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About Me

The rhetoric surrounding life is a remarkably self-assured one.

We talk about life in terms of grandiose goals, future, and expectations.
We convert life into checks and bills to be scribbled on torn papers rather than
experiences, interactions, events and tests that dramatically shape the fabric of our
person, our mold, our brain chemistry.
We go about it systemically with imaginary templates.
Books with faceless authors tell us what to see, how to see it, and when to see it.
We are told what is worthwhile and what decidedly isn’t, as if our Earth is a connect-the-dots
game and the space that surrounds each point is somehow negative space, a negligible,
almost inconvenient aspect of exploring the world.

It’s the phrase: “Don’t go there. There’s nothing there. Go here instead.”


A big thank you to our great community, love y'all <3

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