anti-Stone Curse/Soul Drain Build ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Important skills: Here, I'll be talking about the most beneficial skills of a Sorcerer when in PvE/PvM. I won't be mentioning offensive skills since I'm focusing on the support side! Refer to my link to read my guide about an offensive Sorcerer (PvP) if you're interested! (I know this is a lot too keep in mind so please bear with me >_<) Major Skills: (Most important ones to keep in mind!) Minor Skills: (Some stuff to remember) That's all for this guide! Have fun, and explore more~ Special thanks to: @mvp_kost for suggesting this topic, and all of you guys who corrected me, commented, downgraded or supported this guide! Hope this guide helps~
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    Petition: Sorcerer Revamping

    😄 a4GMVWZ_460sv.mp4
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    Ascended Gear Updates

    Who's going to play now with their favorite class if they nerfed it, whats the use of working hard to obtain your planed set of items for it, and lots of searching how to become strong, and how to defeat your opponent even its 10x more stronger than your class, all of those efforts are useless after all your hard work, searching, and hunting, i suggest try it to your self before you nerfed things dont just listen from some complains wich is obviously selfish because they cannot defeat their opponent, and obviously not a Pro player. Let them search how to defeat opponents. Listening to those kind of players is not healthy to our server.
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    Leveling Guide

    Click here : Commands Click here : Element Tables Step 2 : Rebirth! Under construction
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    Bug Fixes & Updates

