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  1. The item desription is wrong.
  2. Bug Report https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3501 Bug Fix https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/3506 The skill itself should not be directly affected. But items using the mentioned bonuses above will no longer accumulate to the damage of Sharp Shooting. Sidenote: At the current custom skill state, sharp shooting has a damage multiplier of roughly 750% compared to its original damage.
  3. Thanks for reading ^^ I absolutely understand your point of view. Your statements are absolutely right. But i hope my words helped you to understand the whole picture.
  4. The main reason why the player amount dropped on WB is due the decreasing number of players overall. So i wouldn't count on that argument ^^ Players may be interested to get certain gear more than just once, either to use it on multiple characters, or for refining purposes. That's up to the player to decide. It's not like gear is the only thing WB drops... We might not be the best example, but with a lot of players, the market can become flooded over time, even with rare gear. That's the nature of infinite ressources in any MMORPG (monsters are printing money all day long, and no one pays for it) There's always the point were its low drop rate doesn't hold much on value anymore because the market is oversaturated. With a soul or account bound system, new players will have the exact same experience to hunt for rare gear just like any player from 10 years ago. That means that this specific content can be played as it has been initialy designed for. (in this particular case a certain amount of player is required which join the event, but that's just in this particular world boss case) While with an open market, all the systems in place we've been working on become basically pointless because it's rarity is no longer valuable after a certain amount of time. Why should you hunt on a daily basis if you can get it from the market way faster after a few boring gold farming hours instead. Humans always take the easy route. It's not about *consumer* and especially not about a *sellers* perspective. It's about longevity. There's a market (with thousands of items) which the players love to ignore. And there's a small portion of content which is not meant to be on the market, which the players are always craving for. I hope you get the idea.
  5. The economy already has thousands of items available. The purpose of the account binding is to make World Bosses more attractive, which brings more activity to them. Taking the restriction away would lead to empty fields sooner or later. Just like D e M o N mentioned already. We have no plans on changing this.
  6. Please note that combo scripts are not shown. Neither on gRO nor the RateMyServer database. The following item script is currently active: 1733:1755,{ bonus bLongAtkRate,25; bonus3 bAutoSpell,"NJ_HUUJIN",5,(readparam(bInt)>39) ? 300 : 100; } Please make sure you're wearing the correct item IDs
  7. The original plan was to re-release the Housing system which includes a PvP switch. But it's still under development.
  8. It works exactly like Sanaaa said. Sidenote: If you're simply interested into your WoE rank stats, you can also check them out on your character information page. Simply login and check it out But yes, i agree that the system requires some tweaks to get rid of the players who did not even play WoE. Best idea would be to change the entire algorithm to something that doesn't start at 2000.
  9. During all my tests, i've been doing tons of damage as shown here: This was before i even started doing any changes. Problem here is that there's currently a major bug in the Mapflag system. I've been testing on maps which are interfering with these mapflag bugs, thus resulted in pretty extreme differences. But in any case, it always helps to give me as much details as possible. Such as your entire gear set, tested monster (possibly with ID) and so on. Since all my old tests back then and earlier last week were resulting in tons of damage, i simply thought that you're doing something wrong. I didn't know what exactly though. Next to you, no one was really saying anything about it. That's why i basically scrapped it and worked on everything else. So this was simply a bad coincidence and i hope it won't happen again. I also hope that rAthena is soon able to fix the mapflag issues, because it affects tons of skills right now.
  10. A little example: increase by 100% equals x2. Because it's an addition and not multiplied. It's 100 + 300% = 400 not 100 x 300% = 300 A lot of players seem to have issues calculating properly with percentage values I see these questions coming up quite frequently.
  11. Just in case: damage has been increased again in case you didn't notice.
  12. Thanks for pointing that out, appreciate it. Maybe the mercenary needs to do at least one hit for it to count (not the last one). I haven't tested that nor checked out the source code for that specific part. I only took that information from the iRO wiki. But i wasted enough of my holidays on this topic for now. I have currently no plans to touch mercenaries any further. So it may take some time before i release any changes at all.
