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    Shadow's Eve 2018

    It's time to gather for mischief and mayhem during this year's Shadow's Eve! Shadow's Eve Invasion Take part in this years Shadow's Eve invasion led by Shadow's Kiel and get the chance to get your hands on a rare Halloween Coin dropped by the special Ghostring only! So make sure you activate the command @aloot item 6658 before participating in the invasion. The invasion takes place in Althea and has a bigger chance to trigger automatically (every hour) than our common invasions. Our Event Staff Laura will exchange each Halloween Coin for one out of 19 spooky costumes and maybe an event exclusive pet (more info further below)! Invasion exclusive rewards: Spooky Cash Shop Update Our limited time offer is only available during the Shadow's Eve event. The following costumes are cash shop exclusive: Costume Great Devil Wings Costume Thanatos Sword Costume Halloween Hat Costume Orange Halloween Hat Costume Diabolic Headphone Costume Deviruchi Headphone Scatleton and Skelion Pet and are now also available through the Deluxe Pet Box, but you must use the box before the event ends to claim one! Both come with 20x Fresh Fish or 20xYummy Meat accordingly to the chosen pet. More can be obtained from the Pet Shop in Althea. Scatleton & Skelion Cute Pet The all new Skelion and last years Scatleton pet will be only available during the Shadow's Eve event! It is available through the special invasion event if you get lucky or through the Deluxe Pet Box in our cash shop. Skelion's and Scatleton's Accessory is available through the Battlegrounds reward shop only! Adventure Guild Costumes The new Adventure Guild member Larson now sells a wide variety of costumes. (more details here) During the Shadow's Eve event he also sells 4 event exclusive, exotic costumes! Go get yours before they're gone! Costume Quve Mask for 80x Exchange Coupon C Costume Blue Brain Hat for 100x Exchange Coupon B Costume Yellow Brain Hat for 100x Exchange Coupon B Costume Drooping Dorasuke for 120x Exchange Coupon A Shadow's Eve Quests When the leaves start falling, our annual Event has started, including all of our previous Halloween Event quests. You can repeat each one of them, even if you've finished them during the past years!
  2. Everade

    Shadow's Eve 2018

    Shadow's Eve Quests There are 4 quests in total which reward you with different rewards (the small icons next to the text sections are giving your some hints). Mechanics vary depending on the chosen quest but usualy results in gathering some items. The text sections are supposed to give you enough hints to find the starting point. But it may require a little searching. Since these are annual quests, there might already be some player guides lurking around our forums.
  3. Everade

    ♥ Custom Monsters as pets♥

    If i'm not mistaken then: Chipmunk Electric Snail Guiana Leaf Bird Octopus Are already working pets (since years) and you can catch them using Universal Tamers. They also give unique bonuses.
  4. Everade

    No Enchant on Vicious Weapons

    Due a lot of player requests on more PvE content, specifically instances, i've implemented an early version of the Sky Fortress instance. It is an unofficial release, that means it's simply from a contributor and not from rAthena itself. Same goes for the Devil's Tower. It has been created by recreating the instance after some playthroughs on official servers. That means that it may not be as accurate as it should be. I've been keep on saying that, but since players are not really interested into that, i implemented it now. Now to your problem: Enchantments and cards are not yet implemented. But will come with a future update. However currently obtained weapons are most likely not going to support enchantments when the update hits the server. I have updated the wiki accordingly.
  5. Everade

    why i cant come to the game

    The server is now back online. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused, but the server crashed during my absence.
  6. Everade

    What happen sir

    The server is now back online. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused, but the server crashed during my absence.
  7. Everade

    why i cant come to the game

    The server is now back online. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused, but the server crashed during my absence.
  8. Everade

    Devil's Tower - 3rd stage's bug

    I've implemented a temporary fix. A real fix should by rAthena should be implemented once Devil's Tower has been officialy released. Because we're using a pre-release version now due players asking for the latest instances. There are most likely further bugs beneath the surface.
  9. Everade

