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  1. Congratulations to our Fishing Screenshot Event winners:- @Gale Windscar won 5 Blue Sea Eggs- @D e M o N won 5 Blue Sea Eggs- @sucrose won 5 Blue Sea EggsThe rewards have been placed into your characters inventory.Enjoy! Thanks to all the contributors!
  2. Yes it's how it works officialy on kRO servers too. The Bresenham's line pattern does NOT rotate ever, at all. That means that you have to align yourself to match the invisible pattern overlaying the enemy before you attack, otherwise it can possibly miss.
  3. Healing effect has been removed and unlocked for PvP. This change is already ingame.
  4. According to Playtester's tests on official servers back in 2016, it's how it works on official servers. So it's possible that you can miss the target. It is described in more detail here (scroll down) Sidenote: Aegis refers to the official Server Emulation Software used by Gravity and other official servers. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/658 Quote:
  5. Usualy item scripts trigger at the time you equip them. So if the requirements are not present at the time you equip it, the effect shouldn't trigger.
  6. Could you please go into some more detail? I've no idea what you're talking about.
  7. Please note that Flying Galapago is currently still running our own custom code because back in the days rAthena didn't quite follow the official item description. I haven't checked back since then, but i worked quite some time on the translation and the effect accordingly. That's the current effect we're using related to your report: if(checkfalcon()){if(getskilllv(128)>=1){bonus2 bSkillAtk,"HT_BLITZBEAT",getskilllv("HT_STEELCROW")*4;}}
  8. I'm not aware about a Camouflage bug and can neither find any bug report related to it. The only bug report i found was the one while under the effects of Aloevera which canceled the provoke effect. But that should have been fixed already. If you're talking about the 10 second issue: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3933/commits/f23121683f0c1d52d9e6e90439147baf4f9a1153 That has already been fixed as well, at least according to rAthena.
  9. Reported to rathena. You can follow the bug report here: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/4303
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  11. Ok, i guess i did something wrong on the translation then.
  12. The korean version does not even include anything related to refine levels but instead increases ranged physical attacks by a flat 2%.
  13. Everade


    Your current pet intimacy is at 730. That's still neutral and perfectly fine. Cordial intimacy starts with 750 and loyal with 910 upwards. Please note that: Each feeding will decrease pet's intimacy by 100 when overfed. A pet’s intimacy decreases by 20 points when its owner dies. If a pet is starving, its intimacy decreases by 20 every 20 seconds. Please also note that: Pet bonuses only trigger by reaching certain intimacy levels Most pets only give you bonuses by reaching loyal intimacy status However some pets also feature neutral and cordial bonuses Angeling for example should increase your maxHP very slightly already as a neutral bonus, which increases with additional bonuses by reaching higher intimacy levels. So you should be able to test its bonus quite easily yourself.
  14. Hey Litimberg. I'm sorry to hear that. Please note that fishing in itself is something that requires patience and isn't supposed to be anything compared to a super action movie. Our fishing system however has been designed for you to at least have a lot of variety, as well as having some skill to catch anything at all. There are really a lot of different things that you can catch, and overall it comes with great rewards. For example an event exclusive Boss Monster, weird fishes which are supposed to be funny or something as big as a whale. It is also important to know that our *Pro Tips* from our news, as well as the tips given by the Giant Aegir (ingame) shall help you to understand the depth of fishing in gRO. Sitting 4 hours straight at the Althea lake is most likely the worst thing you can do. 1. Cities have the most amount of junk, so it's harder to catch something amazing unless you want some gear. Fields for instance are cleaner with less junk while dungeons have the most amount of monsters to come out from. 2. There's a limited amount of good things to take out of it before it needs to replenish, so switching to far away locations might be a good idea after a longer fishing session. (globally shared between players) 3. Fishing alone in real life also isn't the most exciting thing on the world, so get some friends to have a chit chat while fishing, it can be really exciting if you catch onto something rare. There are many more tips which can help you to understand the system and have some more fun out there in the wild.
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