  13. Yea it's always easier to cry about it later down the road rather than reporting it personally. Screaming *Main Concern* but not worth a minute to report it. My favourite kind of humans.
  14. These cards were already being discussed within the gm team and are already prepared and ready for the next patch. The prepared changes are global changes, and not based on PvP pr PvE. But we can take another look at it.
  15. @Shuichi I know that you said that, that's why i checked it out in the first place. What i mean with that is that i guess that's the actual cause for the bug after taking a closer look at the script. But i'm not 100% sure. And no, i don't have the time to play, unless you're in no need of updates and bug fixes anymore. If you want to get bugs fixed, give me detailed reports. Because as you've stated before, *the experienced players basically knew how to avoid it* But no one bothered to actually create a bug report telling me that in the past months, (until i've asked multiple times for more details, details, details.) Also, as stated before, i've tested the instance multiple times with this and the old report. But i was never able to reproduce the bug at all, just like with the initial test playthroughs. That's why i require: Detailed bug reports, so i can do indepth debugging and testing.
  16. We know. That wasn't our point. We're talking about loyalty requirement, not loyalty currency. You do realize that it takes 50 KILLS to gain 1 loyalty point right? 50 KILLS that the mercenary has to land the killing blow. If the player and the mercenary both attack a monster and the monster dies from the player's hit, the mercenary gets no loyalty point. Don't believe me? Try it in-game and see. You put the loyalty requirement to be 30 in order to get a 9th grade mercenary. The math: it would take 1,500 (one thousand and five hundred) kills for you to get 30 loyalty points. 1,500 times the mercenary has to land the killing blow. Even if it were changed that the the mercenary will gain loyalty points from the player killing monsters, that's still a whooping 1,500 kills! To top it off there's a bug that if you want to get more than 1 scroll at a time and buy the max 10 scrolls at once, get this: you'll need 300 loyalty points for 9th grade mercenaries. You'll need the mercenary to kill 15,000 high level monsters to get that much loyalty points. And that's just for one type of mercenary. Archer, Spear, and Sword mercenaries all have separate loyalties. Want access to all level 9 mercenaries? You'll need 30 loyalty for each type. That will take 4,500 monsters to kill. Want to buy 10 scrolls of each 9th grade? That will be 45,000 kills needed. All of which the mercenary has to deal the killing blow. What did we need to do in order to have this before this change? Just a small amount of zeny. Do you see how tremendous the effort needed now compared to just a few days ago? Every 30 minutes that the mercenary stays alive will also be 1 loyalty point, so maybe it would take 1,300 kills instead if it took you 2 hours to do that. Also remember that the monster level required for it, to be a valid loyalty point kill, goes higher, the higher the level of the player reaches. No the mercenary can't just kill a mob of low level monsters. Check the monsters levels at the higher end of this list (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=misc_table_mobexp&op=2&re=1). Doesn't require a lot of effort? Please try it in the game and video it and see how long it takes you, and then show it to the server to prove your point that it doesn't take a lot of effort. Do it with a non-GM character starting from level 1 up to 3rd job 250/120. And then ask yourself, not as a GM, but as an average player. Why would a player go through this? Versus being readily available before? Truly ponder on this. Where's the incentive of going through all this effort? Please do this and prove us all wrong. Okay so let's say you went through all that effort and you now have 30 loyalty points. Wait, you actually wen't above and beyond that effort and got 40 loyalty points. Great! Now you can buy 9th grade mercenaries. You can buy an infinite amount of 9th grade mercenaries. You're already level 250 by the time you killed so many monsters though. And again ask yourself, why would a new player want to go through that? Defeats one of the main purposes (not the only purpose) of mercenaries right? To help level up? You'd be already 250 before you kill 1,300 monsters don't you think? The majority of mercenary users are newbies after all. Rarely anyone uses 10th grade if anyone at all. From who we know it's apparently just Ace. Good for him. In order to make getting 10th grade easier, all the other players that use 7th to 9th now have to go through so much effort now when a few days ago all you needed was some zeny and