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    Eee!Im Just Behind You!
  1. Im Back Online~ IGN Sakuya Izayoi

  2. Lyco-Chan!~ *Huggles And Showers Kisses On Teh Lips* :3

  3. *Huggles And Kisses Lips* Well Not Yet~

  4. iLL BE BACK SOON, i HOPE, did you get your deviant acc? xDD

  5. Now Playing;Seikan Hikou By Ranka Lee
  6. Oh My god! *Huggles And Showers Kisses On The Cheeks* :3

  7. Thats Why I luff Joo! *Huggles And Kisses Cheeks* :3 :3 <3

  8. Hahaha. Cute :3 *pats* no worries. i love kitten way to much to give em to these kind of monster T_T *ish a kitten addict*

  9. Nuuuu!~ Dont T.T *Cries* Nuuuuuu!

  10. *glares* ima give you to these chinese people that cooks kittens for dinner /gg. LOL j/k XD

  11. Yeah I Still Play :3 Using Aother Account Though :3 Awwww~ I Miss Joo Fen! :3

    *Glomps And Kisses Lips* :3

  12. I Dun Care If Joo A Vamipe :3 *Clings And Kisses Cheeks* :3

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