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  1. Everade

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Keep on training, and you may become a Pro Hunter one day
  2. Everade

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Tip: It is based on the manga series called Hunter X Hunter. Using the power of the world wide web will possibly help you on this one
  3. Everade

    Items not working

    Issued warning points and suspended D e M o N from the forums for 7 days. @Ushiro Please note that there are tons of item effects which are NOT displayed within the status information page of your character. That means there's no actual User Interface feedback if certain effects are currently active or not. However they do take effect and work as intended. (unless it's truly broken of course) It is also important to notice that certain ASPD or other bonuses may not stack with already applied effects. This is an official behavior and working as intended. ASPD details here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Renewal_Changes#Normal_ASPD_Formula Cast Time details here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Renewal_Changes#Cast_Time About Item ID 12725 I haven't been able to reproduce this issue, so it would be great to here some more exact details on how to reproduce it. But i will take a closer look at it. In any case: If you seem to encounter a bug related to an item or gear, it is always a good idea to: 1. Unequip any other gear before testing the one under suspicion being broken. 2. Do not activate any skills prior testing the item in question.
  4. Everade

    Mining Counter

    @Slowmotion That's not possible as it is hardcoded into the client, and Ragnarok officialy changed it. So now instead it displays the boss icon.
  5. sir help pls...mah dQ char s ock on @go 8..pls fix


    1. Everade


      Please make sure your game is fully up to date.
      Please also note that you can use the control panel to reset your character position at any given time.

  6. Everade

    Mining Counter

    Will be added with the next update.
  7. Because of Episode 16.1, this map has been replaced with prt_cas is now used for the Royal Banquet quest line. It has already been partly implemented. The warp restrictions are required for the quest to function properly. Some custom NPCs may still be placed on the old map, as we haven't entirely finished this patch yet. That's why we also haven't announced the partly implementation of episode 16.1 just yet.
  8. Everade

    Cant open guildd storage

    I've already disconnected the merchants which were mentioned, although haven't tested if it fixed your issue. I will try to restart the server by this week.
  9. Everade

    Preventing Abuse during BG?

    Which warper in which mode?
  10. Everade

    New Instances

    Please note: We do not consider these conversations into our monthly balancing plans. We only consider proper feedback from the appropriate sections. @RK Neves I doubt that you're fully up to date since it seems that you've just recently rejoined us. Get yourself an overview and let us know your thoughts if you still think that we didn't get it right: https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/forum/16-feedback-suggestions/ Please also note that if we say "slightly" changed something. Then we truly mean just slightly. That's within a range of just a few percent which most players would not even notice if we wouldn't write it down in our changelogs. And the reason to try other builds is to become better, stronger, or try new things which most likely work way better than you can imagine. I've never claimed that you're supposed to go 1 specific way. But if you complain about certain things feeling bad for you, then maybe you should start trying to create a build which prevents those things from happening. The game is evolving, which also means that certain build's effectivenes may change over time. That's what Ragnarok is all about, the meta is changing. Thank you.
  11. Everade

    New Instances

    @RK Neves Slight changes have nothing in common with your so called "nerfs". Balancing was majorly done by Rayleigh as usual. And the power of your skills is always based on the gear build you're using. So based on player guides and overall player preferences it always weights into one specific direction. In a lot of cases it doesn't mean that it's the strongest at all. That also doesn't mean that you can't try something new with different builds. And just because RK requires more work to get "actual gear" as you call it, doesn't directly mean that you're going to cause more damage than other classes. But if you have any feedback on skill balancing, share it with us right here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/_forum/forum/16-feedback-suggestions/ We're always open for reasonable feedback.
  12. Everade

    Missing Homunculus S?

    They're now back. You should be able to rename them to their old names now.
  13. Everade

    Cant open guildd storage

    Just checked your case, but it seems like it got stuck somehow. If you remember any details, please let us know. Maybe that you've opened it with a vender or something similiar before autotrading. For now, you will have to wait for a server restart, as i can not unlock it for you manually.
  14. Everade

    BG/EMP sets

    Would love to do that, but currently, the only way to achieve that effect would be by activating GvG on the WoE Core map itself. Because the restriction system does not allow me to make map exceptions just like that. It's not that simple. Another solution might be to trigger an initial Healing phase upon entering the castle. But that may be abused by walking in and out all the time.
  15. Everade

    Geffen Magic Robe / Anti-Magic Suit

    They will be lowered with the next update as they are extremely high compared to any other armor. Thank you.