    Since the initial release we've been busy fixing all the bugs that showed up. Thanks a lot for all the bug reports we've been recieving! If we missed something, please create bug report in our forums so we can take a look at it. Bug Fixes - Fixed and re-enabled our custom hairstyles with our new client - Fixed client crashes caused by several missing clothing colors, they are now to 100% complete - Fixed a rare bug in all our custom enchanters and made some minor improvements - Fixed quest log system which wasn't showing any information at all - Fixed Tip Box which had broken formating after the first hotfix took place - Fixed Adventurer's Backpack clipping through the body - Fixed custom garments not showing up for human characters - Fixed Endless Tower, instead of Time Holder a crystal monster spawned - Fixed graphical glitches on map rendering, especialy on custom maps - Fixed some item descriptions - Fixed error message in the chat log appearing when logging in - Fixed spawning issues on the new instance - Fixed some issues related to the new Switch function - Fixed bug on the Battlegrounds healer removing Rune Knight mount - Fixed event portal issues when game masters tried to use the warp portal feature - Fixed gRO surprise box costume variant issues - Fixed roDex mails notification not triggering on login when you recieved a new mail while being offline - Corrected trap behavior reflect and slightly reverted previous commit. - Corrected Baby Dragon hat bonus - Added Gambler Searl and Gambler Card item combo - Corrected QD Shot and Crimson Marker interaction. QD Shot should not remove Crimson Marker - Feint Bomb now closer mimics official behavior. * Monsters now properly target the clone and refrain from attacking the Shadow Chaser. * Shadow Chasers are now able to cast skills while in Feint Bomb hiding state. * Removed extra skill cast value that wasn't used. * Removed extra mob target release function as one already existed. * Corrected Zanzou and Genwaku target release behavior as well. - Fixed a wrong quest ID was erased for Monthly Brigan quest - Fixed Crazy Weed not properly removing the Bloody Lust effect, it only removed the visual effect from the floor but the effect remained active - Updated Deckard Cain (Item Identifier) to fully support Crimson Weapons - Added some missing client side translations - Added the new but missing Summoner Emperium Weapons, both to the WoE shop and the reward chests Cash Shop Update We've also updated the costume section with a few new permanent costumes and have removed some old ones. An invisible Manteau version is now also available which hides your garment gear! Limited time costume offer preview: Homunculus Autofeed/Attack - Automatically feeding your homunculus has been implemented You can activate it directly within the Homunculus user interface. The homunculus will then feed itself by eating the food placed inside your inventory when it's hungry. - Homunculus do no longer automatically attack enemies without your consent/command. The new client will block any AI attempt which is trying to accomplish auto-attacking. (official patch) World Boss Updates - Adjusted, replaced and added new skills to all the world bosses. These changes should help to make each individual World Boss more unique in their behavior - Overall stats balancings for the World Bosses - Tweaks on the World Boss system due reports of not recieving any loot We still weren't able to reproduce this issue as it might be related to player not noticing that he/she isn't doing any damage. But we've made some changes to prevent data overflow on our server which might be related to it. Please leave us some feedback on your personal experience. Brand New Costumes - Added more than 100 new costumes to the Token Merchant shop rotation! Each weekly shop now features at least 2 new costumes and added brand new shops to the random pool. - Added new selected costumes to the Battlegrounds shop - Added new selected costumes to the WoE shop - Added new selected costumes to the Adventure Guild shop - Added new selected costumes to the Pro Hunter shop - Added new selected costumes to the Horror Toy Factory shop - Added new costume variant to Belphegor Egg - Added new costume to the character starter package Misc Updates - Added restriction for the skill Lope for Triple Inferno and Conquest Battlegrounds mode to prevent jumping over walls - Improved several translation strings used in the game interface - Improved client Map rendering quality - Improved Ging sending a properly formated mail when handing out the chest rewards - Changed the cooldown behavior when using @refresh - Prism Changer item requirements have been reduced by 50% and replaced with some zeny instead Improved NPC dialogue to preview the item requirements - Lifted trading restrictions for the headgear Sun Cap - Some NPC location updates on the Prontera map to prevent certain NPCs from clipping into buildings Website Updates - Several enhancements have been made to increase the website performance and loading speeds - Updated Website to the latest PHP version to increase security and performance - Updated our control panel with the latest security and performance enhancements - Updated our features page to inform new players about our ingame content - Updated our server information page - Added Item Descriptions to our Item Database This currently only supports official items and will be further expanded for our customs - Replaced simple job images on the character view with a dynamic character sprite generator. It is still in beta and will be further improved. It will show your current ingame character including headgears when checking our your character in our control panel! Example: Wiki Updates - Updated Wiki system to the latest version - Added tons of new Wiki content for you to explore Forum Updates - Updated Forum system to the latest version - The Club system has now been fully renamed to Guilds and now fully replaces our old guild discussion topics. The new Guilds System offers you the ability to create a proper sub forum for your guild in which you can moderate everything! All old and very outdated Guild Topics have been deleted. This new system is a great guild advertisement tool and can be used by guild masters who are seeking new members. - Added Party Recruitment section so new players can easily find people for instances. - Fixed thousands of broken avatars from old members - Re-activated our lost signatures - Fixed item pictures on the most visited Class Discussion guides. Even though they're no more fully up to date, it's still great to have actual class guides. Major Forum Cleanup - Thousands of broken topics have been deleted. This was an issue since the auto-archive system didn't manage to properly move all these old posts and with that basically broke thousands of topics. They have now been manually deleted to remove inaccessible content. - Deleted inactive International Support languages. You should now have a better time using the search function by finding actual existing and newer content rather than empty topics ;) - Deleted Videos & Replays due the lack of content
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    13th Cat Zodiac Event 2018

    Minina's good ending: A desperate cat was trying to reach the meeting while watch how the rest of the animals reach the finish. She, on the riverbank, observes how all celebrate the new 12 Zodiac Animals, no one notice the tears on the Cat, so she wipe her tears and walk alone to home. "What a disgrace I've brought to my cat family!" yelled the Cat. All in Animal Kingdom were talking about how the Rat was so smart and how the Cat was so naive. After that and for that reason, some Cats got bullied, all there said they are not even worthy to live in that kingdom. Cat was so sad and ashamed for herself, and see how the things went after the race was something she couldn't resist. She walked to a bridge and looked down - "I'm nothing but a shame". Then she jumped... but she forgot cats have 7 lives, so the only thing she got was a broken leg. While she was licking her injured leg, an old cat was watching her in the distance, then he said: "Why did you do that?, look what you did." then the old cat came more closer and sees is the cat of the Animal Meeting, so he figured it out why she did it. Coty, was the name of that old cat, he took Cat's chin and told her: "One day you will know why the things happened like that, humm... there is a myth, other races gonna love us, more than other animal in Animal Kingdom, remember that. You don't need to be part of something that doesn’t define us." Cat was surprised for those words, Coty, the old cat, returned to his house not without say good bye to Cat. Then she went back to home; more peaceful and now with a light in her soul, with a hope. The years passed, other races lived together with others, humans with animals. Humans took animals as pets, as friends. Cat lived enough to see how the world changed and how her cat family was the most loved in the human world, even nowadays. Where humans took the cats as little kings and queens, humans around the world took the cats as a symbol of greatness, making statues of them, pictures of them, even trying to look like them! Cat, in her softy cushion and petted by her human, remembered Coty's words. "So, this is what you meant, it's not a myth after all, now it's a reality, thank you", she said in her mind. Then she slept happy for her new life. The End. ❤️ IGN: Minina
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    Autumn Angel

