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  1. Thanks for remembering Misha.

  2. Ahaha, Syaf lol xD *kkicks balls* 8D

  3. you forgot 1.1 African ;D xDDDD

  4. But of course, Naked > with shirt xDDD

  5. 5-6 5-6 putok putok xDDDDD

  6. Hallo Jasi T__T. *misses Jasi perb T__T*

  7. I guess in game would be nice. I kinda thought about putting nasty but funny comments with each member rofl.

  8. Yeah, kinda not finished with it yet, I don't have the slightest idear what to put in. But I am planning to make an edited video for Temperance. Which involves al lthe members sending me their best Screenshots, real life pictures and message to the guild and people.

  9. D:.... But Janel is too gay too watch action T.V. .__.;;; *burns room* >:D

  10. *Steals something* *runs away* *destroys road so you can't follow* *Anti-aircraft missiles so you can't fly* *land mines for underground tunneling* HAHAA I get away this time!

  11. and who the hell is Zaido xD ?

  12. You're one crazy lady o_o....

  13. Your so called police won't reach me here o_o?


  14. Happy Birthday Jon ;D

  15. Not unless I see a bra hanging xD ?

  16. Background mess is cute xP

  17. Lots to do, online far more boring than life itself lol q.q

  18. And I'm at work, bored.

  19. Sorta, what're you doing o.o ?