to click the NPC. Of course, no one's forcing us to buy mercenaries but that's not the point at all. The reason why i switched to the *best answer* system is so that i can handle the topics without being forced to close them. That gives you *the bigmouths* the possibility to continue to frustrate me. And i actually read your crap, isn't that nice? Yes i do realise that it's times 50. Yes i do know that if the mercenary dies, you don't recieve any loyalty, but my mercenaries can actualy stay alive if you know how to play. I also know, that if you start using mercenaries as a beginning players, you won't have a lot of problems getting loyalty because you can easily kill lower level monsters. Fun fact: You can kill the monster yourself and it still counts. I also do know that you get an additional point if you simply let the scroll run out, so you don't even have to get into battle to get a free point. I personally think it's easy as ****, but who am i to speak. Why would a new player go through that? I don't know... maybe they're here to play ragnarok and go for a chit chat in habbo hotel instead. But since my dedication doesn't seem to be enough, i will lower it to your expectations. So you guys can happily sit around do nothing. I'm not asking for appreciation for what i do, i just can't stand it to be blamed for bullshit all the time when i'm trying to give my best.
  17. Seems like it's bound to some major mapflag issues. So rAthena first needs to fix this core feature which sets several map states based on your current map. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/3810 and https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/1776
  18. According to the script. There's a 1 out of 51 chance on each kill of either: - Corrupted Palace Guard - Archer of Death - Corrupted Abysmal Knight - Suffered Khalitzburg - Bloody Knight These monsters should automatically respawn an infinite amount of time if you walk into the event trigger areas based on a repeating cooldown timer (30 seconds). (standing still won't work, so you have to move around the area to trigger the events) Which will trigger: 1. mappannounce: Evil Forces are appearing in this area. 2. kills all remaining monsters on entire map 3. spawns - 1st Commander of Destruction randomly in 1 out of 4 possible coordinates Upon Killing the commander: Auto re-spawn of mentioned mobs above will stop, as it deactivates the trigger areas. Right Monster spawn Trigger Upon closer inspection i also noticed that the OnTouch monster spawn trigger area of the RIGHT SIDE. came up to the hallway. So if you walked too far to the right, you triggered that event already. Also, the OnTouch events are 20x20 in size, so they are extremely big and may, yet again, overlap with other events which are placed all over the map. (Overlap = very bad) I will lower their size to 10x10 to make sure that nothing is overlapping, i also replaced the event shown below, so you can't trigger the event anymore before entering the right area, but triggers once you get in. My guess is that you guys entered the portal to the left while they were still talking. There's a timer running on those NPCs, and when you walk into a monster spawn trigger area to the left, the timer of these NPCs gets reset, and it breaks the entire event coordination. Or the are shown above somehow interfered with the other events which breaks everything during certain circumstances. The updated version will only activate the portals to the left once they're finished talking. I've made several improvements all over the board, which hopefully prevents the mentioned issues. The updated script will be released soon, but for now, avoid the red area shown above and let the NPCs finish talking before walking into the portal to the left @AceWindstorm As i've said before to Miss Carol: Hugin basically ignore anything related to rewards while talking to him, if you haven't finished that quest.
  19. Sounds like a good idea. On the next update.
  20. We have currently no plans to buff any of the god items.
  21. It increases the purpose of lower grade mercenaries. Other than that it doesn't make much of a difference, because i repeat: You can buy as many mercenaries as you want as long as you've got enough loyalty, because they don't cost loyalty. And we're based on Ragnarok Online, that means we always stick to the official way if in any way possible. The more official, the better, we just want to keep things balanced and enjoyable. You're seriously overreacting.
  22. Yes that's intended. Buying multiple scrolls is a custom implementation so it's easier for players to buy multiple mercenaries at once rather than clicking through the dialogue 10 times in a row. Only 10th grade doesn't support it, because i doubt that you're going to buy many.
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