    Emperium Breaker Test

    This NPC can be found in the north-west part of Althea (Althea Guide -> Emperium Test). He will teleport you to your personal breaking test room instance where you get the option to summon an Emperium for your personal speed test. In said room you will be able to buff yourself by talking to the service NPC with Blessing, Increase Agility, Enchant Weapon: Shadow Element and, if you are a Guillotine Cross, Enchant Deadly Poison. The NPC displays your personal best record as well as the top ranked breaker as a comparison to your latest achievement. This new service costs 5 Silver Coins per entry, which includes unlimited Emperium respawns and free buffs for as long as you stay. Identifier NPC - He is back available in our Supply Shop and now supports unidentified items with random options such as Crimson Weapons - The base prize of Magnifiers have been increased Misc Updates - Fixed Party death icon - Fixed several item and item combo effects - Tons of core related updates, bug and crash fixes - Fixed several clothing color issues - Implemented/Updated several NPCs - Fixed HP Regeneration of Celines Ribbon Malangdo Culvert Instance - Added option to pay the rental entry item with zeny instead of silvervine fruits, just like with the octopus cave. The instance creating NPC (Missing, the Cleaner) now offers you this new option. Skill Updates - Spiritual Sphere Absorption should still take the spheres from the target even if Cursed Circle is used on the caster. - Fix of the magic attack bonus of the skill Insignia which was not increasing. The fishing summer event has ended. If you enjoy GatheringRO and this update in particular, please show it by leaving a review on Ratemyserver! We appreciate the support!
  10. Everade

    Replay Error

    We do not develope the replay feature ourselfs. It's an official feature deeply embeeded into the client itself. And the error tells us that it's looking for non-existant files, which means the client is messing something up internally. There's nothing we can do about that at this point. Either the recording is damaged, or the replay feature is having issues. It may be fixed with a future client update, but we can't promise anything since we do not develope it ourselfs.
  11. Everade

    Noble Mask

    Some NPCs have been moved along with the latest update (episode 16.1). The Prontera Castle recieved a major overhaul, which means the NPCs can now also be found inside the new castle. Main entrance location is at: @warp prontera 156, 352 The guide has been updated accordingly
  12. Everade

