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  1. Let's work through some things here then /ok


    Please set it to LUA, otherwise all the changes won't take any effect.
    However your main issue here is most likely that the settings tool does not have the right to modify files on your computer. (Blocked by Windows or any generic Anti Virus software and/or similiar tools)







    Some settings are also available ingame, maybe try those out.





    If you still want the main settings to work, let's see if we can fix that by starting the Settings tool with administrator rights instead.

    Navigate to your GatheringRO installation folder.
    - Right click on the Setup.exe file, and select "Run As Administrator"







    If none of the above things worked out for you, you are still able to directly modify the config files using a Text Editor.
    Navigate to ...../GatheringRO/savedata
    Then open the OptionInfo.lua file with any Text Editor of your choice.


    Here you will see a list of settings.
    0 usualy means OFF while 1 means ON


    Make sure to save the file once your finished and test if it worked for you.



  2. All the effects are set in place, can't see anything being wrong within our database.

    However found out that somehow the entire combo database isn't being read properly, we've had this issue in the past with other databases.
    rAthena devs are having a hard time to make the additional databases to work properly in a lot of cases.


    Should now be temporarily fixed with a messy workaround.


    I did some quick tests and it looks fine to me now.

  3. Cannot reproduce the crash.
    Possibly one of the map files are corrupted, but that's just a guess. A reinstallation of the game would fix it in that case.

    You can easily reset the position of your stuck character by logging into our website control panel.
    Go to My Account, then click onto the name of the stuck character.

    There you can always reset the character position back to Althea.



    Here's my test of the map:


  4. Shadow Eve Event

    It's time to gather for mischief and mayhem during this year's Shadow's Eve!
    Our anual events have returned and shines with some new content up its sleeve.

    Spooky Machine

    The Spooky Machine can be found in front of the Adventure Guild.
    Interact with the machine to recieve a Cracked Buckler shield. Equip the shield and interact with it once more.


    It will attempt to upgrade your Cracked Buckler as high as it possibly can until it breaks.
    Depending on which upgrade level the item breaks, you will get a prize in return! If the buckler is upgraded to +10 or higher you'll get a Shadow's Eve Egg which includes a mystery costume!

    This event can be played once per day.

    Spooky Cash Shop Update

    Our limited time offer is only available during the Shadow's Eve event.
    You get +50% cash points on every purchase!

    We've also added halloween cash shop exclusive costumes to our cash shop, so grab them while they're available!
    Item Icon Scatleton and 9113.png Skelion Pet and are now also available through the Deluxe Pet Box, but you must use the box before the event ends to be able to select one! 
    Both come with 20x 579.pngFresh Fish or 20x11616.pngYummy Meat accordingly to the chosen pet. More can be obtained from the Pet Shop in Althea (also after the event).

    Scatleton & Skelion Cute Pet

    Both the Skelion and Scatleton pet are only available during the Shadow's Eve event!
    They can be purchased via the Deluxe Pet Box in our cash shop. But there's also a chance to get one randomly out of a Shadow's Eve Egg.

    Scatleton Pet Preview

    Skelion Pet Preview

    Shadow's Eve Quests
    When the leaves start falling, our annual Event has started, including all of our previous Halloween Event quests.
    You can repeat each one of them, even if you've finished them during the past years!

    Annual Halloween Quests

    Shadow's Eve Invasion
    Shadows are upon us! They've risen from the deepest darkness and are attacking Althea's citizens!
    The invasion takes place in Althea and has a bigger chance to trigger automatically (every hour) than our common invasions.

    Invasion takes place within the boundaries of the orange marked area.

    Take part in this years Shadow's Eve invasion led by Shadow's Kiel and get the chance to get your hands on a rare 6658.pngHalloween Coin dropped by the special Ghostring only!
    Make sure you activate the command @aloot item 6658 before participating in the invasion.

    Our Event Staff Laura will exchange each 6658.pngHalloween Coin for a 62149.pngShadow's Eve Egg which rewards you with a random costume and also has a chance to reward 1 out of 2 exclusive pets!

    Adventure Guild Costumes

    The Adventure Guild member Larson now sells a wide variety of costumes. (more details here)


    During the Shadow's Eve event he also sells 4 event exclusive, exotic costumes!
    Go get yours before they're gone!

    Item Icon Costume Quve Mask for 80x Exchange Coupon C
    Item Icon Costume Blue Brain Hat for 100x Exchange Coupon B
    Item Icon Costume Yellow Brain Hat for 100x Exchange Coupon B
    Item Icon Costume Drooping Dorasuke for 120x Exchange Coupon A

    Permanent Additions
    Following costumes have been permanently added to their respective ingame shops.
    - Added 2 new WoE shop exclusive costumes (Furious Wave and Golden Majestic Goat)
    - Added 3 new Pro Hunter shop exclusive costumes ( Fox Ears of Tamamo Load, Magical Feather and Poporing Muffler)

  5. Sky Fortress Updates
    - Added some missing item drops
    - Added Portrait Collector NPC which exchanges Coagulated Spells for Cards (glast_01 216 292)

    Tomb of Honor Updates
    - Increased drop rates for 25131.pngFallen Energy Fragment and 23016.pngGrudge Fragment
    - Updated respawn mechanics for boss monsters. It now takes significantly less kills to trigger the spawn events
    - Adjusted some wrong item drops

    Bug fixes
    - Disabled automated login events which prevented players from playing.
      Please note that you are no longer prompted with a NPC conversation window in case you've won an event
    - Warp Agent warping to Devil's Tower starting location has been corrected

    NPC Updates
    - Cleaned up several City NPC locations
    - Cleaned up several sign board icon locations (icons above NPC heads)

    Item Updates
    - Concentrated Ceromain Soup does no longer have a healing effect and can now be used in PvP/GvG

    Ranking Updates
    - Players with 2000 elo score who did not actualy participate actively (and vendors) are no longer listed in both WoE and BG rankings
    - Quitting a Battlegrounds round now influences your ranking
    - Fixed ties and losses being mixed up in Battlegrounds ranking

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