    Equipment Switch Suggestion♥

    Hey hey~ I don't know if this was suggested before but I really would like to suggest the Equipment Switch Function ♥ http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Costume_System#Costumes I know other does it with putting eq on skill bar but its impossible for me because all my skill spaces are full, even the additional ones I have at least 3 sets to switch, one for healing, spamming and dmg. And an additional hybrid set...and much more. Since i play full support, hybrid and sometimes battle magic for fun.. And it would be a relief at last switching one equipment. Hmm also if its tooooo op we could get something like a switch cooldown from 1~2 min? so we cant change all eq like constantly idk.... it's just always so time-consuming to switch every eq .___. Also, I don't know ifits much work client and coding wise, but this is only a suggestion ♥
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    Equipment Switch Suggestion♥

    This features requires a new client. I've been testing them already, although it's always extremely hard to find a working one which complies with our customizations. The last 5 client versions i've been testing had entirely broken features or had compatibility issues with specific features. That's the main reason why we do not update clients more frequently.
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    D e M o N

    Althea Renovation

    Translation: <Insert Job Class or Skill Here> Is too OP! Nerf it because I cannot compete with it. Seriously? When you face something you cannot kill or compete with, you immediately want it to be nerfed/disabled/rebalanced? When it was bloodlust, players wanted the skill disabled. (It now has 1 second non-reducible cast time) When it was Gate of Hell, players wanted it to be nerfed. When it was shield spell (healing), players wanted it to be nerfed. When it was Soul Expansion, players wanted it to be nerfed. (It has gone through several revisions already) When it was Overbrand, players wanted it to be nerfed. When it was Sharpshooting, someone wanted it to be "balanced" because they died in 2 hits. it got nerfed in the end. Now it's Axe Tornado? What is next on the list to be nerfed because some players can't handle it when someone is stronger or has an advantage over them?
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    Althea Renovation

    The new town is seriously beautiful and the new bgm!
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    Autumn Angel

    Althea Renovation

    Uwahhh it looks so nice. Lemme put my two cents here~ I LOVE THE NEW TOWN!!! As someone who played wayyyy back when we only had prontera I'm really happy, because I loved prontera and was a bit sad when we got althea. + I really like the new graphic of the town, something that bugs me was always the ground pattern..idk I just didn't like it. And now you have much more space, althea feels twice as big as before !!! + I found so many little things and small corners to sit and chat ;_; ♥ It seems there is much love put in ALSO OMG THE NEW BGM!!!! you don't know how much I hated the ama song, I mean its pretty ok in amatsu...but, not althea. It didn't fit (i changed it always to prontera or alde theme ...) Well ppl can discuss over the fountain in the middle.. but since I'm used to prontera its okay for me. And i can remember how all was pissed and annoyed when we got new althea as the main town. And now everyone got used to it. And I think the same will happen with new althea~ Because its nice ! The only minus i still see is the same we didn't had in old althea but in prontera. A clear line for pubbers, for me it was always nice to watch on a clear line of pubbers who buy and sell things.. now everything scattered since althea. Maybe I am the only one...
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    Refinement +5% bonus working?

    You must be extraordinarily sensitive if you can discern a 5% difference in success chance when upgrading :O. #superhumanjay and #superhumankat The event ends on the 14th of March.
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    Yea, Michi is cool. He even helped Sarah get a Mjolnir