    September Update

    Banquet for Heroes - Episode 16.1 You're invited to rediscover the magic of Prontera with an all-new castle, quests, instances, and more! Take in the sights and sounds of a new Prontera and mingle with royalty at the glamorous new Prontera Castle. Listen carefully to their whispers, and you may just uncover a world where nothing is what it seems, and political intrigue lurks just under the surface. What's in store for you in this brave new world, adventurer? Find out now, as 16.1 - Banquet for Heroes has just been released! -> Visit our dedicated Banquet for Heroes information page! <- Room of Consciousness Initial release of the Room of Consciousness instance. Confront Bijou who's stealing the Heart of Ymir from Terra Gloria! This instance is a single player experience. Room of Consciousness Wiki Guide Sky Fortress Initial release of the Sky Fortress instance. Find the root of Prontera's Invasion and collect Vicious Weapons! This instance is a party experience. Sky Fortress Wiki Guide Other New Instances Airship Raid Initial release of the Airship Raid instance. Join Chaos and his friends and defend the airship from Arcana the Witch! This instance is a single player experience. Airship Raid Wiki Guide Devil's Tower Initial release of the Devil's Tower instance. Fight alongside Loki to stop the ritual of the Evil Believer! This instance is a party experience. Devil's Tower Wiki Guide Cash Shop Update Our halloween themed events are just around the corner, so we decided to offer some steampunk and halloween themed costumes to the shop. We will have more to offer ones the Halloween events have officialy hit the server! Costume Previews Misc Updates - Reduced amount of players required to enter the Thanatos Tower from 5 down to 2 players. - Fixed costume hairstylist, handing out a wrong hair costume color - Some small tweaks and fixes in the legendary Dark Lord Helm quest (noticed during playthrough/script review for the Wiki guide) - Blocked Tarot Card of Fate on World Boss Event maps - Updated mining system to display your remaining total of crystals allowed to mine. - Restricted Bloody Lust in towns Item Updates - Fixed Emperium Light Robe, Emperium Swift Tights and all set bonuses after cast delay reduction bonuses - Adjusted SP and HP effects of Geffen Magic Robe and Anti-Magic Suit to be closer to official effects thus keeping the balance when used along with other gear. Core fixes - Corrected wrong display of Account Plus exp bonus messages - Resolves PvP timers and effects not displaying properly. - Resolves any GvG effects not displaying properly. - If PvP or GvG is disabled, stop players from attacking. - Fixed possible map server crashes related to specific map properties - Fixed possible map server crashes related to dynamic storage clearings Skill Balancings - Reduced SP steal amount of Masquerade-Ignorance as the last buff update was way too high. - Increased additional SP consumption of the Masquerade-Laziness debuff placed on your enemies. This should make Masquerade-Laziness more appealing and reduce the impact on the Masquerade-Ignorance nerf. Skill Updates - Corrected Blast Mine and Claymore Trap behavior. Damage is now split among targets. Website Updates Website security and performance improvements. This should also have fixed some specific issues for a handful of users not being able to post anything on our forums. Information & Guides Over the past 13 years a lot of content, customization and tweaks have found their way into the game. Yet a lot of this information has only been announced within our news or wasn't documented as detailed as it should have been. We've been busy to create a better information flow when it comes to GatheringRO and its features, and you've also been busy helping us out with the latest guide event. And we're overwelmed by the great new guides you have created for the community! Thank you! - Fixed tons of famous Player Guides which had: broken links, broken format, missing images or wrong information. This should hopefuly give an overall better experience when searching for guides and seeing actual information and images. - Updated official Basic Guides with latest information and new updated images: Adventure Guild - Daily Challenges Job / Class Information Emperium Breaker Service And many, many more. Wiki Updates Back in july we were counting 350 articles and 1,732 images. We've now pumped the wiki up to a total of 948 articles and 3,095 images! The wiki will be further extended with more useful information for your to explore. This gives you the possibility to get true information which reflects actual data from our server, without relying on the iro wiki which does not represent our content. - Now featuring official, up to date Legendary Quest Guides - Tons of official quest guides And so much more. Future plans are to also offer full skill information giving you all the details on our skill balancing and customization.
  13. Everade

    Guide Event

    We're evaluating the vast amount of new guides and guide-updates and will reveal the winners during the spooky month of October.
  14. Everade

    Guide Event

    Dear GatheringRO players, we have decided to bring some more activity to our forums by introducing the unique forum event Write-A-Guide! This event has officialy started and will last until the 30th of September. Every new guide that is written within that period of time or every guide that receives a major overhaul by its author will automatically be registered for this event. The main criterion for this event is QUALITY. Writing multiple guides that lack in quality will not improve your chances to be among the winners. The more effort you put into this, the higher the chances we will not let your efforts go to waste. If you want your old guide to be considered, you will have to do some major edits (e.g. if it currently lacks pics, add those, go further into detail etc.). However that doesn't mean that cluttering your guide with tons of random images will improve its quality. Sometimes less is more, so make sure you create a clean guide everyone is able to pick up with ease. We prefer original guides for our Custom GatheringRO Features or Class Guides as this will help newbies and oldies find their way around GatheringRO. You can also write your own version of guides that already exist but which heavily lack in up-to-dateness (again, make sure the effort you put into it is visible). Keep in mind that in order to qualify guides have to be written in reasonable English and they have to contain high quality images. Lastly, we want to show you that we appreciate your recent guides. That's why we decided to also consider recent guides that are not older than 2 months for this event. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There can be multiple winners. Prizes are intentionally set very high as each entry requires a lot of effort and contributes greatly to the community. We will choose 1 guide from among the winners which will receive Cash Points as an additional prize, and a 2nd and 3rd prize for an additional Account Plus egg. Prizes for every winner: 1x GatheringRO Surprise Box 1x Surprise Box (15-20 Tokens) 1x Chest of Loyalty 1x Exclusive Costume Golden Question Mark (Equip Location: Upper Head) Additional Prize for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best guide: 1xAccount Plus for 1 Month Additional Prize for the best guide: 1x 2000 Cash Points Summary: Date: 27.08.18 - 30.09.18 How to participate: Write a new guide or (significantly) update an old guide of yours Criteria: Quality, up-to-dateness, English (punctuation, grammar etc.), Images Prizes: All winners get the prizes listed above, the best guides win additional prizes Uploading Images: We prefer images being uploaded to our forums rather than using external image hosting services. This ensures that they don't get lost after some years, which happened to a lot of older guides. It's a simple drag&drop feature, for free, and helps us to keep your effort for the longest period of time possible. Thank you
  15. Everade

