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  1. hmmm.... seems like we've lost that modification over the years. You're right.
  2. All of them have already been greatly buffed in all their aspects back in 2010 and 2012. They're not supposed to outplay players solo but rather support you by suppressing the enemy. You can also spawn more than official and they remain longer than official. As always, feedback from other players is also welcome.
  3. Everade

    Prism Quest

    For anyone else: No, all legendary quests are limited to once per account and their respective rewards can't be traded between accounts either. This is for balancing reasons.
  4. Everade

    Happy New Year

    The GatheringRO Staff is wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year! All Christmas Events have ended.
  5. Yes annualy and fixed.
  6. Dear Santa, Our community has been nice and kind to each other throughout the entire year! I know you're busy handing out presents in Althea already, but I hope you can fullfill some players wishes once again! Merry Christmas Santa! PS: Every player will write a letter to you, mentioning their Ingame-Name, their costume-wish and why they desire it so much. They have to be creative just like you! Sincerely Yours, Everade --------------------------- Dear Everade, Merry christmas to you as well! As usual I would be more than willing to fulfill the wishes of your players. They are always (for the most part) very well behaved and I would be honored yet again to help your team spread the christmas cheer! I'm a very busy old man, so the 31st will be the day to handout those precious gifts. Gives me a time to relax a little and more time to read all these wonderful letters after all that flyin around! That said though there are a few rules to follow. Only Costumes are allowed to be wished for The Costume shall not have any power The Costume must already have been available in the past Only one wish per person Give me something unique to read, i love letters! That said I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I look forward to receiving all your letters! Hohoho, Santa --------------------------- Write your letter to Santa and he might bring you an awesome Christmas Gift! Remember that you can only wish for costumes which have already been available before and shall not have any power. If you don't follow Santas rules, he will ignore your request! Be as creative as you can in your letters, Santa will appreciate it. There will be 3 winners. One for the most creative letter to Santa, the other 2 winners will be determined using a random generator. Merry Xmas!
  7. Upgrade Success Chances - NORMAL Is the table you're looking for. Simply add the mentioned bonuses on top of that.
  8. Greatly increased global event bonuses!
  9. Christmas is just around the corner and Althea's decorations are up for presents and joy! Starting today, we've prepared multiple time limited events and quests for you. This years Gods Smelting bonus event has been greatly improved! You now get up to a +10% refinement success chance increasement and the bonuses go up to refinement level 19! That's double the chances and more refinement levels than ever before! Refinement System Details Checkout our dedicated Winter Promotion website right here: Winter Promotion 2019 - Events May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, peace, and love! The GatheringRO Staff!
  10. The error has been fixed, please update gRO In case you run into trouble again in the future: You can always log into the control panel on our website -> navigate to your account -> select your character -> then press reset position to get your stuck character back to Althea.
  11. We've already been doing several adjustements to the skill last year and then again back in january. Please note that the purpose of the skill has shifted just as you mention in your post. It is now an AoE skill, thus it needs to be considered that testing on a single target won't come close to the results you might have been experiencing in the past. The skill still has its purpose especialy in specific PvE situations. I'll take a closer look at it during the next skill rebalancing sessions.
  12. Everade

    November Updates

    A few hot fixes have been released since November Patch hit the server. - Boss Monster spawning issues in Tomb of Honor (deepest lhz dungeon) have been fixed and slightly adjusted. - Fixed Rampage Blaster skill description. - Fixed Fallen Empire skill description. - Fixed Improve Concentration skill description. - Fixed Gentle Touch Change and Revitalize delays. - Fixed Tiger Cannon skill description and HP/SP consumption. It still consumed HP and SP on the caster, however this has been entirely removed in the job improvement update and is now reflected ingame as well
  13. Seems like on official servers only some evolved and a few newer pets support it. I've added now support for all pets server-side, but seems like it doesn't work properly as it might still miss something client side.
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