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  1. Everade

    Critical Bonus for Sharp Shooting

    Bug Report https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3501 Bug Fix https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3506 The skill itself should not be directly affected. But items using the mentioned bonuses above will no longer accumulate to the damage of Sharp Shooting. Sidenote: At the current custom skill state, sharp shooting has a damage multiplier of roughly 750% compared to its original damage.
  2. Everade

    World Boss Equipment Drops

    Thanks for reading ^^ I absolutely understand your point of view. Your statements are absolutely right. But i hope my words helped you to understand the whole picture.
  3. Everade

    World Boss Equipment Drops

    The main reason why the player amount dropped on WB is due the decreasing number of players overall. So i wouldn't count on that argument ^^ Players may be interested to get certain gear more than just once, either to use it on multiple characters, or for refining purposes. That's up to the player to decide. It's not like gear is the only thing WB drops... We might not be the best example, but with a lot of players, the market can become flooded over time, even with rare gear. That's the nature of infinite ressources in any MMORPG (monsters are printing money all day long, and no one pays for it) There's always the point were its low drop rate doesn't hold much on value anymore because the market is oversaturated. With a soul or account bound system, new players will have the exact same experience to hunt for rare gear just like any player from 10 years ago. That means that this specific content can be played as it has been initialy designed for. (in this particular case a certain amount of player is required which join the event, but that's just in this particular world boss case) While with an open market, all the systems in place we've been working on become basically pointless because it's rarity is no longer valuable after a certain amount of time. Why should you hunt on a daily basis if you can get it from the market way faster after a few boring gold farming hours instead. Humans always take the easy route. It's not about *consumer* and especially not about a *sellers* perspective. It's about longevity. There's a market (with thousands of items) which the players love to ignore. And there's a small portion of content which is not meant to be on the market, which the players are always craving for. I hope you get the idea.
  4. Everade

    World Boss Equipment Drops

    The economy already has thousands of items available. The purpose of the account binding is to make World Bosses more attractive, which brings more activity to them. Taking the restriction away would lead to empty fields sooner or later. Just like D e M o N mentioned already. We have no plans on changing this.
  5. Please note that combo scripts are not shown. Neither on gRO nor the RateMyServer database. The following item script is currently active: 1733:1755,{ bonus bLongAtkRate,25; bonus3 bAutoSpell,"NJ_HUUJIN",5,(readparam(bInt)>39) ? 300 : 100; } Please make sure you're wearing the correct item IDs
  6. The original plan was to re-release the Housing system which includes a PvP switch. But it's still under development.
  7. Everade

    Emperium Ranking

    It works exactly like Sanaaa said. Sidenote: If you're simply interested into your WoE rank stats, you can also check them out on your character information page. Simply login and check it out But yes, i agree that the system requires some tweaks to get rid of the players who did not even play WoE. Best idea would be to change the entire algorithm to something that doesn't start at 2000.
  8. Happy Birthday, you meanie >;p

  9. Everade

    Gopinich Card Bug?

    No problem
  10. Everade

    Rebalance Adoramus Skill

    During all my tests, i've been doing tons of damage as shown here: This was before i even started doing any changes. Problem here is that there's currently a major bug in the Mapflag system. I've been testing on maps which are interfering with these mapflag bugs, thus resulted in pretty extreme differences. But in any case, it always helps to give me as much details as possible. Such as your entire gear set, tested monster (possibly with ID) and so on. Since all my old tests back then and earlier last week were resulting in tons of damage, i simply thought that you're doing something wrong. I didn't know what exactly though. Next to you, no one was really saying anything about it. That's why i basically scrapped it and worked on everything else. So this was simply a bad coincidence and i hope it won't happen again. I also hope that rAthena is soon able to fix the mapflag issues, because it affects tons of skills right now.
  11. Everade

    Gopinich Card Bug?

    A little example: increase by 100% equals x2. Because it's an addition and not multiplied. It's 100 + 300% = 400 not 100 x 300% = 300 A lot of players seem to have issues calculating properly with percentage values I see these questions coming up quite frequently.
  12. Everade

    Rebalance Adoramus Skill

    Just in case: damage has been increased again in case you didn't notice.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out, appreciate it. Maybe the mercenary needs to do at least one hit for it to count (not the last one). I haven't tested that nor checked out the source code for that specific part. I only took that information from the iRO wiki. But i wasted enough of my holidays on this topic for now. I have currently no plans to touch mercenaries any further. So it may take some time before i release any changes at all.