    Dead Server

  16. Everade

    Adoramus Ultra Low Damage

    The reason i haven't announced the new AB skill changes in the news is because the implementation was a last minute one. That means that i never had the chance to balance it throughout. But without the current damage reduction which took place right after the update went live, the damage was peaking above good and evil. I'm certain that it still needs tweaking. But the official formula is extremely overpowered in our environment and required immediate attention. The new skills are currently also already server-side implemented. (That means the entire official kRO AB update) But you can't unlock them just yet because it has some client side issues which i'm working on. @D e M o N Your initial screenshots shows that the skill indeed seems to be underpowered. But it all depends on your build and your enemies defense tactics, as usual. During our tests we've been able to go way beyond that, and that was our key measurement to keep it balanced for those who figure it out. We're open for feedback and will for sure, take a closer look at the AB skill changes. And with the release of the new skills, we will also announce it properly in our news. So please do some further testings and help us to find the sweet spot
  17. Everade

    New Instances

    The Last Room Initial release of the last room instance. Discover the secrets of a hidden passageway under the safety bunker! This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. The Last Room Wiki Guide Ghost Palace Initial release of the ghost palace instance. Experience Sakray's tragic tale to get Thanatos Weapons & Gry Equipment! This instance is a single player experience. Ghost Palace Wiki Guide Isle of Bios Initial release of the isle of bios instance. Travel through a land of aging enemies and get heroic gear! This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. Isle of Bios Wiki Guide Morse's Cave Initial release of the morse's cave instance. Fight through a demon's twisted imagination. This instance is a party experience and supports the party loot chest. The end-boss has been added to the Pro Hunter challenge rotation. Morse's Cave Wiki Guide Old Glast Heim - Implemented missing buffs - Several script tweaks for an experimental fix of getting stuck at the boss fight Wiki Updates Our Wiki is now already counting 350 articles and 1,732 images and is constantly growing! Interested into Instance guides, Coupon Quest List, Class Information, Renewal Mechanics, Advanced Game Controls, Alternate Outfits, or our Capital City? We've got you covered! Checkout our Wiki today and learn something new about GatheringRO. Hero Ring Enchants Hero Ring can be acquired by trading 30 Token of Hero to Hero Token Exchanger inside Flame Cave at moro_cav 32,73. Furthermore it can enchanted by Expert Enchanter Byrnes moro_cav 34,65 for free. For more details checkout our wiki entry: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Hero_Ring_Enchants World Boss Update - Loot chances are no longer increased for doing more damage. This should give players some more class choice and focus on having fun rather than doing raw damage. It doesn't require a lot of damage to be eligible, so pick your favourite class and enjoy something new. Guild Storage Expansion Skill - The new storage expansion skill is now available. Guild leaders must level up this skill and give themselfs storage permission within the positions tab before you can access the guild storage again. - It is now possible to set Storage Permission for specific guild positions to prevent newcomers from accessing the guild storage. The storage size is currently decreased down to 500, but we will be investigating if we can enlarge it back to 600 within the next few days/weeks. Item Updates - Fixed overrefine bonus calculation for weapons. It now properly adds the random bonus ATK which mimics the official behavior. - Fixed certain item bonuses not checking for the correct source/target class thus didn't trigger properly - Added 6 new Armors to the Emperium Shop - Added 3 new Shoes to the Emperium Shop These new gears work as set with any of the new or old Emperium equipment. Please check the job restriction before buying any of the new gear, as they are restricted to specific jobs. - Improved existing Emperium Set - Added an extra slot to each Thanatos Weapon (these new weapons are available through the new Ghost Palace instance) - Reduced damage bonus of Dwigh Card (20% -> 10%) - Increased damage bonus of Elvira Card (8% -> 10%) - Geffen magic suit no longer prevents skill casting from being interrupted in woe settings - Corrected variable cast rate for Geffen Magic Robe - Corrected Electronic Guitar bonus which shouldn't be unbreakable - Corrected item bonuses for Imperial Spear, Bunker Shield, Drooping Pope, Divine Cross, Shield of Naga, Flame Spirits Armor, Sky Blue Smock, Hardened Breastplate, Tuna, Noble Cross, Bloody Roar, Refined Bloody Roar, Zodiac Crown, Shining Sunflower and some consumables - Corrected End Sektura bonus which now inflicts crystallization status and not freeze Skill Updates - Corrected Tarot Card dispelling clan buffs - Added new/missing buff icons - Fixed Silvervine Root Twist animation not ending if player is being affected - Fixed Warlock Summon Elementall Balls being displayed twice after warping or using a warp item - Resolved an issue were certain critical damage bonuses didn't properly trigger - Shield Spell is now canceled when the user switches shields - Fixed Axe Mastery which does no longer increase damage for 2H swords. - Masquerades are now unable to effect boss monsters - Adjusted Amistr's Defense behavior. Effect should not be shown above master - Fixed Shield Chain which should be a meele skill and not ranged - Corrected Cloud Kill status being removed and not damaging players who are in the AoE Freezing Effect - Adjusted movement speed reduction from -50% to -70%. - Adjusted ASPD reduction from -15% to -30%. - Adjusted physical DEF reduction from -10% to -30% for players only (mobs are still -10%). - Adjusted variable cast time increase from +15% to fixed cast time +50%. Crystallized Effect - While Crystallized Wind damage is increased 50%. - Corrected an arrow state check for Crystallization on weapon damage reduction. - Corrected elemental damage calculation for targets in pre-renewal mode. Mado Gear - Increased maximum weight limit by 1500. - HP naturally recovers similar to Swordman Moving HP-Recovery. - Updated Emergency Cool's interaction with Overheat calculation. - Added new Emergency Cool cooling devices. - The three cooling devices now lower Overheat by 45, 75, and 105 respectively. - Overheat now only increases on every attack by 1 or by 3 with Fire element. - The Overheat limit is increased to 150, 200, 280, 360, and 450 respective to skill level. - Updated Magic Gear Master NPC and placed him in Althea at the coordinates 135 256 -- Added Emergency Magic Gear purchase option. -- Added High Quality Cooler and Special Cooler upgrade options. Skill Balancings Guillotine Cross - Increased Grimtooth damage - Increased Sonic Blow damage Sura - Slightly reduced Fallen Empire damage - Increased Rampage Blaster damage Rune Knight - Slightly reduced Spiral Pierce damage - Slightly reduced Dragon Breath Fire/Water damage - Increased Hundred Spear Damage - Slightly increased Ignition Break damage Minstrel - Increased Reverberation damage Sorcerer - Reduced Psychic Wave damage - Slightly reduced chance to crystallize the enemy when using the Diamond Dust skill - Increased Cloud Kill damage Ranger - Increased Aim Bolt damage - Increased Arrow Storm damage - Slightly increased Double Strafe damage Summoner - Increased Catnip Meteor damage Genetic - Reduced trap duration of Thorn Trap (20s -> 10s) Misc Updates - Final implementation of the >70% overweight system which should now properly display as such - Added several missing, official map restrictions - Implemented new maps - Implemented several new Achievements for you to unlock - Fixed broken guild notices - Bug fixes and improvements on the Novice Academy - Fixed spawn and save locations in Althea were players ended up stuck inside the fountain - Fixed some slight mismatches on shadow gear refinement chances - Fixed incorrect item drop id in Eclage quests - Pets should have the same walk speed as their master, also some bug fixes on the homunculus speed behavior Monster Updates - Balanced existing core instances to be more difficult (Octopus Cave, Faceworm Instance, Old Glastheim...) - Balanced the new instance monsters for their initial release - Hundreds of monster implementations and updates for the new content and more Costume Updates - Added 100+ Costumes to different shops. This includes the Adventure Guild, Pro Hunter, World Boss, WoE and BG shop. We've also updates some costumes on the gRO box and World Boss Eggs. - Added summer themed cash shop costumes
  18. Everade

    September Update

    @D e M o N First and foremost, let me explain to you the different information sources and why they differ: 1. gRO Wiki information mostly represents iRO wiki information because it helps us to fill our wiki fast with a lot of useful information However iRO has a lot of customizations and does not directly represent what gRO has to offer. But we fix what we can. 2. gRO Item database is based on rAthena data, and may not be up to date 3. RateMyServer db is based on rAthena data and other unknown sources. (least reliable database worldwide) 4. Divine-Pride offers ALL official databases, so it depends on your settings but is usualy fully up to date. We follow kRO official. The most official database is: Divine Pride, however that doesn't mean that it's 100% reliable. But in most cases, it is. Always pick Server - kRO! Use google to translate it. If google does a bad translation job (usualy always when using korean), start to compare the korean text with other items, of which you're certain that they will be using the same phrases. Such as *Undead Element* Or whatever. @IronWill Thanks, has been fixed @Gacha Will release a fix asap.
  19. Everade


    Thanks for the report. We're aware about the switch feature which will be fixed with the next server restart. Please note that wings visuals (garments) are currently not supported on the summoner class.
  20. Everade

    Forgot Password

    Hey there Kel I'm sorry but i don't understand your question. What do you mean with *reset password*? Upon using the reset password feature, you will have to click onto the link sent by the automated system to be able to set a new password. First and foremost, we need to know about which account you're talking about, so we require at least the username to check anything out. And we also need to know if you're talking about the forum or an ingame account, so we're searching at the right spot. However please do NOT share your username here in public. Please send me a private message on the forums or send an email directly to -> [email protected] Sidenote: It is crucial that you can access your email account, otherwise you need to proof that you're the actual owner of said account. However that's in most cases not possible which means we may not be able to help you out. Due security reasons we're not allowed to handout any personal account information to strangers. So the easiest and best way to retrieve your account will be by first getting back access to your email account.
  21. Everade

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Keep on training, and you may become a Pro Hunter one day
  22. Everade

    Pro Hunter (Intelligence Exam)

    Tip: It is based on the manga series called Hunter X Hunter. Using the power of the world wide web will possibly help you on this one
  23. Everade

    Items not working

    Issued warning points and suspended D e M o N from the forums for 7 days. @Ushiro Please note that there are tons of item effects which are NOT displayed within the status information page of your character. That means there's no actual User Interface feedback if certain effects are currently active or not. However they do take effect and work as intended. (unless it's truly broken of course) It is also important to notice that certain ASPD or other bonuses may not stack with already applied effects. This is an official behavior and working as intended. ASPD details here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Renewal_Changes#Normal_ASPD_Formula Cast Time details here: https://www.gatheringro.ch/wiki/Renewal_Changes#Cast_Time About Item ID 12725 I haven't been able to reproduce this issue, so it would be great to here some more exact details on how to reproduce it. But i will take a closer look at it. In any case: If you seem to encounter a bug related to an item or gear, it is always a good idea to: 1. Unequip any other gear before testing the one under suspicion being broken. 2. Do not activate any skills prior testing the item in question.
  24. Everade

    Mining Counter

    @Slowmotion That's not possible as it is hardcoded into the client, and Ragnarok officialy changed it. So now instead it displays the boss icon.
  25. Everade

    Mining Counter

    Will be added with the next update.